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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by MegaManZ3ro

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/21/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2014

Gyakuten Kenji 2 WALKTHROUGH/FAQ

Created by MegaManZ3ro

All rights and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Table of Contents

To quickly skip to a section, use your browser's Find function (Ctrl+F)
to search for the bracketed text to the right of each section.

1. Introduction to the game [ITRO]

2. English patch information [ENPT]

3. How the guide should be used [HTUG]

4. Logic Chess [LGCH]

5. Spoiler-free case walkthroughs [SFCW]
	- Episode 1: Turnabout Target [TNTG]
	- Episode 2: The Imprisoned Turnabout [IMPT]
	- Episode 3: The Inherited Turnabout [INTA]
	- Episode 4: The Forgotten Turnabout [FTTN]
	- Episode 5: The Grand Turnabout [GDTN]

6. Other Info (Contact, credits, etc) [OICC]

Introduction to the game [ITRO]

Gyakuten Kenji 2 is part of the Ace Attorney series and is the sequel
to Ace Attorney Investigations, with Miles Edgeworth as the main character.
It is officially only available in Japanese, but thanks to a fan patch, (see
the next section) it is now available in English. Before you import this game
and apply the patch, it is highly recommended to play the other Ace Attorney
games (at the very least, Ace Attorney Investigations) to better follow
the story and the relationships between the characters.

English patch information [ENPT]

Thanks to a group of fans at Court Records (an Ace Attorney fansite),
a complete English patch is available for download. For more
information on the patch, where to get it, and how to apply it, visit this 
link: http://court-records.net/

How the guide should be used [HTUG]

The Phoenix Wright series is a visual novel and thus heavily story based,
so I will not be discussing what happens in the cases. Rather, this guide
is formatted as a list of directions that can be followed to help you
discover what to do next if you're stuck. Even if I don't specifically list
an action, I encourage you to examine other objects, talk to the characters,
and generally explore the world of Ace Attorney. Note that in testimony
sections (or any time a green bar appears in the upper left corner of the
screen), you can be penalized for pursuing the wrong line of thought or
presenting the wrong evidence. Don't act recklessly at these times, or you
could end up with a game over!

Logic Chess [LGCH]

Since anyone who plays this game with the patch is almost guaranteed to
be a fan of the Ace Attorney series and is familiar with game mechanics, I
will only cover the new gameplay addition to this game: Logic Chess. If this
game receives an English release, I will update this guide with other
gameplay mechanics.

Logic Chess will sometimes occur in a faceoff with another character. The
goal is to draw out the truth by waiting until an opening in the character's
argument appears, at which point you can choose to press the advantage and
uncover any secrets the character was hiding. If the character appears
agitated or angry, it's best to choose to wait and see what happens. If
they appear vulnerable, choose to press a point with one of the options
designated by a chess piece. Sometimes, you will be given multiple branches
of dialogue to pursue. When this happens, you may need to get a clue by
following one of the branches first before being able to use that clue to
complete another branch.

During a Logic Chess game, a timer at the bottom of the screen will
continually drain when you're at a choice selection screen (it will not
drain when a character is talking). If you make too many wrong selections
or let the timer run out, you lose. Once you complete a section of Logic
Chess, the timer will refill itself.

Spoiler-free case walkthroughs [SFCW]

----------EPISODE 1: Turnabout Target [TNTG]----------

-Talk to the bodyguards at the plane entrance
-Use Logic to connect Shooting of the president and Security during the speech

***Investigation Start***

-Walk to the right side of the platform and select examine
-Examine the Steel Samurai balloon in the water
-Examine the hanging flag
-Present the green hole near the top of the flag, to the right of the emblem
-Use Logic to connect Ruptured balloon with Flag with a bullet hole

***Investigation Complete***

===Logic Chess vs Nicole Swift===

-Your occupation...?
-Wait and see
-An article writing job?
-Did you witness the incident?
-Wait and see
-You heard gunshots?
-Content of your coverage?
-You must still have the materials!
-Wait and see
-Let me listen to the tape!


-Present an area in the lower left corner of the map

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the garbage can on the left
-Examine the clasp on the bag
-Rotate to the front of the gun and examine the laser pointer on top
-Rotate to the back of the gun and examine the bullet chamber
-Talk to the man above the garbage can, under the tree
-Talk to the TV cameraman at the bottom of the area, by the van
-Deduce the red dot on the President's forehead
-Present the Newspaper Article
-Use Logic to connect the Red mole and the Laser pointer
-Investigate the Before the incident photo
-Present the red laser in the lower right corner of the photo, in front of
     the hooded figure
-Investigate the After the incident photo
-Present the red hooded asssasin on the right side of the picture, just
     below the bag carried by the man in the foreground
-Examine the Samurai Dogs stand on the right
-Examine the red button on the ground, next to the Samurai Dogs flagpole
-Examine the red cloth sticking out from under the Samurai Dogs stall
-Examine the inside-out sleeve on the red raincoat
-Use Logic to connect the Red button and the Raincoat sleeve
-Examine the bottom middle section of the raincoat (around the zipper line)
-Examine the revealed bloodstain on the underside of the coat

***Investigation Complete***

-Hear his explanation

###Testimony: John Doe###

-Present Red Raincoat at "However, that doesn't mean that he was injured."
-Press "It surprised me to see the bodyguard take action..."
-Present Security Plans at "The man on the left side of the stage was..."
-Present Nicole's Tape Recorder
-Present Nicole Swift's profile

###Testimony: Nicole Swift###

-Present Nicole's Tape Recorder at "I reckon this picture must'a been..."
-Present the President's raised arm
-Select John Doe as the owner of the red raincoat

***Investigation Start***

-Examine Rooke's body
-Examine the gun in Rooke's hand
-Examine the open briefcase
-Examine Rooke's gunshot wound
-Leave the body and examine the wall of monitors on the back right wall
-Examine the first monitor on the middle row
-Leave the monitors and examine the desk on the right side of the room
-Examine the bulletproof vest
-Examine the blue folder/papers
-Deduce either the red knight or blue rook
-Present the Security Plans
-Use Logic to connect Bullet that pierced through and Bulletproof vest
-Use Logic to connect Rooke's gun and 6-Shot revolver

***Investigation Complete***

===Logic Chess vs Di-Jun Huang===

-Who's taking over the investigation?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Explain your reasons!
-Is it connected to this place?
-You seem unsettled.
-Aren't you being too forceful?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Is your claim valid?
-Wait and see
-The gun came from outside


###Testimony: Di-Jun Huang###

-Present Steel Samurai Balloon at "After that, I heard a gunshot, and a..."
-There is a problem
-Present Bullet's Trajectory
-Present Horace Knightley's profile
-Present Kay's Camera Data
-Select part of the striped gold & brown flag on the right side of the photo
-Not the assassin
-Use Logic to connect Knightley's position and Knightley shot the balloon
-Use Logic to connect Assassination attempt and Change in the security plans
-Present Bulletproof Attache Case

###Testimony: Horace Knightley###

-Present Assassin's Revolver at "The shot was fired from the gun you found..."
-Present Horace Knightley's profile
-I don't have it
-Present Security Monitors
-Press "If the ballistic markings match the gun, there can be no doubt!"
-The gun
-Present Horace Knightley's profile
-Present Knightley's Revolver at "The bullet that killed Rooke was fired..."
-Present Knightley's Revolver at "There's no evidence that I switched the..."
-Rotate to the back of the gun and examine the bullet chamber
-Examine the loaded bullets
-Present Calling Card

----------EPISODE 2: The Imprisoned Turnabout [IMPT]----------

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the orange sheets/cage/pulley in the middle of the room
-Examine the orange sheets
-Leave and examine the body
-Examine the chessboard
-Examine the pink glove
-Rotate the glove and examine the blood on the fingers
-Examine the orange sheet covering the body
-Examine the body anywhere it isn't covered with the orange sheet
-Examine the right hand of the body
-Use Logic to combine Bloody sheet and Stacked sheets
-Murder weapon
-Talk to Ray
-Ask about Defense attorney
-Ask about The victim
-Ask About this room
-Choose any option
-Examine the body
-Point to the pink glove and Deduce the Door Sensor

***Investigation Complete***

===Logic Chess vs Jay Elbird===

-What did you do today?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Didn't you stay quietly in your cell?
-What were you doing at the time of the incident?
-Wait and see
-How did you know I'm a prosecutor!
-Did you notice anything during the incident?
-Answer the question!
-Weren't you exercising?
-What do you mean by "again"?


###Testimony: Jay Elbird###

-Present Crime Scene Notes at "Just as I'd counted to two, I heard a voice..."
-There is a problem

+++The Imprisoned Turnabout: Middle+++

-Ask about Simon Keyes
-Ask about Horace Knightley
-Present Chessboard
-Ask about Reasons for arrest
-Talk to the prisoner in the right cell
-Examine the door to Workroom B

===Logic Chess vs Frank Sahwit===

-Are you involved with this case?
-You're an upright, model citizen?
-Wait and see
-Did I say who we were looking for?
-What happened on the day of the murder?
-Tell me about your movements.
-Was it a scream that you heard?
-What happened on the day of the murder?
-Tell me about the state of the prison.
-I thought you said you heard a scream!
-Wait and see
-Did the scream frighten the animals?
-When did you hear it?
-Wait and see
-You didn't see the show, did you?
-Who did the scream belong to?
-You didn't see the animal show!
-Don't you mean the victim's scream?
-You're the one who found the body!


###Testimony: Frank Sahwit###

-Present Door Sensor at "By some chance, I got curious about the adjacent..."
-Press "That's how I was able to peek into the adjacent room."
-There is a problem
-Press "And to my horror, there was a black dog biting his neck!"
-Present Crime Scene Notes at "The ring with the snowflake insignia..."
-Select and present Workroom A
-Present Rubber Glove
-Enter the Special Cell room
-Ask about Murder suspect
-Ask about The alibi
-Ask about The victim

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the desk
-Examine the paper on the desk
-Select anywhere on the actual chessboard grid and Deduce the Hound Piece
-Exit the desk, examine the nook in the left corner with a faucet and mirror
-Examine the bed
-Examine the newspaper
-Examine the dusty floor next to the bed
-Use Logic to connect the Torn up newspaper and Floor wiped clean

***Investigation Complete***

-Select and present anywhere in the Detention Center
-Present the Wiped Floor
-Talk to the guard standing in front of the lockers
-Talk to the guard standing in front of the trophy case

###Testimony: Sebastian Debeste###

-Press "The answer is simple. Yes. We found "traces" of that guy over there."
-Present Chessboard at "The victim carried a chessboard. From it, we found..."
-Examine the latch on the chessboard
-Examine the green panel on the inside of the chessboard
-Press "Yes. It was hidden inside that chessboard."
-There is a problem
-Present Prison Investigation
-Present Security Gate
-Present Security Footage

+++The Imprisoned Turnabout: End, Part 1+++

-Ask about Berry Big Circus
-Ask about Role in the show
-Ask about Reasons for arrest
-Talk to Regina Berry
-Ask about Regina Berry
-Ask about The Animal Show
-Ask about The preparations
-Talk to Frank Sahwit
-Ask about Show helper
-Ask about Pet grooming
-Present the Rubber Glove
-Examine the electric fence
-Talk to Patricia Roland
-Ask about The prison
-Ask about Frank Sahwit
-Ask about Berry Big Circus
-Examine the well in the corner
-Examine the small chisel by the chessboard
-Examine the four chisels on the right table
-Examine the chessboard
-Examine the black boxing bag in the corner

###Testimony: Justine Courtney###

-Press "He attacked a guard and stole his keys..."
-Investigate further
-Present Knightley's Cell Key
-Present Wiped Floor
-Present Tunnel Footprints
-The dog leapt at the victim
-Select and present the Special Cell
-Present Black Dog

###Testimony: Sirhan Dogen###

-Present Knightley's Memo at "I do not know anyone by the name of..."
-Present Chessboard
-Hear his explanation (not necessary, but recommended)
-Pause the video when the black shape runs toward the person (about 6:42:21)
-Zoom in in the lower right corner and examine the animal
-A bear
-Pause the video when the man is reflected in the mirror (about 6:42:23)
-Zoom in on the mirror in the upper left corner and examine the man's head
-Present Stolen Uniform
-Present Jay Elbird's profile
-Present Rubber Glove
-Present the timestamp in the lower left corner of the video

###Testimony: Jay Elbird###

-Press "The day the body was found, was the day I had planned to escape."
-Present Knightley's Cell Key at "Once I got out of the hole and changed..."
-Present Wiped Floor
-Present Crime Scene Notes

+++The Imprisoned Turnabout: End, Part 2+++

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the well
-Examine the weight
-Examine the rope
-Examine the pulleys on the sheets
-Examine the well cover
-Examine Astique the elephant

***Investigation Complete***

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the stage
-Examine the cart of apples by the elephant cage
-Talk to Gumshoe
-Use Logic to connect Tools around the well and Simon's stunt
-Use Logic to connect 33 lbs (15 Kg) weights and Strength to be pulled
-The weight
-Use Logic to connect Astique the elephant and Missing apples
-Use Logic to connect Not heavy enough and Metal detector
-Walk to the edge of the pond near the center and examine it
-Examine the well
-Select the rope and Deduce with Simon's Device
-Present Rope
-Present Crime Scene Notes
-Present Bloodstained Sheet
-Use Logic to connect Weights switched with body and Crate of apples
-Present Security Footage

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Justine Courtney###

-Present Simon's Device at "The only one who could have performed such..."
-Press "Only Simon Keyes could have provided such an opportunity."
-Present Security Footage
-Present Circuit Breaker
-Present Patricia Roland's profile
-Present Crime Scene Notes

###Testimony: Patricia Roland###

-Press "Check up on it if you like. You'll find there's no record..."
-Select and present anywhere in the Courtyard
-The existence of accomplice
-Present Sahwit's Bracelet
-Press further
-Press "In any case, he was the one who stabbed the victim to death"
-Present Chessboard at "Perhaps he used the chisel hidden in the chessboard?"
-Press "After our talk, he went right back to his cell, I assure you."
-Present Knightley's Memo at "Dogen was the one I hated. And he had no..."
-To get Dogen expelled
-Present Dogen's Bells
-Raise an objection
-Select and present the Courtyard (make sure you select an area to the
     right of the fence and not in the breaker room, or it will be ruled
     as incorrect)
-Select and present the alligator
-Present the Chessboard

----------EPISODE 3: The Inherited Turnabout [INTA]----------

-Ask about Jeff Master
-Ask about the case

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the moon teapot on the right side of the room
-Talk to Dane Gustavia in the upper right corner of the room
-Ask about Dane Gustavia
-Ask about the contest
-Ask about the case
-Examine the fingerprints on the left side of the frame
-Examine the lower left corner of the frame
-Present the lower left corner of the frame
-Examine the treasure chest in the middle of the room
-Examine the outline of the body
-Scroll right, and examine the broken pieces of the ship stand
-Examine the treasure chest in the middle of the room
-Deduce the broken chocolate area by the head outline with Crime Scene Notes
-Use Logic to combine Breaking sound with Broken stand
-Use Logic to combine Tampered desserts with Why the stand broke?
-Talk to the officer kneeling by the stream

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Tyrell Badd###

-Present Crime Scene Notes at "And to ensure that the body would be seen..."

+++The Inherited Turnabout: Beginning, Part 2+++

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the temperature panel in the upper left corner of the room
-Examine the front of the castle
-Examine the castle's entrance
-Examine the gold rocks
-Examine the hexagonal pedastals
-Use Logic to connect Pedestal of rock with Hexagonal recess
-Use Logic to connect High room temperature with Fragile desserts
-Examine the rolls of blue cloth
-Examine the front of the castle
-Examine the left rock salt lamp
-Deduce the right rock salt lamp with Contest Rules
-Examine the fairy in the upper right corner of the room
-Use Logic to combine Beaten to death with Bloodstained rock salt lamp
-Use Logic to combine Fake desserts with Delicia broke the rules
-Talk to Delicia Scones
-Ask about Whereabouts
-Ask about The honest truth
-Ask about The room temperature
-Use Logic to connect Desserts study with Knowledge was lacking

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Manfred von Karma###

-Present Fluorescent Cloth at "Ergo, there would be no evidence pointing..."
-Present Frame Fingermarks
-Present Fake Desserts

+++The Inherited Turnabout: Middle, Part 1+++

-Examine the block of ice in the lower right corner of the room
-Examine the statues in the middle of the room
-Examine the temperature control in the upper left corner of the room

===Logic Chess vs Larry Butz===

-Why did you come here?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-You came to see the Gemini Sculpture?
-What did you do at the art gallery?
-You forgot to get a pamphlet?
-You didn't pay?
-Ms. Hall wasn't there?
-You know about the Winter Palace?
-Did you enter the Winter Palace?
-You couldn't get in?
-It was because of the victim?
-What did you see in the Winter Palace?
-What about your sketch?
-You saw "something scary"?


-Present Art Gallery Pamphlet

###Testimony: Sebastian Debeste###

-Present Poison Gas at "The poison gas was caused by Normallium..."
-Present Pisces Sketch
-Present the pink puddle at the bottom left corner of the statue

+++The Inherited Turnabout: Middle, Part 2+++

-Present Dane Gustavia's profile
-Present Used Gas Burner
-Present Katherine Hall's profile

+++The Inherited Turnabout: Middle, Part 3+++

-Present Jeff's Teapot
-Present Signet Crest
-A sculptor
-Present Instant Camera

+++The Inherited Turnabout: Middle, Part 4+++

-Present Chocolates
-Ask about The contestants
-Ask about The delicious lyre

***Investigation Start***

-Talk to Katherine Hall
-Ask about The Angel's Recipe
-Ask about Master Group
-Talk to the officer on the fountain
-Present Isaac Dover's profile

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Manfred von Karma###

-Present Semifinal Desserts at "It's obvious the only relationship they..."
-Press "Until the day before the finals, they worked on their desserts..."
-Present Delicia's Testimony at "Their cooperation lasted only until..."
-It was prepared in advance
-Connect Blood in the water fountain with Bloodstain disappeared
-Connect No autopsy report with Was the body removed?
-Present Victim's Blood

+++The Inherited Turnabout: End, Part 1+++

-Present Isaac Dover's profile

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the tea cart in the lower left corner of the room
-Examine the moon teapot
-Talk to Katherine Hall
-Ask about The poison gas trap
-Examine the brown stain on the ground, above the tea cart and leftmost stream
-Talk to Larry Butz
-Present Pottery Shard
-Ask about Hiding something?
-Ask about Sketching beauties
-Use Logic to connect Pots were switched with Different tea aroma
-Use Logic to connect Pot with a different aroma with Minty aroma
-Examine the tea cart
-Deduce a spot on the white tablecloth with Sketch of Beauties
-Examine the fountain
-Talk to Delicia Scones
-Ask about The decorations
-Present Fluorescent Cloth
-Ask about Setting off poison gas
-Ask about Fluorescent cloth
-Talk to Raymond Shields
-Ask About the two cases
-Ask about Katherine Hall
-Use Logic to connect What Kate did with Contained in the book
-Examine the trolley next to Raymond Shields
-Talk to Katherine Hall
-Ask about Two service carts
-Ask about Kate's job

***Investigation Complete***

+++The Inherited Turnabout: End, Part 2+++

###Testimony: Katherine Hall###

-Press "I collected Pierre Hoquet's works from all over the world."
-Present Liquid Analysis Results at "I prepared replicas of the sculptures..."
-Press "After Monsieur Gregory arrived, I prepared tea for everyone..."
-She stole them then
-Present the side of the tea cart
-Present Lift Trolley
-Present Winter Palace Photo
-Select the hooded figure in the left sculpture
-Present Fluorescent Cloth
-Present Sketch of Beauties
-Ms. Hall has it with her
-To find the true culprit
-Make an accusation
-Present Dane Gustavia's profile

+++The Inherited Turnabout: End, Part 3+++

###Testimony: Justine Courtney###

-Press "She even attempted to murder Mr. Gustavia today, in order..."
-Present Liquid Analysis Results at "There is no need to investigate..."
-Connect Motive for the murder with Partnership turned sour
-Connect Remaining film with Was Angel's Recipe his goal?
-Connect Afternoon tea with Timing of Dover's murder

===Logic Chess vs Dane Gustavia===

-Why did you collaborate with Mr. Dover?
-Wait and see
-Wake up!
-Did you have another goal besides the title?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-You were interested in his recipes.
-Did you intend to make desserts with it?
-You seem to know a lot about the book.
-Did you know the recipe book's value?
-You know what the recipes actually are!
-Did you need a new medicine?
-What was your son like?
-Wait and see
-Your son sounds pretty healthy to me.
-Did the Angel's Recipe have the only cure?
-You had interest in Mr. Master's works!
-What was the name of the illness?
-But the illness wasn't life-threatening!
-Was it a taste disorder?
-Didn't you also have the illness?
-Didn't you collaborate with Mr. Dover!?


###Testimony: Dane Gustavia###

-Press "If the flavor of my entry wasn't good enough, my own lack..."
-Ask about the semifinals
-Present Family Photo at "Aside from not cooperating with Sir Dover..."
-He tasted your desserts
-Present Rock Salt Lamp
-To throw off the time of death
-Press "The statute of limitations for murder in this country..."
-His training in Zheng Fa
-Present Statute of Limitations at "Afterwards, I trained in Zheng Fa..."
-Raise an objection
-Present IS-7 Incident File
-"Suspect Data"
-Present Chocolates

----------EPISODE 4: The Forgotten Turnabout [FTTN]----------

-Ask about Mysterious girl
-Ask about Your name
-Ask about Memory loss

###Testimony: Kay Farady###

-Press "I just can't remember. I can't remember anything at all..."
-Press "But...from under the cherry tree...I feel like...I saw something red."
-Present Grand Tower Pamphlet at "Umm...That's right, someone was walking..."

+++The Forgotten Turnabout: Beginning, Part 2+++

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the statue of Lady Justice in the back
-Examine the pool of blood
-Talk to the officer by the podium
-Examine the body
-Examine the notebook above the victim's leg
-Examine the victim's right hand
-Use Logic to connect Security with Keycard
-Examine the victim's left hand
-Examine the victim's corsage
-Deduce the corsage with Purple Flower
-Examine the candelabra on the floor
-Examine the stab wounds in the jacket
-Examine the victim's head

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Sebastian Debeste###

-Present Keycard at "She broke into the meeting room in order to steal..."

###Testimony: Justine Courtney###

-Present Autopsy Report at "Her parting gift is this letter, which she..."
-Present Keycard Record

+++The Forgotten Turnabout: Middle, Part 1+++

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the cherry tree
-Talk to Bonnie & Karin
-Examine the railing on the left side (in front of Ray)
-Run to the right side of the area
-Talk to Kay
-Ask about Memories
-Ask about Recollections
-Ask about Kay Farady
-Use Logic to connect Railing with Moon
-Use Logic to connect Where Kay was standing? with Where Kay fell?
-Examine the cherry tree
-Examine the maintenance hatch at the bottom of the screen
-Examine the TV set next to the candy stall
-Deduce the lit up floor of the building with the Grand Tower Pamphlet
-Use Logic to connect Fell down the hatch? with Is there a floor 51?

***Investigation Complete***

+++The Forgotten Turnabout: Middle, Part 2+++

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the statue in the middle of the room
-Examine the shelf on the left side of the room
-Examine the star mark on the left side of the shelf
-Deduce the star mark with the Candelabra
-Examine the stuffed animal
-Examine the masks in the upper left corner of the room
-Deduce the empty mask slot with the Jammin' Ninja Mask
-Examine the pile of money on the desk in the lower right corner of the room
-Use Logic to connect Prices with Big Bucks
-Talk to Lotta Hart
-Ask about The auction
-Ask about What happened?
-Ask about The Conductor
-Present Autopsy Report

===Logic Chess vs Lotta Hart===

-Let's calm down and talk this over...
-Wait and see.
-Yes. It was your student.
-Give me the information.
-I'm an acquaintance of your apprentice.
-Do you have a scoop?
-Is it related to the black market auction...?
-Did you hear something at the auction?
-Is it related to some sort of incident?
-You were trespassing!
-Is your scoop about a murder incident?
-Didn't you hear a strange sound?
-Did you really stumble upon a murder?
-Wait and see.
-Tell me more about the incident.
-Isn't accuracy part of your motto?
-You have proof?
-Are you still hiding something from me?
-You still haven't told me everything!


-Use Logic to connect Auction participants with Victim disappeared
-Spray the upper left section of the ladder
-Examine the chained box at the bottom of the room
-Spray inside the box, on the right side
-Examine the lift
-Spray the middle of the step below the lift
-Use Logic to connect Where was the body hidden? with Bloodstaind in the..."

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Franziska von Karma###

-Present Blood on Hidden Lift at "The proof is the bloodstain we found..."
-The weapon was pulled out here
-Press "The culprit waited for the victim in the storeroom, where the..."
-Present Lotta's Testimony at "I believe the crime occurred after the..."

+++The Forgotten Turnabout: End, Part 1+++

-Ask about The visit
-Ask about Judge Courtney's goal
-Examine the bed
-Examine the toilet
-Examine the desk
-Examine the mirror in the upper left corner
-Examine the jail cell bars

===Logic Chess vs Blaise Debeste===

-Why did you rush her arrest...?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Things were...going well?
-Was it under your authority?
-I don't need my badge!
-How long did you investigate?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Her arrest was planned!
-I still have more to ask you!
-What's the basis for your arrest?
-Wait and see
-You don't want to talk about it, do you?
-Wait and see
-I still have more to ask you!
-Who made the decision...?
-You remembered all the evidence!
-Obviously, it was you!
-You seem to know quite a
-Wait and see
-You just said you were busy...
-You found her unconscious?
-About Kay...
-Don't you know the whole story?
-Wait and see
-She was given evidence?
-Kay is not the culprit!
-The true culprit was someone else!


###Testimony: Justine Courtney###

-Present Lotta's Photo at "Ms. Crane went out to the viewing platform..."
-Present the blood on the victim's left hand
-Was still alive after the attack
-Present Red Raincoat at "Yes, she was stabbed in the heart with the three..."
-Present Autopsy Report

###Testimony: Blaise Debeste###

-Press "Think about it. We've got the suspect herself saying she killed..."
-Present Yatagarasu's Badge
-Examine the right horn
-Present Autopsy Report
-Present the word Burn
-The culprit is the Conductor
-Present Meeting Room Blood
-I don't have it

###Testimony: Bonnie & Karin###

-Press "There's no way I'd make a mistake in writing the autopsy report..."
-Present Autopsy Report at "I relayed everything to Karin. After that..."
-She was an accomplice
-The number of people wouldn't match
-Present Costume Trunk
-She stole the victim's clothes
-An auction gavel
-Present Lotta's Testimony

+++The Forgotten Turnabout: End, Part 2+++

###Testimony: Blaise Debeste###

-Press "Personally, I didn't really know her that well, y'know."
-Press "I only just learned that she had a burn mark on her hand, y'see."
-Present Stuffed Animal at "Maybe she was always wearing the gloves..."
-The culprit also had a burn mark
-Present Conductor's Clothes
-Present Karin's testimony
-Your memories of two places
-Present either the cherry tree or the candy stall
-Present Victim's Letter

----------EPISODE 5: The Grand Turnabout [GDTN]----------

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the gate on the right side of the area
-Talk to Lotta Hart
-Talk to Penny Nichols
-Ask about Discovery of the body
-Ask about Filming a movie
-Ask about The entrance
-Use Logic to connect Rear entrance forced open with Combination lock
-Talk to Shi-Long Lang
-Ask about Why were you here?
-Ask about President Huang
-Examine the body
-Examine the president's corpse
-Examine the track around the president (brown area)
-Deduce the horn in the upper right corner with the Monster Movie Flyer
-Talk to Penny Nichols
-Ask about Broken horn
-Use Logic to connect Dented fence with Broken horn
-Use Logic to connect Stepped on by a monster? and Monster's head
-Examine the stairs
-Examine the Moozilla head
-Examine the broken table
-Talk to John Marsh
-Ask about John Marsh
-Ask about The president
-Examine the sheet in the lower right corner of the area
-Examine the film crane in the lower right corner of the area

***Investigation Complete***

###Testimony: Shi-Long Lang###

-Present Commemorative Photo at "Two nights ago, she pushed the president..."
-Present Combination Lock
-Present Grand Tower at "There's no other way for the president to get..."

+++The Grand Turnabout: Beginning, Part 2+++

-Talk to Fransizka von Karma
-Ask about The trial
-Ask about Knightley's murder
-Talk to Ray Shields
-Ask about the trial
-Ask about Edgeworth Law Offices
-Present Sebastian Debeste's profile

===Logic Chess vs Justine Courtney===

-What did you and the president talk about?
-Wait and see
-Didn't you help me out this morning?
-Where is Prosecutor Debeste?
-Wait and see
-Are you worried about anyone else?
-As a judge, you're only human!
-Are you searching for Prosecutor Debeste?
-Wait and see
-Who is "that child" you speak of?
-Are you searching for Moozilla?
-What's wrong with where he died?
-A staff member found the body.
-Who are you searching for?
-Could it be that missing child?
-Is he involved in the Moozilla movie?
-Are you a fan of his?
-Wait and see
-Did you hear that from him?
-Are you acquainted with him?
-Wait and see
-You must have spoken with John!
-Where is he right now?
-You two must be acquainted!
-A kidnapper?


***Investigation Start***

-Examine the blue truck on the right side of the area
-Examine the taxi
-Talk to the police officer
-Talk to Will Powers
-Ask About the case
-Ask about Monster movie
-Ask about John Marsh
-Examine the trailer
-Examine the pile of equipment next to the trailer
-Talk to Lotta Hart
-Ask about Nicole Swift
-Ask about Your next scoop
-Talk to Nicole Swift
-Present Commemorative Photo
-Ask about Top secret material
-Use Logic to connect Two men with Men in black
-Use Logic to connect Stolen box with John wasn't with them

***Investigation Complete***

-Examine the gloves on the ground in front of the box
-Examine the green box
-Examine the shovel on the wall

===Logic Chess vs Sebastian Debeste===

-Tell me what's on your mind.
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-Believe in yourself!
-I believe it's "incapable".
-Why were you tied up in your own home?
-Wait and see
-Isn't the owner Blaise Debeste?
-Who kidnapped you?
-Blaise was behind the kidnapping!
-Of course not!
-Do you know the kidnappers' objective?
-Blaise had another objective!
-What did they ask you?
-What did you remember?
-About Blaise?
-Wait and see
-Wait and see
-You wanted your father's approval?
-Didn't you want to help you father?
-I think you mean "reputation".
-What's Blaise and Patricia's connection?
-Was there something else?
-Wait and see
-Where is the evidence for the trial?
-Wait and see
-Did you give the evidence to Blaise?
-To leave the trial undecided!
-Will you walk the same path as your father?
-I believe you mean "pity".
-I will show you the way.
-Will you continue to be a prosecutor?
-Decide that for yourself!
-What are you going to do now?
-It's "clothes make the man".
-Wait and see
-You don't want to be like your father.


-Examine the safe in the lower left corner
-Walk to the ladder
-Has planted a bug on us
-Present Yatagarasu's Badge
-Examine the back of the badge

***Investigation Start***

-Talk to Nicole Swift
-Ask about The scoop
-Ask about The recording method
-Talk to Simon Keyes
-Ask about Search for Sebastian
-Ask about The circus show
-Use Logic to connect Sound of an explosion and Event at the Coliseum
-Talk to Detective Gumshoe by the taxi
-Ask about The investigation
-Ask about The kidnapping
-Approach the gate next to Regina
-Examine the milk carton on the ground
-Examine the Garbage Pickup sign
-Use Logic to connect Cars that came through with Garbage pickup area
-Present the lock on the gate
-Use Logic to connect Near the Coliseum with Which garbage dump?

***Investigation Complete***

-Present Report on Knightley
-Examine the rolled up newspaper
-The newspaper
-Examine the handprint on the back side of the newspaper
-Present Mechanic's Gloves
-Examine the letter A on one of the fingertips

+++The Grand Turnabout: Middle, Part 1+++

###Testimony: John Marsh###

-Present John's Practice Video at "I do it all the time. There wasn't..."
-Present Moozilla's Head

###Testimony: Shi-Long Lang###

-Press "Inside that monster costume over there..."
-Present Crime Scene Notes at "There's dirt inside the costume. It must..."
-Present Mechanic's Gloves
-He was digging something up
-Present the bag next to the Moozilla costume
-Present the film crane
-Present the rainproof sheet on the box
-Zoom into the upper right corner of the video and present the man

###Testimony: John Marsh###

-Press "And right next to it was the president, lying dead on the ground..."
-Press him further
-Present Crime Scene Notes at "I didn't know right away that he was dead..."
-Present Letter from Unknown

***Investigation Start***

-Examine the left set of footprints
-Examine the right set of footprints
-Examine the body
-Examine the flower in the upper left corner
-Examine the cell phone
-Examine the body
-Examine the camera
-Examine the brick
-Leave the body and examine the left flowerbed
-Use Logic to connect Three footprints with Flowerbeds
-Present Report on Knightley
-Talk to Shi-Long Lang
-Examine the burnt left pillar in front of the orphanage's entrance
-Use Logic to connect "What did Blaise dig up?" with "Was Blaise a kidnapper?"
-Examine the standing figures on the street
-Examine the handprint on the snowman's face
-Deduce the handprint on the snowman's face with the Bloodstained Button
-The location of the victim
-Examine the left set of footprints
-Examine the body
-Examine the shoes
-Examine the snowman
-Examine the gap in the bricks around the plants
-Use Logic to connect Murder weapon: Brick with Missing brick
-Use Logic to connect Body was moved with Brick near the snowman
-Examine the group of figures
-Present Cameron's Photo
-Present the area by the upper left lamp post and burned pillar
-Change the re-creation
-Examine the original location of the body, by the flowerbeds
-Examine the bloodstain
-Deduce the bloodstain with Fire

***Investigation Complete***

-Present Moozilla Doll

+++The Grand Turnabout: Middle, Part 2+++

###Testimony: Shi-Long Lang###

-Present Mysterious Bloodstain at "If Cameron hadn't been there, it..."
-Present Child's Drawing
-Present Sirhan Dogen's profile
-One of them was a body double
-Present SS-5 Incident Files
-Present Cameron's Photo
-Present Monster's Footprints
-Present Victim's Shoes

###Testimony: Sirhan Dogen###

-Press "Had I not been reunited with the young acolyte back then..."
-The date
-Present the IS-7 Incident Documents
-Press "I continued my correspondence with the young acolyte even after..."
-Present Knightley's Mementos
-The ring
-Present Correspondence Chess Memo at "Writing letters in braille can be a..."
-Present Simon Keyes' profile
-Zoom in the upper left corner of the picture and present the large symbol

+++The Grand Turnabout: End+++

###Testimony: Simon Keyes###

-Press "It's true. I practiced with the balloon two nights ago."
-Present Blue Truck at "The last time I took the truck and the balloon out..."
-Dusting for fingerprints
-Miles' fingerprints
-Spread the powder around and blow it away to reveal a fingerprint
-Present Sleeping Drugs
-Present Correspondence Chess Memo
-Present Knightley's Mementos
-Present Nicole's Tape Recorder at "Well, maybe I did say it. But there's..."
-Two nights ago
-Present Crime Scene Notes
-Present Lion Balloon
-Examine the bullet hole on the bottom of the basket
-Press "He then pointed a gun at me and fired."
-There is a problem
-Present Lotta's Testimony at "After the double fired one shot, he entered..."
-Present Lion Balloon
-Present Lion Balloon at "The double was crushed by the monster's head..."
-Present Sunshine Warehouse
-Present Lion Balloon
-Present Bouquet

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