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Reviewed: 01/08/01 | Updated: 01/08/01

Tons better than the original, and that's alot.

Could a basketball game be any better? That's probably what you will be asking yourself when you see and play NBA2K1. From the online play to the awesome graphics you will be playing this game till the end of time (or until NBA2K2).

Where to start? Let's start with the new modes included for this years edition. One of the most important is the online mode. NFL led the way but NBA picks up where they left off. NFL2K1, with a good connection, barely had any noticeable lag. But most of those players looked the same and timing, while important, doesn't matter as much has in a basketball game. That's where the problem lies. NBA2K1, even with a decent connection, still has some noticeable lag. But it is worse here because if you time your jump shot and lag comes in to play, well, can you say turnover? But it isn't bad enough to where you never play online. Sometimes the game online is fine but others is unbearable. All I can say about the online feature is try it out, most likely you will like it. When you aren't on the online court you can take a stab at the new franchise mode. Here you watch players come and go, as you sign them and release them. Very similar to NFL2K1, which is a very good thing. If franchise is to much of a commitment, then take it out to a regular exhibition game, or better yet, the backyard. From The Cage to other well known parks around the country you play 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, or 5 on 5. Great mode that I'm glad they put in.
Now let's talk about gameplay in general. It's great. The difficulty as slightly went up, or the cheapness slightly went up. But is never really frustrating. When you lose it is usually your fault, and the worse thing is you know it. They have added some new moves and made some old moves more effective. Remember how the crossover use to be just for looks. Well now it is extremely effective. It can get you up the middle and into the paint like no other. Some other newer move are the lean in jumper and the swat block. If none of this makes you wet your 76ers boxers then maybe this will. You can now play has the legends of the game from the 50's all the way up to the 80's! Magic Johnson anyone? I have tried to cover most of the game's features but there are so many I can't. That's a sign of quality. Gameplay: A whopping 10!

Audio wise, this game is like bag of Chex Mix, some stuff you like, some you hate. They call plays on the fly. The only problem with that is that sometimes, they call things that really don't make sense. Wrong names, teams, and scores all fall under this category. But that can be overlooked, thanks to the superb audio matching technique they used in the create-a-player mode. CAW is the same has last year, except with a new audio feature. When you type in a name, the game searches and sees if that particular name is in the ''database''(I guess that's where they are). Anyway, when you play the game, the announcers actually say the name. My last name is King, and every time I made a 3-pointer, they announcer quickly blurts out, ''King makes the trifecta!'' How cool is that? If your name isn't in the ''database''(or whatever it is) then there are about 20 plus nicknames to choose from. On the sound effects side, everything you'd come to expect is here. All the sounds seem very authentic. Audio: 9 The Audio Matching rocks!

Replayability: This game has everything. If you defeat the season mode take a stab at the franchise. If you have any friends at all then the replay value will suddenly grow larger than the popularity of Poke'mon here in the U.S.A. Trash talking your friends at the street courts after you just scored on them is one of life's little feelings that you don't soon forget. And if that bores you, make a team and put yourself as the star. Replayability: 10 Multiplayer will grow on you.

Buy/Not Buy: This has a great sim/arcade mix that most anybody can enjoy it. If you have any friends than this game will soon be your number one choice multiplayer trash talkin'. Buy/Not Buy: Buy, hurry, go ,buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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