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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
    3. Main Walkthrough
      1. Preparing For Your Adventure
      2. Aspertia City
      3. Route 19
      4. Floccesy Town
      5. Route 20
      6. Floccesy Ranch
      7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
      8. Aspertia City Gym
      9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
      10. Virbank City
      11. Virbank Complex
      12. Virbank City Gym
      13. PokeStar Studios
      14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
      15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
      16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
      17. Castelia City
      18. Castelia City Sewers
      19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
      20. Castelia City Gym
      21. Route 4
      22. Desert Resort
      23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
      24. Join Avenue
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Anville Town
      27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
      28. Route 5
      29. Route 16
      30. Lostlorn Forest
      31. New Nimbasa City Gym
      32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
      33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
      34. Driftveil City
      35. Route 6
      36. Chargestone Cave
      37. Driftveil City Gym
      38. PWT
      39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
      40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
      41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
      42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
      43. Mistralton Cave
      44. Mistralton City
      45. Route 7
      46. Celestial Tower
      47. Mistralton City Gym
      48. Lentimas Town
      49. Reversal Mountain
      50. Strange House
      51. Undella Town
      52. Undella Bay
      53. Route 14
      54. Abundant Shrine
      55. Route 13
      56. Lacunosa Town
      57. Route 12
      58. Village Bridge
      59. Route 11
      60. Opelucid City
      61. Route 9
      62. Shopping Mall Nine
      63. Opelucid City Gym
      64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
      65. Marine Tube
      66. Humilau City
      67. Humilau City Gym
      68. Route 22
      69. Route 21
      70. Seaside Cave
      71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
      72. Giant Chasm
      73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
      74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
      75. Route 23
      76. Victory Road
      77. Pokemon League
    4. Post-Game Walkthrough
      1. Back At Aspertia City
      2. Skyarrow Bridge
      3. Pinwheel Forest
      4. Nacrene City
      5. Route 3
      6. Wellspring Cave
      7. Striaton City
      8. Dreamyard
      9. Route 2
      10. Accumula Town
      11. Route 1
      12. Nuvema Town
      13. Route 17
      14. Route 18
      15. Route 17 Again
      16. P2 Laboratory
      17. Route 18 Again
      18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
      19. N's Castle
      20. Tubeline Bridge
      21. Route 8
      22. Moor of Icirrus
      23. Icirrus City
      24. Dragonspiral Tower
      25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
      26. Black City
      27. White Forest
      28. Route 15
      29. Marvelous Bridge
      30. Cave of Being
      31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
      32. Clay Tunnel
      33. Underground Ruins
      34. Twist Mountain
      35. Abyssal Ruins
    5. Other Areas
      1. Surf Required Areas
      2. Waterfall Required Areas
      3. Battle Subway
      4. Pokemon Musicals
      5. Big Stadium
      6. Small Court
      7. Pokemon World Tournament
    6. Appendices
      1. Legendary Pokemon
      2. Type Vs. Type Chart
      3. Medal List
      4. Move List
      5. Shop List
      6. Item List - General
      7. Item List - Medicine
      8. Item List - Berries
      9. Item List - TMs & HMs
      10. Item List - Key Items
    7. Version History
    8. Legal Notice
    9. Contact Me
    10. Credits
    11. Final Word

    Main Walkthrough (Continued)

    Old Nimbasa City Gym

    To unlock the new, 'real' Nimbasa City Gym, you must first enter the Old Nimbasa City Gym and defeat the trainers there. The old gym is the one that Elesa used to call home, back in Pokemon Black & White. Now though, she's moved from her amusement park-themed gym to a new, model's runway-themed gym. The old gym is found west of the Ferris Wheel; the bright building next to the Vending Machines. Inside you'll see loveable Clyde. Feel free to talk to him, then get ready to traverse the gym.

    The gym contains a number of rollercoasters. The dashed lines on the coaster tracks signal the path that the carriages will take, so use this to plan ahead. At the beginning, the red track leads nowhere, so jump onto the rollercoaster on the blue track. Jump off at the next stop. There's a Youngster here, but he's not looking for a battle. Instead, move past him and stand on the blue button to his north. This will change the path that the rollercoaster on the blue track will take. When it stops at your stop, jump back on.

    You'll now be taken north. Jump off at the next stop, then follow the path around to the green button. Stand on it to press it. The green path will turn yellow. Now when the next carriage comes along, try and enter it. Rich Boy Rolan will jump you, oh no! Get ready for the battle!

    Gym Member Battle: Rich Boy Rolan

    Once defeated, Rolan will move out of your road. When the next rollercoaster comes, jump onto it. It will take you up and around the gym. When it stops, jump off. Go over and hit the purple switch to turn the purple track orange. When the next carriage comes, attempt to jump on. Oh no! Jumped again! This time, it's a lady. Lady Colette to be exact.

    Gym Member Battle: Lady Colette

    Once Colette is defeated, she'll move out of the road and allow you to jump onto the carriage. Do so. Ride it through the loop to the next stop. Jump off. You're at the end of the gym. Go over and talk to the Beauty. She'll give you a Parlyz Heal and tell you that you can now enter the New Nimbasa City Gym. It's time to leave. Move over and hit the red switch. The red track will turn pink and the track will be edited to allow the carriage to reach you. When the carriage comes, jump on and ride it back to the beginning of the gym. Leave the gym and head back to the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon. Now it's time to head to Route 5 and get some training in!

    Route 5

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    LiepardDark20%22-24Tall Grass
    MinccinoNormal30%21-24Tall Grass
    TrubbishPoison20%21-23Tall Grass
    LiepardDark20%24-26Dark Grass
    MinccinoNormal30%23-26Dark Grass
    TrubbishPoison20%23-25Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal85%21-24Shaking Grass
    CinccinoNormal5%24Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%22Shaking Grass
    GothitaPsychic30%21-24Tall Grass
    GothitaPsychic30%23-26Dark Grass
    SolosisPsychic30%21-24Tall Grass
    SolosisPsychic30%23-26Dark Grass

    Move out from the gate into Route 5 and you'll be immediately stopped by Bianca. She'll call out to you, come over and just thrust HM02 - Fly into your face. Rude, but generous. From now on you can teach the move to a Pokemon and have them fly you to any city or town that you've already visited. How very amazing! Answer 'Yes' or 'No' to her question. Either way, she'll drag you into the tall grass and eventually before some trees. She'll discover an entrance to a Hidden Grotto between the trees. Asking whether you want to enter or not, you'll be given two choices: 'Yes' or 'No'. Whichever you choose, she forces you inside. Typical Bianca. Anyway, you'll move into the Grotto and come upon a Minccino! How cool! She'll leave you with the Pokemon. Move up to it and attempt to talk to it to initiate a battle.

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Feel free to try and catch the little critter. What makes this Minccino different, is that it doesn't have its normal ability, but instead its Hidden Ability, Skill Link. If you want to catch it, either save the game before you enter the battle and retry until you've caught it, or if you didn't save and didn't manage to catch it, you will need to walk around a lot and return to the Grotto; there's a chance of it reappearing. Once you're done, exit the Grotto. You can return to this Hidden Grotto in the future. If you walk around a lot and return to it, there's a chance that something will have appeared there. This can be an item (sometimes quite rare and valuable ones) or a Pokemon (which will always have its hidden ability variant).

    Take note of what the Grotto looks like because you'll be able to find these in future areas, if you remember to look. Now that you're back in the main area, it's time to do some exploring! Move west, following the path of tall grass. You'll come upon a man. Talk to him or move into his vision to initiate a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Artist Jonathan

    Once the Artist is defeated, continue west. You'll come upon some Dark Grass, as well as an item. Pick the item up to find that it's a Super Repel. Move into the Dark Grass and follow it to the Pokemon Ranger. Battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Chihiro

    Note: After defeating Chihiro, she'll give you a Cheri Berry.

    From there, move back out of the Dark Grass and jump down the ledge. There's a crowd here and a whole bunch of battles too. The hardest of all is Motorcyclist Charles, but he's not willing to battle just yet (maybe when you get your fourth badge?). There are a pair of Backers standing to his south though...

    Double Battle: Backers Mayo and Aya

    That's over half of the battles done. Once the cheerleaders have been thoroughly owned, move east, over to the dancing man.

    Trainer Battle: Dancer Takuya

    Turn on your Dowsing MCHN if you haven't already. It will pick up a hidden item. Follow its directions and pick up the Hyper Potion that you find. Continue east. Move in front of the Baker standing next to the trailer door. She'll challenge you to a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Baker Marika

    Enter the trailer. Inside is a maid looking for food. You can sell her food items for a better-than-usual price, so take advantage of this if there are any food items that you don't need. The woman just above the entrance is selling a total of five Pomeg Berry for $200. You can't buy them separately, and she only sells the five. Buy them if you want. That's everything in Route 5 that you can do before defeating Elesa. Leave the area and head back into Nimbasa City. Heal your Pokemon, then head into Route 16.

    Route 16

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    LiepardDark20%22-24Tall Grass
    MinccinoNormal30%21-24Tall Grass
    TrubbishPoison20%21-23Tall Grass
    LiepardDark20%24-26Dark Grass
    MinccinoNormal30%23-26Dark Grass
    TrubbishPoison20%23-25Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal85%21-24Shaking Grass
    CinccinoNormal5%24Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%22Shaking Grass
    GothitaPsychic30%21-24Tall Grass
    GothitaPsychic30%23-26Dark Grass
    SolosisPsychic30%21-24Tall Grass
    SolosisPsychic30%23-26Dark Grass

    There are a few trainers to battle here. Move over to the first trainer, a Depot Agent dressed in green.

    Trainer Battle: Depot Agent Hirokazu

    Now follow the path south. You'll come upon a cyclist cycling around and around along a stretch of path. Move into his sight to start a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Cyclist Hayata

    Before heading into the tall grass north of the road, let's follow it and defeat the trainers there first. Continue right, down the road. You'll come upon two guys who're itchin' for a Double Battle. Move in front of them and the battle will begin.

    Double Battle: Backers Shige and Hide

    Continue along the path until you reach the next Cyclist. Battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Cyclist Fuka

    Continue along the path and enter the gate to Marvelous Bridge. Although you can't access the bridge for a long time yet, you can talk to the man next to the Vending Machine for a free Fresh Water. Go back into Route 16. Run back to the large boulder next to the Backers. Using Strength, this boulder can be pushed out of the road. If you haven't taught it to a Pokemon, it'd be a good idea to do it now (It's HM04 in your backpack). Teaching it to a Normal-type is a very good idea as they'll do 120 base damage whenever they use it in battle.

    Use Strength on the boulder, then push it into the hole. Now you can move through the Dark Grass area! Move in and follow the path along until you come upon the female Backpacker. Talk to her for yet another battle.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Kanae

    To the right of the Backpacker is a small gap behind the fence. Walk into the gap and follow it to the item. It's TM66 - Payback! How cool! Move back to the Backpacker. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN. It will show that there's a hidden item to the north. Follow it to the gap in the dark grass at the top. Pick it up to find that it's a TinyMushroom. That's all to do in the Dark Grass area, so backtrack to the road. Move left and enter the path there, off the road into the tall grass. Follow it until you reach the Backpacker who's looking for a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Backpacker Kazuya

    You should notice a small tree to the left of the trainer. This small tree can be cut by using the move Cut! Use it on the tree, then move down the path that you just opened. Grab the Heal Ball at the end of it. Move back to the trainer and take the path leading north-east. You'll see an entrance to another area at the end of the path. This leads to Lostlorn Forest. Enter! You may want to heal your Pokemon first though.

    Lostlorn Forest

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    CombeeBug/Flying10%22Tall Grass
    RoseliaGrass/Poison15%23-24Tall Grass
    SwadloonBug/Grass25%21-24Tall Grass
    VenipedeBug/Poison20%21Tall Grass
    CombeeBug/Flying10%24Dark Grass
    RoseliaGrass/Poison15%25-26Dark Grass
    SwadloonBug/Grass25%23-26Dark Grass
    WhirlipedeBug/Poison20%23Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal40%21-23Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying10%22Shaking Grass
    LeavannyBug/Grass5%24Shaking Grass
    PanpourWater10%22Shaking Grass
    PansageGrass10%22Shaking Grass
    PansearFire10%22Shaking Grass
    RoseradeGrass/Poison5%24Shaking Grass
    VespiquenBug/Flying5%24Shaking Grass
    BasculinWater30%10-30Rippling Water
    BuizelWater60%10-30Rippling Water
    FloatzelWater10%10-30Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
    PolitoedWater5%50-70Fishing Spots
    CottoneeGrass25%21-24Tall Grass
    HeracrossBug/Fighting5%24Tall Grass
    CottoneeGrass25%23-26Dark Grass
    HeracrossBug/Fighting5%26Dark Grass
    WhimsicottGrass5%24Shaking Grass
    PetililGrass25%21-24Tall Grass
    PinsirBug5%24Tall Grass
    PetililGrass25%23-26Dark Grass
    PinsirBug5%26Dark Grass
    LilligantGrass5%24Shaking Grass

    This place is a nice little spot for some training, as well as catching a wide variety of Grass- and Bug-type Pokemon! Make especially certain to look out for Shaking Grass here, as there are a wealth of amazingly awesome Pokemon that you can find in them. Move north, over the bridge. Almost immediately you'll come upon a Pokemon Breeder looking for a fight.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Yuri

    Note: If you re-enter this area at anytime after defeating Yuri initially, he will still challenge you to a battle. This happens everytime you battle him.

    From there, move over and grab the Ultra Ball in the tree hollow. Continue north, taking the path left of the hollow. Notice the large leaf on the ground? That's a Pokemon Breeder... in disguise! Whoa! If you move next to her, she'll reveal her true self and challenge you.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Shizuko

    Note: After defeating Shizuko, she'll give you a Pecha Berry.

    Although a hidden item will show up on your Dowsing MCHN, it's actually on the top of the cliff to your right. You need both Surf and Waterfall before you can reach it, so don't worry about it at the moment. Continue on into the clearing. Move west to the bottom left corner of the clearing. A new hidden item will come up on your Dowsing MCHN. Use the MCHN to find it. You'll find that it's a Leaf Stone! Now move north and talk to the 'Backpacker' looking at the tree stump. After conversing for a bit and selecting 'Yes' or 'No' (it doesn't matter) to the question that he asks, he'll give you TM95 - Snarl and be on his way. As he's walking away though, he'll turn back into a Pokemon, much to your character's surprise. He'll then flee. Move right, over to the patrolling Pokemon Ranger. Feel free to battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Morito

    Note: After defeating Morito, she'll give you a Cheri Berry.

    Continue east to find a Net Ball on the eastern side of the clearing. That's all you can do here for now, besides trying to catch some wild Pokemon. Once you're done, fly back to Nimbasa City. It's time to hit up the New Nimbasa City Gym!

    Lostlorn Forest - Surf Required

    Once you've obtained Surf, you can return here to do a little more exploring. Enter Lostlorn Forest by its only entrance, the southern one. Remember that the Pokemon Breeder at the beginning of the entrance will want to battle you. The water, however, is right at the entrance anyway, so there should be no need to have to battle him. Move up to the water and Surf around on it if you want.

    If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Surf back before you had it, the next area to explore is Relic Passage - Surf Required! Fly to Driftveil City and head down into the PWT area. The entrance to Relic Passage - PWT Entrance is in the south-west corner of this area. If you need to, use the walkthrough to reach the Relic Passage - PWT Entrance, Second Area. From there, you'll be able to check out the part that requires Surf. Yay!

    Lostlorn Forest - Waterfall Required

    Once you've obtained Waterfall, you can return here to do a little more exploring. Enter Lostlorn Forest by its only entrance, the southern one. Remember that the Pokemon Breeder at the beginning of the entrance will want to battle you. The water, however, is right at the entrance anyway, so there should be no need to have to battle him. Move up to the water on the right side of the bridge and use Surf to move onto it.

    Now move over to the waterfall and use Waterfall to traverse it and reach the top. Once you have, move onto the land on the right side of the stream first. Grab the item sitting in the Tall Grass, which turns out to be a Rare Candy, then move back onto the water. Head over to the land on the left side of the stream. Now move north until you reach the Veteran. He'll be looking for a battle, so don't disappoint! He's got quite the team!

    Trainer Battle: Veteran

    Once he's done for, turn on your Dowsing MCHN and use it to find the Grass Gem hidden in the north-west tile of grass at the corner of the cliff. Once you have it, you're done!

    If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Waterfall back before you had it, the next area to explore is Route 14 - Waterfall Required! Fly to Undella Town and take the southern exit out of the city. You'll now be in Route 14!

    Gym Information

    Type: Electric

    Leader: Elesa

    Recommended Team:

    • Ground-types (Sandile, Sandshrew etc.)
    • Magnemite (Use Normal-type moves only)
    • Not Grass-types
    • Not Flying-types
    • Not Water-types
    • Electric-types (With strong Normal-type moves)
    • Any other Pokemon

    Time to crack open a can of ass-whooping... using only your tongue! The New Nimbasa City Gym is east of the Ferris Wheel. Heal and prepare your party, then head there. Enter and you'll be stopped by Clyde. He'll give you some tips and throw you a Fresh Water. To reach Elesa, this gym's leader, you must reach the end of the runway. The runway acts as a bridge of sorts and has three Beauties placed along it that you must defeat before you can reach the final battle. This Gym has a focus on Electric-type Pokemon, so make sure you have Pokemon with types that trump Electric and don't have any (or many) that have a weakness to Electric.

    When you're ready to, move onto the runway. When you get close enough to a Gym Member, the spotlight will shine on them. When this happens, they move over to you, with the spotlight following, and challenge you to a battle. The first battle's against a woman named Tesla. Excuse the odd names that the trainers are called; they're tributes to three great scientists with two of them significantly contributing to fields relating to electricity, so it's only natural. Nikola Tesla was a major contributor to the development of the AC (Alternating Current) system. Yay for including science references in a game! Nerd pride!

    Gym Member Battle: Beauty Tesla

    Once you've defeated Tesla, she'll spin around and walk off. If you want to heal your Pokemon now or at any time, feel free to do so. When you're ready to, continue to the next Beauty, Fremy. Fremy was the discoverer of Fremy's Salt, a useful chemical in some spectroscopies.

    Gym Member Battle: Beauty Fremy

    Fremy will spin and strut away. Continue to the last of the Gym Members, Ampere. Andre-Marie Ampere is one of the founders of the field Classical Electromagnetism and has an SI unit named after him, the Ampere, which is a measurement of current.

    Gym Member Battle: Beauty Ampere

    Once she's defeated, she'll stride away and leave you with only the Gym Leader, Elesa, to face. The camera will tilt so that she's in view. Three spotlights will focus on her and the screen behind her will show her face. When you're good to go, move up and talk to her. After conversing for a while, the battle will begin.

    Gym Leader Battle! Leader Elesa
    PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
    Emolga28Electric/FlyingQuick AttackPursuitAerial AceVolt Switch
    Flaaffy28ElectricThunder WaveTake DownConfuse RayVolt Switch
    Zebstrika30ElectricFlame ChargePursuitStompVolt Switch

    This battle is rather annoying. Going in with Pokemon below an average of around Level 25 means that you'll have next to no chance unless you're using them very well and have some luck on your side. Above that and you should be able to make it through, if you play your cards right. Getting good type match-ups in this battle can be difficult and when combined with Volt Switch's nature, forms the reason why this battle is painful.

    Using Ground-type Pokemon is the best thing to do here, except against Emolga. Electric-type moves won't damage you, but when you're versing Emolga, Ground-type moves won't damage it. Magnemite is surprisingly good against Elesa's Pokemon too as all moves, with the exception of Zebstrika's Flame Charge, are weak against Steel-types. Obviously, using Magnemite's Steel- or Electric-type moves isn't going to do a lot, so you need to be using his Normal-type moves instead.

    Although Grass-types can seem appealing against Electric-type enemies, don't be fooled. Zebstrika's Flame Charge and Emolga's Aerial Ace mean that you shouldn't be using Grass-types against either of them. Only being able to use them against one of three Pokemon means that they aren't really that great.

    Because you need specific Pokemon types for specific match-ups, Volt Switch can be a serious pain. It has a base damage of 70 (+50% because the Pokemon's type matches the move type), it not only does a horribly amount of damage, but the Pokemon that uses automatically switches out with another Pokemon in Elesa's party without missing out on a turn. This means that it's easy to be caught out and suddenly go from a strong type match-up to a really weak one.

    To counter this, you need to defeat the party as quickly as possible, taking out Zebstrika so that you can use Magnemite against the other two, or Emolga so that you can use Ground-types against the other two. In the meantime, it's best to use Pokemon that are neutral to these Pokemon. This means good old Normal-types, or types with only slight disadvantages (Fighting etc.). Electric-types with strong Normal-type moves also work well in this role, especially against the powerful Volt Switch which won't do nearly as much damage against an Electric-type.

    Through all this, you should be watching out for Elesa using one Hyper Potion on one of her Pokemon when its HP is low. Zabstrika also has a Sitrus Berry that will restore his HP when it's low, so obviously watch out for that too. Meanwhile, you may want to use some of your weaker Pokemon as fodder to allow you to use Revives and Super Potions on any of your strong Pokemon that succumb and faint. Make good use of moves that change the status of enemies, especially to sleep.

    Continue using neutral types until either Zebstrika or Emolga are defeated, then switch in the Pokemon that's strong against the other two of Elesa's party and wreak havoc. From there, it's a battle of pure power. Plow through them until there's nothing left of Elesa's party.

    She'll then go on to glamorously congratulate you on winning and present you with the Bolt Badge! She'll let you know that traded Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey you and will then give you that insanely annoying TM, TM72! Now you can teach Volt Switch to your Pokemon! Continue conversing until she feels like shutting up, then leave the Gym. A lightshow will start and she'll come and escort you down the runway. Strut your stuff! Once you reach the end, feel free to spin around like the Beauties did. Soak in the glory! Now let's leave.

    Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!

    Your Pokemon will probably be hurting. Go to the Pokemon Center and heal them. There's a few loose ends to tie up before continue onto Driftveil City. First of all, Pokemon Musicals are now available for you to participate in. If you enter the Pokemon Theater, you'll have a Prop Case thrust upon your person. Take it and allow yourself to be walked through a tutorial on how to participate in Musicals. So much pinkkkkk! Bedazzle and bling up a Pokemon of your choice (I chose the pimp cane and the umbrella... don't ask). Confirm that this is what you want your Pokemon to look like then the man will applaud your amazing talent. That's it! Normally, Pokemon would participate in the Musical itself after dressing up, but that's not forced upon you at least. Once you're done here, feel free to leave.

    The only other thing to do is attempt to head to Route 5. When you do, you'll come upon your rival, Hugh, facing off with four Team Plasma Grunts. Walk over to Hugh and you'll start listening into the conversation. The grunts will surround Hugh and he'll ask for you help. Talk to either of the bottom two grunts to initiate a battle with them. Once you initiate a battle with one, you must battle the other without a break, so make sure you're ready. Don't worry, you just pwnd Elesa, you shouldn't have any trouble.

    [Top of the two Grunts]

    Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

    [Bottom of the two Grunts]

    Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

    Once they're both beaten they'll retreat. Hugh will provide you with an obligatory thank you (as if he really cares about us!) and will then leave. You might want to heal your Pokemon once more. Once you're ready, it's time to head into Route 5 once more!

    Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge

    Enter Route 5 and follow the road west. You should see a musician and his lute along the north edge of the road to the west of the trailer. Move over and talk to him. Although he wasn't willing to battle before, he is now!

    Trainer Battle: Musician George

    Remember that guy from Black and White? Turns out his been chilling around here for the past two years... who knew? The guy will reward you with an Electric Guitar for beating him. Cool, that's the first prop you've found. You can use that in Pokemon Musicals. Move west, over to the crowd surrounding the Motorcyclist. Feel free to talk to him; he'll challenge you to a battle. Answer 'Yes' to get into what is your first Triple Battle if you're playing Pokemon White Version 2, or your first Rotation Battle if you're playing Pokemon Black Version 2. This battle's actually decently hard, so don't totally drop your guard.

    Triple/Rotation Battle: Motorcyclist Charles

    After defeating Charles he'll speed off. Everyone will cheer you on for teaching him a lesson then the crowd will fully disperse. Continue left and move up the steps to the Driftveil Drawbridge.

    Driftveil Drawbridge

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound
    DucklettWater/Flying100%23-26Pokemon's Shadow

    There isn't a whole lot to do here. There are a grand total of three people to talk to (a man, a woman and a Youngster), as well as one Pokemon to catch and some items to collect. Walk along the bridge, speaking to the three people. You will notice small, swaying shadows appearing. When you move onto them, one of two things will happen. The first is a random wing, which you will place in your bag. These can be one of a number of wings, the Clever Wing, Genius Wing, Health Wing, Muscle Wing, Resist Wing, Swift Wing or Pretty Wing. All of these wings, with the exception of the Pretty Wing which is only useful by selling it for money, are used to increase EV Values. If you don't know what these are, just know that they increase Pokemon's stat raises when they Level Up. If you do know what EVs are, check what each wing does and feel free to manipulate their effects to your liking.

    The second thing that can happen is that the shadow is a Ducklett, a Pokemon. If it is, you'll engage in a battle with it. Feel free to battle and catch these if you want. Besides this, there's nothing else to do. Continue along to the end of the bridge and move down the steps into Driftveil City.

    Driftveil City

    At the entrance to the city sits a fountain, surrounded by a pretty little clearing. To the south-west of this fountain is a hidden item, so whip out your Dowsing MCHN to find it. It turns out to be an Ultra Ball. Once you have it, continue west up the steps onto the bridge. You'll run into a member of Old Team Plasma facing off with a member of New Team Plasma. How odd. The new member will push the old one and they'll talk about N, the infamous member of Old Team Plasma who's nowhere to be found.

    Suddenly, Hugh will scream out, much to everyone's surprise. He'll run over and charge at the New Team Plasma Grunt who will flee with Hugh at his tail. The Old Grunt will talk to you, then leave. Move west until you're across the bridge and in the actual city. First let's head to the Pokemon Center. Head west along the road. Take the road leading north when you reach it. You'll see the Pokemon Center to your right. Enter and heal your Pokemon. Talk to the woman upstairs in the back left corner and she'll give you three Luxury Balls. Restock your items if you want, then leave.

    It's time for the usual deal, looting the city! First move right from the Pokemon Center. You'll reach a dead end. When you do, move south down a thin gap. You'll find some Calcium at the end of that gap. Now move back to the road and enter the building north of it. It turns out to be a hotel. There's nothing important on the 1st or 23rd floors, so head straight to the 25th floor and talk to the man there. He'll give you a Big Root and will tell you how awesome it is. That's it for the entire building, so exit. Head back to the Pokemon Center and enter the building to its west. On the first floor you'll find a bald man who happens to be the first Move Tutor that you can meet within the game. He has a variety of moves that he can teach, but you need to pay a specifed number of shards (Red Shards in the case of this guy) for him to teach the move to one of your Pokemon. The moves and prices for each are listed below.

    MoveRed Shards
    Bug Bite2
    Drill Run4
    Signal Beam4
    Iron Head4
    Super Fang6
    Seed Bomb6
    Dual Chop6
    Low Kick8
    Gunk Shot8
    Fire Punch10
    Ice Punch10

    You can visit him at any time to have him teach your Pokemon these moves, assuming you can meet his price. Although there's an 11th floor, there's nothing of interest there. Instead, head straight up to the 25th floor. Talk to the man here for an Air Balloon then leave the building. See the large building just to your south? Although it looks like a warehouse, it actually is the Driftveil Markets. Move back to the road, walk south and enter it at its east entrance (you can enter from the south or north if you want, but the north entrance is obscured and the south is a longer walk).

    There are three vendors in here. The first is the man behind the counter in the south-east portion of the market. He offers the following natural medicines:

    Heal Powder$450
    Energy Root$800
    Revival Herb$2800

    Next is the Old Team Plasma Grunt standing at the intersection in the market. He's selling various incenses... how... hardcore. These incenses are surprisingly good though, if you can afford them.

    Odd Incense$9600
    Sea Incense$9600
    Rose Incense$9600
    Wave Incense$9600
    Rock Incense$9600
    Pure Incense$9600
    Luck Incense$9600
    Lax Incense$9600
    Full Incense$9600

    The last vendor is the woman behind the counter to his north. She's selling milk... Moomoo Milk!

    1 Moomoo Milk$500
    12 Moomoo Milks$6000

    Those are the only three selling goods, so exit the market by the south entrance. First, let's head over behind the market. Motorcyclist Charles, the guy from Route 5 is loitering around the west side of the building. If you talk to him he'll ask if you'd like to partake in another battle. This time the battle style is the opposite to what you did before. If you're playing Black 2, you'll have already fought a Rotation Battle with him, so this time you're fighting a Triple Battle. If you're playing White 2, it's swapped around. He has the same team as before, so he's still a decent challenge. Go ahead and answer 'Yes' if you want to fight him.

    Rotation/Triple Battle: Motorcyclist Charles

    Once he's beaten, move onto the road and move east towards the Driftveil Drawbridge. There's a building with a door at the corner of the intersection leading there. Enter this building. Talk to the bald man near the reception desk and he'll give you a Shell Bell. Neither floor, 14th or 19th contains anything of interest, so head back into the street. Head west, past the intersection and around the corner. You'll notice a building to the east. Move over and enter.

    On the 1st floor is a girl who will ask you to show her a Pokemon with a particular TM move. If you can do this, she'll reward you with a Heart Scale. This can be once per day. She'll ask for a different move each day. There's nothing cool on the 19th floor so head directly up to the 23rd floor. Talk to the man to receive an Everstone. There's nothing else to see, so back to the street we go!

    You'll notice a gate to the south. Guess what's there? The Pokemon World Tournament! Unfortunately, a bastard in black inside the gate is stopping you from heading there. Ah well, we'll be back later! Head back to the Pokemon Center and head north. You'll move through a gap in the fence onto an asphalt road. East leads to the Driftveil City Gym (which is close at the moment) and west leads to Route 6. For now, however, we're heading up the stairs! You can't head down the stairs leading west, so instead head east. You'll come upon the Old Team Plasma Grunt from before. He'll come over and begin talking with you. You'll be brought over to his leader and you'll begin talking to him. He'll challenge you to a battle to test your strength. Answer 'Yes' if you want to fight. If you need to, make sure your Pokemon are healed first.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Rood

    After defeating Rood, Hugh will appear and Rood will disappear inside. You and Hugh will both follow him and the three of you will talk. Hugh will start freaking out and will leave. You will then be asked by Rood to run an errand for him. Answer 'Yes' and you'll be sent on your way! There's not much else to do here unless you want to talk with everyone. Once you're ready, leave. Guess what? Driftveil City Gym is.... open! Unfortunately it's unlikely that you'll be strong enough to beat the Gym just yet (feel free to check and decide for yourself), so let's head to Route 6 first to get your train on!

    Route 6

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DeerlingNormal/Grass30%23-25Tall Grass
    FoongusGrass/Poison10%26Tall Grass
    MarillWater5%25Tall Grass
    SwadloonBug/Grass10%26Tall Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying15%26Tall Grass
    DeerlingNormal/Grass30%26-28Dark Grass
    FoongusGrass/Poison10%29Dark Grass
    MarillWater5%28Dark Grass
    SwadloonBug/Grass10%29Dark Grass
    TranquillNormal/Flying15%29Dark Grass
    AudinoNormal50%23-25Shaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying20%24-25Shaking Grass
    DunsparceNormal10%25Shaking Grass
    AzumarillWater5%26Shaking Grass
    CastformNormal5%26Shaking Grass
    UnfezantNormal/Flying5%26Shaking Grass
    LeavannyBug/Grass5%26Shaking Grass
    AzumarillWater5%5-15Rippling Water
    BasculinWater35%5-15Rippling Water
    MarillWater60%5-15Rippling Water
    BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
    PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
    PolitoedWater5%50-70Fishing Spots
    KarrablastBug5%23Tall Grass
    ShelmetBug25%23-26Tall Grass
    KarrablastBug5%26Dark Grass
    ShelmetBug25%26-29Dark Grass
    White 2 ONLY
    KarrablastBug25%23-26Tall Grass
    ShelmetBug5%23Tall Grass
    KarrablastBug25%26-29Dark Grass
    ShelmetBug5%26Dark Grass

    Check out the Pokemon available here. If any catch your interest, be sure to keep a lookout for them. Head over the bridge and into the Tall Grass. Follow the path until you reach the trainer. She's keen as a bean for a battle!

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Breeder Koharu

    Note: Whenever you exit and re-enter Route 6, Koharu will once again challenge you to a battle if you walk past. Keep this in mind.

    Continue following the path until you reach the next bridge. Move over it and challenge the Parasol Lady here.

    Trainer Battle: Parasol Lady Minako

    If you want to quickly head back to Driftveil City, you can move south from here and jump over the ledge to take a shortcut back, but don't forget that you can use fly! If you're fine to go on, continue north. You'll reach yet another trainer, this time it's a School Kid.

    Trainer Battle: School Kid Manami

    There's an item to the School Kid's east. Move over and grab it. It's an Elixir! There's also what appears to be an item to the Kid's north. If you move over and attempt to pick it up it will reveal itself as a Foongus.

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Move west, over the bridge and follow the path around to the Season Research Lab. You'll see a Scientist standing out the front, next to the sign. Talk to him and he'll challenge you.

    Trainer Battle: Scientist Satoru

    Note: Satoru will use a X Attack on his Deerling at the beginning of the battle.

    Enter the Season Research Lab. Although there's not a lot of importance here, you can talk to the Scientist at the very back of the room to find that he'll give you a Leaf Stone if you can present to him a Deerling of every season form (which can take a long time to do). Besides this, there's nothing to do, so leave the lab. Head into the little fenced-off area next to the lab. Grab the Moon Stone there then head back to the dirt path. You'll see a female Scientist here. Move over and battle her.

    Trainer Battle: Scientist Marisa

    There's a fenced-off area south of this trainer. You can get inside through a gap on the west side. Move through it into the area and run to the right side of it. You'll see a bare patch with no Tall Grass on it. This tile contains a TinyMushroom. Pick it up, head back out to the main path then head west across the next bridge. There's another Foongus posing as an item in the grass here. Move over and attempt to pick it up to trigger the battle.

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Move over and talk to the Kid looking into the puddle if you want to battle him.

    Trainer Battle: School Kid Atsushi

    The next item in the grass is an actual item. Pick it up to find that it's an Ultra Ball. The supposed item to the south of the Parasol Lady trudging through the puddle is just another Foongus though.

    Wild Pokemon Battle

    Move north to battle the Parasol Lady.

    Trainer Battle: Parasol Lady Shizue

    Head over the bridge to your north then head east. Enter the shack here. The woman inside will heal your Pokemon if you talk to her, and the small girl will give you a Shiny Stone. When you're ready to continue, exit the shack and head around to the right side of the house. Move into the Dark Grass and head right when you reach the path heading that way. You'll find a Pokemon Ranger at the end of the path. Move over to her to initiate a battle.

    Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Yutaka

    Note: After defeating Yutaka, she'll give you a Pecha Berry.

    Now move back to the shack and continue west, back over to the bridge. Turn on your Dowsing MCHN and head into the Tall Grass here. You'll find a hidden item, Protein. That's it for Route 6! If you think you're ready to take on the Driftveil City Gym, skip ahead to that section. If not, feel free to head north up the steps and you'll enter Chargestone Cave.

    Chargestone Cave 1F

    PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
    DrilburGround100%25-28Dust Cloud

    Follow along the path until you reach Bianca examining a glowing crystal. After talking with you she'll simply walk off. Move in the direction that she left in. You'll eventually reach a large crystal blocking your path. Move to its right side and push it into the huge crystal east of you. Move through the gap that was created, then around the huge crystal to grab the Full Heal below it. Move back around the huge crystal and continue on north.

    You'll reach another large crystal. Push it towards the huge crystal to its east to open up the next area. Move through the opening then move up the eastern set of steps to start a battle with a Scientist.

    Trainer Battle: Scientist Nagaaki

    Move south from the Scientist and push the north-eastern of the two crystals east, into the huge crystal. This will create an opening which you can walk through. Do so and grab the Max Repel that was hiding behind them. Backtrack down the stairs, then take the the northern set of steps to initiate a battle with a Guitarist.

    Trainer Battle: Guitarist Anna

    Turn on your Dowsing MCHN. There's an item hidden above the ridge to the Guitarist's north. Move east then around onto the ridge above. You'll find the hidden Yellow Shard underneath the floating crystal. Move back east then continue along, past the two crystals blocking the past south. You'll see a Hyper Potion to your north-east. Go over and grab it then move back to the two crystals. Push the top one west, and the bottom one south. Follow it south, then continue down the steps.

    Move east to the huge crystal there. If you go south, you'll come upon Bianca talking with a Worker, who are blocking your path. Apparently you can't go any further just yet. Instead, take the stairs north. Once you've ran up them, make sure your Dowsing MCHN's on then move east, then south and grab the hidden Hyper Potion. And that's all you can do here until you've beaten Clay at the Driftveil City Gym! It's time to head there, methinks.

    If you've already completed the Plasma Frigate - PWT section, skip straight to Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City! and continue on through Chargestone Cave.

    Gym Information

    Type: Ground

    Leader: Clay

    Recommended Team:

    • Water-types
    • Grass-types
    • Flying-types
    • Bug-types
    • Fighting-types
    • Ground-types
    • Not Electric-types
    • Not Poison-types
    • Not Rock-types
    • Any other Pokemon

    Hugh will be chilling out the front of the Gym. Talk to him if you want, then head inside. Talk to the receptionist if you want, then move onto the industrial elevator and use its control panel to move it down a floor. Once the elevator stops, move north up the steps and talk to Clyde. He'll give you your customary Fresh Water, as well as some tips. Once you're down, move down the steps to your west and head north. Continue until you reach the first conveyer belt. From here on the Gym is an utter maze. Here's some convenient ASCII art for your viewing pleasure.

       _     _     _     _     _     _
      | | - | | \ |5| / | | - | | - |7|          Legend
       ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯           ¯¯¯¯¯¯
       |     |     |     |                  V = Viewing Platform
       _     _     _     _     _     _      1 = Worker Nobuo
      | | - | | - | | - | |   |!|   |4|     2 = Worker Takuo
       ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯      3 =
       |     |     |     \     \     |      4 =
       _     _     _     _     _     _      5 =
      | |   |V| - | | - | | - |V| - | |     6 =
       ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯      7 =
       |           |     /     /     |      ! = Gym Leader Clay
       _     _     _     _     _     _      - = Ordinary Horizontal Conveyer Belt
      |6|   | |   | |   | | - | |   | |     | = Ordinary Vertical Conveyer Belt
       ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯      / = Extended Pink Conveyer Belt
             |     \                 |      \ = Extended Pink Conveyer Belt
       _     _     _     _     _     _      Y = You start here
      |1| - | |   |3| - | | - | | - | |
       ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯
       |     |     /     |     |     |
       _     _     _     _     _     _
      |Y|   |V| - |2| - | | - |V| - | |
       ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯     ¯

    Move onto the conveyer belt and you'll transported to a platform to your north. A Worker looking for a PokeBrawl is here.

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Nobuo

    Move over the conveyer belt to your east. From there, take the conveyer belt south. If you use the yellow control panel here, you'll be able to see eight of the platforms to your west, east and north. Check if you want, then take the next conveyer belt east. Ooh another Worker!

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Takuo

    From here things begin to get a little confusing as you now suddenly have more than one option. The direct route, which doesn't include any of the last five Gym Members is as follows: From here, take the extended pink conveyer belt north. Move to normal conveyer belts north, one east, then take an extended one south. Take a normal one east, then finally take the last extended belt north and you're at Clay! If you want to take this route, do so then skip ahead to Clay's battle information.

    If you instead want to challenge all of the other trainers here first, here's the quickest way to do so. From the conveyer belt with Worker Takuo on it, head one platform east, one north, then one west. It's a trainer!

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Niel

    Head three platforms east, then three platforms north.

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Tsunashiro

    Move one platform south, three west and two north.

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Michiaki

    Move one platform south, two west and two south.

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Tooru

    For the last Gym Member, move north three platforms and east four platforms (including one extended one). You'll reach the seventh trainer.

    Gym Member Battle: Worker Humboldt

    Now it's onto Clay! Head west two platforms, south two, east one and finally north one. You should now be on an orange platform with Clay. Walk up and talk to him to initiate the Gym Leader battle! Don't forget to heal first if you need!

    Gym Leader Battle! Leader Clay
    PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4
    Krokorok31Ground/DarkTormentSand TombCrunchBulldoze
    Sandslash31GroundRolloutFury CutterCrush ClawBulldoze
    Excadrill33Ground/SteelMetal ClawSlashRock SlideBulldoze

    Yay, an easy type to deal with! You should have a variety of nice types to use: Water, Grass, Flying or Bug in order from best to worst, as well as Fighting and Ground solely to combat Excadrill's Steel-type (Fighting is also helpful for Krokorok's Dark-type). Obviously, stay away from using Electric-types, and it's recommended that you don't use Poison or Rock types either. Most other types are fair game though!

    Krokorok is Clay's opener, but isn't his strongest Pokemon. I'd recommend using one of your stronger Pokemon, but keeping your strongest for a later time. Using any of the recommended types here works pretty well, but I'd definitely recommend keeping a Water-type aside to use against Excadrill. It's honestly a pretty simple fight, just use your strongest moves to cause the Krokorok to faint.

    Once Clay's first Pokemon is gone, he will opt to choose either Sandslash or Excadrill as his next one. Depending on which he chooses will determine how the rest of the match plays out.

    If he chooses Excadrill before Sandslash you should switch out a Water-type. Water-type moves are effective against both Ground- and Steel-types, so you're going to do a huge amount of damage using these moves. You really just need to pummel him with this Pokemon as it can be hard to land any real damage on him with a lot of other types. If you do lose your Water-type, switch your strongest Pokemon out and finish him off. I wouldn't be using a Flying-type here though as its Rock Slide will rip you apart.

    Once the Sandslash comes out it's really just about going all out in a short period of time. Be on the lookout for its Rollout especially as this move is painful in its later stages. Abuse type match-ups to finish it off and you'll have won!

    If Clay actually chooses Sandslash first, it's basically using the same strategies against both the Sandslash and Excadrill when you defeat him, but compensating and holding back enough of your strongest Pokemon to be able to fully defeat the Excadrill. Make sure the Sandslash is defeated as soon as possible, but keep a Water-type aside, then go nuts against the Excadrill.

    Using Revives and healing your Water-type is the way to go here if you need that extra edge against Excadrill to get you through. Putting him to sleep or hitting him with another status ailment might also be a nice idea too. The other two you shouldn't really have all that much trouble with, as long as you're using the recommended types.

    Once Clay's been defeated he'll give you the Quake Badge! You'll place it in your case with the rest of them. Now Pokemon up to Level 60 that you've received in a trade that weren't originally yours will obey you! Clay will also hand you TM78 - Bulldoze. Honestly, this move isn't all that amazing, but it can still certainly come in handy later on. Finish talking with Clay and he'll take you back to the entrance of the Gym. Move south and exit.

    Outside, Clay and Hugh are talking. They'll notice you and Hugh will come over. After lengthy dialogue, Clay will leave, quickly followed by Hugh. Head over to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon before going on. The only thing that's opened up is the Pokemon World Tournament, how sad! Run through that south gate leading out of Driftveil City, now!