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Cute girls must die!

Sega Dreamcast's Konohana:True Report is released on April 26, 2001 by Success. ''Konohana'' is literally translated to ''Northen Flower'' and it is the name of the private school where this game takes place at.

The game is released together with the Sony Playstation version for a comparable cheap price of 2,800 Yen (about US$23.44 at the time I wrote this review). There is a collector card of Momoi Meguru (the main male character in the game) with the Dreamcast game. The specific genre that it is listed as is Novel-Type School Mystery Adventure Game. It also has multiple endings.

The popular seiyuu (voice actress) who is involved in this game are Kawasumi Ayako-san (Tachibana Miako). Kawasumi Ayako-san's famous seiyuu roles are Akari-chan from To Heart and Chikage-chan from Sister Princess. Obviously, you can expect high-class voice-acting performance by Kawasumi-san. She is one of the most talented voice actresses I know.

In additional to that, the character designer for the game is Moo. He is kind of popular in Japan (I think), even though I don't like his character design too much.

The spring vacation was about to be over and it was the season when the cherry blossom are blooming... Momoi Meguru-kun was transferred to Konohana Private School.

He planned to spend the remaining two years of his highschool life peacefully, but that wish was crushed unexpectedly. The night before the beginning of the new school year, a teacher was murdered.

Tachibana Miako-chan forced Meguru-kun to help her investigate what actually happened. So, they got involved in the dark shadow that is surrounding the school.

It is related to the school legend where a person received notices informing that person that he or she is going to die soon. The legend is called Legend of God of Death.

The legend is pretty simple and the purpose is to ask the God of Death to take away the life of a person. You start the process by putting a paper with the number '4' (the number that symbolizes death) at the person’s ’s desk. Then, according to the legend, the person will continue to receive papers with the number '3', '2' and '1' in that order from the God of Death. When the person receives the paper with the number '0', the God of Death will suck the life out of him or her.

To find out the truth...

Momoi Meguru
You will play the game as Meguru-kun. He is the transfer student who will be transferring into Konohana Private School, when the new school year begins.

On the first day he arrived at the dorm, he saw Miako-chan changing in his new room. It would appear that Miako-chan is using that room as her journalism clubroom without permission. Because he saw Miako-chan changing, she forced him to help her in her club.

According to Miako-chan, the school is used to be an all-girls private school. Using that as an advantage, Miako-chan threatened him that she will tell the whole school about him peeping at her changing and due to the higher population of the girls in the school, they will surely believe Miako-chan, instead of Meguru-kun.

Anyway, Meguru-chan is academically very good. However, he is not very sociable (something that he will explain later in the game).

Tachibana Miako
Miako-chan is the type of girl who is curious about everything. She is second year student of Konohana Private School and she named herself the president of the Journalism Club.

She is very beautiful, active and talkative. Anyway, to make the school recognize her Journalism Club, she decided to investigate the death of the teacher and got Meguru-kun involved in her investigation.

Basically, talk, talk, and talk! So, talk to students at school to find information regarding the murder of the Swimming Coach. You also end up making decisions most of the time. Miako-chan will just agree with you, as though it is her idea all along because of her attitude.

It is a text-based system, and once in a while, you will be given multiple choices. In additional to that, this game has 15 endings. Among these 15 endings, only one is truly the happy ending of the game, which is Ending 12 (''Soshite, futari wa...''). Making the right choices is very important in determining which endings you are going to get. There are endings where you guys discovered a dark secret of a teacher and Miako-chan end up exposing it happily.

The problem with this game is that I felt that it is difficult to know which right choices. The choices are ''situational'' multiple choices (usually, I don't mind about this, but the story are way too poorly written). Take the locked door incident for an example, you got a choice to go the dorm caretaker to borrow the key from him or ask Miako-chan to do that. It is very difficult decision to make and only one is the correct answer. My first instinct tells me to get the key myself, but that is a wrong choice and I end up with one of the bad endings, due to lack of a clue to solve the case, which is kind of stupid, in my opinion.

If you want to complete the album and get all the endings, you have to play several times. Though, most of the CGs are not worth getting at all, as they are CGs of the teachers who you talk to in the game to find out more about the incident. In additional to that, most endings are bad endings anyway.

Yes, you probably need to know as much Japanese as you can. The level of Japanese that is used in the game is not too hard and not too easy.

Anyway, I am giving this game a 5. It is because even though the story about Legend of God of Death is very interesting and some of the clues are ingenious, the story is not very impressive. In additional to that, the ending is kind of stupid and the game in general doesn't leave me with much impression.

For those of you who are wondering what I meant in the title, play the game and you will understand. :P

Rating: 5

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