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Is it Air Hockey? Is it Pinball? It's Air Pinball Hockey!!

Enjoy the best of both worlds in this hybrid action table top style game. Use the "Smasher" to strike the puck away from your goal space and into the score bumpers and other targets above. Fulfill the conditions of each stage to advance to the next. If the puck makes it past your Smasher, 1 LIFE is lost. If all LIFE is lost, or the time runs out, the game is over. Every few stages an opponent Smasher appears for a round. Keep your reaction timing ready, aim for your challenger's goal and shoot for the high score!

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#98 highest rated DS sports game (#1896 on DS, #25886 overall)


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#20 hardest DS sports game (#409 on DS, #13739 overall)


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#34 longest DS sports game (#516 on DS, #11769 overall)


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