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Spend your summer holiday in the country with the exciting game Farmscapes! Are you sick to the back teeth of sitting in a stuffy room? It's high time to spend several days in the country at your grandpa's ranch which may be destroyed because of the supermarket. Help your grandfather to defeat his lands! The game Farmscapes is a unique mixture of different genres. They are: "Match 3", "Hidden Object" and "Time Management". You are to cope with different tasks and upgrade your farm. Build some houses, pave the paths and grow plants. Sell vegetables to earn money. As soon as you have restored one farm, try to change another. In order to get extra money, complete levels as soon as possible and help your neighbours. A great variety of amazing trophies are waiting for you. For example, "Clocks", which you will get for completing a level in less than one third of the clotted time, "Small cash prize" which will be given to you for total earning of 2500 coins, "Golden Lion" which you will get after restoring all three farms and many others. Selling vegetables isn't easy at all. If you are tired, sit back and enjoy a picturesque landscape. Take your time and think over the strategy very carefully. Become a real businessman with the marvelous game Farmscapes!

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