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  1. Sooo my team:

    - Serperior
    - Lucario
    - Arcanine
    - Magnezone
    - Crobat
    - Krookodile

    Which one has to gooo? thx in advance

    User Info: boemer39

    boemer39 - 8 months ago

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  1. Serperior would probably be the one to go. It has way too many weaknesses and not doesn't offer enough advantages to have in battle. You probably have it with its natural ability too and not it's hidden ability contrary.

    If your attached to your starter though, next on the chopping block would be Crobat. It's move set just isn't great and it's flying typing serves as more of a disadvantage then an advantage in this gen.

    But if not Crobat (being your Fly and all) then either Lucario or Magnezone. Having two steel types wint benefit your team and open you up to more weaknesses from common types like Ground or Fire. So I'd pick one and the drop the other.

    Hope this helps with your decision making mate. Best of luck

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 7 months ago 2   0


  1. serperior, probably

    User Info: ilikegameboy

    ilikegameboy - 7 months ago 0   0
  2. Replace superior or magnazone.

    User Info: KrimsonBlox

    KrimsonBlox - 6 months ago 0   0

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