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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
    3. Main Walkthrough
      1. Preparing For Your Adventure
      2. Aspertia City
      3. Route 19
      4. Floccesy Town
      5. Route 20
      6. Floccesy Ranch
      7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
      8. Aspertia City Gym
      9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
      10. Virbank City
      11. Virbank Complex
      12. Virbank City Gym
      13. PokeStar Studios
      14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
      15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
      16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
      17. Castelia City
      18. Castelia City Sewers
      19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
      20. Castelia City Gym
      21. Route 4
      22. Desert Resort
      23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
      24. Join Avenue
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Anville Town
      27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
      28. Route 5
      29. Route 16
      30. Lostlorn Forest
      31. New Nimbasa City Gym
      32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
      33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
      34. Driftveil City
      35. Route 6
      36. Chargestone Cave
      37. Driftveil City Gym
      38. PWT
      39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
      40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
      41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
      42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
      43. Mistralton Cave
      44. Mistralton City
      45. Route 7
      46. Celestial Tower
      47. Mistralton City Gym
      48. Lentimas Town
      49. Reversal Mountain
      50. Strange House
      51. Undella Town
      52. Undella Bay
      53. Route 14
      54. Abundant Shrine
      55. Route 13
      56. Lacunosa Town
      57. Route 12
      58. Village Bridge
      59. Route 11
      60. Opelucid City
      61. Route 9
      62. Shopping Mall Nine
      63. Opelucid City Gym
      64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
      65. Marine Tube
      66. Humilau City
      67. Humilau City Gym
      68. Route 22
      69. Route 21
      70. Seaside Cave
      71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
      72. Giant Chasm
      73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
      74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
      75. Route 23
      76. Victory Road
      77. Pokemon League
    4. Post-Game Walkthrough
      1. Back At Aspertia City
      2. Skyarrow Bridge
      3. Pinwheel Forest
      4. Nacrene City
      5. Route 3
      6. Wellspring Cave
      7. Striaton City
      8. Dreamyard
      9. Route 2
      10. Accumula Town
      11. Route 1
      12. Nuvema Town
      13. Route 17
      14. Route 18
      15. Route 17 Again
      16. P2 Laboratory
      17. Route 18 Again
      18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
      19. N's Castle
      20. Tubeline Bridge
      21. Route 8
      22. Moor of Icirrus
      23. Icirrus City
      24. Dragonspiral Tower
      25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
      26. Black City
      27. White Forest
      28. Route 15
      29. Marvelous Bridge
      30. Cave of Being
      31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
      32. Clay Tunnel
      33. Underground Ruins
      34. Twist Mountain
      35. Abyssal Ruins
    5. Other Areas
      1. Surf Required Areas
      2. Waterfall Required Areas
      3. Battle Subway
      4. Pokemon Musicals
      5. Big Stadium
      6. Small Court
      7. Pokemon World Tournament
    6. Appendices
      1. Legendary Pokemon
      2. Type Vs. Type Chart
      3. Medal List
      4. Move List
      5. Shop List
      6. Item List - General
      7. Item List - Medicine
      8. Item List - Berries
      9. Item List - TMs & HMs
      10. Item List - Key Items
    7. Version History
    8. Legal Notice
    9. Contact Me
    10. Credits
    11. Final Word

    Main Walkthrough (Continued)


    PWT is the area within the game which encompasses the Pokemon World Tournament building and the area around it. It has two exits, the north one back to Driftveil City and an entrance to Relic Passage - PWT Entrance along the west part of the area. If you want to enter that area, feel free to skip ahead to that section.

    First up, move south and turn your Dowsing MCHN at the corner of the path. A hidden item will show up on it, stating that it's to your south. Follow the MCHN's directions to find the hidden Ether. Move back to the path and head east. Along the path you'll notice three stalls. The one north of the path will tell you a type that a selected Pokemon from your party is strong against. The left stall owner south of the path will allow any of your Pokemon to relearn old moves which they've forgotten to replace new ones and the stall owner next to it will allow you to make your Pokemon forget any of their moves. Feel free to use these stalls at your leisure. Once you're ready, continue east to the Pokemon World Tournament building itself.

    You'll come upon Hugh and Clay standing outside the building. They'll talk then you will all head in. Once you're inside Clay will talk with a trainer planning to enter the Driftveil Tournament. He'll head in and Hugh will eagerly follow him. You'll be free to enter too if you wish and will eventually need to, to advance the plot.

    First you may wish to exit and grab a few items. You'll find yourself at an intersection. Take the path south first. You'll head onto the docks. When you reach a T-intersection, head west. At the end of this dock is a PP Up! Grab it and head back to the main intersection in front of the Pokemon World Tournament building. This time, take the path east. Along the this path are two more stalls. They can also do something useful, although I don't yet know what. At the very end of the path is a man looking north. Talk to him to receive a Rocky Helmet. From there, head north until you're past the fountain. Move west and you'll see two Vending Machines with a bin to either side. Look in the eastern bin to find some Zinc. That's all there is to do here!

    If you want to, you can check out the Relic Passage - PWT Entrance before you enter the Driftveil Tournament in the Pokemon World Tournament building.

    Plasma Frigate - PWT

    You'll follow Hugh and Cheren onto the ship. The three of you will converse before you're approached by a Grunt. He will raise the alarm and an entire group of Grunts will appear from the north, followed by a group to the south. You'll be completely surrounded and the epic fighting will ensue!

    Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt
    Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

    If you need to, you can leave and do what you want at this point, including healing, but you need to come back and fight the other battles before the plot can advance. Talk with Cheren to begin the next battle, a double battle where you'll team up with him.

    Double Battle: Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt
    Team Plasma Grunt One
    Team Plasma Grunt Two
    Cheren's Party

    Talk to your rival to intitiate the final Double Battle. This time you're teaming up with Hugh!

    Double Battle: Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt
    Team Plasma Grunt One
    Team Plasma Grunt Two
    Hugh's Party, If Snivy Was Your Starter
    Hugh's Party, If Tepig Was Your Starter
    Hugh's Party, If Oshawott Was Your Starter

    Once the battle's over, the Grunts won't know what to do. Hugh and Cheren will say a few words, then a man known as Zinzolin will appear. You'll speak with him, then some Pokemon will appear out of nowhere. Next thing you know, you're back on the docks and the ship's gone! Hugh freaks and runs off. Cheren will reminiscently look out to see and say a few things before leaving. Now you'll be on your way too!

    Whoop! Whoop! You can now enter the Driftveil Tournament as much as you want! If you haven't entered the Relic Passage - PWT Entrance yet, you may want to do so now. If you already have, skip ahead to Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!. If you haven't yet traversed Route 6 and Chargestone Cave the first time, check them out first.

    Relic Passage - PWT Entrance, First Area

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrilburGround80%27-30Dust Cloud
    OnixRock/Ground20%27Dust Cloud

    Head south and talk to the Worker standing by the west wall. From there, continue south down the stairs. You'll come upon a few paths. Head down the west one around to a Backpacker. Move in front of her to initiate a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Erina

    Follow the path along and you'll come out near some stairs. Follow them down and take the northern of the two paths leading east (the southern one's blocked). When you reach an intersection with a wider path leading north, follow it. You'll reach a male Backpacker running back and forth. Go up and challenge him to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Naoyuki

    After he's been beaten, head east along the path. At the end you'll find a Protein. Head back west, then south until you're back at the intersection. This time head east. You'll come upon a Hiker.

    Trainer Battle: Hiker Mamoru

    Next to the Hiker is a boulder which can be pushed into the hole to the west using Strength, but there's no real need to so instead press east. You'll reach a doorway leading to another area. Enter it. This area's wild Pokemon encounter chances differ a little from the previous area as wild Raticates can now be found.

    Relic Passage - PWT Entrance, Second Area

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrilburGround80%27-30Dust Cloud
    OnixRock/Ground20%27Dust Cloud
    AzumarillWater5%5-15Rippling Water
    BasculinWater35%5-15Rippling Water
    MarillWater60%5-15Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
    PoliwrathWater/Fighting5%50-70Fishing Spots

    Move south down the stairs, then head east. You'll reach another Hiker.

    Trainer Battle: Hiker Teruo

    Now head south down the path past the Hiker. When you reach the bottom, head west. You'll come upon a single lonesome rock. Click on this rock to find a Blue Shard. Now head east past the path leading back north and turn your Dowsing MCHN on. You'll find a Max Repel hidden on the ground, lying in a puddle of water. Now head back north to where the Hiker is and take the path east. When you reach two paths leading south, follow one of them. There's a Psychic here keen for a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Minoru

    Move past the Psychic to his south where there's yet another rock. This one's hiding a Green Shard. Now take the path leading east. From here you'll come upon two paths, one leading north and the other south. The north one leads to the Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance and the south to the Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance, where you can actually use it to head back into the Castelia City Sewers.

    First, let's take the southern path. The path will fork out into three separate paths. When it does, take the western-most one. You'll reach a female Backpacker and another rock containing an item, this time a Yellow Shard! Defeat her and collect the item.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Annie

    If you want to head back to the Castelia Sewers part of the Relic Passage, continue south and follow the path around until you reach some stairs. Go up these stairs and head through the doorway to head back into the Castelia Sewers section. It's recommended that you do so because you'll receive four items that you wouldn't have been able to grab otherwise.

    Once you've entered the Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance, follow the path around until you reach a ledge and a boulder. Use Strength on the boulder and push it into the hole. Don't jump over the ledge unless you know that you don't want to head back into the PWT Entrance area, as there's no way back except through PWT itself. Once the boulder's in the hole, take the path north. It's a long run, but you'll eventually reach a doorway leading back to Relic Passage - PWT Entrance, Second Area. This area contains four items, an Ultra Ball, Rare Candy, Rocky Helmet and a hidden Rock Gem! Grab them then head back.

    Feel free to explore the Castelia City Sewers Relic Passage area, but remember that once you jump over those ledges, there's no way back, except if you have an Escape Rope handy which will warp you straight back to PWT, unless you've exited into Castelia City before you do. There's an item here that you can only collect by jumping over the western-most of the three ledges though. If you do so, you'll be able to grab a Max Repel, but you'll be forced to jump over the next ledge down into the main part of the area below, meaning you'll have to exit through the Sewers and back into Castelia City or use an Escape Rope. Remember that you can Fly back to Driftveil City though. Once you're done, head back to the PWT Entrance area.

    Backtrack north until you're back where you were with the paths leading south, west and north. Now take the north-eastern path north. Follow it and you'll come upon the final trainer in this area, a Psychic.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Ena

    Next to Psychic Ena is the last rock, which contains a Red Shard. Grab it then continue north. Use Strength on the boulder to push it into the hole and open up the path to Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance!

    Relic Passage - Surf Required

    Once you've obtained Surf, you can return here to do a little more exploring. Enter the Second Area of Relic Passage - PWT Entrance by the First Area. Move south from the entrance to the Second Area. You'll hit water pretty quickly. Use Surf to head out onto it. Head west along the water, through a small gap to some land onto the other side. Move onto the land, then head north along the path. At the end is a Big Pearl. Snatch it up. That's actually all there is to do, but feel free to Surf around on the water if you want to encounter some Water-types. That's all of the pre-Route 6 Surf Required Areas! You're done!

    Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In

    This area's pretty small and only covers a single floor. Head north-east and enter the door along the east wall. Move east and enter the next door. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN on and find the hidden Sun Stone in the centre of the room, then continue east through yet another door. Head east once more, then grab the Ultra Ball in the north-east corner of the final room. Backtrack to the room with a door leading north and enter it. Run north to the Pokemon at the end of the hall. Feel free to fight it. It's very rare, so if you want to catch it, save first so that you can retry if you fail to. Note that it's not easy to catch, so you need to make full use of status ailments and Poke Balls. You might also need a fair bit of patience.

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Once you're done, backtrack all the way back to the Relic Passage - PWT Entrance. From there, either head back to the PWT, then into Driftveil City or visit the Relic Path - Castelia City Sewers Entrance first.

    From PWT, head over onto the Pokemon World Tournament or Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City! if you've already completed the Driftveil Tournament and the Plasma Frigate - PWT.

    Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!

    Head from Driftveil City all the way through Route 6 into Chargestone Cave. When you are moving past the Season Research Lab you'll come upon Cheren. He'll stop you and take you inside, where he'll present you with HM03 - Surf! This gives you the ability to surf on water, opening up a substantial number of areas in previous areas that you couldn't access before. All of these areas are listed in the Surf Required Areas section. Feel free to check it out if you so wish to. Head back outside. There's actually four items that we can now collect in Route 6 before we continue on, so let's collect them first!

    First, head back east along the path. Head over the bridge and south through the Tall Grass. When you reach the next bridge, use Surf to move onto the water south of the bridge. You should see an item sitting on the land to the south-west of the bridge. Move onto the land and grab the Heart Scale. Surf back onto the bridge. Move north back through the Tall Grass east of the bridge until you reach the next bridge. Now use Surf on the water north of the bridge. Move north and you'll see some Tall Grass to your right. Move into it. There's a gap in the Tall Grass in the bottom-right corner of the area containing a hidden Big Mushroom. Collect it, then grab the item to your north, a PP Up. Use Surf and head over the water to the land on the western side. Move west and you'll be back at the Season Research Lab.

    Now and continue on towards Chargestone Cave. When you cross the bridge north of the Parasol Lady moving around in the puddle, a wild Pokemon will suddenly appear, scare your character, then disappear. An old couple will appear behind you. I seriously feel for the old guy; his wife won't shut up! Once they've left, head east to the house of the lady that heals your Pokemon. Head into the water just east of the house. Surf east along the water. When you're behind the Season Research Lab, you'll notice that there's a strip of land there with an item on it. Move onto it and grab the item to find that it's TM56 - Fling! Awesome!

    You can now continue Surfing east to the entrance to Mistralton Cave and enter and explore it. If you do, you'll need to make sure that you received Flash from the man in Castelia City first as the cave is extremely dark and difficult to navigate without it. If you do wish to explore Mistralton Cave, skip ahead to that section, then return to this point in the walkthrough when you're done. When you're ready, continue to the entrance to Chargestone Cave and enter it.

    Chargestone Cave 1F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrilburGround100%25-28Dust Cloud

    Head through Chargestone Cave to the point where Bianca and the Worker were talking just before the bridge. They will now have left and you'll be free to continue along the bridge. Do so and you'll be stopped half way with someone calling out to you. Once they finish, continue on to the other side. Push the large crystal south into the huge crystal to unblock the path, then move south. Follow the path until you come upon a trainer. He challenges you to a Triple Battle! Get ready, because this one can be painful!

    Triple Battle: Ace Trainer Naoto

    Once he's beaten, continue past the staircase leading down, around to the two large crystals. Push the bottom one west into the huge crystal, then move through the gap that you've created. Move to the very edge of the platform jutting out from the cliff and grab the Magnet. Move back to the staircase and go down it.

    Chargestone Cave B1F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrilburGround100%28-31Dust Cloud

    Follow the path along until you come upon two people. Talk to either of them to receive a Nugget and a Big Nugget too! HELL YES! Head west. You'll reach stairs leading back to 1F. Go up them. If you jump down the ledge next to the steps, you'll be back at the start of the cave. Talk to the woman above the stairs, then head south to the Pokemon Ranger looking for a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Yosuke

    Note: After defeating Yosuke, she'll give you a Chesto Berry.

    Head south and turn your Dowsing MCHN on. Use it to find the Carbos hidden beneath the floating crystal. There's nowhere to go but back. Head back to the two guys that gave you the Nuggets.

    From the two guys, move north up the steps. Take the western-most path. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and use it to find the hidden Ultra Ball. Continue until you reach a Doctor. Battle him.

    Trainer Battle: Doctor Hirotaka

    You'll be healed after the battle and be able to talk to the Doctor at any time to be healed again. Head east and grab the Iron along the path. You'll find a Pokemon Ranger to your south. Move over and challenge her.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Yukari

    Note: After defeating Yukari, she'll give you a Chesto Berry.

    Head back to where the Doctor is then continue north. You'll eventually reach a Scientist walk around in circle spinning about. Move into her vision to challenge her to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Scientist Miyuki

    From there, move down the somewhat obscured steps leading west. Push the first large crystal west and the second north. You'll find Bianca here. Move over and talk with her, then move up the staircase.

    Chargestone Cave 1F

    Move east, then south. At the intersection you can move east and you'll find the doorway leading out into Mistralton City! Head there now if you want, or feel free to explore the rest of the cave first (there's not much left to do). Don't forget that you can heal yourself at Mistralton! If you want to first explore the rest of the cave, move next to the girl moving east and west looking north and south. She'll challange you to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Shinobu

    Now take the south path of the four. Continue until you reach some steps taking you to a Hiker standing in front of an item. Talk to him to challenge him to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Hiker Ganta

    Behind Ganta is a Carbos. Grab it then head back to the intersection. That's really it! If you want to, you can take the path west which will lead back to the rest of 1F, including the entrance. If you do, you'll reach a large crystal blocking your way. Push it west into the huge crystal. Move through and head south down the stairs and you'll be back near the start of the dungeon. Once you're done, head back to the intersection and take the path east to the exit. Move through the doorway into Mistralton City! The following section covers Mistralton Cave, which you had the option to cover earlier during this section. To skip past it, simply click on the link: Mistralton City.

    Mistralton Cave 1F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrilburGround100%27-30Dust Cloud

    As soon as you enter, you'll notice how dark this cave is. Have one of your Pokemon use Flash to temporarily light up the cave. Beware that you won't be able to use Flash more than twice, so if you haven't exited the cave before it's stopped working, you'll either need to find your way in the dark or use an Escape Rope to exit the cave.

    Once you've lit the cave up a little better, move south from the entrance. You'll see a boulder here. Use Strength to push it two tiles east first (if you push it south, you'll get it stuck and have to exit and re-enter the cave), then push it two tiles south into the hole. Move over it and down the steps to your south. Head east and you'll be stopped by a Hiker looking for a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Hiker Tetsuzo

    Once Tetsuzo has been defeated, trudge further east and push the next boulder east into the next hole. Continue east until you reach the Veteran guarding a doorway. He'll tell you that you can't head through the doorway until you've beaten the Pokemon League. Instead, head north up the stairs. You should see some steps leading down to a lower area to your east. Move down them and collect the Dusk Ball there. Head back up the stairs and head west. You'll see another Hiker there. Take him on!

    Trainer Battle: Hiker Nobuka

    Now move west along the strip of land north of the stairs. There's an item here. Grab it to find that it's a Yellow Shard, then head west along the strip of land south of the stairs. Make sure you have your Dowsing MCHN switched on and use it to find the Super Repel here. If you want, you can now head west down the stairs and push the boulder into the hole. You then have a quick way to exit the dungeon in the future. Once you've down then, head back up the stairs and move south-west. You'll notice a set of stairs leading up onto the second floor.

    Mistralton Cave 2F

    Once you enter this floor you can head two directions: north or east. Let's first head north, as there's really only one thing to do there. You'll almost immediately come upon an Ace Trainer clearly looking to get destroyed by some amazing Pokemon Trainer, eh?

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Shinnosuke

    And that's all to do there! Head back south and down the stairs to the east. Move down to the boulder to your south. Push it east using Strength until it falls into the hole. Move over it. Now move past the stairs taking you north and head east. When you reach the end of the path, you'll see a nearby rock, sitting all alone. Move over it and check it to find that it contains a Green Shard. Fancy that!

    Head back and move up the stairs. Head east until you reach the stairs leading back down. Move down them, then head south and move up the stairs taking you west. Move south down to the south wall of the cave and follow the path west until you reach an item. Collect it to find that it's a Hyper Potion. Backtrack and move back down the stairs. Now head north, past the stairs that you came from until you reach another Ace Trainer. Time to take her on too!

    Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer Suzune

    Now move north past the Ace Trainer and up the stairs. Move along to the end of the path and grab the Blue Shard. Once you have it, backtrack to the stairs, move down them and follow the thin path just to the left of the stairs around until you reach a point where there's a path leading south and a short path leading west. Turn your Dowsing MCHN on and head down the west path. At the end of it is a hidden Ultra Ball, so be sure to collect it. Once again, backtrack all the way back to the stairs (don't head south and jump over the ledge).

    Now move back south of the Ace Trainer to the boulder. Push it west, into the hole. Move over it and head west. When you reach the next boulder, do the same and push it into the hole. You can now head back to the entrance to this floor easily, or you can move up the stairs to the third and final floor, back east a little. Do so!

    Mistralton Cave 3F

    Okay, first head down the stairs taking you west and head west until you're in the very bottom-left corner of the room. In the rock relaxing here is a Full Heal. Check it to grab it, then move back up the steps to the entrance. This time, head east. First move around the stairs leading north, taking the path north around them instead. At the end is an item with your name on it. Grab it to find that it's TM80 - Rock Slide! Backtrack to those steps that you just bypassed and move up them. Grab the Escape Rope on the platform here, then continue north and head down the stairs taking you west.

    Move north and take the next set of steps taking you west. From there, immediately move south down to the boulder. Use Strength to push it into the hole. Push the other boulder south into its hole, then move up the steps taking you west. You'll see an old fella here. Speak with him if you want, then head down the thin path directly behind him. Check the rock at the end to find a Dragon Gem. Head back to the old man. If you take the path leading north along the western wall, you'll find an empty area. Originally, Cobalion resided here, but no longer does. That's all there is to do! You can either use that Escape Rope that you found earlier to exit the cave back to Route 6, or you can manually take the shortcuts that you've created by pushing some of the boulders into holes all the way back to the entrance. Do so.

    If you were heading to Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!, skip back to that section, find where you were and continue on. If not, skip back to wherever you were in the plot or feel free to head wherever!

    Mistralton City

    First head to the Pokemon Center near the entrance to Mistralton. Heal your Pokemon and buy some items if you want, then head back outside. That's right, it's exploration time! Head east and enter the red house. Talk to the girl here to receive a HP Up. Check the bin in the south-west corner to find an Iron. Exit then head west and follow the path to the left of the Pokemon Center leading north.

    You'll be stopped by a woman. Does she look familiar? It's Professor Juniper!! You'll have a lovely chat with her, she'll check your PokeDex and then give you a Master Ball. Wut? She just gave us one of the best items in the game upon meeting us for the first time? F*** yes! :D I'd recommend keeping this for a Legendary Pokemon that you're sure to battle in the future. I'll mention when I recommend to use it when we get to it.

    Shortly after, Skyla, the Mistralton City Gym Leader will appear and talk with Professor Juniper and yourself. Juniper will then leave, Skyla will talk to you, then she'll leave herself, heading back to her Gym. Her Gym's already open, so if you want to challenge her straight away, feel free to do so! If so, skip ahead to the Mistralon City Gym section. If not, read on!

    Truthfully, there's not actually a whole lot to do here. Heading east at the T-intersection which take you into Route 7 and heading west will take you onto the runway, the pride and joy of the city. Just before the runway however is a large building known as the Mistralton Cargo Service, which doubles as a control tower. Head inside.

    At the moment, there isn't a whole lot to do here. Talk to the woman next to the main counter and you'll receive a Sharp Beak from her. Move to the north-east part of the room and talk to the man behind the counter. If you can show him a Tranquill, he'll reward you with a Net Ball. Later on you'll be able to come back to fly to Yamaji Town, but that's a little way off just yet. Exit and head onto the runway.

    First go south down the eastern side of the runway. Move east along the parked plane's south side to find TM58 - Sky Drop! Move back to the runway and continue south until you reach the bottom of the runway. If you're playing Black 2, there will be greenhouses here growing plants within. If you're playing White 2, these will be simple plots of soil with their contents changing depending on the season. Move between the center-left and the bottom-left greenhouses/plots to find a Max Repel. This will be obscured by the greenhouses if you're playing Black 2. Move back onto the runway.

    Move up the western side of the runway this time. You'll reach a female Backpacker and talk to her. If you do, something will happen. Continue north until you come upon two small planes on the runway. Pull out your Dowsing MCHN to find a Flying Gem hidden halfway between the two.

    That's it! You have two choices. First, head north and enter the Mistralton City Gym to challenge Skyla, or head east out into Route 7 to train. It's assumed that you'll train in Route 7, but if you want to skip ahead to the Gym, skip to that section.

    Route 7

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DeerlingNormal/Grass20%30Tall Grass
    FoongusGrass/Poison5%33Tall Grass
    SeviperPoison5%32Tall Grass
    ZangooseNormal5%32Tall Grass
    [[Zebstrika]Electric20%31-33Tall Grass
    DeerlingNormal/Grass20%33Dark Grass
    FoongusGrass/Poison5%36Dark Grass
    SeviperPoison5%35Dark Grass
    ZangooseNormal5%35Dark Grass
    [[Zebstrika]Electric20%34-36Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal85%30-33Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%31Shaking Grass
    UnfezantNormal/Flying5%33Shaking Grass
    CubchooIce25%30-33Tall Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying10%30Tall Grass
    WatchogNormal10%31Tall Grass
    CubchooIce25%33-36Dark Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying10%33Dark Grass
    WatchogNormal10%34Dark Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying30%30-32Tall Grass
    WatchogNormal15%31-33Tall Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying30%33-35Dark Grass
    WatchogNormal15%34-36Dark Grass

    Move north until you reach the stairs leading west. Go up them and follow the path. Move past the first person over to the man wearing the red bandanna. He'll challenge you to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Mitsuteru

    Note: Upon re-entering this area at any time, this Pokemon Breeder will once again be willing to battle. Be aware of this. If you want to avoid it, use the walkway to his east.

    Continue on and move down the steps. To your south-east you'll see a Youngster moving around in the very tall grass. Move into the grass and move into his vision to make him challenge you. It's a Rotation Battle!

    Rotation Battle: Youngster Tomohiko

    Move east past the Youngster to reach a small gap in the tall grass with two items. One is a Zinc and the other actually a Foongus! We were tricked!

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Move back west to the path and continue north. Head into the shack when you reach it. Inside is a Hiker looking for an Emolga. If you trade one with him, he'll trade you a Gigalith. Once you're done in here, head back outside and move up the ramp onto the thin raised walkway. Follow it east and move down the ramp there. You'll have skipped over the tall grass. Make sure you don't stop for too long whilst you're on it or you'll fall off. Once you're on the other side, move over to the Lass and battle her. It's a triple battle!

    Triple Battle: Lass Misato

    Once the Lass is defeated, continue along the path north. You'll reach a Nursery Aide. Feel free to battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide Honami

    Now move north. You'll see a Preschooler moving around in the tall grass to your left. Head in and challenge him to a fight.

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler Gonta

    Once defeated, head west over to the small clearing with the item in it. Grab the Leaf Stone. Now head north. There's what seems to be another item here, but it's actually just a second Foongus pretending to be an item.

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Move north, over to the entrance to the Celestial Tower. Now move around the right side of it over to the back. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and find the TinyMushroom here. If you want to, you can head into Celestial Tower now, but there's still a fair bit to do in Route 7 first!

    Take the path back south. You'll see tall grass to your east. As soon as you do, head into the tall grass. You'll reach a second Preschooler who's also looking to whoop some ass.

    Trainer Battle: Preschooler Chiko

    Head past Chiko and grab the Elixir behind her. Head back to the path and continue back south. Move back south until you reach the ramp leading up onto the walkway taking you north, then east. Move up onto it and follow it to the other side. Check the rock in front of the shack to find a Revive. Head into the shack.

    Talk to the woman sitting on the mat in front of the TV at any time to heal your Pokemon. Talk to the old, bald man. If you meet a requirement (something to do with '30', probably the number of caught Pokemon) he'll tell you first about Tornadus, then Thundurus if you meet a second requirement, and if you meet a third one, Landorus. Some of their data will be added to your Pokedex. These three Pokemon form the Kami Trio, a group of Legendary Pokemon. The other two people here are boring, so leave once you're ready.

    Move east up the stairs. You will be stopped by a call from your Mom. You'll chat and the call will end. Continue north and move in front of the twins. They'll challenge you to a Double Battle.

    Double Battle: Twins Saya and Sayo

    Move onto the walkway with its ramp to your south. Move along it until you move next to the Harlequin. He'll challenge you to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Harlequin Pat

    As soon as you finish the battle, keep moving along the walkway so that you don't fall off. Continue to the eastern ramp and head down it. Grab the item here, TM81 - X-Scissor. Head back over the walkway to where the Twins are. Move north onto the ramp there. Move along it to the next Harlequin.

    Trainer Battle: Harlequin Shohei

    From there, you can continue along the walkway to the other side. If you do, you can continue north into Twist Mountain. Unfortunately, there's a man guarding the entrance who won't let you move past for quite a while yet, so you may as well head back. You can now either head into the Celestial Tower or head back to Mistralton City to challenge the Mistralton City Gym. It's assumed that you're heading into Celestial Tower. As before, you're free to skip ahead to the Gym.

    Celestial Tower 1F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In

    You'll find Professor Juniper at the centre of the first floor of the Celestial Tower. Talk to her and she'll give you a Lucky Egg. Now head up the stairs to 2F.

    Celestial Tower 2F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In

    Move north-west through the gravestone over to the first trainer, a Psychic.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Reika

    Continue north-west and grab the Hyper Potion on the west side of the room. Move east over to the School Kid guarding an item on the ground. Move in front of her to challenge her to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: School Kid Momoko

    Move through and grab the item, TM61 - Will-O-Wisp. Head towards the stairs leading to the next floor. Battle the Pokefan just before them.

    Trainer Battle: Pokefan Kenjiro

    Head up the stairs to 3F.

    Celestial Tower 3F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In

    Move east, then south then west over to the female Pokefan. Battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Pokefan Teiko

    Move south to the Psychic pacing back and forth. Another battle.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Yuma

    Head west and grab the Revive. Now move back east and battle the next Psychic. If you really need to heal soon, move south and skip ahead to the Nurse battle first. But if not, fight the Psychic first.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Reiji

    Now move south and battle the Nurse, if you haven't already.

    Trainer Battle: Nurse Yukako

    Have the Nurse heal your Pokemon, then move up the stairs to your west. Feel free to backtrack and heal your Pokemon here whenever you need.

    Celestial Tower 4F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In

    Move north-west and take on the Socialite.

    Trainer Battle: Socialite Grace

    Head north, then west and grab the PP Up! Move over and battle the Gentleman to your north-east.

    Trainer Battle: Gentleman Daniel

    Continue east over to the Psychic.

    Trainer Battle: Psychic Yumi

    Grab the item, the TM65 - Shadow Claw to the east of the Psychic. Head over to the stairs on the north side of the room and move up them.

    Celestial Tower 5F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    No Pokemon Found On This Floor

    Move south-west over to the foot of the steps leading north. Continue around to the west side of the platform and turn your Dowsing MCHN on. Find the hidden Ghost Gem then move back to the foot of the steps and move up onto the platform with the bell. Move up to the bell and select 'Yes' to ring the bell if you want. It doesn't do anything at the moment. Once you're done, walk down to 1F and leave. Guess what? It's time to head to the Gym!

    Gym Information

    Type: Flying

    Leader: Skyla

    Recommended Team:

    • Electric-types!
    • Water-types
    • Fire-types
    • Ice-types
    • Definitely not Ground-types
    • Not Grass-, Bug- or Fighting-types
    • Not Poison-, Rock- or Steel-types
    • Any other type is fine

    Once you're inside, move forward. A sudden gust of wind will pick up and Clyde will fly towards you from off-screen, bumping into you. He'll then procede to hand you a Fresh Water and provide you with some tips. He'll step aside and explain that there are wind turbines at the back of the Gym which periodically blow stronger and weaker. When they're blowing strongly, you'll be blown back toward the beginning of the Gym unless you're stopped by a wall. If you're standing on the green behind a wall, this means your safe from the wind and won't be pushed back.

    The idea is to run from safe zone to safe zone when the wind is weak, then wait it out when it's strong. If you need to heal yourself at any time, simply use the wind to blow you back to the start of the Gym, then exit.

    Move down the ramp and walk along the green safe zone. Wait until after the wind kicks up then, when it dies down, run north-east and have the Pilot there challenge you before the wind blows strongly.

    Gym Member Battle: Pilot Kakuru

    Immediately after the Pilot's defeated, move around him and stand in front of the wall. Even when the wind blows it won't be able to push you any further back. Once it dies down, sprint north and wait in the safe zone there. Once it dies down again, sprint south, then west into the next safe zone. Wait.

    Continue south-west when you can. Wait at the next safe zone, or let yourself be blown to the back left wall of the gym where the Pilot is to initiate a battle.

    Gym Member Battle: Pilot Canard

    From there, head north back up to the safe zone. Wait for the wind to die down, the move around and run north up to the next safe zone. Run east and move into the zone before the wind picks up. After it dies down again, move west then north. You'll reach another safe zone. You can stand on the very edge of it without having to battle the Pilot, but feel free to move further in to challenge him.

    Gym Member Battle: Pilot Aileron

    Follow the snaking path east until you reach the Pilot in front of the wall to your south. Move in front of him to make him challenge you.

    Gym Member Battle: Pilot Tsubasa

    Continue east, then north to the next safe zone. Wait, then run north, then west as soon as you can. Continue until you see the safe zone to your north, then run over and hide there. From there, take the thin path third from the top (second from the bottom) leading east. Run as far along it as you can before you're blown back against the wall to your south. You should get far enough that you move into the wall with the Pilot standing facing east along it. Battle time!

    Gym Member Battle: Pilot Yoshiaki

    That was the last Gym Member before Skyla. Now head north along the thin path until you reach the red floor. This is safe from the wind. Follow it around to Skyla. Talk to her to begin the battle for your 6th Gym Badge!

    Gym Leader Battle! Leader Skyla
    PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
    Swoobat37Psychic/FlyingAssuranceHeart StampAttractAcrobatics
    Skarmory37Steel/FlyingAgilityFury AttackAir CutterSteel Wing
    Swanna38Water/FlyingBubbleBeamFeatherDanceAir SlashRoost

    The type match-ups here can be a pain, but won't be at all as long as you know what you're doing. Obviously, no Grass-, Bug- or Fighting-types. Oh, and definitely no Ground-types. Poison- and Rock- types won't do exceptionally well here (Psychic's strong against Poison and Water's strong against Rock, which is weak against Steel). Steel- is also a little above average against Swoobat and Skarmory and weak against Swanna. Electric-types, against Swoobat and especially against Swanna, will work wonders here. Electric-types will only do average damage to Skarmory, due to it being a Steel-type. Fire and Water are the way to go against Skarmory. Ice, if you have one, will do some nice damage to Swoobat if you're struggling against it.

    Skyla will begin with Swoobat. Use an Ice- or Electric-type if you have them, unless you feel that you'll need to save them for later on. If you, just use neutral types (Normal-type for example), as Swoobat isn't all that hard. Seriously, just keep damaging it. If you can force Skyla to use her Hyper Potion, it'll help you. Continue until it's defeated.

    If Swanna is used second, pull out that Electric-type and own it! Electric-type moves, especially from an Electric-type Pokemon will do huge damage! Plaster the Pokemon then get ready for Skarmory. The Swanna does have a Sitrus Berry, so if its health gets low, it'll heal itself.

    If Skarmory is used before Swanna, use your Fire- and Water-types and damage it as quickly as possible. Keep your Electric-type for Swanna. If you have trouble, just make do using neutral types or use one of them as a meatshield while you Revive and heal your Water- and Fire-types. Same goes for your Electric-types when you're up against Swanna.

    Whoever's last, go all out with the types advised above, depending on the Pokemon. Use your other Pokemon as meatshields to heal those Pokemon if you need and just keep chipping away until they're done for. Once they're all defeated, you've obviously won! Personally, I didn't find this battle all that hard, but make sure you're really taking advantage of type match-ups. As usual, status ailments will help you reach this point.

    Once Skyla's beaten, you'll receive the Jet Badge! She'll also give you TM62 - Acrobatics! She doesn't have much else to say, so once you're done talking, move out of the red room onto the ledge directly to Skyla's south. This will allow you to be blown straight back to the beginning of the Gym, and out the door!

    Whoops! Looks like she did have more to say! She'll come out and talk to you and Professor Juniper will suddenly appear. She'll talk, she'll leave, Skyla will talk, Skyla will leave. Head back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon.

    Head back into the house north of the Pokemon Center. There will be a Youngster here, in orange. Talk to him and he'll tell you to find his treasure! Head to the runway. Move down the very south-west corner of the runway to find his treasure, TM40 containing Aerial Ace. Cool! The Youngster and Lass from the house will appear. They'll allow you to keep it and leave.

    If you haven't yet explored the Celestial Tower and rung the bell at the top, head there now via Route 7 and do so. You need to do this before you can continue on. Once you're done, or if you already have, head into the Mistralton Cargo Service building in Mistralton.

    Skyla and Juniper will be waiting inside. Talk to Skyla and she'll ask if you'd wish to be flown to Lentimas Town in the east! When you're ready, answer 'Yes'! Bianca will appear after you do and will have a reunion with Professor Juniper. Awwww. After that, you'll get to watch the cutscene as you fly off into the distance, over half of Unova to Lentimas!