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  1. I will give out all info. Even if it may not be useful.
    1.This dreamcast is 11 Years old. And problems have occured Before.
    2.It has a Modchip.
    3.My VMU Has no batteries and Has not been courupted after this Incident.
    4:Before this problem occured i was Playing Multiplayer on Sonic Shuffle.
    5:My second Controller doesent read VMUs.
    I Decided to Start my Dreamcast and play Sonic Shuffle. When i got to The Title screen and Started Story Mode. It was on a Black Screen for a While. I Turned it off and Tried again. The System turned on. But it was not reading Discs. I Tried a Real dreamcast Game (Not burnt modchip Game) and it Still Dident work. I Turned off again and The System turned on for a Second and shut off. Then it wouldent turn on at All. I Tried unplugging it and Plugging it Back in. It works. Just doesent read discs anymore and keeps itself off after Turning it on. The next day i was Trying to Figure out why this happens. And weird thing is. I Tried a game and Again, dident work. But when i opened the Disc tray the Disc was spinning the Tinyest bit for a few seconds. Even though it was Open. is My Dreamcast dead? do i Need to Replace or Fix something inside? Please help. :(

    User Info: dereksonic22

    dereksonic22 - 4 years ago

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  1. Maybe your modchip fried it somehow.
    Your drive could be dead from wear.
    Backup games wear out the laser faster.
    The power supply could be loose and not getting good contact from the
    pins inside.
    Dead/leaking capacitors on the power supply or board.
    Without it in front of me its hard to tell really.
    You don't need a modchip for a dreamcast.
    I would buy a replacement.

    User Info: segadream131

    segadream131 - 4 years ago 1   0

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