Review by Phykos

Reviewed: 05/15/05

A good solid DS title.

Ah yes,one of games most beloved characters. This is one Pacman game unlike any other.

Graphics: Despite their simplicity they fit the game perfectly. You really feel like you are actually in a story book. The ghosts have a nice kind of hand drawn look to them,and you can see ink move down their bodies most of the time. You actually have to draw Pacman, and this is one of the most amusing features of the game. Seeing your Pacman come to life is just plain awsome. 8/10

Sound: Nothing impressive. I do like the Pacman remixes and the "wakka" sound when he chomps his jaw,but after a while the music gets boring. 7/10

Control: For the most part the controls are dead on. Sometimes however when you draw the Pacman's mouth to the right he'll move up. It is very frustrating at times and can possibly cost you the chapter. It doesn't happen very often and even when it does it rarely will cause you to lose.Other times it won't recognize your drawing even when it did before,but all minor issues aside the control is just about perfect. 8/10

Gameplay: Yes, now this is the most important part of any game. Let me just say that this is one of the most original ideas for a game ever. You actually have to draw your character and guide him by drawing little green walls that he will bounce of of. In later chapters arrows and bombs are introduced and they add a lot of life to the game. The action can get frantic while you try to draw arrows to bounce of a mirror and hit a switch. Other times you may have to draw a bomb to blow off the armor of a ghost. There are boss fights and they are pretty fun,but at times they can be frustrating. One example of a boss is the giant plum like ghost that you have to eat by drawing Pacman's mouth bigger than him. He gets bigger and bigger and more challenging. I'm sure your asking by now how long is it? What about replayability? Well there are two books one normal; difficulty and the other hard. Both books have twelve chapters each with about 5 pages. The second book isn't all that different,and the only different is fasters ghosts and less time(plus you can get new cards). Cards add to the replayability of Pacman because you can only obtain them by making a certain grade. These grades are based off you score of any given chapter and rang from D to S. The cards are useless,but they give you something to work for. So all in all the game has a decent length. The biggest problem is that at times the game can be very repetative. You will play for a while and love it but eventually it will get kind of boring. Even with those flaws the game is still a blast to play and it is yet another solid addition to the DS Library. 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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