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Master the rules of the Pokémon Card Game on DS!

For the first time set + (plus) "Pokémon Card Game Asobikata DS" has 5 decks.

Depending on how much you have mastered the rules, choose your favorite deck and learn the rules of card games while having fun!

The story is divided by theme, so you can play the part you want to see immediately. As you enjoy reading the story, you will learn the rules!

In the "Trial Battle" that comes out in Tochu, you can move it on the touch panel in the same way as a real card game.

It makes you feel like you're really in a battle, so you can master how to play.

For the first time, you can use the set deck to battle with the characters!

You can enjoy learning how to play while enjoying repeated battles.

After "learn how to play", there is also a quiz where you can review the rules you learned.

It is divided into 10 questions for each level, and you can check the mastery level of the rules just by answering the quiz. Even if you make a mistake, you can review it immediately because it has detailed explanations.

There is also a "Rule Jiten" that is explained with easy-to-understand figures and pictures.

It's DS software, so you can easily carry it around and check it out at your friends' homes or at the event venue.

Play with a friend
It has a "download play" function, and you can send a "playing DS download version" notification to your friend's Nintendo DS.

Use this feature to teach you how to play Pokémon card games.

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