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If you can imagine the hunt for lost treasure, you probably first think of a dashing archaeologist in the style of Indiana Jones. Fantasic ideas such as fleeing rolling giant boulders or to escape during the last second of a snake pit, and most treasure hunters use simple things. Thus, a shovel, a metal detector or even a divining rod to be operated to locate smaller riches.

Treasure Masters, Inc. is a hidden object adventure that sends the player through 48 different levels, including numerous inventory-based puzzles, and nearly a dozen exciting mini-games. And you will not even get dirty under your fingernails! Features include - Nearly 50 unique hidden objects - in levels to play through! - 10 different mini-games! - One of the best-selling PC games! - The strongest Alawar titles in the American market!

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#95 lowest rated DS puzzle game (#1011 on DS, #25937 overall)


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#148 hardest DS puzzle game (#888 on DS, #26195 overall)


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