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FAQ/Walkthrough by XCommander

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 12/10/07

 _____   _____   __   _   _   _____        _____    _   _   _____   _   _  
/  ___/ /  _  \ |  \ | | | | /  ___|      |  _  \  | | | | /  ___/ | | | | 
| |___  | | | | |   \| | | | | |          | |_| |  | | | | | |___  | |_| | 
\___  \ | | | | | |\   | | | | |          |  _  /  | | | | \___  \ |  _  | 
 ___| | | |_| | | | \  | | | | |___       | | \ \  | |_| |  ___| | | | | | 
/_____/ \_____/ |_|  \_| |_| \_____|      |_|  \_\ \_____/ /_____/ |_| |_|
Copyright 2005-2007 Justin Kisluk "XCommander"            ***FAQ Version 0.6***
If you spot anything wrong or have something to add to this FAQ please email
me at JKisluk@gmail.com.  Be sure to title it "Sonic Rush FAQ" and I'll be
sure to check it out and respond.  I'll definitely add it to the FAQ if it 
seems worthy!
Sonic Rush is for the Nintendo DS
This FAQ is only permitted for use on the GameFAQs website (for now).  If you 
would like to use this for your site, please send me an email at the 
aforementioned address, JKisluk@gmail.com.  I will kindly consider letting you
use it as long as you provide credit where it is due.
Thanks for checking out this FAQ.  This is for the game Sonic Rush for the
Nintendo DS.  It is a Sonic game in the classic mode, much like the ones for
the Genesis, except that this one has the action on two screens and the bosses
are done in full 3D.  It is certainly an interesting game for the DS.  Like
most Sonic games it can get a little confusing at times, so that's why I
decided to compose this FAQ.

   I.   Background/Story
   II.  Control (by Character)
       A.)  Sonic the Hedgehog
       B.)  Blaze the Cat

   III. Walkthrough
       A.)  Sonic
       B.)  Blaze
   IV.  Secrets
   V.   Multiplayer FAQ
   VI.   Thanks
(Taken from the Manual)

Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again.

And Sonic is right there to stop him!
     "Hey Eggman!  What have you got planned this time?"
     "Hah!  Do you think I'm going to tell you that?"

After an exchange of blows, Eggman hastily retreats leaving behind a mysterious
Emerald, quite unlike the Chaos Emeralds.

As Sonic goes to pick it up, it is whisked from under his very nose.

     "And that's the second one..."

Mutters the unfamiliar figure of a lady, before quickly vanishing.

     "What was THAT about?"

Muses Sonic, as he takes off on another exciting adventure.


Sonic the Hedgehog
Foot loose and fancy free, his only gripe is with evildoers.  He's sometimes
quick to anger, but will always lend a helping hand when someboy's in trouble.
There's no stopping the world's fastest supersonic hedgehog!

Blaze the Cat
As guardian of the Sol Emeralds, she's currently hot on the trail of Dr. Eggman
who's made off with them.  Blaze is normally calm and levelheaded, but may
be concealing her real feelings.  Devoted to her position, she sometimes gets
bogged down by her own strict discipline, which may explain why she seems a 
little withdrawn.

Dr. Eggman
An arrogant self-professed evil scientific genius, with a passion for robotics,
and reams of enslaving the world in his own Eggman-land utopia.  His schemes
are invariably foiled by Sonic, but he's never let that detal stop him!

His speech and manner is eerily polite for such a cold and calculating
individual.  On the surface he resembles Eggman, but on the inside?

Miles "Tails" Prower
A gentle fox with two tails, he adores Sonic and follows him arounod like a kid
brother.  In this game, Tails will support Sonic.

Cream the Rabbit
A rabbit who takes her friend Cheese wherever she goes.  She is polite and
hardworking.  She can also fly by flapping her ears.  She meets Blaze and
becomes friends, supporting her in the game.

Amy Rose
She calls herself Sonic's girlfriend and chases him wherever he goes.  She is
cheerful and energetic, strong-willed and very active.

Knuckles the Echidna
A powerful and spectacular echidna, he is always ready for a fight.  Being so
straight forward and earnest, he is easily fooled.


A.)  Sonic

Basic Actions:

Left or Right
Sonic is a speedy character and holding left or right will move him in that
direction at a fast acceleration.

Spin Jump
A or B Button
This is the classic Sonic jump.  You spin in a ball in the air.  You can use
this to get places or to defeat enemies.

Jump Dash
Spin Jump, then press the R Button
Allows you go move in the air at full speed to attack enemies or get places.
Watch out though, because you might move so far that you'll fall down a ledge.

Spin Dash
Hold down and A or B, then let go to let loose
Another classic Sonic move, this charges to up to a high speed to attack waves
of enemies on the ground or move on vertical ledges at high speeds.

Super Boost
X/Y Button
See that bar on the left of the screen?  If it has anything left in it you
can use this move which propels Sonic along the ground or air at high speeds
defeating enemies. It can also move blocks that Sonic would have to otherwise
push, at higher speeds.

B.)  Blaze

Left or Right
Move at high speeds just like Sonic

Axel Jump
A or B Button
Similar to Sonic's Spin Jump, except she does a sort of fiery hurrican move.
Can be used to defeat enemies and get places.

Burst Hover
Axel Jump, Then Press the R Button
Puts on the jetpacks she has on her feet and allows you to float over to short
distances.  Watch out though, she still has a downward velocity, so don't try
to do this over large bottomless pits.

Burst Dash
Hold down and A or B, then let go to let loose
This is the same as Sonic's move, except she uses her rocket packs instead of
Sonic's ball.

Fire Boost
X/Y Button
This is the Same as Sonic's Super Boost, except it is very fiery.


Both Characters can pull tricks.  There are two reasons why you should use
tricks.  One being that you can get extra bonus points at the end of the level.
And two, you can recharge the Tension Gauge to the left so you can pull Super
Boosts or Fire Boosts.

Basic Trick Combo
Do this combination in the air for a basic trick.  Handy when just going off
a trampoline.

Grind Trick
Tap R when on a grind ramp and you can pull different tricks

Plain Trick
A button
Just keep tapping the A button in the air.  As basic as it gets, but you'll
probably use this one the most.

Hop Jump (Sonic only)
Up + R
After going on a trampoline or a ramp, press this and Sonic will do a vertial

Humming Top (Sonic only)
Left or Right and R
Launch in the air off a trampoline or a ramp, then press this and Sonic will 
do a spinning type of move that can be used to kill enemies.

Axel Tornado (Blaze only)
Up + R
After going on a trampoline or ramp, press this to do a vertical jump that can
also be used to attack enemies.

Jump Step (Blaze only)
Left or Right and R
Launch in the air off a trampoline or ramp, then press this and she'll perfom
a horirzontal leap.


NOTE:  As with all 2D sonic games, the levels are pretty much entirely 
straightforward but very complex.  I will do the best I can to tell you 
paths and directions to follow.  I will also let you know if there are any
tricky spots to look out for, but as with all Sonic games it's really hard
to know exactly the location of everything as it is very high speed.  If you
notice something important let me know and I'll include it to the FAQ.

A word of advice:  Keep moving in the direction of the flow of the level in 
almost all cases...  It will make it much easier for you.  As a rule of thumb
the faster you go, the better off you will be in the level.


==ZONE 1==


This is a forested level and an excellent way to begin the game.  It's a 
pretty straightforward zone.

Act 1

   Sonic begins running.  Keep running until you get to the the trampoline 
contraption.  Make sure you pick up the six coins in the air above the 
trampoline.  Also watch out for the spikes to the left.  They got me my first
time through.  You can choose to go either the lower or upper level now.  The
upper level is reach by the upper trampoline, just make sure you have enough
speed.  They both go to the same place though.  Whichever one you pick make 
sure you keep moving right to be sure you make loop-de-loops and twists.  If 
you run into an enemy just spin jump onto it to defeat it.  I think there is
one fairly early on in the upper level.  I suggest going through the upper 
level because it has some bonuses like a shield ready for you.  Eventually
both levels become one, and after a long run down a steep hill you'll reach
a large coin.  Congratulations, you've beaten your first level!

Act 2

   Again, Sonic starts off running.  There is no split in the level until a 
little later on, so for now just keep running.  Hit the trampoline and watch
for the spikes.  This level has a bottom and make sure you don't fall into it 
because you will die, no matter how many rings you have.  This  level is a 
much more straightforward speed level than the other one.  Pick up whatever
pickups you can find.  Towards the end of the level there is a shield available
in the middle portion of the track along with some other powerups.  Make sure
you pick up as many coins as possible because you can get extra lives.  There
are large amounts of coins on this level.  Towards the end you'll hit a huge
downward slope and a large tire object will start to follow you.  If you
hold right you'll be fine.  Dash right through the large coin at the end and
the second level is done.  The boss is next!

Boss 1

   This would be Dr. Eggman again.  This time he is in this dragon-eque robot
thing.  Pick up the 12 coins on the level first.  Being the first boss, this
is pretty easy.  Basically the boss will slam its head at you attemping to hit
you.  You can move out of the way and it will miss leaving it stunned.  Spin
jump on its head and you will defeat one bar of its health.  This will be the
main way you defeat this boss.  Keep repeating this until the boss will do
its secondary move.  It will drop its head on one side of the track.  The head
will roll at you up to three times trying to knock you off the edge.  Just
jump over until it is picked up again by the main body.  If you attack the
boss 8 times, it will be defeated.  Congratulations this is your first boss!

End of Zone
Without spoiling the story, after you defeat the boss, you will unlock Blaze
as a playable character.  Her story runs parallel to Sonic's.

==Zone 2==


This is another Sonic Underwater level.  I've never been of fan of any Sonic
level that has taken place underwater.  It most has to do with the annoying
breathing systems and slow pace, which annnoys me because I tend to play
Sonic for its fast pace.  Anyway, it's still a manageable Zone.

Act 1

The first act is essentially like any other Sonic underwater level.  Keep
moving at as quick a pace as possible, as being caught underwater for an
excessively long amount of time makes you die via suffocation.  Watch out for
the air bubbles because they count as another breath of air for Sonic.  
Eventually do your best and you will be able to reach the end. Watch out for the
enemies which consist of destructible electronic beasties.

Act 2

The second act is very much the same premise as the previous act, except you
have to watch out for pits which spell instant death for our protagonist.
Make sure you manage to speed into the wheels which make sonic move even
faster and can sometimes raise or lower the water levels, which can be very
important for completion.  Finally once defeated, you will have to face off
against another boss!

Boss 2

This guy is gonna chase you around nonstop to begin with.  Go especially
fast once you can sense his attack coming, usually speed charging does the
trick.  When he tries to smash his head, you can easily dodge this, as 
your normal speed and your own timing will tend to do the trick.  The
head slam tends to be an easy way to damage the boss as well, because it
levels his weak point exposed.  You can also hit him when he drains the
water, just watch out for his little propeller, unless you want your
coins to fly everywhere because you've been damaged.  This is another
particularly easy boss in the game.


...Coming Soon...

Chaos Emeralds FAQ

Q.   What do I get if I collect all of the Chaos Emeralds?
A.   You gain access to the Extra Zone where you will play as Super Sonic and	
     Super Blaze (NOTE:  You must beat the game with both Sonic and Blaze to
     get access to it).  You can get to it later through the character
     selection screen.

Q.   How do I earn Chaos Emeralds?
A.   When playing as Sonic you may come across a special generator that looks
     like this:


      When you get to it, hang on and press and hold x or y to do Sonic's
      boost (it takes about one full bar of the right gauge).
      This will transport you to a Special Level.  Complete it by getting
      the target amount of coins and you will earn an emerald.

Q.   Can Blaze play in the Special Levels?
A.   No.  They are made only for Sonic.

Emerald Locations


...Coming Soon...

Multiplayer FAQ

Sonic Rush has a neat-o multiplayer mode.

Choose Battle play at the Title Screen to start it.

-The choices are as follows:

DS Wireless Battle - Battle with Two Copies of the game and Two DS's.

DS Download Play - Plays the game with One Copy of the game but Two DS's.

--The following is from the manual:

Two players will compete against each other in the selected Act.  Each player
can obstruct the opponent's play directly or with the use of an item.  The
first player to finish the Act is the winner.  The game will end in a draw if
neither player finishes before the time limit expires.

It is possible to attack and blow away your opponent.  The player attacked
will not lose their rings.

The are no number of lives in this mode.  You will automatically restart from
the beginning (or from the Check Point), whenever you fall into a situation
where you would lose a life in Gameplay Mode.

Also, the game is played entirely on one screen.  You won't use the second
screen in this mode.

This is not unlike the two player modes of past Sonic games for the Genesis.

The following items can be picked up in Battleplay:

=Random Ring Bonus - Increases your Ring count by 1, 5, 10, 30, or 50.        =
==                                                                            =
=Slow - Slows down your opponent.                                             =
==                                                                            =
=Confusion - Makes the opponent move out of control.                          =
==                                                                            =
=Attract - Bring your opponent in the area where you are.                     =
==                                                                            =
=Max Tension Gauge - Your tension gauge goes to the max, your opponent's goes =
==                   to the max.                                              =


GameFAQs - for hosting this FAQ
IGN - for writing the review that convinced me to purchase this game
SEGA/Sonic Team - for the creation of this game, and the handy dandy manual
Nintendo - for the creation of the Nintendo DS, the device upon which this is
played.  And also for making kick ass games.
Music - Pixies, Mastodon, Joy Division, Strapping Young Lad, and Opeth
        My favorite bands.
Don't worry, this thing will be updated as much as possible.

Copyright 2005 Justin Kisluk.

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