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Get hooked on the most realistic fishing video game ever!

Do you have what it takes to be a world-class master angler? Find out as you fish the most scenic and challenging angling destinations in the world. Real Fishing | Wild is a pure freshwater fishing simulation that features everything except the bug bites. Big fish don't get that way making mistakes, so if you make the record books, you're going to have to think and cast like a pro.

Check your tackle inventory, review journal entries from previous trips and plan your next fishing adventure from your room at the local fishing lodge.

Every fishing destination uses Full-Motion Video for the ultimate fishing realism. All fish species behave exactly like their real life counterparts.

The camera angle changes to a 3-D underwater perspective whenever your lure is near a fish. Set the hook and you're in for a wild and unpredictable fight!

- An extensive inventory of rods, lures, reels and lines for all fishing conditions.
- Dozens of rare and common feshwater fish from all over the world.
- Elaborate record tracking features for tracking hundreds of catches.
- Fully compatible with the Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller!

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