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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
    3. Main Walkthrough
      1. Preparing For Your Adventure
      2. Aspertia City
      3. Route 19
      4. Floccesy Town
      5. Route 20
      6. Floccesy Ranch
      7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
      8. Aspertia City Gym
      9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
      10. Virbank City
      11. Virbank Complex
      12. Virbank City Gym
      13. PokeStar Studios
      14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
      15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
      16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
      17. Castelia City
      18. Castelia City Sewers
      19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
      20. Castelia City Gym
      21. Route 4
      22. Desert Resort
      23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
      24. Join Avenue
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Anville Town
      27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
      28. Route 5
      29. Route 16
      30. Lostlorn Forest
      31. New Nimbasa City Gym
      32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
      33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
      34. Driftveil City
      35. Route 6
      36. Chargestone Cave
      37. Driftveil City Gym
      38. PWT
      39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
      40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
      41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
      42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
      43. Mistralton Cave
      44. Mistralton City
      45. Route 7
      46. Celestial Tower
      47. Mistralton City Gym
      48. Lentimas Town
      49. Reversal Mountain
      50. Strange House
      51. Undella Town
      52. Undella Bay
      53. Route 14
      54. Abundant Shrine
      55. Route 13
      56. Lacunosa Town
      57. Route 12
      58. Village Bridge
      59. Route 11
      60. Opelucid City
      61. Route 9
      62. Shopping Mall Nine
      63. Opelucid City Gym
      64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
      65. Marine Tube
      66. Humilau City
      67. Humilau City Gym
      68. Route 22
      69. Route 21
      70. Seaside Cave
      71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
      72. Giant Chasm
      73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
      74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
      75. Route 23
      76. Victory Road
      77. Pokemon League
    4. Post-Game Walkthrough
      1. Back At Aspertia City
      2. Skyarrow Bridge
      3. Pinwheel Forest
      4. Nacrene City
      5. Route 3
      6. Wellspring Cave
      7. Striaton City
      8. Dreamyard
      9. Route 2
      10. Accumula Town
      11. Route 1
      12. Nuvema Town
      13. Route 17
      14. Route 18
      15. Route 17 Again
      16. P2 Laboratory
      17. Route 18 Again
      18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
      19. N's Castle
      20. Tubeline Bridge
      21. Route 8
      22. Moor of Icirrus
      23. Icirrus City
      24. Dragonspiral Tower
      25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
      26. Black City
      27. White Forest
      28. Route 15
      29. Marvelous Bridge
      30. Cave of Being
      31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
      32. Clay Tunnel
      33. Underground Ruins
      34. Twist Mountain
      35. Abyssal Ruins
    5. Other Areas
      1. Surf Required Areas
      2. Waterfall Required Areas
      3. Battle Subway
      4. Pokemon Musicals
      5. Big Stadium
      6. Small Court
      7. Pokemon World Tournament
    6. Appendices
      1. Legendary Pokemon
      2. Type Vs. Type Chart
      3. Medal List
      4. Move List
      5. Shop List
      6. Item List - General
      7. Item List - Medicine
      8. Item List - Berries
      9. Item List - TMs & HMs
      10. Item List - Key Items
    7. Version History
    8. Legal Notice
    9. Contact Me
    10. Credits
    11. Final Word

    Back At Aspertia City

    The first time you enter the game after defeating the Pokemon League, you'll be at your house. Move over and talk with your Mum. Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper's husband will barge in and hand you the National Dex. Sweet! Your Pokedex is now upgraded! Cedric will leave and you mother will hand you two Max Revives. It's time to leave the house! Outside you'll be stopped by Hugh and his little sister. You'll be thanked for helping save her Purrloin and they'll leave.

    Other than that, that's pretty much all there is to do here! You have a few main areas that have been opened and many small things that can now be done. Feel free to look through the Post-Game sections and do anything that tickles your fancy. Some stuff you'll clearly be too weak for right now though (such as taking on Game Freak's Morimoto), but there should be plenty of stuff that you can do that it shouldn't really matter.

    The three main areas to follow along from are Skyarrow Bridge, Tubeline Bridge or Black City (If you're playing Black 2) or White Forest (If you're playing White 2). Feel free to head to one of those sections, or a different one entirely, and get exploring!

    Skyarrow Bridge

    To get to the now-opened Skyarrow Bridge, Fly to Castelia City and head east along the street from the Pokemon Center, to the gate at the end. Head through the gate and you'll be at the foot of the bridge! Head along the bridge. There's not a whole lot to do here. The only thing of note is the man around halfway across the bridge selling Fresh Water for $300 each. Overpriced, but if you feel the need to buy one, do so. If you speak to him and decline, you'll receive the hard sell. If so, simply decline again if you don't want to buy and he'll stop bothering you. Continue until you reach the gate at the end. Enter it and move through into Pinwheel Forest on the other side.

    Pinwheel Forest - Inside

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    SwadloonBug/Grass25%54-56Tall Grass
    VigorothNormal15%55-57Tall Grass
    WhirlipedeBug/Poison15%55-57Tall Grass
    SwadloonBug/Grass25%62-64Dark Grass
    VigorothNormal15%63-65Dark Grass
    WhirlipedeBug/Poison15%63-65Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal55%54-57Shaking Grass
    PanpourWater10%55Shaking Grass
    PansageGrass10%55Shaking Grass
    PansearFire10%55Shaking Grass
    ScolipedeBug/Poison5%57Shaking Grass
    SlakingNormal5%57Shaking Grass
    BasculinWater35%45-60Rippling Water
    MarillWater60%45-60Rippling Water
    AzumarillWater5%50-60Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%35-60Fishing Spots
    GoldeenWater60%35-60Fishing Spots
    SeakingWater10%35-70Fishing Spots
    CottoneeGrass45%54-57Tall Grass
    CottoneeGrass45%62-65Dark Grass
    WhimsicottGrass5%57Shaking Grass
    PetililGrass45%54-57Tall Grass
    PetililGrass45%62-65Dark Grass
    LilligantGrass5%57Shaking Grass

    There's a ton of trainers here looking to do battle! Right at the start of the area is a Preschooler looking to hustle you. Let's teach him a lesson!

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler Sho

    Continue on from the Preschooler. The nearby Hiker doesn't want to battle, thankfully. Continue down to the Nursery Aide near the north end of the bridge. Talk to her and you'll take her on.

    Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide Maiko

    Head over to the bridge to the second Preschooler there. Yep, this one's a trainer too.

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler Akari

    Continue to yet another Preschooler moving up and down along the right side of the road. Why so many kiddies around here?!

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler Eiji

    Continue south until you see a grassy path leading off west with Cheren at the start. Move over to him, talk and tell him 'Yes' when he asks if you'd like him to travel with you. He will then help out during any Double Battles that you're in. After every battle (even Single Battles which Cheren doesn't take part in) that he's travelling with you for, all of your Pokemon, as well as all of his, will be fully healed. No need to head back to Castelia City for the Pokemon Center there anymore, eh? You can't head back onto the main road without having Cheren leave your party however, so keep this in mind. The party that Cheren uses when he's with you is as follows:

    Cheren's Party

    Head west along the grassy path, deeper into the forest. You'll find a Preschooler and Nursery Aide here. If you move between them, they'll simultaneously challenge you and you'll take part in a Double Battle with Cheren as your partner. You can also talk to the Preschooler first and force him into a battle then take the Nursery Aide on seperately afterwards. Either works fine.

    Double Battle: Nursery Aide Chizuru and Preschooler Kaito
    Chizuru's Party
    Chizuru's Reward:$2440
    Kaito's Party
    Kaito's Reward:$240
    Combined Reward:$2680

    Once they've both been dealt with, move south-west to the Pokemon Ranger moving through the Tall Grass. Another battle.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Kyoko

    Note: After defeating Kyoko, she'll give you a Sitrus Berry.

    Now grab the item, a Max Repel, to her south-east. Move back past the Pokemon Ranger and continue heading west. If you move right up to the Pokemon Ranger hidden under the leaf here, he'll jump out and challenge you too.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Keigo

    Note: After defeating Keigo, he'll give you a Sitrus Berry.

    From there, continue west through the gap in the fence. Move south through the Tall Grass immediately past the gap. At the bottom is an Ultra Ball. Grab it, move back north out of the Tall Grass and continue west over to a Youngster who will stop and challenge you.

    Trainer Battle: Youngster Keita

    Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and head through the Tall Grass now. Halfway through you should be able to find a hidden Ultra Ball. Snatch it up, then continue north until you're out of the Tall Grass. Grab the Max Revive in the hollow of the tree, then run through the hollow, dead tree trunk. Continue north under the next one over until you reach the Tall Grass with the next Pokemon Ranger moving through it. Catch the trainer's attention and a battle will ensue.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Sosuke

    Note: After defeating Sosuke, he'll give you a Lum Berry.

    Once Sosuke's defeated, head west, then south, then east east until you're at the foot of the hollow trunk that you moved under before. Move through it and up it to the area above. From there, move through the tree trunk taking you back down, this time to your north. There's a Veteran couple here, waiting for an opponent. Better not disappoint. It's going to be tough!

    Double Battle: Veteran Sojiro and Veteran Rosa
    Sojiro's Party
    Rosa's Party
    Combined Reward:$10240

    Once you overcome that massive battle, continue east until you reach another tree hollow, this time containing a Net Ball. Grab it, then head east until you reach one last hollow tree trunk. Don't go through just yet, otherwise Cheren will prematurely leave your party. Instead, head south and down the small set of steps. Move south to the next set and move down those too. From there, head north, then east over to the Youngster.

    If you move into the space north of him, you'll start a double battle with both the Lass and the Youngster, but if you wish to, you can do these battles seperately by first talking to the Youngster from his west side, then taking the Lass on afterwards. Feel free to do it either way.

    Double Battle: Lass Hiyori and Youngster Heita
    Hiyori's Party
    Nidoran (F)60Poison
    Nirodan (M)60Poison
    Hiyori's Reward:$960
    Heita's Party
    Heita's Reward:$960
    Combined Reward:$1920

    Now continue up the steps and head west to the end. Turn that Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the hidden BalmMushroom. Now backtrack to that hollow log and head through. You'll stop before a crazy old dude screams out behind you, surprising both you and Cheren. You'll speak with him and he'll leave. After he does, Cheren will hand you an Up-Grade. How sweet of him. He'll then leave too. You're once again alone.

    There's one last Pokemon Ranger hidden under a leaf to your north-east, in front of an item. Move next to the leaf and the Ranger will jump out and enthusiastically challenge you!

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Kunimi

    Note: After defeating Kunimi, she'll give you a Lum Berry.

    Collect the item behind her, TM86 - Grass Knot. Head south-east until you reach the ledge. Jump over it and continue back to the main path. Head south, back down to the bridge. You should notice that the gap in the fence on the east side of the road is no longer blocked by a person, so you can go through and explore the area there! move through and head down the stairs into the Dark Grass. Move south-west, along the short path to a tile at the end without Dark Grass on it. This tile hides a Green Shard. Grab it, then head east to the end of the Dark Grass. Move out of the Grass and head over to the Youngster. Battle time!

    Trainer Battle: Youngster Katsumi

    Head north-east, up the stairs. Follow the path around until you reach a hollow log. Move through it, then move through the next one leading east. Turn on that Dowsing MCHN of yours and use it to find the Bug Gem around here. You can head north-west and enter the Rumination Field, but it contains nothing but a Pokemon Ranger that just talks at length. Instead, backtrack to the Youngster. Head down the stairs to his south-east and back up the next set. Take the three sets of stairs east, through the Dark Grass. At the end of the path is TM22 - SolarBeam with your name on it. Pick it up, then head back up the three sets of stairs.

    Now head along the thin path west along the south edge of this area. Continue around to the stairs leading down to the water. Move down them and continue around west. Turn the Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the Rare Candy. Now use Surf and move onto the water. Head west under the bridges and continue to the land at the end. Head up the stairs and grab the PP Max. Now jump down the ledge, head north through the Tall Grass, then up the stairs. Now go north and head through the hollow log, then finally east until you reach the ledge. Jump down it and move back onto the main path one last time. Now head south, over the bridge and continue until the path turns east. Follow it east and continue until you reach the Twins at the exit to the inside of the forest. It's the last battle of this area!

    Double Battle: Twins Aki and An

    Head through the exit, into the outside part of Pinwheel Forest!

    Pinwheel Forest - Outside

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    GurdurrFighting40%54-56Tall Grass
    PalpitoadWater/Ground25%54-57Tall Grass
    ToxicroakPoison/Fighting10%55Tall Grass
    YanmaBug/Flying10%55Tall Grass
    GurdurrFighting40%63-64Dark Grass
    PalpitoadWater/Ground25%64-65Dark Grass
    ToxicroakPoison/Fighting10%63Dark Grass
    YanmaBug/Flying10%63Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal85%54-57Shaking Grass
    SeismitoadWater/Ground5%57Shaking Grass
    YanmegaBug/Flying5%57Shaking Grass
    SawkFighting15%55-57Tall Grass
    SawkFighting15%63-65Dark Grass
    ThrohFighting5%57Shaking Grass
    ThrohFighting15%55-57Tall Grass
    ThrohFighting15%63-65Dark Grass
    SawkFighting5%57Shaking Grass

    If you are in desperate need of healing, you can follow the road into Nacrene City, head to the Pokemon Center there, then come back. If not, talk to the girl standing at the gap in the fence taking you south. A battle will begin.

    Trainer Battle: School Kid Millie

    You should see a thin path leading north between the fence and trees to your east. Move up this path and head east when it does. At the end, obscured by some trees, is an item, a Full Heal. Head back to the School Kid once you have it in your possession.

    From there, head south until you see a Battle Girl to your east. She doesn't want to battle, so follow the decrepit railway line east until you see an item nearby, which happens to be a Protein. Grab it then head back west. Continue south through the Tall Grass and puddles until you reach the very large puddle at the bottom. When you do, hit the switch on the Dowsing MCHN and find the Max Elixir hidden in the puddle. Now move west along the bottom of the puddle. Move through the Dark Grass over to the HP Up. Pick 'er up and move back to the puddle. Now head north-west over to the male Ace Trainer. Battle time!

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Yusaku

    Continue north past the Ace Trainer until you're out of the Dark Grass. Grab the Nugget here, then backtrack to the Ace Trainer. Head east from him to the female Ace Trainer.

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Saeko

    Once she's defeated, head east up the large set of stairs. Move over to the Black Belt and have him take you on.

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Kentar

    Continue east past the Black Belt to the item and the Battle Girl. Let's take the trainer on first.

    Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Li

    Grab the nearby item, which turns out to be a PP Max, then head north-west over to the stairs leading down. Move down them and follow the path around to the ledge. Before jumping over the ledge, turn your Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the Fighting Gem. Once you have it, head over the ledge and backtrack to the road. Follow the road toward Nacrene City. There's a male School Kid moving back and forth along the road here. If you talk with him, the two of you will battle.

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Kentar

    Once he's been defeated, continue onto Nacrene City!

    Nacrene City

    First of all, you'll see a small gap in the white fence to your north as you enter. Move through the gap and follow the path back west into Pinwheel Forest. At the end is a hidden Ultra Ball which you can grab. Do so then head back into Nacrene. Head east until you hit the Pokemon Center. When you do, move down and enter. Heal your Pokemon and stock up on items if you need to. Once you're done, head back outside.

    You guessed it, exploration time! Unfortunately there's not a whole lot to do, which makes me a sad RedIsPoetic. Oh well. From the Pokemon Centre head west and enter the first house that you come upon. Inside is a bald man who happens to be the final Move Tutor! How wonderful. Talk to him if you want to see his wares. This one teaches moves in exchange for Green Shards.

    MoveGreen Shards
    Worry Seed6
    Gastro Acid6
    Helping Hand8
    After You8
    Magic Room8
    Wonder Room8
    Stealth Rock10
    Sleep Talk12
    Skill Swap12

    The man on the west side of the bottom floor also runs a battle shop which has some nice Battle Items that you can buy. Feel free to take a look.

    X Speed$350
    X Attack$500
    X Defend$550
    Guard Spec.$700
    Dire Hit$650
    X Accuracy$950
    X Special$350
    X Sp. Def$350

    Once you've bought all you want, leave the house. From there, continue west along the old railway tracks until you reach a white fence. When you do, turn your Dowsing MCHN on and use it to find the hidden PP Up. Move back east into the main part of town once you have it. When you reach the Pokemon Center, move north up its left side. When you reach the road again, move west to the cafe. When you reach it, enter the building.

    Inside, move down the steps to the lower level and talk to the woman there. She'll give you a Grubby Hanky if you answer with 'Yes' when asked. Yay? Head back outside and head east down the road. When you reach the Museum (the large old-style building), enter it. Head on through and you'll be stopped by a Scientist. This guy's Lenora, an old Gym Leader's husband, if you happen to remember that. He'll talk with you and Lenora will appear. She will offer you a fossil. If you select the first option you'll be given a Cover Fossil, which can be used to regenerate Tirtouga. If you select the second option you'll be given a Plume Fossil, which can be used to regenerate Archen. When you regenerate a Pokemon, it will become yours. Pick whichever one you want and confirm that you want it and it'll be given to you. Unfortunately you only get one, but we can't be too greedy, now can we?

    After you've received a fossil, you'll be given a short tour of the museum by Lenora's hubby. You'll stop at the stairs. You can head up them and explore the old gym if you want, but there's nothing to do there. Instead, I'd recommend heading back to the entrance. If you talk to the woman at the right of the two counters, she'll take your fossil away and use it to regenerate a Pokemon. Clear a spot in your party by depositing a Pokemon in the PC at the Pokemon Center then come back and talk with her again to receive your Pokemon. Yay! It will start off at Level 25, so if you want to use it it's going to take a bit of training before it's going to be useful. Exit the museum. If you don't want to use it, you can swap it back with the Pokemon that you deposited in your PC. Once you've done all that you've completed all there is to do in Nacrene City! Time to head through the eastern gate leading out of town and into Route 3.

    Route 3

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    HerdierNormal10%57Tall Grass
    PurrloinDark10%57Tall Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying30%55-57Tall Grass
    WatchogNormal20%55Tall Grass
    YanmaBug/Flying10%56Tall Grass
    ZebstrikaElectric20%56-58Tall Grass
    HerdierNormal10%65Dark Grass
    PurrloinDark10%65Dark Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying30%63-65Dark Grass
    WatchogNormal20%63Dark Grass
    YanmaBug/Flying10%64Dark Grass
    ZebstrikaElectric20%64-66Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal85%55-58Shaking Grass
    StoutlandNormal5%58Shaking Grass
    UnfezantNormal/Flying5%58Shaking Grass
    YanmegaBug/Flying5%58Shaking Grass
    BasculinWater30%45-60Rippling Water
    CorphishWater60%45-60Rippling Water
    CrawdauntWater/Dark10%50-60Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    GoldeenWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
    SeakingWater10%50-70Fishing Spots

    Move east into the Tall Grass and take on the School Kid in a Rotation Battle here.

    Rotation Battle: School Kid Sawako

    Grab the nearby Quick Ball, then head onto the bridge. As soon as you're on, use Surf to move onto the water north of the bridge. Surf north, then north-west and you'll reach an area with a Fisherman. Talk to the Fisherman and you'll enter into the most difficult battle you'll ever have in the entire game. Brace yourself!

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Kojiro

    Once you barely win, move up the steps. In the north-east corner of this grassy area is a Full Restore, in the north-west some Calcium. Grab them both, then head back down the stairs. Move west and check the gap in the Tall Grass to find a hidden Ultra Ball. Head back over to the water and Surf back to the bridge. Move over to the eastern bank. When you do, move through the Tall Grass leading south at the end of the bridge. Head around to the Fisherman and take him on!

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Tomohiro

    Grab the Zinc near the Fisherman, then head back to the main dirt path. Continue following it east. When you reach the Dark Grass, move into it, find the School Kid wandering through it and take him on in a Triple Battle.

    Triple Battle: School Kid Shuhei

    Collect the Big Nugget in the Dark Grass nearby, then move back to the main path. Head north now and continue doing so until you meet the two Backers. Double Battle time!

    Double Battle: Backers Mami and Miho

    Continue north from the Backers once they've been defeated. Once you reach the T-intersection, move into the nearby patch of Tall Grass and grab the Ultra Ball there. Move back out and take the path leading east. Follow it until it ends, then continue north. You'll see a nearby cave. It's Wellspring Cave! Feel free to head into it. It's only small and gives a few items in return, so it may be a nice idea. Skip to that section, then come back to here once you're done. Oh, and make sure you have a Pokemon that can use Flash!

    Once you're ready, move east from the entrance to the cave over to the Tall Grass. Move east through the Grass until you reach the Lass.

    Trainer Battle: Lass Chie

    Move to the small clearing just before the ledge to your south and employ your Dowsing MCHN to find the hidden Nugget. Jump down the ledge and continue back east to the T-junction. This time take the eastern path. The Twins just before the steps won't want to battle you, so don't worry about them. Move up the steps and head west first. Enter the red-roofed building.

    It's a children's day care center! Talk to the woman near the entrance at any time to have all your Pokemon healed. There's an item in the north-east corner. Grab it to find that it's a Rare Candy. Once you're done, head back outside. The woman a little south-west of the children's day care will want to battle.

    Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide Akiho

    Once she's defeated, head west to the three Preschoolers. You can battle each of them. Let's take on the one on the grounding standing still first.

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler Kana

    Next let's take on the Preschooler moving in circles.

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler

    Lastly, move up the slide and take on the Preschooler at the top. This battle could be... precarious.

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler

    Once you've defeated the last Preschooler, head into the sandpit. One of them has buried an item here. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find it, a Rare Candy. Once you have it, head back to the stairs. This time head east from the stairs and enter the building there. It's the Pokemon Day Care! Awesomeness. Here it's all about Breeding Pokemon. There are various rules to breeding, but the main idea is to have two Pokemon of opposite genders, but of the same Egg Group placed in Day Care so that they can breed and create eggs. If you come back after a time this should have happened and you should have an Egg that you can carry around. If you walk around enough with the Egg in your party, it will eventually hatch. These are the basics of breeding.

    The second, but less important function of the Day Care is to level Pokemon. Placing them in Day Care will cause them to slowly level up as you travel about. When you come back, you'll be able to take your Pokemon back out, but at a cost of $100 plus $100 per level gained. Pokemon that level in Day Care and reach a level where they'd learn a new move, they do so and forget the move on the top of the list. The new move is then placed on the bottom of the list and all others are shuffled up a slot. In this way, your Pokemon may learn moves that you don't want it to and it may forget ones that you want it to keep. For this reason, it's generally not a great idea to use the Day Care as a form of training your strong Pokemon. Still, if you want to, feel free to.

    Once you're done at the Day Care, head back outside and move down the steps to the road. Follow the road around south and into Striaton City. Skip ahead to that section and continue on!

    Wellspring Cave

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    ExcadrillGround/Steel10%55-58Dust Cloud
    BasculinWater100%45-60Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%50-60Fishing Spots
    PoliwhirlWater65%50-60Fishing Spots
    PoliwrathWater/Fighting5%60Fishing Spots

    Wellspring Cave 1F

    Move west until you hit water. When you do, move south and move up the stairs taking you east. Head east until you reach the Hiker. Yep, it's a battle!

    Trainer Battle: Hiker Takafumi

    Grab the Max Repel to your east, then head back west, over to the water there. Move onto it with Surf, then head west over to the bit of land with the Battle Girl on it. Another battle!

    Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Misuzu

    Collect the Escape Rope here. Now move south and continue following the path as it turns east. Continue to the stairs at the very end. Enter them.

    Wellspring Cave B1F

    This floor's dark! Use Flash to light things up and you'll be fine though. Head north-east and down the stairs. From there head north along the path cutting between the two pools of water. Continue east until you're stopped by the Black Belt. It's go time!

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Tadashi

    Once he's defeated, move onto the water to his south. Surf across to the eastern side and move off onto the land. Move around until you reach the item just before the ledge. Pick it up to find that it's a Max Revive. Move back to the water and Surf back across. Now move up the path north of the Black Belt. You'll reach a Battle Girl wanting to battle.

    Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Xiao

    Now head north up the stairs and take the western path. Move up the stairs then move south to the end. Grab TM47 - Low Sweep from there, then head back and head down the steps. Head east past the set of steps leading south over to a slightly larger set leading south down to an item. Move down and grab the Protector at the bottom. Move back up then take the path south to the west of the stairs. At the end you'll be able to find a hidden Carbos by using your Dowsing MCHN. Backtrack to the stairs then head north to the next set. Move down them and take the Black Belt on here.

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Toshi

    Move north, onto the water. Surf across to the northern side. Move onto the land there. If you're up for a tough battle, talk to the Veteran here. He'll be keen to have you battle him.

    Trainer Battle: Veteran Shaun

    Once Shaun's defeated, head east and turn that Dowsing MCHN of yours on. Use it to find the nearby Max Revive. Now move back west and head up the stairs. Grab TM52 - Focus Blast at the top. Now head back down the stairs and head onto the water. There's a little bit of land just south-west of where the stairs at that you can Surf to. Do so and use your Dowsing MCHN once more to find the Ultra Ball. That's it! Use an Escape Rope to exit, or backtrack to the entrance. You can use the water running up and down the eastern side of this area to quickly get back to 1F then head back to the entrance from there. Once you're out, you'll be back in Route 3.

    Striaton City

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    BasculinWater90%45-60Rippling Water
    CrawdauntWater/Dark10%50-60Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    GoldeenWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
    SeakingWater10%50-70Fishing Spots

    It's Striation City! Let's head south to the fountain, then east into the main part of town and through until you reach the Pokemon Center. Head in and heal your Pokes! If you want, stock up on any items you may need also. Once you're ready, go back outside. Put your explorer's cap on, because we're going exploring!

    First let's head back west, over the bridge to the fountain. Take the bridge south of the fountain and move down into the south-east corner of the area. There you'll find a Yellow Shard. Now head to the west side of this area and use your Dowsing MCHN to find the hidden Full Restore. Move back over the bridge to the fountain. This time take the western bridge. Grab the Max Elixir here then move onto the water just north of the bridge. Surf north then move onto the area with the Hiker standing around on it. Talk to him and you'll get a Big Pearl.

    Move back onto the water and Surf back to the main area. Head back to the fountain and move back over to the eastern bridge. Now stand on it and head onto the water to its north. Surf up onto the little gap between two hedges on the north-east edge of the water. Use the Dowsing MCHN to find the PP Up hidden here. Now Surf back to the bridge and head back into the main part of town.

    The building to the left of the Pokemon Center is the Trainers' School. Head there if you want to know the basics... not that you should need to. You can also enter the building south of the Trainers' School and talk to the little girl inside. If you win a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', you'll be able to begin Fun Fest Mission. Give it a go! Head back out and head back to the Pokemon Center.

    To the right of the Pokemon Center is the old Gym, with Clyde standing in front of it. Talk to Clyde and he'll head inside. Follow him in. You'll see that the old Gym is now a fully-fledged restaurant. The three old Gym Leaders, Cilan, Chili and Cress are running the restaurant. An awesome daily event you can take part in is Double Battles with the three former Gym Leaders. You get to team up with one against the other two. Choose whoever you want to team up with and talk to them. Answer 'Yes' to their question and the battle will promptly start. The parties of the three guys are as follows:

    Cilan's Party
    Chili's Party
    Cress' Party

    You will receive a $16080 for winning. As stated above, these battles can be performed once per day, so feel free to come back at any time and take part again.

    Besides these battles, you can talk to the woman standing on the platform at the north end of the room. If you answer 'Yes' to her question, three of her Pansages will jump out and you will play a game of guess the Pansage. You will be told to follow one of them. Try to do so as they move around. When they finally stop, you're given a chance to guess the correct one. If you do, you'll receive a Big Mushroom. Other than that, there's nothing else you can really do in the restaurant, so feel free to leave.

    Move over to the building south of the restaurant and enter it. Move up to the top floor. In the west part of the room is an Up-Grade. Feel free to grab it, then leave the building. Head into the building just below it. Talk to the guy with the orange shirt here to receive a Great Ball. Exit the building.

    To your south is Route 2. Feel free to head there now if you want, but there's still a little more to do in Stiaton. Before we keep exploring though, head out past the fence to your south, then move between the trees and the left fence along the thin path. At the end is a Timer Ball. Pick it up then backtrack until you're out of the path. Head back north to where the restaurant is. Now head east, then south so that you're behind the buildings. There will be a shady man here. If you speak with him, he'll give you five Dusk Balls for no apparent reason. That's all there is to do in this city.

    You can head north from the shady man to find a path leading east. If you follow it you'll reach the Dreamyard. This is nice extra area that you can explore! Head through if you want to. If you want to go straight to Route 2 instead, feel free to skip ahead to that section.

    Dreamyard - Outside

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    GolbatPoison/Flying10%57-58Tall Grass
    JigglypuffNormal10%57Tall Grass
    LiepardDark25%56-59Tall Grass
    MunnaPsychic20%57-58Tall Grass
    RaticateNormal10%57Tall Grass
    WatchogNormal25%56-59Tall Grass
    GolbatPoison/Flying10%65-66Dark Grass
    JigglypuffNormal10%65Dark Grass
    LiepardDark25%64-67Dark Grass
    MunnaPsychic20%65-66Dark Grass
    RaticateNormal10%65Dark Grass
    WatchogNormal25%64-67Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal75%56-59Shaking Grass
    CrobatPoison/Flying5%59Shaking Grass
    DunsparceNormal10%57Shaking Grass
    MusharnaPsychic5%59Shaking Grass
    WigglytuffNormal5%59Shaking Grass

    As soon as you enter Dreamyard, a Latios (If you're playing Black 2) or Latias (If you're playing White 2) will fly toward you, then fly back away east. Guess what? You can catch it! Head east into the main part of Dreamyard. When you see the small tree, continue past it and move through the gap in the fence. As you do, Latios/Latias will fly past, east to west across the screen. Now head back to the small tree and use Cut to chop it down. Move through the small doorway that you just opened up, then head through into the burnt-out building. Latios/Latias will head back from west to east across the screen. Head west over to the Tall Grass there and grab the Rare Candy sitting in the grass.

    From there, head back east to the patch of Tall Grass along the north edge. Move through it and past the wall over to where the stairs are. Move under the ceiling to the right of the stairs to get to the foot of them. Move up them. At the top Latios/Latias will move back from east to west. Head west. When you see the path taking you south, follow it to the Ultra Ball at the end. Snatch it up. When you reach this area, Latios/Latias will once more move back from west to east.

    Move back towards the stairs, then move south along the path to the east of the stairs, still up on the second level. When the path turns back east, follow it to the end. Move onto the tile that's jutting out just that bit further east than the other ones. When you do, Latios/Latias will fly from east to west and run into you! It'll get angry and attack! Feel free to try and catch this Legendary. Be warned that it's not easy though.

    [If you're playing Pokemon Black Version 2]

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    [If you're playing Pokemon White Version 2]

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Once you're done, head back down the stairs. Directly south of the stairs is an item obscured by the wall in front of it. It's TM85 - Dream Eater. Grab it and backtrack all the way back to where you Cut the small tree. Now continue east along the main path. When you reach the gap in the fence, move through. Move north-east, then north underneath the platform above. Move up against the trees there. When you do, you'll be able to see an obscured item. Move over and grab it to find that it's a Moon Stone. Now head east, then south-east over to the stairs leading down into the basement. Head down!

    Dreamyard - Basement

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    GolbatPoison/Flying25%64-67Dark Grass
    JigglypuffNormal10%65Dark Grass
    LiepardDark10%65-66Dark Grass
    MunnaPsychic20%65-66Dark Grass
    RaticateNormal25%64-67Dark Grass
    WatchogNormal10%65Dark Grass

    Follow the path through until you find a Psychic moving around in circles. Move up to the confused fellow and talk to him to take him on. If you get too close to him, he'll run off, so you may need to run after him to talk.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Seiya

    Move east to the Scientist moving around there. Like the Psychic, you'll need to chase after her to talk to her. When you talk with her, the two of you will battle.

    Trainer Battle: Scientist Rikako

    Collect the nearby item, a HP Up. Now continue back west until you see two gaps in the southern wall. When you do, move through them. There's another Psychic here to your east. Same as before, chase her!

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Illier
    Mr. Mime62Psychic

    Now head south-west and take on the last trainer of the area, a male Scientist.

    Trainer Battle: Scientist Hideyo

    Near the Scientist is a Dawn Stone. Collect it after defeating him. Now head east until you reach the steps in the south-east corner. Move up them so that you're back outside.

    Dreamyard - Outside

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    GolbatPoison/Flying10%57-58Tall Grass
    JigglypuffNormal10%57Tall Grass
    LiepardDark25%56-59Tall Grass
    MunnaPsychic20%57-58Tall Grass
    RaticateNormal10%57Tall Grass
    WatchogNormal25%56-59Tall Grass
    GolbatPoison/Flying10%65-66Dark Grass
    JigglypuffNormal10%65Dark Grass
    LiepardDark25%64-67Dark Grass
    MunnaPsychic20%65-66Dark Grass
    RaticateNormal10%65Dark Grass
    WatchogNormal25%64-67Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal75%56-59Shaking Grass
    CrobatPoison/Flying5%59Shaking Grass
    DunsparceNormal10%57Shaking Grass
    MusharnaPsychic5%59Shaking Grass
    WigglytuffNormal5%59Shaking Grass

    First, head north-east from the stairs until you're stopped by a male School Kid. Let's do battle, guize!

    Trainer Battle: School Kid Akihito

    Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and continue west. Use it to find the hidden PP Up then head around to the Dark Grass. Begin moving east through the grass. Take on the Youngster when you reach him.

    Trainer Battle: Youngster Koshi

    Continue to the other side of the Dark Grass then head west until you can see an item to your north-west. Head toward it. Partway there you'll be stopped by a second School Kid who'll interrupt your exploring, looking for someone to fight.

    Trainer Battle: School Kid Minori

    Continue over and grab the Reaper Cloth. Head back south-east and move north to the stairs leading back down to the basement when you can. Once you're in the basement, head north until you reach some Dark Grass. Move through it and grab the Iron behind. From there move into the Dark Grass to your east. In the centre grass tile is a hidden Psychic Gem. Grab it, then head back to the stairs and go back outside.

    To the north of the stairs is a boulder. Use Strength and push it into the hole to your north. If you head north from here you'll be back in the main area that you started in. You can now easily move back and forth between these two areas. That's really all to do! Head back to the entrance and exit once you've done all you want to. If you're done in Striaton City, heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center there, then head straight into Route 2!