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  1. Im using nds emulator so cant trade and btw I dont like using legendary and I really want to want to keep my starter.... Moves if can pls suggest and the items too... Tell me if any of them needs changing......

    I deciding to have these in my team :

    1) Samurott - Water (Starter)
    2) Lucario - Fighting n Steel
    3) Darmanitan - Fire n Psychic (I really others but the game has shortage on fire types)
    4) Eelektross - Electric (No Weakness)
    5) Crobat - Poison n Flying (My 'Flyer')
    6) Haxorus - Dragon

    Thank u in advance!!!!!!!!

    User Info: Leo_Winters

    Leo_Winters - 7 months ago


  1. The team itself seems pretty solid.(If not focused a little on physcal) Info like ability's would be nice unless you wnatsd me to recommends them? In which case DO NOT GET A ZEN MODE DARMANATAIN!!! Either ability for Lucario would be fine. Haxorus with mild breaker is great, because rivilary works as a wild card of sorts.

    User Info: Rorrrr

    Rorrrr - 7 months ago 0 0
  2. With where you find those Pokémon the first gym could be a little bit difficult. But after that you should be fine

    User Info: Rorrrr

    Rorrrr - 7 months ago 0 0
  3. crobat might fall behind a little in levels I would give surf (I know it's a hm move ) to samurot but dang 95 power and 100 accuracy is not bad for a special move plus if lucario has bone rush that covers electric types pretty well but I agree with Rorrr if darmanitan has zen mode get a different one other than that pretty solid team.

    User Info: Midias

    Midias - 6 months ago 0 0
  4. if you like fire types there's chandelure, which has very good special attack.

    haxorus - should have only physical attacks like dragon claw, return, earthquake, aqua tail, etc.

    samurott - ice beam, surf/aqua tail, megahorn?

    eelektross - thunderbolt, super fang (red shard tutor, cuts enemy health in half)

    User Info: ilikegameboy

    ilikegameboy - 6 months ago 0 0
  5. @ilikegameboy... The only with chandelure is dusk stone very rare... N I think it can be found very late in the game...

    User Info: Leo_Winters

    Leo_Winters - 6 months ago 0 0
  6. there's a dusk stone on victory road. also, darmanitan is a fire type. it's only fire/psychic in zen mode, and I don't think you can get a darmanitan with zen mode in black 2 and white 2

    User Info: ilikegameboy

    ilikegameboy - 6 months ago 0 0

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