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  1. Ive done 1 and 3. But I can seem to complete 2 4 and 5 of nicos duel puzzles...

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  1. Nico solutions for puzzle 2.
    Activate Gishki Vanity's effect.

    Activate Gishki Ceremonial Mirror to Ritual Summon Evigishki Soul Ogre. Use Gishki Abyss and Evigishki Mind Augus as Tributes for the Ritual.

    Activate Evigishki Soul Ogre's effect. Discard Gishki Erial to send Scrap Goblin to the opponent's Deck.

    Attack with Evigishki Soul Ogre.

    Nico Puzzle 3.
    Summon Gusto Gulldo.

    Activate the first Thunder Crash, then activate the effect of Gusto Gulldo in your Graveyard, to Special Summon Gusto Skwirl from your Deck.

    Activate the second Thunder Crash, then activate the effect of Gusto Skwirl in your Graveyard, to Special Summon Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto from your Deck.

    Activate Limit Reverse to Special Summon Gusto Skwirl.

    Activate Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto's effect, returning Gusto Egul from your hand to the Deck. Then select and switch control of Gusto Skwirl and Archfiend Zombie-Skull.

    Attack with Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto and Archfiend Zombie-Skull.

    Nico Puzzle #4
    Activate Supervise and equip it to Gigaplant.

    Activate Fine, then immediately chain Naturia Rock's effect to Special Summon it.

    Resolve Fine's effect. Discard Spore and Naturia Bamboo Shoot.

    Activate Gigaplant's effect to Special Summon Naturia Bamboo Shoot from your Graveyard.

    Activate Genex Ally Birdman's effect, to Special Summon it by returning Naturia Bamboo Shoot to your hand.

    Tribute Naturia Rock to summon Naturia Bamboo Shoot.

    Activate the effect of Spore in your Graveyard. Remove Cursed Fig from play to Special Summon Spore and increase its level by 1.

    Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend using Spore and Gigaplant as Synchro Material Monsters.

    Attack a Marshmallon with Red Dragon Archfiend.

    Attack with Genex Ally Birdman, Naturia Bamboo Shoot and Gigaplant.

    Nico Solution #5.
    Activate Aegis of Gaia.

    Summon Gale Dogra.

    Activate Gale Dogra's effect. Send Shooting Star Dragon from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard.

    Activate Miracle Synchro Fusion to summon Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste, removing from play General Grunard of the Ice Barrier on your field and Shooting Star Dragon in your Graveyard.

    Activate Burial from a Different Dimension. Select Scrap Goblin, Scrap Beast and Shooting Star Dragon, and return them to the Graveyard.

    Activate Pot of Benevolence. Select Scrap Goblin and Scrap Beast to shuffle them into your Deck.

    Activate Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste's effect, targetting Shooting Star Dragon.

    Use Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste to activate Shooting Star Dragon's effect.

    Activate Soul of the Pure.

    Activate Instant Fusion, paying 1000 Life Points to Special Summon Flower Wolf from your Extra Deck.

    Activate Emergency Teleport to Special Summon Psychic Commander from your Deck.

    Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon using Flower Wolf and Psychic Commander as Synchro Material Monsters.

    Activate Scrap Dragon's effect. Destroy Gale Dogra and Gravity Bind.

    Attack with Scrap Dragon and 5 times with Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste.

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  1. on you Tube search yugioh world champianship 2011 duel puzzle

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