Can't recruit a marine?

  1. I’m on the Sulaco after the 2nd boss fight and ran across pfc Fisher. I got to a save point in another area of the Sulaco and then one of my marines died. I pushed my luck with how far I could get with one marine and the flamethrower, I guess. I went back to recruit fisher but but she won’t join me. I only have 3 marines now. How come she won’t join my squad?

    User Info: Notinflight

    Notinflight - 1 year ago


  1. I read that it sounded like while you could swap out marines if someone died, you were stuck with people until they died; if someone died, you had to go back to where you found the new people to recruit them.

    User Info: tecnomage1

    tecnomage1 - 4 hours ago 0   0

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