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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
    3. Main Walkthrough
      1. Preparing For Your Adventure
      2. Aspertia City
      3. Route 19
      4. Floccesy Town
      5. Route 20
      6. Floccesy Ranch
      7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
      8. Aspertia City Gym
      9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
      10. Virbank City
      11. Virbank Complex
      12. Virbank City Gym
      13. PokeStar Studios
      14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
      15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
      16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
      17. Castelia City
      18. Castelia City Sewers
      19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
      20. Castelia City Gym
      21. Route 4
      22. Desert Resort
      23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
      24. Join Avenue
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Anville Town
      27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
      28. Route 5
      29. Route 16
      30. Lostlorn Forest
      31. New Nimbasa City Gym
      32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
      33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
      34. Driftveil City
      35. Route 6
      36. Chargestone Cave
      37. Driftveil City Gym
      38. PWT
      39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
      40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
      41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
      42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
      43. Mistralton Cave
      44. Mistralton City
      45. Route 7
      46. Celestial Tower
      47. Mistralton City Gym
      48. Lentimas Town
      49. Reversal Mountain
      50. Strange House
      51. Undella Town
      52. Undella Bay
      53. Route 14
      54. Abundant Shrine
      55. Route 13
      56. Lacunosa Town
      57. Route 12
      58. Village Bridge
      59. Route 11
      60. Opelucid City
      61. Route 9
      62. Shopping Mall Nine
      63. Opelucid City Gym
      64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
      65. Marine Tube
      66. Humilau City
      67. Humilau City Gym
      68. Route 22
      69. Route 21
      70. Seaside Cave
      71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
      72. Giant Chasm
      73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
      74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
      75. Route 23
      76. Victory Road
      77. Pokemon League
    4. Post-Game Walkthrough
      1. Back At Aspertia City
      2. Skyarrow Bridge
      3. Pinwheel Forest
      4. Nacrene City
      5. Route 3
      6. Wellspring Cave
      7. Striaton City
      8. Dreamyard
      9. Route 2
      10. Accumula Town
      11. Route 1
      12. Nuvema Town
      13. Route 17
      14. Route 18
      15. Route 17 Again
      16. P2 Laboratory
      17. Route 18 Again
      18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
      19. N's Castle
      20. Tubeline Bridge
      21. Route 8
      22. Moor of Icirrus
      23. Icirrus City
      24. Dragonspiral Tower
      25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
      26. Black City
      27. White Forest
      28. Route 15
      29. Marvelous Bridge
      30. Cave of Being
      31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
      32. Clay Tunnel
      33. Underground Ruins
      34. Twist Mountain
      35. Abyssal Ruins
    5. Other Areas
      1. Surf Required Areas
      2. Waterfall Required Areas
      3. Battle Subway
      4. Pokemon Musicals
      5. Big Stadium
      6. Small Court
      7. Pokemon World Tournament
    6. Appendices
      1. Legendary Pokemon
      2. Type Vs. Type Chart
      3. Medal List
      4. Move List
      5. Shop List
      6. Item List - General
      7. Item List - Medicine
      8. Item List - Berries
      9. Item List - TMs & HMs
      10. Item List - Key Items
    7. Version History
    8. Legal Notice
    9. Contact Me
    10. Credits
    11. Final Word

    Main Walkthrough (Continued)

    Lentimas Town

    You'll set down in Lentimas and immediately see that it's a volcanic red. After conversing for a while, as well as answering a question, Bianca will leave and you'll be free to explore Lentimas! If you ever wish to take the plane back to Mistralton City, talk to the woman next to the plane to. There's no need though as you can use your Pokemon to Fly there whenever from wherever.

    Head east and enter the Pokemon Center. Check out the Poke Mart wares and talk to the old woman opposite the shop. She'll give you a Spell Tag. Exit, then head south and enter the building on the west side of the path. Talk to the woman in front of the TV for TM57 - Charge Beam. Exit, head back to where the Pokemon Center is and enter the building to its left.

    The old man in the north-west corner of the house is the second Move Tutor of the game! He's willing to teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for Blue Shards this time. The moves he teaches and the prices for each are as follows:

    MoveBlue Shards
    Last Resort2
    Iron Defense2
    Magnet Rise4
    Magic Coat4
    Hyper Voice6
    Icy Wind6
    Iron Tail6
    Aqua Tail8
    Earth Power8
    Zen Headbutt8
    Foul Play8
    Dragon Pulse10
    Dark Pulse10

    Feel free to do business with him, then leave. Head back onto the runway and move north along the right side of it. You'll find a gap in the fence. Move through. You'll be stopped for a phone call, but you'll be free to continue through after. Continue on, move up the steps and grab the Fire Stone on the edge of the cliff. Head back to the Pokemon Center. That's all there is to do here! Feel free to head east, out into Reversal Mountain.

    Reversal Mountain - Outside

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrifblimGhost/Flying20%32-33Tall Grass
    SkarmorySteel/Flying5%34Tall Grass
    SkorupiPoison/Bug30%31-33Tall Grass
    TrapinchGround15%32-34Tall Grass
    DrifblimGhost/Flying20%36-37Dark Grass
    SkarmorySteel/Flying15%36-38Dark Grass
    SkorupiPoison/Bug30%35-37Dark Grass
    VibravaGround/Dragon5%38Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal100%31-34Shaking Grass
    SpoinkPsychic20%31Tall Grass
    GrumpigPsychic10%33Tall Grass
    GrumpigPsychic30%35-37Dark Grass
    NumelFire/Ground20%31Tall Grass
    CameruptFire/Ground10%33Tall Grass
    CameruptFire/Ground30%35-37Dark Grass

    You'll start outside the mountain. Follow the path until you come across a Cyclist.

    Trainer Battle: Cyclist Keisuke

    Continue onto the next Cyclist. Battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Cyclist Tomomi

    From here, you'll see some tall grass south of the female Cyclist leading east. If you move through this and follow it to the other side, you'll find a mysterious house known as Strange House. Feel free to go in and explore if you want! Skip ahead to that section and come back to this one and continue on when you're done!

    Even if you don't intend to explore it, I'd suggest heading to Strange House anyway. When you've moved up the stairs leading to it. Move south-west between the fence and rocks just west of the top of the stairs. You should wind up being in the south-west corner of this platform. Now move north up the western edge of th area, along the side of the mountain. When you reach the north-west corner, head east, behind the house. When you can't move any further, face east and press 'A'. You'll pick up TM30 - Shadow Ball, which was hidden behind the house. Pretty ninja, eh?

    From the female Cyclist, head north. Grab the Full Heal to your west, when you reach it. Now continue down the steps to the entrance to Reversal Mountain itself! Head inside.

    Reversal Mountain - Interior

    Depending on what version you're playing, the interior of Reversal Mountain will differ in aesthetics, wild Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, so two different walkthroughs are needed to guide you through this area, depending on which version you're using. Simply scroll down and continue on if you're playing Pokemon Black Version 2. If you're playing White 2, skip ahead to the Reversal Mountain - Interior - Pokemon White Version 2 section and continue on from there.

    1F - Area One

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    ExcadrillGround/Steel100%32-35Dust Cloud

    Head north, up the steps. When you reach the path veering off to the west, head down it and grab the Max Repel at the end. Move back to the main path and continue on. Head through the doorway when you reach it.

    1F - Area Two

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    ExcadrillGround/Steel100%32-35Dust Cloud

    You'll run into Bianca. She'll decide that it's best if the two of you team up, so you will. This works in much the same way as when you teamed up with Hugh in the Castelia City Sewers. Single battles you'll still fight yourself, while for double battles you'll each control one Pokemon. Wild Pokemon battles are all double battles whilst you're travelling with Bianca. Additionally, and awesomely, both your Pokemon and Bianca's Pokemon will automatically heal back to full health and lose any status ailments after each and every battle, including single trainer battles. Yay! Bianca's party is as follows:


    This area's big! Let's head south first. As you're heading down this path, you'll see a Black Belt. Feel free to partake in a rotation battle with him if you want. If not, move past him without him seeing you.

    Rotation Battle: Black Belt Tsuyoshi
    Scraggy37Dark Fighting

    Once you're done, continue south. When you reach a path heading east, follow it, heading north-east. You'll reach an item at the end. It's a Nugget! Head back to the main path and continue south. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN when you reach a stalagmite in the middle of the path. Check the stalagmite to find a Green Shard. Continue on and you'll reach a Backpacker and Hiker that will team up against you when you move in between them. These battles can be conducted separately by talking to the Backpacker from his north. If you do, the Backpacker's reward is $888 and the Hiker's is $1184.

    Double Battle: Hiker Gakuji and Backpacker Nobuhiko
    Hiker's Party
    Backpacker's Party
    Combined Reward:$2072

    Take the path leading east just past them. Grab the Hyper Potion along the path. Continue along it until you reach the end, then turn on your Dowsing MCHN. Use it to find a hidden Blue Shard. Head back to where the Backpacker and Hiker are and continue south.

    When the path turns and heads east, follow it. You'll reach a Pokemon Ranger wandering around. Move into her vision to make her challenge you.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Eliza

    Note: After defeating Eliza, she'll give you a Persim Berry.

    Continue east. Bianca will stop you and say something, then you'll be able to continue on. Continue onto the Doctor. Defeat him and you'll be able to get him to heal your Pokemon any time you talk to him.

    Trainer Battle: Doctor Hisahiro

    He'll heal your Pokemon after the battle. Heading past the Doctor, down the steps and through the doorway won't lead anyway, so continue east. When you reach a path shooting off from the main path, leading north. Follow it around to find TM69 - Rock Polish. Head back to the main path and continue east. You can avoid the Triple Battle with the Battle Girl if you want, but feel free to fight her.

    Triple Battle: Battle Girl Chan

    Once Chan's defeated, continue east. When you reach path leading north, continue east. Follow it until you reach the stalagmite at the end. Check it to find a Star Piece! Head back to where the path led north and follow it. At its end is a Revive. Grab it, then backtrack all the way back to the start of this area, where the Black Belt was.

    Take the path leading east from the entrance. Continue along until you reach a female Backpacker and a Hiker. Move in between them and they'll team up against you in a double battle.

    Double Battle: Hiker Takumi and Backpacker Kumiko
    Hiker's Party
    Backpacker's Party
    Combined Reward:$2072

    Move south past the Hiker and collecting the PP Up behind him. Move back to the path and keep heading east. You'll reach two Ace Trainers, one male, one female. You can challenge these guys together or separately. If challenged separately, each trainer's reward is half of the combined reward listed below.

    Double Battle: Ace Trainer Genya (Male) and Ace Trainer Chifuyu (Female)
    Ace Trainer Genya's Party
    Ace Trainer Chifuyu's Party
    Combined Reward:$4680

    Move south past the female Ace Trainer, then take the path west. At the end of the path, turn on your Dowsing MCHN and use it to find the Calcium. Move back to where the Ace Trainers are and continue east, down the stairs. You'll come upon a Scientist. She won't be looking for a fight though. Take the path south from the Scientist. Keep going until you move up the stairs. You'll see a stalagmite coming out of the ground to your east. Check it for a Elixir. Continue south until you reach the stairs at the end. Move down them into B1F.


    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    ExcadrillGround/Steel100%32-35Dust Cloud

    Check the stalagmite to your south to find a Water Gem. Move down the stairs and challenge the Pokemon Ranger here.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Akito

    Note: After defeating Akito, she'll give you a Persim Berry.

    Grab the Toxic Orb that the Pokemon Ranger was circling around, then leave B1F and head back into 1F. Backtrack all the way back to the Scientist and head east through the doorway into 1F - Area Three.

    1F - Area Three

    Head south to the end of the area and move out the door into the air outside. Bianca will stop and talk with you before you do and will tell you that once you leave, you'll no longer be able to team up with her throughout the dungeon. You'll be asked if you really want to leave, if you choose 'Yes' she'll leave and you'll be free to head out. You can't leave unless you choose 'Yes'.

    Reversal Mountain - Interior - Pokemon White Version 2

    Note: As I'm playing Pokemon Black Version 2, the walkthrough will only cover the guide for Reversal Mountain - Interior for that game. A Pokemon White Version 2 walkthrough will be added in future updates though. Sorry for the inconvenience. The two areas will still be similar, so either try and use the Black Version walkthrough to loosely follow along (most of the trainer battles are the same), or just use common sense to make it through the area.

    Strange House

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In

    Once you've entered Strange House, you'll notice that where you go is determined by where the furniture in the house feels like sitting. If it's blocking an area, you can't explore it. If it's moved out of the road, feel free to go right ahead and enter the door or go down the steps. Luckily, this doesn't happen at random, so I can give a specific walkthrough! Yay!

    First, down the stairs to the west of the main staircase to your north.

    Strange House B1F

    Move east through this decrepit library. You'll notice that you can grab a Spell Tag do so. Continue east. You won't be able to grab the other item here just yet, so move up the stairs at the east end.

    Strange House 1F

    You'll notice the door to your west is now open. Move into it. Inside is a poor Backpacker, assumedly having been stuck in this house for quite a while. Poor dude! Move up to him to have him challenge you.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Reijiro

    Once he's been defeated, exit out of the room and head to the very eastern side of the main room. Move up the stairs here and follow the path around until you stop and the ghost of a girl appears. She'll disappear soon after appearing. Now head west and head down the stairs on the west side. Move around the furniture and enter the door just to the west of the main staircase in the centre of the room. Grab the Full Heal inside. Now go back down the stairs to your west, down into the basement once more.

    Strange House B1F

    It's a bit more of a maze in here than it was before, but you can now get the second item. Head to the northern wall first, then head east along it. Move between two of the blue chairs and continue east to the sofa facing east. Move down the left side of it and head west between two of the bookshelves. When you reach the blue chairs again, head down to the south wall of the basement and head east. At the end you'll find the Dusk Stone. Pick it up, then head back to the sofa. Move back to the north wall and head east to the eastern end. From there, move south down to the stairs. Move up them.

    Strange House 1F

    Now head up the eastern stairs of the main room. Follow the path along to the first door. Enter it. Move to the north-east corner of this room and grab the Rare Candy. Exit the room back to the main area. Head back down the eastern stairs and head over to the western stairs. Move up them and enter the door at the top. Inside is a female Psychic. Walk up and talk to her to start a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Shiori

    Once she's defeated, head back out of the room, head down the western steps and up the central ones. The ghost will appear again and disappear once more. Head north and enter the door there. The room inside is all nice and new, which is rather odd. It's the ghost's room and she seems to have some crazy obssession with keeping her room tidy. Ghosts these days. *Shakes head* Anyway, there's an item on the rug here. Move up and grab it, a Lunar Wing! Yes! The ghost will appear behind you and shock you. She'll say a few words before disappearing for the last time.

    The Lunar Wing can be used later on to battle Cresselia on Marvelous Bridge. The Pokemon League will need to have been conquered before you can even access the bridge though, so it's going to be a fair while before you can put it to good use. Anyway, exit Strange House and continue following on from where you left off during Reversal Mountain - Outside.

    Undella Town

    You're in Undella Town! Awesomesauce! The Pokemon Center's on the other side of town and you shouldn't be in desperate need of healing, so let's explore the place before we head there. First take the stairs north of the exit from Reversal Mountain. Move up the thin path to the left of the truck and grab the hidden Shiny Stone at the end of the path. Head back down the stairs and take the steps leading east. You'll see gaps just before the fence signalling where Undella Town properly begins. Head down the southern gap. Follow it around until you find the Berry Juice at the end. Head back to the stairs and head through the fence into Undella Town itself.

    The first building you move past doesn't have anything of importance. Continue to the blue entrance leading down underground. This leads to the Marine Tube which will take you to Humilau City, the final city before Victory Road and the Pokemon League. Yes, you're getting close! Unfortunately you can't traverse the Marine Tube just yet as there's a crazy old man thirsty for blood down there... Not really, but he is old and crazy and won't let you through. Let's keep heading east.

    Move past the building to the right of the entrance to the Marine Tube as it once again has nothing of importance. Head down the steps onto the sand. Don't head north into the gate there as you'll trigger a Rival Battle (we'll get to that a bit later). Head up the steps to the Pokemon Center and enter it. Heal your Pokemon if you need to, check out the items being sold at the Poke Mart then talk to the man along the western wall of the Center, near the foot of the left staircase. He'll give you a Prism Scale. Take it then head over to the foot of the staircase on the other side. There's a shady man dressed in black here that will sell you something for $1000, but I'm unsure as to what. Once you're done, head back outside.

    Head back down onto the sand. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and use it to find the Pearl hidden in the sand nearby. The little sandy path between the cliff and water heading east will take you to Undella Bay, an optional area for training. Even if you don't intend to explore it, head there, turn on your Dowsing MCHN and head up the beach. You'll find a hidden item in the sand, a Heart Scale. Keep heading up the beach, following it along even when it becomes very thin. At the very end you'll find a Draco Plate! If you want to continue exploring Undella Bay, skip to that section. If not, head back into town.

    Head west along the beach through town. Just past the last set of deckchairs and umbrellas before the beach becomes thin for a small while, there's another item hidden in the sand. It's another Heart Scale. Grab it then continue along the beach. It'll become thin then become wide again. When it does, follow it as it turns south. There's another Pearl nearby, hidden in the sand. Find it, collect it then head-south west. You'll find some stairs leading up to a rocky area. If you head up there and stand against the fence, you'll receive a call.

    That's all there really is to do in Undella Town. If you move back down to the beach and follow it south-east, you'll head into Route 14, which will take you to White Forest if you're playing White 2 and Black City if you're playing Black 2. From there, you can continue into Route 15 and onto Marvelous Bridge. From there you can open up the path back to Route 16 and Nimbasa City! This is all optional though and you can't get any further than Route 14 until you've beaten the Pokemon Leage. Feel free to head into Route 14 and explore it now if you wish to. If you do want to, skip to the its section and follow it along.

    Now head back to the Pokemon Center. Try and head through the gate to the north, taking you to Route 13. Make sure you're ready for a Rival Battle as Hugh will stop you and promptly challenge you. It's time to get your game on!

    Rival Battle!

    [If Snivy was your starter]


    [If Tepig was your starter]


    [If Oshawott was your starter]


    Once he's defeated, go and heal your Pokemon, then head through the gate into Route 13! Skip past the Undella Bay and Route 14 sections below if you don't want to explore them. If you do though, skip ahead to the appropriate section and enjoy! They're both optional, but both a bit of fun.

    Undella Bay

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    WailordWater5%30-40Rippling Water
    ChinchouWater/Electric30%40-60Fishing Spots
    LanturnWater/Electric5%50-70Fishing Spots
    OctilleryWater5%50-70Fishing Spots
    SealeoIce/Water30%25-40Rippling Water
    WalreinIce/Water5%30-40Rippling Water
    WailmerWater60%25-40Rippling Water
    JellicentWater/Ghost60%25-40Rippling Water
    MantineWater/Flying5%30-40Rippling Water
    WailmerWater30%25-40Rippling Water

    Head east from Undella Town into Undella Bay. Head to the south-east corner of the Undella Bay beach and use Surf. Head east and move onto the shallows there. Move south-east and challenge the Ace Trainer.

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Minami

    Move south-east past the Ace Trainer and grab the Splash Plate. Use Surf on the water to the shallow's east. Challenge the Swimmer there.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer Tim

    Head due north after defeating Tim and you'll come upon another Swimmer.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer Eisuke

    Continue north and you'll reach a female Swimmer.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer Michika

    Once defeated, head back west and challenge the male Swimmer there.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer Shigeki

    Continue north through the gap in between the rocks. You'll reach a female Swimmer looking for a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Swimmer Alisa

    Continue north onto the sand and you'll be able to enter Seaside Cave. You can only enter this cave from the north side first and must talk to the Black Belt blocking your path from the other side (Route 21) and battle him to unblock the path between Undella Bay and the Seaside Cave. If you haven't yet continued into Route 13, I'd suggest going there now to advance the storyline. If you haven't yet explored Route 14, an optional area, but would still like to, I'd slot that in just before Route 13. Don't worry, it's not too large!

    Route 14

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    AbsolDark15%34-36Tall Grass
    AltariaDragon/Flying5%36Tall Grass
    DrifblimGhost/Flying15%34-35Tall Grass
    GolduckWater25%34-35Tall Grass
    SwabluNormal/Flying20%33Tall Grass
    MienfooFighting20%33-35Tall Grass
    AbsolDark15%38-40Dark Grass
    AltariaDragon/Flying15%37-40Dark Grass
    DrifblimGhost/Flying15%38-39Dark Grass
    GolduckWater25%37-39Dark Grass
    MienfooFighting30%37-39Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal90%33-46Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%34Shaking Grass
    BasculinWater30%25-40Rippling Water
    BuizelWater60%25-40Rippling Water
    FloatzelWater10%25-40Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    GoldeenWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
    SeakingWater10%50-70Fishing Spots

    Continue down the beach, past the Socialite and steps leading south right to the end. You'll see an item there. Pick it up and you'll find that it's a Big Pearl. Move back to the Socialite and challenge her!

    Trainer Battle: Socialite Toshie

    Now move up the steps leading south. There's a Gentleman there who'll take you on.

    Trainer Battle: Gentleman Seijiro

    Continue south down onto the bridge and move over it. There's a Battle Girl here. Battle her (See what I did there?).

    Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Nao

    Simply follow the path over the next bridge to the Ace Trainer and take her on. This battle's a Triple Battle, so adjust your party accordingly before you head in.

    Triple Battle: Ace Trainer Shoko

    Go south-west over yet another bridge then head up the stairs taking you west. Instead of continuing up the second set of stairs, head north into the Dark Grass. You'll see an item to your east. Grab it to find that it's a Max Potion. Now head west and speak with the Fisherman to initiate a battle. Meybeh time to serve up a dish of pwnage?

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Ryosuke

    Now jump on your Pokemon and Surf over the steam to the north-east. In the Tall Grass there you'll find a Backpacker looking for someone to get beaten up by.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Rentaro

    Once he's been dealt with, head over the water to his north. At the end you'll find a small amount of land with an item on it. Grab it. It's a Heart Scale! Now, backtrack all the way to the Fisherman, then head back out of the Tall Grass. Head up the small set of stairs taking you west, to the male Ace Trainer there. Rotation battle time!

    Rotation Battle: Ace Trainer Yusuke

    If you've beaten the Pokemon League, then move west up the next set of stairs and enter the gate. Until then, you can't head through the gate to Black City (if you're playing Black 2) or White Forest (if you're playing White 2). If you have, skip ahead to the appropriate section. If not, head back to where you are in the game. If you haven't went north from Undella City yet, that's the place to start!

    Route 14 - Waterfall Required

    Once you can use Waterfall, there's a little more that you can do here. Head back to where the Fisherman is. Now use Waterfall to head up the waterfall to his north. Once you've traversed it, move north along the water. You'll be at a T-intersection. Head east and move onto the little strip of land north of the water. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find the Nugget hidden here. Now head back onto the water and head back to where the waterfall that you came up is. There's some land to your west. Move onto it and head west along it. Continue until you reach the Black Belt at the end. He's much stronger than the other trainers that you fought in this area, so be ready!

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Kenkichi

    Grab the Nugget near the Black Belt, then head onto the water to his west. Drop down the waterfall here. If you move onto the land to your west and follow the path along, you'll reach an entrance to the Abundant Shrine. Feel free to head into it and begin exploring. If not, continue down the stream until you reach the last part of land you can explore. Move onto it and use your Dowsing MCHN to find the hidden Protein. You can now either head back west and enter the Abundant Shrine, jump over the ledge and continue exploring Route 14 or head somewhere else! Your choice.

    If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Waterfall back before you had it, the next and final area to explore is Route 11 - Waterfall Required! Fly to Opelucid City and take the eastern exit out of the city. You'll now be in Route 11!

    Abundant Shrine

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    BronzorSteel/Psychic15%32Tall Grass
    AltariaDragon/Flying5%36Tall Grass
    GolduckWater10%34Tall Grass
    MarillWater10%34Tall Grass
    SwabluNormal/Flying20%33Tall Grass
    VulpixFire10%34Tall Grass
    BronzongSteel/Psychic10%36Dark Grass
    AltariaDragon/Flying15%38-40Dark Grass
    GolduckWater10%38Dark Grass
    MarillWater10%38Dark Grass
    VulpixFire20%37Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal75%33-36Shaking Grass
    AzumarillWater5%36Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%34Shaking Grass
    NinetalesFire5%36Shaking Grass
    BasculinWater35%25-40Rippling Water
    MarillWater60%25-40Rippling Water
    AzumarillWater5%30-40Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    GoldeenWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
    SeakingWater10%50-70Fishing Spots
    CottoneeGrass30%33-35Tall Grass
    CottoneeGrass35%37-39Dark Grass
    WhimsicottGrass5%36Shaking Grass
    PetililGrass30%33-35Tall Grass
    PetililGrass35%37-39Dark Grass
    LilligantGrass5%36Shaking Grass

    As soon as you enter, you'll see a few trainers going a bit crazy. Once the three of them have left, you're free to explore the place! First, head north up the stairs and around the soil plot. You'll reach a small shack. You can head in and talk to the old woman, but she's elderly and senile, so don't even bother. Instead, head south from the shack, past the water. Now head west, along the south side of the water. You'll hit a dead end. This dead end contains a hidden item though. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find the Calcium, then backtrack to the shack. Move up the stairs north-east of the stairs.

    Head north through the Tall Grass to the next set of stairs. Instead of immediately heading up them, head east along the north edge of the soil plot. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN again and use it to find the TinyMushroom. Move back, head back to the stairs and take on the Youngster.

    Trainer Battle: Youngster Kota

    From there, head north-east from the Youngster. You'll see a thin path taking you north, with an item at the end. Head down the path and grab the item, a Shiny Stone. Head back past the Youngster and down the steps. Now head west, past the soil plot there. Once you're past it, head south-west over to the Twins. Time to take some kids on! How masculine of you!

    Double Battle: Twins Shiho and Chiho

    Head west past the Twins until you reach the stairs. Move up them and take on the Lass here. Well, at least you're not beating up little kid's Pokemon anymore.

    Trainer Battle: Lass Chise

    From there, move east along the southern edge of the soil plot. When you're past it, move north over to the item there. Pick it up; it's a Max Revive! From there, head west along the northern edge of the soil plot and head up the stairs when you reach them. Head east, then north-east. You should see a Youngster. Head over to him and initiate a Pokemon battle.

    Trainer Battle: Youngster Yasuhisa

    That's the last battle for the area! There's still a few items left to grab though! Head back over to the north-side of the soil plot just north of the stairs that you came up. You should be in a small clearing with flowers. Turn your Dowsing MCHN on. That's right, another hidden item. This time it's a Big Mushroom. Once you have it, move up the steps to your north-east.

    There's a shrine here. If you interact with it with a Landorus in Therian Forme in your party, you will receive a Reflecting Mirror! How very awesome! If you don't, you can always come back later if you wish to. South-east of the shrine is some water. Use Surf to move onto it and move straight over to the small bit of land with a Heal Ball on it. Grab the Ball then move back onto the water. Move over and off onto the eastern shore. Head down the steps.

    If you talk to the Pokemon Breeder here, something special will happen. You may need to wait for the Breeder to move out of the road. If so, just be patient. Once you can move through, head south through the grass to the item at the bottom, a Rare Candy. From there, circle clockwise around the soil plot until you're on the east side of the fence. When you are, use the Dowsing MCHN to find the PP Max. Ahmagawd, such an awesome find! Anyway, that's all there is to do here! Feel free to head back into Route 14 and keep exploring there, or head to wherever you want to! Have fun!

    Route 13

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    AbsolDark15%35-37Tall Grass
    DrifblimGhost/Flying15%34-35Tall Grass
    LunatoneRock/Psychic10%36Tall Grass
    PelipperWater/Flying25%34-37Tall Grass
    SolrockRock/Psychic10%36Tall Grass
    TangelaGrass25%34-37Tall Grass
    AbsolDark15%39-41Dark Grass
    DrifblimGhost/Flying15%38-39Dark Grass
    LunatoneRock/Psychic10%40Dark Grass
    PelipperWater/Flying25%38-41Dark Grass
    SolrockRock/Psychic10%40Dark Grass
    TangelaGrass25%38-41Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal80%34-37Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%35Shaking Grass
    TangrowthGrass5%37Shaking Grass
    BasculinWater5%30-40Rippling Water
    JellicentWater/Ghost30%25-40Rippling Water
    StaryuWater60%25-40Rippling Water
    StarmieWater/Psychic5%30-40Rippling Water
    LuvdiscWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    ShellderWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
    CloysterWater/Ice5%50-70Fishing Spots

    Head north over to the Black Belt running around in the sand and challenge him.

    Trainer Battle: Black Belt Futoshi

    Continue west up the steps onto the grass. Follow the grassy path along until you reach the Battle Girl. Catch her attention and the two of you will fight it out.

    Trainer Battle: Battle Girl Akino

    Continue along the grassy path all the way until you reach the stairs leading back down onto the sand. Just before you go down them, head south. You'll find a tree which you can Cut. Do so move through and grab the Max Repel. Move back to the stairs and head down them. Head south, back onto the grass. Now head east, up the very long flight of stairs. At the top you'll come upon a large patch of tall grass. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and search through the grass to find a Zinc hidden in a small gap in the tall grass.

    Continue north through the grass until you reach a large boulder blocking your path. Use Strength to push it into the hole. Move over it and grab the Red Shard on the cliff. Backtrack down the large flight of stairs and head north out onto the beach. You'll see a thin sliver of the beach head back east. Follow it. Feel free to take on the Ace Trainer splashing back and forth along the shallows.

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Miguel

    Continue along the beach until you reach the Ultra Ball next to the large rock. On the other side of the rock, hidden in the sand, is a Heart Scale. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find it, collect it, then continue west. You'll reach a Fisherman. Talk to him to battle.

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Yasumasa

    Backtrack past the Ace Trainer and continue north. You'll find a Parasol Lady relaxing near a deckchair and umbrella. Move over and fight her.

    Trainer Battle: Parasol Lady Hitoha

    Take the path west, over to another Ace Trainer. This one's not looking for a battle though. In fact, he'll give you a Yellow Flute! Fist bump him in thanks, then head back to the Parasol Lady (the nearby shack has nothing to offer). Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and find the Big Pearl to the Lady's north. Now use Surf to head onto the water in the east.

    Just across a small strip of water east of the Parasol Lady is a small island with Dark Grass on it. Move over and onto it. If you want to look for Double Battles with wild Pokemon here, feel free. In the centre of the patch of Dark Grass is an item, a Luxury Ball. Head over to the eastern side of the island and use Surf to head off the island. There are shallows here we can be stood on. Move over and jump onto the shallow with the Fisherman and the TM29 - Psychic. Grab the item and challenge the Fisherman to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Tsugehiro

    Now Surf back to where the Parasol Lady was. Continue north, along the sandbar with water to either side. You can battle either of the Fishermen here.

    [The first Fisherman]

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Toshiyuki

    [The second Fisherman]

    Trainer Battle: Fisherman Morihide

    Continue along to the beach on the other side of the sandbar. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and search for the Pearl hidden around here. Grab it then move up the large flight of steps to your north-west. Move south-west and take the bridge south. You'll see a female Ace Trainer in the tall grass here. Time to take her on.

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Anju

    Continue south over the next bridge. Grab the Star Piece on the cliff, then head back over both bridges. Before the small trees which can be Cut to the north, there is a gap in the trees leading west. Follow along this gap and you'll reach some stairs leading down. Take these stairs down and battle the Pokemon Ranger here in a Rotation Battle. Also, I only just noticed that this Pokemon Ranger sprite's meant to be a guy ... awkies!

    Rotation Battle: Pokemon Ranger Daryl

    Note: After defeating Daryl, he'll give you a Sitrus Berry.

    Once he's beaten, move through the grass and follow the small bit of sand leading west between the cliff and the water. You'll come upon a secluded shack. Talk to the Lass playing with her Wingull to receive a Power Lens, ignore the senile old people and leave the shack. Head back past the Pokemon Ranger, up the stairs and back to the main area. This time head north. Instead of using Cut on the small trees, let's first head into the tall grass leading north, to the east of the small trees. Follow it along until you reach the Pokemon Ranger. She's the last trainer in the area! It's a Triple Battle.

    Triple Battle: Pokemon Ranger Diana

    Note: After defeating Diana, she'll give you a Sitrus Berry.

    There are two items nearby, sitting in the tall grass. One's a Blue Shard, the other a Max Ether. Grab them, then either continue to the other side or go back and Cut the trees, they'll both take you to the same place. If you continue through, move back to the small trees. A Pokemon will call out to you. Feel free to move over and battle him, but it's optional. You might want to come back a little later when you're more powerful if you want to try and catch it. If you decide to go back and Cut the trees first, you'll come upon the Pokemon as you're heading north.

    Wild Pokemon Battle
    [Cobalion]]45Steel Fighting