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  • Before the release of the Sega Saturn, Sega and Sony were working together to create a new video game console. Their relationship eventually fell apart, leading Sony to create the PlayStation, and Sega to create the Saturn. The Saturn's poor sales were what drove Sega to create the Dreamcast in an attempt to compete with Sony.

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  • Once, while going through Chicago's O'Hare Airport, Sega of America's president Peter Moore was stopped at a security checkpoint. A TSA agent said to him, "I don't need to see your passport. You're the assh*** that gave away Shenmue to Xbox".

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  • SegaNet, the Dreamcast's internet service, sponsored Limp Bizkit's tour for their album Chocolate Starfish and Hotdog-Flavored Water. Concerts included Sega MAT (Mobile Assault Tour) trucks stocked with Dreamcast games and (for winners of radio promotions) a chance to play Ultimate Fighting Championship against one of the musicians, with the action displayed on the concert's big screen.

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  • Australia's Dreamcast launch in November '99 was memorably bungled, with most of the blame falling on distributor Ozisoft. When it finally debuted -- many months behind other regions, including a two-month delay and minimal advertising -- it did so with a small lineup (no first-party Sega games), few VMUs/peripherals, few demo discs, and no internet launch discs. In fact, a deal with telecom giant Telstra was only signed a day before release, ensuring there was no functional online play until March 2000.

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  • Issue 11 of DC-UK, an unofficial Dreamcast magazine, soon became infamous after it included an Action Replay CDX demo as the cover disc. This is because the demo worked a little too well, acting as a boot disc that disabled region locking, i.e. allowing players to play any import they wanted. According to Keith Stuart, an editor at the time, Sega was so furious they pulled support for the magazine (no more codes and news from them), forcing staffmembers to get info through unofficial channels, including other Dreamcast mags.

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  • In 2000, the Dreamcast was awarded a Guinness World Record for Most Advanced Gaming Console.

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  • Between 1999-2002, Sega were the official shirt sponsors of the English football club Arsenal F.C. For home games, the team wore kits bearing the Dreamcast logo.

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