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by RedIsPoetic

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
    1. Controls
    2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
  3. Main Walkthrough
    1. Preparing For Your Adventure
    2. Aspertia City
    3. Route 19
    4. Floccesy Town
    5. Route 20
    6. Floccesy Ranch
    7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
    8. Aspertia City Gym
    9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
    10. Virbank City
    11. Virbank Complex
    12. Virbank City Gym
    13. PokeStar Studios
    14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
    15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
    16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
    17. Castelia City
    18. Castelia City Sewers
    19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
    20. Castelia City Gym
    21. Route 4
    22. Desert Resort
    23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
    24. Join Avenue
    25. Nimbasa City
    26. Anville Town
    27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
    28. Route 5
    29. Route 16
    30. Lostlorn Forest
    31. New Nimbasa City Gym
    32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
    33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
    34. Driftveil City
    35. Route 6
    36. Chargestone Cave
    37. Driftveil City Gym
    38. PWT
    39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
    40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
    41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
    42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
    43. Mistralton Cave
    44. Mistralton City
    45. Route 7
    46. Celestial Tower
    47. Mistralton City Gym
    48. Lentimas Town
    49. Reversal Mountain
    50. Strange House
    51. Undella Town
    52. Undella Bay
    53. Route 14
    54. Abundant Shrine
    55. Route 13
    56. Lacunosa Town
    57. Route 12
    58. Village Bridge
    59. Route 11
    60. Opelucid City
    61. Route 9
    62. Shopping Mall Nine
    63. Opelucid City Gym
    64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
    65. Marine Tube
    66. Humilau City
    67. Humilau City Gym
    68. Route 22
    69. Route 21
    70. Seaside Cave
    71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
    72. Giant Chasm
    73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
    74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
    75. Route 23
    76. Victory Road
    77. Pokemon League
  4. Post-Game Walkthrough
    1. Back At Aspertia City
    2. Skyarrow Bridge
    3. Pinwheel Forest
    4. Nacrene City
    5. Route 3
    6. Wellspring Cave
    7. Striaton City
    8. Dreamyard
    9. Route 2
    10. Accumula Town
    11. Route 1
    12. Nuvema Town
    13. Route 17
    14. Route 18
    15. Route 17 Again
    16. P2 Laboratory
    17. Route 18 Again
    18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
    19. N's Castle
    20. Tubeline Bridge
    21. Route 8
    22. Moor of Icirrus
    23. Icirrus City
    24. Dragonspiral Tower
    25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
    26. Black City
    27. White Forest
    28. Route 15
    29. Marvelous Bridge
    30. Cave of Being
    31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
    32. Clay Tunnel
    33. Underground Ruins
    34. Twist Mountain
    35. Abyssal Ruins
  5. Other Areas
    1. Surf Required Areas
    2. Waterfall Required Areas
    3. Battle Subway
    4. Pokemon Musicals
    5. Big Stadium
    6. Small Court
    7. Pokemon World Tournament
  6. Appendices
    1. Legendary Pokemon
    2. Type Vs. Type Chart
    3. Medal List
    4. Move List
    5. Shop List
    6. Item List - General
    7. Item List - Medicine
    8. Item List - Berries
    9. Item List - TMs & HMs
    10. Item List - Key Items
  7. Version History
  8. Legal Notice
  9. Contact Me
  10. Credits
  11. Final Word

Main Walkthrough (Continued)

Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
PatratNormal20%3Tall Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying5%4Tall Grass
PurrloinDark14%3-4Tall Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass35%2-4Tall Grass
SunkernGrass26%2-4Tall Grass
PatratNormal20%10Dark Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying5%10Dark Grass
PurrloinDark14%10-11Dark Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass15%10-11Dark Grass
SunkernGrass26%9-10Dark Grass
VenipedeBug/Poison20%10Dark Grass
PatratNormal20%3Tall Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying25%2-4Tall Grass
PurrloinDark15%3-4Tall Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass35%2-4Tall Grass
SunkernGrass5%4Tall Grass
PatratNormal20%10Dark Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying25%9-10Dark Grass
PurrloinDark15%10-11Dark Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass15%10-11Dark Grass
SunkernGrass5%11Dark Grass
VenipedeBug/Poison20%10Dark Grass
AudinoNormal90%2-4Shaking Grass
DunsparceNormal10%3Shaking Grass
AzumarillWater5%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater65%5-15Rippling Water
MarillWater30%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
PolitoedWater5%50-70Fishing Spots

Run back to where the Hiker was. He will now let you pass, but as soon as you move close to him, he challenges you to a battle!

Trainer Battle: Hiker Jerome

Once defeated, move south down the steps. At the base of the steps you will come upon a Preschooler. If you don't wish to battle him, run past him when he's moving the other way. If not, prepare for the battle.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Albert

Once the battle is over, Cheren and Hugh will appear. Cheren will then give you an explanation of how Dark Grass works and how it differs from regular grass. Once he finishes the explanation he gives you a Pecha Berry x3 and leaves. Just to the south of where Hugh is now standing in the dark grass is a Great Ball. Move over and grab it.

You may want to hang around the dark grass for a while to catch some Pokemon and train your own. Once you're ready, continue up the stairs to your north-east. You'll be stopped by a second Preschooler first, however.

Trainer Battle: Preschooler Lin

After moving up the first set of steps, move right, into the grass. Move over to the item and pick it up to receive an Antidote. You can now continue up the steps on this side until you reach the top, or move back around to the steps facing out west, challenge the trainer there.

Trainer Battle: Nursery Aide Kimya

Once you're done, move up the steps to your right. You'll see an item to your north. Move up and grab the Dire Hit. Move up the last set of steps and move right. Ahead is your first Double Battle! Move up to the Twins so that they challenge you.

Double Battle: Twins Lia & Lily

Once you're done, continue into the gate. The person in charge of the gate will give you two Great Balls when you move past. When you're done here, continue into Virbank City.

Route 20 - Surf Required

Once you've obtained Surf, you can return here to do a little more exploring. You should have entered from Virbank City, so you should start at the north-east part of the route. Head west from the gate and down the steps taking you south. Once you've moved the last of them and see the Dark Grass nearby, head south-east over to the water. Head onto the water with and Surf south-east to a bit of land there. Move onto it and use your Dowsing MCHN to find the Heart Scale.

Unless it's Autumn, there's actually nothing else that you can do here. If you're too impatient for Autumn to come naturally, feel free to change the date on your DS or 3DS. Simply set it to March, July or November and re-enter the game. You will need to exit and re-enter the area to force the switch between seasons. When this happens, head back to where you obtained the Heart Scale. Now use Surf and continue heading south until you reach the southern shore. Move onto it and head south-west over the leaves to the two items. The south-east of the two is a Max Revive. The other is a Rare Candy. Grab them both.

It turns out Pokemon Rangers finally have learnt to hide properly. There's two nearby! Just to the west of the items is one. Move over to coax her out of hiding. Take her on!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Malory

Note: After defeating the Pokemon Ranger, she'll give you a Leppa Berry.

Two the north of where the items were is another Pokemon Ranger. Move over and take him on!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Leaf

Note: After defeating the Pokemon Ranger, he'll give you a Sitrus Berry.

From there, continue north-west through the leaves. A few tiles before the end of the leaves is another Pokemon Ranger. Just wander around there a bit and he'll jump out pretty quickly. Fight time!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Bret

Note: After defeating the Pokemon Ranger, he'll give you a Leppa Berry.

That's really it! Until you get Waterfall at least. If you have it, continue reading below. If so, don't set your date back to the actual date just yet! If you're done, set your date back so that it's correct. If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Surf back before you had it, the next area to explore is Virbank City - Surf Required! Fly to Virbank City.

Just note that Floccesy Ranch has water to Surf on too, but there's nothing to collect and the Pokemon that you can encounter on the water are identical in every way to the ones here, so it's not included within the walkthrough.

Route 20 - Waterfall Required

Once you've obtained Waterfall, you can return here to do a little more exploring. You should have entered from Virbank City, so you should start at the north-east part of the route. Head west from the gate and down the steps taking you south. Once you've moved the last of them and see the Dark Grass nearby, head south-east over to the water. Head onto the water with and Surf south. When you see the water leading west, follow it over to the waterfall. Use Waterfall and head up it.

First, head west. When you reach the stream leading south, head down it. Zigzag between the two rocks and keep heading south until you reach the land at the end. You'll need to be here during Autumn to access this land. If you're too impatient for Autumn to come naturally, feel free to change the date on your DS or 3DS. Simply set it to March, July or November and re-enter the game. You will need to exit and re-enter the area to force the switch between seasons. If you need to, head back to where you were and move onto the land, which should now be covered in leaves.

There's a Pokemon Ranger here, buried in the leaves. One out-of-place orange leaf denotes her position. Move in front of her and she'll pop out. Challenge her!

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger Naoko

Note: After defeating the Pokemon Ranger, she'll give you a Sitrus Berry.

Just east of the Pokemon Ranger is an item, a Sticky Barb. Snatch it up, then Surf west from the bit of land you're on at the moment. You'll reach a cave. This is Heart Cave. Feel free to enter and explore it, but until you beat the Pokemon League, there's not a whole lot of point. Feel free to skip ahead to Cave of Being if you've defeated the Pokemon League. Come back to this point in the walkthrough when you're done if you wish to collect the final item in this area.

Head back to the top of the waterfall. Don't head back down it, but instead move onto the land just north of it. Jump over the first ledge and turn your Dowsing MCHN on. Use it to find the Big Mushroom.

That's really it! Don't forget to set your date back so that it's correct. If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Waterfall back before you had it, the next area to explore is Lostlorn Forest - Waterfall Required! Fly to Nimbasa City and head out through the north-east exit to get there! You'll be in Route 16. If you don't remember how to reach Lostlorn Forest, or if you haven't yet explored it, use the Route 16 section as a guide to reach it.

Virbank City

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AlomomolaWater95%5-15Rippling Water
JellicentWater/Ghost5%5-15Rippling Water
KrabbyWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
KinglerWater10%50-70Fishing Spots
LumineonWater30%40-60Fishing Spots

As soon as you enter, you'll receive a call from your mother. Once the call's over move right, over to where Roxie, Virbank's white-haired Gym Leader, is standing. She will exchange words with the captain of a ship, who happens to be her father. Her fater will leave and she'll go off on some rant, demonstrating how she secretly has an aliteration fetish. She'll then leave too. Once they're both gone, move forward and enter the Pokemon Center. Heal and restock if you need, then leave.

It's time to explore Virbank! First move right, past the blocked path leading north, to the first house you come upon. Enter and collect the Poke Toy inside. Exit and move left, back to the Pokemon Center. From the Center, take the path south. At the intersection go left and enter the house there. Talk to the woman in the top-left corner of the house to receive a Burn Heal, then exit. Along the left side of the house is a trashcan. If you check it you'll find an Antidote, collect it then move back to the intersection.

This time take the right path. You'll notice the gym (it has a purple neon sign and looks extremely small). In front of the gym stands a bald man who will give you five Poke Balls if you talk to him. From there, continue east until you reach the path leading north. Take this path north. Just after you move past the blue-roofed building to your left, you should be able to see some obscured stairs directly behind it. Move down these stairs to the water. Head west as far as you can, then head south. At the very end of this path is a hidden Pearl. Try to interact with the final tile to grab it. Head back up to the street above.

That's all of the free items this city has to offer! If you wish to, you can immediately enter the Virbank City Gym and challenge Roxie, but it's unlikely that you'll be strong enough just yet. For now it may be a good idea to explore the Virbank Complex to your south. It's a great place to train and even contains a few cool Pokemon!

Virbank City - Surf Required

Once you've obtained Surf, you can return here to do a little more exploring. From the Pokemon Center, head east to the end of the road. Now turn south and head down that road. Just before the blue-roofed building to your west is some obscured stairs. Move down them to the water below and head west until your character reaches water. When this happens, use Surf to move out onto the water to your west. Now head west under the bridge. Once you're past it, move north under the next bridge. Once you're past that, you'll reach some stairs. Move onto the land and up the stairs. Grab the Rare Candy there!

That's actually it. If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Surf back before you had it, the next area to explore is Castelia City Sewers- Surf Required! Fly to Castelia City, then head to the eastern most dock on the south side of the city. Down some stairs near the end of that dock is the entrance to the Castelia City Sewers. Get keen for poo time!

Outside Complex

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
MagnemiteElectric/Steel15%10-11Tall Grass
PatratNormal35%10-13Tall Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying35%10-13Tall Grass
AudinoNormal100%10-13Shaking Grass
AlomomolaWater95%5-15Rippling Water
JellicentWater/Ghost5%5-15Rippling Water
KrabbyWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
KinglerWater10%50-70Fishing Spots
LumineonWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
MagbyFire15%10-11Tall Grass
ElekidElectric15%10-11Tall Grass

Move south. You'll notice an item in the grass to your left. Go over and grab it; it turns out to be a X Accuracy. At the T-junction take the path right. Go right to the end. Just north of the crane you'll notice a set of steps leading down to a path running along the water. Go down these steps. You'll notice a man here. If you choose the top option ('Yes') when asked a question, he will take one of your Poke Balls away and give you a Great Ball! You can only do this once per day though. Feel free to return here every day if you feel necessary and you'll continue to be able to slowly convert your Poke Balls to Great Balls.

From there, follow the path north, then west behind the buildings. You'll eventually run up some steps and now be in a small path between the city wall and trees. Follow this path south and east until you reach the end. There's an item here. Press 'A' when facing right to grab the Silk Scarf. Backtrack all the way until you're back at the T-junction. This time take the path south until you're actually inside the complex.

Inside Complex

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
GrowlitheFire20%11-13Tall Grass
KoffingPoison15%10-13Tall Grass
MagnemiteElectric/Steel25%10-12Tall Grass
PatratNormal15%10-13Tall Grass
GrowlitheFire20%12-14Dark Grass
KoffingPoison15%11-14Dark Grass
MagnemiteElectric/Steel25%11-13Dark Grass
PatratNormal15%11-14Dark Grass
AudinoNormal100%10-13Shaking Grass
MagbyFire25%10-12Tall Grass
MagbyFire25%11-13Dark Grass
ElekidElectric25%10-12Tall Grass
ElekidElectric25%11-13Dark Grass

If you go left between the warehouse and the wall, you'll notice that there's a plant blocking your path south. To get past it you need HM01, which teaches the move Cut. To get HM01 you first need to defeat Gym Leader Roxie, so it's going to be a while before you can just yet. I'll remind you to come back here and cut the plant down later, so don't worry! Run back to the main path.

Move south to the bald man. Make sure you talk to him to be asked to defeat a couple of trainers in this area (you'll get a reward from him at the end if you do). Continue south underneath an orange pipe. The Youngster you'll see here is itching for a fight. Be sure you're prepared as he has a Lv.13 Pokemon.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Masahiro

Once defeated, head into the grass to Masahiro's south-east. You'll notice a one-tile space in the Tall Grass. Interact with this space to find a Great Ball! continue south to the very bottom of the area. Here you'll see a Lass looking out towards sea. Move up and speak to her to battle.

Trainer Battle: Lass Daya

Once the Lass has been done with, move north and take the steps to your left leading up to the platforms. Move north then east along the platforms. You can walk on the orange pipes connecting to other platforms, just be careful not to walk off or idle or you'll find yourself back on the ground below. Walk along the pipes to the platform to your east. From there, go to the platform to your south and take the steps down to the Worker. Talk to him for a battle.

Trainer Battle: Worker Isaac

After you've battle the Worker, run down the second set of stairs and collect TM46 at the bottom. This TM teaches Thief. Run back up both sets of stairs and take the pipe to the platform north, then use the pipe once more to reach the northern-most platform. Talk the Worker here if you wish to verse him.

Trainer Battle: Worker Mitchell

Now, take the pipe west to the platform there. Run around to the other side and take the next pipe north-west to the platform with the Youngster on it. It's time for another battle!

Trainer Battle: Youngster Waylon

Now move back onto the pipe and purposely drop off. Talk to the Worker on the ground here to start yet another battle.

Trainer Battle: Worker Nathan

Jump down the ledge to your south. Continue down until you're out of the grass. When you've gone as far south as you can, move east. You'll now be back in the main area. You've now battled everyone and collected everything! Oh wait, there are still a couple of things things left! Head back to the bald man next to the tree near the beginning of the area. He'll hand you TM94 - Rock Smash as payment for defeating a couple of the trainers here. Awesome!

Now, if you see every Pokemon available to you in this area, you'll be able to receive a number of Great Balls by talking to the blonde-haired woman north-west of Lass Daya. Until you've done that though, she'll refuse to hand them over (Thanks to Dolier189 for this find).

The two most notable Pokemon to collect in this area are Magnemite, the only Pokemon thus far that Poison-type Pokemon are weak against. As Virbank City Gym is a Poison-type gym, it's highly recommended that you catch a Magnemite and train it up to at least Lv.16, so that it can be used effectively against Roxie.

The other notable Pokemon is the first version exclusive! If you have Pokemon Black 2 it's Magby and if you have Pokemon White 2 it's Elekid! Pokemon here range from Lv.10 to Lv.13, so you can train your own Pokemon up a bit fairly easily here. Once you've caught and trained all that you want to, go back to Virbank City.

Gym Information

Type: Poison

Leader: Roxie

Recommended Team:

  • Magnemite
  • Not Riolu
  • Not Sewaddle or Sunkern
  • Poison-Type with strong non-Poison-Type moves
  • Any other Pokemon

Once you've healed your Pokemon and bought any items that you think you may need (have a number of Antidotes ready, it's a Poison-type gym after all), it's time to tackle the gym itself. Head to it and enter. Walk down the steps until and walk over to the door until you're stopped once again by Clyde. He'll give you yet another Fresh Water and give you a small amount of information about the Gym.. Once you're ready, go through the doors.

You'll find yourself in a music club! The two people at the south side of the room aren't trainers, but those that are on stage are. Move around the stools and tables and walk up the stairs onto the stage.

You have to defeat the Roughneck drummer and Guitarist before you can face the Roxie, the Gym Leader and bassist. It doesn't matter who you face first, but this guide will assume that you face the drummer first.

Gym Member Battle: Roughneck Nicky

Once he's defeated, go over to the Guitarist and speak to her to challenge her.

Gym Member Battle: Guitarist Billy Jo

Once the Guitarist has been defeated it's time to face Roxie herself. Go and heal and restock etc., then return and prepare to face the Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Roxie
PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3

With Magnemite in your party, this battle should be easier than the one against Cheren. Make sure that your party's average level is about 13 before challenging Roxie. It's recommended that your Magnemite's a level or two higher.

Don't start with Magnemite, but instead use it against Whirlipede when you face it. Use all your other Pokemon first to deal Koffing damage until it's defeated. Roxie will have a Super Potion that she'll use on Koffing when it's HP is low, so be prepared for that. When Koffing's finally defeated, switch your Magnemite out as Roxie switches out Whirlipede.

As Whirlipede only has Venoshock (which can't damage Magnemite at all) and Pursuit (which is weak against Magnemite) as its offensive moves, it can't do much damage at all. Now simply use SonicBoom or any other damaging move until Whirlipede faints and you've won! Easy, right?

As a reward for winning, Roxie will give you the Toxic Badge! Congratulations! She'll mention that Pokemon that you get in trades will obey you, up to Level 30 now. Furthermore, she'll also reward you with a TM, TM09. This teaches Venoshock. Once you're done talking to her, leave the gym and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. The man that was blocking the gate to the north-north-east of the Pokemon Center is now gone and you can enter! When you're ready, do so. You'll be in PokeStar Studios!

PokeStar Studios

Walk through the gate leading north out of Virbank City (there's nothing to collect this time) and come out the other side. You'll come upon the man that was blocking the gate before and that was standing in the Gym when you battled Roxie. He's talking to another man, about you of all things. He'll notice you and, after conversing, will drag you all around Pokestar Studios, forcing you to watch a movie and even create your own before finally allowing you to go off on your own once more.

To create the movie, simply talk to the blonde-haired man next to the door at the back. Select whichever option you like and you'll then be taken into the studio. Here you will have a fake Pokemon battle. Once it's over, whether you win or lose, you're free to explore. Acting out the scenes in particular ways will allow you to get different kinds of endings. Good Endings will perform better at the Box Office, Bad Endings won't and Strange Endings, which can be difficult to get, are the best of all, netting huge Box Office earnings. See the Brycen-Man for details on how to get particular endings.

Feel free to play around with Pokestar Studios and film your own movies. When you're ready, head back to Virbank City.

More On PokeStar Studios Coming Soon!

Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!

Making sure all your Pokemon are healthy, head east from the Pokemon Center and follow the path around south. You'll come upon Roxie and Hugh facing off against some Team Plasma Grunts. Move up and see what the commotion is. When conversing, select the top option ('yes') when asked the question. Once the talk is done, Roxie, Hugh and you each take a single grunt to fight and the battle begins!

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

Once you (quite easily I hope) defeat the Grunt, he will barge past you and the others will quickly follow. After more chatter, Roxie will give you HM01, which allows you to teach Cut to your Pokemon. It's now time to take these Plasma Grunts down! Back to Route 20 we head!

Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma

Back track to where the Hiker is. Just to his west is Hugh, who's lost him. To avoid grass, simply jump down the ledges to your west so that you're back at the beginning of the route. Now head east over the bridge and you'll see the Team Plasma Grunt to your south. Talk to her to begin the battle.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Grunt

After the battle the grunt will leave and Hugh will talk to you. It's time to head back to Virbank City once more.

Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland

Heal your Pokemon and head back to where you battled the Grunts. If you haven't already done so, don't forget to head back to the Virbank Complex and cut that tree down with your new HM. You'll find a Super Potion if you do.

Now that you're back at the harbour you'll see Roxie and the captain of the boat talking. Once they're done, follow the captain inside the building. Inside, Hugh's already buying a ticket. Answer his question with the top ('yes') option and you'll board the boat! After a nice, cute little cut-scene you'll arrive in Castelia City!

Castelia City

Hugh will wander off. Move to the south end of the dock that you're currently on. You'll notice an item sitting next to the bottom right lamppost. Pick it up to reveal that it's a Heart Scale! Move north and leave the current dock. Don't forget that you can talk to the captain of the ship at any time and select the top option ('Yes') to sail back to Virbank City whenever you wish to.

A man will immediately stop you and give you a Bicycle, as well as mention the Castelia Harlequin Hunt, which will be covered a little later on. How convenient! Hop on the bike and get exploring! If you feel a little daunted by the size, follow along to make sure that you collect and do everything. Only actions that will get you items or help you in your journey will be listed, but feel free to explore the city and enjoy.

First, go east down your current street. Heal yourself at the Pokemon Center if you need then head to the very right end of the street. Enter the gate there. Talk to the girl just next to the doorway to receive the Quick Claw. Later on this gate will open up and you'll be able to head into Skyarrow Bridge and beyond, but that's only after beating the Elite Four. Exit the gate and run left. Enter the street to the right of the Pokemon Center. Run down it and enter the first building on your right.


Go up to the top floor. In the south-west corner of the top floor is a Revive. Pick it up. To your right are three people gathered around a table. The people sitting at the bottom and the right of the table are both willing to battle. If you speak to either of them and select the top option ('Yes') when asked a question, you will begin the battle.

The information for each battle is below. Although the Hiker is simply another trainer, his Pokemon does have Leftovers, so you need to be a little careful. The other trainer is none other than one of the most well-known employees of GAME FREAK, Shigeki Morimoto. He has is very own class and is included in the game as a tribute to him. For that reason alone you should battle him! DO IT.

[The man sitting at the bottom of the table]

Trainer Battle: GAME FREAK Nishino
PokemonLevelTypeHeld Item

[The man sitting on the right side of the table]

Trainer Battle: GAME FREAK Morimoto

Morimoto has various items at his disposal in this battle, including Super Potions and Oran Berrys.

You can come back and battle these guys once a day, so feel free to. Once you're done, exit the building. Back on the street, head north and enter the next building on your left. Go up to the top floor. Talk to the Guitarist here to receive TM44, which teaches Rest. Exit this building. Head north until you exit the street. You'll now be at the fountain. Walk around and enter the next street to your left.

Run south until you reach the ice-cream stand. You can talk to the girl here and buy either one or twelve Casteliacones once per day, excluding days during Winter. One costs $100, so twelve therefore will cost you $1200. If you by a cone, a businessman walking buy will note that you have and continue walking. Once you're done, enter the building just across from the ice-cream stand.

Art Gallery

It's an art gallery! Talk to the man in the north-east corner. He will ask for a Pokemon of a certain random type. If you can show him one of that type before the day ends he will reward you with a berry of your choice. If you really want that berry, save before you talk to him for the first time of the day. If he asks for something that you don't have, simply reset and try again. The berries that you can choose from are as follows:

Menu OptionBerry
1Cheri Berry
2Chesto Berry
3Pecha Berry
4Rawst Berry
5Aspear Berry

This event resets each day, so you can get one berry per day as long as you can show him a Pokemon of the type that he asks for. When you're done, exit back to the street and run south until you're out of the street.

You should now be back where you received the Bicycle. After battling Morimoto and the Nishino you may need to heal yourself. If so, run east to the Pokemon Center and heal yourself. Run back, continue left and enter the building just to the left of the street you just exited.

Battle Company

This is the Battle Company building. On the 47th floor are a number of trainers all itching to battle challengers. Besides training your Pokemon, there are also some decent item rewards, so it may be worth taking a look. On the 55th floor is the CEO and another item reward, so you may also want to take a look there.

As soon as you move forward in the 1st floor you'll be stopped by a person who'll give you an Exp. Share before taking the elevator to one of the upper floors. Talk to the blue-haired girl sitting at a table to your right. She will give you an item depending on which dialogue option that you choose. See below to see which item corresponds with which option.

Menu OptionBerry
1Miracle Seed
2Mystic Water
4Exit without choosing item

If you pick the last option, you can come back later and still claim an item. Choose whichever item suits you best, although I'd recommend against picking Charcoal unless you have to Pokemon you'd like to equip it to in your party as you're going to be obtaining one very soon anyway. After picking the option you'll be asked to confirm it. To confirm pick the top ('Yes') option. Once you have it, enter the elevator and go to the 47th floor first.

Battle Company - 47th Floor

The 47th floor features a decent array of trainers. If you simply want to skip the trainers and collect the only item reward that you can without fighting, sneak past the trainer to the right of the room by staying as far left as possibly without moving into sight of the man in the top-left corner. From there, simply move past the man in the centre of the room on his left side, then move around and speak to the person in the bottom-right corner who will award you with a Scope Lens. Move back to the elevator the same way.

If you do plan to battle the trainers though, the information is found below.

[The man in the top-left corner]

Trainer Battle: Clerk Male Clemens

The man rewards you with two Quick Balls for defeating him.

[The man on the centre-right side of the room]

Trainer Battle: Clerk Male Gilligan

[The man in the centre of the room]

Trainer Battle: Clerk Male Warren

The man rewards you with five Timer Balls for defeating him.

[The woman in the bottom-left corner]

Trainer Battle: Clerk Female Britney

Once Britney's defeated grab the Guard Spec. to her west, between the two desks. Once all trainers have been defeated, talk to the man in the bottom-right corner of the room to receive the Scope Lens, then leave the floor.

Battle Company - 55th Floor

You may want to go back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon first. Once you have, come back and take the elevator up to the 55th floor. There's an Ether on the ground in the top-left corner of this room. Grab it then move to the top-right area of the room. You'll be stopped once again by the man that gave you the Exp. Share earlier. He'll reveal himself as the grandfather of the CEO of the company, who happens to be a School Kid. As soon as you're stopped by the man, you'll be forced to battle the School Kid, so make sure you're ready beforehand.

Trainer Battle: School Kid Neil

Once the boy's defeated, leave the Battle Company building. Continue left down the street. Enter the dock that you come upon just before you reach the next street. Talk to the woman wandering around here to receive the Destiny Knot. Exit the dock, and enter the street just to the left of it.

The Rest of The City

This place is actually a narrow alley. Move down it. You'll suddenly get stopped by a rather random shady-looking man that's hiding behind a dumpster. He'll randomly give you TM70, Flash, before letting you go on your way. You'll notice that there's a cafe here. Enter it. Sonata Cafe doesn't have a lot to do in it, but you can grab a free item. Talk to the man at the counter and he will give you some Moomoo Milk. YAYAYAYAY! Exit the cafe and move to the end of the alley.

You'll now be back in the area with the fountain. Move over to the fountain and talk to the bald man standing next to it. If you do, you'll unlock one of the Funfest Missions called Train with Martial Artists! (Credits to Buckwheat TZA and Marie for that). How lovely! There are also Vending Machines north-east of the fountain where you can buy drinks that heal your Pokemon. Once you're done, enter the street north of the fountain.

Move down the street and enter the first building on your right. Talk to the man guarding the elevator and reply with the top option ('Yes') when asked if he can search you. Once you're searched, you're free to enter the elevator. Take the elevator to the 47th floor. It's a party! Speak to the woman in the top-left corner here and she'll give you TM45 which teaches Attract. There's nothing more to do here besides chat to foreigners, so simply leave the building. Enter the building on the opposite side of the street.

Talk to the bald man near the counter. He'll give you an Amulet Coin. Exit the building and enter the second building on the right of the street. Use the elevator here to head up to the 47th floor. In the bottom-right part of the floor is a Charcoal. Grab it.

You can also talk to the man in the centre of the room for information on badges. If you reply with a 'Yes' to his question, you're given a number of dialogue options. If you select the first option, he explains what the 1st Badge allows you to do, if you select the second option, he explains what the 2nd option allows you to do, and so on. Once you're ready, head back into the street.

Head to the end of the street. There's a Vending Machine next to the gate entrance if you wish to use it. Once you're ready, enter the gate. Move forward a few steps and you'll be stopped by none other than Bianca. This time she gives you the Dowsing MCHN! What awesomesauce!! Once she's left you have two options. The first is to enter Route 4, although you can only explore a portion of it at the moment. The second is to return to Castelia City and beat the Gym Leader so that you can explore Route 4 fully. If you wish to skip ahead a little, click on one of the blue 'Route 4's, otherwise this guide will assume that you're heading back into Castelia.

Head back into the area with the fountain and this time take the western-most street south. Enter the building on your left as you reach it. On the bottom floor is the Name Rater! He is the bald man on the east side of the room. Speak to him and follow the prompts if you wish to rename your Pokemon. Pokemon that you've obtained through trade and that aren't originally yours can't be renamed. A woman, found near the Name Rater, will offer one massage per day to a single Pokemon of your choice. This will increase the Pokemon's happiness. On the second floor, you'll find people talking about the Medal Rally. On the third floor you'll find Fennel a researcher of Pokemon Trainers. Make sure to talk to the woman to the west of Fennel, as she'll reveal herself as Amanita, the creater of the Pokemon PC Boxes. 'Someone's PC', will now become 'Amanita's PC'. You can talk to the people here to learn about a variety of other things. When you're all done, exit the building and continue south down the street.

You will see Clyde standing in front of the entrance to the Castelia City Gym. Speak with him and Iris, the purple-haired girl, to find out that Burgh, the Gym Leader, is currently away and that Team Plasma are involved in yet more antics! Head south, out of the street.

Head south into the western-most dock. If you wish to, you can speak with the captain of the vessel moored here and get him to take you to Liberty Garden. There isn't really anything to do here at all, so there's little point actually visiting it. Once you're done, head back into the main part of Castelia City. The building to your right, known as the Passerby Analytics HQ, has a number of features to do with surveys, greetings and other things to do with Infrared play. If you wish to partake in this, enter and do so.

To continue the storyline, run towards the right end of the area. Just past the Pokemon Center, Iris is waiting for you, telling you that there are Team Plasma Grunts in the eastern-most dock. You may want to heal if you haven't already. Continue. Once you reach the end, follow Iris into the dock.

Iris will tell you that you need to enter the Castelia City Sewers. Your rival Hugh will then appear. Answer 'Yes' or 'No' to his question and he will promptly run into the sewers himself. It's time to follow him in! Head around and enter.

Castelia Harlequin Hunt

Before heading into the Castelia City Sewers, you may want to partake in the Harlequin Hunt. It's automatically started when you recieve the Bicycle from a Harlequin. You must now find three other Harlequins, speak with them, then return to the original one to receive your reward, a Rare Candy.

The first is in the Battle Company building. This can be found to the west of the Pokemon Center, found just past a street leading north. Head inside and you'll find the Harlequin on the bottom floor, sitting on a seat. Talk with him, then head back out. The second Harlequin is in the Passerby Analytics HQ. To get there, head west past another street leading north. Just before the next street you'll find the HQ. Head inside and talk with the Harlequin just east of the entrance. Walk back outside and move up the street just west of the HQ.

Move north and enter the only accessible building to your left. Use the elevator inside to head up to 2F. Talk to the Harlequin near the elevator on 2F. Now head back down and exit the building. Backtrack to the Pokemon Center. The Harlequin standing in front of the entrance to the street west of the Pokemon Center is the man to talk to to receive your prize. Do so and you'll be handed that Rare Candy! Once you're done, head onto the Castelia City Sewers!

Castelia City Sewers

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound
GrimerPoison95%5-20Rippling Water
MukPoison5%5-20Rippling Water
GrimerPoison90%40-60Fishing Spots
MukPoison10%50-70Fishing Spots

Head down the stairs. When asked a question by Hugh reply with the top option ('Yes') and he'll tag along. His party is as follows:

[If Snivy was your starter]]


Note: Pignite is holding some Charcoal.

[If Tepig was your starter]]


Note: Dewott is holding some Mystic Water.

[If Oshawott was your starter]]


Note: Servine is holding a Miracle Seed.

Castelia City Sewers - Spring or Summer

You now need to explore the sewers. Walking around in this area triggers random battles as if you were walking through grass. What's more, all battles are double battles as if you were walking through dark grass. The double battles themselves work differently to normal double battles however. Instead of you using two of your own Pokemon and controlling both, you control one of your own and Hugh controls one of his.

Between every battle while Hugh is travelling with you, your Pokemon automatically heal! Even if fainted, they're restored to full health. This also goes for Hugh's Snivy. Every time you begin another battle, it'll be at full health. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of, as you can train without the need to run back and forth healing you Pokemon whenever they become too weak. Once Hugh goes back off on his own, the healing between battles no longer occurs. Note that all trainer battles here excluding the one involving the two Team Plasma Grunts, are single battles and Hugh will take no part in them.

First, move across the bridge. Follow the path left until you reach another bridge. You know have two choices, you can either take the route south for a detour where you'll find a number of items, battle a number of trainers and have the chance to extensively train your Pokemon, or you can continue left, immediately taking on the Team Plasma Grunts. It's assumed that you want to explore the entire area, but if you don't just skip ahead to where we backtrack to this point and take the route left.

Move over the bridge and head south. The path leading west is guarded by a man who refuses to let you past. Instead, continue south until you reach a Janitor. This guy's ready for a fight!

Trainer Battle: Janitor Felix

Once you've won, continue south. You'll reach another bridge leading west. Move over. In an alcove sits an item. Move over and grab the X Special in it. From there, move north and continue west behind the wall. You'll see a Clerk Male randomly standing around. Move past him and continue along the path. You'll move over a second bridge.

Move north until you reach two bridges both leading north. Take the right one first. You'll find a Worker here that's willing to battle.

Trainer Battle: Worker Zack

Once defeated, move back over the bridge. This time, take the bridge on the left leading north. Continue north over the second bridge. Here you'll see a Doctor. Talk to him if you want to fight.

Trainer Battle: Doctor Heath

From now on, anytime that you talk to the Doctor that you just defeated, he will heal your Pokemon. As your Pokemon already automatically heal between battles because you're travelling with Hugh, there's little need for this though. Move right, past the door. You'll notice another item on the ground. Move over and pick it up. It's some Leftovers. Now enter the door that you just moved past.

Inside, a scientist will give you a random healing item from a small range of possible ones. You can return here once per day to receive another. Once you're received it, leave the room. There appears to be nothing important over the bridge to your west, so instead move back over the one leading south, continuing over the second one.

Now take the bridge west, followed by the one that leads north. Collect the Rare Bone lying on the ground on this platform then move back over the last bridge. There's nothing else to do in this part of the sewers, so backtrack all the way back, past the Janitor and the man that was guarding the staircase until you're back at the point where you chose to go south instead of west. This time, go west.

Pick the TwistedSpoon up off of the ground then move over and approach the Plasma Grunts. After speaking with them you'll enter into a Double Battle.

Double Battle: Team Plasma Grunt & Team Plasma Grunt

The Grunts will scram after you defeat them... and Burgh, the Gym Leader will appear! After talking, Hugh will give you HM04, which teaches Strength. He will soon leave. A strange man will then appear from the door to your north and promptly leave. It's your first interaction with Colress! Finally, Burgh lets you know that he's now back in his Gym and also leaves.

It's now back to single battles again. Take the slightly obscured path to your left. Follow the path until you reach the item at the end. Pick it up to find that it's a Heart Scale. Backtrack to where you battled the grunts. If you enter the door to your north, you will enter an entirely separate area known as Relic Passage. This is only part of the Relic Passage known as Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance It isn't too big and has a few trainers and a few nice wild Pokemon, so you might consider exploring it. If you wish to explore it, do so, otherwise exit the sewers at the same place that you entered it.