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Move List and Guide by Z-Force

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 01/02/2001

Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 for Dreamcast FAQ v0.5
FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com)

I. Intro
II. Disclaimer
III. Version History
IV. Places to get this FAQ
V.  Contributor List
VI. Legend
VII. Basics
a. Changes from R2R 1
b. Punching
c. Defense
d. Taunting
VII. Rumble Mode
VIII. Fighters
a. Afro Thunder
b. Selene Strike
c. Boris "The Bear" Knockimov
d. Butcher Brown
e. Angel "Raging" Rivera
f. Mama Tua
g. Joey T.
h. Jet "Iron" Chin
i. Lulu Valentine
j. J. R. Flurry
k. Johnny "Bad" Blood
l. "Big" Willy Johnson
m. Freak E. Deke
n. G. C. Thunder
o. Wild "Stubby" Corley
p. Freedom Brock
q. Rocket Samchay
r. Robox Rese-4
s. Michael Jackson
t. Shaquille O' Neal
u. Rumbleman
v. Mr. President
w. The First Lady
IX. Championship Mode Hints
X. Training Modes
XI. Secrets
XII. Character Rankings.


Due to the popularity of my original Ready 2 Rumble FAQ, I have decided to
begin a FAQ for the sequel.  This FAQ is based on the Dreamcast version of the
game, but should be applicable for the PS2 and whatever other versions are
available.  If you wish to use this FAQ on your page, feel free to, just let me
know that you are using it so I can add your site to the list.  This FAQ is a
copyrighted work, and I will NOT be happy if you try using it for profit.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please read the FAQ thoroughly before emailing me ANY
questions regarding this game.  Everything that I know about the game is
included in the FAQ.  Also, this FAQ covers the DREAMCAST version of this game.
 Do NOT email me questions regarding other versions of the game, as I do not
know the answers.  I only have played the Dreamcast version of the game.  Any
emails sent that violate these two policies will be ignored.  I did not want to
do this, but I have gotten too much mail asking about things I don't know, and
other versions of the game.  Thank you.

Version History

V0.1 (10-26-2000)  The very first version.  Most of the basics are up, much
more to come.
V0.2 (10-27-2000)  Added info on the boss, Rumbleman.  Also added info on the
training modes, secrets section, and Boris Knockimov's moves.  Added more
places to get this FAQ
0.3 (10-29-2000)  Added contributors section, along with several bits of info
that were sent in.  Filled in some info on character moves.
0.4 (11-1-2000)  Added some more move descriptions.  Added some more secrets,
including the confirmation of Bill and Hilary Clinton.
0.5 (1-2-2001)  Haven't updated in a while, but I've added lots of stuff that
readers have sent me.  Also, there is a second part to the disclaimer,
regarding sending me email.  Please read it before sending me anything.

Places to get this FAQ


Cactusjack1999 - stats for Shaq, MJ, and Rumbleman.  Added info about the
Clintons possibly being in the game.  Tips for beating Rumbleman.  Training
Mode cheat.  Added info on hidden characters and some other secrets.

RJ Streety - Corrected a mistake I made on Selene's moves, and added info on
the holiday costumes.

Jeremy Kinzer - Added a trick to help score 1st round KO's


All moves assume your character is facing right

f = forward
b = back
u = up
d = down
RH = Right High  (Y on DC controller)
LH = Left High (X on DC controller)
RL = Right Low (B on DC Controller)
LL = Left Low (A on DC controller)


Changes from R2R 1

- Better graphics
- Better Computer AI.  The computer is now considerably tougher to beat,
especially in the higher levels.   You won't be able to blow through all the
opponents like you could before.
- More fighters.  Many of the original fighters return, along with several new
ones, including Guest Stars, Michael Jackson and Shaquille O' Neal.
- New and improved Championship Mode
- Tournament and Team Battle Modes, great for 2 player action.
- New Rumble Flurry system , explained below
- Parrying punches, explained below as well.
- You can now move for a time after knocking a foe down,  Use this to your
advantage by hitting a few more blows or doing a taunt to gain some RUMBLE
- Arch Rivals, each character has a rival character, when you fight that rival,
there are special sayings that the fighters will have for each other.

Punching:  Your 4 buttons each do different punches.  If you just press the
button, you will do a left or right jab or body blow.  Don't underestimate
these punches as they are useful for softening up an opponent.  If you press a
button plus a direction, you can do more powerful punches such as a hook or
uppercut.  These are more powerful, but also are slow.

Defense:  R blocks high, L blocks low.  Blocking is useful to stop weaker
punches, but if the other guy is throwing heavy artillery, combine L or R with
a direction on the stick.  This will allow you to duck or sway.  Sometimes,
it's possible to rope-a-dope your foe by holding a block button and pressing
various directions on the stick.  This is a fun way to frustrate people. 
(Note, these two statements were blatantly ripped off my original  R2R FAQ, but
they still hold true here)  In Round 2, you can now do a parry by double
tapping L or R.  If you time these right, you can deflect the opponent's punch,
leaving them open to a big counter.

Taunting:  You can now do 4 different taunts.  Use the combinations  A+X, B+Y,
A+Y or X+B.  A major change is that you can now gain RUMBLE letters if you can
complete a taunt without getting hit.


You gain RUMBLE letters by connecting with good punches or taunting.  Press the
L and R triggers to enter Rumble Mode once you have one or more Rumble levels
built up.  In Round 2, you can earn up to three RUMBLE levels, the color of the
letters will go from yellow (level 1), Red (level 2), and finally White (level
3)  When you are in Rumble Mode, your power is increased.  You can also hit X +
Y to pull a rumble flurry, which is a powerful flurry of blows.  At level 2,
your flurry's power is increased, and at Level 3... it becomes a single super
blow, which knocks the foe out of the ring, gaining you the victory.  At the
end of a round, you lose a level of RUMBLE power, and if you are knocked down,
you lose all of em.


Afro Thunder
Hometown:  New York City, NY
Height: 5'7"
Weight 121 lbs
Reach:  70"
Age:  24
Rival: G.C. Thunder
Profile  Afro Thunder might have gone Hollywood for a while, but he's back. 
Spurning boxing for 3 years to pursue a career in action films, he returns with
a purpose:  upstaging his cousin G.C. Thunder, who entered the boxing arena in
an attempt to fill Afro's shoes.  The movie industry may have temporarily
sapped him of his boxing skills, but Afro's stage presence and incomparable
showmanship are fine tuned.  The bitter family rivalry has inspired a newfound
motivation in Afro, who promises to make a headline making ring return
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
B, F + RH
B, B, RH, RH
B, B, RH

LH, LH, RH, RH, RH - Two jabs, followed by a flurry of blows from his other
hand.  The flurry is kinda slow, and fairly easy to block.
U/D + LL, RH

Selene Strike
Hometown: Brasilia Brazil
Height: 6'2"
Weight 130 lbs
Reach:  80"
Age:  27
Rival: Mama Tua
Profile  The towering Selene Strike is fighting her way back.  After having
suffered a serious setback when she went down at the hands of new boxer, Mama
Tua, a fight which she had figured to dominate.  Strike, has been battling the
demons of her own confidence.  Now training with Lulu Valentine, Strike has
added new boxing techniques, by utilizing her gymnastic skills and strength
training, which have resulted in a restored assurance in her own abilities. 
She'll start the championship journey with faith in herself and some new
weapons of war.
Other Info: - Selene is one of the better characters in the game.  She has good
speed, and decent power and variety of attacks.
Special Attacks:
B, B + RH - A REALLY short, and almost useless overhand blow.  Only used in the
combo shown below.
F, F + RH - A powerful uppercut shot.  Useful in close as it does nice damage,
and can be comboed.
B, F + RL - A low backhand blow.  Good damage and great range.  Use this one
often to keep opponents away.

LH, RL, LL - 3 quick strikes.  This is probably Selene's most useful combo.
F, F + RH, RL, LH - Two of Selene's specials are chained together.  This is
good for damage and keep away games.
B, B + RH, RH, RH - Though easy to remember, this combo has poor range, and you
must be VERY close to connect.

Boris "The Bear" Knockimov
Hometown:  Zagrev, Croatia
Height: 6'3"
Weight 218 lbs
Reach:  73"
Age:  33
Rival: Butcher Brown
Profile  When describing Boris "The Bear" Knokimov, opponents use the word
"sellout." Knokimov prefers the term "opportunist." Aware of the advantages of
his boxing prominence, Knokimov has for the past three years gone on an
endorsement blitz, advertising himself and his products on infomercials the
world over, which have garnered him a particularly strong following in his
homeland. Realizing that a return to the ring would lengthen his 15 minutes of
fame, and his capitalistic endeavors, Knokimov is back with logos, sponsorships
and renewed vigor.
Other Info:  Boris is a very well rounded character to fight as.  His main
emphasis is on power, but he has decent speed as well, along with a solid
variety of punches.  One of the better players to begin playing the game with.
Special Attacks:
F, B + RH - A powerful backhand blow.  Somewhat slow, but does good damage if
it connects.
F, B + RH, LL - Same as above, but with another blow tacked on to it.
B, F + RL - A powerful lunging straight punch.  It hits low, so use it to catch
guys off guard
U, D + LL OR D, U + LL

LH, LH, RH - Two jabs followed by a straight.  This is a great bread and butter
combination attack to use, as it will wear out the opponent.  As a variation,
just do the first two hits, these are useful as a poking attack.
F + LL, RH, LH
B, F + RL, LH, LH, RH

Butcher Brown
Hometown:  District of Colombia
Height: 5' 9:
Weight 235 lbs.
Reach:  82"
Age:  26
Rival: Boris Knockimov
Profile  Banned from boxing two years ago for using the mystical and deadly
knockout punch dubbed "The Devastator" in an annihilation of "The Bruiser"
Bruce Blade, Butcher Brown has been reinstated and is tanned, rested and ready.
One problem: his former mentor, who long sought to instill some much-needed
mental stability into the life of Brown, has since retired. Although he's
physically ready to rumble, Brown must follow the path of mental discipline in
order to regain the championship.
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
B, F + RH
B + LH
B + LH, RL, LL
B, F + RH, LH, RL, LL

B + RH, LH

Angel "Raging" Rivera
Hometown:  Monterrey, Mexico
Height: 5'9"
Weight 153 lbs
Reach:  71"
Age:  26
Rival: Rocket Samchay
Profile:  Although Angel "Raging" Rivera's name is usually preceded by the word
"showboat," he's far from being all style and no substance. He finally nabbed a
championship when he defeated Rocket Samchay in a grueling, controversial
twelve-round battle. Rivera began his career as a pugilistic purist, eschewing
flashiness for sound, conventional technique but altered his approach after a
loss to an unorthodox foe. The transformation complete, Rivera proves that
style points do count.
Other Info:  Angel is a rather well rounded fighter.  He has good speed, and
variety of punches, though he has a somewhat unorthodox style as well.
Special Attacks:
B, F + RH - A powerful jumping uppercut.  Does great damage if it connects.
F, B + RL
F, B + RL, RH
F, B + RL, RL, LL, RL

F + LH, LH, LL
U/D + LL, RL, LH
U/D + RH, LH

Mama Tua
Hometown: Kalopei, Oahu
Height: 6'0"
Weight 400 lbs
Reach:  77"
Age:  55
Rival: Selene Strike
Profile  Mama Tua entered the Ready 2 Rumble ring quite by accident, but it
will be her opponent's mistake if they take the 400-pounder lightly. Mama took
up boxing as a means of working out and staying fit, but soon realized she had
an affinity for handling heavyweights due to her long days raising son Salua,
the famed boxer who recently turned wrestler. The family skills are evident in
Mama, who obviously doesn't need to live vicariously through her children.
Short on ring experience but long in the tooth (and on the scale), Mama is an
intriguing competitor.
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
F, F + RH
B, F + LL
B, B + RH
B, B, F + RH


Joey T.
Hometown: Milan, Italy
Height: 6'4"
Weight 287
Reach:  79"
Age:  38
Rival: Lulu Valentine
Profile  Joey T. honed his boxing skills as a ruthless hitman, so it shouldn't
come as a surprise that he was completely embarrassed when he lost to a girl,
Lulu Valentine. After that humiliating defeat, Joey T. vowed never to get
knocked down again and has improved on his formerly rudimentary boxing skills.
With Mama Tua as a sparring partner, Joey T. has added a new arsenal of punches
to complement his bone-crushing blows. The next goal for Joey T: containing
that legendary temper.
Other Info: Joey fights a lot like Tank Thrasher in the original R2R.  He's
very strong, but also slow.  Use his power to your advantage, and you can whup
many a foe.
Special Attacks:
F, F + RL - A Low punch followed by a belly bop.  Does some decent damage if it
connects, but has poor range.
B, B, F + LL - A rapid fire flurry of body blows.  Does some decent damage, but
is rather easy to avoid.
B + LH + RH - A powerful double fisted punch.  Slow, but has good range and
does heavy damage.  Use it to punish people who try to taunt you.

RH, LH, LH - A Straight right followed by two jabs.  This combo is rather slow,
and not very useful.
U/D + RL, LL, RH, RH

Jet "Iron" Chin
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 5'8"
Weight 148 lbs
Reach:   78"
Age:  23
Rival: Johnny "Bad" Blood
Profile  Jet "Iron" Chin parlayed his homeland popularity and successful run at
the championships of the Rumble Tournament into a prosperous boxing school.
Using distinguished Chinese boxing technique complemented by his own, proven
style, Chin has trained some of the greatest boxers in the globe, including
Afro Thunder and Rocket Samchay. Not ready to retire, of course, Chin believes
that his experience as a boxer combined with being a savvy trainer have made
him a more complete fighter. The "Beast from the East" is ready to rumble!
Other Info:
Special Moves
F, B + RH
B, F + LH
B + LH
B + LH, LL, RL, RH

F + LH, LH, LH

Lulu Valentine
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Height: 5'2"
Weight 108 lbs
Reach:  64"
Age: 27
Rival: Joey T
Profile  Lulu Valentine is no one-dimensional woman, and those two dimensions,
boxing and fashion design, hardly seem compatible. But we're talking about Lulu
Valentine, who possesses the fastest punch on the circuit. Critics wonder
whether she's coming back to the ring for a legitimate shot at the championship
or merely to promote her successful line of trendy sportswear. Either way,
Lulu's sure to bring excitement to the canvas, whether it's with her boxing
prowess or signature fashion statements.
Other Info:  Lulu is probably the fastest character in the game.  However, she
has poor offensive power and terrible reach.  If you want to play her well,
you'll need to employ a strategic stick and move style.
Special Attacks:
B, B, F + RH - A double uppercut type punch.  Not too effective, but useful as
a surprise ploy
F + LH + RH
F + LL + RL - A double low punch.  Pushes the enemy back ,and can gain you a
couple RUMBLE letters

LH, RH, RL, RL - A good 4 punch combo.  You may also want to just use the first
two punches to keep the enemy back, and not commit yourself to a big combo.
F + LL + RL, RL, RH, RH, LH (According to RJ Streety, you can hit LH again for
an extra hit)

J.R. Flurry
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5'11"
Weight  150 lbs
Reach:  75"
Age:  24
Rival: Wild "Stubby" Corley
Profile  Maturity has done a lot for J. R. Flurry. Once dubbed "The Prodigal
Pugilist," because of the manner in which he turned on his former coach, Gino
Stilleto, who then met Flurry in the ring and handed him his lone defeat,
Flurry has since tossed aside his arrogant, disrespectful ways. Make no
mistake, you'll still find some attitude from Flurry, but now it is only
punctuation to refined skills and superior knowledge of the sweet science.
Prodigal no longer, Flurry presents a big challenge to all his boxing
Other Info:  JR is an excellent counter character.  Most of his moves are
designed to punish foes who make mistakes.  Other than that, he's got decent
speed, but his power is somewhat lacking.
Special Attacks:
B, F + RH
F, B + LH - JR crouches down and throws a powerful uppercut.  Best used to
dodge a foes hit and come up with a big counter attack.  It has really bad
range though.
B + LH - A double hit combo.  This move is easy to do and very useful for a
variety of situations.

F + LH, LL, LL, LH
U/D + LH, RH, LL
RH, RH - A very simple two hit combo.  Use it to keep foes off their guard.

Johnny "Bad" Blood
Hometown: Papatoetoe, New Zealand
Height: 6'2"
Weight 231 lbs
Reach:  87"
Age:  21
Rival: Jet "Iron" Chin
Profile  Johnny "Bad" Blood, brother of former Rumble participant Jimmy Blood,
is a walking contradiction. Despite the fact that he's lived the serene
lifestyle of a sheepherder most of his years, Blood has also tempted death in
his native New Zealand by engaging in the fierce battles of small pubs and back
alleys. And although his Maori fighting ways are savage, Blood exercises a
certain control, partly fueled by his disciplined desire to measure up to the
past successes of his brother.
Other Info:  Johnny has tremendous power, and great reach.  Along with that,
he's got fair speed.  Definitely one of the best guys in the game.
Special Attacks:
B, B, F + LH
F + LH + RH - A powerful 4 hit combo punch.  Use it to push your foe back and
keep them off guard.
B, B, F + RH

U/D + RL, LH, RL

"Big" Willy Johnson
Hometown: Chester, England
Height: 5'9"
Weight  175 lbs
Reach:  72"
Age:  111
Rival: Robox RESE-4
Profile  "Big" Willy Johnson is in a time warp, but one that has served him
well. A gritty, old-school boxer, Johnson would prefer to fight without gloves
but has adapted to the modern age by utilizing some current boxing techniques.
That combination of old-time boxing discipline and advanced technical method
has made him a diverse and complete boxer and one who oftentimes confuses his
one-dimensional foes. It's somebody else's job, however, to convince him his
look is about as stylish as a horse-and-carriage.
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
F, F + RH
F, F, B + LH - This is Willy's Clockwork attack from the original R2R.  It's a
high flurry of blows, that is easy to avoid, but keeps opponents on their toes.
U, D + LH or D, U + LH

F, F, B + LH, LL, RL, LL - The Clockwork, followed by some extra blows.  I like
to use the first hit of the combo (the LH), to catch the opponent off guard
while they are blocking the Clockwork
(U, D + LH or D, U + LH) THEN LH, LH, LH, LH

Freak E. Deke
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Height: 5'11"
Weight 128 lbs
Reach:  74"
Age:  19
Rival: Freedom Brock
Profile  New to the tournament is the uncanny, punk rocker Freak E. Deke,
sporting a pair of protective goggles and a mohawk. He credits battling in
various punk rock concert mosh pits for his pugilistic skills and high
tolerance for pain. Many underestimate the ability and experience of this wiry,
frenetic boxer who wants to turn the Rumble Tournament to anarchy.
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
F, F + RH
B, F + RH

B + RH, LH, RH

G.C. Thunder
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Height: 5'7"
Weight 118 lbs
Reach:  70:
Age:  20
Rival: Afro Thunder
Profile  G. C. Thunder may be a tad diminutive, but he's no lightweight when it
comes to boxing or flamboyant fashion. Cousin and longtime rival of Afro
Thunder, G. C. has a fair amount of critics who claim he's more performer in
the ring than boxer. That hasn't dissuaded him from using his boxing success as
a vehicle for opening a chain of hair facilities or from making the claim that
he'll become the next world champion.
Other Info: - GC has some good range and speed.  However, his special attacks
aren't the greatest in the world.  Also, his combos are somewhat hard to pull
Special Attacks:
F, B + RH
F + LL + RL
B, F + LH

F + LL + RL, LH, RH

Wild "Stubby" Corley
Hometown: Corsicana, Texas
Height: 6'2"
Weight 145 lbs
Reach:  77"
Age:  21
Rival: J.R. Flurry
Profile  The story of Wild "Stubby" Corley is enough to bring a tear to your
eye. After losing his left hand in a freak rodeo accident, the gritty Corley
was fitted with an artificial glove during his rehabilitation and discovered an
odd ability for the sweet science. Having given up rodeo, Corley, who is called
"The Fastest Jab of the West," is dedicated to boxing and is out to prove to
the world that he'll be able to beat the best with just one hand. One real
hand, that is
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
F, F + RH
F, F + RL
B, F + RH

F, F + RL, LH, RH

Freedom Brock
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Height: 5'11"
Weight 129 lbs
Reach:  76"
Age:  38
Rival: Freak E Deke
Profile  To get a top-ring performance from Freedom Brock, simply tell him he's
battling an opponent for a killer wave. Brock's life's work is surfing and
boxing is just a detail. A detail, however, that finances his surfing
excursions, so although he's laid-back, Brock gets pretty motivated when he
hits the canvas. The critics may question his commitment, but the coasts from
Australia to Mexico are littered with the broken bodies of local surfers who
dared take on Brock and his unorthodox fighting style.
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
F, F + LL
F, F + RH
B, B + RH

U/D + LH, LL, RH

Rocket Samchay
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 6'2"
Weight 165 lbs
Reach: 78"
Age:  26
Rival: Angel "Raging" Rivera
Profile  Rocket Samchay has his eyes on the championship. Or 'eye,' that is.
The boxer has only one remaining organ of sight after losing the other courtesy
of Angel "Raging" Rivera's thumb. A return to his native Thailand to compete in
Thai boxing tournaments helped him regain focus and add some lethal new moves.
Having honed his skills among some of the greatest Asian fighters in the
region, Samchay brings a special resiliency in his quest to succeed in the
Rumble Tournament.
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
B, F + LH
F, B + LH
B, F + RH
F, B + RL

U/D + LH, RH
F, B + RL, RH, LH

Robox Rese-4
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5'11"
Weight 150 lbs
Reach:  80"
Age:  1
Rival: Big Willy Johnson
Profile  ROBOX RESE-4 may be being used as a marketing ploy, but don't tell it
to its face. If anything non-human can have a face, that is. Designed to
advertise for ROBOX, an aerobic boxing cardio-fitness machine that is looked on
as perhaps the next great health invention, ROBOX RESE-4 does more than just
exercise. It is an enhanced version of the machine that is able to take
punishment and, when prompted, hand some back. The days of the stationary bike
are gone!
Other Info:
Special Attacks:
B, F + RH
F, B + RH
F, B + LH

U/D + LL, RL, RH

Michael Jackson
Hometown: Gary Indiana
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 125 lbs
Reach: 74"
Rival: ?
Profile  ?
Other Info:  MJ is very fast, and has good combos.  Not to mention he gets lots
of style points.  And no one matches his dance moves in the ring : )
Special Attacks:
F, B, RH - Micheal spins and throws two fast punches.  This attack is quick and
does good damage, and can also charge the rumble meter quickly
F, F, LH - Michael spins and serves up a powerful hook.  This punch is capable
of some pretty decent damage.  You can also get up to 4 rumble letters with it.
B, B, F, LL - Micheal ducks and does a double outward punch.  Kinda slow, and
not too useful, except as a surprise move.

LH, LH, RH - A basic quick 3 punch combo.  This is a good offensive combo, so
use it often
F, RL, RH - A quick punch followed by uppercut (sent in by Sir Wiggy)

Shaquille O' Neal
Hometown: Los Angles California
Age: 28
Height 7'1"
Weight: 315 lbs
Reach: 90"
Profile  ?
Other Info:  ?
Special Attacks:
B, B, RH

Hometown:  ?
Height:  8'4"
Weight  ?
Reach:   120"
Age:   ?
Rival:  ?
Profile  ?
Other Info:  This guy is the champ in this game.  When you reach the final
match, Michael Buffer will say "The next fighter needs no introduction because
*I* am your next opponent."  He then  falls to the ground screaming, and
becomes this monster.  He has insane reach, and tremendous power.  Basically,
he makes Damian Black look like a pansy.
Special Attacks:  ?
Hints for beating him
- Try to stay away from him.  Stay outside of his reach, and use a lunging
attack, or stick and move.
- Do NOT let him enter RUMBLE mode, or he will do a flurry and wipe you out.
- Stick with a basic move or short combo and try to wear him down with it.

Other tips  (Sent in by Cactusjack_1999)

When ever you see him trying to taunt, hit him as fast as possible to stop it.
If he completes his taunt, his rumble meter will be automatically filled to
level 3 and you can kiss the match
good bye from then on, unless you can dodge his uppercuts till his RUMBLE runs
out. He's a bit slow but the Super Taunt makes up for that a lot. Try using a
lot of combos and when ever possible taunt to build up your RUMBLE meter till
level 3.

Mr. President (Bill Clinton)
Hometown: Washington D.C (Introduced as "The District of Columbia")
Age: 54
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Reach: 70
Rival: The First Lady
Specials: Uses Michael Jackson's Stance, but not the moves
(Sent by RJ Streety)
F, LL + LR  He charges and bumps you with his hips

The First Lady (Hillary Clinton)
Hometown: New York City, New York (Introduced as "The District of Columbia")
Age: 53
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Reach: 65"
Rival: Mr. President
Special Attack: Lulu Valentines moves are her moves

Combo:  Sent in by RJ Streety

Coming Soon!


Jump Rope - In this game, you must press a series of buttons when that
particular combo hits the bar.  Remember to hit them when the bottom part of
the buttons reaches the bar, or you will lose energy.  This game ends when your
energy runs out.

Tip sent in by Misfitshdw:  instead of trying to time the button presses when
they hit the top of the bar, you can hold the button down and it will bounce
off when it gets to the bar.
ie: If three B's are falling then you can hold the B button and all three will
bounce off the bar as if you timed it correctly.

Speed Bag - You use jabs and hooks to make the bag hit the ceiling as many
times as possible within the time limit.

Heavy Bag - Throw the punch the trainer tells you in order to score.  You only
have a certain amount of time to throw each punch, and you lose if you run out
of time or hit the wrong punch.

Sway Bag - Punch the bag, then follow the commands that were given to dodge the
bag.  The longer you can avoid it, the more points you earn.

Rumble Pads - You must press the corresponding direction or button to hit the
pads that appear.  The more you hit, the higher you score.  This game tests
your reflezes quite a bit.  In the end, there is a bonus round, where you must
hit the pads to spell rumble, which is insanely difficult.

Rumble Aerobics - Note:  The instructor here is INCREDIBLY annoying.  She will
give you a list of commands to follow, and you must follow them.

Weight Lifting - Similar to the weights in R2R one, but now you must alternate
two buttons.  Hold one till the bar goes into the green, then release and do
the other one.  The longer you go, the more points you get, but the bar gets

Vitamin Program - Automatically boosts stamina and dexterity, but costs $10000

Rumble Mass - Boosts Strength A LOT (like 30 points!) but costs $25000 (you get
what you pay for I guess.)


Hidden guys - When you complete the arcade mode, you unlock a hidden character.
 This is the order in which they are unlocked (sent in by Cactusjack1999) 
Please note that this applies only for the DC and PS2 Versions of the games.

Freak E. Deke
Michael Jackson
G. C. Thunder
Wild "Stubby" Corley
Shaquille O'Neal
Freedom Brock
Rocket Samchay
Mr. President
The First Lady

Alternate Costumes - If you press X, you can switch between two different
outfits.  Press A without holding the triggers to make your selection.

Training Mode
Beat any Training Excercise on Level 10 in Championship Mode with 200% 
Training Value

Holiday Outfits (Sent in by Cactusjack1999, and RJ Streety)

On certain holidays, a specific character will have a special outfit,
corresponding to that outfit.  On Halloween, (Oct 31) JR Flurry has a skeleton
outfit.  I've heard that Selene Strike has a special outfit on Christmas Day,
but cannot confirm this.

New Uniforms: Win the championship mode with a boxer (Except Michael Jackson
and Shaq) and at the character select screen press the X button to cycle
through your first, alter nate and your 2 new championship clothes.

Crash the Game (Untested on DC, works on PS2)): Win the champion ship mode with
a boxer,
go to Arcade mode and select one of the 2 champion uniforms. Enter and exit the
first fight then go to the training mode. Choose and exercise, You'll notice
Afro's clothes have changed. Now go to Championship Mode you'll notice that it
will prompt you to select a new fighter or continue your previous game (Even
thought you shouldn't have one). Select Continue. Afro Thunder will be your
fighter and you can only do the Title fight against a fighter that is ranked
"0" At the Vs. screen here's what is displayed for your opponent:

Picture: Gibberish, oddly colored boxes
Age: Unknown
Height: 1"
Weight: 1 lbs
Reach: 1"

You should start the fight on the Rumbleman stage. After buffer intro's you,
the camera will switch to another shot of you and abruptly freeze.

This trick sent in by Jeremy Kinzer:  I have a nice little finishing tip to
help get a first round KO ...start
the round with a charging combo then go into some nice combos to beef up
your rumble meter after the first knock down hit your taunt that earns
you 3 or more letters if your good you should be at half red rumble by
the time your opponent gets up hit your taunt again and toy with him
until you fill the white meter when it is full make sure they are just
one hit from going down then hit your rumble knock down your opponent
the second time with a jab or something like that then when he is
stumbling around hit him with the flurry or in this case the out of the
ring KO maybe everyone is already doing this but, it came  to me out of
no where and now i win about 85% of my matches this way...you can still
connect if they fall it's like when they fall and you hit them with a
body shot ,they stand right back up again...

Coming Soon

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