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by RedIsPoetic

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

Version: 2.20 | Updated: 10/22/12

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
    1. Controls
    2. Exploring, Collecting and Battling
  3. Main Walkthrough
    1. Preparing For Your Adventure
    2. Aspertia City
    3. Route 19
    4. Floccesy Town
    5. Route 20
    6. Floccesy Ranch
    7. Floccesy Town - Alder's House
    8. Aspertia City Gym
    9. Route 20 - Onwards to Virbank City!
    10. Virbank City
    11. Virbank Complex
    12. Virbank City Gym
    13. PokeStar Studios
    14. Virbank City - Team Plasma Strikes!
    15. Route 20 - Chasing Team Plasma
    16. Virbank City - Headed For The Mainland
    17. Castelia City
    18. Castelia City Sewers
    19. Relic Passage - Castelia City Sewers Entrance
    20. Castelia City Gym
    21. Route 4
    22. Desert Resort
    23. Relic Castle - Desert Resort Entrance
    24. Join Avenue
    25. Nimbasa City
    26. Anville Town
    27. Old Nimbasa City Gym
    28. Route 5
    29. Route 16
    30. Lostlorn Forest
    31. New Nimbasa City Gym
    32. Nimbasa City - Team Plasma Strike Again!
    33. Route 5 & The Driftveil Drawbridge
    34. Driftveil City
    35. Route 6
    36. Chargestone Cave
    37. Driftveil City Gym
    38. PWT
    39. Plasma Frigate - PWT
    40. Relic Passage - PWT Entrance
    41. Relic Castle - Relic Passage Entrance
    42. Chargestone Cave - Onwards To Mistralton City!
    43. Mistralton Cave
    44. Mistralton City
    45. Route 7
    46. Celestial Tower
    47. Mistralton City Gym
    48. Lentimas Town
    49. Reversal Mountain
    50. Strange House
    51. Undella Town
    52. Undella Bay
    53. Route 14
    54. Abundant Shrine
    55. Route 13
    56. Lacunosa Town
    57. Route 12
    58. Village Bridge
    59. Route 11
    60. Opelucid City
    61. Route 9
    62. Shopping Mall Nine
    63. Opelucid City Gym
    64. Opelucid City - Team Plasma's Gone Too Far!
    65. Marine Tube
    66. Humilau City
    67. Humilau City Gym
    68. Route 22
    69. Route 21
    70. Seaside Cave
    71. Plasma Frigate - Route 21
    72. Giant Chasm
    73. Plasma Frigate - Giant Chasm
    74. Giant Chasm - The Final Chase
    75. Route 23
    76. Victory Road
    77. Pokemon League
  4. Post-Game Walkthrough
    1. Back At Aspertia City
    2. Skyarrow Bridge
    3. Pinwheel Forest
    4. Nacrene City
    5. Route 3
    6. Wellspring Cave
    7. Striaton City
    8. Dreamyard
    9. Route 2
    10. Accumula Town
    11. Route 1
    12. Nuvema Town
    13. Route 17
    14. Route 18
    15. Route 17 Again
    16. P2 Laboratory
    17. Route 18 Again
    18. Victory Road - Entering N's Castle
    19. N's Castle
    20. Tubeline Bridge
    21. Route 8
    22. Moor of Icirrus
    23. Icirrus City
    24. Dragonspiral Tower
    25. Giant Chasm - Kyurem
    26. Black City
    27. White Forest
    28. Route 15
    29. Marvelous Bridge
    30. Cave of Being
    31. Reversal Mountain - Heatran
    32. Clay Tunnel
    33. Underground Ruins
    34. Twist Mountain
    35. Abyssal Ruins
  5. Other Areas
    1. Surf Required Areas
    2. Waterfall Required Areas
    3. Battle Subway
    4. Pokemon Musicals
    5. Big Stadium
    6. Small Court
    7. Pokemon World Tournament
  6. Appendices
    1. Legendary Pokemon
    2. Type Vs. Type Chart
    3. Medal List
    4. Move List
    5. Shop List
    6. Item List - General
    7. Item List - Medicine
    8. Item List - Berries
    9. Item List - TMs & HMs
    10. Item List - Key Items
  7. Version History
  8. Legal Notice
  9. Contact Me
  10. Credits
  11. Final Word
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Spoiler Warning: This guide naturally contains plot spoilers, as well as spoilers on who Gym Leaders are, what other characters are present in the game etc. You've received fair warning.

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Welcome to my Pokemon Black Version 2 & Pokemon White Version 2 FAQ/Walkthrough! Straight off the bat - I'm a huge Pokemon fan. I have been hooked since 2001 when I first got Pokemon Blue and haven't stopped loving the series since. I hope that love shows throughout the following mass of text, as I guide you through the many aspects of Pokemon B/W 2.

Pokemon B/W 2, developed by Game Freak, still features classic Pokemon gameplay, with the primary objectives being to collect Pokemon, make them battle, stop the bad guys and become a Pokemon Master. It does however, have a wealth of new content, with two quite notable changes among a number of smaller. The first is the introduction of some previous generation Pokemon from the very start of the game. You no longer have to wait until you obtain the National Dex to be able to begin catching these Pokemon, but can instead start immediately. The second is the addition of the Pokemon World Tournament. This is every Pokemon fan's dream. This tournament features every notable Pokemon Trainer (whether Gym Leader, Rival, Elite Four Member or other notable trainer) of every region! You participate in it too, battling against your favourite NPCs from past and present games in a knockout-style tournament until there's only one trainer left. You can participate in both single and double battles too, making for even more possibilities!

For the most part, the gameplay between Black/White 2 and Black/White are the same, but there is an entirely new plotline that follows on from the original games. Set two years after B/W, you take control of a new trainer and start out in Aspertia City, the first time you've ever started out in a city as opposed to a town. Aspertia City, along with Floccesy Town, Virbank City and their surrounding areas, is totally new, giving you something never before seen. Once these places have been explored, the player can then venture back to most of the original areas in Unova.

The guide itself aims to provide a complete walkthrough, guiding you through all of the areas found in the game, as well as all post-game content. It also aims to provide complete lists of moves, items, shops and other helpful appendices that can be used to make the game easier. The various features within the game will also be given an explanation, including simpler things such as seasons, Pokemon types and how battling works, to more advanced things such as EVs, IVs and how damage is calculated.

Pokemon B/W have certainly been done justice with this sequel, making for a new area to explore and an immensely fun game all around. And now your adventure begins!

- RedIsPoetic

This guide is based upon the Japanese version of BW2. All content between the As this game has only just been officially released in the US, localised names that were not known before release have not yet been changed and are still based upon the Japanese names. I am in the process of converting these names to the appropriate English-version names.
I'm Aussie, so I spell things how they're meant to be spelt (none of this 'Mom' crap, it's 'Mum', alright?!). Joking aside, the majority of readers speak US English. If you're one of them, I apologise for the differences in spelling of some words.


The in-game controls vary depending on whether you're in battle, navigating a menu or exploring the world. The varying uses are explained below. The control is listed on the left and it function's listed to its right.

AUse, Select Option
BCancel, Hold and use D-Pad to run
XOpens/Closes Pause Menu
YUse registered item, if one is registered
StartNo Use
SelectNo Use
UpMove character up, scroll up options
DownMove character down, scroll down options
LeftMove character left, move left through options
RightMove character right, move right through options
LNo Use
RNo Use
Touch ScreenSelect pressed option
Circle Pad (3DS Only)Acts as a substitute for the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons.

Exploring, Collecting and Battling

Exploring the world of Pokemon, collecting Pokemon and using them to battle are the three primary elements that constitute the core of every Pokemon game's gameplay. Each of these will be given an overview.


An integral part of any Pokemon game is its sense of adventure and seeing wondrous things. Visiting towns and cities with your Pokemon and speaking to residents to hear many of the entertaining, informative and quirky things that they have to say are just one element of the many that make up exploration. The Pokemon world is made up of a three primary places, which are:

  • Towns and cities
  • Routes
  • Special Wilderness Locations

Within towns and cities, there are few trainer battles, except in specially designated areas such as Pokemon Gyms where there are many more. In these places you can buy and sell items, heal your Pokemon and talk to other people, sometimes getting some very cool items!

Routes are the primary areas of wilderness that connect towns. They almost always feature many trainers that are itching to battle. They also contain grass (or dark sand or another equivalent depending on the climate of the route) which can be moved through to find wild Pokemon, which can be caught.

The final area type is special wilderness locations. These generally don't connect cities, but instead branch of from other areas of all kinds. They also feature wild Pokemon and trainers and quite often need to explored to advance the plot and tend to have a more interesting 'theme' to them than what Routes do.

Exploring the Pokemon world is all about imagination and losing yourself in a bit of a child-like fashion. It's about the sense of realism and the feeling that the world is very much alive and not just a computer-generated entity.


Collecting and assembling your own unique party of Pokemon is one of the many awesometastic things that you can do in any and all Pokemon games. You collect Pokemon through catching them in the wild. This is done by throwing Poke Balls at them when they're weak and about to faint.

Although you can collect as many Pokemon as your PC can hold (which is a lot), you can only carry six around with you at any one time which form your party. These are the ones that you use in battle. Collecting and assembling a strong party is all a part of the fun!


The heart of Pokemon games, battling is where the game shines. In battles, one Pokemon is pitted against another. These Pokemon duke it out, attacking each other with moves until one prevails and the other faints. Obviously there is more to it than that, but this gives you an overall idea.

There are two types of battles, Wild battles and Trainer battles. Wild battles are against a single (or sometimes two or three in double and triple battles) wild Pokemon. Wild Pokemon are generally weaker than Pokemon that have been raised by a trainer, but can still be very dangerous.

The basic structure of a Pokemon battle is as follows. The first Pokemon in your party is sent out, followed by the first Pokemon of your opponent's party. If it's a wild Pokemon, it simply appears alone. Each Pokemon takes turns using a move. Moves can either be offensive and directly damage the enemy, or passive, meaning that they boost your own Pokemon stats, lower your opponent's stats or maybe even inflict them with a Status Ailment.

Both sides choose which move they will use at the beginning of the turn. The Pokemon with the higher speed stat generally uses their move first, followed by the other Pokemon's move. Play continues until one Pokemon faints. If the battle was against a Wild Pokemon which faints, it ends. If it was against a trainer which has more than one Pokemon and the first one faints, he chooses his next Pokemon and it appears. If your own Pokemon faints, you must choose your next Pokemon. Once all Pokemon on one side have been defeated, the other team is declared the winner.

Moves that deal damage sometimes have secondary effects and have different 'Base Damage' values. Type Match-Ups come into play here and often decide whether a Pokemon wins or loses.

Besides attacking, a player has two other options (three if it's a battle in the wild). The first is to use an item. Using an item means that the Pokemon can't use a move that turn. Items have a range of effects, from healing to Pokemon to catching them. Items are used before the other Pokemon uses its move. Items are an essential part of battling and using them well can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The second option is to switch Pokemon. This costs you a turn, but this means you can send out a Pokemon that is more powerful against the enemy, or just simply stronger. A third option is available in the wild, which is to 'Run'. if you run from a battle, it immediately ends. If your Pokemon is of a higher level than your opponent's, it's more likely that you will be successful in running from a battle. If you fail in running however, you lose your turn and your opponent can use a move.

These various features are the basics of what a Pokemon battle is.

Double, Triple and Rotation Battles

Besides single battles, there are also Double, Triple and Rotation battles. In these battles, two or three Pokemon are on the field at once, for each side. They each have a variety of special rules.

Double Battles

In these battles, it's obviously 2v2. The first two Pokemon in each player's party are sent out. The actions of the two Pokemon on both sides are chosen before anything happens. This can include using items or switching with other Pokemon, allowing for you to use items, switch Pokemon out twice etc. in a single turn. Using moves now also requires you to use select your target. Moves can have a number of target types and you can target both team mates and enemies. After all Pokemon have performed an action, any Pokemon that fainted during that turn will be replaced by another Pokemon, not immediately after they faint before anyone else performs their action. Other than this, battles play out in a similar way to Single Battles.

Triple Battles

In these battles, three Pokemon from each side are used, totally six Pokemon on the battlefield. Battles work just like Double Battles, except each side has an extra Pokemon to use. The two main things consider here (and one's an extension of the other) are Range and Pokemon placement.

Most moves have a Range extending only to those adjacent to them (including diagonally). In Triple Battles, Pokemon on the left or right side of the group can only target the enemy on their side, the middle enemy and the middle ally. Meanwhile, the Pokemon in the middle can target all other Pokemon, both enemies and allies. If a move is 'Long Range', they can target all other Pokemon, no matter where they are positioned on the field.

Pokemon placement is important here. You should position Pokemon in a way so that they're up against enemy Pokemon that their type is strong against. Obviously, in the case of the middle Pokemon, they should be hardier than the other Pokemon and should be at least type-neutral to all three enemy Pokemon. If their type's strong against them, all the better.

There is also one extra type of action that can be performed in Triple Battles, called 'Moving'. A Pokemon, instead of using a move, item etc., can opt to switch with an adjacent teammate. When it reaches their turn, the two Pokemon switch places. If the other Pokemon that moved then performs a move after and the target is now out of range, the move misses entirely, so be careful with it. If there's no Pokemon to switch with (ie. there are only two or one that haven't yet fainted in the entire party), they will simply move into the empty position.

Rotation Battles

The black sheep of battle-types, Rotation Battles work similarly to Single Battles, but have three Pokemon on the field at once, per side. In these battles, there is one 'active' Pokemon on each team, with the others standing to the side. Each turn, only this Pokemon performs an action. What differs this battle-type from others is the ability to rotate.

Rotating occurs before any moves are used. Neither side knows the Pokemon that the other side will rotate to, if they rotate at all, meaning that it's all about prediction. Obviously, using a range of Pokemon types will be of advantage here, so that you can switch to a strong type whenever the enemy rotates. If you have one type that's strong against the types of all of the enemy Pokemon, this should be used all the time. To rotate, simply select the 'Fight' option, then press the rotating arrows on the bottom left and right corners of the bottom screen to switch to the other Pokemon. When you do, select a move to use for them. If an item is used the currently active Pokemon will stay active. If a Pokemon is switched with one not on the field, the currently active Pokemon is the one that's switched out. Keep these things in mind when using items or switching Pokemon.

Type Match-Ups

What makes Pokemon battles unique is the use of the type system. Each Pokemon has one or two types, which reflect what kind of Pokemon they are. A fish Pokemon will be a water type, while a plant Pokemon will be a grass type; it's all pretty logical. What does this mean for battling though?

Well, as in real life, some things 'beat' others. Water douses fire and in the same way, Water-type moves used on a Fire-type Pokemon deal more damage. Fire-type moves also deal less damage to Water-Type Pokemon because of this. Not all types are strong or weak against all other types, but there are many that work in this way. Some types can't even damage Pokemon of certain types, such as Poison-Type moves when used on a Steel-Type Pokemon. Taking proper advantage of type match-ups is what separates the best from the rest.

To see the full type match-up chart, click the following link for the Type Vs. Type Chart.

Status Ailments

There a number of special Status Ailments which affect Pokemon in various ways. These can be caused by a number of ways, most notably moves, such as Sing. Just like they can be caused, they can also be cured. Some moves can cure them, but items and healing your Pokemon at a Pokemon Center are the primary ways to cure status ailments.

The primary ailments are as follows:

  • Burn

The Pokemon takes some damage at the end of every turn. Caused by some Fire-type moves. Can be cured with a Burn Heal.

  • Freeze

The Pokemon sometimes cannot physically move and therefore lose their turn. Caused by some Ice-type moves. Can be cured with an Ice Heal.

  • Paralysis

The Pokemon sometimes cannot physically move and therefore lose their turn. Caused by some Electric-type moves. Can be cured with a Parlyz Heal.

  • Poison

The Pokemon takes some damage at the end of every turn. Caused by some Poison-type moves. Can be cured with an Antidote.

  • Sleep

The Pokemon cannot perform any action. Caused by a variety of moves of differing types. Can be cured with an Awakening. Cures naturally after a number of turns in battle. Upon waking, the Pokemon will immediately perform its selected move.

These ailments transfer between battles and can be quite impairing unless dealt with as soon as possible. Of course, your Pokemon aren't the only ones that can inflict status ailments so make sure you're using them against your opponents too!

Becoming Pokemon World Champion

One of your primary goals in B/W 2 is to become the Pokemon World Champion. This is done by beating the Elite Four, four extremely talented trainers. To be able to face them however, you must defeat the eight Gym Leaders in your region, the Unova region. They are spread out among various cities and you must travel to find, meet and challenge them. If you beat one, they present you with a Gym Badge. Having all eight Gym Badges grants you the right to face the Elite Four. This task isn't easy and will take many hours to achieve, but progresses naturally along with the rest of the storyline.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is based upon the Japanese version of BW2. As such, it assumes that you either have a basic understanding of Japanese (enough to at least be able to convert Hiragana/Katakana into Romaji), or that you're enough of a Pokemon fan to be able to identify Pokemon, moves, items and the like without an English text cue. If you're playing the JP version, it's more than likely that you qualify for at least one of the categories above. This FAQ/Walkthrough is in the process of being converted so that it's based upon the US version of the games.
  • This walkthrough features a large number of internal hyperlinks. If you see a word or phrase highlighted in blue, you can click it to quickly and easily skip to information on that place, move, Pokemon, item, shop or whatever else it may be. This allows for much easier use and means that you can refer to information on something that you may not understand as you progress through the game, instead of having to scroll through searching for it and then scroll back to the point in the walkthrough that you were at. Once you want to return to the walkthrough after clicking an internal hyperlink, simply press 'Backspace' on your keyboard.
  • In the Japanese version, if you're ever asked a two option question during dialogue, reply with the top answer (it's generally 'Yes') unless stated otherwise within the walkthrough. This will help the game progress as needed. The main exception to the rule is when you're asked if you wish to give a nickname to your Pokemon and you don't wish to.
  • In the playthrough which is used as the basis for this guide, I played the Black version, used Oshawott as my starter and played during the 'Summer' in-game season. For this reason, some information on certain changes that occur when playing the White version, choosing a different starter or playing during a different in-game season may not be included, but the vast majority of information should be, so there's no need to worry!
  • This guide uses '$' as the currency instead of Pokemon Dollars or Yen.
  • This walkthrough assumes that you have decent knowledge of how Pokemon games work and so will assume that you know when and how to heal your Pokemon, how to catch and train Pokemon and all of the other core features found within all games in the series.
  • Chance of Encounter percentages are still approximations at this point, so don't treat them as exact figures yet. They will become more accurate in later updates.

Preparing For Your Adventure

As an introduction to the game, the Pokemon Professor of the Unova Region, Professor Juniper, gives the classic explanation of what Pokemon are and what they are used for. You're then prompted to provide the gender of the character you wish to play in the game, as well as your name and your rival's name. After all three have been selected, you enter the world of Pokemon!

Aspertia City

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
BasculinWater100%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
GoldeenWater60%40-60Fishing Spots
SeakingWater10%50-70Fishing Spots

The game starts with your mother receiving a call just outside her house. She'll find out that Professor Juniper wishes to give her child a Pokedex. She'll be told that Bianca's going to be the one to give it to you! After she takes the phone call, she'll go inside and let you know that she's home. You're now given control of your character. Move over to her and she'll begin speaking to you. Select 'Yes' (the top of the two options that you're given) four times as you move through the dialogue. Once you've finished speaking to her, leave the house.

You don't need to worry about entering the building to your left, as it contains nothing of note. Instead, begin moving up the street to your left. You'll be stopped by your rival and his little sister. After a bit of talking, his sister will go home and your rival will now tag along.

You're free to explore the Aspertia City, although there's not a lot to check out at the moment. Your rival won't let you visit the Pokemon Center, Trainers' School or leave town. The only useful thing you really can do, is walk up the steps leading up to the lookout. These can be found on the street leading north to the right of the Pokemon Center. When you reach the lookout, Hugh will stop you and begin talking to you. Once he's finished move over to Bianca.

Talk to Bianca. Answer yes to both of her questions. Once the dialogue ends, talk to her once more and you'll be given the chance to choose your starter Pokemon! The three starters are as follows:

Starter Information

Note: All starters begin on Level 5 with no held items.


TypeUnova Pokedex No.National Dex No.AbilityMove 1Move 2


Base Stats
HPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedOverall


  • @ Lv.17 From Snivy to Servine
  • @ Lv.36 From Servine to Serperior


TypeUnova Pokedex No.National Dex No.AbilityMove 1Move 2
Fire#004#498BlazeTackleTail Whip


Base Stats
HPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedOverall


  • @ Lv.17 From Tepig to Pignite
  • @ Lv.36 From Pignite to Emboar


TypeUnova Pokedex No.National Dex No.AbilityMove 1Move 2
Water#007#501TorrentTackleTail Whip


Base Stats
HPAttackDefenseSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseSpeedOverall


  • @ Lv.17 From Oshawott to Dewott
  • @ Lv.36 From Dewott to Samurott

Once you've picked your starter, you'll be asked if you wish to give a nickname to your newly acquired Pokemon; do so if you want to. From there, Bianca will give you a Pokedex! You can use this to record information on every Pokemon that exists when you encounter each one within the game. Finish speaking to her and begin to move back down the steps. Your rival will stop you and ask Bianca for his own Pokedex, which he will be given.

When you begin to move down the steps again, you'll be stopped by your rival once more. This time he wishes to test out the Pokemon that he hatched from an Egg. Completely by coincidence, it happens to have an type-advantage over yours.

Rival Battle!

[If your starter is Snivy]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2
Tepig5FireTackleTail Whip

[If your starter is Tepig]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2
Oshawott5WaterTackleTail Whip

[If your starter is Oshawott]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2

Whichever Pokemon you've chosen as your starter, it's best to simply use Tackle until your opponent has been defeated. More than likely your opponent will use their passive move at least once, which will let you get ahead and allow you to defeat them before they defeat you. If you win, your Pokemon will receive enough EXP to allow it to reach Level 6 and even almost Level 7.

Once the battle is over, you'll again begin talking to your rival. Eventually he'll leave and Bianca will take you to the Pokemon Center. Inside, you'll heal your Pokemon and Bianca will give you a tour, providing explanations of healing Pokemon, the PC and the Poke Mart. Once she's done, she'll give you ten Poke Balls! She'll then leave. Once you're done, go back outside.

You'll once again be stopped (ambushed?) by Bianca. Your mother and your rival's little sister will then approach you. Your mother will give you the Running Shoes and your rival's sister will give you the Town Map, as well as a second copy of it, which you'll be quested to give you rival. Soon after, Bianca will head out into the first route. You can now explore the area outside of Aspertia City! Unfortunately the Trainers' School is still blocked, so we can't take on the first Gym Leader just yet, but we'll be back later.

Go north up the street to the right of the Pokemon Center until you reach the gate at the end. Enter it. Once inside, move forward and you'll be stopped by the person in charge of the gate. She'll give you a Potion. Check out the Electronic Bulletin Board if you want, but otherwise exit the gate at the north end.

Aspertia City - Surf Required

Once you've obtained Surf, you can return here to do a little more exploring. When you Fly here, you'll wind up back in front of your house. You'll see some water to your east. Move over and head onto it by using Surf. Head east across the water to the other side. You'll find TM53 - Energy Ball there. Heck yes! Surf back to the city itself.

That's really it! If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Surf back before you had it, the next area to explore is Route 19 - Surf Required! Simply head through the gate north of Aspertia City to reach Route 19.

Route 19

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
PatratNormal50%2-4Tall Grass
PurrloinDark50%2-4Tall Grass
PatratNormal100%2-4Shaking Grass
BasculinWater100%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
PolitoedWater5%50-70Fishing Spots

You're now in Route 19, an extremely short area. Move forward and talk to Bianca. She gives you the obligatory explanation of how tall grass works and a run-through of how to catch a Pokemon. Once done, she'll simply leave and allow you to get on with things.

Follow the path provided, moving through the first patch of grass and halfway around the second patch. Move through the rest of it, ignoring the girl wandering around in it. You'll now be south of an area that contains a Youngster and an item amidst a bunch of grass. Go up and collect the item, which turns out to be a Potion. You can talk to the Youngster and find out how to jump over ledges by answering 'No' (the second option) to his question.

In Route 19 there are only two Pokemon that can be caught, Patrat and Purrloin, both of which you should catch. You may then want to train up your new Pokemon up to a decent level. Staying around the end of the route whilst training and catching Pokemon is the most efficient way to do it, as the Pokemon Center in the next town is very close, so you can easily heal your Pokemon there.

Other than that, the only thing left to do is continue on to Floccesy Town. Just before you reach it, a man with fiery hair will stop you and commence a conversation. He is Alder, the former Pokemon Champion during Pokemon Black & White. He'll ask you to follow him to train. Once done, continue and enter the town.

Route 19 - Surf Required

Once you've obtained Surf, you can return here to do a little more exploring. About halfway through this short route is some water (it's so short that you're not going to miss it). Use Surf and head out onto it. Head north-west across the water to a little alcove to find a Water Stone. Head back onto the water and head east. Continue to the very end where there are some steps. Move onto the land and up the steps. Head north, then west along the edge of the cliff to the item at the end. Pick up the Nest Ball, then backtrack to the stairs. This time head south. Near the end is a hidden Expert Belt. Use your Dowsing MCHN to find it.

That's really it! If you're going back through all of the previous areas that required Surf back before you had it, the next area to explore is Route 20 - Surf Required! Fly to Virbank City and head west out of the city to get there!

Floccesy Town

First thing's first, enter the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon. Once you're done, go back outside and continue right. You'll once again talk to Alder before he walks off to your north, waiting for you to follow. Let's explore a little first. Enter the first house to the right of the Pokemon Center and talk to the bald man inside. He'll give you a Potion.

Exit and move north up the street. There's not really anything else of note to do here, so continue north until you reach Alder once more. You'll talk for a third time. Once you have, he'll tell you to find your rival and give him the second Town Map that you have. He'll stand guard over his house. He won't let you enter until you've completed Route 20, which includes Floccesy Ranch, so instead follow the path past it and enter Route 20.

Route 20

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
PatratNormal20%3Tall Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying5%4Tall Grass
PurrloinDark14%3-4Tall Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass35%2-4Tall Grass
SunkernGrass26%2-4Tall Grass
PatratNormal20%3Tall Grass
PidoveNormal/Flying25%2-4Tall Grass
PurrloinDark15%3-4Tall Grass
SewaddleBug/Grass35%2-4Tall Grass
SunkernGrass5%4Tall Grass
AudinoNormal90%2-4Shaking Grass
DunsparceNormal10%3Shaking Grass
AzumarillWater5%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater65%5-15Rippling Water
MarillWater30%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
PolitoedWater5%50-70Fishing Spots

There are a number of trainer battles here. The Lass facing left before the bridge isn't up for one, but the Youngster nearby is. Move up to him and commence the battle.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Terrell

Once you're done, continue on past the bridge until you reach a Lass facing west. She's looking for a battle.

Trainer Battle: Lass Isabel

Once she's defeated, follow the path north into the grass. Collect the Parlyz Heal here and battle the next Youngster. If you want to avoid the battle, you can move past him on his left side. It's recommended that you partake in the battle for experience however. It's quite easy so there shouldn't be any problems.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Petey

Once you've defeated Makoto, continue north until you're out of the grass. There is a Hiker to your right. He isn't willing to fight at the moment, but he's refusing to let you past him. Continue left instead. Before the bridge, you'll see a short path leading north with a few rocks blocking the way early on. The left of the bottom two rocks contains a Poke Ball. If you interact with it by pressing 'A' when you face it, you'll collect the Poke Ball. Once you have it, continue west over the bridge.

If it's currently Autumn, there will be leaves covering the ditch to your south, allowing you to move across it and grab the Poke Ball. If it's not currently Autumn, feel free to set it to an Autumn month (March, July or November) on your DS or 3DS then exit and re-enter the area to allow the game to switch to Autumn. Come back here and move across the leaves and grab the Poke Ball.

Now you can head along the new path opened up by the leaves to the north-west of the patch you're in at the moment. Follow this path west, then south until you reach the end. At the last tile before the end is a hidden Potion. Attempt to interact with the tile to receive it. Now backtrack until you're back on the main path. From there, you can head north along the path to Floccesy Ranch.

Before you leave the area, it's recommended that you catch a Sunkern, Sewaddle and Pidove if you can. This will bring your party count up to six, meaning that you will then have a full party. Training them up to around Level 4 or 5 each would also be a good idea as you have a decently difficult Rival Battle up ahead. The wild Pokemon in Floccesy Ranch are also of a noticeably higher level, providing more incentive to train first.

Floccesy Ranch

PokemonTypeChance of EncounterPossible LevelsFound In
AudinoNormal90%4-7Shaking Grass
DunsparceNormal10%5Shaking Grass
AzumarillWater5%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater65%5-15Rippling Water
MarillWater30%5-15Rippling Water
BasculinWater30%40-60Fishing Spots
PoliwhirlWater65%40-70Fishing Spots
PolitoedWater5%50-70Fishing Spots

You're now in Floccesy Ranch. You'll notice a patch of grass to your left upon entering. You can use this to catch yet more Pokemon. When you're ready, follow the dirt path north and west when you reach the gap in the wooden fence. Make sure you're ready for a Rival Battle when you attempt to move through the gap in the fence. As soon as you do, Hugh appears. You'll hand him his copy of the Town Map and the battle begins!

Rival Battle!

[If your starter is Snivy]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Tepig8FireTackleTail WhipEmber

[If your starter is Tepig]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Oshawott8WaterTackleTail WhipWater Gun

[If your starter is Oshawott]

PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Snivy8GrassTackleLeerVine Whip

If Tepig is your opponent, place a Pokemon in first position in your party that isn't weak against it. If Snivy's your opponent, place Pidove first. If Oshawott's your opponent, place Sunkern first. If you don't have one of those Pokemon, it's recommended that you go and catch one in Route 20, otherwise simply place something in first position that isn't weak against your opponent.

When you're actually in battle, it's all a matter of whittling away at the enemy's HP. Obviously use moves that are super effective against the enemy. Attack with one Pokemon until it faints then move onto the next one. Use lower-level Pokemon if you want to train them, or higher-level Pokemon if you simply want to get things over and done with. You'll soon win.

After the battle's over, the owners of the Ranch will come up and give you a Potion. You'll talk to them, who explain that one of their Herdiers has went missing. They want Hugh and you to find it for them. Hugh will immediately rush ahead. You can now talk to the female trainer as often as you like to heal your Pokemon, so you don't need to go all the way back to Floccesy Town when you're hurt. Continue through the gate when you're ready.

Move left until you come to a point where there's a northern and western path leading out of the fenced-off area. Take the western path first. Once you're out of the fenced-off area, move south. You'll see Lass Hiromi there, who you can battle. Battle her if you wish to.

Trainer Battle: Lass Molly

Move east a little. You'll notice a small grass-filled gap between two fences running horizontally. Move into this gap to find a Poke Ball at the end. Move back to the area where you chose to take the western path and this time take the northern one.

Hugh will rush past you, but you will soon catch up. Continue past him. Take the non-grassy route if you don't mind the trainer battle, but otherwise take the grassy route north. Assuming that you take the left route, your opponent will be a Janitor

Trainer Battle: Janitor Orville

Move right, down the steps. Hugh will come up and give you a Parlyz Heal as you attempt to. Once you're down the steps, go right through the grass. If you go down, you'll be forced to go back to the beginning of the ranch by ledges. There's a Youngster up ahead who you can battle.

Trainer Battle: Youngster Kenny

If you wish to skip him (you'll be missing out on an item), simply go east along the narrow path to his north. If not, move south past him once he's defeated and collect the X Attack. Move back north and move east along the narrow path that was mentioned.

Continue right until Hugh catches up. Move over and pick the Potion up from among the grass, then move south. You'll notice a man holding a Herdier captive. Follow the path around until you reach him. The man will get frustrated with the Herdier and the fact that he's been caught and throw a TM at you. This TM turns out to be TM21, which you can now use to teach the move Frustration to your Pokemon.

The man will run away without a fight and the male trainer will come up to you, thanking you for rescuing the Herdier. They will then disappear, leaving you alone. You can now either train, catch some new Pokemon or simply leave the area back to Route 20. There are some Pokemon here with types that you haven't yet encountered in the wild though, including Riolu, Psyduck and Mareep. It may be a good idea to catch at least these before leaving. You can still heal yourself by talking to the female trainer who's still chilling at the beginning of the area.

When you are ready to leave, exit the area by using the ledges to your south to skip back to the beginning of Floccesy Ranch, then exit back to Route 20 and take the shortcut over the western ledges back to Floccesy Town.

Floccesy Town - Alder's House

As you're walking past Alder's house, he will stop you and tell you that you're now able to enter. You must enter Alder's house before you can open up the first gym, so when you're ready to, enter his house. But before you do, make sure to move up the left side of his house and collect the X Speed there. When you enterm, you will immediately be thrust into two consecutive battles. You will be healed between each battle though, so it's very unlikely that you're likely to lose either one.

Trainer Battle: School Kid Seymour

[If your starter is Snivy]


[If your starter is Tepig]


[If your starter is Oshawott]

Trainer Battle: School Kid Cassie

[If your starter is Snivy]


[If your starter is Tepig]


[If your starter is Oshawott]


After both school kids have been defeated, exit Alder's House. Outside you'll be approached by a man who will hand you the Medal Box as well as the First Step Medal. These Medals represent milestones in the game and basically work in the same way as achievements, trophies or the like. Soon after, he'll leave and Alder will come out of his house. After directing you to the Aspertia Gym, he'll re-enter his house. It's time to head back to Aspertia City to battle Cheren, the Gym Leader there.

When you exit town, Alder will once again talk to you, this time handing you an Oran Berry x5. He will explain that you should challenge all of the Gym Leaders in the Unova region. Once you finish talking to him, take Route 19 back to Aspertia City.

Gym Information

Type: Normal

Leader: Cheren

Recommended Team:

  • Your most b*tchin' Pokemon!

The first thing to do upon returning to Aspertia City is to heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center if you need to. Once you're ready, enter the Trainers' School located to the left of the Pokemon Center.

Inside the Trainers' School you'll find a number of people. Talking to the person north of the top-right desk in the main room of the school will earn you a X Defend. Other than that, you can check out the blackboard for information on a variety of battle-related things. Once you're done, exit the school through the north exit.

You're now in the first gym of Pokemon B/W 2! What's that? 'But we're outside!'? Well, for the first time in a Pokemon game, a Pokemon Gym is outdoors! The gym leader himself is none other than Cheren, one of your old rivals from Pokemon B/W. As soon as you enter the 'gym', a man named Clyde will approach you and give you Fresh Water, as well as explaining what's special about this gym. When you're done talking to him, you will catch Cheren's attention.

After talking to Cheren, you now need to defeat the two trainers waiting for you. You can't simply skip past them and battle Cheren, but must battle them both before being given the chance to battle the Gym Leader. You can battle them in either order, although it's assumed that you'll battle the Youngster before the Lass. When you're ready, talk to the Youngster to begin the first battle.

Gym Member Battle: Youngster Pedro

Once the Youngster has been defeated, head back to the Pokemon Center and heal your Pokemon if you need, then begin the battle against Lass Mariko.

Gym Member Battle: Lass Serena

Once the Lass has also been defeated, it's time to battle Cheren! Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center first if you need to (it's recommended, as you're going to need a healthy team to take him on) and talk to Cheren to begin your battle!

Gym Leader Battle! Leader Cheren
PokemonLevelTypeMove 1Move 2Move 3
Patrat11NormalTackleWork Up---
Lillipup13NormalWork UpTackleBite

As both of Cheren's Pokemon are Normal-type, none of the Pokemon that you could have caught thus far will have any type advantage or disadvantage, except for Riolu who has a type advantage against Normal-type Pokemon being a Fighting-type. If you have caught one, and you're struggling to defeat Cheren, it may be worth training it to Lv.15 so that it can learn Force Palm. With this move it can easily single-handedly defeat Cheren's entire party. Other than this, Riolu doesn't have any exceptional moves to face the Gym Leader with, except Counter, which can return double the damage that Riolu takes by any of your opponent's Normal-Type moves.

Even without Riolu and its Force Palm, this battle isn't extremely difficult, assuming that you have a full party that average about Lv.10 or higher. Simply use the moves that have the highest power, factoring in whether a Pokemon gets a power bonus by using a move of its type. Grind through both of his Pokemon until you've won.

A big thing to watch out for though is Cheren using a Potion on either of his Pokemon, as this can mean that you're practically having to defeat it twice. Cheren will only use the Potion if one of his Pokemon becomes low on HP. If you take one third or more of the enemy's HP, causing it to faint, it will never be low on HP, so Cheren won't have a chance to use the item.

Don't forget to save before you enter the battle either, this means that if you lose the battle and don't want to lose money, you can simply restart and try again.

Once Cheren's defeated he will reward you with the Basic Badge! Good work! Go reward yourself by fist-bumping a random or something! You'll also receive TM83, which teaches Work Up, as a secondary reward. Additionally, all traded Pokemon up to Level 20 will now obey you! Once Cheren finishes speaking, it's time to leave the gym.

Outside you'll be approached once more by Bianca. She'll give you TM27, which teaches Return. Cheren will then meet you outside of the gym and have a lovely little reunion with Bianca. It brings a tear to my eye! Cheren and Bianca will then give you their numbers so that you can place them in the Xtranceiver and a four-way call will begin between you, Bianca, Cheren and Professor Juniper, who is the Pokemon Professor of Unova. Once the call and the conversation ends, your rival will appear. After yet more conversing, Cheren and Hugh will head inside the Gym so that Hugh can challenge Cheren. Bianca will give you the C-Gear. With this, you can now trade with your friends! After this, you'll finally be free to go. Heal yourself and leave Aspertia City. Onwards to Virbank City!

Continue to Floccesy Town and exit to Route 20. Just before you do, Bianca will (once again) stop you and talk to you. She'll add a nice new feature to your Pokedex, allowing you to see which Pokemon inhabit a particular area. Answer 'No' to her question this time. She will eventually leave and you can now continue until you're back in Route 20.