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FAQ/Walkthrough by PiperStarfireGilmore

Version: 0.96 | Updated: 09/28/11

Game: Kirby Mass Attack
FAQ: General FAQ/Walkthrough
Version: 0.96
Author: PiperStarfireGilmore
Last Updated: September 27, 2011

Table of Contents

 I.    Introduction                                                  [tadapsg]
 II.   Acknowledgments                                               [mercibe]
 III.  Frequently Asked Questions                                        [ppd]
 IV.   Walkthrough                                                   [balinor]
           Level 1: Green Grounds                                       [0100]
               Stage 1  {B}       [0101]         Stage 2            [0102]
               Stage 3  {B}       [0103]         Stage 4            [0104]
               Stage 5            [0105]         Stage 6  {B}       [0106]
               Stage 7            [0107]         Stage 8  {B}       [0108]
               Stage 9            [0109]         Stage 10           [0110]
               Boss Stage         [0111]

           Level 2: Sandy Canyon                                        [0200]
               Stage 1            [0201]         Stage 2            [0202]
               Stage 3  {B}       [0203]         Stage 4            [0204]
               Stage 5            [0205]         Stage 6  {B}       [0206]
               Stage 7            [0207]         Stage 8            [0208]
               Stage 9            [0209]         Stage 10           [0210]
               Stage 11 {B}       [0211]         Boss Stage         [0212]

           Level 3: Dedede Resort                                       [0300]
               Stage 1            [0301]         Stage 2            [0302]
               Stage 3  {B}       [0303]         Stage 4            [0304]
               Stage 5            [0305]         Stage 6  {B}       [0306]
               Stage 7            [0307]         Stage 8            [0308]
               Stage 9            [0309]         Stage 10 {B}       [0310]
               Stage 11           [0311]         Boss Stage         [0312]

           Level 4: Volcano Valley                                      [0400]
               Stage 1            [0401]         Stage 2  {B}       [0402]
               Stage 3            [0403]         Stage 4  {B}       [0404]
               Stage 5            [0405]         Stage 6            [0406]
               Stage 7            [0407]         Stage 8            [0408]
               Stage 9  {B}       [0409]         Stage 10           [0410]
               Stage 11           [0411]         Boss Stage         [0412]

           Level 5: Necro Nebula                                        [0500]
               Stage 1            [0501]         Stage 2            [0502]
               Stage 3            [0503]         Stage 4            [0504]
               Boss Stage         [0505]
 V.    Extras and the Checklist                                    [loudmusic]
 VI.   History                                                     [sparksfly]
 VII.  Copyright                                                   [avalanche]

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 I.    Introduction                                                  [tadapsg]
~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~

 Placing an experimental Kirby title at the beginning of the DS life cycle
 in Kirby Canvas Curse, and near the end of the DS' shelf life, here in this
 particular Kirby Mass Attack title, seems to show what this system can do
 effectively different with its built in features, namely the touchscreen.

 Relinquishing all button controls in favor of stylus only gameplay felt
 somewhat odd at first, but then you realize that's the only way you can
 take control of a mass number of Kirbys all at once.  There's shades of
 a familiarity in the control scheme; tap where you want to go, double tap to
 run, tap somewhere above to jump, or just drag them all at once to float.
 Flicking an individual Kirby is one means of attacking, as well as sending
 in the brigade by tapping on an enemy.  This large swarm of Kirby attacks
 results in a body slam, clearing out blocks below the enemy.

 Enough with the game's mechanics and how it controls; let me move on to the
 gameplay.  It's like mixing a basic RTS game (think Pikmin, Warcraft) and
 injecting it with 2D platforming goodness.  Again, Kirby goes adventuring and
 loses that signature copy ability, thanks to being an experimental title, but
 makes good use of Kirby's gumption to just punch and slam an enemy instead
 of taking their power.  Not that there's a whole lot of enemies with powers
 really worth taking, anyway.  Overall, this Kirby game delivers a fun,
 enjoyable title, with a couple challenges and diversions, as is expected
 from a Kirby title.  It seems fitting to basically bookend the DS, an
 experimental console, with two different, experimental Kirby games, both of
 which delivered fun, and some challenge, in spades.

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 II.   Acknowledgments                                               [mercibe]
~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~

 HAL Laboratory and Nintendo
     For creating and publishing the game

 GameFAQs users, contributors and Allen
     For contributing to the site that brought us all together for our love
     of games and helping one another out

     Listening to me write up the guide and reminding me of a question I had
     in mind and reminding me where the Gold Beanbon was.

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 III.  Frequently Asked Questions                                        [ppd]
~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~

 Q: If I use the Warp Ahead door to clear a level, what do I keep?
 A: You get to keep the number of Kirbys in your party at stage's end,
    whether it went up or down, as well as any medals you collected upon
    revisiting the stage; Checklist accomplishments are also saved, if

    You do NOT get any completion towards a bronze, silver or gold star.  For
    that, you must complete the stage without using a Warp Ahead door.

 Q: Where's the Gold Beanbon and the Gold Waddle Dee?
 A: Gold Beanbon      -   Level 1 Green Grounds, Stage 4
                             Drop through the right metal blocks at the end
    Gold Waddle Dee   -   Level 3 Dedede Resort, Stage 6
                             Underground, where Medal 4 can be found

 Q: How do I unlock the last item in Extras?  I already have all the medals.
 A: Load up story mode and tap Daroach's ship to give them to him.  He'll
    trade them to you for the final Extras item.

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 IV.   Walkthrough                                                   [balinor]
~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~

  Pop the cart into the system and load up the game.  We're treated to the
  HAL Laboratory and Nintendo logos, then the title screen, showing ten
  Kirbys marching along the bottom touch screen.

  Choose a file, pick Story Mode and your dominant hand, and off we go!
  Do note that I'm playing with the right-handed option, so the directions
  specifically saying "left" or "right" will be reversed if playing with
  the left-handed option instead.

~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~
Level 1: Green Grounds                                                  [0100]
* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

  The level is mostly forests, with Beanbons running about, spiders ready to
  swipe a Kirby and steal one away and battles with trees.  There are some
  underwater sections, but the main hazards are spiky shells or nuts being
  thrown at Kirby from enemies or the environment.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 1 [B]    Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: 12R45  [0101]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Eat some of the fruit popping up and learn how to get Kirby to fly, by
 getting Kirby to jump on the star at the stylus' end.  Enter the door and
 learn how to flick Kirby to break blocks and generally move around, minding
 to hit the bomb block near the top.  Now learn how to get Kirby to fight,
 by tapping the enemy and watching Kirby pummel said enemy; take special note
 of Kirby pile driving/slamming the defeated enemy into the ground.  Enter
 the door and we're pretty much done with the control tutorials.

 Once outside, climb up the platforms on the left side to find fruit and
 <MEDAL 1>, just to the right of the area's entrance, beyond the wall.
 Continue to the right and find <MEDAL 2> in plain sight; just break the star
 blocks.  Ignore the Jerkweed sticking out of the rock in the ceiling; we
 can't bring it down yet with the number of Kirbys we have, unless the RNG
 was kind enough to grant you fruits to gain 5 Kirbys; if not, when you have
 more Kirbys come back and revisit this stage to collect <MEDAL 3(R)>.  Now,
 we'll come across a Warp Ahead door just past the Recovery Ring.  Head
 below ground, tug on  the left Jerkweed to bring out <MEDAL 4> to collect.
 Continue right and jump into the Autocannon.

 After a bird enemy in this area, flick a Kirby into a lower block to reveal
 <MEDAL 5>.  Press on to the goal and pop the bubble, opening a rainbow path.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 2        Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 2      Medals: R23    [0102]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Flick Kirby up the dandelion plant to get it to fall on the sleeping plants
 and to fall in general.  Continue to a monkey, then a dandelion plant that
 grows and shrinks, attaching your Kirbys when it's at its highest to crash
 into the metal block for fruit.  Kirby then enters a locked room where you
 have to flick into the Melody Switches to open the way forward, discovering a
 Recovery Ring.  JUst past here, find another growing/shrinking plant, this
 time latching on when it's at its lowest, opening the way to <MEDAL 1(R)>.
 Beat the large Beanbon, head up the ledge and open the Warp Ahead door in the
 far right star block; continue to the door.

 Continue right to find a large Beanbon walking on a ledge above and float
 your Kirbys to the top and to the right of the dandelion plant.  Flick your
 Kirbys onto it to get it to crash into the metal blocks to open the door;
 deal with some top enemies and crash through multiple dandelion plants to
 grab <MEDAL 2>.  Back outside, flick some Kirbys into the star blocks above,
 near the monkeys, to release the key, then load your Kirbys up into the large
 wall growing dandelion plant, crashing through metal blocks to gain access to
 a treasure chest holding <MEDAL 3>.  Just above is the goal door.

 Gold Star tip
   Only attack the monkeys when their arms aren't spinning.  Basically, don't
   just recklessly charge at them.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 3 [B]    Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 12R    [0103]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Load your Kirbys on the weigh station to open the way to the door, then rush
 your Kirbys to get into the door.

 The area turns dark, then load your Kirbys on another weigh station to raise
 a grate with fruit; you should be able to easily run through, avoiding all
 the spiders save the last, where you run into a star block blockade.  Deal
 with that spider, break through, beat up the monkey and deal with a swinging
 spider.  Load into the Autocannon to reach the treetop.

 A bird greets your Kirby group throwing spiky shells.  Beyond that, the
 screen will stop and we'll deal with two more birds throwing spiky shells,
 then we'll have to deal with a giant bird.  Body slam it three times to get
 everyone to fall back down to the forest floor.

 Flick Kirby into the center of the web to pull down the trapped object.  The
 first we'll pass contains fruit.  Head beyond a Recovery Ring and deal with a
 large Beanbon.  Flick your Kirbys into the tree trunk to open the way to the
 door; inside is <MEDAL 1>, received by standing on the weigh station and
 grabbing it along the upper grate, along with fruit.  Back outside, find
 a 10-Kirby object in the web, pulling it down to claim <MEDAL 2>.  Past this,
 a spider will be holding <MEDAL 3(R)> in a locked off room.  Continue on to
 the goal door.

 Gold Star tip
   The section with the birds should be the only area threatening Kirby with
   damage.  Flick three Kirbys to take out the smaller birds, then it'll be
   time for the bigger bird.

   Seven Kirbys is enough to body slam it into the ground.  For the first
   phase, just launch your Kirbys as it initially flies by.  Then it'll try to
   drop two spiky shells on your group; launch another seven Kirbys as the
   mini-boss flies by after the second spike drop.  The bird repeats the
   tactic, this time dropping three spikes and flying across much quicker than
   before.  Body slam it for the third time to end the fight.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 4        Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 3      Medals: 12R45  [0104]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

     Lower path

 Pile your Kirbys on the Jerkweed, crash through the metal blocks and head
 to the right.  Climb up the ledges, body slam the Beanbon to gain access to
 the key and use it on the treasure chest that we just walked by to gain
 <MEDAL 1>.  Walking on, the last propeller plant houses a door leading to
 some fruit.  Continuing from the door leads to a locked room with a changing
 Jerkweed; taking the previous door leads to a monkey, letting you crash
 through the metal blocks, leading into the changing Jerkweed room from the
 right side.

    Upper path

 Instead of taking the first Jerkweed, float your Kirbys above to reach an
 area with spinning top enemies and a second Jerkweed.  Pull on it to land on
 top of a monkey and instantly gain <MEDAL 2>.  You'll run across a section
 with a propeller plant with a door leading to fruit.  Otherwise a room locks
 with a changing Jerkweed.  Taking the door leads to a monkey standing on
 some metal blocks, leading to the Jerkweed changing room from the right.

    Where both paths converge

 Continue until you come across a Jerkweed switching between being thorny, and
 thus not pullable, and being a normal Jerkweed, in which case, go ahead and
 tug on it crash down below.  We'll soon come across a Recovery Ring and soon
 after, a bat mini-boss.  Its only damaging attack is coming down to eat one
 of your Kirbys, but if you swarm the bat when one of your Kirbys is caught,
 Kirby will come out unscathed.  After its defeat, four Jerkweeds appear on
 the ceiling.  The first Jerkweed gives fruit, the second an Autocannon to
 reach the next area, the third gives minor enemies and the fourth reveals
 <MEDAL 3(R)>.  Take the medal and enter the Autocannon and shoot it right.

 Continue until you come across some giant stones.  Having Kirby pull them
 up gives fruit, and the 10-Kirby stone gives <MEDAL 4>.  Progressing further,
 we'll come across some metal blocks; tug the Jerkweed on the center set of
 those blocks to claim <MEDAL 5>.  The goal is a hop, skip and jump away.

 Gold Star tip
   That changing Jerkweed is the main tricky part of the stage.  Group your
   Kirby gang up in a flight group and hover near the Jerkweed, move them
   over when it's pullable and not thorny, then tap the screen to release
   your Kirbys from flight, getting them to tug on the Jerkweed.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 5        Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 1234R  [0105]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Break down the large block, beat up the monkey and weigh down the screen with
 some Kirbys to lower it.  Push the large metal block against the enemy and
 crush it, then climb up the ledges and weigh down another screen.  Head off
 to the right, jump into the Autocannon and shoot through the lower path to
 gain <MEDAL 1>.  We're dumped right next to a large, pushable block, which
 you'll need to squish the enemy also trying to push it.  Climb up the ledges
 to a Recovery Ring and enter the door to the right.

 A Warp Ahead door is hidden above, while the changing Jerkweed hides a Jumbo
 Candy when picked.  Make a mad dash to the right, past the locked room with
 the plants hanging from the ceiling, crashing through the metal blocks on the
 right and the large, pushable block on the left, allowing you to claim both
 <MEDAL 2> and <MEDAL 3>.  Then head into the door.

 Take out two hanging plants, one inside the weighing down screen area, and
 start bringing the screen down with Kirby's weight.  There's some star blocks
 to break through above, near a hanging plant; another hanging plant is above
 with a Jerkweed in the upper left holding <MEDAL 4>.  Activate the 10-Kirby
 platform at the top of the hill to gain <MEDAL 5(R)> and enter the door.

 A large enemy steals away the goal door; latch on to the ring on its tail
 when not spiky and rapid tap to free the door from its clutches.

 After your first completion, we'll meet Daroach when returning to the
 map screen.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 6 [B]    Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 1234R  [0106]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Kirby bounces on some mushrooms, then encounters an enemy with a weak point
 at its throat, getting it to spit out some fruit.  Another pops up, breaking
 through some star blocks; pass by a double column of star blocks and float
 your Kirby group up to deal with a caterpillar bringing along fruit in some
 bubbles for its body.  Find a large Beanbon bouncing along the bouncing
 mushroom tops.  Flick a Kirby into the second bouncy mushroom, getting it to
 crush and launch your Kirbys into the clouds.  One of the bubbles up here
 holds <MEDAL 1>.  A second caterpillar walks along the ceiling, this one
 holding <MEDAL 2> surrounded by bombs, with the way blocked by that throat
 enemy that spits out fruit.  Head on, past a Recovery Ring and into a door.

 Our first skull key encounter; when you grab it, your Kirby posse will be
 whisked away to one screen area, being constantly attacked by Skully enemies.
 You'll either need to claim the skull treasure chest to end this scenario,
 resulting in a medal, or to wait out the battle by waiting until the sun
 comes up, signified by the lightening background colors; this second method
 yields no treasure.  Winning with the skull key gives you <MEDAL 3>.

 When we're outside, some flowers with rotating petals will greet us.  Flick
 Kirby to pluck the petals, releasing the ? to gain, in order from the start
 of this section, some fruit, some more fruit, and then an enemy encounter.
 The fourth rotating petal flower has one petal covered in spikes; avoid
 plucking that one, but pluck the remaining petals.  This will drop the ? and
 reveal <MEDAL 4> for the taking.  Continue on to find an enemy holding
 <MEDAL 5(R)> in its stomach, forcing it to spit it out.  Float your Kirbys
 up, in between the bouncy mushrooms.

 After the Recovery Ring, moles will pop up holding signs, directing you where
 to go.  This obviously isn't a trap-- oh wait, yes it is.  You'll fall into a
 hole and the moles will attack Kirby from the left and right walls.  Defeat
 them by flicking Kirby to pummel them, then the door to the goal will open

 Gold Star tips
   The mole battle is where you're most liable to get hit.  For the first
   portion, they're all regular moles, so just flick Kirby and avoid the
   spiky shells they toss at you.

   In the second portion of the fight, don't fling Kirby with wild abandon
   since the moles will start to wear spike masks, all the while keeping up
   their spiky shell barrage.  Do the same as the first part, but wait out
   the moles for a split second to see if they're wearing a damaging mask.

   In the final portion, the big mole will appear; focus your attacks on the
   big mole, avoiding spiky shells all the while.  The pattern hasn't really
   changed at this point in the battle.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 7        Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 12R45  [0107]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Flick the star switch to activate the elevator to go up.

 There's a key on the right side, leading to the treasure chest up a little
 ways ahead from the key, granting <MEDAL 1>.  Break the furthest star block
 on the right side when a wall of star blocks appears, opening up <MEDAL 2>.
 Right before the metal blocks, <MEDAL 3(R)> will be visible.  Then, the
 elevator splits into three parts; the right most path holds <MEDAL 4>.
 Eventually, the elevator will grind to a halt.  Off to the left is a
 Recovery Ring, while the right side breaks through to an egg.  Crack it open
 using your Kirby gang to claim <MEDAL 5>.  Backtrack to the elevator and
 take the door.

 In this section, fling your Kirbys to match the pictures presented to you
 on the upper screen.  You can wait out the whole procession of Soarars to
 see where the panel is, since it won't change with the individual pass.
 If you happen to miss, you'll be attacked by Soarars.  Complete the panels
 to open the goal door.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 8 [B]    Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 7      Medals: R2345  [0108]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 As we initially enter the area, the trees will come to life and blow Kirby
 back near the beginning of the area; subsequent playthroughs will already
 have the trees activated.

 After a short while, Kirby will come across an Autocannon with a choice to
 shoot towards one of the four corners of the screen.  Take the lower right
 path (south-east, if a compass were plastered to the screen) to reach an
 Autocannon that leads to <MEDAL 1(R)>.

 Take out the tree, then do the same to the next tree that likes to grow a
 pointy nose from time to time.  Toss all of your Kirbys into the tree trunk
 and rapid tap to dislodge the tree and use it as a raft.  Riding down the
 river, shortly after some star blocks on the lower section, we'll find
 <MEDAL 2> placed between two bouncy mushrooms; skillfully launch a Kirby
 (or three) to grab it and come face to face with a large tree.  Flick your
 Kirbys at the tree and it'll try and crush your posse; continue flicking back
 to make it topple to the right, entering a door into a night section.

 Attack the pointy nose tree, then take out the tree blowing you back, both
 of whom are on a platform above ground level.  Just behind the blowy tree
 is a skull key, with <MEDAL 3> as your reward.  Continue right to find a
 different blowing tree and a suspicious Jerkweed above.  Launch a Kirby up
 to the leaves of the blowing tree on the far right to uncover a hidden door.
 Enter this door, battling a blowing tree on the left and a tree that wants
 to do Kirby harm on the right, claiming <MEDAL 4> by shooting the Autocannon
 on the lower path.  This returns you back to that suspicious Jerkweed; pull
 it to continue the level.

 Lure the log to the left, enter the door and get <MEDAL 5>.  Return and stick
 to the right side, seeing the log fall and an Autocannon to shoot up to where
 the goal door can be found.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 9        Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: R23    [0109]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 To get all the medals in this level, you'll need to revisit it.

 With that out of the way, break blocks to reach the Jumbo Candy.  Now choose,
 do you want to get the second medal or third medal?  I'm going to cover
 the first and second medal in this paragraph, then follow up claiming the
 third medal in the next.  With Jumbo Candy activated, barrel through the
 lower path to take <MEDAL 1(R)>.  Continue running across, sticking only to
 the ground until you spot a bunch of star blocks stacked up; if you see the
 next Jumbo Candy in an alcove with metal blocks, you've gone too far.  Jump
 up the platforms and find a key hidden away by the screen's position.  Take
 the key AFTER JUMBO CANDY HAS WORN OFF; trying to take the key before then
 causes Kirby to accidentally defeat the key.  Take the key, pass that
 second Jumbo Candy and find a bunch more star blocks stacked up, with the
 treasure chest sitting on top of the rightmost blocks.  Open the chest with
 the key and claim <MEDAL 2>.  Continue right to the goal.

 To claim the third medal, activate the Jumbo Candy at the start of the level
 and make a mad dash to the metal blocks guarding the second Jumbo Candy.
 Activate that, continue dashing to the right and crash through the metal
 blocks just beyond the treasure chest.  Claim <MEDAL 3> and continue to the

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 10       Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 9      Medals: R2345  [0110]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This level is mostly underwater, where you'll need to keep an eye on your
 air meter at the top of the screen.  Flick Kirby into the various shells to
 open them up for either air or fruit.

 We'll come across some water currents and squids.  Press on to find a sign,
 activating it to reveal some golden fruit; collect them all in the limited
 time to reveal Jumbo Candy.  Collect the Jumbo Candy and make a mad dash
 swim to the right, coming across some metal blocks.  In the top right corner
 we'll find <MEDAL 1(R)>.  Continue down the passage and push the giant block
 (or destroy it if Jumbo Candy is still active) and enter the door.  If you
 somehow destroy the door, it'll come back.

 Drop the block down the next section and follow it below the door.  Break the
 cracked block on the left to find <MEDAL 2>, then enter the door above.

 <MEDAL 3> can be found in the top right shell in this section.  Opening the
 shell second from the left reveals a door leading to a giant jellyfish.
 Flick your Kirbys at it until it splits into smaller jellyfish, then pummel
 them to unlock the door.  Before leaving this room, open the bottom shell
 to claim <MEDAL 4>.  Swim right and collect the key just before the Recovery

 Hit the Melody Switch according to what lights up, then we'll start a battle
 with a giant turtle.  Flick your Kirbys at the turtle, swimming away when it
 tries to suck you in and avoid those electric jellyfish; body slam the turtle
 three times to beat it, enter the room beyond and open up the giant shell;
 this reveals a treasure chest for the key we collected, giving up <MEDAL 5>.
 Press on to the goal.

 Gold Star tips
   The turtle is the main threat of damage dealing in this stage, as well as
   being careless with the squids charging at you earlier in the stage.  The
   main focus is on the turtle, though.

   In the first part, go ahead and flick with wild abandon.  Nine times out of
   ten, you'll begin the second part of the turtle's attack before it gets to
   do anything.  The pattern of attacks is as follows:

   Second part:                        Third part:
                   Jellyfish                                     Jellyfish
                   Jellyfish                                     Jellyfish
                   Jellyfish             Jellyfish
      Jellyfish                 Air      Jellyfish                   Air
      Jellyfish                                       Jellyfish
      Jellyfish                                       Jellyfish

   Your safe attacking chances are when those air bubbles fly in.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Boss Stage     Green Grounds     Required Kirbys: 10     Medals: N/A    [0111]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Gold Star tips
   Part 1
      Wispy tends to drop spiky shells which can deal damage, or blow Kirby
      around with its breath, which doesn't do damage but can place your
      Kirby(s) out of position.  Should be the easiest portion of the fight
      to not take a hit.
   Part 2
      Wispy grows by two pieces, switching between being vulnerable and
      turning into bouncy mushrooms, dazing Kirby.  Wispy adds bouncing
      spiky shells and multiple spiky shells to its repertoire.  You need
      to take out at least one of the pieces, preferably both, to lower
      Wispy down enough to continue your assault.  The only thing that
      can hurt your Kirby posse are the spiky shells falling from above,
      so this is about as easy as the first part.
   Part 3
      Wispy now grows by three pieces, changing those harmless mushrooms
      into harmful spikes, telltale by the trunk's change into holes and
      then to spikes, so don't just blindly flick Kirby into Wispy, as in
      the previous two parts of the battle.  Take out a minimum of two
      pieces, then focus flicking Kirby up toward Wispy, who does not add
      any other additional attacks from the upgrade in the second part.

~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~
Level 2: Sandy Canyon                                                   [0200]
* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

  This is your classic desert level.  You'll explore some ruins and of course,
  the desert sands.  Various cacti stand to threaten Kirby, from those that
  reveal their thorns now and then, to those that stay in thorn mode the whole
  time; giant cacti, both in body and in just their heads, as well.  The ruins
  try to crush Kirby with moving blocks and sentient stone pieces, all the
  while, there's quicksand trying to suck our plucky adventurer under.

  Oh, and now that you can freely travel between levels, every time you change
  levels, you'll revert to starting the level with only ONE Kirby.  The game
  autosaves if you do happen to want to just check something out; just
  something to be aware of.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 1        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: 1R345  [0201]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Head through the level and tug on the first Jerkweed to find a Recovery Ring.
 Under the cactus, <MEDAL 1> can be obtained with a body slam.  Off to the
 side is a door leading to the goal.  Short stage, no?

 Bypass the door and body slam another cactus to head underwater.  Swim along,
 passing by some squids and bank left for <MEDAL 2(R)>.  Go to the right for
 a room with some air bubbles and continue on find a giant squid.  Let its
 tentacles swing its mace, then latch on with your Kirbys when it turns into
 a ring.  Rapid tap to pull the squid out, then have all of your Kirbys launch
 up a geyser, cracking a boulder.

 Head beyond a set of double fish to reach some breakable blocks; inside is
 a door hidden away with a giant plant, then a bomb block with a medal
 above.  Flick a few Kirbys into the water first, then ignite the bomb to have
 <MEDAL 3> drop on your waiting Kirbys underneath.  Press on to lure the
 sniper fish to shoot <MEDAL 4> out of the water and onto the bridge,
 making it easy to collect.

 Beyond here, there's a door near another fish that leads to a floating log,
 banking on the shores of flower petals.  The flower with the thorny petal
 yields <MEDAL 5> after plucking all the other petals.  Continue on to the
 goal afterwards.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 2        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: R23    [0202]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Tug the Jerkweed and continue pressing on by flicking Kirbys into the switch
 near the Recovery Ring.  Reveal the Warp Ahead door after jumping up on the
 nearby platform and through the door.

 You'll see the medal below, but head beyond since we can't currently access
 it.  When the rain cloud appears, head back to where the medal was and get
 the raining waters to nourish the nearby plants, in particular, the left
 most plant, getting it to grow into a giant ball.  Have your Kirbys launch
 into the plant from the right side to get the ball rolling left, crashing
 through the metal blocks and opening the way to <MEDAL 1(R)>.  Head back to
 find a turnip/rock, growing the second one into a 10-Kirby turnip; tugging
 on this unleashes <MEDAL 2> for your collection.  Press on toward the door.

 In this area, body slam the plan to break through the metal blocks and
 take the Autocannon to the clouds.  Beat up the big cloud to claim <MEDAL 3>.
 Take the nearby Autocannon back and head toward the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 3 [B]    Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 12R45  [0203]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Hit the Melody Switches as they light up and backtrack to the door.  Tug the
 ring down, opening up the lower path, and dash through to reach the door.

 Inside the ruins, body slam the giant cactus head and do the same to its
 friend off, but off to the right to collect <MEDAL 1> in the process of
 crashing through the metal blocks.  Pass the Recovery Ring and enter the
 nearby door.

 Break the stone trying to crush you by flicking your Kirbys at it when safe;
 doing so reveals a ring, which you'll want to pull.  A grate drops from the
 ceiling, revealing <MEDAL 2> in the left corner.  Continue on, sneaking by
 the stones trying to crush Kirby and enter the door beyond.

 We'll be in an Autocannon section; tap the Autocannon to beat up the enemy
 and collect the fruit at the same time.  Do note that there's a <MEDAL 3(R)>
 here, so keep an eye out for the enemy holding that.

 At the top, tug on the 10-Kirby ring, raising a platform with <MEDAL 4>.
 Navigate past the crushing stones and veer upwards and around the door
 to reach a skull key to battle some Skullys; winning gives <MEDAL 5>.
 Enter the door and we'll come across a mini-boss.

 This is a giant cactus with is head as the only thing vulnerable.  Watch
 for telltale signs of where it'll surface by keeping an eye on dust clouds
 along the floor.  Launch your Kirbys up and body slam its head three times
 to open the way to the goal.

 Gold Star tips
   Those stones are annoying, so move past them carefully.  Equally annoying
   are the giant cacti before the main ruins area, since being careless gets
   one of your Kirbys hit.

   The giant mini-boss cactus, however, is the biggest obstacle.  Safely
   launch your Kirbys without sending them astray into the cactus' body,
   taking a careless hit so so close to the goal.  No need to rush, you'll
   still be damaging the head with each Kirby that safely lands and punches
   away at the head.  Try not to send more than five Kirbys at a time, to
   minimize mistakes.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 4        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 4      Medals: 1R345  [0204]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This stage requires two trips to collect everything, since it branches from
 the get go.

   Upper door path

 Break the lower block to find <MEDAL 1>.  Continue to the right and find
 some breakable blocks along the top and right, with a bomb block above.
 Take the door to the left, letting one of the enemies break the block above
 to gain <MEDAL 2(R)>.

 After the dust top stops spinning and turns itself upside down, safely
 pummel it with your Kirbys.  Tug on the Jerkweed, beat another spinning
 top, then hit the Melody Switches to open the door leading to the goal.

   Lower door path

 Upon entering, a giant robot turtle has sucked up the door.  Follow suit
 and load into the Autocannon to give chase.  If you want to collect all
 of the medals, do NOT start breaking through to the door at the onset.
 You'll want to keep a minimum of two layers between your Kirbys and the
 door, if you want to start setting up your escape now.

 First things first, launch to get the key; we'll need it for a treasure
 chest later in this section.  Shortly after the key, you'll find some
 Jerkweeds, with a 10-Kirby Jerkweed hiding <MEDAL 3>.  Right after this
 is the treasure chest, holding <MEDAL 4>.  Now the game will shift and
 show the edge of the playing area is about to drop off a cliff, with the
 turtle and the door along with it.  Don't panic and watch for the
 Soarars bringing along bananas.  Right after the last Soarar carrying a
 banana passes overhead, flick and grab <MEDAL 5> and open your way into
 the door.  Head to the goal and finish up.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 5        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 123    [0205]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Start out by attacking the big cactus head, slamming it into the metal blocks
 to collect the key.  Bring it to the right, hit the bomb block to start the
 elevator sequence.

 The treasure chest is on the right side, in the same column as the first
 star block, giving up Medal 1.  Flick Kirby into the bomb blocks to clear
 out the row before taking damage, then find the group shortly at the top.
 Jump off the elevator into the door and head right, pumping up some balloons
 via rapid taps.

 Kirby will automatically jump into the balloon, controlled by where most of
 the Kirbys are standing.  The first ? gives apples, then avoid three Gordos,
 then another ? floats down from the center, giving up bananas.  Three
 Gordos in a row show up on the right, then a ? flanked by two Gordos follows
 suit, this one holding Medal 2.  Three Gordos set up in a row fall from the
 left, then an enemy marker followed by a ? holding a Maxim Tomato comes down
 the center.  These next set of Gordos angle toward the center, so stick to
 the left side to grab this ? and quickly move to the right for another ?,
 this one holding <MEDAL 3>.  A wall of Gordos appears, forcing you to
 maneuver slightly to the top left, then hit the cloud wall and the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 6 [B]    Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 6      Medals: R2345  [0206]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Push the large block underneath the bomb on the right, then pull that ring
 to drop the bomb on top of the large block.  Quickly flick your Kirbys into
 the large block to push it underneath the visible medal, breaking the metal
 block and allowing you to collect <MEDAL 2>.  Backtrack to the first ring
 we passed, pull that to release the bomb there, opening your way to a door,
 which you can flick a Kirby to grab <MEDAL 1(R)> inside.  Continue further
 into the level to find a bird carrying a ring, protected by blocks which
 intermittently block access; just flick a few Kirbys to body slam the bird
 and claim the ring, attaching it nearby and giving it a pull.  This opens
 the way to a door underneath.

 Continually flick your Kirbys into the large gear, letting it hit a wall,
 which activates a switch which you'll want to flick your Kirbys into again.
 Continue on, passing a mummy Beanbon, then a large mummy Beanbon.  As the
 gear rolls wildly downhill, flick a Kirby at the third star block to
 reveal <MEDAL 3>; the fourth opens a Recovery Ring.  Continue pushing the
 gear to the right until it comes to rest on some mechanical contraption.
 Activate the switch, pull the 10-Kirby ring and the mechanism will bring
 the gear up in the air and crash it down, activating the bomb block and
 giving you access to the two easiest medals to collect <MEDAL 4> and
 <MEDAL 5>.  Have your Kirby gang push the gear uphill, then have it roll
 down the hill, watching your Kirbys chase after it.

 The goal of this gear mini-boss is to balance the two weights on the
 sides, letting you flick your Kirby crew at the casing and then into the
 gear's mechanics itself.  Have it explode thrice, opening the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 7        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 123R5  [0207]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Be very wary of the sandstorm in this stage; getting caught in it will blow
 the Kirbys away out of position, if they survive.

 Near the beginning, stand on the 10-Kirby platform to reach <MEDAL 1>.  Stay
 here until the sandstorm passes, then dash (rather than fly) to the right,
 reaching some metal blocks with star blocks underneath.  If the cacti are
 already here, you didn't wait; collect the Jumbo Candy above and make a mad
 dash through the tunnel until you find some wooden platforms.  While still
 in Jumbo Candy mode, flick as many Kirbys to the top to try and break through
 the metal blocks above.  This will allow you to reach a door where you'll
 find <MEDAL 2>.  Take the door back and continue forward, letting the first
 quicksand pit suck you under, dropping your crew underground.  This lets you
 take a skull key and beat up Skullys for <MEDAL 3>.  Head to the end of the
 area and crash through to the next section, underground.

 A block on the left hides the Warp Ahead door, while pressing onwards brings
 you face to face with a giant cactus head; body slam it into the metal blocks
 to claim a key.  Find some Melody Switches and hit them as they light up to
 reach a tunnel with sandstorms blowing through.

 Press on and jump to the safety of the platforms above as soon as you get out
 of the tunnel.  You'll spot a shiny medal below, which we'll get to in a bit.
 Beat up the mummy Beanbon, then open the way below by breaking the nearby
 star blocks.  Take a small group below and work at busting through the wall
 from underneath, flying your Kirbys to safety when a sandstorm is about to
 blow through.  Repeat until you can claim <MEDAL 4(R)>.  Press further into
 the stage to find a treasure chest on the lower half; use the key we've been
 carrying to claim <MEDAL 5>.  A bit further will find a 10-Kirby ring,
 then pass by a web, another block and take the door to head out to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 8        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 7      Medals: 123R5  [0208]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Climb up the wooden steps and flick Kirby into the backs of the cannons to
 bust them apart.  Head through, then lure one of the enemies on the lower
 area to break through the blocks; do not beat it up, since we'll need to
 make use of this enemy to break through the blocks on the right to get into
 a door.  Enter this side door and let the cannons break through the metal
 blocks for you, letting you claim <MEDAL 1>.

 Head through the area until the door locks behind you and there are some
 metal blocks overhead.  Continuing on, we'll see some cannonballs being shot
 overhead; let the cannonballs take out all of those metal blocks to have
 <MEDAL 2> fall to the bridge below.  The next area has a 10-Kirby platform,
 dropping the team to gain <MEDAL 3>.  Another cannon shows up after an
 attack by a flying eggshell.  Head past and flick a few of your Kirbys to
 latch onto the ring, leaving the rest of your Kirbys near the bottom to
 enter the door.

 Beat up two of those flying, armored eggshell enemies, take the ring and
 use it to pull down <MEDAL 4(R)>.  Take the Autocannon down and continue on
 until you find an Autocannon attached to the ceiling.  Climb in and shoot
 your Kirby group across the lower part of the stage, collecting <MEDAL 5>
 in the process, after crashing into the enemy that's holding it.

 Climb up on the weight, push the bomb down to the metal blocks to open the
 way and repeat this process further in to get the door to fall.

 Now we'll be in a mini-boss fight with a metal crane.  Run around, dodging
 its grabs twice, have it drop a bomb and push the bomb to where the crane
 will next strike, with its telltale debris falling from the ceiling.
 Repeat three times over, increasing your initial dodges from two, to three
 and finally to four.  After the third bomb grab, the crane will drop a
 ring, which you'll want to grab, then rapid tap the screen to win and
 reach the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 9        Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 7      Medals: 123R5  [0209]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This looks like a labyrinth, but in reality, is anything but.

 Take out the cacti at the entrance and use the Autocannon to get to the top.
 Land on the roof, break the stone underneath and we'll enter stage proper.

 Before you are two doors; take the right door.  The left door leads to the
 proper path toward the goal, but we're collecting everything in one trip.
 So once again, take the right door.

 Fight off the flying egg and the Beanbons.  After their defeat, out pops two
 more flying eggs and a flower enemy; beat them, then grab the key.  We return
 to the previous room, and this time, go through the left door.

 In the first left door, direct the Kirbys to hang on the ring to move the
 weight.  Do it again for the next ring, then deal with some breakable stones
 that're trying to crush Kirby.  When you find a triple set of blocks, break
 through to the right to find a ring, which you can pull to find a skull key.
 This rewards you with <MEDAL 1>.  We now find ourselves in a corridor with a
 set of rings that lower the floor when pulled.  Keep doing so, breaking the
 floor on the third ring if you need fruit inside this door.  Exit out to find
 a set of three doors.

 Start off with the right door again.  We'll be dunked underwater in an
 autoscrolling section.  <MEDAL 3> will be in plain sight, but navigating the
 corridor is a bit tougher.  The screen stops scrolling at the end, careful of
 taking a hit from the cannonballs shooting at the bottom two spots.  Break
 through these rotating cannons and enter the door, finding ourselves back in
 the room where we can choose one of three doors.

 In the triple door room again, choose the top, center door.  Break the blocks
 to continue on; pummel the flower throwing up dust and try to launch into the
 break block to take out the screen at once.  We'll come across a section with
 star blocks and metal blocks; the lower left star block hides a door leading
 to a Maxim Tomato.  Continue forward to find a set of blocks changing
 intermittently with a break block.  Off to the right, against the wall, is
 the treasure chest holding <MEDAL 2>.  Take out the break block to clear the
 metal blocks standing in your way to the door.  Once again, we find ourselves
 at the room with the triple doors.

 Finally, take the left door, leading to an elevator leading you down.  When
 the path begins to split apart, go left, left, then right through the bomb
 block.  Remain on the right side starting from the cactus head to easily
 collect <MEDAL 4(R)>.

 Activate the 10-Kirby platform to drop it and collect <MEDAL 5>.  Continue
 outside and head to the goal.

 Gold Star tip
   Take both left doors to quickly get to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 10       Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 8      Medals: 1R3    [0210]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Tug on the ring, inadvertently causing the ruins to start sinking into the
 sands.  Take the door off to the side.

 Flick your Kirbys into the switch to open the wall, then beat up the plant
 which coughs up dust.  Pass by the Recovery Ring and head to the door.

 Activate another switch, then head right.  Stand on the 10-Kirby platform
 to get it to sink, then grab <MEDAL 1> on the right side.  Continue on
 until you find a block that switches back and forth from a bomb and crash
 block; activate it as a crash block to take out all the nearby blocks,
 opening the way to <MEDAL 2(R)> above.  Drop back down and enter the door.

 You'll find yourself outside.  The goal is to the right; instead, fly your
 Kirby group to the upper left to find a hidden door.  Go inside and use
 the switch to reveal a set of five golden fruits spelling out letters.
 EMDAL doesn't seem to have much significance, but there you go.  Collect all
 the golden fruit before time expires to reveal <MEDAL 3>.  Return outside
 and head into the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 11 [B]   Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 6      Medals: R23    [0211]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Get the Kirbys to grab the cage and release the baby birds from the cage.
 They wish to be reunited with their mommy, so let's get to it!

 Carry the chicks to the wall and we'll be attacked by a flying egg wearing
 armor, then a group of two flying rocks, a flying egg and another armored
 flying egg.  Head off, tug on the Jerkweed to crash through the metal blocks.

 A key will be visible, but head to the right instead.  Lure the enemy over
 to break the block so you can claim the key for yourself.  Gather up your
 Kirby posse and fly up the wall to avoid damage to grab that opened up key
 and use it on the nearby treasure chest to gain <MEDAL 1(R)>.

 Run off to the left and tug on the Jerkweed hanging from the metal blocks,
 launching the rock to open the path to the door.  You may need to slowly pull
 the Jerkweed out to get the rock to fly out to where the door is, instead;
 either try that or just set all of your Kirbys to tug on it.  Enter the upper
 door to find a giant missile chasing through.  After some fruit, take the
 upper path for <MEDAL 2>.  Either way, we're taking the Autocannon to the
 next section.

 We'll be launching our Kirbys into quite a few enemies via the Autocannon.
 Take out the first flying, armored egg to claim <MEDAL 3> at the same time.
 Continue climbing/shooting your team up the shaft, head to the right and
 deliver the baby chicks to the mommy bird, who'll fly off and leave you with
 the goal door.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Boss Stage     Sandy Canyon      Required Kirbys: 10     Medals: N/A    [0212]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Gold Star tips
   Watch the ground for where the flower boss will pop up.  Your goal is
   to smack the flower's head using the girder as a seesaw.  The general
   rule of thumb is, if you see the flower spit out one or two seeds, expect
   to battle one or two cacti, depending on how many seeds were launched.
   Any more than that and you'll have to dodge the thorns that those seeds
   turn into.

   After taking two hits, the boss will send out a vine to keep the girder
   in place, which you should remove using your hearty band of Kirbys by
   ganging up on the flower bud.  Once free, continue smacking the top of
   the boss' head, staying alert of how many seeds the boss spits upwards.
   A total of six hits on the head will finish off the boss.

~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~
Level 3: Dedede Resort                                                  [0300]
* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

  The outer circle consists of short mini-games designed to get your Kirby
  group back up to fighting force.  The next inner circle are primarily
  underwater levels and the innermost circle continues the beach theme.
  The various mini-bosses are your primary concerns for taking damage.  Oh,
  and Waddle Dee shows up for the first time in this level, intent on bombing
  away your Kirby group.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 1        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: R23    [0301]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Pass the sign to see fruit inside bubbles, which describes this mini-game
 level succinctly.  Enter the door, unblock the Warp Ahead door in the upper
 left corner and take the Autocannon to the mini-game in the clouds.

 Watch the upper screen and backgrounds to see where the bubbles are flying
 in from, then flick your Kirby(s) at the bubbles to take the fruit inside.
 Not all bubbles are safe; a few will carry some bombs inside, meant to harm
 our hero.  The first batch of bubbles all hold fruit while the second batch
 starts to mix in some bombs.

 Soon after, two bubbles appear, one with a piece of fruit, the other with a
 bomb; the third such set holds a key in the left bubble with a fruit inside
 the right bubble.  Collect the key.

 Then, a set of three bubbles show up at a time; <MEDAL 1(R)> is on the right.
 A 10-Kirby bubble will fly in the screen holding fruit and <MEDAL 2>.  If
 this is your first time here, odds are you won't be able to get the medal on
 your first run.  A Maxim Tomato shows up not much later, then the treasure
 chest flies in at the center of the screen.  Use the key gained earlier to
 open it up and claim <MEDAL 3>.  Head to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 2        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 1R3    [0302]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Enter the stage and note a sign showing a pinball minigame.

 This is mostly luck based, depending on where the Kirby ball bounces, so I
 can't offer many tips here other than to keep trying.  If you clear the whole
 board of Maxim Tomatoes and Medals, you'll get a Perfect message.  Yes, even
 if you land Kirby into the enemy spot in the top center of the board, you can
 still get a Perfect clear.

 As you're leaving toward the goal, be wary of the shaking apple, meant to
 hook the Kirby going up to eat it.

 Gold Star tip
   Don't land in the enemy square at the top of the board.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 3 [B]    Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: 123R5  [0303]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 As the sign at the entrance suggests, you're tasked with Warpstar surfing.
 Open the Warp Ahead door in the upper left corner, jump in the Autocannon
 and let's begin.

 All of your Kirbys will pile onto the Warpstar, then the screen begins to
 autoscroll.  Flick your Kirby pile to jump, testing out your timing to grab
 the various floating fruit.  We'll soon be upon Medal 1, which will be on
 the upper screen; flick your Kirbys at the top of the ramp to float above
 it all.

 Gordos will begin to appear, staying mostly on the water's surface to avoid
 the vast majority of them, jumping when necessary.  We'll get to another ramp
 here, so jump at the top again to grab Medal 2 in the upper screen.

 Repeat the above paragraph, this time with larger Gordos appearing.  This
 time, the ramp will be floating in midair, so jump on it, then leap to the
 upper screen to grab Medal 3.

 Medal 4(R) is a repeat of Medal 3, with slightly tighter safe zones.  Focus
 on keeping your Kirby gang intact since we'll be hitting a 10-Kirby ramp
 just after, launching Kirby up into the air and popping all 10 balloons,
 revealing Medal 5.

 Exit, pop the bubble at stage end to unleash the rainbow into the inner
 circle's set of levels.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 4        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: 12R    [0304]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Entering shows a sign with an apple on a sign within a sign.  So I heard...

 Anyway, enter the door, open the Warp Ahead door and take the Autocannon.
 This is another matching game, similar to Green Grounds' Stage 7, if you
 happen to have done that stage.

 Flick Kirby to the matching sign and Soarars will appear, carrying fruit
 and <MEDAL 1>, found on the top row of Soarars, second from the last.

 Flick Kirby into the second correct symbol for more fruit and a chance at
 <MEDAL 2>, this one located on the top row, second from the last also,
 this time flying in from the left side.

 Repeat for the third and fourth pictures, gaining fruit in the process.
 The fourth picture is slightly tricky to hit, since you'll have to launch
 Kirby in an arc to reach the picture.  If you hit all picture signs
 perfectly, without missing and causing an enemy to show up instead of
 fruit, <MEDAL 3(R)> will fly in on a Soarar after the last set of fruit.

 Take the door and get to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 5        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 8      Medals: 1234R  [0305]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This stage will need a revisit to collect all the medals.

 Here comes an underwater level.  You'll swim along and find that the door is
 blocked by some kind of creature.  Take a hint from the apples and swim in
 circles around the creature to get it dizzy.  Once done, grab its tongue and
 rapid tap to dislodge the creature and enter the door.

 We'll now be in some currents; stick to the ceiling to get <MEDAL 1> along
 the upper parts.  After passing the currents and some bomb blocks, we'll
 fight a giant squid; with a new trick in its arsenal, avoid the pointy
 tentacles and grab the ring, rapid tap and get sucked into a current with
 plenty of air bubbles.  The current will rotate you around a door, which
 you'll want to flick some Kirbys into the star blocks to gain access, lest
 you run into a waiting Gordo.

 Ride the current and try to stick to the floor, where you'll spy some
 Melody Switches; hit all three, one on the floor, one on the ceiling and
 one last one on the floor beyond the Recovery Ring, and you'll open a new
 current taking you to collect a key.  If you happen to miss, you just
 won't be able to collect the key on your way down.

 At the bottom of this lagoon, you'll find the Warp Ahead door and in the
 lower right, the path to the next area.

 Swim around the 10-Kirby enemy to get it dizzy, rapid tap and enter the
 doorway with the key in tow.  Flick your Kirbys into the large shell to
 open it and reveal a treasure chest containing <MEDAL 2>.  Exit and
 you'll be presented with two choices, a top door and bottom door.

   Bottom door

 This section is littered with isolated currents and fish shooting out
 electricity.  You'll eventually reach a section with metal blocks; going
 forward brings a small fish, signaling a larger fish, an eel this time, to
 crash through those metal blocks.  Backtrack to pick up the skull key; a win
 gives you <MEDAL 3>.  Continue pressing forward, running into a giant
 jellyfish.  Flick Kirbys into it to break it apart, then finish it off with
 a mass pummeling.  Break through the upper block to find an eel coming down
 the path; hide away in the hole, then make a mad swim to the door.

 Swim along to activate a giant wooden fish battle.  Flick your Kirbys along
 the top and bottom scales to reveal its bones; breaking all of its panels
 will defeat the fish.  Take the door, swim to the Autocannon and launch
 your group up to enter a question mark door.  This opens Stage 6.

   Top door

 The screen will autoscroll.  Activate the switch to release the golden fruit
 which will assemble into Jumbo Candy.  Crash through the lower metal blocks
 to gain <MEDAL 4>.  Some Gordos moving in the water will appear, then a door
 leading to a mini-boss.  This turtle should look familiar; the same tactics
 apply.  Beat the turtle to get it cough up <MEDAL 5(R)>, then use the
 Autocannon to reach the goal.

 Gold Star tip
   In attempting this challenge, take the top door.  You're already familiar
   with the turtle's attack patterns, and the area is quite a bit shorter and
   less hazardous.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 6 [B]    Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 8      Medals: R2345  [0306]
Additional:    Hit the switch in Dedede Resort Stage 5 to open the stage
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 We're introduced to items encased in a bubble.  The number on the outside
 signifies how many times you need to flick a Kirby into the bubble to get it
 to pop.  Having the bubble touch the ground resets the count number; think
 volleyball.  Break down the wall beyond and open up the door inside the
 bubble and head inside.

 We'll encounter moles throwing spiky shells.  Grab one of the moles on the
 ceiling and body slam it into the metal boxes, dropping Kirby and co into
 the water.  Swim around to find a skull key, rewarding you with <MEDAL 2>.
 Continue moving forward to find <MEDAL 1(R)> hanging out in a block above.
 Enter the door to the next section.

 We'll be greeted to some large, rotating blocks, but only if your Kirbys are
 standing on the squares to get them to turn.  Then comes a new enemy, with a
 suspicious ring on its back; pull it to deflate the octopus and defeat it.
 Continue to a rotating block with a hole plugged with star blocks, then head
 past to find a 10-Kirby rotating block.  Spin it, enter the door in the
 center and swim through the water.  Left of the ring, there's a block leading
 you down; attach the ring and pull it to drain the room of some of its water,
 letting you access <MEDAL 3>.  Head to the door.

 Find a fishing pole, bringing your group of Kirbys around it.  When, and only
 when, the bobber goes underwater do you want to start rapid tapping to pull
 up the lure; doing so early and recasting the line only gives you fruit.
 Properly doing it the first time also pulls out a key, along with the fruit.
 Continue on to find a giant fish crush the metal blocks, then watch as it
 steals a door.  Run across another fishing pole, pull up the fish much the
 same way as the first fishing pole and enter the door.  Inside you'll find
 a golden Waddle Dee running away and a treasure chest in the bottom left
 corner; use your key to collect <MEDAL 4>.

 In a small alcove to the right of the blocks underwater, you'll be able to
 find <MEDAL 5>.  Pass a rotating disc and swim through a missile launcher
 firing missiles from the wall.  Ignore these distractions and swim up to the
 door to face a mini-boss.

 I can only describe this as a claw eel; the goal is to pull those capsules
 off of its body.  Once all of them are pulled off, the claw eel will explode
 and let you get to the goal.

 Gold Star tips
   The moles throwing spiked balls are a hindrance.  Let them throw their
   harmful balls, then swarm and/or flick your Kirbys to take them down.

   The mini-boss needs some extra mention, as well.  Swim away during the
   first portion of the fight to keep your Kirby group intact; you don't want
   to have one (or more) Kirbys sucked up and stuck inside those capsules,
   reducing your attacking capabilities until you can free them.  The seeking
   missile also tends to get lost in the shuffle of damaging the claw eel, so
   pay extra attention to that, lest you take a hit and turn a Kirby blue.
   Finally, when it starts to speed up, don't just start flicking your Kirbys
   at the capsules; some of them sprout spikes as the mini-boss crosses the
   screen.  Eventually, it'll even crash through a wall and partially stick
   out from a different section of the wall; watch for that missile again,
   and send your Kirbys out to attack non-spiky capsules.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 7        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 8      Medals: R2345  [0307]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Float your group of Kirbys across the water and enter the door to go inside
 the ship.  Reason I suggest flying is to avoid that spiky fish below.

 Fly your Kirbys from platform to platform, moving across when the water isn't
 gushing from those miniature waterfalls.  Walk across a bridge and lure the
 sniper fish into shooting <MEDAL 1(R)> out from under the bridge so you can
 collect it.  Spin the wheel beyond the large mummy Beanbon to raise the water
 level and more importantly, bring the door up so you can go inside.

 Spin this wheel, after the screen pans right to show you the scenario, and
 swim across.  Hit the lone star block or just hit the crash block in the
 middle of all those star blocks, revealing another wheel to spin.  Give it a
 spin, swim under the logs, off to the right, near some spikes, then up to a
 large star block which will need to be pushed at least a little bit before
 the water level drops.  Continue pushing the block, ignoring that tempting
 door under the raft; unless you need the fruit inside, that door's entirely
 skippable.  Raise the water level using the wheel on the right, swim up the
 shaft, skirting by the Gordos, and enter the door.

 Run across, take out a large, bomb throwing Waddle Dee and push the block
 nearby off to the right.  Let the water rise and go left to the door.  Back
 outside, fight a type of jellyfish-like enemy under the bridge to get it to
 drop <MEDAL 2>.  Take the Autocannon down through the metal blocks and right
 through a Recovery Ring.  Beat up the two bats on the right, lower the water
 level with the wheel at the right and make a dash to the far left to enter a
 door.  Spin the giant wheel and swim to the very top to find a key; take it
 and return to the previous room to find the treasure chest we passed with
 <MEDAL 3> inside.  Lower the water again, run to the right and gain
 <MEDAL 4> in the process.  Take the door at the top.

 Going inside an underwater door on the left leads to a star switch to reveal
 some golden fruit; collecting them all grants even more fruit.  Continue on
 and enter the door at the upper right.

 Spin the wheel to lower the water, avoiding the sniper fish's attacks.  Take
 the opened path to the right, ride this elevator to the top, but lure and
 keep this second sniper fish on the left edge.  This will allow it to break
 some metal blocks barring the way to <MEDAL 5>.  Enter the door.

 Fight the fairly easy mini-boss: a giant star block.  Or, I should say, a
 giant Waddle Dee pretending to be a star block.  Flick your Kirbys to break
 the costume, then body slam the vulnerable Waddle Dee.  Repeat this three
 times and head to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 8        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 1R345  [0308]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Go forward, passing some pigs which can freeze you with their breathe, until
 you come across a torch.  Approach it, lighting Kirby on fire, then dash off
 to the right, being mindful of a drop off into the water after the long ramp
 down; your flame can be extinguished, but you only need one Kirby to light
 the wood to melt the snowman.  Find another torch, re-lighting your group
 and make a mad dash.  Melting one snowman is only part of the journey; you
 need to melt a second snowman with the re-light to enter a door. Enter this
 door and approach a large ice block.  Rapid tap a changing corner of the
 screen to sculpt a Kirby likeness, holding <MEDAL 1>.  Exit and climb up into
 an Autocannon, dumping Kirby into a snowball.

---A 6-or-more-Kirby snowball lands you on the top platform and next to
 <MEDAL 2(R)>; enter the door.

 Charge through the falling icicles, enemies throwing ice blocks and more
 ice blocks in your way.  Body slam a large, giant ice block generating enemy
 down through the ice, then flick a Kirby with a lighted torch up to melt the
 snowman.  Take the upper path to re-light your torches and run off to the
 right.  Avoid the ice block jumping enemies, then the screen will pan to
 some enemies creating ice blocks; ignore them, too, and take the upper path
 to light the wood and melt the snowman.  Otherwise, you'll have to fight
 another one of those large enemies creating huge ice blocks; this path melts
 a snowman and drops a large block on the enemy.  Tug on the Jerkweed above
 to release <MEDAL 3>, then enter the door.

 Time to deal with a large, moving ice block.  Break it apart, careful of when
 it flashes, then make a mad dash to the right, lighting another piece of wood
 to melt a snowman.  Enter the door and heed the arrow's direction; ignore the
 door above and go right.  You'll sculpt another Kirby statue out of the
 ice block, and it's also holding <MEDAL 5>.  Backtrack to the door and go
 to the goal.

---A 5-or-less Kirby snowball will land you on the lower platform.

 This leads to an area with seesaws dumping you into the water if your Kirbys
 fall off.  Which you don't want to do; you need to keep the flame from those
 torches alive on at least one of your Kirbys.  Dash and jump from seesaw to
 seesaw, then when you come across an area with a lot of ice blocks found on
 the lower half, some of which house a frozen enemy inside, stick to the
 upper path to melt a snowman and renew your dying flame.  Hit the Autocannon
 to blast through the lower metal blocks and continue to the door.

 Light the wood to melt three of the snowmen here, ignore the key that just
 fell, at least temporarily, and light the wood across the way and melt that
 snowman, giving you access to the treasure chest just behind.  By now, the
 water has probably risen, or is close to rising; that was the reason for
 avoiding the key.  Go ahead and grab it now, unlock the treasure chest and
 take <MEDAL 4>; continue to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 9        Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 6      Medals: R2345  [0309]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Break the ice blocks and pull the ring down to gain some fruit; the star
 switch further in will remove the floor, dropping your Kirby group to the
 next section down below.

 For the majority of this level, we're going to be chased by that ice
 dinosaur.  After the jumping ice blocks, you'll find <MEDAL 1(R)> trapped
 inside an ice block.  Free and collect it, then stay near the right edge
 of the screen, since the ice dino is about to rush at your group.  Leap up
 to the ledge and quickly pull the ring, getting <MEDAL 2> to drop down.

 Now we're being chased in a section with Gordos.  Stay on the lookout for
 a Gordo trapped in ice near the ceiling, since right next to that will
 be <MEDAL 3>, sandwiched between two Gordos.  Accurately flick Kirby above
 to collect the treasure and get ready to avoid another dino rush.

 Just out of reach, flick the star switch to activate <MEDAL 4> into dropping
 on the scene.  Watch for <MEDAL 5> trapped in an ice block at the ceiling,
 found shortly after the Recovery Ring.  We'll run into a wall, which you'll
 want to activate the nearby star switch to drop the dino in the chasm.  Once
 done, gather your Kirby crew and fly up to reach an Autocannon and the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 10 [B]   Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 1234R  [0310]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Head past the Waddle Dee and enter the door to get inside Dedede's castle.
 Ignored the crooked painting hiding the door and enter the next door.  Take
 out the Waddle Dee, then pull down the painting with the lake to uncover
 some fruit.  Head forward and attack the enemy on the iron ball, pressing
 further to a room with four paintings hanging on the wall, all of which
 show Dedede.  Pull down the third painting, the one that's watching Kirby
 move about, and enter that door; any of the other doors will return your
 troupe to that door near the beginning with the crooked painting.

 Use the 5-Kirby platform to bypass some Waddle Dees, or go ahead and fight
 them; your call.  Ignore the 7-Kirby platform and go right to a room with
 three Dedede paintings and two bomb throwing Waddle Dee paintings; remove
 the first Dedede painting and enter the door, bouncing along to collect a
 key.  Remove the Dedede painting closest to you and enter this door,
 bouncing along to use the key on the treasure chest you just saw, giving
 you <MEDAL 1>.  The center Dedede painting hides a Recovery Ring.

    Choose: Backtrack to the 7-Kirby platform     -     Go to 10-A
              Continue heading to the right       -     Go to 10-B


 Head back to the 7-Kirby platform and ride it down.  Take out the porcupine
 type enemies and get through the star blocks, then make another decision:

    Choose:  Ride the 10-Kirby platform down      -     Go to 10-C
              Continue heading to the right       -     Go to 10-D


 Taking the 10-Kirby platform down, you'll reach a small room to the right.
 Pull down the Dedede painting and enter the door at the bottom of the shaft.

 Running into the clouds has Kirby eat the fluffy pieces.  Pop open the path
 by hitting the circle block, retracting the blocks.  Flick a Kirby into the
 giant fluffy cloud, specifically the top left corner, to find a hidden door.
 Enter it to find a load of apples and a fishing type enemy dangling <MEDAL 2>
 as bait.  Take the bait, body slam the enemy and continue collecting fruit.
 Continue head to the right and activate the star switch, triggering golden
 fruit to appear in the shape of a key.  This actually turns into the
 skull key; fight the Skullys for <MEDAL 3>.  Now, a switch houses a Jumbo
 Candy, eatable by sending a few Kirbys up and over the barrier, dealing with
 the Waddle Dee along the way, and keeping a contingent of Kirbys near the
 circle block at the other side.  Keep flicking Kirbys into the circle to
 retract the barrier, claim the Jumbo Candy, which you can use to plow through
 some metal blocks at the bottom floor of the next room.  If you miss that
 chance, go ahead and climb up the left side, dealing with some enemies along
 the way.  Take the door at the top of the room and continue on to 10-Z.


 Choosing to ignore the 10-Kirby platform, opting to go to the right, take
 out the two bomb throwing Waddle Dee paintings, then Dedede's painting
 to reveal a star switch.  Follow the path to reach an elevator and another
 star switch; hit this switch to have the floor fall out from under you.  Go
 right to find four paintings; pulling them all down reveals four arrows:
 Right, Up, Left, Up.  Hit the switches in the same order to open the floor
 from under the door on the left.

 Hitting the switches correctly opens the door to the above left, letting you
 into a room with a bubble needing to be hit ten times before it pops.  It
 only contains fruit, so if you happen to fail the switch hitting sequence,
 that's of little consequence, unless you desperately need some fruit at this
 point in the stage.  If you're trying to pop the bubble, take note of the
 intermittent water level raising and lowering on the room.  Exit through
 the door at the far side of the room.

 Skipping the switches or not, go in the door nearest the wall to come to a
 room with Kirby paintings flying in the air.  Remove them to find <MEDAL 4>
 behind one painting; the other three contain flying egg enemies.  Press on
 for a Recovery Ring and a giant bottle, which you'll want to uncork and
 fall into.  There's also a Warp Ahead door before the bottle.

 Taking this route leads underwater, with suctions trying to trap your merry
 party.  Swim through until you see some fruits circling around, signifying
 this section is almost done.  You'll exit to 10-Z below.


 Keep going to the right, dispatch the enemy on the iron ball and continue
 pushing the ball to the right, down a few ramps, until it breaks through
 some metal blocks.  Pull down this Dedede painting, enter the door and
 collect fruit and <MEDAL #??> from the bubbles.  Pop the bubble with the
 door and climb up the platforms to the door above.  Continue to 10-Z.


 You'll be greeted with a bomb throwing Waddle Dee painting, so pull that
 down to stop that threat.  Find the iron ball and push that to the far left,
 crashing it through the metal blocks.  You'll find some paintings of
 Waddle Dees again, along with a large, castle painting in the middle.  Tug
 the castle painting off the wall and claim <MEDAL 5(R)>.

 Head to the right, take the elevator up and we'll meet a mini-boss, holding
 a threatening mace and a decaying shield.  Crash your Kirby team into the
 shield to break it, then swarm the mini-boss.  Just beyond is the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 11       Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 7      Medals: R23    [0311]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Go to the far right and hit the bell to summon the mommy bird, who will pick
 up your Kirby group and drop you on a tree, causing it to tilt.  Quickly
 enter the door before the tree falls over.

 Grab the fruits to the side and enter the door above.  Get used to the whole
 tower leaning; every room save the very last section will be like this for
 this stage.

 A key is on the right a few floors above from the spiky shell rolling about.
 Grab it and continue climbing and enter the door at the top, cautious of
 the plants that like to bite downward.

 Climb up some more, moving the spiky shell to the right so you can bring
 Kirby to collect <MEDAL 1(R)> on the left side.  As you climb this screen,
 you'll find a plant buried; approach cautiously to avoid the screen from
 getting too hectic, allowing you to claim <MEDAL 2>.  Move further up and
 control the giant spiny shell at the top and enter the door.

 This leads you outside, where you'll need to flick a Kirby into the bell
 again, summoning the mommy bird, but causing the entire tree to fall over.
 Luckily, the mommy bird saves you from certain doom.

 Now we're autoscrolling on the backs of the flying birds.  Flick Kirby
 into the bomb blocks to keep from getting crushed and manage the enemies
 flying into the screen.  When a barrage of egg-looking enemies and
 floating porcupines show up, we're nearing the end, coming across the
 treasure chest, where we can finally use that key.  Inside is <MEDAL 3>.
 Move on toward the goal.

 Gold Star tips
   The annoying parts of this level lie in those rolling spiky shells in the
   second, main tower.  Move cautiously, but quickly, and get ready to flick
   your Kirbys up past the large, spiky, rolling shell.  Once that's done,
   you're in the clear, since the flying section is significantly easier to
   avoid damage in.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Boss Stage     Dedede Resort     Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: N/A    [0312]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Gold star tips
   It's a battle against King Dedede.  He'll be flying above in a balloon,
   tossing bombs down at Kirby.  Flick them back at Dedede, and after taking
   five hits from the explosions, he'll either jump down or fall from his
   balloon; use this opportunity to pummel and body slam King Dedede.

   The second phase is much the same as the first, only he'll throw three
   bombs at a time, rather than just two.  Repeat the five explosions and
   he'll plummet or jump down, this time launching himself up in the air, then
   making a downward jump kick at Kirby.  Catch him on the ground and repeat
   the pummeling.  Dodge out of the way to remain damage free, which should
   have been fairly easy up to this point.

   King Dedede retreats to his balloon once more, summoning Waddle Dees to
   throw various debris at Kirby from the two ramparts on the sides.  Take
   them out to reduce their annoyance, get one more bomb to explode in King
   Dedede's face and his balloon will be defeated.

   Now King Dedede attacks from the ground.  He'll launch up into the air
   brandish his signature, wooden mallet, then crash into the ground.  At
   this point, stay your ground, forcing Dedede to choose a side; run to
   the opposite side of the mallet and send your Kirby posse to swarm and
   body slam Dedede into the ground; repeat about five times if Kirby is
   solo, going for the One-on-One Victor.

~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~
Level 4: Volcano Valley                                                 [0400]
* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

  This level is dark, literally.  We'll be visiting a graveyard and dealing
  with zombies and flying gravestones, fighting off enemies in the dark along
  with ghosts, and obviously, exploring a volcano.  Continuing the dark theme,
  we'll even be exploring the fringes of space.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 1        Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: R2345  [0401]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 The help button at the start of the level explains to extinguish a Kirby
 which has caught on fire by dunking into water.  With that out of the way,
 continue through the stage, heading up a ledge to find a bubble filled with
 water.  Use this to ram into the lava monster, hardening it, allowing you to
 flick Kirbys into it to destroy the lava monster.  Backtrack to collect
 another water bubble, repeat on the second enemy, and do this one more time
 to use on the fire bug.  Continue on, throw the next water bubble into the
 lava to harden it and collect as much fruit as you can from the fruit box.
 Now we're presented with a choice: continue going right, beyond the star
 block, or tug on the Jerkweed to head underground.

   Continue through the star block

 Crashing through the star block, you'll come across a door leading to a room
 with rising and falling levels of lava.  Grab the key in the second hole and
 press on to a narrow passage with star blocks lining the top.  You'll need to
 bring your Kirbys up there for safe passage, and the treasure chest is up
 here anyway.  Collect <MEDAL 1(R)> from this chest then fall through to the
 nearby door.  Skip down to 1-B.

   Go underground via the Jerkweed

 Tugging on the Jerkweed above lets your Kirby gang slam through the metal
 blocks below.  Off to the left, find some water if you've caught on fire;
 a group of lava monsters block your way to the right, this time without a
 water bubble to deal with them.  Wait them out and cross with safe passage.
 Spin the small wheel beyond, activating a sprinkler system, hardening the
 lava below, letting you cross and collect the skull key in the star blocks.
 Winning nets <MEDAL 2>, then take the door.  Continue through to 1-B.


 No matter which path you took, we'll come across a Recovery Ring and a
 flying eyeball.  Flick Kirby into the eye to get it to cry, launching drops
 of water meant to hydrate the plant in the center of the room.  Doing so will
 get it to grow and bear fruit; hit the eye thrice to defeat it to move on.
 And yet again, we're presented with another choice; head right, beyond the
 burning plant, or go up via the Autocannon.

   Taking the Autocannon up

 Find another tree for you to grow, using the flying eyeball's tears.  The
 plant needs a minimum of three water droplets to land on it, and when fully
 grown, it'll bear <MEDAL 4> on its branches.  Collect it, then continue on
 to find a water bubble, signifying some lava monsters to deal with.  Do so,
 jump into the next Autocannon and continue to 1-C.

   Fighting the burning plant

 To even begin to battle the burning plant, you'll need to amass a minimum of
 five Kirbys, used to spin the giant wheel.  Toss your Kirbys up to get the
 wheel to spin four times, watering the plant and making it safe for your
 attack.  Body slam it to crack through the metal blocks.

 We'll be face to face with a... well, giant face.  It's a huge, rolling rock
 with vulnerabilities on the top and bottom of its face.  Flick your Kirbys at
 its weak points to destroy it, running away when the stone flashes to avoid
 from being crushed.  Once done, continue on, cross a bridge and battle
 another one of those giant rocks, this time with a better reward inside its
 creamy filling: <MEDAL 3>.  Continue to 1-C.


 Lure the fire bug to fly over the metal blocks, then launch a Kirby when the
 fire circling the bug is away; body slam the bug to go further below.  If
 you were caught on fire, there's some water on the left; either way, continue
 to the right to find a room with plants growing from the ceiling.  These
 turn out to be Jerkweeds when watered, so focus on hitting the eyeball to
 send its tears upwards to land on the Jerkweeds you'd wish to pull.
 The first Jerkweed yields <MEDAL 5>, the center Jerkweed gives up some
 fruit and the Jerkweed furthest from the entrance causes Beanbons to fall.
 Once your business is finished, head to the door and goal.

 Gold Star tip
   The easiest path to avoid damage is found by taking the path underground,
   via activating the bomb block, and then choosing to Autocannon to the
   upper path since you can effectively dash through most of the section.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 2 [B]    Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 3      Medals: 123R5  [0402]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Take the Autocannon up to reach a tank, which all of your Kirbys will climb
 into.  The tank will move at its own pace, effectively making the stage into
 one large autoscroll; hold the stylus on the screen to aim the crosshairs
 and release the stylus to have the tank shoot one of your Kirbys in the
 direction you were aiming at.  Your ammo is limited by the number of Kirbys
 you have loaded into the tank, and after being shot, they'll rush back into
 the tank, ready to be fired at a target again.

 Anyway, we'll come across some large star blocks, requiring two shots to
 break apart.  <MEDAL 1> is along the ceiling which you'll want to shoot at to
 claim.  The tank will roll down a ramp, letting you practice your shooting by
 hitting the switches to get fruit to appear.

 Quickly choose: activate the star switch to drop below ground or stay the
 course and continue heading to the right?

   Ignoring the star switch and continuing to the right

 A large Soarar will fly overhead, then the tank will have to climb up a
 rather steep hill.  Along the way, there's some canisters to collect, used
 mainly to restore some of the tank's hit points.  At the very top of the
 steep hill we'll find <MEDAL 2>, so stay alert for that.

   Activating the star switch and going deeper underground

 With the switch activated, the floor gives way and we'll chug along this
 alternate path.  A cloud carrying <MEDAL 3> greets us at the bottom of the
 ramp, along with enemies and other clouds meant to distract us from being
 able to effectively shoot the cloud down and claiming the shiny object.  Keep
 your shots up before the cloud flies away, then we'll roll into an elevator
 to meet up where we would've ended up if we stayed the course.

 After taking either path, you're given the option to bomb the floor out from
 underneath or to continue moving along; the choice is inconsequential.
 Taking the lower route leads to your Kirbys jumping out of the tank, opening
 up the Warp Ahead door and jumping into a fresh tank, if the one you were
 just driving in was too badly damaged.

 Whether or not you chose to use the "rest area," we'll soon encounter four
 switches, and activating them gives you <MEDAL 4(R)>.  A ramp heading in a
 downward direction shortly appears, with <MEDAL 5> above, needing you to
 fire a Kirby at a bomb block to release our precious.  Our tank then rolls
 over into the next section by itself.

 Finally, we'll battle a tank coming up from behind us.  Shoot out the cannons
 if you wish, but the primary focus should be placed first on any missiles
 making their way to your tank, and then on the switches moving down the
 conveyor belt, of sorts.  After two hits on the first switch, the top "eye"
 closes.  The second "eye" mixes in some skull switches and a few more cannons
 to get in more firing chances; hit the switch twice to close this "eye."
 Repeat with the third "eye," also adding more skull switches and more
 cannons.  The bottom, final "eye" likes to fire more missiles at you, trying
 to obscure your shot at the switch.  Take your shots and explode the tank.
 At this point, all of your Kirbys will jump out of the tank and let you
 direct them to go into the door and to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 3        Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: R23    [0403]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 The screen shakes upon entering.  Continuing on, walls on both sides rise,
 trapping you to deal with the rocks raining down from the volcano in the
 background.  Flick a Kirby to break apart the rocks and the wall will soon
 open, but the rocks will continue to fall.  Eat the Jumbo Candy and run off
 to the right, passing a wall of star blocks with a door at the bottom left
 block; fruit is inside.  Continue to find <MEDAL 1(R)> encased in a few
 metal blocks, gaining access by letting the falling rocks open the way.

 Head up the elevator, continuing to keep your team safe by flicking Kirbys
 at the rocks.  One large ? boulder will start falling, this housing <MEDAL 2>
 inside; it's easier to bust it open using the break symbol rock instead.
 Pass by a Recovery Ring.

 Head up and a huge boulder will come flying in.  You can avoid it by breaking
 through to the right or simply destroy the huge boulder, releasing <MEDAL 3>.
 Continue to the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 4 [B]    Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 6      Medals: R23    [0404]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Climb up the cavern, beat the water shooting pigs and jump in the Autocannon.

 Off to the right, we'll see some Banishbacks just behind the star blocks;
 wait for it to pass, then press on.  If even one of your Kirbys gets caught
 by the Banishback, you're whole team is sent a significant way back; in this
 section, it's back at the beginning of the area, where the Autocannon dropped
 you off.  Pass a water shooting pig, run by the two Banishbacks when safe
 and deal with the spiders.  There's a skull key in an alcove in the upper
 left, rewarding you with <MEDAL 1(R)>.  Head up the ledge, down the ramp
 slowly and pass by two fairly large Banishbacks.  Break the block and enter
 into the door.

 Pass by some spiders, a Recovery Ring, a water shooting pig and a hidden Warp
 Ahead door above.  Choose your path: crash through the metal blocks by
 body slamming the object caught in the web or take the door on the right.

   Going underground via the metal blocks

 This is a murky underwater section, which uses up your air much faster than
 normal water sections.  There's a few Banishbacks which suddenly appears in
 this tunnel; they show up near the ceiling, ceiling, floor, then blocks
 above and below twice over.  After that section, come across a large shell
 containing <MEDAL 2>.  Swim up and the room locks itself with two fairly
 large Banishbacks rising up from the bottom of the screen.  Move upwards
 quickly, push the large block to the side and deal with some spiders tossing
 spiky shells down at your team.  After the third spider, take the door and
 head to the goal.

   Taking the door on the right

 Move your Kirbys to learn how to deal with the pulleys.  Weigh them down on
 the left pulley, raising the right platform and head through the door.

 Hit the bomb block and navigate between small Banishbacks, then climb up the
 ledge.  Any further Banishback catches in this section will throw you back
 right here.  Raise the right platform via the pulley, then tug the 10-Kirby
 rock from the ceiling via the Jerkweed, revealing a Jumbo Candy.  Make a mad
 dash to the right; I found it easiest by double tapping the upper right
 corner of the screen and holding the stylus there, so your Kirbys won't
 catch up and latch onto their heart, ie the star at the end of your stylus.
 Open up the Jumbo Candy along the way and totally ignore the chest; we're
 going to come back for it.  If at any point you mess up, go ahead and let
 a Banishback swallow you to restart this section.  We'll reach a pulley with
 large zombie Beanbons forming on the right platform, and the key for the
 treasure chest underneath the left platform.  Take out the right column by
 hitting the bomb block, let the Beanbons raise the left platform and grab the
 key, heading back to the treasure chest.

 Be VERY careful backtracking to the chest at this point.  If a Banishback
 eats you, the key will NOT reset itself.  Opening the chest grants <MEDAL 3>.
 Head beyond the pulley where we found the key, enter the door and cross the
 goal door.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 5        Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 7      Medals: 1234R  [0405]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Pause for a spell, letting the plant below retract before you sprint off
 into the level.  The game then pans right, directing your attention to the
 patrolling zombie Beanbons.  Take them out as normal, break bomb blocks and
 enter an area with Skullys.  Beat them up, push a large gravestone left and
 run down the hole.  Lure the fire bug enemy to the right to see <MEDAL 1>
 shining in the darkness, then head back to jump into the Autocannon.  Climb
 the ledges up and collect the large, spooky looking key from the platform
 above the rotating spiked platforms.  There's a skull key by continuing off
 right, granting <MEDAL 2>.  Head through the bomb block, star block and
 finally another bomb block, open the Warp Ahead door to the right.  Head up
 in the ledges and fire the Autocannon to reach a lava area.

 Rush through to the next door.

 Enter the area and find a spinning wheel, allowing you to raise the elevator
 going up, staying above the lava.  The first section has moles popping out
 in an attempt to toss bombs from the wall, then a few doors begin to open up,
 letting in Beanbons; with the matching door set, a Gordo flies across.  Next
 move in some Soarars, letting you at a chance for fruit, then a giant door
 opens, letting an equally large Gordo to fly through.  A few more spins will
 reach the top of the elevator, letting your team off to go right.  Then we
 enter a small area with Melody Switches, netting Kirby <MEDAL 3>.  Take the
 Autocannon up.

 Send your Kirbys through the Recovery Ring, fly up using the Autocannon then
 handle the Skullys' bold attack, dropping a treasure chest.  The weird key
 at the beginning of the level doesn't work, so press on, finding a large,
 nefarious looking door which just laughed at Kirby; if carrying the key.
 Note the door, but continue going right, grabbing a different key from the
 above platforms.  Backtrack to the treasure chest the Skullys dropped and
 harvest the reward: <MEDAL 4>.  Go back to the spooky door, rapid tap to
 have the door open up and do battle with the big bad Skully.  Body slam this
 adversary three times, dealing with the minor Skullys as need be, and then
 your Kirbys will gain <MEDAL 5>, along with the door leading to the goal.
 Even if you didn't grab the spooky key, pass the ominous door on the right,
 sending your group of Kirbys into the goal door without needing the fight.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 6        Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 4      Medals: 123R5  [0406]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This level will require at least two runs to collect everything.

 Deal with tombstones flying about, trying to attack Kirby.  Tug the tarp down
 by pulling the ribbon near the top of the screen, revealing the door.

 There's some spotlights, directing you to choose one of two paths: taking
 the door or flicking into the bomb block and heading down below.

   Going through the door

 Avoid the two crushing stone blocks and head to a set of blocks that turn
 incorporeal when light is cast on them, allowing your Kirbys to pass.
 Continue to find a scene with a skull flying near a weigh station, swarming
 on the skull only when there's light in the area, then load up your Kirbys
 to weigh down the platform, allowing you to reach a star switch off in the
 darkness beyond. This rotates the spotlight counterclockwise, making the
 blocks vanish.  Stand at the far right to fall to the lower level and pile
 your Kirbys up into the Autocannon.

 Tug the ribbon down, opening up the tarp and go wild on the Waddle Dees.
 Encounter those ghostly skulls again, remembering only to do battle when
 the area is lit up; if it turns dark, retreat for a spell.  The next room
 locks behind you; flick a Kirby into the fifth star block from the entrance,
 or the second to last star block if at the exit end; it's the same block.
 This reveals the ribbon allowing you to pull the tarp down, revealing the
 Waddle Dees as well as a star switch at the ceiling.  Activating it allows
 you to move on deeper into the level by making the blocks on the right
 vanish.  Rush past the knight and run into a giant, potted plant; if it stays
 in the light, it starts to bloom and plays music.  Pushing it to the stable
 light at the far right gets it to bloom fruit.  Press on, hit the switch in
 the center room and drop down below.  You're actually standing on breakable
 stone crushers; defeat the one on the left to avoid any unnecessary KOs, then
 continue cracking through the total of four stones, revealing a ring behind
 the last stone.  Pull it, getting a potted plant to drop on the left.  Off
 further to the left, you'll find a Recovery Ring if needed; else, push the
 potted plant to a stationary light on the right side.  Letting the flower
 bloom gets it to give up <MEDAL 1>.  Finally, a medal.  Press on, and send
 your Kirbys to tug on the ring to direct the spotlight.  Both doors lead to
 the same area; sending 6 or less to pull on the ring opens the top door's
 path, while letting 7 or more Kirbys tug on the ring opens the bottom door's
 path, which leads to <MEDAL 2>.

 We're now completely surrounded by those ghostly skulls, only we can't attack
 them since these disappear when hit by the light.  Your only reprieve is the
 moving spotlight, keeping your Kirby posse in a tight space, else a straying
 Kirby will get eaten up if left behind in the shadows.  The best advice I can
 give is to keep your stylus held down, well above the Kirbys to keep them
 jumping, drastically narrowing how wide they would neutrally stand if left
 to their own devices.  In any case, after a star switch, leading to a path
 below with fruit, toss your Kirbys up to a platform near the ceiling to
 collect <MEDAL 3>.  The door here leads outside.  Skip down to Outside.

   Taking the bomb block down below

 Your Kirbys will automatically fall on some candles, lighting them in the
 process.  When you land, the area is pitch black, unlike having at least some
 visibility if you took the other route; proceeding leads to a knight carrying
 a lantern, lighting up more candles for you.  Frightened, the knight runs off
 and is attacked by some bats; go save the knight by beating up the two bats
 and the knight will regain its lantern, lighting up a torch for your Kirbys
 to take with them.  Burn the block in the upper right and the door reveals
 itself to you below.

 Run to the right, lighting candles along with defeating those ghostly skulls.
 As long as your Kirbys have an active torch burning, you're safe from all
 but the stone crushers' attacks, so keep that in mind.  Speaking of which,
 there's a few of said breakable stone crushing blocks up ahead.  At the
 dead end with the candle, send your team flying up through the star blocks,
 push the large candle block down and keep going to the left to replenish your
 fire supply.  Tugging on the ribbon will also reveal a Recovery Ring,
 replenishing any health your Kirbys may need.  Charge off to the right again,
 burning off the covering to find an Autocannon; don't jump into it just yet.
 To the right, there's a candle that needs to be lit, so do so first, then
 jump into the Autocannon.

 Head to the right to find another burning torch, ready to replenish your fire
 supply.  Charge through to the left and a ghost blows out the fire all of
 your Kirbys are carrying.  Head back to relight your torches and press on,
 avoiding two stone crushers, some more ghosts trying to blow out your fire
 and yet another stone crusher.  Take the elevator up and push the large
 candle block off to the right, dealing with more ghosts.  There's a triple
 set of stone crushers here and even more ghosts, intent on stopping Kirby's
 progress.  You'll reach an Autocannon here, but do NOT enter this first one.
 Instead, light up the panel to the right and jump into the second Autocannon
 which lets your Kirbys light up the remaining candles and, more importantly,
 lets Kirby collect <MEDAL 5>.  Continue to the Outside section below.


 More zombie Beanbons to deal with, then two flying tombstones, one crumbling
 apart and the other fairly newer.  It doesn't matter which; lure a flying
 tombstone to crush the metal block, revealing <MEDAL 4(R)> for the taking.
 Continue on to an area that locks your Kirbys into an arena, where four
 fresh flying tombstones wish to challenge your Kirby group.  Flick your team
 up to deal damage and head on toward the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 7        Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 5      Medals: 1R345  [0407]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 We've got another dark stage to deal with, this one with intermittent flashes
 of light.  Continue forward until you're stopped by a barricade; flick your
 Kirbys to break down the star blocks and press on.  There's a fairly large
 clearing with star block enemies attempting to crush Kirby from above.  After
 there are no more attacks, you'll come across an outline of a tree in the
 background; up above is a star block hiding <MEDAL 1>.  Either wait for the
 light to see it or just flick your Kirbys overhead to break the block.  In
 any case, break down some more star blocks to gain access into a building.

 Flick your Kirbys in a diagonal to clear up the star blocks, then jump across
 the barrier.  Come across a Beanbon and a stone crushing enemy, then the same
 pattern, only in reverse.  Break the blocks to the right of the third stone
 crusher, taking the lower route beyond.  Toss your Kirbys up to yank the
 Jerkweed when it's not thorny, letting the team break through the metal
 blocks below, then go inside the door.

 Break the large rolling stone block, beat up the Beanbon and then fly over
 the first block and run across when the second spike block retracts.  We'll
 come across a silhouette of a pillar in the background, this one obscuring
 a spike block trying to snag Kirby from below, so fly over it.  The next two
 pillars obscure the presence of two spike blocks, simultaneously crashing
 through the middle; either proceed by sound of the blocks retracting or wait
 for the light to illuminate the area, then proceed when safe.  After that
 second set of spike blocks, find fruit above, then a third set of blocks
 being hidden by the pillar's shadow.  Jump into the Autocannon, leading up to
 the ledges above and rush to the right, taking out the Beanbons so you're not
 distracted while dealing with the large stone block rolling across the floor
 intent on crushing your Kirbys.  Instead, destroy it first, revealing
 <MEDAL 2(R)> for the taking.  Break through the star blocks on the right, if
 you haven't yet done so, and deal with two flying armored egg enemies flying
 between the pillars.  After taking them out, continue right and when you can
 no longer move forward, send Kirbys at the center of the obstacle to break
 down the star blocks.  Two doors fly down into view; one with a face and the
 other that looks like a normal door.  Follow the one that looks like a normal
 door, and when you regain control of your Kirby group, jump inside that
 correct door.

 Autocannon up        [A] -------------- [A] ------------------- [A]
 then left for         |                  |                       |
 a Maxim Tomato.   [ Maxim ]              |    [Door]             |
 Go up, right &    [Tomato ]              |       |    [A]-------[A]--(M)--[A]
 right to collect                      [Start]    |               |
 <MEDAL 3>.  Then go down, left                   |               |
 and finally up to reach the door.               [A]-------------[A]

 Go to the left to be locked into a room with one normal looking door and two
 evil looking doors flying into the screen.  Much like following the two doors
 earlier in the stage, this tasks you with following the one correct door
 amongst three total doors.  Climb in the good door and continue on.

 When we enter, a fairly large shadow appears beyond the wall to the left,
 intent on making Kirby its snack as the shadow gives chase.  Take out the
 star blocks, a Beanbon, a double column of star blocks and two Beanbons.
 Head up the ramp, flick open the star blocks to go down below, then attempt
 to aim for the break block up in the ceiling to clear out all of the star
 blocks in one fell swoop.  Ignore the tempting fruit and continue to pull
 the Jerkweed down from the ceiling, revealing <MEDAL 4>.  Your Kirbys will
 automatically walk to the next section.

 Continue on, pulling the ring down and rapid tap to have your Kirby crew
 band together to build a large Kirby silhouette to fight off the giant
 shadow.  Victorious, the shadow drops <MEDAL 5>.  Collect it and head outside
 through the door to reach the goal.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 8        Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 9      Medals: 12R    [0408]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Dash by the floating knights and enter a room that locks behind you, facing
 a spiked wall.  In comes a summoned hand, intent on crushing Kirby; flick
 your Kirbys at the center of the wall, aimed at the hand, then continue
 into the Autocannon.

 Kirby will land in a tilting tower, similar to Dedede Resort's Stage 11.
 Grab <MEDAL 1> on the second overhang, way off on the left edge of the
 screen, then enter the door.

 Let the spiky ball roll off the edge to the right and climb up, letting the
 two water shooting pigs standing in your way exhaust their breath before
 swarming them, lest you get pushed off the tower without a dash.  There's a
 Warp Ahead door in the cracked spot on the right, with the way forward in the
 door up above.

 Climb up this section with porcupines and missing walls, heading to the door.

 Tilt the tower to remove both spiky balls, then climb up to encounter the
 summoned hand again, intent on pushing the tower over.  Defeat it, then grab
 <MEDAL 2> in the bottom left corner where the giant spiky ball is rolling
 about, and encounter the second summoned hand in this section.  Beat it and
 take the door.

 Quickly break through the star blocks and climb up the tower to reach the
 Autocannon in order to shoot at the incoming fist.  Rapid tap the screen to
 clear it and continue on our merry way.

 We'll end up in a cloudy area with <MEDAL 3(R)> surrounded by two columns of
 fruit, all floating on clouds.  Use the Autocannons to get ahead of the
 clouds and shoot to obtain the items; you'll have a shot up, a shot down,
 a chance to get ahead again and one last shot upwards to claim the goodies.
 Ring the bell to summon the mommy bird, bringing you to the ? door.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 9 [B]    Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 10     Medals: R23    [0409]
Additional:    Hit the switch (1/2) in Volcano Valley Stage 8
               Hit the switch (2/2) in Volcano Valley Stage 11
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 There's a key in the star blocks above a group of large zombie Beanbons.
 Skip over the first large gravestone, beat up the Skullys and push the second
 gravestone off to the left.  The ground opens up, leading to <MEDAL 1(R)>.
 Backtrack to the first gravestone and push it off to the side, dropping your
 Kirbys underground.  Break the bomb blocks to go further, then head to the
 left to come face to face with a large, chained up door.  Off to the left,
 there's a Recovery Ring and a hidden Warp Ahead door.  Above the large,
 locked up door, there's three doors; one for the two chains, and the center
 door leading to the key to open the door.  Tackle them in any order, but
 we'll need to go through them all.

   Upper Left Door

 This is a rematch of the wooden fish battle at Dedede Resort Stage 5, at the
 lower door.  The only difference is now we're doing battle in murky water,
 making our air supply more of a priority than in the previous fight.  Winning
 reveals a door leading back to the central area, breaking the chain attached
 to the large door, as well as causing this door to disappear.

   Center Door

 This is a rematch with the enemy with a weak point at its throat. ***
 Gain the large key, exit through the door and have the key automatically
 insert itself into the locked door.

   Upper Right Door

 This leads to a rematch with the giant gear found at Sandy Canyon Stage 6
 with the additional challenge of changing the the floor into quicksand from
 time to time.  Otherwise, the fight's the same, and winning lets you exit the
 room, dismantling the chain from the large, locked door.

 When you have both chains removed and the key in place, approach the door and
 rapid tap the door to open it up.

 Fight off the transforming bat mini-boss behind the large door, slamming it
 down into the ground three times to win.  Exit out through the door and load
 up the team on the 10-Kirby platform, lowering down to pick up <MEDAL 2>.
 Above this medal, crack open the hidden door to find the treasure chest.
 Yeah, remember that key we got at the very beginning of the level?  Use it
 here to gain <MEDAL 3>.  The door beyond leads to the goal.

 Gold Star tips
   Individually practice against the mini-bosses in the upper rooms until you
   absolutely have their patterns down, how to react and the angles of how to
   flick your Kirbys to deal damage.  The main focus is on the bat mini-boss.

   To start off, the transforming bat is surrounded by smaller bat minions.
   Flick some Kirbys up to clear a path to hit the bat, then the mini-boss
   calls in its minions to help turn it into a metal coffin; avoid its attempt
   at crushing your Kirby team.  When it reverts flick your Kirbys back at the
   golden bat on top, leading to the first body slam.

   It changes its attacking pattern, now adding a spiky ball to float around
   the room; continue tossing your Kirbys to clear a path through the minions
   and latch on to the mini-boss, leading to the second mass body slam.

   This time, the mini-boss surrounds itself with a rotating wall of minion
   bats and spiky balls, but these particular balls only serve to bounce your
   Kirbys away and has yet to do any damage in any of my runs.  So, I just
   flicked Kirbys up with wild abandon, only withdrawing when the mini-boss
   transforms into a golden bat coffin, again trying to crush your team as it
   first attempted at the beginning of the battle.  Swarm the mini-boss and
   send it crashing to the ground.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 10       Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 9      Medals: 12R45  [0410]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Climb up the hill and watch the spacers steal a switch, flying off into their
 spaceship.  Continue on and enter the door.

 Take two elevators up, hit the Melody Switches six times and, if on your
 first visit to the stage, watch the spacers steal the blueprint panels from
 the wall.  Hitting the ? bubble enables you to move on through the stage.
 None of the blueprints are necessary; each piece adds a few extra hits to the
 ship Kirby will quickly build to give chase.

    Left door; Medal and TWO blueprint panels

  Push the giant star block out of the way, latch on to the ribbon at the
  upper left to pull the tarp down; you can choose to open the star blocks
  above and bypass the ribbon altogether.  Pass through a never ending double
  column of star blocks, push the large block to the right while avoiding
  the Waddle Dee's bombs and tug on the ribbon found behind the set of star
  blocks above; backtrack to collect the BLUEPRINT panel.  Continue going up,
  take out the nearby spacer and tug down the 10-Kirby ribbon to claim
  <MEDAL 2>.  The star block holds a Recovery Ring.  Race off to the right to
  get the metal block pushed to the edge before the enemy below makes it,
  allowing you to collect another BLUEPRINT panel, then take the door back to
  the central area.

    Center door; THREE blueprint panels and a Maxim Tomato

  Do not charge ahead in the dark; wait out for the spacer to stop swinging
  its arms, then swarm in for the slam.  Pull down the second painting in
  the dark, next to the spider; behind it, find a BLUEPRINT panel.  Continue
  on to find a bird throwing spiky balls with a ribbon at the top right corner
  opening the path forward.  Run into another flying bird and time it so you
  body slam the bird through the metal blocks guarding this section's second
  BLUEPRINT panel.  Pressing on, the upper most star block hides a ribbon,
  allowing you to claim a Maxim Tomato if your team of Kirbys is down a member
  or two.  Pass the spider, take out the bomb block and move past the temping
  door above.  Instead, take out the spacer, activate the star switch at the
  far right wall to turn on the lights, showing a suspicious painting.  Pull
  the painting off the wall and take a third BLUEPRINT panel, then exit back
  to the central area via the door we just passed up.

    Right door;

  This might be the hardest of the three doors to get through and collect
  everything; we'll be swimming through an extensive area of murky water.
  Take out the giant jellyfish to open the path, continually flick your Kirbys
  into the dot block to retract the blocks, letting the bomb drop below on the
  metal blocks.  Continue on, collect the air, and find a clam swim on to the
  scene; hitting the swimming clam gives you air bubbles.  Do NOT quickly
  defeat it and instead, swim along with it, flicking at it periodically to
  keep your air reserves near or at max.  When swimming up with the clam,
  open up the stationary clam on the bottom and ignore the giant jellyfish;
  taking it on will consume too much time and air.  That stationary clam holds
  the first BLUEPRINT panel in this section.  Continue just past the giant
  jellyfish and the swimming clam will soon leave; get as many air bubbles out
  of it before it swims away.  Above, break through for another BLUEPRINT
  panel, opening the two stationary clams on the sides for more air and
  ignore the center clam.  Continue swimming to reach a star switch, being
  especially mindful of your air supply at this point.  The switch is beyond
  a retractable set of blocks, opened by the bottom dot block; activating the
  switch reveals golden fruit, prompting <MEDAL 1> to appear after collecting
  all the fruit.  Press on, grabbing as many air bubbles as you can find at
  this point.  We'll come across a long, retractable set of blocks, getting
  the bomb to drop below, releasing precious air bubbles as well as the
  final BLUEPRINT panel in the area.  Swim way up to the door and return to
  the central area.

 When you're satisfied with the number of blueprint panels you've collected,
 hit the ? bubble to begin a sliding puzzle.  The mulligan piece goes in the
 center, with the remaining pieces making the space ship.  Once the puzzle is
 assembled, rapid tap to get your Kirbys to build the craft and blast off.

 Keep an eye on the upper screen to shoot the asteroids as they rain down on
 your space ship.  On the second fruit pass, shoot down <MEDAL 3(R)> as it
 quickly flies across the bottom of the screen.  A fairly large asteroid bears
 down in the middle, so take that out; a bit after, two large asteroids start
 to fly down on the left and right sides.  Fire a few times at them both, but
 ignore them for the most part; keep an eye on the center lane and shoot down
 a break symbol asteroid to take everything out at once, possibly even getting
 <MEDAL 4> to take a tumble, as well.  If not, the fourth medal will fly by
 just shortly after.  A bunch of fruit will begin to fly across on all lanes,
 aiming at the break symbol asteroid to get all the fruit to fall, as well
 as <MEDAL 5>.  A teleporting enemy space craft will appear, so dispatch it.
 This will be followed by two enemy space craft, and after shooting them down,
 your ship will speed up in an attempt to catch up to the enemy space ship
 that left way at the beginning of the level.

 Kirby's ship catches up and we'll need to do battle with the enemy ship.  Hit
 the corresponding switch to shoot at the first light that lights up; repeat
 this three times.  The enemy pauses, and this time ignore the first light
 that lights up and shoot at the third light; potentially the second light as
 well, depending on if the enemy cannon fully extends itself.  Repeat this
 attack three times, as well.  The enemy will start to mix in an umbrella,
 which if hit with your lasers, it'll reflect the shot back and damage your
 ship.  You'll have to shoot down up to three cannons at a time, but most of
 the time you'll only have to shoot down two.  After winning, the enemy
 explodes and a "To Be Continued" message appears on the screen.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 11       Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 10     Medals: 1R345  [0411]
Additional:    Clear Volcano Valley Stage 10 to open the stage
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This will be the first time we'll be moving around in space; it's essentially
 like underwater sections but we don't need to worry about our air supply.
 Take the door to enter the spaceship, then take the next door.  You can
 bounce along the edges of the screen, so don't worry about that.

 Hit the switch on the rotating rocks to both release its contents and clear
 the rocks out.  Pass through two never ending columns of star blocks, then
 hit the bomb block to continue through.  In a large, open area, either wait
 out the black hole enemy's suction attack or just quickly swim through the
 area, hugging the ceiling or floor.  The center star block hides a Recovery
 Ring.  Beat up the space jellyfish and the pieces it splits into, getting
 the wall to open up.  Destroy the rotating rocks and float down the hole to
 find a black hole enemy hiding out; beat it up, hit the bomb block and flick
 your Kirbys at the star switch along the top.  Quickly space swim to the
 right, hit the second star switch and grab the skull key to gain <MEDAL 1>
 inside.  Take the door to the next area, then go in the door again to reach
 an area with normal gravity.

 Open up the Warp Ahead door in the narrow column, past the porcupine enemies,
 then hit the star switch to open a room where a spacer is alerted to your
 location.  We end up riding the elevator up after activating the two Melody
 Switches.  There's three Melody Switches, opening a panel to access a
 break block; three more Melody Switches opens a panel leading to fruit.  The
 elevator reaches the top, then scrolls right, with two spacers jumping in
 from the ceiling after passing the Recovery Ring.  The elevator starts to
 scroll down, forcing Kirby to navigate a few narrow passageways while hitting
 more Melody Switches.  The first three leads to a break block and then the
 following five opens <MEDAL 2(R)>.  Enter the door beyond.

 If you haven't figured out who the spacers are at this point, this room
 should make it obvious.  Beat them up to progress to an arrow switch; when
 activated, it temporarily disables gravity, allowing Kirby to space swim.
 The first one allows you to collect the fruit, then a second arrow switch
 allows you to swim way up to the top of the area to collect <MEDAL 3>.  Swarm
 the nearby enemy and body slam it through the metal blocks, continuing to the
 right.  At this point, choose your path: either head to the right and space
 swim to a door above or take the lower door, currently blocked off.

   Taking the blocked off door below

 Head to the right, activate the arrow switch on the wall, then quickly swim
 back to the left and up to the top, encountering Melody Switches.  Flick
 your Kirbys into the switches, opening the panel and enter the door below.

 The area autoscrolls, having Kirby space swim through bomb blocks, Gordos
 and cannons shooting at Kirby.  At the end of the section, load up into the
 Autocannon, shooting up to <MEDAL 4>.  This will lead to the ? door.

   Space swimming up the corridor

 Head to the right room, activate the arrow switch and space swim up,
 avoiding the bouncy rocks and porcupines, sticking mostly to the center as
 you lead the Kirby brigade up to the door.

 Space swim to the right, noting two switches on the rotating rocks, rather
 than the one switch needed to break the rocks apart at the beginning of the
 stage.  There's a door trapped inside one of these rotating rocks along the
 ceiling, leading to a star switch which activates a golden fruit and
 collecting them all yields more fruit.  Beyond this door, find another
 rotating rock with a Jumbo Candy inside.  As tempting as it is, do NOT eat
 the Jumbo Candy, since it'll be even more tempting to just plow through the
 entire area, destroying the key, the treasure chest and the medal all in one
 mass swim of destruction.  So instead, head to the star blocks and defeat the
 black hole enemy along the top; don't worry about the key, the enemy can't
 swallow it up.  Collect the key, space swim to the rotating rocks holding the
 treasure chest and collect <MEDAL 5>.  Climb into the Autocannon and shoot
 off to an area leading to the ? door.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Boss Stage     Volcano Valley    Required Kirbys: 10     Medals: N/A    [0412]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Gold Star tips
   Meet Skullord, leader of the Skullys.

   Your Kirby gang will be riding an elevator with only three layers of
   vulnerable floor protecting your climb.  Flick your Kirbys at the rocks
   Skullord is sending ay you to keep the rocks from damaging the floor.  It
   will take 7-8 rocks before the Autocannon will appear, letting you into
   the volcano.  You'll have five seconds to launch your Kirbys at the huge
   lump on Skullord's head as the Autocannon sways left and right.  Hit the
   lump three times to get sent back outside.

   This time, Skullord will send our flaming rocks; the now grown up baby
   birds come to your aid, giving you a stone cup to catch the flaming rocks.
   Five will launch, then a pair of rocks, another five rocks fly one by one,
   yet another pair, and then three single rocks fly in; catch them in the
   center of your cup, rather than the sides, to keep the rocks from bouncing
   out.  Enter the Autocannon and we'll be inside the volcano again.  Shoot
   the first autocannon into the second when the first is mostly to the right;
   do note that you have no reason to rush this first shot, so take your time
   to avoid a mistake.  Once at the bottom most autocannon, you're on the
   timer again, so take aim at the lump and do damage three times over to once
   again be sent out of the volcano.

   The birds come to your aid again, giving you a slightly smaller cup to
   catch the burning rocks.  Eighteen flaming rocks fly toward you, then one
   really large boulder, requiring a rapid tap to send it flying.  Climb into
   the Autocannon, enter the volcano and shoot the first angled autocannon
   into the second; this one gives you 5 seconds to get your shot off into
   an untimed cannon, rotating all around; hit either of the 5 second cannons
   and use that to enter the central 10 second cannon.  This last cannon
   spins wildly, without "locking" into a position.  Go ahead and take your
   time feeling the shot into Skullord's lump; 10 seconds is a deceptively
   long time to get your shot off.  Repeat three times and Skullord falls.

 After winning the first time, Daroach will approach, mentioning the need to
 utilize the rainbow treasure to access the fifth level.  This is done by
 collecting all of the game's rainbow medals, signified in this guide by the
 "R" symbol in the medals listing.  The upside: you'll no longer shrink to
 having a single Kirby when switching between Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.  So, if
 you haven't yet done so, go back and collect those rainbow medals.

~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~
Level 5: Necro Nebula                                                   [0500]
* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *

 If you haven't collected all of the rainbow medals by the time you beat the
 previous level's boss, then when you collect the final rainbow medal, Daroach
 will approach Kirby to tell of the accomplishment, opening the way to level 5
 with a small, story cutscene.

 This level is essentially a boss gauntlet.  You'll need to clear all four of
 the surrounding stages to light the flames, lighting the way to the boss.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 1        Necro Nebula      Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: N/A    [0501]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This is strictly a rematch of Level 1's Boss Stage.

 For further help, refer back to Level 1's Boss Stage tips.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 2        Necro Nebula      Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: N/A    [0502]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This is a modified rematch of Level 2's Boss Stage.  After the boss pops up
 from the ground, then returns, either by being damaged or retreating, the
 mommy bird that's been helping Kirby thus far further assists by throwing
 melons and bananas at the girder's fulcrum.

 For further help, refer back to Level 2's Boss Stage tips.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 3        Necro Nebula      Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: N/A    [0503]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This is a modified rematch of Level 3's Boss Stage.  The only difference is
 the presence of fruit up in the trees at the top screen.  One side has
 three apples while the other side tends to have two bananas and a melon; the
 fruit falls to the ground for Kirby to eat either by being damaged by the
 bubble bombs or having Dedede fall to, kick or use the mallet on the ground.

 For further help, refer back to Level 3's Boss Stage tips.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Stage 4        Necro Nebula      Required Kirbys: 1      Medals: N/A    [0504]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 This is a slightly modified rematch of Level 4's Boss Stage.  The primary
 difference is in the first set of rocks being thrown by Skullord; they tend
 to hold melons, bananas and a Maxim Tomato or two.  The rest of the battle
 remains unchanged.

 For further help, refer back to Level 4's Boss Stage tips.

* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *
Boss Stage     Necro Nebula      Required Kirbys: 10     Medals: (1)    [0505]
* ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~  *

 Necrodeus begins the battle by making a fist and slamming it into the
 ground, in an attempt to hurt your group of Kirbys.  When it's about to
 strike, lure the fist on the right side toward the left, then flick your
 Kirbys into the bubble on its upper hand; repeat the process for the fist
 on the left side until both bubbles are gone.

 Necrodeus now brings both hands together, showing a telltale target on its
 palms.  Flick all of your Kirbys on the target and let your Kirby posse
 lower those hands to the ground; keep a watchful eye on Necrodeus' fingers
 closing, otherwise all those Kirbys holding on will be instantly KO'd.  When
 you let go and those hands separate, both index fingers will begin to shine
 and fire a small pulse, bouncing around the screen.  Avoid that and repeat
 your attack until you can body slam the joined hands into the ground.  This
 will stun them, allowing you to destroy each hand individually.

 After destroying both hands, Necrodeus will remove the floor and turn off
 gravity, leaving Necrodeus to choose one of three attacks:

 1 - Sending out vases.  Simply swarm them before they can do anything.
 2 - Firing off a quick, bouncing shot.  Just avoid launching your Kirbys
     at this feint of an attack.
 3 - Charging up a laser.  An eye becomes visible between Necrodeus' teeth.
     Swarm the eye and when Necrodeus' attack is sufficiently charged, send
     out an order to retreat.
 4 - Sending Skullys to steal Kirbys.  Flick Kirbys to attack and stay near
     the bottom of the screen to increase the amount of time it takes for a
     Skully to swipe a Kirby from the group.

 In most cases, keep your Kirbys near the center of the screen to see which
 attack to deal with; the one with the Skullys, you want to stay near the
 bottom of the screen so they can't carry a Kirby away.  After dealing enough
 damage, only viable with the third attack of charging up its laser, tap the
 eye and rapid tap to free the magic staff to reunite all your Kirby pieces.
 A cute detail shows any KO'd Kirbys flying in as an angel to retrieve the
 staff with the rest of the group.

                          You beat Kirby Mass Attack!

 Stay on for the end credits to collect one last medal in a fishing game.

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 V.    Extras and the Checklist                                    [loudmusic]
~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~

 |                              EXTRAS                                       |
 | Medal |       Unlock        |                Description                  |
 |   5   | Field Frenzy        | "Whack-A-Mole"                              |
 |   10  | Music Player        | Play the game's music                       |
 |   15  | Kirby Brawlball     | Pinball                                     |
 |   20  | Kirby Curtain Call  | Memory counting game                        |
 |   25  | Dash Course         | Tap matching symbols, speed through course  |
 |   35  | Strato Patrol EOS   | Shooting game                               |
 |   50  | Kirby Quest         | RPG-style game                              |
 |   65  | Game Album          | View pictures                               |
 |   80  | Checklist 1         | Shows List 1 of the Checklist               |
 |  100  | Checklist 2         | Shows List 2 of the Checklist               |
 |  120  | Checklist 3         | Shows List 3 of the Checklist               |
 |  140  | Checklist 4         | Shows List 4 of the Checklist               |
 |  160  | Checklist 5         | Shows List 5 of the Checklist               |
 |  186  | Survival Rush       | Essentially, boss rush with only 10 Kirbys  |

 |                               CHECKLIST                                   |
 +------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST 1 |
 |   10-Kirby Master                                                         |
 |      Clear Stage 8 of Green Grounds with 10 Kirbys                        |
 |      without using the shortcut                                           |
 |   Fruit Gatherer                                                          |
 |      Get all fruit in Stage 3 of Green Grounds,                           |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Beanbon Basher                                                          |
 |      Defeat 50 or more Beanbons throughout the game,                      |
 |      then clear the stage after the 50th defeat.                          |
 |   10-Kirby First Timer                                                    |
 |      Reach the goal with 10 Kirbys, then clear the stage.                 |
 |   Gold Grappler                                                           |
 |      Find and defeat the Gold Beanbon,                                    |
 |      then clear the stage where you find it.                              |
 |   Gold-Star Starter                                                       |
 |      Earn your first gold star.                                           |
 |   Jumbo Newbie                                                            |
 |      Eat Jumbo Candy for the first time, then clear the stage.            |
 +------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST 2 |
 |   Fruit Shaker                                                            |
 |      Get all fruit in Stage 11 of Dedede Resort,                          |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Canyon Master                                                           |
 |      Defeat the boss of Sandy Canyon with 10 Kirbys,                      |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Grounds Master                                                          |
 |      Defeat the boss of Green Grounds with 10 Kirbys,                     |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Fruit Blocker                                                           |
 |      Break the fruit block in Stage 7 of Sandy Canyon,                    |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Panel Whacker                                                           |
 |      Hit all of the goal panels in Stage 7 of Green Grounds               |
 |      without hitting any wrong panels, then clear the stage.              |
 |   Balloon Master                                                          |
 |      Get all of the ?s while floating in Stage 5 of Sandy Canyon,         |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Skully Evader                                                           |
 |      After getting a skull key, open the skull chest                      |
 |      without being picked up, then clear the stage.                       |
 +------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST 3 |
 |   One-on-One Victor                                                       |
 |      Defeat the boss of Dedede Resort with one Kirby,                     |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Bronze Avoider                                                          |
 |      Earn at least silver stars in all stages.                            |
 |   Fruit Stocker                                                           |
 |      Get all fruit in Stage 9 of Dedede Resort, then clear the stage.     |
 |   Star Shopper                                                            |
 |      Get all fruit while star-surfing in Stage 3 of                       |
 |      Dedede Resort, then clear the stage.                                 |
 |   Catch Master                                                            |
 |      Catch all bubbles that don't have bombs in Stage 1 of                |
 |      Dedede Resort, then clear the stage.                                 |
 |   Panel Sniper                                                            |
 |      Get all fruit from the panels and Soarars in Stage 4 of              |
 |      Dedede Resort, then clear the stage.                                 |
 |   Pinball Dominator                                                       |
 |      Get a Kirby in all pockets of the pinball game                       |
 |      in Stage 2 of Dedede Resort, then clear the stage.                   |
 +------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST 4 |
 |   Piggy Takedown                                                          |
 |      Defeat the boss of Volcano Valley with 10 Kirbys,                    |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Burn-Free Kirby                                                         |
 |      Don't get burned and don't use the shortcut                          |
 |      while clearing Stage 1 of Volcano Valley.                            |
 |   Safe Driver                                                             |
 |      Don't get damaged in the tank while clearing                         |
 |      Stage 2 of Volcano Valley, and don't use the shortcut.               |
 |   Volcano Survivor                                                        |
 |      Clear Stage 9 of Volcano Valley with 10 Kirbys                       |
 |      without using the shortcut.                                          |
 |   Superb Torcher                                                          |
 |      Light all the candles in Stage 6 of Volcano Valley,                  |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Forward Mover                                                           |
 |      Evade all Banishbacks in Stage 4 of Volcano Valley,                  |
 |      then clear the stage without using the shortcut.                     |
 |   Spaceship Assembler                                                     |
 |      Restore the blueprint in Stage 10 of Volcano Valley                  |
 |      without taking damage, then clear the stage.                         |
 +------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST 5 |
 |   Gold Thrasher                                                           |
 |      Defeat the Gold Waddle Dee,                                          |
 |      then clear the stage where you find it.                              |
 |   Shortcut Scout                                                          |
 |      Find 30 hidden shortcut doors,                                       |
 |      then clear the stage after the 30th discovery.                       |
 |   Jumbo Rampager                                                          |
 |      Defeat 10 foes after eating Jumbo Candy, then clear the stage.       |
 |   Stage Sweeper                                                           |
 |      Clear every stage.                                                   |
 |   Ultimate-Boss Master                                                    |
 |      Defeat the ultimate boss of the final island with 10 Kirbys,         |
 |      then clear the stage.                                                |
 |   Gold-Star Champion                                                      |
 |      Earn a gold star in every stage.                                     |
 |   Medal Master                                                            |
 |      Get all medals.                                                      |

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 VI.   History                                                     [sparksfly]
~*~ ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ <(^.^)> ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ ~*~

September 20, 2011 - Started FAQ.  Game through parts of Level 2, notes only
          touching on Level 2.  Some checklist entries written out.  Guide's
          formatting is still way up in the air.
     Random statistics: Pages(7)              Characters(10914)
                        Words(1723)           Bytes:(11502)
September 21, 2011 - Settled on a format I'm happy with.  Game through Level 3
          with write-ups slowly getting added, replacing my notes.
     Random statistics: Pages(16)             Characters(36882)
                        Words(5700)           Bytes:(38376)
September 22, 2011 - Level 1 and 2 complete and spellchecked.  Most of Level 3
          written up.  Submitting as a partial guide for use over the weekend.
     Random statistics: Pages(33)             Characters(81675)
                        Words(13623)          Bytes:(84824)
September 23, 2011 - Focused on playing through levels and taking notes.
     Random statistics: Pages(36)             Characters(89159)
                        Words(14945)          Bytes:(92661)
September 24, 2011 - Beat the game and sitting at a current 96% completion
          rate.  Writing up stage walkthroughs and medal locations within the
          stages.  Level 3 spell checked and completed.
     Random statistics: Pages(48)             Characters(118687)
                        Words(20252)          Bytes:(123379)
September 25, 2011 - Completed and spell checked Level 4.  Fixed the numbering
          for the medals in Sandy Canyon 8 and added the medal I forgot to
          note in Sandy Canyon 9; fixed my terrible Green Grounds 4 notes.
          Submitting as complete.
     Random statistics: Pages(54)             Characters(141258)
                        Words(24342)          Bytes:(146452)
September 27, 2011 - Fixed up Level 1's problems.
     Random statistics: Pages(54)             Characters(143697)
                        Words(24752)          Bytes:(148967)

* ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *  ~  *
 VII.  Copyright                                                   [avalanche]
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This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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