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Reviewed: 02/25/02 | Updated: 02/25/02

NBA2K1 is it a total failure or is it Awesome?

Everyone has to like Basketball it's just one of those things. Can Sega Help Basketball bring in some cool Basketball Games? We'll See.

Graphics 8 out of 10:

People do think im crazy for giving this only an eight. Ok, I was very impressed with Rasheed Wallace and Shaq O' Neal's looks but,unfortunately in the Graphic section there is a problem. The problem is that some players don't even look close compared to the real Basketball, like Derek Fisher and others. I really like these graphics especially with the Blazers but this is not my favorite Basketball game I have.

Sound 5 out of 10:

The announcers does anyone like them? I personally hated the announcers I quickly turned on the ''MUTE'' button after I played With the Jazz and Lakers for a while. After you own this game a while you will start to get annoyed. They will start repeating. One other thing the ''Theme songs in each stadium are very dumb and annoying. Its not bad the first time you play it but trust me it'll get on your nerves!!

Options 10 out of 10:

I very well like the options such as Street,Franchise,Rules,Difficulty, Create a team or players, Season,Playoffs and others. I was very impressed this game even allows me to set the announcer volume which makes (me able to shut them up).

Gameplay 6 out of 10:

I like the speed just because you can set it to your enjoyment that was really nice (to me). The Bad part is that on the reply players go through each other which happens a lot. This game lasts about the time of a new sega sports basketball game so,thats a good eleven months or so.

Controls 7 out of 10:

The controls are not very unique and special but I like the ability to use turbo and you can get it to the camera angle you like. I like to turbo with The Blazers or the Lakers which makes them almost impossible to guard.

Extras 6 out of 10:

In this game theres really nothing you can unlock except a few hidden characters and a few better looks and more but I guess its better then nothing.


'' This is not the best Basketball game but it'll keep you playing while your waiting for the best Basketball game''.

The Good:

+ For the home team the intro's rule
+ Its got old players from the 70's and 80's
+ Allen Iverson and O' Neal have cool tattoos
+ Latrell Sprewell looks awesome

The Bad:

- The players go through each other!
- Wheres the 90's All Star Team people?
- No On Fire ability like in most cool games
- Announcers become annoying after a while

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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