Why does the game keep telling me disk error when i put a dreamcast game in but not when i play a back up???

  1. I put a dreamcast gdrom in and it takes me str8 to the dc menu but when i put a backup self boot game it loads perfectly. I've tried the calibration thing and i am lost idk why its not working

    User Info: DaInfamousGr81

    DaInfamousGr81 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Actual, official, Dreamcast games are on GD-ROM discs, which are 1GB capacity discs. The data is physically compressed into a smaller form. If a system GD-ROM unit develops a focusing problem it usually looses the ability to focus on the smaller data tracks. CD-ROM discs, what are what your illegal bootleg games are burned onto, have significantly wider data tracks. Meaning, the data on the disc is physically larger, and therefore the laser requires far less range of focus in order to be able to accurately read the data from the disc.

    Think of it like this. Just looking down a road you can probably see a billboard a half mile away, but not be able to clearly make out what's being advertised. But, if you look at the same billboard from the same vantage point using binoculars you'll more than likely be able to see the sign in full detail. This is the same way it is with a GD-ROM and a CD-ROM disc, sure the system can see the disc, but it can't focus on what the content is.

    User Info: game_player_s

    game_player_s - 8 years ago 1 0

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