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Character FAQ by Summonmaster

Version: 0.85 | Updated: 01/30/05

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|-------_____--------FFFF----EEEE----VVV---VVV----EEEE----RRRR------/ _  _\---|
|------/_   _\------FF------EE--------VV---VV----EE------RR--RR----|/.\ /.\|--|
|-----|/.\ /.\|----FF------EE----------V---V----EE-------R---RR----| =-  =-|--|
|-----| =-  =-|----FFFF-----EEE--------V---V-----EEE-----RRRR------|       |--|
|-----|       |----FF------EE-----------V-V-----EE-------RR--RR-----\_____/---|
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Puyo Pop Fever Character faq version 0.50
Copyright 2004 by Summonmaster
Email it for any questions, contributions (*hint hint hint*), errors, hatemail, 
praisemail, and so on.
Use the standard Ctrl + F trick to find what you are looking for. Don't know?
Just try it out  ^^^^^^^^

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Note: My updates are separated by loooong periods of time, as you may or may
not have noticed. If you want to complain, then send an email, but if you are
patient, then that's even better. This faq is an ongoing project so it WILL
eventually be finished.
Version 0.50
     - terminology started
     - character flavor text started

Version 0.75
     - new term: "Stutter Effect"
     - new term: "Trigger Point"
     - "Am I hearing voices? (Character shouts, spells, and whatnot)" section 
        started partially (Offensive Voices)
     - Acknowledgements section added

Version 0.80
     - fixed number of voices and voice notes in "Offensive Voices" section
     - just about finished "Offensive Voices" section, along with flavor text
     - edited the top part just a tiny bit

Version 0.81
     - added "All Clear!" to offensive voices section
     - major errata changes (faq info in certain parts)
     - major spoiler to game strategy and mindset...(bottom)

Version 0.85
     - "The Fighting Art Gallery (Character attacks, defenses, wins, and
       losses)" section started partially (Character attacks)

Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Terminology
      - 2 set puyo
      - 3 set puyo
      - 4 set puyo
      - Chain
      - Clearing a set
      - Nuisance Puyo
      - Offsetting
      - Puyo Preview
      - Simultaneous Elimination
      - Swirl set
      - Stutter Effect
      - Trigger Point
3) Characters
      - Amitie, the aspiring heroine
      - Arle, the retro heroine
      - Carbuncle, the overpowered mascot
      - Dongurigaeru, the kawaii frog
      - Frankensteins, the father-son duo
      - Hohow Bird, the vain bird
      - Klug, the possessed genius
      - Ms. Accord, the deceptive and multitalented teacher
      - Onion Pixy, the kawaii vegetable
      - Oshare Bones, the "odd" skeleton
      - Popoi, the evil cat
      - Prince of Ocean, the egotistical dolphin
      - Raffine, the snobby classmate
      - Rider, the timid girl
      - Tarutaru, the gentle gargantuan
      - Yu, the happy go lucky ghost
4) Am I hearing voices? (Character shouts, spells, and whatnot)
      - Offensive Voices
           - Amitie
           - Arle
           - Carbuncle
           - Dongurigaeru
           - Frankensteins
           - Hohow Bird
           - Klug
           - Ms. Accord
           - Onion Pixy
           - Oshare Bones
           - Popoi
           - Prince of Ocean
           - Raffine
           - Rider
           - Tarutaru
           - Yu
5) The Fighting Art Gallery (Character attacks, defenses, wins and losses)
     - Attacks
          - Amitie
          - Arle
          - Carbuncle
          - Dongurigaeru
          - Frankensteins
          - Hohow Bird
          - Klug
          - Ms. Accord
          - Onion Pixy
          - Oshare Bones
          - Popoi
          - Prince of Ocean
          - Raffine
          - Rider
          - Tarutaru
          - Yu
6) Acknowledgements

*=-1) Introduction-=*

     This is a character faq that tries it's hardest to provide a complete 
synopsis of each character in the game. Note that this mostly applies to the
free battle and double puyo pop mode, since you can't really use these
characters anywhere else, with the exception of Amitie and Raffine. Everything
you want to know about the characters, their stories, visuals, spells, shouts,
strategies, etc. will be here. (Well, almost everything) If you'd like a quick
read then this is the place. 

*=-2) Terminology=-*

2 set puyo - A set of puyo that comprises of 2 puyo/blobs. They will look
             like they are melded together if they are of the same colour.
             2 set puyo can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

3 set puyo - A set of puyo that comprises of 3 puyo in an 'L' shape. 2 or 3
             puyo of the set can be of the same colour and therefore look
             melded together as well. 3 set puyo can be rotated clockwise or

4 set puyo - A giant blob of puyo that would be similar to the square block in
             Tetris. In past puyo games this would clear the columns you
             drop it on. In Puyo Pop Fever, it counts as 4 puyo of the same
             colour melded together. A 4 set puyo can change colours when you
             press your rotate button. However...(look at Swirl set)...

Chain - A chain occurs when you clear a set of puyo (1 chain). If there are
        any puyo on top of the set you clear, they will fall down to replace
        the space left over from what you cleared. If those puyo happen to
        create a set of 4 or more and explode then it's a 2 chain. So on and
        so forth. If you don't get it, set the computer to hard and watch
        them unleash multiple chains on you. The max number you can reach chain
        wise is slightly above 15, although that would be pushing the envelope.
        Chains are vital in intermediate to elite levels of playing.

Clearing a set - This means making the puyo explode and disappear, which is the
                 basis of the game. The minimum amount of puyo needed to clear
                 a set is 4.

Nuisance Puyo - Nuisance puyo are the transparent blobs sent to you by the
                opponent as a result of their chains/simultaneous elimination/
                clearing a set of puyo. They are meant to impede your victory
                and can only be cleared if a set you clear is a adjacent to
                the nuisance puyo.

Offsetting - When you clear a set of at least 4 puyo, while there is a puyo
             preview at the top of the screen (meaning after your opponent
             has sent you some nuisance puyo). The amount you would normally
             send to the opponent is instead subtracted from the amount you
             are supposed to receive.

Puyo Preview - When your opponent sends you nuisance puyo, a preview will be
               shown at the top of the screen of just how much puyo you will
               receive. In fever mode, the top half of the puyo preview shows
               what you will get after fever mode expires. The bottom half of
               the puyo preview shows what you will get immediately, if you
               are unable to clear a set of puyo in fever mode within the next

Simultaneous Elimination - This simply refers to clearing 2 different colours
                           of puyo at the same time. The minimum is 8 puyo.
                           Simultaneous Elimination is inferior to chains in
                           terms of nuisance puyo sent, but is superior in
                           terms of speed. Beginners usually go for this
                           instead of chaining as they don't have the
                           experience to create a chain opportunity when it is

Swirl set - Ok ok, so this should fall under 4 set puyo but it's a different
            kind of four set puyo. A swirl set is 2 colours of puyo, that have
            2 puyo each, meaning there can be 2 red and 2 green puyo in a
            single set, or any other colour for that matter. The swirl set does
            not look of the same colour, as the giant blob does. The swirl set
            looks like the 2 colours are... well, about to swirl into each

Stutter Effect - This refers to the chain ender voices (see section 4). Your
                 character will produce a wicked stuttering effect that repeats
                 the first syllable of their shout varying amounts of times.
                 The amount of times is proportional to the chain number
                 (higher chains = more stuttering!)
                 eg. "N-n-n-nebula!" instead of "Nebula!"

Trigger Point - This refers to chains, and the first set of puyo cleared in
                them. This "triggers" the chain.

*=-3) Characters-=*

Amitie, the aspiring heroine

     Amitie is the heroine of this game, who wishes to be a great magic user.
By attending a sorcery school along with a medley of unique classmates, Amitie
puyo pops her way to fulfilling her dream.
     You are forced to use Amitie for a large number of this game's functions:
the Runrun course, Wakuwaku course, and the 3 endless modes (fever, mission,
and original). Don't worry, because you probably won't mind using her unless
you find her voice absolutely shrill. That's where changing your sound options
comes in handy. Fortunately, Amitie is well suited for the game modes, since
she is a well balanced, all-around character. This means she's pretty much good
at everything. However, this also means that she's not good at anything in
particular. You won't be sending Moon puyo to your opponent as easily as Popoi,
but you won't be struggling to offset like Arle. Amitie has her ups and downs
but you may soon find that you want to escape her incessant spells and move on
to a more quiet character like Rider, or a more powerful character like the 
Frankensteins. It's totally up to you.

Arle, the retro heroine

     Arle, was the star player of past puyo games. Although, you didn't have 
much choice back then, since it was Arle....or Arle. Arle Nadja is also a 
sorceress, much like Amitie, and is much more fun to hear with her wicked 
sounding spells. Arle's spells are similar to Amitie's until you get into
saying "diamond cutie!"
     Arle remains to be one of a kind in Puyo Pop Fever, as she is the only
character to have all 2 puyo set drops. There are no sets of 3, and no sets of
4. This obviously adds to the challenge of using her, but also to the
simplicity, since there are no tricky 3 puyo sets to manage. Beginners may
want to choose her to get the basic notion of puyo popping, then move on to 
someone else, but veterans may want to choose her for the retro feel, as well
as the different playing style one will have to use. Being of the "old school"
Arle apparently is unable to convert to the new style, and happily commands
2 set puyos, living in the past :o

Carbuncle, the overpowered mascot

     Carbuncle, is another character who was an integral part of past puyo 
games... as the mascot. He is a cute bunny like creature, whom in puyo pop
fever, packs too much of a punch. Carbuncle is actually a secret character
who must be unlocked. Carbuncle only says "Tada!" sort like a pocket monster
would (thank goodness it doesn't say "Car-bun-cle!" or anything of the sort).
     While other characters only get the 4 puyo set of the same colour (aka. 
giant blob) twice at the most, in their drop sets, Carbuncle gets it 3 times. 
This allows for easy escape out of sticky situations and the possibility of 
another boulder's worth of nuisance puyo in a big chain. For an even greater
handicap, no matter how hard you hold down on your d-pad, Carbuncle's puyo
will always fall faster than yours, giving him a major field and speed
advantage! That's not fair at all :P...

Dongurigaeru, the kawaii frog

     Dongurigaeru is a cute frog that bounces around in an acorn cup. As with a
typical frog, Dongurigaeru says "Ribit!" and nothing more.
     Donny has a powerful attack which you wouldn't expect from a frog. This
frog is apparently great for beginners to use. Dongurigaeru fills the right
side of the screen before focusing on puyo popping. This gives him something
to work from if you send nuisances to his screen. On the other hand, it
clutters his screen so he only has 4 columns to drop puyo sets. 

Frankensteins, the father-son duo

     The frankensteins are netherworld creatures that pack quite a punch. The
father carries the son in a wheelbarrow, and the son is proud of his father.
     They have the unfair advantage of being 2 creatures to face the oppponent. 
Nonono, you don't get 2 sets of puyo, you just might deliver twice as much
nuisance puyo! However the downside to this tremendous power is that the
'steins, apparently, are not good at making long chains and are better suited
to quickly finish a battle, which can be very easy to do, with the raw power
they provide. This power is even more lethal in fever mode!

Hohow Bird, the vain bird

     The Hohow Bird is a unique creature that's some kind of wannabe action
hero. He rubs it in your face with an "mmhmm..." and the follows it up with a
smash or a kick. He looks very much like a chicken when you take away the show.
This bird is very good at setting up huge chains to unleash his action skills.
     Hohow Bird is a chain character whose weakness is only evident when the 
chain is completely buried early in a match. Hohow Bird also has no 4 set puyo!
This seems to be disadvantageous, but he has several 3 sets to make up for it.
Although those giant blobs are much more useful than 3 sets...

Klug, the possessed genius

     Klug is a formidable opponent, who appears to be possessed by a demon of
some kind. He is one of Amitie's eccentric classmates who possesses top marks.
His great intelligence is shown in his puyo popping skills, where he likes to
set up massive chains and shout complex magical spells. His evil tendencies are
revealed at elite chain levels such as 15 chain, where he belts out his most
wicked laugh.
     Klug must be aggressively played, as if his big chain is buried, then he 
must work fast and hard to start a new one, as well as unearth the old one.

Ms. Accord, the deceptive and multitalented teacher

     Ms. Accord...the notorious school teacher. She is a teacher at the school
of sorcery that gives a sort of unsettling feeling. Behind the facade of her
sweet voice, lies an expert puyo popper. She commands control of her evil cat
"puppet", Popoi, who turns out to be a wicked cat, as well as another elite
puyoist. However, despite her hidden agenda, she: teaches Amitie the rules in
the Runrun course, teaches you the rules in the gallery (a bit poorly though),
provides a degree of comic relief, and has a warm atittude while doing these
things. When her flying cane goes missing, Amitie, Raffine, as well as the
other classmates are sent to search for it. This scavenger hunt is somewhat of
a trap, as you are then forced to duel Popoi (or Carbuncle). After the duel
finishes, Ms. Accord erases your memory of ever finding about Popoi. This
deceptive nature proves to be valuable in her puyo popping game.
     This teacher has a kind 'talking to young children' voice, which is offset
by an incredibly powerful attack. Ms. Accord apparently is a music teacher as
well, since she seems to shout out various musical terms for her attacks. The
only perceivable weakness is that if the trigger point for one of the teacher's
huge chains is sealed off by nuisance puyo, then she is doomed to an early

Onion Pixy, the kawaii vegetable

     Onion Pixy is a pixy, with an onion head. It smashes opponents with it's
spiked club and joyfully shouts out "g'doing!". This vegetable is one of the 3
most adorable characters in puyo pop fever (Donguirigaeru, Carbuncle, and
Onion Pixy), and can effectively fool opponents with it's cute shouts. Onion
Pixy challenges Raffine in the Harahara course, after it gets mad at bumping
into Raffine's way.

Oshare Bones, the "odd" skeleton

     Ah yes, Oshare Bones. This skeleton appears to be trendy and hip with
fashion, and is a bit "odd" ;). His stylish attacks will have you running to
the fashion police, and dropping dead to his assaults in no time.
     Oshare Bones is like Onion Pixy: weak in normal mode, and strong in fever
mode. Bones is more laughable than Pixy in more ways than one. He is somewhat
weak in general, and provides entertainment with his arrogant lisp. He is also
similar to Arle in which puyo drop in sets of 2, but he doesn't get just 2 set

Popoi, the evil cat

     Popoi is the true incarnation of Ms. Accord's cat puppet. He is a wicked
and annoying black cat that challenges those who find the flying cane. His use
of astrological magic is very powerful and is a nightmare to face in fever
mode. Since black cats are usually witch's familiars, do you think Ms. Accord
could be a witch? Popoi just raises more questions about the mysterious 
Ms. Accord.
     Popoi is incredibly strong in fever mode, and will usually obliterate you
with a single time of entering it. He likes to destroy your hopes of winning by
sending ludicrous amounts of rock puyo at you.

Prince of Ocean, the egotistical dolphin

     Prince of Ocean is only keeps his namesake through self proclamation. He
should be the "arrogant dolphin of ocean" rather than "prince". He treats you
with disdain and uses the power of the waves to smack you some more. Prince of
Ocean apparently likes the bible too, with his spouting of phrases such as:
"my will be done!", and "kingdom come!".
     Prince of Ocean is a formidable character who can easily build up to
fever mode, due to the frequent 3 sets and 4 sets of puyo. He can also score
All Clears easily (contrary to Raffine, even though the game thinks she's 
better suited for them). 

Raffine, the snobby classmate

     Raffine is somewhat of the sub-heroine of this game. As the snobby
classmate of Amitie and the other kids, she looks down on them and aspires to
reach the top. She likes shouting phrases in French, such as "ecossaise!" and
"avalanche!" and complimenting herself on a job well done.
     You are forced to use Raffine in the Harahara course to search for Ms. 
Accord's flying cane. At the end of your journey, you will receive a rude 
surprise courtesy of Ms. Accord herself.

Rider, the timid girl

     Rider is a timid girl who, despite her shyness, can be a powerful puyo
popper. The instruction manual says that she has horns growing from her head,
but they're not too noticable. She can emit miniature twisters at high chain
levels! Rider also can produce wind from her sleeves at lower chain levels.
Rider likes to shout out spells in a different language (Spanish?) since they
obviously aren't English, but are deadly no matter what language they are in!
Rider is the very first opponent you face in the Runrun course, with Amitie.
She faces off against Amitie again in the Wakuwaku course.
     Unfortunately while powerful in normal mode, Rider is quite weak in fever.

Tarutaru, the gentle gargantuan

     Tarutaru is a massive man that is one of Amitie's funky classmates. His
hulking posture accompanies his puyo skills, where he hits hard. He's quite
gentle, but only if he doesn't get annoyed. Tarutaru assaults Raffine in the
Harahara course since she crossed paths with him. His spells surge with power,
as his gusts and earthquakes will surely cause doom for the opposition.
     Just like the Frankensteins, Tarutaru can deliver up to four times the
puyo any other character would with the same chain! Apparently, this power is
again counteracted with the down side of not being able to make long chains
easily. Against a human player, this doesn't really matter as a single 5 chain
may end the match then and there!

Yu, the happy go lucky ghost

     Yu is a playful and carefree ghost. As a being of the spirit world, she
exerts her energies to tricking people and hassling them with her naughty ways.
She apparently speaks in riddles and loves to assure her attacks with a hearty
     Offsetting is really easy for Yu to do (the ghost, not you! :S) since she
has lots of triple puyo sets fall. Facing the computer Yu, pits you against the
strategy of stacking up the extreme left and right sides of the screen with
puyo. This grants her insurance, just in case you send a massive chain to her.
Then she still has something to work with and chain from! However, this means
she has a smaller space to work with, as after she fills the sides, there are
only 4 columns she can drop puyo in, instead of 6.

*=-4) Am I hearing voices? (Character shouts, spells, and whatnot)-=*

     Hearing voices is always fun and healthy. Especially if those voices
aren't just in your head! Voices in this case refers to your character and the
opponent's character shouting various phrases to assist them in victory, as
well as to show that they have won successfully, or lost horribly. These
phrases can clue you in to major chains, or just plain annoy you. If they
Annoy you, then you can change the language to Japanese in the options, and if
that annoys you, you may omit the voices for classic puyo style.
|Offensive Voices|

     Each character has a total of about 12 shouts that they may use while
unleashing a chain. There are certain conditions for each shout to be heard
which can help if you want to hear something in particular.
     When you unleash a clear a set or unleash a chain on your opponent, then
you will hear stuff from the following, which I've classified into offensive
voices. (When you are attacking your opponent)

Opening shout: This is what they say upon clearing a set of puyo (1 chain)
2 Chain: This is what they say at a 2 chain if there is more to come, sort of
         like a transitional shout.
3 Chain: This is what they say at a 3 chain if there is more to come, sort of
         like a transitional shout.
4 Chain: This is what they say at a 4 chain if there is more to come, sort of
         like a transitional shout.
5 Chain: This is what they say at a 5 chain if there is more to come, sort of
         like a transitional shout.
6 Chain: This is what they will keep repeating until they reach Chain Ender 1
         or Chain Ender 2, which means that the chain # is smaller than 10.
Chain Ender 1: This is what they say if the last set cleared in a chain is a
               small number of puyo (eg. 4) and the chain # is less than 10.
Chain Ender 2: This is what they say if the last set cleared in a chain is a
               (currently unknown puyo number) and the chain # is less than 10.
               The number is most likely a medium amount, yet to be tested.
Chain Ender 3: This is what they say if the last set cleared in a chain is a
               large number of puyo (eg. 9) and the chain # is less than 10.
Chain Ender 4: This is what they say when the chain # is 10 or higher. This
               can also pop up if the last drop in a chain is a large amount
               in fever mode, and the chain # is 8 or 9. 
Chain Ender 5: This is what they say when the chain # is about 11/12 or higher.
               It may be chosen along with Chain Ender 6.
Chain Ender 6: This is what they say when the chain # is about 13 or higher.
               It may be chosen along with Chain Ender 5.
Fever Chain Successful: This is what they say if you have dropped your puyo
                        set on the correct trigger point of the chain, causing
                        the maximum intended chain to go off. (In Fever Mode)
Fever Chain Failed: This is what they say if you have dropped your puyo set on
                    the incorrect/fake trigger point of the chain, or if you
                    merely cleared a set, therefore missing the maximum
                    intended chain. (In Fever Mode)
All Clear!: This is what your character says after they have rid the screen
            totally of puyo and nuisance puyo alike by clearing sets/chains,
            etc. therefore clearing ALL of the screen (not by losing, mind
            you). You'll know this by the giant "All Clear!" that pops up, and
            the fact that the game gives you a preset chain to keep you busy. 

Notes: i) If the chain # is over 10 (resulting in Chain Ender 4, 5, or 6) then 
          the shouts for the transitional chains (2, 3, 4, and 5) will 
          alternate amongst each other, and chain ender 1 or 2 is thrown in 
          there somewhere. The game does this so that what they say for a 5
          chain isn't repeated more than 3 times until you get to your large
          chain ender. Basically, for variety, if you manage to reach such a
          high level chain (most likely via Fever Mode)
      ii) If chain # is about 7 or up, then the chain ender will have a stutter
          effect. The higher the chain #, the more times the character will
          stutter the chain ender
     iii) The English shout will be followed by the Japanese version with a
          slash whenever possible. So:
          "English" / "Japanese"
          If I can't decipher it, then I won't put it, and that's where your
          contribution comes in :)
      iv) If you are experienced at Japanese then feel free to laugh at the 
          Jap. interpretation of what I have written down. I went by ear on
          those and don't know the romanji ;)
       v) Some characters don't have certain chain enders or transitional
          chains, so those parts are left blank.


Opening Shout: "Yep!" / "Ei!"
2 Chain: "Go!" / "Ikuyo!"
3 Chain: "Gogo!" / "Mokkoi kuyo!"
4 Chain: "Ready Steady Go!" / "Se--no!"
5 Chain:
6 Chain: "Accelerate!" / "Accel!"
Chain Ender 1: "Flame!" / "Fureimu!" (j. "Flame!")
Chain Ender 2: "Blizzard!" / "Burizado!" (j. "Blizzard!")
Chain Ender 3: "Lightning Bolt!" / "Lightning Bolto!" (j. "Lightning Bolt!")
Chain Ender 4: "All Righty!" / "Ba-yay!"
Chain Ender 5: "Fairy Fair!" 
Fever Chain Successful: "Goodygoody!" / "Bachiku!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Fiddlesticks..." / "Ariariya!"
All Clear!:

Amitie wields 3 types of elemental magic as well as a powerful light spell. She
is very enthusiastic in her shouts and spreads the joy at high chain levels.


Opening Shout: "Why yes!" / "Ei!"
2 Chain: "Go now!" / "Ha!"
3 Chain: "Gogo!" / "Ikuyo!"
4 Chain: "Ready gogo!" / "Sore!"
5 Chain: 
6 Chain: "Diamond cutie!" / "Da yaku! da!"
Chain Ender 1: "Fire!" / "Fi-ya!"
Chain Ender 2: "Ice Storm!" / "Isa Stom!" (j. "Ice Storm!")
Chain Ender 3: "Thunder!" / "Sunda!" (j. "Thunder!")
Chain Ender 4: "Cutie!" / "Ba-yoe!"
Chain Ender 5: "Heaven Ray!" / "Hebunray!" (j. "Heaven Ray!")
Chain Ender 6:
Fever Chain Successful: "Goody!" / "Hehe!"
Fever Chain Failed: "aw...shucks!" / "Ode!"
All Clear!:

Arle is like a clone of Amitie, except she has some different shouts. She yells
out her cutie attacks, and has an absurdly strong light spell from heaven
itself! English Arle sounds evil, while Japanese Arle is incredibly cute. Does
she have a split personality? :o


Opening Shout: "TAda!" / "Bo!"
2 Chain: "Tadada!" / "Dudu!"
3 Chain: "TadaDA!" / "Du-dudu!"
4 Chain: "Ta!" / "Gu!"
5 Chain: "Tada!" 
6 Chain: / "GuUU!"
Chain Ender 1: "Tada!" / "Gugu!"
Chain Ender 2: "Ta-da!" / "Gu-gugu!"
Chain Ender 3: "Tada!" / "Gugu!!!"
Chain Ender 4: "Tada!" / "Gu-guGU!"
Chain Ender 5: "Ta-ta-da!" / "Gu-guGUGU!"
Chain Ender 6: "Tada-dada!" / "GUGU!!!"
Fever Chain Successful: "Tadadada!" / "Doo-doodoo!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Ta-da..." / "Oway!"
All Clear!:

Carbuncle is the cute mascot that is sort like one of them pocket monsters. By
that I mean, he can only say the same thing. However, he can only say "Tada!"
and fortunately not "Carbuncle!", because that would be even more annoying.
Since that's the only thing he can say, he must change the inflection of his
voice to produce different results. In Japanese, Carbuncle sounds almost


Opening Shout: "Ribit!" / "Kero!" 
2 Chain: "Ribit!" / "Keero!"
3 Chain: "Ribitribit!" / "Kerokero!"
4 Chain: "Ribiit!" / "Keroo!"
5 Chain: 
6 Chain: "RIIbit!" / "Keke!"
Chain Ender 1: "RIIbitribit!" / "Kerokeroooo!"
Chain Ender 2: "Ribitribit!!!" / "Kerooo!"
Chain Ender 3: "Pp!" / "Bb! Bb! Bb!"
Chain Ender 4: "Rrrrribit!" / "Kerorororo!"
Chain Ender 5: "Pfft!" (spitting seeds) / "Bobobobobo!" (spitting seeds)
Chain Ender 6: 
Fever Chain Successful: "Rrrribit!" / "Kerooo!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Rrribitribit..." / "Keroro..."
All Clear!:

This frog is supposed to be cute but I find Onion Pixy to be way cuter. Much
like Carbuncle, he can only say one thing: "Ribit!", as well as spit seeds. 
Japanese frogs sound different with a "kero!" and are higher pitched.


Opening Shout: a grunt / a tiny grunt
2 Chain: 2 grunts / a firm grunt
3 Chain: 3 grunts / "mmhm!"
4 Chain: "Daddy says..." / "Honki dasun yo!"
5 Chain: "My daddy says..." / "Biso kakunanyo!"
6 Chain: "Prepare for the worst!" / "Kaku wa shiranyo!
Chain Ender 1: 2 grunts, 2nd grunt is confident / "Unga!"
Chain Ender 2: 2 grunts, both angry / "Hmm hmm hmm!"
Chain Ender 3: "Here we go!" / "Ya jan yo!" 
Chain Ender 4: a wild growl -> "grrrrrRRR!"/ "Jinga sanan yo!"
Chain Ender 5: "No escape!" / 2 grunts, 2nd grunt is confident
Chain Ender 6:
Fever Chain Successful: "Ah-hah!" / a ferocious grunt -> "Nngaaa!!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Nonono! Hmph!" / "Nyonyonyo!"
All Clear!:

These monsters like to declare their attacks nice and loud. Father first,
and then the son. Unfortunately, the son likes to misinterpret the father
and intentionally misword what he says. However, the ferocity in the attacks
negates this fact.

Hohow Bird

Opening Shout: "Mmhmm!" / "Ho!"
2 Chain: "And mmhmm!" / "Ha!"
3 Chain: "And mmHA!" / "Suya!"
4 Chain: "Brace yourself!" / "Ikuzo!" (j. "Get ready!")
5 Chain: "Deadly!" / "Zenten shou!"
6 Chain: "Sudden Death!" / "Messatsu!"
Chain Ender 1: "Mmhmm...smash!" / "Hohow Smash!"
Chain Ender 2: "Mmhmm...kick!" / "Hohow Kick!"
Chain Ender 3:
Chain Ender 4: "Mmhmm...crash!" / "Hohow Crash!"
Chain Ender 5: "Mmhmm...dynamic!" / "Hohow...Dynamic!"
Chain Ender 6: "MhmmHMM!" / "HAhaha!!!"
Fever Chain Successful: "How now? Mmhmm..." / "Eesha!"
Fever Chain Failed: "How wow! Mmhmm..." / "Ohoh..."
All Clear!: "Mmhmm...I did it!"

This showoff bird loves to rub it in with a prideful "mmhmm..." before most of
his attacks. It's become such a habit that even in a losing position he utters
it. The Japanese bird shouts out it's own name in attacks (Hohow) which is even
more arrogant. However, it's simple melee attacks are deadly, obscured only by
Hohow Bird's vain shouts.


Opening Shout: "There!" / "Sa!" (Japanese sounding version of "There!")
2 Chain: "Come to me now!" / "Mo-re!" (j. "More!" (?))
3 Chain: "Golden Sunlight!" / "Jin motskyu!"
4 Chain: "Silver Moon!" / "Jin mo taiyo!"
5 Chain: "Jet Black Cosmos!" / "Chi...kokoro sama!" (?)
6 Chain: "Give me your power!" / "Ware ni chikara!" (j. "Give me your power!")
Chain Ender 1: "Nebula!" / "Nebura!" (j. "Nebula!")
Chain Ender 2: ???
Chain Ender 3: "Ignis!" / "Iburis!" (j. "Ignis!")
Chain Ender 4: "Lactius Orbus!" / "Lactos Olbis!" (j. "Lactius Orbus!")
Chain Ender 5: "Nebula Macular!" / "Nebura Macura!" (j. "Nebula Macular!")
Chain Ender 6: A demonic laugh -> "Ha-hahahaha!!!" / "Eehyahaha-ha!!!"
Fever Chain Successful: "SO easy!" / "Hehe!"
Fever Chain Failed: "The sun was in my eyes!" / "Baka na!" (j. "Idiot!")
All Clear!:

Klug is absolutely awesome to hear in Japanese or English! His array of spells
is damn spectacular and appears to be astrological magic (different from Popoi
however). The demon within him starts to come out at the elite chain levels
and if he doesn't reach them, Klug easily shrugs it off.

Ms. Accord

Opening Shout: "Largo!" / "Darugo!" (j. "Largo!")
2 Chain: "Andante!" / "An-dan-te!" (j. "Andante!")
3 Chain: "Allegro! / "Arreguro!" (j. "Allegro!")
4 Chain: "Presto!" / "Pulesto!" (j. "Presto!")
5 Chain: "Da Capo!" / "Da Capo!"
6 Chain: "Fermata!" / "Felumata!" (j. "Fermata!")
Chain Ender 1: "Suave!" / "Sua-be! (j. "Suave!")
Chain Ender 2: "Giocoso!" / "Jocoso!" (j. "Giocoso!")
Chain Ender 3: "Rondo!" / "Londoa!" (j. "Rondo!")
Chain Ender 4: "Grazioso!" / "Grachioso!" (j. "Grazioso!")
Chain Ender 5: "Feroce!" / "Peroche!" (j. "Feroce!")
Chain Ender 6:
Fever Chain Successful: "Very well!" / a giggle -> "mhm!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Horrible!" / "Ara!"
All Clear!: "Mmhmm..."

Oh my... Ms. Accord is quite deceptive. As a music teacher she confuses the
enemy with musical terminology that only a music student may understand. Her
attack progresses from: slow, walking speed, fast, to very fast. At max speed,
she changes her tactics: to the beginning, and then: hold it longer. After
prolonging her attack with multiple fermatas, she busts out a lively tempo,
a musical form, or keeps on going. At her peak performance, she demonstrates
grace, as well as ferocity. Wow! I think Ms. Accord should have been a
conductor as well as a teacher... and a puyo popper... and an evil genius...

Onion Pixy

Opening Shout: "Onion!" / "On!"
2 Chain: "Onion onion!" / "Oh!"
3 Chain: "ONION!!" / "Oo!" 
4 Chain: "Do-ing!" / "Do!"
5 Chain: "Jow-en!" / "Jaooo!"
6 Chain: "G-dong!" / "Peto!"
Chain Ender 1: "Deeyoing!" / "Daa!"
Chain Ender 2:  
Chain Ender 3: "Boing!" / "Booing!"
Chain Ender 4: "Mega boing!" / "Megido!"
Chain Ender 5: "Bega boing!" / "Bagibo!"
Chain Ender 6: "Boingiddy boing!" / "Oo-o-o!"
Fever Chain Successful: "G'doing!" / "G'dang!"
Fever Chain Failed: "B'doing..." / "B-do!"
All Clear!:

Onion Pixy, is IMO the cutest character in the game. With a joyful boing and a
club to be beat the enemy senseless, his cheerful shouts can spell doom.

Oshare Bones

Opening Shout: "I'm hip to you!" (???) / "Chik-zuweyo!"
2 Chain: "Get with it!" / "Kaka wanasai!"
3 Chain: "UNcool!" / "Iki danai wo ne!"
4 Chain: "Totally UNcool!" / "Zenzen dame de!"
5 Chain: "Are you listening to me?" / "Chotto harashki demo!"
6 Chain: "I can't stand it!" / "Moga badekinai!"
Chain Ender 1: "Call the fashion police!" / "Kawaruterashai!"
Chain Ender 2: "Talk to the hand!"
Chain Ender 3: "Drop dead!" / "Shin dewa shinai!"
Chain Ender 4: "Avant Garde!" / "Avant Galdo!" (j. "Avant Garde!")
Chain Ender 5: "Psychadelic!" / "Psy-cha-deric!" (j. "Psychadelic!")
Chain Ender 6:
Fever Chain Successful: "I'm the greatest!" / high pitched laugh -> "Ohohoho!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Oh..horrors!" / "Aa!"
All Clear!: " I am SO cool..."

Grrr... as funny as it is, it's somewhat hard to decipher some of his voices
because of that hilarious lisp! This guy is such a joker, that the text above
doesn't compare to the comedy of hearing it while you play. Check him out at 
least once, and just like many people think, he will be a riot to face! 


Opening Shout: "Meow?" / "Nya!"
2 Chain: "Meeeow!" / "Yoi sha!"
3 Chain: "Go Meow!" / "Iku nani yo!"
4 Chain: "Go Go Meow!" / "Nyan tsu!"
5 Chain: "Chunking Meow!" / "Champu nya!"
6 Chain: "Power Meow!" / "Pawa nya pu!"
Chain Ender 1: "Whip Meow!" / "Puri punya!"
Chain Ender 2: "Shooting Star!" / "Shoo-ting Sta!" (j. "Shooting Star!")
Chain Ender 3: "Galaxy Meow!" / "Garakshi danya!" (j. "Galaxy Meow!")
Chain Ender 4: "Staaaaardust Lick!" / "Stardust weepa!" (j. "Stardust Lick!")
Chain Ender 5: "Black Hole!" / "Buraku Horu!" (j. "Black Hole!")
Chain Ender 6: 
Fever Chain Successful: "Meow-wow!" / "Yaring!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Grr...meowwow!" (angry) / "Hunya..."
All Clear!:

An evil master that disguises itself as a puppet, he still has his cat-like
tendencies intact. After meowing multiple times he varies his style of meow
to become an attack. He then ends with a fearsome astrological spell that
only a master could unleash. Beware... of CAT! 

Prince of Ocean

Opening Shout: "Indeed!" / "oo?"
2 Chain: "Which doest I desire?" / "Dodedode!"
3 Chain: "To my liking!" / "Furushyo ne!"
4 Chain: "Approach your king!" / "Jikoyo re!"
5 Chain: "Kingdom Come!" / "Yono Chikara!"
6 Chain: "My will, be done!" / "Misete ya ro!"
Chain Ender 1: "Dolphin Smash!" / "Doruphin Sumashu!" (j. "Dolphin Smash!")
Chain Ender 2: 
Chain Ender 3: "Crest Guard!" / "Curasto Gado!" (j. "Crest Guard!")
Chain Ender 4: "Big Wave!" / "Bigu Uebu!" (j. "Big Wave!")
Chain Ender 5: "Barracuda Spin!"
Chain Ender 6: "Trident Below!" / "Turaidento Biro!" (j. Trident Below!)
Fever Chain Successful: "Hmph!" (arrogant) / a gurgling noise -> "mmwmmw!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Hmph!" (pouty) / as if he was punched -> "hoo!"
All Clear!: "A regent...a king!" / an insane laugh -> "ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!!!"

An arrogant dolphin that has reason to back it up (he's royalty, unlike Hohow).
Commanding his servants, he packs quite an assault by attacking with a smash
and a smile. Using the mighty power of the ocean, he drowns his foes in a sea
of disdain.


Opening Shout: "Exactly!" / "Sore!"
2 Chain: "Precisely!" / a giggle -> "mmhehe!"
3 Chain: "More to come!" / "Mada mada yo!"
4 Chain: "Don't you know it!" / "Iki wa yo!"
5 Chain: "Allemange! / "Are majo!"
6 Chain: "Forte!" / "Balto!"
Chain Ender 1: "Tremendous!" / "BURERU!"
Chain Ender 2:
Chain Ender 3: "Ecossaisse!" / "ECO-seru!"
Chain Ender 4: "Avalanche!" / "Avaranshu!" (j. "Avalanche!")
Chain Ender 5: "Fall down to pieces!"
Chain Ender 6: "Ciel Arc!" (Rainbow) / "Shieru Arcu!" (j. "Ciel Arc!)
Fever Chain Successful: "What a breeze!" / "Yo yu dana!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Blast it!" / "Heh!"
All Clear!: "I am good!"

An self proclaimed elite student, she is confident that her attacks are
perfect. She must be in French Immersion or something since she likes to shout
out phrases at high chain levels to mess up the enemy. 


Opening Shout: "Here we go!" / "Hai!" (j. "Yes!)
2 Chain: "Uh!" / "E-to..."
3 Chain: "Uhuh!" / "Ano?"
4 Chain: "Ai!" / "Sono?"
5 Chain: "Oh well!" / "...j..ja!"
6 Chain: "So be it!" / "Iki masu ne!"
Chain Ender 1: "Vento!" / "Bento!" (j. Vento!")
Chain Ender 2:
Chain Ender 3: "Mambo!" 
Chain Ender 4: "Rota!" / "Rota Bento!"
Chain Ender 5: "Bene!" / "Bene malto!"
Chain Ender 6: "Tempesta!"
Fever Chain Successful: "Yep!" / "Ehe :)!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Oh no...:'(" / "a..."
All Clear!: "I did it! :)"

Incredibly shy, Rider has a sweet innocent interior, and exterior! It takes her
about 5 chain levels to gain confidence. Rider is another powerful spellcaster,
as she can produce wind spells as well as electrical spells. Don't push Rider
around or she'll come out of her shy shell with a gust of wind, or if you're 
unlucky, a lightning mambo. Why the emoticons? Listen to her and it sounds like
genuine feeling in comparison to other poppers (Ms. Accord *ahem*)


Opening Shout: "Quite!" / "Ee!"
2 Chain: "Very well!" / "Iku dana!"
3 Chain: "By all means!" / "Yaru dana!"
4 Chain: "So be it!" / "Honki nanana!"
5 Chain: 
6 Chain: "Mmm!" / "Mmmmm!"
Chain Ender 1: "Stamp!" / "Stampu!" (j. "Stamp!")
Chain Ender 2: "Stream!" / "Doreem!" (j. "Stream!")
Chain Ender 3: "Gust!" / "Gusto!" (j. "Gust!")
Chain Ender 4: 
Chain Ender 5: "Earthquake!" / "As-quake!" (j. "Earthquake!")
Chain Ender 6: "Maelstrom!" 
Fever Chain Successful: "Yippee!" / "Mmhmmhmm..."
Fever Chain Failed: "yep..." / "Hmmm!"
All Clear!:

This giant really has huge attacks. All he has to do is use his body to crush,
tackle, or slap you with a gust of wind! Quite polite, he insists on attacking
at lower chain levels. However, push him to a 15 chain and will destroy the
earth with a quake, or summon a maelstrom. Why is he in a magic school if he
can just use his body to produce spell-like effects?


Opening Shout: "Indeed!" / "Sore!"
2 Chain: "Indeedy!" / "Oy yoko!"
3 Chain: "Yes indeed!" / "Uisa!"
4 Chain: "YES indeed!" / a giggle -> "ehehe!"
5 Chain:
6 Chain: "Looky Looky!" / "Mite mite!" (j. "Looky Looky!")
Chain Ender 1: "Whoo!" / "Urameshi yo!"
Chain Ender 2: "Trick or treat!" / "Mephis-tokono!"
Chain Ender 3: "Who you gonna call?!?" / "Barai-istokono!"
Chain Ender 4: "Silent Step!" / "Sirent Stepu!" (j. "Silent Step!")
Chain Ender 5: 
Chain Ender 6: "Eternity!" / "Etarnite!" (j. "Eternity!")
Fever Chain Successful: "In-deedy!" / "Yuu-chan!"
Fever Chain Failed: "Maybe next time!" / "Ome pu!"
All Clear!:

This mischievious ghost yells out hearty "Indeeds!" and yearns for attention by
shouting for you to look. Every day is Halloween for her, and she can cast you
into her own world if you aren't careful.

*-5) The Fighting Art Gallery (Character attacks, defenses, wins and losses)=*

     On the offense (making a chain), upon reaching the chain ender your
character will pop out of nowhere and attack on screen, showing up for only a
second or less. This contributes very much to the fun of sending nuisance puyo.
     On the defense (receiving nuisance puyo), your character pops up and makes
a vain attempt to shield or receive the attack your opponent sends. This
lessens the frustration of receiving nuisance puyo (only slightly though :()
     Upon winning a match, your character shows off their victory pose.
     Upon losing a match, your character shamefully displays their fatigue.
     Visuals such as these obviously contribute to the fun and add insult to
injury. However, you may turn them off in the options menu if you don't like or
care to see your character taunt the other, or receive attacks.



Chain Ender 1: "Flame!"
     Amitie spins in place with her index finger up, lit ablaze with fire.
Amitie! You pyro you...

Chain Ender 2: "Blizzard!"
     Amitie conjures snowflakes to freeze the enemy with their descent.

Chain Ender 3: "Lightning Bolt!"
     Finger up, a yellow bolt of lightning strikes behind Amitie.

Chain Ender 4: "All Righty!"
     In a state of ecstasy, Amitie spins around, one hand at her chest, and the
other hand extended, in a flurry of flowers.

Chain Ender 5: "Fairy Fair!"
     Eyes closed, Amitie summons a pillar of light, which she aims downward
with ease to purify the opponent. 


Chain Ender 1: "Fire!"
     One arm in a "yes" sort of stance, and the other arm outwards, Arle makes
fire! (which looks suspiciously like Flame...)

Chain Ender 2: "Ice Storm!"
     Same stance as above, but same attack as Amitie. (Hmmm...)

Chain Ender 3: "Thunder!"
     Same stance as above, and same attack as Amitie again...

Chain Ender 4: "Cutie!"
     Look at Amitie's Chain Ender 4, and replace her with Arle, yep.

Chain Ender 5: "Heaven Ray!"
     Although I haven't seen this yet (It's pretty hard to get this high of a
chain with Arle without All Clears and a skilled opponent), I think it is safe
to assume that it is a clone again of Amitie's attack. (Fairy Fair <-> Heaven
Ray, you decide)


Chain Ender 1-6: 
     To save trouble, by uncanny coincidence, Carbuncle also clones Amitie's
and Arle's attacks (I'm not joking!). The only thing different with Carbuncle
is that he sticks his tongue out during the flower dance, and he smiles for all
else. However, noticing that I've put down 6 chain enders earlier, I must be
missing something, or have one too many...


Chain Ender 1: "RIIbitribit!"
     Dongurigaeru rolls joyfully across your screen and the bumps off the wall.
This attack feels like it wastes time due to how slow Don rolls across your
screen but I haven't actually timed it yet if this actually wastes time.

Chain Ender 3: "Pp!"
     Wondering why it's "Pp!"? Well that's because Dongurigaeru is spitting
seeds and that's the noise he makes while he does so.

Chain Ender 4: "Rrrrribit!"
     Dongurigaeru bursts out of the ground spinning and shoots himself upward
into the sky in a burst of delight.


Chain Ender 1: 2 grunts, 2nd grunt is confident
     Papa Frankenstein flexes his muscles.

Chain Ender 3: "Here we go!"
     The young 'stein thrusts his lolly towards you.

Hohow Bird

Chain Ender 1: "Mmhmm...smash!"
     The rude bird wiggles his rainbow butt feathers at you, with his wings at
his side! That's a smash you don't want contact with...

Chain Ender 2: "Mmhmm...kick!"
     Hohow Bird has wings up and creates shadow images when he thrusts his foot
towards you. Not as impressive as it sounds.

Chain Ender 4: "Mmhmm...crash!"
     The crash is just like the smash, although he wiggles his butt feathers
in excess *shudder*.

Chain Ender 5: "Mmhmm...dynamic!"
     Hohow apparently crashes down with a mega butt stomp, as indicated by the
lines of falling motion.
Chain Ender 6: "MhmmHMM!"
     Hohow spits out some kind of green fluid. Nasty!


Chain Ender 1: "Nebula!"
     Arm outstretched towards you, Klug conjures black clouds, appearing
behind him, with his book open.

Chain Ender 3: "Ignis!"
     Arm outstretched towards you, Klug summons a sphere of electrical energy,
with book open.

Chain Ender 4: "Lactius Orbus!"
     Gazing solemnly down at his open spellbook, a yellow hexagram sigil hovers
in midair.

Chain Ender 5: "Nebula Macular!"
     Gazing solemnly down at his open spellbook, a black hexagram sigil hovers
in midair.

Chain Ender 6: A demonic laugh
     With a maniacal glint in his glasses, staring towards the skies with open
spellbook in hand, the demon shadow possessing Klug reveals it's horrific 
stature in a pose behind Klug.

Ms. Accord

Chain Ender 1: "Suave!"
     With her wand arm angled downward, Ms. Accord shoots out a small circle of
musical notes from the tip of her cane.

Chain Ender 3: "Rondo!"
     A diamond shape frame instantaneously materializes with a headshot of Ms.
Accord. She waves a flag with closed eyes and a smile, knowing that you are on
the receiving end of some hurt.

Chain Ender 4: "Grazioso!"
     Ms. Accord unleashes her gracious anger with arms upraised and hands
angled downward, shooting another circle of music from her cane.

Onion Pixy

Chain Ender 1: "Deeyoing!"
     Onion Pixy hangs from the top of the screen, dangling its club from side
to side.

Chain Ender 3: "Boing!"
     Onion Pixy slams the club with a fierce downward thrust at the top of the

Oshare Bones

Chain Ender 1: "Call the fashion police!"

Chain Ender 2: "Talk to the hand!"
     Oshare Bones dismisses you with a crude waving of his hand in a "go away"
sort of fashion.

Chain Ender 3: "Drop dead!"

Chain Ender 4: "Avant Garde!"
     A flirt from a skeleton!?!? You have to look very closely at him to notice
this, otherwise it may look like he's standing still. Oshare Bones gives you a
disturbing wink from his left eye that looks more like a twitch...

Chain Ender 5: "Psychadelic!"
     Oshare Bones spins into a frenzy as if sucked by a black hole.


Chain Ender 1: "Whip Meow!"
     Popoi smirks and wags his tail in a taunting manner.

Chain Ender 2: "Shooting Star!"
     With insane eyes, Popoi slashes at the screen twice before disappearing.

Chain Ender 3: "Galaxy Meow!"
     Popoi ripples, as if he was going to phase in/out.

Chain Ender 4: "Staaaaardust Lick!"
     Popoi faces from side to side with his electrified tail.

Chain Ender 5: "Black Hole!"
     Popoi, spinning in a circle, carves out a vortex with his sharp claws.

Prince of Ocean

Chain Ender 1: "Dolphin Smash!"
     The dolphin smacks his tail sideways, his equivalent to a pelvic thrust.

Chain Ender 3: "Crest Guard!"
     The prince lunges towards you almost bursting out of the screen with a
swift and decisive tackle.

Chain Ender 4: "Big Wave!"
     A giant wave splashes in from the left and Prince rides it.

Chain Ender 5: "Barracuda Spin!"
     Identical to the Crest Guard, except that Prince of Ocean spins out.

Chain Ender 6: "Trident Below!"
     Prince vomits water upwards, akin to a water fountain, and water shoots
up in the background.


Chain Ender 1: "Tremendous!"
     Raffine holds out her hand in a manner that would convey "stop!" if not
for the fact that her thumb is folded. More of a congratulatory style of pose.

Chain Ender 3: "Ecossaisse!"
     Identical to Chain Ender 1

Chain Ender 4: "Avalanche!"
     Raffine raises her right leg really high and dust orbits it.

Chain Ender 5: "Fall down to pieces!" 
     Identical to Chain Ender 4, except that instead of dust, it's sparkles and
flashy effects.

Chain Ender 6: "Ciel Arc!"
     Raffine raises her right leg and a rainbow trails the path of her raised


Chain Ender 1: "Vento!"
     Rider rises up, crosses her sleeves and expels two blades of wind, one
from each of her sleeves.

Chain Ender 3: "Mambo!"
     Rider discharges lightning from her horns, closes her eyes, and withdraws
herself from the shock. 

Chain Ender 4: "Rota!"
     Rider releases miniature tornadoes from her sleeves and spreads her arms
outwards to do so.

Chain Ender 5: "Bene!"
     Rider unleashes a massive jolt of electrical energy from her horns
that surrounds her, forcing her to recoil from the large amount of watts!

Chain Ender 6: "Tempesta!"
     Rider goes all out, unleashing her best spell, the Tempest! It is a
combination of the "Rota!" and the "Bene!", as both tornadoes and lightning
are displayed in an elemental show from her outstretched arms.


Chain Ender 1: "Stamp!"
     The giant stamps the ground with his foot.

Chain Ender 2: "Stream!"
     Tarutaru delivers a bonecrushing tackle, similar to Prince of Ocean's 
"Crest Guard!"

Chain Ender 3: "Gust!"
     The gargantuan shoves air with his open hand to create a gust of wind!

Chain Ender 5: "Earthquake!"
     Tarutaru creates a disaster by stomping the ground with his foot multiple
times in succession, mimicking an earthquake!

Chain Ender 6: "Maelstrom!"
     Although I haven't seen this, I hypothesize that the Maelstrom would be
the equivalent of multiple Gusts in succession, following the Earthquake theme.


Chain Ender 1: "Whoo!" 
     Yu simply appears smiling and hands in fromt of her.

Chain Ender 2: "Trick or treat!"
     Yu smiles with eyes closed and hand raised, with spirit flames around her.

Chain Ender 3: "Who you gonna call?"
     Identical to Chain Ender 2.

Chain Ender 4: "Silent Step!"
     Yu shifts from side to side moving her hands in an attempt to spook you,
leaving shadow images.

Chain Ender 5: "Eternity!"
     Yu spirals towards the top of the screen with flames around her, sealing
your fate of many nuisance puyo.

*=-6) Acknowledgements-=*

     These people have contributed their views and took time to type info out,
which is something they should be credited for. Here you go:

Edward D Morrison - for your indepth Rider synopsis (not yet up)
Gnik - Noting that some of the Japanese voices are the English phrases said
       with a Japanese accent, as well as reasearch which turned out to show 
       *SPOILER TO YOUR MINDSET* all characters deliver the same puyo amount
       in nuisance puyo!
Knashk4 - for noting that big chain people need to be played aggressively,
          Carbuncle's ubercheesiness, Popoi's lethal fever mode chains,
          observing Prince of Ocean's biblical references, and more not posted
          here yet
yueske - although it was an extended version of what the game listed the
         character play styles as, you still took the time to type it out


clearly CJayC for obvious reasons 

This faq copyright 2004 by Summonmaster.

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