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Strategy Guide by Uber_Awesomenes

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/18/2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops on DS
General Guide
Version 1.01
By Uber_Awesomenes

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CCC        AAA AAA  LLLL      LLLL         OO  OO  FFFF
CCCC       AAAAAAA  LLLL      LLLL         OO  OO  FFFF
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DDDD       DD  UUUU    UUUU      TTTT         YYYYYYYY
DDDD       DD  UUUU    UUUU      TTTT           YYYY
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DDDD      DD   UUUU    UUUU      TTTT           YYYY
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DDDDDDDD           UUUU          TTTT           YYYY
Table of Contents
1. Version History

2. Legal/Copyright

3. Intro

4. Multiplayer Modes
      4.1- Death Match
      4.2- Team Death Match
      4.3- CtF
      4.4- Team CtF
      4.5- Sabotage
      4.6- Options
      4.7- Radar

5. Strategies for Multiplayer Battling
      5.1- By Mode
      5.2- By Map
      5.3- General
      5.4- Sniping
      5.5- Assualting
      5.6- Camping
      5.7- Noob Tubing
      5.8- Perking
      5.9- By Weapon Choices
      5.10- Scenarios

6. Strategies for Co-Op Zombies
      6.1- Single Player
           6.1.1- By Map
           6.1.2- General 
           6.1.3- Weapon Choices
      6.2- Co-Op
           6.2.1- By Map
           6.2.2- General
           6.2.3- Weapon Choices
      6.3- Kill Rates

7. Killhouse
8. Weapon Overviews
      8.1- Machine Guns & Assualt Rifles
      8.2- Rifles
      8.3- Sniper Rifles
      8.4- Rockets
      8.5- Grenades
      8.6- Pistols
      8.7- Shotguns
      8.8- Knives
      8.9- Other

9. Awards

10. Perks

11. Leveling Up

12. Clans

12. Conclusion

13. Controls

14. FAQ's

15. Credits

16. My Other FAQs

1. Version History
Version 1.00 01/11/12- Submitted all original sections (1-16). 
Version 1.01 01/13/12- Fixed gramatical errors and added that neoseeker.com
                       has permission to use this FAQ on their web site.
Version 1.05 01/17/12- Added that supercheats.com now has permission to use 
                       this guide on their site, plus fixed some spelling 
                       errors. Added the guide to ranking up under 5.3. Also,
                       added One in the Chamber and the Gun Game game modes.

2. Legal/Copyright
     This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.
     Copyright 2011-2012 Drew Williams
     Currently, gamefaqs.com, neoseeker.com, and supercheats.com have 
permission to use this FAQ on their site. If you wish to seek my permission, 
contact me by email at dpw1998@comcast.net.

3. Intro
     Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most famous games on the market. It
is the shooter of shooters, and it is the duty of all gamers who enjoy
shooters to pick up any copy of it. And although the DS may not be the best 
platform to play it on, it still offers some amazing gameplay. Specifically
the multiplayer, the most famous part of CoD. Gamers are known to spend hours
upon hours of playing it online. This is why I'm writing a guide on it, to 
help all of the gamers playing it on the DS. This will have been my 2nd guide
I've written, so I hope you enjoy! 

4. Modes
[NOTE: I will not be listing strategies, just rules]
<4.1 Death Match>
     Just your standard shoot-at-everything-that-moves, match. You can do it 
by time limit or points. NO teams, so just SHOOT!!!

<4.2 Team Death Match>
     Same as Death Match, but on teams. You can play by time limit or you can
do it by score limit. Enemy players will have their name in red, friendlies
in green.

<4.3 Capture the Flag>
     Capture their flag, and bring it back to your base. If you die,
you drop the flag where you were standing. Can be point or time based.

<4.4 Team Capture the Flag>
     Same as Capture the Flag, but on teams. Enemies names will be in red,
friendlies in green.

<4.5 Sabotage>
     Possibly the most complicated of them all, I'll go through this as well
as I can. I'll break it up into defenders and attackers. The general idea
though is that the attackers try to plant a bomb on the objective and the 
defenders try to well, defend the objective. Attackers and defenders are
randomly selected at the beginning of the match, and switch after every match.
Defenders win by defending the objective until time expires, attackers
planting a bomb on the objective and defending it until it explodes. When
arming or disarming the bomb, make sure to hold it down until the bar fills. 
Then, a count down will start on the lower left part of the top screen, and at
0, it will explode. 

<4.6 Options>
Time Limit: Controls the time that the battle can last for. If set to infinite
score cannot.

Score Limit: Controls how many kills a player can make before the match ends.
If set to infinite then time cannot.

Respawn Time: Sets the minimum amount of time before the player can respawn.
Regardless of time, players will respawn at 30 seconds.

Weapon Options: Sets weapon restrictions.

Minimap: Sets wether or not the minmap is available.

Perks: Sets wether or not players may use perks.

<4.7 Radar>
     In Multiplayer, the Radar can actualy be very confusing. There's all
kinds of variables, including perks, suppressed weapons, and movement. This
section is intended to clear up any of those issues and how the Radar EXACTLY


     When you are moving under normal conditions, the Radar will show a 
dot and an arrow. When you stop, the blip will dissapear after a second. With
Team Player, it will function as normal, but it will show you as a friendly.
Stealth hides you from Radar totally. When firing with a suppressed weapon, it
will not show a blip, no matter what the conditions are. Even if you see an
enemy, it will not show on Radar. 

5. Strategies for Multiplayer Battling
<5.1 By Mode>
Death Match
     The general strategy most people use is to lay low and when the moment
is right, wreak havoc. It can be best to be stealthy because you are safe
with no one, there being no teams. Really though, it's just a free for all,
and sometimes the best strategy is to be as unpredictable as possible. Keep
opponents on their toes, and mix it up a bit. Snipe for the first half, then
shock them with your HMG. Make sure that they son't expect you.


Team Death Match
     This works best with people in the same room with you, so I'll make 2
sections, one on local mode, one on Wi-fi.

Local: This is possibly one of the funnest ways to play, because you can plan,
stategize, and set traps better than you ever could before. You want to 
designate a capain within your team, and he should give the orders and 
execute the overall battle plan. Traps come into effect, and you want each 
person to have thier own job to do. Have Bob do recon so that you can learn
that their left flank is weak. Send Joe to flank them, while you and Bob take
them head on. If it fails head to your base and set up a trap counter-attack.
You have to really think about how you want to dominate, and their is several
ways to do it. Think military.

Wi-fi: This is a lot harder to pull off, because voice-chat is only in the
lobby. There can be dissagreements, misunderstandings, and all kind of other
follies that may occur. It's really the same idea, just that you have to
anticipate what your teammates will do and your enemies. 


Capture the Flag
     You want to take either one of two strategies: defense or offense. If
you are doing defense, stay near your own flag and protect it. Stay a bit
ahead because that gives you space to react. If you took the offensive path, 
you want to be moving towards a flag at all times. gun down anybody in your
way. The only time that you should ignore enemies is when you have captured a
flag. Run it straight home.


Team Capture the Flag
     There's a lot more strategy to this one, because you have other people to
work with. At LEAST one person should be defending, and at LEAST one person 
should be attempting to steal the flag at all times. Then the thrd has three 
options: defense assist, offense assist, or patrol. The first two are pretty 
self explanatory, and patrol is where you stay in the middle and try to shoot
all the enemies visible. Kind of a hybrid.


     Since this is actually the most realistic game with the most variables,
I'll split it into attackers and defenders.

Attackers: You want to slowly push into the area, sneaking your way into the 
area and all of a sudden, launching an all out attack. You want to figure out
who is planting the bomb beforehand, so the others can cover him. Everybody
should have the perk Fast Hands if possible, in case the planter dies. While
the guy is planting the bomb on the target, the others should be looking 
around for  enemies, and killing them as soon as possible. The covers should
have one sniper rifle, and one automatic. The sniper rifle is for kills where
they are far away, and the auto is for if they get up close. After the bomb is
planted, all should protect it with their lives. They should take up a 
completely defensive position with sniper rifles, and kill any that come near
with an auto.

Defenders: There should be 2 types of defenders, snipers and gunners. The 
snipers slowly take out the enemy from afar, and the gunner takes over
if they get to close. He should have a HMG, and possibly a sniper rifle
himself. If the attackers plant the bomb, launch an all out assualt. Don't
stop until you've secured the area. Disarm the bomb, and you win.


<5.2 By Map>
     The strategies listed below take the assumption that you are playing one
of the Death Match modes, usually Team Mode. Put these strategies on top of
the ones in the General section, these should take priority over those.

Combat: Close-Medium-Range
* The buildings next to the guard tower can be good snipinig places.
* While the guard tower offers a commanding view of the main intersection,
  it doesn't have much cover.
* When going anywhere, try to go behind the buldings, along the perimeter of
* The 3 warehouse buldings are useless unless the occasion calls.
* The camo net in the middle can only provide quick cover. Use it to turn the
  hunter into the hunted.
* It is a relatively small map, so automatics rule. 
* Sniping is okay on this map, but not the best because it really only has one

Combat: Generally close-range combat.
* The main section on the bottom is where the action is, then the outlying
  spaces are good for sniping.
* The upper level is the best for sniping.
* Upstairs has a ton of cover, good for hide-and-seek like turn outs. 
* Try to stay on the top or bottom. 
* Always be on your toes. There are almost too many cover pieces in the map.
* The top part of the 2nd level puts you at great risk, wether you're above
  or below. 

Combat: Medium to long-range combat.
* The lighthouse isn't too great. Not much cover.
* Cover is everywhere on the LOWER HALF!
* Try to stay up top or down low, depending on your play style. Snipers get a
huge bonus here, though a large negative if you stay up.

Combat: Close-range combat.
* The perfect map for 1v1.
* The center is what's known as a killbox. Go there to die.
* Great for sniping, running and gunning, or camping.
* Make sure that you have a fallback area behind you.
* It's easy to lose an enemy in all the passages and turn the hunter into the

Combat: All ranges.
* Great, all-round map.
* Sprint across the middle.
* Make use of any tunnels or small windows.
* There are many corners here that can be used against you.
* The bridge puts you right in the middle.
* You can practically navigate the entire map from the upstairs.

Combat: Close to medium-range combat.
* The perimeter is for sniping, the center for heavy defense camping. 
* Always keep in cover. 
* Can be pretty dark, so Camouflage is a must. 
* Not too good for sniping, but doable.
* Running and gunning gets a huge plus.
* Try to stay secret, it's one of the most important things to learn on this 

Combat: Close to medium-range combat.
* The two guard towers at the corners are the only sniping locations. Keep
  an eye on one. 
* You can go under the huts.
* You cannot go through the grass strips. 
* Try to stay in a hut or under a hut. 
* Secrecy doesn't do much in this map. 
* STAY ALERT! Things happen in an instant on this map. 

Combat: Close-range combat.
* The center is the area with a hut.
* To the left and right are areas with two water baths. 
* You can't shoot through the fences.
* Stay low; it's a dark map and the enemy might not see you. 
* The perk Camouflage OWNS this course. When crouched, it's near impossible to
  see you. 
* Try to stay in the center to get into some heavy gunplay, or just stay on
  the outside to snipe a bit.

Combat: Long-range combat.
* In the center is weak cover, but one of the best places to be in a No
  Snipers match. 
* Sniping rules. Try to get on one of the buildings with a ladder. They have
  a perfect view of the center.
* Stay in cover at all times. It's almost too dangerous to even think about
  going outside. 
* Before you get to the part with the windows in the buldings, throw a grenade
  to take out any snipers there.

Combat: Medium to close-range combat.
* The center is the best place to be, but not in the top. 
* The banisters on the stair cases can be pretty good cover.
* Choose the inner or outer section to keep your "territory" marked.
* Good for knife only matches. 
* Try to stay attatched to one or two areas in order to keep a firm grip on 
  some safe areas that you can retreat to.

Combat: Long-range combat.
* Stay in cover, there are many places for snipers.
* There are always people in the caves.
* The bridge is in the center, so be careful when crossing. 
* The blue cave has okay sniping, purple is okay, orange and pink are great.
* Assume that there's a sniper in every cave.
* Sniping rules. 
* Sprint across the middle.

The Yard
Combat: Long-range combat.
* The building in the center is a prime sniper's roost.
* Rifles get a bonus for the long-range kills you should be making. 
* Secrecy is at a premium here. Perks like Stealth and Camouflage help keep 
  you inbisible. 
* Sprint across any open areas.
* The GL weapons are great.

<5.3 General>
* Use ADS for the longer kills. It's incredibly innaccurate to shoot from the
  hip, and the ironsights can aim WAY better than a crosshair. 
* Use grenades to clear out rooms. 
* Clear an area as you move on. Check if there's anybody there, then move on
  according to that info.
* Stay hidden as much as possible.
* Sprint across open areas.
* Crouching improves accuracy.
* Grenades are really only for close-quarters combat.
* Always aim for the head, you get 4x the points from a normal body shot kill.
* If you get killed, be EXTRA careful, you want to make up that point plus
* Be cautious. Move like there's always a sniper right above you, and a guy 
  with a shotgun around the next corner.
* If you have a suppressed version of a weapon that you are using, use that
  version! They are better at staying hidden.
* Some weapons are more powerful than others. Find those weapons, and use
  them. For instance, the M14 is an insta-kill with Stopping Power at any
* The knife can be useful for unsuspecting enemies. It's an instant kill
  anywhere, and your are totally hidden from radar. 
* If you're doing good, don't get full of yourself. You are still a valid 
  target to everyone.
* High RoF weapons empty their clips fast. Plan accordingly.
* Reload at ALL TIMES! Even if it took one shot, reload. You never know if
  that last shot will kill the next enemy.
* Remember, if you're low on ammo, pick up an enemy's weapon.
* Know what weapons you want, and use the weapons that unlock them.
* Try to be open minded to new strategies.
* Become proeffecient at all game modes. You'll be thanking yourself when 
  nobody else on your team knows how to plant the bomb on Wi-fi. 
* Think somewhere in the mindset of "If I were my opponent, where would I be."
  You can generally judge their skill by how they play, so go by their level.
  Think where would a relatively new player hide, or maybe where a hardened
  vet's nest is.
* If you see another battle, wait until one wins, then stalk the winner. Kill
  them as soon as you have a good kill moment.
* Try to stay in the higher areas of the maps to lessen the chances of being
* If you can't get any enemies, get to higher ground. You can see a lot more
  from above than you can on ground level.
* Try to have a safe area in each map. This should be a location on the map
  that you know by heart, provides good cover, and keeps you hidden. Do not
  make it a sniping roost, put in low ground.
* Buildings in outdoor maps can be dangerous, you never know if it's a 
  hardened enemy position. Go in with a grenade in hand. 
* In Wi-fi, you will encounter glitchers and hackers. The best way to counter
  them is to gang up on them. If you are playing and there's a glitcher, 
  make it a point to take them out. Hopefully the others will follow suit.
* When playing Death Match, there's an order of ranks to kill. If you're in 
  first, make the guy in second priority. If you're not, focus on the guy in 
* Sniper rifles can be good close range weapons because of the insta-kill, 
  though they never have a crosshair. 
* If playing in a team with a designated commander, follow orders. If your 
  team has a strategy, you should stick to it unless instructed otherwise.
* When you have a moment of "peace" (let's face it; it's CoD, when is there 
  ever true peace), check the scores by pressing Select. Beware, you can't
  move while checking, you can only look.
* Even if it says that they are your team member on the radar, Team Player
  is a very popular perk. Treat everybody with caution, just to be careful.
* If you see an enemy on the radar, there are two paths to take: if you have
  Stealth or Team Player, stalk them, and kill when the time is right. If you
  don't, surprise them with a huge hail of gunfire.
* Even if you don't have any of the "good" weapons, you still have weapons. 
  You start with an HMG, sniper rifle, rifles, even the ETC if you can get it.
  They are still good, just not the best. Focus on using weapons that unlock
  weapons that you want. 

Ranking Up
     At the beginning, you will want to quit. You will find that the perks and
weapons of the enemies far overpower you. But I promise, there is a light at 
the end of the tunnel. I'm a Brigadier General, rank 25, and still climbing. 
All it takes is practice and focus. Here are some helpful tips to rank up.

* When hosting, play some knife only matches, the points add up quick. 
* Try to use weapons that unlock weapons that you want. Focus on one weapon at
  a time. 
* Always aim for the head. They kill instantly and give you a ton more points.
* Play a lot. It's really all that you can do.

It takes forever, but you'll get there. 

A guide to Hosting
* Make sure that everybody agrees upon the settings. Switch it up a little.
* Don't start the timer just to be a pain. Use it wisely if someone is taking
  forever, debating wether to use the Remington 870 or the M60.
* If you say that you are going to show up, do. You made a commitment. Albeit,
  a small one, but a commitment all the same. Try your best to be there. 
* DON"T DISCONNECT!!! If the host disconnects, it disconnects everybody. 
* Take requests. Try to be the guy that people like to be the host.

A guide to Joining
* Try to stay for more than like, 2 matches. Be an active player!
* Don't take forever in choosing your weapon and perk configuration. Know what
  you want, and if you don't care for it, change it at your next death. 
* Disconnecting is okay, but if you can, finish it. It shows people that you
  respect their games.
* Don't whine for courses and modes, respecfully request them. It's so
  annoying when a host gets overwhelmed with "Oh come on, can't we do
  Crossfire?" all match. 

<5.4 Sniping>
     "SNIPER!!!". This is exactly what you don't want to hear in a Multiplayer
match. They use a sniper rifle and their scopes to kill from afar. You don't
know that their's a sniper until they are spotted or you are sniped. Only a
few can do it, but those that do are highly regarded, if extremely disliked
by their opponents. You want to stay silent, so sniping really only works with
silenced weapons. The only reason to snipe with unsilenced weapons is to get
the suppressed versions. Stealth, Camouflage, and Team Player are the sniper's
perks of choice, because they aid in invisibility, either directly or by 
radar. Steady Aim can also help, though it's not necessary. You really want
either high points in the course or wide open spaces, both ensuring a wide
view of the battlefield. The only way to combat this is to find the sniper,
and eliminate him, giving you a moment of peace to take care of buisness. 
Another, more controversial way is to camp their position and keep them out. 
And vice versa, clear a position with a grenade before entering. A good
secondary is a shotgun because it's close-range, providing a protection that
your rifle can't do. Also, the perk Body Armor can stop a sniper shot from
killing you instantly, unless they get a head shot.

<5.5 Assaulting>
     This may be the least used strategy, even though it yeilds great kill
streaks and kind of freaks people out. The objective is simple; take out as 
many enemies as you can before you die. It sounds simple, though it can be 
quite challenging. For perks, you're going to want ones that increase 
something, wether it be damage done, reduced damaged, or increased ammo, they
all help for this quick killing spree. Last Stand and Martyrdom are great as
well, because you WILL die after a run, so Last Stand helps you squeeze a few 
more shots off and you should be fighting in extreme closeness when
applying this strategy, so a primed grenade, could help you get one more point
after that run. It's really best for team games, where both teams have their
own "territory", and you can infiltrate theirs. You want to choose the right
time when all of your opponents are assembled in one general area. The only
weapons that are good at this are the 3 HMGs, the RPD, M60, and XM22. They
have a huge RoF and good stopping power, so just rush in and let the lead fly.
This is the best strategy at the end of a match, when you have nothing to lose
and everything to gain.

<5.6 Camping>
     Face it: everybody has camped at one time or another, even if they didn't
know that they were. Sniping is the long range version of camping. It's
essentially just staying in one place that has a high traffic level, giving 
you a ton of kills. You want to stay hidden, so Camouflage is a great perk.
You want a gun like the M10 or PPsh-41 or any other high RoF gun. Just go to a
corner where many enemies pass, and as soon as they come into veiw, open fire.
Beware however, they know you are there now, and if they are in a room with 
team-mates, they'll know too. Camping isn't exactly the most highly regarded 
way of getting points, but it works. Silenced weapons own as well, not letting
others aware of your radar position. You can spawn-camp as well, though
players get TICKED OFF, getting killed within seconds of them spawning. If 
you get spawn killed, just pull out the Protections perk and own them big
time. This is considered a defensive move, so only camp when you feel like you
up against some real competition. 

<5.7 Noob Tubing>
     First off, Noob Tubing is HIGHLY frowned upon in the CoD society, so if
you choose to take this path, be prepared to make some enemies. Basically, 
it's where you take an explosive and spam it, spam it like there is no
tomorrow. In this game, it's the RPG-7, M72 LAW, and M79. The first 2 are
RPG's, the latter a grenade launcher. Despite what most people think, it's 
supposed to be stealth, beacuase if you miss, they will, 100 percent know that
you are there. Perks such as Stealth, Paper Walls, Camouflage, and Team Player
aid noob tubers in being invisible. Stealth and Team Player both screw up the
enemies radar, where as Camouflage and Paper Walls are a more direct way to
get at 'em. Stealth and Team Player keep you invisible to the enemy, giving
him a sense of calm that is your destiny to break. Camouflage is for the
camper's version, and if you know an enemy is in a small room, shoot one 
through the wall and it'll hit them. I don't noob tube at all, I tested these 
strategies with my brother and he was just about ready to turn his DS off. I
urge you not to, especially to snipers. They are the hardest to noob tube 
because a grenade launcher can  only go so far. They live by a set of rules,
and they consider it their duty to eliminate all noob tubers imediately. A
good way to prevent it is to snipe. Don't noob tube yourself, because then 
everybody would. Kind of a monkey see, monnkey do thing.

<5.8 Perking>
     Not many people have heard of perking, even though it's a great thing to 
do. It involves relying mainly on your perks to get the job done. Yes, fight
like you mean it, but at the end of the day, you couldn't have done it without
those perks. Below is the list of perks that can be abused and how to abuse 
them. Good luck, and feel free to bend the strategies slightly!

Level to get
Paired With


Level 5
Play the whole match invisibly. Only works with suppressed weapons.


More Bang
Level 9
Basically rely on grenades to get kills. Really only works with Extra Pockets.
Extra Pockets


Paper Walls
Level 13
Stay somwhere where your enemies can't see you, then when they pass through 
the room adjascent to yours, fire.


Body Armor
Level 16
Used to absorbed damage, supports open assaults. Can stop a sniper's body 
Stopping Power


Level 18
Stay secret. Best paired with another radar perk.
Team Player, Stealth


Team Player
Level 20
Set a trap, and draw in your prey, making them think that they are safe.


Super Clip + Bandolier
Level 24/Level 27
Use this to keep firing for the entire match. Don't worry about ammo, just 


<5.9 By Weapon Choices>
     Okay so this is kind of like classes in the console versions, but
informally. Most players do have a certain "class" that they do, like a recon
guy or a heavy gunner. This section is to help you figure out what class you 
like best and what weapons are good for that class. If you have any ideas for
ideal classes, email me. Here's how this will be organized:

Name of Class
Weapon Choices

To follow orders in Teams and just be there.
Simple, good at following orders, good at most guns.
You want a sub machine gun, such as the M10, or PPs-43, and a pistol.
Whatever suits him.


To kill from long distance.
Secretive, good at staying in the shadows.
A sniper rifle (duh) and a shotgun, for when your prey gets close.
Camouflage, Stealth, Team Player.


To provide quick cover fire for his team, to fight in close-range.
Likes large sub machine guns such as the PPsh-41 or AK-47.
Quick firing gun, such as the PPsh-41, and maybe a rifle, like the M14.
Stopping Power, Bandolier + Super Clip, Body Armor.


Heavy Gunner
Same concept as the Gunner, but way bigger guns.
LOVES machine guns such as the RPD, M60, or XM22.
Heavy machine gun + GL = Perfection.
Stopping Power, Bandolier + Super Clip, Body Armor.


To infiltrate and inform.
Quick, can get out of trouble.
Small but poweful automatic such as the M10 or SKS, and a shotgun.
Extreme Conditioning, Stealth, Sleight of Hand.


To launch barrages of missles and explosives to suppress the enemy.
Good with RPG's, doesn't care about deaths. Doesn't care about being despised 
by all who oppose him.
One explosive and either a pistol or a shotgun.
More Bang, MUST HAVE BANDOLIER, Extra Pockets.


<5.10 Scenarios>
Name: Sniper
Players: 3-6
Mode: Team Death Match
Time Limit: 3 min
Score Limit: 2 kills
Respawn Time: 10 sec
Weapon Options: No explosives
Minimap: Off
Perks: On
Rules: There should be the sniper on one team that has a sniper rifle and a 
pistol or shotgun, preferrably silenced, and the rest of the people are on the
other team. Minimap should be off unless the sniper has Team Player as one of
their perks. This is actually best, though you must achieve a pretty high rank
to get it. The other team should be equipped with any weapon other than
explosives and sniper rifles. They cannot have silenced weapons. The goal is
for the two teams to battle it out. The only rule is that once dead, they
cannot play again. Once dead, players should crouch and hug the wall,
signifying that they are out. 


Name: Survival
Players: Any
Mode: Death Match
Time Limit: 15 min
Score Limit: Infinite
Respawn Time: 10 sec
Weapon Options: No Sniper Rifles
Minimap: Off
Perks: Off
Rules: A true test of skill, there are no poweups and no one hit kills from
sniper rifles. Also, no explosives. To make it a real challenge, each player
only has one life.  Once killed, players should crouch and hug the wall, 
telling other players that they have been eliminated. If you shoot them on 
purpose, you get killed by them. Best played on any large map because you have
a good amount of time. Sileneced weapons dominate. 

Name: The Specialists
Players: 4,6
Mode: Team Mode
Time Limit: Any
Score Limit: Any
Weapon Options: All
Minimap: Optional
Perks: Yes
Rules: There are three 3 positions in each squad: scout, gunner, and sniper.
I'll go over each seperately. 

Weapons: Pistol and Shotgun
Perks: Extreme Conditioning and Stealth, Camouflage, or Team Player.
Job: To find out where the enemies are locating, and to maybe harass the
enemy. They should be quick and know the map like the back of their hands.

Weapons: Machine Gun and RPG
Perks: Last Stand or Super Clip, and More Bang, Paper Walls, or Stopping
Job: To blanket the enemy with bullets, and to be the one who absorbs most of
the bullets. They should probably be in front when the recon is back in the
squad for the big assault. 

Weapons: Sniper Rifle and Rifle/Shotgun
Perks: Camouflage and Extreme Conditioning, Steady Aim, or Stealth
Job: To take out targets from afar with their high powered long-range rifles.
Use Camouflage and Stealth to be completely invisible, or obtain Steady Aim
to ensure a hit.

Each squad's job is to obtain the flag, and each member has a job to do. Each
team should stay in a seperate room to keep secrecy. If you seriously like 
this scenario then you should really think about choosing one class and 
specializing in it. If you are playing with 4, leave out the sniper. The 
squad should generally stay in the imediate vicinity, and work as a team.
Traps should be used to great effect here, because they are quite easy to 

[NOTE: This game is an actual game mode from the Call of Duty: Black Ops game
 on the consoles. This is a DS verion]
Name: One in the Chamber
Players: 3-6
Mode: Death Match
Time Limit: >10
Score Limit: Infinity
Weapon Options: Rifles only
Minimap: Off
Perks: On
Rules: Everybody must have the perk Stopping Power. Everybody has to be
equipped with the M14 rifle (basic). Everybody starts with 1 bullet. The only
way to get more bullets is to make kills. You also have the knife and
grenades. It's a one hit kill, so all it would take is that one bullet. You
may choose to stockpile your bullets or use them one at a time. 1 bullet
equals 1 kill.

[NOTE: This is another game from the Call of Duty: Black Ops game on the 
 consoles. This is the DS version. Also, it only works with people in the same
Name: The Gun Game
Players: Any
Mode: Death Match
Time Limit: Any
Score Limit: Infinite
Weapon Options: Any
Minimap: Optional
Perks: Optional
Rules: Everybody starts with a pistol. For every kill that they get, they can 
move up one gun. This is how it works:

Allied     Communist
Pistol    | Pistol
M14       | M1891/59
M16A1     | AK-47
Remington | Ithaca
XM22      | MAT-49
M60       | RPD
M10       | SKS
M10-Sup   | PPSh-41

Each kill with the gun before it unlocks the next gun. If you get a kill with
the M14, then you get the M16A1. If you die, you get bumped back to the M14. 
Kills should be tracked on pen and paper, because if a player wants his next
gun that he JUST unlocked, he may blow himself up with a grenade. If you make
it up to the XM22, you can use anything under that. 
6. Strategies for Zombies
<6.1 Single Player>
<<6.1.1 By Map>>
House: Basically, for Section 1, you want to go around in a circle, checking
       each window for zombies as you go. You definitely want to kill any 
       zombies that come in, and though you do have room to run via the 
       center, the knife is your best option here. One M14 and 5,000 points 
       later, go into the next room. Here, it's a little more cramped, so as 
       soon as you hear those bars clinking, pull out your handy-dandy
       knife and slice up some zombie! The Mystery Box can be a good idea,
       though not essential. As you make your way into the final area, take
       note of the grenades at the end of the hall. Just stay in the relative
       middle, and run away if you have to in order to place better shots. 

Facility: Same as house, but in Section 2, you want to stay in the large, open
          area where you have room to run. Also, in Section 3, just move 
          around and have room to run. A bit harder than House, but doable. 

Temple: For some reason, I never liked this map. In Section 1, stay in
        the bottom area, so you can move around. When you go through, it's 
        like tube, with a couple of subsections. Stay in the middle and if 
        too many come through one side, just go to the other. At section 3,
        it's best to stay at the bottom far side, with all the zombies either
        coming either through the windows, or the other side of the rubble. 

Overlook: This is unlike all the others, with a hallway and 4 adjacsent rooms,
          each with a window. There's one at the end of the hall as well.
          Just patrol the hall and if a zombie comes in, pull the knife. In
          Section 2, stay in the middle, and you get a huge veiw of the 
          windows. Go through, and you are OUTSIDE, the only section with 
          the fresh air of the outdoors. Choose an area and stick to it. You
          should do fine. 

<<6.1.2 General>>
*Go for the head no matter what.
*If a zombie gets through automatically pull out your knife. That zombie just
 became your first priority.
*ADS rules.
*High RoF weapons are for crowds. 
*Always advance as soon as possible. 
*Make shooting/collecting powerups first priority over everything. IF I say 
 another thing should be first, this is above that. 
*Don't neglect your knife. It needs the attention that all other guns do!
*Remember that refills can be quite pricy.
*Grenades are only available for refill at the end.
*Splitters are created by grenades, and can be quite annoying.
*Buy weapons as soon as available, if you can benefit from them.

<<6.1.3 Weapon Choices>>
Section 1: As soon as the pistol doesn't kill a zombie with a single headshot,
           go ahead and buy the M14, which will last you until Round 7.
           By then however, no gun will kill it with one shot. When you buy
           it, make sure to still keep your pistol; if you are beat for ammo,
           it's a pretty quick firing gun. 

Section 2: Buy either weapon depending on your skill. If you find zombies just
           pouring through the windows, get the shotgun, which is really 
           helpful for close-range encounters because of the spread. The M16A1
           is more helpful for the long range zombies that you can pick off
           while they're still outside. I you don't like either, just get
           the Mystery Box. It can literally give you any weapon at all, from
           a pistol to the grenade launcher. Just remember, sniper rifles
           still need to get a headshot for a one hit kill. 

Section 3: Here, you chould know what to do, but the PPsh-41 is a fine choice.
           High RoF, good ADS, and a huge clip definitely aid in your quest
           to rid the world of zombies. M16A1-GL is a beast gun for any
           that involves a large horde of zombies. The secondary functon is
           how. Fire it into the crowd, and then you'll come out with a large
           group of splitters. They are beyond annoying due to their low 
           nature, though they are way slower than Sprinters.

<6.2 Co-Op>
<<6.2.1 By Map>>
House: Have one player cover one side of the map, the other the one across
it, and both watch the one at the end. Once both have the M14, have the lesser
experienced player buy the first door. Then have one player cover the left,
the other the right. The one down the hallway with a turned up table doesn't
have many zombies, so you can really just ignore it. Weapon specialization 
comes in here. Have one player take their preferred weapon, the other their's.
Have the more experienced player buy the second, and just stay together, back
to back. 

Facility: Have one player take the first room, the other the second. The
lesser experienced should take the room with 2 windows, the greater with 3.
Basically the same as House, keep one player in each room in a section. In 
Section 3, stay back to back where the two "rooms" meet. 

Temple: In Section 1, put one guy up stairs, and one down. Have the lesser 
experienced take the downstairs, which is easier to handle, the vet the
upstairs. Then have one guy in the far area, the other in the near. In 
Section 3, either do upstairs-downstairs split, or back to back. Either way,
it works. 

Overlook: Keep one person in the left, one the right, and both keep an eye on
the one in the middle. In Section 2, go back to back in the middle. Make
sure to keep an eye on the downstairs, they have a tendency to come up a lot.
In Section 3, again, back to back. STAY TOGETHER! I cannot stress this enough.
People get downded here often so you's want to stay close.
<<6.2.2 General>>
* Stay close.
* If your partner is down, you don't have to help them. They'll revive at the
* Work as a team. Best played in the same room.
* Try your HARDEST not to die. Do whatever you can to preserve yourself.
* Cover each other. Make sure to stay near each other.
* Try to choose different weapons than your partner. 

<<6.2.3 Weapon Choices>>
Section 1: Both players should get the M14 on Round 2. That's pretty much it.

Section 2: Both players should grab whatever weapons that they are good at. 
Just make sure that they can get rid of one of them. The Mystery Box can be a
pretty good idea.

Section 3: Here is where specialization comes in. Have one player have a fast
firing gun such as the PPSh-41 or XM22. Have the other have the M16A1-GL in 
order to clear out the hordes. Keep in mind that grenades do create splitters.

<6.3 Kill Rates>
     This section explains what gun will kill what until what round. The CoD
Wiki helped immensely with this part, thank you so much. 
     On round 2, 2 head shots with a makarov will kill a zombie. It takes 15 
body shots with the M16A1 on wave 5, and 5 rounds from an M14 will kill a
hellhound on wave 12. At wave 7, a head shot from an M14 will no longer kill
a zombie, taking two after that. A throwing knife headshot is a K.O. until
wave 8. It will take 3 throwing knife body shots to kill one. 

7. Killhouse
     This mode is CRAZY! It puts you through a training course that tests your
skill, accuracy, and speed. There are 3 sectons and each will be covered
thouroughly. Standard weapon is the M16Al (M16), though if you kill an
enemy with every weapon in Single Player, then you unlock the Weapons Roon,
which is to the left from where you first walk in. You also earn the
achievement "Toys!". In the weapons room, there is every weapon in the game
available for pickup and usable in the course. But anyway, let's get on with
the guide!
[NOTE: You should be sprinting the WHOLE TIME, unless I specify not to or
       you have to shoot]

Section 1
     So, get a running start through the door and go around the corner. When
you get to the poster on the left wall, a target will pop up at about eye
level on the pole in front of you. Shoot it (it doesn't matter where), and run
around the corner. There will be four walls, and targets will pop up on any
combination of them. While shooting them, make sure to be walking forward. 
When you get inbetween the first 2, a target a little inside the window at the
front of the room will appear. Shoot it quickly before it starts moving. 
Mantle over the bottom of the window and go into the next section, making sure
to grab the Ammo Box.

Section 2
     When you go a little past the door, he'll anounce either "Target left!"
or "Target right!". Using his directions, turn to the appropriate direction.
There will be two targets in any of the four windows on the wall. Shoot these
while walking a little past the center of the room. He'll tell you to grenade
the window, so do it! Don't cook it, just throw it through, and as soon as
you're sure it'll make it go through, sprint through the door. When your a
little past it, a target will pop up in a windo a little to your right. Shoot
it, the crouch through the pipe on the right. 

Section 3
     Beware, at the end of the pipe, a target will pop up. Shoot it, and
move out. A target will appear behind the jeep, so take it out. Then you will
see that all the walls are spread out like this, with targets marked with *,
and = are mantles:

          *(Upper Level)
--*--------  |
Shoot the first, take a shot at the top one, then go left. Shoot the target
directly in front of you and the one behind that. Run right, and shoot the 
target. If you missed the top one, shoot it now. Run left, mantle the wall,
and sprint for the finish. Done!

     The goal of this was 1) to train, and 2) to beat the high score, which is
30.77 seconds. You will get an achievement for your effort. If you want to try
again, just go down the stairs and to your right a little, you'll see it. My
average is about 34 seconds. One thing I like to challenge myself with is 
using only the knife. You don't have to worry about ammo, though aiming can be
tougher. Also, NEVER use ADS, never. It takes way too much time. The clock 
stops after 5 min, but anybody that takes that long really shouldn't be 
playing CoD.
     One strategy that many people use are the double shotguns. Since they 
spread, they are a great run and gun weapon, as is needed. As soon as one 
runs out of ammo, just switch to the second. M14-SC is also great because for
some strange reason, it has the permanant reticule, even when sprinting. 
     The collectible is at the end. After you exit, look behind you at the top
of the wooden structure there. Good luck!

8. Weapon Overviews
**[NOTE: This section will not be dealing with specific strategies, otherwise
       I would spend a week on the section]**

     All weapons are listed in the order that they can be found in the 
Statistics menu under Multiplayer Stats. Also, all notes pertain to 
Multiplayer. For instance, the AK-47 is actually okay in Campaign because
tons of enemies carry it, making for refills at almost every fight. I will 
put locations for each weapon as best as I can.

Example: Clip/Reserve
         ADS: 1-5 
         Rating: 1-5
         {Faction} (Allied/Communist)
         [How to get in MP]

<8.1 Machine Guns & Assault Rifles>
AK-47: 30/120
       ADS: **
       A standard gun that's okay for close-combat, but it ultimately fails at
       long-range firefights, which is largely due to it's poor iron sights. 
       It's basically just 2 posts that you put your target inbetween. 
       /In almost every mission./


AK-47-SC: 30/120
          ADS: *****
          Rating: *****
          [150 Kills with the AK-47]
          NOW we're talking! ADS is now a Reflex Sight with a large + on it
          to aim by. Same performance, but now it can be useful for long-range
          as well.
          /Hung Out to Dry, on the bed./


AK-47-GL^: 30/120 & 1/3
          ADS: **
          Rating: ****
          [100 Head Shots with Communist weapons]
          Same as the AK-47, but with a secondary fire mode that fires
          grenades. You get to it by selecting the weapon, and instead of the 
          grenade icon, you'll get the grenade launcher. There is no ADS for 
          the grenade launcher. 
          /To the Motherland. I'm not sure exactly where./


M16A1: 30/120
       ADS: ****
       Rating: ****
       This is almost a carbon copy of the AK-47, though the iron-sights are
       very well suited to pinpoint accuracy. My only complaint would be that
       when using ADS, there's quite a bit of gun to get in your way.
       /Primary in Welcome to the Jungle/


M16A1-SC: 30/120
          ADS: *****
          Rating: *****
          [150 Kills with the M16A1]
          Pretty much the same as the M16A1, but with a scope with a small +
          in the center. That turns a 4 star gun into a 5 star gun, just like
          that, because it eliminates much of the gun in the standard ADS.
          /Leaning against the wall in the first hut of River Raiders./

M16A1-GL^: 30/120 & 1/3
          ADS: ****
          Rating: *****
          [100 Head Shots with Allied weapons]
          Same as the M16A1, but with a secondary fire mode.You get to it by 
          selecting the weapon, and instead of the grenade icon, you'll get 
          the grenade launcher. There is no ADS for the grenade launcher. 
          /Starting Weapon in Last Heli Out./

M10: 30/120
     ADS: ****
     Rating: ****
     [150 Kills with the Mk 22 Mod 0]
     This small but powerful gun has a huge RoF, which can be a problem
     because the clip has only 30 rounds. It's a quick kill though, and the 
     ADS doesn't get in the way. If anything, it could actually be a little 
     /Secret room in Breaking Free./


M10-Sup: 30/120
         ADS: ****
         Rating: *****
         [300 Kills with the M10]
         The only problems with the M10 were noise, and ADS, and this takes
         care of the first. It's really the same gun, just with a 
         /In one of the huts in Cold Feet./ 


MAT 49: 32/128
        ADS: *****
        Rating: ****
        [150 Kills with the Makarov PM]
        This gun is actually VERY good, despite only a 32 round clip. At it's
        intended range, a head should be a little bit smaller than the iron
        sights. It should serve you well, even though the clip is a little 
        /After the sniping in The Payback./


PPS-43: 35/140
        ADS: *****
        Rating: ****
        [300 Kills with the MAT 49]
        The ADS is one of the best in the game, though the gun overall just 
        doesn't perform as well as you'd think it would. It's reliable,
        but definitely not a first choice gun.
        /In most of the final levels./


PPsh-41: 71/284
         ADS: *****
         Rating: *****
         [150 Kills with the RPD]
         This is my FAVORITE GUN! The ADS doen't block much of the action,
         it has a HUGE clip, and it kills really quick. RoF is fast as well,
         though that does mean that you burn through ammo much more quickly.
         /You start with it in Coastal Run./


PPsh-41-Sup: 71/284
             ADS: ****
             Rating: *****
             [300 Kills with the PPSh-41]
             One of the best guns in the game just got better, adding a
             suppressor to this beast of a firearm! The only problem with it
             is that the silencer reduces the effectiveness of the ADS, 
             though the suppressed shots more than make up for it.
             /One of the enemies has it in River Raiders, right before the


RPD: 100/200
     ADS: ****
     Rating: *****
     This is a beast of a heavy machine gun, though the ADS could have a 
     little more to aim by. It doesn't really matter though, because 
     HMG's aren't exactly supposed to have the accuracy of a sniper rifle.
     /In Behind Enemy Lines, near the start./ 


M60: 100/200
     ADS: ****
     Rating: *****
     [150 Kills with the XM22]
     Pretty much the same as the XM22, with a little smaller version of the
     same ADS. Performs way better,  has a higher damage rate, and has a
     slightly larger RoF. 
     /I found it in the last part of Behind Enemy Lines./


XM22: 100/200
      ADS: ***
      Rating: ****
      The RoF could actually be a little higher, and the ADS could be a ton 
      better. But hey, a heavy machine gun is a heavy machine gun. What are 
      ya' going to do?
      /Primary in River Raiders./

<8.2 Rifles>
M1891/59: 5/20
          ADS: ****
          Rating: ***
          This high powered gun is okay, but not the best because the
          time it takes to chamber the next round is around 4 secs. It 
          doesn't take to many shots, but to get those shots off, you have
          to wait a bit. ADS is pretty good though. Best paired with Sleight
          of Hand.
          /Most beginning levels./

M1891/59-Scoped: 5/20
                 ADS: *****
                 Rating: ****1/2
                 [150 Kills with the M1891/59]
                 The scope changes everything about this gun. It turns it
                 into a long-range killing machine, as long as your shot
                 /At the beginning of The Recovery Job, before the Graveyard./


M14: 20/80
     ADS: ****
     Rating: *****
     A semi-automatic rifle with a powerful shot, and an instant kill when
     paired with the perk Stopping Power. It seems like a large clip because
     it's a semi automatic, but keep in mind that it is only 20 rounds. 
     /On the crate next to the hostage in The Recovery Job./ 


M14-SC: 20/80
        ADS: *****
        Rating: *****
        [150 Kills with the M14]
        The M14 with a scope on it. I don't know why, but it does have a 
        permanant crosshair, even when moving. Allows you to place that
        powerful bullet much more accurately.
        /Leaning against a pillar on the 2nd floor of the large room in The 
        The Recovery Job./

M14-Sup: 20/80
         ADS: ****
         Rating: *****
         [300 Kills with the M14-SC]
         Same as the M14, but with a suppressor. Not much more to say about
         ecept to watch out for that 20 round clip.
         /Your primary in the Recovery Job./


SKS: 30/120
     ADS: ***1/2
     Rating: *****
     [300 Kills with the M1891/59-SC]
     I don't know what it is about this gun, but it's a beast. Maybe it's the
     high powered shots, awesome RoF, or pinpoint ADS that is the perfect 
     size for a head. I don't know, but it's a perfect choice of a primary
     weapon. Also, abuse it in Rifles matches, it is an automatic.
     /Carried by many enemies in Hung Out to Dry./


<8.3 Sniper Rifles>
Dragunov: 5/20
          ADS: *****
          Rating: ****
          SNIPER RIFLE! Only use if you plan to shoot from afar. I call
          afar about 1/3 of the course's length away. It's a one hit kill,
          though no crosshair at all. What's more to say?
          /On one of the first crates in On the Run./


Dragunov-Sup: 5/20
          ADS: *****
          Rating: *****
          [150 Kills with the Dragunov]
          SNIPER RIFLE! Only use if you plan to shoot from afar. I call
          afar about 1/3 of the course's length away. It's a one hit kill,
          though no crosshair at all. But I thought sniping was supposed to
          be silent? Well now it is! A suppressor bumps this gun up to 
          5 stars. 
          /Your Primary gun in Hung out to Dry./


M40: 5/20
     ADS: *****
     Rating: ****
     SNIPER RIFLE! Only use if you plan to shoot from afar. I call
     afar about 1/3 of the course's length away. It's a one hit kill, though 
     no crosshair at all. 
     /In the Secret Room in Breaking Free./


M40-Sup: 5/20
          ADS: *****
          Rating: *****
          [150 Kills with the M40]
          SNIPER RIFLE! Only use if you plan to shoot from afar. I call
          afar about 1/3 of the course's length away. It's a one hit kill,
          though no crosshair at all. But I thought sniping was supposed to
          be silent? Well now it is! A suppressor bumps this gun up to 
          5 stars. 
          /Primary in The Payback./


<8.4 Rockets>
M72 LAW: 1/2
         ADS: ****
         Rating: *****
         [150 Kills with the Remington 870]
         Now this is a rocket launcher! Beast ADS, a nice gold color, and 
         just a plain better performance. Use this instead of the RPG-7.
         /ONLY in the Secret Room in Breaking Free./


RPG-7: 1/2
       ADS: ***
       Rating: ***1/2
       [150 Kills with the Ithaca Model 37]
       An RPG with okay iron sights. Just aim at the top of the front post and
       you should be good. 
       /On the first crate in Behind Enemy Lines./


<8.5 Grenades>
Frag Grenades: 1/4
               ADS: N/A
               Rating: *****
               It's a grenade. There's honestly not much else to it. 5 sec. 
               fuse, or 4 "bounces" if you have a crosshair. You CAN blow 
               yourslef up though, so be careful.
               /Always have these./


M79: 1/3
     ADS: ****
     Rating: *****
     [150 Kills with the M72 LAW]
     A grenade lauancher. Not as good as the grenades because it has no fuse,
     it just explodes when it touches something. The only reason to use it in
     multiplayer is to show that you have it. 
     /Behind you in Welcome to the Jungle./


<8.6 Pistols>
MK 22 Mod 0: 8/32
             ADS: ****
             Rating: ****
             A constantly silenced pistol that is available from the start in
             multiplayer. A trusty side-kick, it always gets the job done with
             as little noise as possible.


Makarov PM: 12/48
            ADS: *****
            Rating: ****
            A reliable pistol with decent stopping power and a great clip
            size. The suppressed version is only available in Singleplayer 
            and when you go into last stand.


<8.7 Shotguns>
Ithaca Model 37: 8/32
             ADS: ***
             Rating: *****
             I realize that many people use this cheaply, but there is a 
             reason why. Beneath all that spamming, there is a solid gun that
             is slightly overused. Don't look down on it because of other 
             people's usage, but use it for those tight stages with close-
             quarters combat.
             /Almost every level./


Remington 870: 8/32
               ADS: ***
               Rating: *****
               The same goes for this gun. When you use other guns
               appropriately and have the shotgun as your sidearm, they could
               possibly see the light, and not spam this all around gun.
               /To the Motherland. I'm still looking for it specifically, but
               I know it's there./


<8.8 Knives>
Knife: Used only for close, and I mean CLOSE combat, as in a foot away from 
       you. It's a one-hit kill though, so if you can use it, DO IT!


Throwing Knife: Unlimited
                ADS: Used to get the throw
                Rating: ****
                Also a one hit kill, this is your option for when you are 
                fresh out of lead and need a gun. It does have an okay range,
                leaving it a viable choice for any player.


<8.9 Other>
Explosive Tip: 1/6
               ADS: ****
               Rating: ****
               [You have to find the Snowman.]
               This gun is pretty useful if you can find it, though it only
               has 6 bolts. Each bolt has a small explosive attatched to it.
               The scope has a little bit less of a zoom than the sniper
               rifles, though it is a mainly close-range weapon. The bolts do
               arc a bit, but not by much. 
               /Not in SP/


^Gl(1) means the actual gun part, the GL(2) means the grenade launcher. 

9. Awards
Name- Condition.- Reward.
Easiest way to get it.

The Recruit- Beat the Campaign Mode on Recruit difficulty.- Title: Recruit.
Beat campaign mode.


The Commander- Beat Campaign Mode on Regular.- Title: Commander.
Beat campaign mode.


The Elite- Beat the Campaign Mode on Hardened.- Title: Elite.
Beat campaign mode.


Record Breaker- Beat the record time for Killhouse.- Title: Swift.
Practice, and find a weapon combo that works. I usse double shotguns.


Fast Hands- Kill an enemy with a returned grenade in SP.- Title: Postman.
Return every grenade.


Slow Learner- Die 10 times in SP.- Title: Blood-Soaked.
Die a lot.


Moving Target- Die 50 times in SP.- Title: Dreadful.
Die a lot.


Practicing- Complete 10 QP levels.- Title: Trainee.
Play quick play a lot.


Batle Tested- Complete 50 QP levels.- Title: Battle-Tested.
Play quick play a lot.


Hack-n-Slash- Complete an SP level using only the knife.- Title: Impaler.
Into the Jungle.


From the Hip- Complete an SP Ground Mission without using ADS.- Title- Lucky.
Into the Jungle.


Detonated- Detonate an enemy grenade with your own in SP.- Title: Detonator.
Find a place in a mission where an enemy always throws a grenade, and cook it
before he throws it.


Crackshot- Shoot a grenade out of the air in SP.- Title: Crackshot.


Nine Lives- Have 9 near-death experiences.- Title: Cat.
ALMOST die a lot.


Challenger- Complete all 24 challenge missions.- Title: Challenge Master.
Get REALLY good with all of the weapons.


Finish Him- Kill 250 enemies in SP while they are in Last Stand.- Title:
Don't get headshots.


Boomerang- Kill 25 enemies in SP by returning grenades.- Title: Boomerang.
Throw back all grenades.


Tink-Tink-Tink- Get 100 kills with grenades in SP.- Title: Bomber.
Use grenades a lot.


Cut Up- Kill 100 enemies in SP from meelee (Can be knife or firing at close
        range and it automatically goes to knife.).- Title: Blade.
Into the Jungle.


Long Distance- Kill 100 enemies in SP with sniper rifles (Dragunov & M40).-
               Title: Sniper
The sniper part of The Payback.


Head Hunter- Get 250 headshots in SP.- Title: Head Hunter.
Always aim for the head.


Gunslinger- Kill 250 enemies with a pistol in SP.- Title: Gunslinger.
Into the Jungle.


Cleaner- Get 1500 kills in SP.- Title- Cleaner.
Find a level that you are good at with a lot of enemies.


Collector- Find and get all collectables.- Collector.
Search all nooks and crannies.


Toys!- Kill an enemy with every weapon in SP.- The Weapons Room (In the KH).
Find all weapons. Search thouroughly.


Survivor- Kill 500 zombies in SP Zombie Mode.- Title: Sole Survivor.
Play Zombies a lot.


Powered Up- Collect all 6 powerups in Zombie Mode.- Title: Enchanted.
Play Zombies.


Medic- Revive 50 players in Co-Op Zombie Mode.
Do Zombie Co-Op a lot.


Team Player- Kill 500 zombies in Co-Op Zombie Mode.- Title: Team Player.
Play Co-Op Zombies a lot.


Silent Assassin- Win an MP match using only the knife (10 kill min)- Title:


No Respect- Win an MP match without using ADS (10 kill min).- Title- Wild One.


Domination- Wn an MP match with a 3:1 K/D ratio or better (10 kill min).- 
            Title: Dominator.
Get GOOD. Good ways to do this are team games or 1v1's.


Dominated- End an MP match with a 1:10 K/D ratio or worse.- Title: Dominated.
Die. A lot. 


Perfection- Win an MP match without dying (10 kill min)- Title- Invincible.


Borrowed Weapon- Get the winning kill of a TEAM GAME using a weapon of the 
                 opposite faction.- Title: Scavenger.
Pick up enemy weapons.


Rampage: Get a 15 kill streak in MP.- Title: Streaker.


Zero Sum- Kill 5 players in an MP match while holding a grenade.- Title:
Do a team game with 5 enemies.


From the Grave- Get 25 MP kills after you have died.- Title: Avenger.
Spawn into a heavy fought over area.


Camper- Kill 25 enemies in MP within 3 seconds of them spawning.- Title: 
Spawn camp.


Last Word- Kill 25 players while you are in Last Stand.- Title: Vengeful.
Equip the perk last stand.


Knife Fighter- Stab 10 enemines in MP while they have knives drawn.- Title: 
               Knife Fighter.
Do knife only matches.


Slice and Dice- Knife more than 1 player with a single swipe in MP.- Title: 
                Cutting Man.
I did this in Zombie Mode.


Unseen- Get 250 kills while camouflaged in MP.- Title: Unseen.
Have Camouflage equipped a lot.


Perky- Use each perk to win an MP match.- Title: Adept.
Get all of the perks.


Full Arsenal- Unlock all 20 MP weapons (Explosive Tip not included).- Title:
Play A LOT!


Lone Wolf- Win an MP team game with 5 enemies.- Title: Lone Wolf.
Get friends that will agree to do that.


Reaper- Get 10,000 MP kills.- Title: Reaper.
Play A TON!!!


Bowling with Grenades- Take out 5 enemies with 1 grenade.- Title: Grenade 
Do a team game with 5 enemies.


Carpenter- Repair 100 barricades in SP Zombie Mode- Title: Carpenter.
Play Zombies a LOT.


Shopping Spree- Buy all weapons and get a weapon from the Mystery Box in 1
                Zombie Mode game.- Title: Mad Shopper.
Get all headshots for the most points.


Zombie Hunter- Survive to Round 15 in SP Zombie Mode.- Title: Banisher.
Find a good strategy for you.


100K- Get your total score to 100,000 or more points in any Zombie Mode-
      Title: Miser.
Play MP with a good player.


**[NOTE: From here, it's all MP Ranks]**

Private 2- Achieve MP Rank 2.- Perk: Protections.

Private First Class- Achieve MP Rank 3.- Title: Rookie.

Specialist- Achieve MP Rank 4.- Title: Rat.

Corporal- Achieve MP Rank 5.- Perk: Stealth.

Sergeant- Achieve MP Rank 6- Title: Snake.

Staff Sergeant- Achieve MP Rank 7- Perk: Martyrdom.

Sergeant First Class- Achieve MP Rank 8.- Perk: Last Stand.

Master Sergeant- Achieve MP Rank 9.- Perk: More Bang.

First Sergeant- Achieve MP Rank 10.- Title: Ghost.

Sergeant Major- Achieve MP Rank 11.- Perk: Extra Pockets.

Command Sergeant Major- Achieve MP Rank 12.- Perk: Sleight of Hand.

Sergeant Major of the Army- Achieve MP Rank 13.- Perk: Paper Walls.

Warrant Officer- Achieve MP Rank 14.- Perk: Extreme Conditioning.

Chief Warrant Officer 2- Achieve MP Rank 15.- Title: Wanted.

Chief Warrant Officer 3- Achieve MP Rank 16.- Perk: Body Armor.

Chief Warrant Officer 4- Achieve MP Rank 17.- Title: Renegade.

Chief Warrant Officer 5- Achieve MP Rank 18.- Perk: Camouflage

Second Lieutenant- Avhieve MP Rank 19.- Perk: Fast Hands.

First Lieutenant- Achieve MP Rank 20.- Perk: Team Player.

Captain- Achieve MP 21.- Title: Fox.

Major- Achieve MP Rank 22.- Perk: Steady Aim.

Lieutenant Colonel: Achieve MP Rank 23.- Perk: Stopping Power.

Colonel- Achive MP Rank 24.- Perk: Super Clip.

Brigadier General- Achieve MP Rank 25.- Title: Shadow.

Major General- Achieve MP Rank 26.- Title: Snowman.

Lieuteant General- Achieve MP Rank 27.- Perk: Bandolier.

General- Achieve MP Rank 28.- Title: General.

General of the Army- Achive MP Rank 29.- Perk: Nerves of Steel.

**[NOTE: From here, it's weapons for multiplayer. All kills are in MP.]**

M14-Scope- 150 kills with the M14.

M16A1-SC- 150 kills with the M16A1.

M10- 150 kills with the Mk 22 Mod 0.

M79 Grenade Launcher- 150 kills with the M72 LAW.

M60- 150 kills with the XM22.

M40-Suppressor- 150 kills with the M40.

M10-Suppressor- 300 kills with the M10.

M14-Suppressor- 300 kills with the M14 Scoped.

M72 LAW- 150 kills with the Remington 870.

M16A1-GL- 100 headshots with Allied weapons.

M1891/59-SC- 150 kills with the M1891/59.

Ak-47-Scope- 150 kills with Ak-47

MAT 49- 150 kills with the Makarov PM.

PPsh-41- 150 kills with the RPD.

SKS- 300 kills with the M1891/59-SC.

PPS-43- 300 kills with the MAT 49.

Dragunov-Suppressor- 150 kills with the Dragunov.

PPsh-41-Suppressor- 300 kills with the PPsh-41.

RPG-7- 150 kills with the Model 37.

AK-47- Grenade Launcher- 100 headshots with enemy weapons.

Mastered- 100% Completion.- Title: Master.

     The Awards here are listed in the order that you can find the in the 
statistics menu. MP is Multiplayer, SP is Singleplayer, QP is Quick Play. 
Also, all titles have a "the" in front of them. So, if you choose the title 
"Avenger" which comes from the Achievement "From the Grave", your name would 
be _______ the Avenger.
     There is another MP weapon as well that is not obtained through an
achivement, the Explosive Tip (crossbow). Go into the Weapons Room (after 
unlocked), and enter Room B. There's a panel there that is actually a door,
so walk straight through it. There will be a snowman there with the crossbow 
in front of it. Shoot it, and you will obtain the crossbow for MULTIPLAYER 

10. Perks
MP Level Acquired


5 seconds of invincibility after spawning.
Level 2
Rushing, getting into a close position, stopping spawn-campers.


Doesn't show on enemy radar.
Level 5
Sniping, stealth recon, traps.


Drop a live grenade after dying.
Level 7
Useful on close range maps.


Last Stand
Player will go into last stand before death.
Level 8
Making sure that your score can stay balanced.


More Bang
Grenades have a larger blast effect.
Level 9
For a player who likes grenades but maybe isn't the best at aiming them.


Extra Pockets
Have 2 extra grenades when spawned.
Level 11
For a player who loves, and I mean LOVES, grenades.


Sleight of Hand
Decreases reload time. 
Level 12
Keeps the bullets coming faster, good for close-range combat.


Paper Walls
Player can shoot through walls.
Level 13
Good for taking out campers, noob tubing.


Extreme Conditioning
Run for a longer time. Not faster, just longer.
Level 14
Good for recon, running away, and getting there first.


Body Armor
Damage is decreased, except for headshots and explosives.
Level 16
Good for rushing, assaulting, and for damage prone players.


The player is semi-transparent when crouch or not moving.
Level 18 
Sniper's invisibility, traps, camping. Pair with Stealth to become totally 


Fast Hands
Decrease time to arm and disarm bomb in Sabotage.
Level 19
If you're playing sabotage, this one goes on no matter what.


Team Player
Appear as a friendly on enemy radars.
Level 20
Good for Team Games, traps, camping.


Steady Aim
Increased accuracy.
Level 22
Good for sniping and long-range combat.


Stopping Power
Player does more damage with guns.
Level 23
Heavy assaulting, pistols are now more effective.


Super Clip
Doubles all clip sizes for guns.
Level 24
Heavy assaulters get to fire twice as long.


Doubles all reserve ammo for weapons except grenades.
Level 27
Useful with Super Clip, awesome for really long kill streaks.


Nerves of Steel
Recoil is decreased.
Level 29
Useful for a missed sniper shot, and mid-range combat.


11. Leveling Up
Kill Type  | Points
Normal     |1
Knife      |2
Throw Knife|3
Grenade    |3
Headshot   |4

Rank | Total Points | Level Points
2    |100           |100
3    |225           |125
4    |375           |150
5    |550           |175
6    |750           |200        
7    |970           |225
8    |1225          |250
9    |1500          |275
10   |1800          |300
11   |2125          |325
12   |2475          |350
13   |2850          |375
14   |3250          |400
15   |3675          |425
16   |4125          |450
17   |4600          |475
18   |5100          |500
19   |5625          |525
20   |6175          |550
21   |6750          |575
22   |7350          |600
23   |7975          |625
24   |8625          |650
25   |9300          |675
26   |10000         |700
27   |10725         |725
28   |11475         |750
29   |12250         |775

     Basically, the required number of points to advance to the next level
is increased by 25 each time, astarting at 100. So first, you need 100, then
125, 150, etc... A normal kill is shooting them anywhere but the head. 
All the rest are pretty self explanatory. I strongly urge you to keep track as
best as you can. You can check, though it's off most of the time.

11. Clans
     In an attempt to replicate the console versions, players form clans and
have clan wars, unofficially of course. Many clans have a website that you can
go to and get tested. If you pass, you're in. Most clans have positions and
ranks, and all members must have a tag. For example, the Legends of War clan
requires members to have an LoW with a squigley in front of it.
     Most clans have a rival clan that they war with, and they keep track of 
wins and losses. Large clans are the Legends of War (LoW) and Chaos 
Mercenaries. Just look on the GameFAQs board, you'll see.

12. Conclusion
	I hope this guide has been helpful to you, and that you took away 
information that will help you throughout the game. All of the opinions in 
this FAQ are my own, I am not telling you to believe anything, I am just
putting my opinion out there to try and help you through the game. If you
have any sugestions for the FAQ, please e-mail me at dpw1998@comcast.net.
Thanks for reading!

13. Controls
Stylus Controls
D-Pad/ABXY: Move
L/R Bumpers: Fire
Double Tap UP: Sprint
Double Tap DOWN: Crouch/Stand
Hold L/R with Grenade: Cook grenade
Action Button: Pick up weapon, 180 degree turn, event
Reload: Tap Prim. Weapon 
Change Weapon: Tap other weapon icon
Throwing Knife: Tap ADS while Knife is equipped.
Start: Pause

Button Controls
D-Pad: Move
L Bumper: Hold to go into ADS, release to fire from the hip.
R Bumper: Fire
Start: Pause
Touch Controls: Same as Stylus Mode

|-----------------------|------|  ]
|Information            |   |  |  ]
|-----|----------|------| --|--|  ] Tap anywhere to get into ADS.
|Ammo |Timer     |      |   |  |  ]
|-----|----------|------|------|  ]
|Prim.|      Radar      |Grnd. |
|Wpn. |   Blue: Friend  |      |
|     |   Red: Enemy    |------|
|     | Star: Objective | Scnd.|
|     | Bullets: Ammo   | Wpn. |
|     |                 |      |
|     |                 |      |
|-----|-----------------|      |
|Knife|  Action Button  |      |

14. FAQ's
     So yeah, if you guys have any questions, I'll try my best to answer. If 
I don't know the answer, I'll post the question anyway and if anybody knows,
they can email me at dpw1998@comcast.net. I'll also create a topic on the 
message board, and hopefully, somebody would respond. In the email, if you 
don't wish for your name to be included, just say so. If you answer a 
question and it gets put up, you will get credit.

Q. Will you be posting glitches and hacks on this FAQ?
A. No I will not, because glitching and hacking anywhere in a game, especially
   multiplayer (which is what this guide focuses on), is low and shows that 
   you don't have the skill to play for real.

Q. How do you get the Explosive Tip? And can it only be used in multiplayer?
A. Ok, so first you need to get the Weapons Room by killing an enemy in 
   campaign with every gun in the game. Go to the Killhouse and head in (it's
   to the left). Go to Weapons Room B and head to the back. See the electric
   panel to the left of the table with the RPG-7 and RPD? Walk through it. 
   You will see a snowman with the ETC in front of it. Shoot it, and it's 
   unlocked in Multiplayer. Yes, it can only be used in Multiplayer.

Q. What's the Secret Roomm in Breaking Free?
A. Okay, so after you contact intel by radio, fight you way through until you
   get to the large room with two desks and a room in front of you. There
   should be two boxes that are shootable stacked atop on each other. Turn
   right and go down the hall, there's one enemy in the hall and two in the
   room. All the way back, behind the fence, is the M40, M10, M10-Sup., and
   M72 LAW, among others.

Q. What weapons do most people consider as cheap?
A. Shotguns. People who spam shotguns. Since they are semi-automatic, and they
   have quite a large spread, it's easy to press both triggers several times
   in a row and kill an enemy in a few seconds. Also, snipinig to much angers
   people immeasurably.

Q. Is there any real purpose to MP Titles?
A. No, not really, they're just to show that you got this beast achievement
   that took you a week. Wouldn't you like to show off that you have 100 
   percent completion?

Q. What's your facorite weapon combo in multiplayer?
A. Allies: M40-Sup. & Remington 870
   Communists: SKS & Dragunov/AK-47 GL 
   I like the Allied pair because the sniper rifle is my main source of kills,
   and the Remington provides me close range protection. The SKS is an all-
   round killing machine, and the secondary is wether I choose to go sniping
   or fighting.

15. Credits
     I would like to thank my brosquito for helping me write this FAQ, and the
CoD Wiki for some of the weapon stats. Thank you to Iceflame57 for allowing me
to use The Specialists game mode. Thanks to GameFAQs and Neoseeker for putting
my work out there. Also, hats off to N-Space for a great game. 

16. My Other FAQs
Greg Hastings Paintball 2 FAQ (Wii)

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