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With Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, Yuan Works and redspotgames annouced their latest videogame for the Sega Dreamcast. Originally developed for the GamePark GP2X, this port to the Dreamcast offers a lot of new features and graphics. Developed and ported by Yuan Works.

Exclusive features only available in the Dreamcast version:

-Introducing new character: Mr. VMU
-Fully translated into both English and Japanese
-New recorded and mastered CD soundtrack
-New arcade "Danger Break" system
-New graphics, arts and slides
-New cutscenes (and more embarassing moments)
-New extensive manual and packaging for the Dreamcast version

Extensive package like no other Dreamcast game!

-Professional pressed CD-ROM with 4 color print
-40 page full color manual, extra thick (130 g/m)
-English and Japanese manual text with many artworks
-Shrinkpacked Spinecard (Obi)
-Jewel Case with white tray

This game is region-free:
Runs on every PAL, NTSC-US and NTSC-J Dreamcast.

This is a CD-ROM based product and might not be compatible with some NTSC-J Dreamcast consoles built after October 2000. Please check the manufacture date on the back of your console before. This software is not officially licensed, designed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Sega.

For more information, screenshots and videos, feel free to visit the official website www.wind-water.net or www.redspotgames.com/windandwater.

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