how do i get troopmon?

  1. this could be a question for either version of the game really. ok so i recently found out of this game and little curious me looked up a list of obtainable digimon for this game and oh look at that. my favorite digimon, troopmon. i know they are evil in the anime so that's cool that i can get one. but that night i had a dream that it wasnt obtainable and i sometimes dream of the future so im a might worried. also, digimon websites can be innacurate at times which made me believe for years that yanmamon's name was a ripoff of the pokemon until i looked up pokemon name origins and yanma means large dragonfly. im waiting impatiently for the game to arrive in the mail. ok im a talkalotimus like most women typically are so you may be confused at what im asking so i say again. is troopmon really obtainable in this game? if so, how do i go about getting it?

    User Info: Protokirby

    Protokirby - 9 months ago

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