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Master the keyboard and catch Pokémon in this thrilling typing adventure!

Type quickly! Type correctly! Use the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard to search over 400 Pokémon in locations such as desert, forest, mountains, beaches and many more...

Over 60 different courses!
Battle letter-by-letter
Get Combos
Collect Items
All your favourite Pokémon
Battle Legendary Pokémon

Catch Pokémon By Typing Fast!
Type the Pokémon names you see in the locations as quickly and accurately as you can. You will start to come across rarer Pokémon as you improve.

Get higher scores as you improve your typing ability in each course and Gold Medals.

Increase the number of locations you can play by collecting Medals and researching lots of Pokémon.

Memorise the Fun Way!

Learn typing and key positions through fun and play!

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