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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
1 Million Exp in a day?! 6
About the antique shop on Join Avenue? 2
Abyssal ruins??? 2
Battling the starter pokemon? 7
Best place to do Funfest Missions? 3
Brycen-Man Strikes Back? 1
C-pass 1000 people medal? 3
Can any one trade me..? 1
Cave in the new area after the 6th Gym (possible spoilers)? 1
Challenge Medals? 1
Elite 4 medals? 1
Going back for Plasma Card? 1
Having trouble with the dropped item (Yancy/Curtis) quest. Help? 3
How do I catch the Latias/Latios in the Dreamyard? 3
How do I find red bandana guy in Aspertia City? 1
How do I find the hidden grottos? 1
How do i get all the NPC characters to ride the ferris wheel with me? 2
How do I get Anvil Town's medal? 2
How do I get the strange ending for the first Brycen Man movie? 1
How do I get the strange ending in Brycen-Man Strikes Back Harder? 2
How do I get Volcarona if it is defeated the second time? 4
How do I increase both the Black and White Levels in the Entralink? 1
How do I solve the puzzle in the Underground Ruins? 3
How do I the solve puzzle in the team plasma ship? 6
How do I win elite four and champion with only one pokemon in team? 3
How do is solve this puzzle on the Plasma ship? 3
How do you enter the Walmart Sinnoh Pokemon serial code? 1
How do you exchange keys? 2
How do you get this Medal? 2
How to get to the liberty garden? 1
if I lose inside the black tower would I go back to area 1? 3
Im looking for pokemon to finish seeing everyone in Unova? 5
In pokestar studios how can I unlock the movie "Everlasting Memories"? 4
Is it possible to have both Black and White Kyurem? 1
Is it still possible to complete the Medal Rally without Nintendo WFC? 1
Join Avenue Shops? 1
Lists of requests? 2
On what days do the Anville Town trains (all 11) come into Anville Town? 1
Pc box control? 2
Pleasant Forest Question? 2
Pokemon Musicals - 10 Followers Medal? 4
problem trading with Curtis/Yancy after beating the game? 1
Skyla?? 2
Tips on Dropped Item quest? 1
Trouble with the Dropped Item Quest. Help? 2
Unlock additional tournaments in PWT? 3
Wallpaper? 3
What days/places are Diamond Dust available? 1
What determines when the Entree levels up? 1
What do I need to do to get the "Around Unova" medal? 4
What is the Memory Link? 3
What is with fusing pokemon together? 1
What level does frillish evolve? 1
What's next?? 1
Where do I go to get Keldeo? 3
Where is pledge grove? 1
Why can't I continue further into the Abyssal Ruins? 3
Why can't I find a Riolu in the Floccesy Ranch? 2
Yancy trading? 4

Item Location Help Answers
Anyone knows how to get the support pass powers? 2
Can anyone trade me a pickachu? 1
Can Black 1 connect with Black 2 from the C-Gear ? 3
Can i get both of the legenarery pokemon from the cover of black and white 1 in this game? 1
Can someone please trade me a tyrogue? 1
Do any NPCs give you shards In Pokemon Black/White 2? 1
Do you know where Cobalion goes after you beat him twice??? 2
Does the Fossil Guy in twist mountain give me ALL the Fossils? 2
Has Anyone got a event Keldeo to trade? 1
Help with leftovers? 4
How can I buy Metal Coat in Black City? 1
How can I find N's Pokemon? 3
How do I acess Support Pass Powers? 2
How do i get a lot of rare candy? 10
How do I get bagon in the game? 1
How do I get the Tower Key/Forest Key? 1
How do you remove a pass power from the list? 1
How does DNA link or whatever work)? 4
How far can the powers of the item left by Kyurem go? Please answer. 2
I am trying to find out what gym badge for what hm ability? 1
I need a second Lucky Egg? 1
I tried stealing? 2
Im looking for threse two items need help? 3
Is there a place to buy evolution stones? 5
Is there an item that improves trick room? 4
Key Transfers Query? 1
Melloetta? 1
Memory Link and Denying the Prop Case? 1
Odd Keystone? 3
Planting berries? 2
Shining charm? 9
Steel Key and Iceberg Key - Trade after use? 1
Things you cannot receive if you dont have a 3DS? 6
Trade for tepig and Oshawott? 1
What are some various ways i can get a Reveal Glass besides playing that othe rPokemon game? 2
What are the new icons on the Pokemon Storage screen? 1
What are the successful catch rates of the different types of pokeballs? 3
What can you use the items you recieve for meeting the requirements of the Pokedex Completion Awards? 1
what can't I get? 1
What do I do with the Colress MCHN? 2
What does the challenge rock do? 1
What is the fastest way to get Shards? 2
Where can I find (colress machine)? 1
Where can I find (kyurem,zekrom,and item to fuse them)? 2
Where can I find 1st gym badge? 2
Where can I find a firestone? 6
Where can I find a fishing rod? 5
Where can i find a hydreigon? 3
Where can I find Azelf, after I meet him at the Cave of Being? 4
Where can I find Lucky Egg? 4
Where can I find magmortar? 1
Where can I find Meloetta or Victini in BW2? 1
Where can I find moon stones? 5
Where can I find Move Tutor? 1
Where can I find Oval Stone? 2
Where can I find razor fang? 1
Where can I find Sacred Ash? 1
Where can I find the Blackglasses? 2
Where can I find the catch 50 pokemon medal? 1
Where can I find the electilizer? 3
Where can I find the HMs for Waterfall and Dive? 1
Where can I find the maniacs? 2
Where can I find the most Ores, Berries, and Treasure? 1
Where can I find the permit to ride a plan to some secret garden? 1
Where can I find the pokeflute? What do I do with it? 3
Where can I find TM 29 Psychic? 1
Where can I find TM 31? 2
Where can I find TM01? 2
Where can I find tornadus,landorus? 7
Where can I find Water Pulse? 1
Where do i find all the hm's ? 1
White Forest and Regice? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
>Pease rate my team? 2
31 IVs Pokemon? 3
6th team member/ Reserves? 2
A Pokemon's Nature? 1
Am I breeding correctly for highest chance of getting the ivs I want? 1
Any ideas for good fire type in pokemon black 2? 3
Are join avenue EV training shops affected by the power items and Pokerus? 1
Best natures for eeveelutions? 1
Best Pokemon black team ? 3
Best way to ensure intimidate mawile from breeding? 1
Best way to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop? 1
Black tower help? 3
Breeding Egg Moves? 1
Can anyone help me finish my team? 3
Can Arcanine learn outrage using a heart scale? 3
Can I get some advice/suggestions on my White 2 ingame team? 1
Can someone help me with EV Training? 1
Can you guys help me complete my unova pokedex? 3
Can you rebattle trainers? 3
Can your Black 2 pokemon visit your B/W pokemon's house in Dreamworld? 2
Competive Battling? Gen5 3
Complete Habitats List??? 1
Does anyone know a good and simple guide to EV training? 2
Does Flower Gift benefit the whole team while sunny? 1
Does the Macho Brace double the EVs from the Dojo Trainer? 1
Dowsing machine items list? 1
EV Training Opinion? 1
Foreign pokemon ? 1
Has Critical capture been removed? (1 pokeball turn vs 3) 1
Help finish team 4 PKMN selected? 4
Help getting shiny pokemon? 2
Help.. should i keep this cresselia or not? 1
Hot spot for DEF EVs? 1
Hot Spot for SpDEF EVs? 1
How can I tell when my pokemon is done EV training? 2
How do I teach Weavile (Sneasel) Both Ice Shard and Ice Punch? 2
How to finish off this team [3-4]pkmn already chosen? 1
How to turn keldeo to resolute form? 1
I want to kick a pokemon from my team to replace with Lapras, which one? Any other suggestions are welcome ofc 3
Ice type? 1
If my pokemon is holding a power lens, but it gains one HP EV, does it also gain those 4 special attack evs? 2
Im trying to build an unbeatable team, who should i add? 2
In Black Tower, which trainers give what hints? 3
Is Flash needed in this game? 5
Is it possible to fire a shopkeeper from Join Avenue? 1
Is it worth raising? 1
Is my team good for pokemon white 2 and competitive battles? 1
Is Random Battle EXP in Pokemon Black 2 different? 1
Is there a way to teach Crunch to Mightyena? 1
Is there anything special about liberty garden? 1
Is this team is covering any weakness of its team member and covers the gym and E4 ??? 6
Item in trees by adlers house? 1
Lucario replacement? 4
My ditto won't breed with my espeon? 3
My pokemon auto attack? 5
My team? 3
Need a final team member? 1
Need a replacement for emboar? 1
Ring targets need to be explained! help? 2
Riolu? 1
Rmt for Super Singles Battle Subway!? 1
Should I change anything about my team? 1
Should i replace Mandibuzz with Krookodile or Archeops? 4
The Best Eeveelution? 1
Troubles finding a water stone? 2
Trying to understand the nature of a pokemon? 3
What can I do to lower the Speed Stat of my Pokemon? 3
What is an interesting team? 1
What is the best ground type pokemon? 2
What is the best nature for Stoutland? 2
What is the best party for half offensive and half defensive party around Oshawott? 1
What is the best starter pokemon? 5
What is the best strategy for making money? 1
What is the best strategy for teaching flygon outrage in Pokemon Black 2?)? 1
What is the Best Team to End With? Waterfall Situation 1
What pokemon would fit in this team? 4
What's the best place to train after the Elite 4? 1
Where do I go after the 8th gym badge? 1
Where is the daycare? 2
Where is the keys in the underground ruins? 1
Where's the trading board ? 1
Which game is best do do a nuzlocke in? 1
Which Heracross should I choose? 4
Which is better? 1
Which of these pokemon should I pick for my team in pokemon black 2? 9
which one for my team Zorark or Krokorok? 2
Which pokemon do I need for the statue in Twist Mountain? 1
Which pokemon would be better espeon or growlithe? 6
Who is better? 1
Who Should I Replace in my Team? 1
Who to fill 6th slot? 1
Will a female + Ditto also get me the TM moves? 1
Will this team be successful in Black 2? 2

Technical Help Answers
Can I get Dream Radar in another country with an American 3DS? 2
can I play pokemon black/white 2 on my ds lite? 1
Can I trade from Gen 5 to Gen 7? 1
Can I use the Entralink between Black and Black 2? 2
Can someone with Black 2 battle someone in Black 1? 6
Can't trade or go on GTS? What's going on? 1
Code 86420 while trading? 1
Error code 52100? 1
Feraligatr with Sheer Force not allowed in Wifi Battle? 1
Help I'm stuck!! Can you guys help me please? 1
How and when can i use union room in pokemon center? 1
How do i accss trade board to the world? 1
How do I get the Pokémon from Pokémon dream radar onto Pokémon Black Version 2? 1
How do I get to unity tower without WFC? 2
How do I reset the game outside of the title screen? 2
How do I transfer the pokemon I have in white version into black 2? 1
How do i update the seasons? 3
How do I use the Game Saves on an Emulator? 1
How do you connect to Nintendo WFC over WPA? 1
How do you delete excess greetings? 1
How do you put code for pokemon? 1
How to unlock challenge mode via wifi? 2
I can not get gl to work right for trade? 3
I tried to trade 2 electric inicorn, 2 lvl 30 lilipups? 1
Infrared Trading? 3
Is anyone else having frame rate issues? 1
Is the Zoroark Glitch (from the Japanese version) fixed? 2
Is there a way to add some 1? 1
Join Avenue will not Unfreeze 0_o Advice??? 6
Join avenue won't restock? 2
Multi-train Subway Battle problem? 1
Please Help!! How Do I Get Rid Of Hacked White Kyurem? 3
Pokemon Black 2 Nintendo Wi-Fi Club Problems? 3
Pokemon Black 2 pokemon retrievel wifi error? 1
Question About Action Replay? 1
Saving Before Soft Resetting? 1
Stuck on corruption screen on Pokemon Black 2, is it possible to fix? 1
Switching between versions? 2
Trading help? 1
Trading problem any help? 1
Unlocking challenge mode? 2
When i bought bw2 it said genoset? 1
When my pokemon is in dream world? 1
Why aren't my join avenue shops restocking? 2
Why can't I enter the serial code to get a Gotherita? 3
Why can't I link my Black 2 game to the Global Link? 1
Why cant i wake up my pokemon? 1
Why does the game keep telling me communication error when i do battle competition? 2
Why does the game keep telling me there is a problem with your pokemon? 4
Why does this event not work? 1
Why does Togekiss not take special-effective damage from ice or lightning? 2
why my Join Avenue all sold out? 4
Why won't it appear on the ds lite menu? 1
Why won't join avenue restock? 4
Wifi Club connections not going through... what the heck!? 1
Wifi Connection Error? 2
Wifi? 3
Will changing time on my DS affect my progress? 1

Other Help Answers
(create your own question) Liligant or Sawsbuck? 2
(create your own question) Pokemon team. Need Help? 1
(create your own question) What's a good ice or water type what has a good special and speed? 1
[Dream World] Rugged Mountain? 2
"Exclusive" pokemon? 3
3 Questions in one? 3
3ds Region block? 3
A good pokemon left for my team? 3
About Breeding Pokemon? 2
About my use of one pokemon? 1
About the results of breeeding pokemon? 1
Advice for my team? 4
Any Advantage to getting Black AND Black 2? 2
Any good replacement for my team? 2
Any ideas for my future black2 team? 2
Any new pokemon? 1
Any way to transfer your GBA pokemon to the DS games? 1
Anyone have a *legit* MELOETTTE for trade? 4
Anyone want to trade a Zekrom for a Reshiram? 3
Anyone want to trade me a Japanese ditto? 1
Anyone want to trade me a Japanese ditto? 1
Anyone want to trade pokemon black 2? 5
Anyone willing to trade Meloetta??? 1
AR breeding? 1
Are any regions besides Unova accessible in this game? 3
Are there any paper guides on EV/IV nature training? 1
Are there some legendary pokemon that you can breed in BW2? 1
Battle Star and Shiny? 1
Best team? 2
Bianca question? 1
Black and White Kyurem C-Gear Skins? 1
Black city skyscraper? 3
Black kyurem and white kyurem at same time? 2
Black or White ? 3
Blitzle? 3
Both fusions? 1
Breeding Pichu?? 4
Can a Kyurem from black and white 1 can change form? 8
Can a pokemon trained using an action replay be used in a pokemon global link competition? 1
Can an European version black 2 trade with an American black(1)? 2
Can anyone let me borrow a tornadus,thunderus and landerus ? 1
Can anyone trade legendaries from kanto, johto, hoen,and sinnoh will trade for them ? 5
Can anyone trade Pokemon with me? 2
Can dna splicers be used twice? 2
Can Flareon learn Flare Blitz yet? 3
can i actually get shiny zorua that given by Rood (Former Team Plasma) in Driftveil City? (In Pokemon Black / White 2) 1
can I battle other people through wi-fi if I dont have thier friend codes or they dont have my friend code? 3
Can I connect friends from overseas with the Friend Roster? 2
Can i find a legendary pokemon in the abyssal ruins? 2
Can I get both black and white kyurem in pokemon black 2? 1
Can I get pokerus? 3
Can I have Genesect from special event in B/W2 without having B/W1 games? 1
Can I just go intot eh Union Room or something to trade my Pokemon from Black to Black 2? 3
Can I nickname the Genesect I got from the event? 1
Can I play "challenge mode" from the very start if I have 2 ds and 2 black 2? how? 2
can I re-catch regirock? 2
Can i revert the Kami trio back once i go to the Abundant shrine with them in ther new forms? 1
Can I send Pokemon I caught in Pokemon black 2 to Pokemon black? 2
Can I still transfer my pokemon to pokemon bank? 2
Can i trade from Pokemon Platinum English USA version to Pokemon Black 2 German version? 1
Can I trade Pokemon from Diamond to Black 2? 2
Can I trade Pokemon from my GBA game to Pokemon Black 2? 2
Can i trade with black and white from the start or do i have to beat the champion first? 2
Can I transfer "challenge mode" if im playing white 2? 2
Can I transfer Challenge Mode from JPN to ENG version? 1
Can my Reshirom (cant spell) from black 1 become fused with with the ice dragon thing? 1
Can my team bypass the vgc pokemon legal checks? 3
Can Smeargle sketch all the available moves? 2
Can somebody trade me darkrai or deoxys? Mythicals? No cheats please only legits. 1
Can someone breed and trade me these Pokemon? 5
Can someone help me with trading? 2
Can someone name a water type pokemon? 8
Can someone please trade me a manaphy ? 2
Can someone please trade me an Imposter Ditto? 1
Can someone tell me why my Pokegen isn't working? 2
Can someone trade me a darkrai any level will do ? 1
Can someone trade me a snorunt please? 1
Can someone trade me a zekrom plz ? 1
Can someone trade me keldeo? 2
Can someone trade me treecko please? 2
Can Support Pass Powers be used in B/W2? 2
Can you "Catch em all"? 2
Can you catch a zoruark ? 1
Can you change who the un-named trainer is through Memory Link from one persons name to another? 2
Can you choose either simsear or any other sim pokemon? 2
Can you duplicate pokemon in this game? 4
Can you get any other generation starters like you can in ss/hg? 2
Can you get squirtle? 5
Can you not evolve eevee into leafeon until postgame? 1
Can you register FC without name? 1
Can you throw away TMs? 1
Can you you ever get Kyurem? 1
Can't Use Flash in Mistralton Cave? 2
Challenge mode elite four? 1
Chane outfits? 1
Chinchou with soak (dunno why GameFAQs keeps deleting this, third time posting)? 3
Collapsed tunnel on Route 9? 1
Copying legit Victinis? 1
Curtis has disappeared from my Xtranciever contacts. Is this supposed to happen? 1
Daycare / Breeder? 2
Daycare location? 3
Deerling from lab? 2
Desired nature genesect? 3
Different house in dream world? 1
Ditto Dream World Breeding? 1
Do all the PWT tournaments only give 1 BP each? 3
Do anyone ever trade pokemon with Curtis/Yancy? 2
Do battle subway give evs? 2
Do both Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon White 2 have to be USA version to transfer pokemon? 2
Do Masuda Method and Shining Charm stack? 1
Do people actively trade on this as I got it today as I enjoyed pokemon. X a lot ? 1
Do you think I should get Black 2 if I am already planning on getting Omega Ruby? 1
Do you think my team is good? 2
Does any body have a meloetta for trade?!? 1
Does anybody have an imposter ability ditto for trade? 2
Does anyone have kadabra? 4
Does anyone play any more? 3
Does cheating in this way break your game? 2
Does hail raise blizzards accuracy? 1
Does happiness affect trading level cap? 2
Does it fill your pokedex? 1
Does it matter when I memory link with a B2/W2 game? 2
Dream World? 1
Effort Ribbon Question? 1
Effort Value Changes? 1
Egglocke eggs? 1
Entralink Bridges? 1
Ev training after 100? 2
EV Training help? 1
EV Training Leafeon? 1
EV training? 1
Evolve legal poke with an hack item? 2
Extra DLC? 1
Favorite Legendary Or Common Pokemon? 3
Favorite Legendary Or Common Pokemon? 2
Female Combee? 2
Female Pokemon in Hidden Grottoes? 2
Friend codes? 1
Gender Mod AR code? 1
Getting the Reveal Glass? 5
Good OU physical wall? 2
Good psychic type? 6
Have any Pokemon been removed from the dream world Pleasant Forest? 2
Help and rate my team? 2
Help me get these pokemon? 2
Help please? 2
Help with breeding a tympole? 1
Hidden Ability not passing on? 4
Hidden ability vulpix wanted..? 1
Hidden Grottoes? 2
Hidden Power Checker? 1
How big is the difference between the? experience output of white treehollow vs black tower? 1
How can Genesect learn Techno blast? 1
How can i delete my save file? 2
How can I fix this black screen? 1
How can i get meloetta if its by event when is the event ? 1
How can i get rid of a glicthed egg ? 1
How can I give Hitmonchan Bullet Punch? 1
How can I send key links on pokemon black 2? 6
How can unlock other movies on pokewood? 3
How do i download the tournament? 1
How do I fight my own created teams? 1
How do I find my secret id? Also, any way of trading besides Pokebank? 1
How do I find out my Pokemon's happiness? 2
How do I fix daily events without starting a new game? 1
How do I get a Speed Boost Torchic? 1
How do i get more visitors to come to join avenue? I never find any more visitors. 1
how do I get the 50 pokemon a day medal? 1
how do I move my Pokemon from black to black 2? 1
How do I recognize Ns pokemon ? 1
how do I start over in challenge mode? 1
How do I transfer Pokemon from Heartgold to Pokemon Black 2? 6
How do i transfer the save files from this site from pc to my black 2 game that i am playing? 1
How do I use dream radar? 1
How do I visit other person's world? 2
How do u get Happiny? 2
How do we get a porygon since nintendo dropped internet for the dsl? 1
How do you Catch the Pokemon Dragonite? 8
How do you delete the old data? 2
How do you easily trade pokemon from black to black 2 without catching 500 patrats and trading one at a time? 5
How do you evolve feebas? 4
How do you go about Unlocking the National Dex? 1
How do you recruit new assistants for Join Avenue? 3
How do you unlock mystery gift? 2
How does bringing people to Join Avenue work? 1
How hard is it to beat this game? 1
How is this game? 1
How long does it take to beat this game? 1
How long for pokerus to spread? 1
How many boxes in the PC can you have in this game? 2
How many pc boxes are there? 1
How to edit Pokemon color and background? 1
How to I delete my old save when I have current gameplay I don't wish to lose? 1
How to level up Pokemon and get Poke-dollars super fast in Pokemon Black 2? 1
How to transfer soulsilver pokemon to new generation? 1
I am looking for the area 6 gate trainer in the black tower? 3
I buyed Black2 agem, but i haven't got Black1 game, can i unlock extras even if i have already started playing Black2? 1
I can't rebattle Colress? 4
I cant call yancy again?! 1
I cant find my shiny gible in my boxes. What do I do? 4
I heard that their is a way that u can play on Pokemon Battle Revolution? 1
I need a place for leveling up? 1
I need help team building starting with Tepig? 1
I need help. How can I train the speed and attack stats for my flygon and garchomp? evs plz 1
I need to see every Pokemon in unova in Pokemon Black 2, but I've got a little trouble. Any help? 1
I'm going crazy please help!!!!!!!!!!!!???? 1
if I evolve onix into steelix early will it gain anything stat wise ( more attack/ lvl ) Then it does as onix? 3
If i give eviolite to a pokemon that evolves by level up and raise it to 100 what happens? 1
If I have jap oshawott then i trade it to eng black and evolve it, is it still be jap dewott or it'll be eng dewott? 1
If I have the first White Version should I get this game? 4
If I have White, should I get this one of White 2 or Black 2? 1
If I swap Black City and White Forest, will the Black Tower still be cleared when I go back? 2
If i teach keledo secret sword in black 1, would it automaticlly change form in black 2? 1
Is Amanita's Eevee always Male? 2
Is it really impossible to get the 30 people funfest medal? 3
Is Kyurem shiny locked?? 2
Is my team okay for the game from Clay onwards? 2
Is rarebcandy make your pokemon weaker? 1
Is the pokemon champion and elite four members still the same? 1
Is the poketransfer lab compatible with pokemon black and white? 1
Is there a cheat that helps beat the rental masters or edits rental masters pokemon? 1
Is there a cloning code that works for the US? 1
Is there a disadvantage if I have White 1 and get Black 2? 3
Is there a limit to the # of dream world pokemon I can get? 1
Is there a way I can like get the pokemon from my Black to this one like before i beat the game? 2
Is There is move re-learner? 3
Is this a good future team? 4
Is this a good team? 5
Is this a good team? I have tried to cover weaknesses. 4
Is this game is worth it? 2
Is this game worth getting? 1
is trading in the union room still possible? 2
Items that affect breeding? 1
IV breeding? 1
IV breeding? 1
Join Avenue any way to get more visitors? 1
Join Avenue More than 10 shops? 2
Join Avenue Nursery? 2
Join Avenue: Nurse Jess at Rank 10 not changing between shops? 2
Keldeos' Resolute Form? 5
Kyurem help? Without Master Ball? 4
Legendarys? 4
Liberty Garden? 1
Linking with Black/White? 1
Little question? 1
Looking for Wish Chansey/Blissey ? 1
Lord Ns pokemon? 2
Lunar Wing ? 1
Mass Trade Between Black and Black 2? 1
Me and my sister are trying to explore each other world in entalink, but we've been having trouble. Can anyone help? 1
Merging Game Cards/Accounts in Dream World Good or bad idea? 1
Multiple cards dream world--can both be tucked in at same time? 1
My Metang Is Level 46 And It Still Wont Evolve? What Should I Do? 3
My pokemon arent allowed to fight in the random battle Why? 4
N's Zorua; Nickname? 2
New Game? 1
Numel In BW2? 2
Old hero? 1
Online battle? 4
Online play? 1
Opinions on a team with as much type spread and powerful? 1
Other Action Replay? 5
Passing down IV with power anklet doesnt work? 1
Please explain IV's? 1
Please help!!! Want someone to trade pokemon with? 1
Please help? 2
Point of HM06 DIVE? 1
Pokemon black national dex? 1
Pokemon coop? 2
Pokemon lottery? 1
Pokemon stats after using AR codes for EVs. Not what they should be? 1
Pokestar studios? 1
PWT help? 1
Rage glitch/berserk gene glitch in GEN 5??? 1
Rate my team ? 3
Rate my team plssssss? 4
Rate this team competitive battling-wise? 2
Regional Question? Maybe for creators? 3
Regirock, Regice, Registeel? 2
Rows of berries? 1
See my team made using cheats and tell faults according to game.? 2
Shiny Eevee By SR? 1
Shiny form? 1
Snorlax Egg?? 2
Sould i buy this game? 3
Special features on 3DS? 1
Star above Pokemon purpose? 2
Strange red building with moving furniture? 2
Super Repel bug? 1
Team Help and Advice regarding Elesa's Gym? 1
The Gigalith that you can get via Trade in Route 7, can you get it Shiny? 1
Third Starter? 5
TM egg move passing down? 1
Trade whith black? 1
Trading between a DS and a 3DS? 2
Trading between B/W to B2/W2? 1
Trading from HG\SS to B2\W2? 1
Trainer with pikachu? 1
Transferring Therian Formes from Dream Radar? 1
Tutor that teaches Ancient Power? 2
Underground ruins eyeball? 1
Victini AR code? 2
Waking up Regigigas? 5
Walk through walls? 1
What animal is Chespin from pokemon X and Y? 3
What are all of the new areas in this version? 1
What are more flying pokemon weak to, Ice or Electric? 1
What are the benefits of memory linking? 1
What are the differences between pokemon black version 2 and pokemon white version 2? 2
What are the odds to get a shiny with Masuda Method+shiny charm? 2
What are your thoughts on "canon teams" for pokemon? 1
What counts as a "Step"? 2
What do Entralink Levels past 100 get you? 1
What do i do at the stone at the pledge place? 2
What do I lose if I sync my game to a different DS? 3
What do you have to do to play the challenge mode? 2
What gym badges let you use the HM moves? 1
What happen's when you catch N's Pokemon? 2
What happens after.....? 2
What happens if the Therian Tornadus is traded to Black? 1
What happens when you breed a Hidden Ability Ditto? 1
What in the world happened? 3
What is a fishing spot? 2
What is pokerus? 4
What is the best nature of the water starter? 3
What is the best setup champion tournament for triple battle? 1
What is the cheepest I can get this game at gamestop? 2
What is the game ID for this game? 1
What is the magma stone used for? 3
What is the purpous of pokestar studio? 1
What is this? 3
What level does zoroark learn dark pulse? 5
What pokemon best to fill my team? 1
What should I evolve eevee in to? 3
What should i worry bout on nature? there main thing or even it out? 2
What so special about shiny pokemon? 1
What the nature on the trainer card for? 3
What underground ruins? 1
What would you say is the most difficult gym leader in this game? 3
What's the different ?? 1
Whats the purpose of the room near the water in village bridge? 1
Whats the similarites and differences between Black2 and White2, and Black2 and Black? 3
When do the Gym leaders come to Join Avenue? 4
When does lucario learn aura sphere? 3
When wil riolu will evolve? 2
When will this game be released in the US? 10
Where can i find a water stone? 1
Where can I find red shards? 1
Where can i find this pokemons ? 21 , 54 , 55 ,58 , 72, 78 , 80 , 83 ,84 , 87, 109 ,111 ,135 , 143 ,146, 149, 155 . 160 1
Where can i get Black Kyurem in Pkmn Black 2???(I killed it when it was under ghetskis' control) 3
Where can I obtain a Timburr/Gurdurr with the Iron Fist hidden ability? 1
where do I find Cobalion? 2
Where do I find Eevee? 2
Where do I find How Many Dream World Points I Have? 2
Where do I go after the 5th gym battle? 1
Where do you find certain people after you beat the elite four? 1
Where does Zorarck go after you talk to him? 1
Where is can I level up fast? 1
Where is random matchup on pokemon black/white2?!? 1
Where is the best place for leveling up? 1
where is the EV lady in BW2? 3
Where is the EXP share? 1
Where is the medal office ? 2
Where is zekrom? 1
Where to find panpour pansage or pansear in pokemon black 2? 1
Where to find panpour pansage or pansear in pokemon black 2? 2
which are the pokemons from Lord N that you can catch? 1
Which is the % percentage or chance of breeding a shiny pokemon , if my shiny is male ? 3
Which legendary for BW2? 4
White 2 random encounter code help? 1
Who will trade me an elekid? 2
Who would fit in with this team? 4
Why can't I get on random matchups with my Blaziken? 2
Why can't I use PokeGen anymore? 1
Why did my Serperior try to learn Coil twice in a row? 1
Why do they need to make a 2nd version of this game? 1
Why does Hugh sometimes attack me? 1
Why doesn't Alder know I delivered the map? 1
Why won't any of the legendary pokemon's moves can't be replaced? 1
Why won't kyerum show in the cave of beings? 1
Why won't the dream world let me go to Pleasant Forest? 1
Why's isn't my pokedex registering all the pokemon I've caught in certain areas? 1
Wild Klink belonging to N originally? 2
Will buying a Japanese Pokemon game from Amazon work with the Masuda Method? 1
Will i be able to trade from black 1 to black2 and then back to black 1? 1
Will Pokemon Black/White 2 support WPA on a 3DS? 5
Will somebody trade me a ditto with 3 IVs? 2
Will this game have a migrate feature? 3
Willing to trade a Shiny Eevee? 2
Would anyone have a Pikachu for trade? 3
Zoroark in victory road ? 1

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