Why do my warlords reset their pokemon?

  1. So, I'm playing the post game and I've done quite a lot of things in leyasu's story. But when I cleared it and went to another story, Ranmaru and Gracia's pokemon has reset. Ranmaru's lucario is gone and Gracia went down to Rank 1 with the pokemon De-evolved too. In the gallery, both best link pokemon are registed and so is Gracia's rank 2. Why does this happen how can I stop this from happening again and how can I get another riolu cause Ranmaru's one was a password

    User Info: whiteturtle528

    whiteturtle528 - 8 months ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Okay, I'm proceeding only to find Hanzo's Dusknoir is missing and I'm positive I played with it to register. Is there anything needed when registering by playing one field game?

    User Info: whiteturtle528

    whiteturtle528 - 8 months ago
  3. Clarification Request:
    Do you actually have these warriors that seem to not have the Pokemon you gave them, or are they still controlled by the enemy? Enemy-controlled warriors will --NEVER-- carry over Pokemon you got for them yourself, but recruiting them will bring whatever Pokemon you paired with them with them back into the fold.

    User Info: Crazyalien18

    Crazyalien18 - 4 months ago


  1. Do you actually have these warriors and still find that they don't have their Pokemon? Enemy warriors won't carry over anything until you recruit them, at which point they'll bring all of their registered Pokemon back with them from your previous playthrough at either the link they appeared at as an enemy or the maximum link they reached in your previous playthrough, whichever is lower.
    If they appear in your gallery as registered, they should be fine when you recruit them; if recruiting them doesn't work, it's probably a glitch that hasn't been explored yet.
    If you're curious about why they never preset enemy warlords with whatever you have on them, imagine the pain of spawning in Cragspur right next to a Groudon. It wouldn't be fun.

    User Info: Crazyalien18

    Crazyalien18 - 7 months ago 0 0

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