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All Japan Pro Wrestling Character Guide by The Senator

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/15/04

Fire Pro Wrestling D
-All Japan Pro Wrestling Character Guide
Author-The Senator

A) AJPW Profile
B) Basic Info-How to understand the guide
C) Character Bios
1. (Shohei “Giant” Baba)
2. (Jumbo Tsuruta)
3. Genichiro Tenryu
4. Toshiaki Kawada
5. Hiroshi Hase
6. Masahito Kakihara
7. (Dory Funk Jr.)
8. (Stan Hansen)
9. (Bruiser Brody)
10. Dr. Death Steve Williams
11. (Terry Gordy)
12. (Gary Albright)
13. (Johnny Ace)
14. Mike Barton
15. Taiyo Kea
16. Jim Steele
17. Johnny Smith
18. Masanobu Fuchi
D) Credits and Other Fun Stuff

 All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW)
Number of Wrestlers-18
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-174
{Along with New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan was founded by Shohei 
Baba out of the dissolution of the JWA.  Their style has also changed 
through the years, as the original King’s Road style of AJPW used a 
great deal of intelligent psychology and hard strikes, shifting focus 
more on devastating moves later on. With the death of Baba, and the 
departure of Mitsuharu Misawa and all but two members of the roster, 
All Japan went through its toughest phase.  AJPW had several changes 
following the release of FPD, including the defection of Keiji Mutoh 
from NJPW who became the president of All Japan.  The AJPW roster in 
FPD is interesting, as it has as more foreigners than it does native 
wrestlers, and also has as many retired or deceased wrestlers as it 
does current wrestlers.}  

The guides cover a number of details---
1-(Brackets) around a wrestlers name indicates that the wrestler is an 
unlockable hidden character.
2-Class refers to which weight division the wrestler can enter in the 
Victory Road mode, some can compete in both heavyweight and junior 
heavyweight title matches.
3-Total edit points refers to the amount of skill points the wrestler 
possesses out of a perfect 300, although no default wrestler is ranked 
that high.
4-Offence and Defense refer to the preset style that each wrestler has, 
and define how effective their moves are and how effective their 
resistance to opponents moves are, see Frank James Chan’s excellent FPD 
translation guide at GameFaqs for more on the individual 
types in the edit area of the guide. 
4-CRITICAL refers to which moves can KO opponents with, certain move 
types within the assigned CRITICAL type will have the potential to KO 
the opponent, one noted anomaly is that top rope attacks can not 
CRITICAL.  This will be noted as such for wrestlers who have finisher 
assigned as CRITICAL type and a top rope finisher.  Moves that can 
CRITICAL are marked with a !, favorite CRITICAL moves with a !!
5-Special Skill refers to an assigned skill that gives wrestlers a 
special ability, see Frank James Chan’s excellent FPD translation guide 
at GameFaqs and look under the edit area for a good example.
6-(+) and (-) are scouting reports on individual strengths and 
weaknesses, rather, I generally attempted to detail at least one 
statistical strength and weakness, and one gameplay related strength 
and weakness for each wrestler.
7-Each wrestler has one Finisher, which can be done at any time in a 
match and up to four Signature moves, which are stronger than their 
normal moves.
8-Notable Moves are three moves that are favorites of the author, aside 
from the Finisher and Signature Moves. They are chosen mainly for match 
ending ability, which means that strong grapples, corner grapples, and 
ground moves are often chosen as Notable Moves, as they both are quite 
strong, and are often the most impressive moves in a wrestlers arsenal.
9-Recommended Download Moves are downloadable moves that you can save 
to the VMU for created wrestler edits, Orochi Geese has an excellent 
guide at his website on how to download, and is always helpful at the 
Fire Pro D board at GameFaqs.
10-Character Guides have already been done for many characters, and are 
in great depth, while this guide gives a lot of information on each 
wrestler, these guides are still highly recommended by the author, and 
will be indicated if available.
11-Author’s Notes are my own thoughts on each wrestler, they may be 
redundant with the scouting reports, but also could contain info on 
their history, or on personal strategies I use for or against the 
wrestler.  Just consider it my own personal color commentary:)

---(Shohei “Giant” Baba)---
Total Edit Points-203
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-One Hit Finisher

+_Giant defense style is extremely effective
+_Very high stats with 10 in Punch offence and defense, and in Power 
offence and Ground defense
-_Low stats in Rough offence, and Crush and Suplex defense
-_A miss with the 32-Ton Dropkick leaves him wide open for retaliation

Running-A-Neckbreaker Drop !
Signature Moves
Standing-X+A-32-Ton Dropkick
Counter To Run-A-16-Ton Big Boot
Front Grapple-U+B-Jumping Chop To Head
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Russian Leg Sweep
Notable Moves
Top Rope Standing-X+A-Missile Dropkick
Front Grapple-L/R+A-Coconut Crush
Back Grapple-X+A-Baba Style Cobra Clutch (Bent Over Knee Cobra Clutch)
Recommended Download Moves
Character Guide by GokuKenshiro
(Author’s Notes-The late founder of AJPW, and a beloved legend in 
Japan, Baba is a powerful character in FPD.  His Giant defense skill 
makes it hard to hit grapples on him, and his moveset is rather diverse 
for a giant style wrestler.  The Neckbreaker Drop will CRITICAL fairly 
often, and is an effective move for finishing matches.  Not only that, 
but his “ooh” sounds are the most entertaining in the game, period!)

---(Jumbo Tsuruta)---
Total Edit Points-280
CRITICAL Type-Suplex
Special Skill-Monster

+_Second highest rated wrestler in the game with nearly no weaknesses
+_Devastating suplexes easily destroy opponents
+_10 stats in Suplex, Power on offence, and Suplex and Crush on defense
-_Low Submission rating on offence
-_Performance drops slightly when cut open

Back Grapple-L/R+B-Original Backdrop Suplex !
Signature Moves
Running At Opponent in Corner-X-Running Knee Attack
Front Grapple-U+A-Double Arm Suplex
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Original Backdrop Suplex !
Back Grapple-U/D+B-Backdrop Suplex Pin
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-U+B-Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
Corner Grapple-D+B-Avalanche Back Suplex
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Tsuruta is almost unfair.  With a powerful offence and 
no real defensive flaws, Jumbo is perhaps the best wrestler in the 
game.  While no longer living, Tsuruta is still quite the unstoppable 
force in FPD.  Any strategy with him should focus on using the Original 
Backdrop Suplex repeatedly to finish an opponent.)

---Genichiro Tenryu---
Total Edit Points-181
CRITICAL type-Finisher
Special Skill-Hardbody

+_One of the toughest wrestlers in the game, almost impossible to pin
+_High Punch stats on offence and defense, high Crush and Kick defense
-_Low Respiratory requires him to breathe often  
-_Low Tech and Submission stats 

Front Grapple-D+B-Powerbomb Pin !
Signature Moves
Standing-X-Guh (Jab) Punch
Top Rope Down-X-Diving Elbow Drop
Front Grapple-A-Grapple Back Brain Kick
Front Grapple-X+A-Northern Lights Bomb
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Lift Up Short Arm Chops
Opponent Down Face Up at Head-A-WAR Special
Corner Grapple-D+B-Spider German Suplex
Recommended Download Moves
Character Guide by GokuKenshiro
(Author’s Notes-54 years old at the time of this writing, and still 
going strong, Tenryu is one of those ageless wonders who seem to never 
slow down.  Now a competitor in New Japan, it is ironic that he was 
placed in AJPW in FPD, as he had a bitter split with the company in 
real life.  A fearsome brawler with some of the best knife-edge chops 
and punches in the industry, one should never underestimate Tenryu.  
He, along with Riki Chosyu is one of the hardest opponents in the game 
to pin.)

---Toshiaki Kawada--- 
Total Edit Points-231 
CRITICAL Type-Strike
Special Skill-Second Wind

+_Overall high defense stats 
+_Has several kicks that easily cut open the opponent
+_High Arm endurance
-_Low Tech, Power, and Submission stats on offence
-_Strike CRITICAL type seems ineffective
-_Back Brain Kick Finisher is easy to miss

Standing-B-Back Brain Kick !!
Signature Moves
Front Grapple-B-Stretch Plum (Arm/Leg Hook w/ Facelock)
Front Grapple-D+B-Kawada Powerbomb Pin
Back Grapple-U/D+B-Backdrop Driver
Opponent Down Face Up at Head-A-Stretch Plum
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-A-Step Kicks
Front Grapple-U+B-Sheer Drop Brainbuster
Back Grapple-B-Stretch Plum (Arm/Leg Hook w/ Facelock)
Recommended Download Moves
-Arm Wrench Hook Kick (JB)
-Blade Kick (JB)
Character Guide By Vipermask
(Author’s Notes-Dangerous K is one of my favorites in FPD.  Considered 
one of classic AJPW’s Big Four with Misawa, Kobashi, and Taue, he has 
been responsible for some of the best matches of all time.  One of the 
last old stalwarts left in AJPW from the pre-split era with NOAH, 
Kawada is the living symbol of the King’s Road style.  In FPD, he has a 
great variety of powerful kicks and vicious grapple moves, and is a 
versatile wrestler, able to take advantage of many different 

---Hiroshi Hase---
Total Edit Points-169 
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-Stardom

+_Giant Swing is a hilarious signature
+_Very high Suplex offence with an offence built around suplexes 
-_Low Rough and Kick on offence, low Lariat defense
-_Lower stats keep him out of the AJPW top tier

Front Grapple-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex !
Signature Moves
Counter To Run-A-Uranage (Sambo/Back Throw Suplex)
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Uranage (Sambo/Back Throw Suplex)
Back Grapple-U/D+B-Uranage (Sambo/Back Throw Suplex)
Opponent Down Face Up at Feet-B-Giant Swing
Notable Moves
Back Grapple-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin
Corner Grapple-U+B-Overhead Belly To Belly Superplex
Corner Grapple-L/R+B-Exploder Superplex
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Hase is an interesting character, on one hand, he has a 
variety of over the top taunts, and the infamous Giant Swing, albeit 
minus a swing counter, ala Giant Gram 2000(The game displayed the # of 
revolutions you spun around in the Giant Swing).  On the other hand, he 
has a dead serious offence with tons of damaging suplexes, including a 
personal favorite, the Uranage, which is available from a number of 
positions.  Hase is also notable for having served in the Japanese 
Diet, their legislative body.)

---Masahito Kakihara---
Class-Heavyweight/Junior Heavyweight
Total Edit Points-111 
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_Has a good mix of strikes and submissions
+_Good Submission, Stretch, and Kick stats
-_A 1 in Rough offence, low defense for Crush, Lariat, Suplex, Flying, 
and low Ground stats on both offence and defense
-_Low Neck and Body endurance
-_Performance takes a huge hit when cut open

2-L/R+B-Kaki Cutter (STO/ Forwards Leg Sweep Slam) !
Signature Moves
Running-A-Shotei (Palm Strike)
Front Grapple-U+B-Knee/Palm Strikes/Kick Combo
Back Grapple Counter-A-Heel Hold
Opponent Down Face Up at Feet-A-Heel Hold
Notable Moves
Standing-B-Axe Kick
Opponent Down Face Down at Head-A-Kata Hajime
Corner Grapple-U+B-Top Rope Takedown Cross Armbar
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Kakihara is a strange character.  On one hand, he 
resembles many of the shoot style fighters in FPD, with his UWF 
background.  However, his low ground stats, and poor defense should 
keep him out of the shoot arena.  He is a good submission fighter in 
the wrestling ring, and makes a good tag partner.)

---(Dory Funk Jr.)---
Total Edit Points-204
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-One Hit Reversal

+_10 on both offence and defense Technical stats 
+_High Neck, Arm, and Leg endurance
-_Low Kick offence
-_No top rope moves

Opponent Down Face Up at Feet-A-Spinning Toelock !
Signature Moves
Front Grapple-X-European Uppercut
Front Grapple-A-Headlock Punch
Front Grapple-D+A-Double Arm Delay Suplex
Opponent Down Face Down at Feet-A-Indian Deathlock
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-L/R+A-Gutwrench Suplex
Front Grapple-D+B-Inverted Tombstone Piledriver (Kneel Driver)
Back Grapple-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Hold
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Funk is one of the best technicians of all time, and 
now trains wrestlers at his Funking Conservatory.  His FPD strategy 
should be to constantly ground his opponent, and to destroy their leg 
with the deadly Spinning Toehold.  For a good tag team, place him with 
his brother, Terry, who is in the WCW fed.)

---(Stan Hansen)--- 
Total Edit Points-188
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-One Hit Finisher

+_Western Lariat is a deadly CRITICAL inducing weapon 
+_10 on Arm Power
+_Strong Head, Arm, and Leg endurance
-_Very low Submission and Technical stats
-_Overuse of the Lariat can lead to exhaustion

Running-A-Western Lariat !!
Signature Moves
Standing-B-Football Charge
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Head Hold Lariat
Front Grapple-D+B-Powerbomb Whip
Back Grapple-X+A-Back Brain Lariat
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-X+A-Powerbomb Pin
Back Grapple-L/R+B-Backdrop Driver
Running At Opponent on Ground-B-Running Elbow Drop
Recommended Download Moves
Character Guide by Billwood
(Author’s Notes-Hoooooo! Stan “The Lariat” Hansen is one of the 
toughest wrestlers in FPD.  His Western Lariat is the best clothesline 
in the game, bar none.  In real life, it has even been noted to have 
literally knocked Vader’s eye out of its socket, which he managed to 
thankfully put back in.  One of the most beloved Americans to have 
wrestled extensively in Japan, and one of the most memorable cowboy 
wrestlers ever, Hansen is a legend in two countries.)

---(Bruiser Brody)---
Total Edit Points-224
Defense- Orthodox
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-One Hit Finisher

+_10 for Power offence, and Crush, Lariat, and Rough defense
+_King Kong Knee Drop can wreck an opponent with a few uses 
+_High endurance for entire body
-_Low Submission and Technical offence
-_Has a number of top rope moves that can easily miss

Running At Opponent on Ground-B-King Kong Knee Drop !
Signature Moves
Running-X-Big Boot
Top Rope Down-A-Diving Leg Drop
Front Grapple-U+X-Scoop Slam
Opponent Down Face Up at Head-B-Leg Drop
Notable Moves
Running-A-Cross Body Pin
Top Rope Down-X-Diving King Kong Knee Drop
Top Rope Standing-X+A-Diving Cross Body Pin 
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Brody was known for refusing to job to anyone, along 
with his wild ferocity in the ring.  He is one of the best wrestlers in 
FPD, with no real weaknesses, and an extremely effective finisher.  He 
sadly was stabbed to death after a match many years ago, but still is 
one of FPD’s elite wrestlers.)

---Dr. Death Steve Williams---
Total Edit Points-184
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-One Hit Finisher

+_Great power wrestler with a number of damaging moves
+_10 in Power offence, strong in Suplex and Arm Power offence
+_Overall high defense 
-_1 on Submission and Technical offence, low Submission defense
-_Fairly slow movement

Back Grapple-U/D+B-Homicide Backdrop Suplex !!
Signature Moves
Counter to Run-A-Powerslam
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Falling Front Powerslam Pin
Front Grapple-D+B-Dr. Bomb (Sitdown Gutwrench Bomb)
Corner Grapple-D+B-Oklahoma Stampede (Running Corner Smash to Powerslam 
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-U+B-Brainbuster
Back Grapple-B-Cobra Clutch
Back Grapple-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Pin
Recommended Download Moves
Character Guide by GokuKenshiro
(Author’s Notes-Dr. Death and his Homicide Backdrop are truly feared in 
the world of FPD.  Williams is one of the top power based wrestlers in 
the game, along with Vader, Norton, and Hansen.  His best strategy is 
to constantly work the neck with his power moves, and the Cobra Clutch.  
The Powerslam, Oklahoma Stampede, and Dr. Bomb are all effective 
pinning moves)

---(Terry Gordy)---
Total Edit Points-164
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_High Power, Arm Power on offence, good defense
+_Moveset works well with his statistical strengths
-_Low Kick offence, Submission stats
-_No special skill

Front Grapple-D+B-Powerbomb Pin !
Signature Moves
Running At Opponent in Corner-B-Corner Lariat
Front Grapple-L/R+A-DDT
Opponent Down Face Down at Feet-A-STF
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-U+B-Chokeslam
Recommended Download Moves
Opponent Down Face Up at Feet-A-Sasorigatame (Sharpshooter)
(Author’s Notes-Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy is a solid mid card level 
wrestler in AJPW.  He is a good tag team member to pick, as he is able 
to absorb a good deal of damage, and is able to come in and clear the 
ring if necessary with his lariats and strong grapple moves.)

---(Gary Albright)--- 
Total Edit Points-171
CRITICAL Type-Suplex
Special Skill-One Hit Finisher

+_Grapples can annihilate an opponent in minutes
+_10 for Suplex on offence 
-_Low Technical and Rough on offence, overall average defense
-_Performance takes a huge hit if cut open

Back Grapple-L/R+B-Release Full Nelson Suplex !!
Signature Moves
Back Grapple-U/D+B-German Suplex !
Back Grapple-X+A-Double German Suplex !
Opponent Down Face Down at Feet-B-Pickup German Suplex !
Back Mount-B-Pickup German Suplex !
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-U+A-Side Belly to Belly Suplex Throw
Front Grapple-D+B-Double Underhook Snap Suplex
Back Grapple-B-Scissored Sleeper
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Albright is a nasty fighter.  Do not grapple with him 
unless you are sure you can win, or you will pay a steep price.  
Playing with the late Gary Albright, go for the back grapple at every 
opportunity, every strong back grapple move is extremely effective and 
damaging, and many of them have CRITICAL potential.  His back switch 
move (Front Grapple-A) is an excellent way to set up for back 

---(Johnny Ace)---
Total Edit Points-150
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_Great grapples with tons of match ending moves from different 
+_High Punch and Crush defense
-_Overall average stats
-_No special skill

Front Grapple-D+B-Johnny Spike (Elevated DDT) !
Signature Moves
Counter to Run-A-Mexican Ace Crusher (Toss To Ace Crusher)
Top Rope Standing-B-Diving Lariat
Front Grapple-U+B-Ace Crusher (Inverted Bulldog Drop)
Back Grapple-X+A-Cobra Clutch Suplex
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Guillotine Ace Crusher (Fameasser)
Back Grapple Counter-A-Ace Crusher
Corner Grapple-U+B-Avalanche Ace Crusher
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Johnny Ace was a pure innovator.  His Ace Crusher is 
the root of both the Stone Cold Stunner and the Diamond Cutter, not to 
mention the many rip-offs of those two moves.  Today, he has a 
management role in the WWE, and has been strongly criticized for some 
very questionable decisions. In FPD, his movelist is properly stacked 
with a number of powerful moves.  Try to send opponents into the 
corner, as he has several nasty moves from there.  The Movement, his 
tag team with Mike Barton is an effective one in the game.)

---Mike Barton---
Total Edit Points-134 
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_High Punch, Power, and Rough stats
+_Punches can destroy an opponent from a standing position
-_Low Submission, Instant Power, and Technical stats
-_Takes much more damage when cut open

Standing-Dir+B-Hook Punch
Signature Moves
Standing-X-Jab Punch
Front Grapple-X-Body Punch
Front Grapple-B-Straight Impact Haymaker
Front Grapple-X+A-Tenzan Tombstone Piledriver (Scoop Tombstone Driver)
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-U+B-Barton Cutter (Diamond Cutter)
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Barton Spike (Elevated DDT)
Mount Top-X-Mount Alternating Punches
Recommended Download Moves
-Golden Left
(Author’s Notes-The former Bart Gunn has a good mix of powerful 
standing strikes and powerful grapple moves.  He shares a number of 
moves with his former tag partner, Johnny Ace.  Make sure you 
occasionally take a break to breathe while throwing his standing 
punches, as they wear him out quickly.) 

---Taiyo Kea---
Total Edit Points-136 
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_Diverse moveset with many impressive moves from different positions
+_Above average kick stats on offence and defense
-_Hawaiian Smasher finisher lacks CRITICAL potential
-_Overall average to low stats 

Front Grapple-X+A-Hawaiian Smasher (TKO/Fireman Carry to Cutter)
Signature Moves
Standing-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
Running-A-Running DDT
Front Grapple-L/R+A-Hashimoto Three Kick Combo 
Front Grapple-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-B-Frankensteiner Pin
Corner Grapple-L/R+B-Reverse Splash Pin
Corner Grapple-D+B-Super Inverted DDT
Recommended Download Moves
-Mutoh Shining Wizard(JB)
-Corner/Skewer Shining Wizard
-Kea Rush
Character Guide by DOwen
(Author’s Notes-The former Maunakea Mossman has been influenced by the 
likes of Hiroshi Hase and Keiji Mutoh.  He has a dynamic moveset, and 
is held back mainly due to his average stats.  A re-edit is mandatory 
for him, as he has changed quite a bit from his FPD version.)

---Jim Steele--- 
Total Edit Points-100
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_Finisher can CRITICAL opponents 
+_Has a number of good power based moves in his moveset 
-_No real statistical strengths
-_Atrocious Recovery stats
-_Takes a slow time climbing the ropes for two of his signature moves

Front Grapple-D+B-Turbo Drop I (Thunder Fire Powerbomb Whip) !
Signature Moves
Counter To Run-X-Tilt A Whirl Slam
Top Rope Down-A-Diving Splash
Top Rope Standing-X+A-Diving Shoulder Block
Front Grapple-U+B-Running Powerslam (Oklahoma Slam)
Notable Moves
Running-A-Flying Shoulder Block
Counter To Run-A-Powerslam Pin
Front Grapple-X+A-Powerbomb Whip
Recommended Download Moves
-Turbo Drop II
(Author’s Notes-Steele is the former Wolf Hawkfield, which was an AJPW 
gimmick that was based off of Virtua Fighter’s character of the same 
name.  One interesting aspect of his FPD version is that his finisher 
is near identical to his X+A Powerbomb Whip.  Not one of the strongest 
people in the AJPW organization.)  

---Johnny Smith--- 
Total Edit Points-130 
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_Decent Submission, Stretch, and Technical stats
+_Medium fast climbing rate sets up well for Front Dropkick signature
+_Works the arm and neck with a variety of moves
-_Takes a huge hit when cut open
-_Low Rough and Kick on offence, and low against Lariats on defense

Front Grapple-L/R+B-British Fall (Scoop to Inverted DDT) !
Signature Moves
Top Rope Standing-X+A-Diving Dropkick
Front Grapple-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb Pin
Back Grapple-B-Crossface Chickenwing
Back Grapple-L/R+B-High Angle German Suplex Pin
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-A-Armwringer Flip
Front Grapple-U+B-Death Valley Bomb
Opponent Down Face Up at Head-A-Crossface Chickenwing
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-The British technician, Johnny Smith is a blast to use 
in FPD.  He is quite versatile, and can wrestle a number of styles, 
whether that be a technical struggle, working the arm and the head, or 
a power clash with his Sitdown Powerbomb, Death Valley Bomb, and 
British Fall.  Do avoid shoot fights and deathmatches with him, 
however.  I personally enjoy forming a British dream team of sorts with 
him, Davey Boy Smith, and Dynamite Kid.)

---Masanobu Fuchi---
Class-Heavyweight/Junior Heavyweight
Total Edit Points-166 
CRITICAL Type-Finisher
Special Skill-None

+_Has a number of good submission holds
+_High stats on Stretch, Technical, Rough, Submission, and Suplex 
-_Low Power, Punch, and Arm Power on offence, and low Lariat defense
-_No Special Skill

Back Grapple-L/R+B-Backdrop Suplex !
Signature Moves
Standing-B-Low Dropkick
Standing-X+A-Back Brain Kick
Back Grapple-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Pin
Corner Grapple-D+B-Stun Gun (Forward Drop To Ropes)
Notable Moves
Front Grapple-L/R+B-Double Arm Suplex Pin
Opponent Down Face Down at Feet-A-Reverse Viper Hold
Opponent Down Face Down at Head-B-Elbow Grind Armlock
Recommended Download Moves
(Author’s Notes-Fuchi is a great Jr. technician, and can take many 
Heavyweights to task as well.  Be sure to wear opponents down with his 
many submission holds, and then finish them with either his Backdrop 
Suplex, Backdrop Suplex Hold, or his Enzuigiri.)


Credits+Some Great Links
(Taken directly from my Finisher/Favorite FAQ, I used the same sources 
for this guide as I did for that one)
1. The GameFaqs Fire Pro boards---introducing me to the phenomenon that 
is Fire Pro Wrestling
2. Bill Wood, Pink Spider, Kkorn34713, Frank James Chan, Viper Mask, 
GokuKenshiro, Orochi Geese, and all the other great FPD contributors---
creating guides, giving me information and advice that helped me figure 
out the translations and identities for the wrestlers and moves, and 
continuing to improve the Fire Pro experience, check out their guides 
to truly become a Fire Pro master!
3. Spike---creating the best wrestling game series ever, period.
4. www.gswf.org---for providing the edit points, tons of info that is 
used in this guide and being a general Fire Pro D authority on about 
anything, this is one of the best FPD sites out there, any fan should 
either check it out, or most likely already has done so.
5. www.puroresufan.com---for being the best up to date authority for 
English Puroresu fans, and really piquing my interest in Japanese 
wrestling, has a great board for wrestling discussion and international 
wrestling news, may only cover NJPW now on their main news page, but 
they do it well.
6. www.puroresu.com---for being the best English source available on 
the history of the wonderful world of Puroresu, a must see for any fan 
of pro wrestling the way it used to be.
7.Jujigatame Puroresu (http://geocities.com/jpuroresu)---great 
profiles, got lots of move names from here, a good place to go if you 
just want to learn the basic facts about the Puro stars in FPD.  
8. www.quebrada.net---A very nice site with a great set of summaries of 
old school Puro, plus a great Puro Dictionary that can help you learn 
basic Japanese terms.
9. http://www.angelfire.com/freak/jblackhart/moves.html---This is the 
site for Jason Blackheart’s download moves that he hacked from Fire Pro 
Z for the PS2-I have not been able to download any of them yet, but I 
recommend this site to anyone who can do so.
10. http://fpwd2k.gswf.org/Frontpage.html---Rock n’ Roll’s excellent 
site that walks you through graphical representations of the menus and 
has great edit packs to boot.  Must see for beginners new to FPD, and 
vets looking for edit packs.
11. http://www.wrestlecrap.com---This site may not have given me any 
real info for this guide, but is a must read for any wrestling fan, 
especially old school fans, and those disenfranchised with the WWE and 
constantly provides me with a number of great laughs every week.
12. http://og-fpd.freeservers.com---Orochi Geese’s great site with its 
own exclusive FAQ’s, edit packs, his own personal fed (OG- FPD), and 
other goodness.  O.G. deserves special thanks here for assembling my 
guide from posts on the Gamefaqs message boards and placing it on his 
site when Gamefaqs was having problems with my guide submission.

If any of these links fail to work, please inform me, and if 
applicable, send me a working link to the site.  If you feel you have 
been left off the list, want to contribute or see a site that should be 
included, please let me know ASAP!
Version 1.1-Changed base format to Courier New from Times New Roman, 
changed the spacing format for the Scouting Reports, and added more 
commentary for some wrestlers
Version 1.0-Added all wrestlers with weight class, total edit points, 
CRITICAL info, Special Skill info, scouting report, Finisher, 
Signature, and Notable moves, and recommended download moves, added a 
basic description of AJPW

If anyone can provide me with the Fire Pro names of all the wrestlers 
and feds, I promise you will receive a great deal of credit and 
appreciation, anyone willing to aid me with bios for individual 
wrestlers or to help with more detailed fed descriptions is also 
extremely welcome to offer your aid.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Please contact me if 
you wish to use this guide on your own site, I encourage you to do so, 
but only with permission.

If anyone wishes to contact me with feedback on this FAQ please post on 
the Fire Pro D board at GameFaqs(www.gamefaqs.com) or E-mail at 

Copyright 2003-2004 Nicholas Miller

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