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Finisher/Favorite Move List by The Senator

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 05/08/04

Fire Pro D Finisher and Favorite Move List
Created by The Senator
Table of Contents
-Move positions
-Wrestler info explained
-Move name explanations
2.Wrestler Organizations
-Japan-NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, FMW, M-Pro, Toryumon,          BJPW, Osaka Pro
-Freelance Wrestlers
-N. America-WWF, WCW, AAA
-Shoot Style-RINGS, Pancrase, Battlearts 
-Gruesome(Mixed Martial Arts)
4.Coming Soon
5.Other Stuff
-A)-Timeline and Update Information
-B)-Edit Point Information
-C)- CRITICAL Information

1. Legend
Move Positions
1-Ready Position 2-Front Grapple 3-Back Grapple 4-Top Rope Opponent 
Standing 5-Top Rope Opponent Down 6-Opponent Down Face Up at Head 7-
Opponent Down Face Down at Head 8-Opponent Down Face Up at Feet 9-
Opponent Down Face Down at Feet 10-Corner Grapple 11-Running 12-Running 
Opponent on Ground 13-Run Counter 14-Mount 15-Mount Back 16-Back 
Grapple Counter 17-Springboard Attack 18-Running at Opponent in corner 
19-Run out of Ring 20-Leap out of Ring 21-Corner Springboard 22-
Headlock Sprawl 23-Apron Grapple Inside 24-Apron Grapple Outside 25-
Mount Counter 26-Back Grapple Counter 27-Sprawl Counter 28-Top Rope 
Counter 29-Top Rope Back Counter

--Sample Fighter--
(The Senator) (H) 250 (Str)
*2-D+B-Capture Bomb
11-X-Yakuza Kick 
2-B-Shining Capitol (Shining Wizard) !!
3-X+A-Conservatizer (Full Nelson Bulldog) 
8-A-Tax Cut (Elevated Half Crab)
( )-Signifies hidden wrestlers
*-Signifies Finisher
(H)-states that the wrestler can compete in Heavyweight matches in 
Victory Road, (J)-Junior Heavyweight, (H/J)-Can compete in both 
divisions in Victory Road 

The number following weight classification denotes total edit skill 
points for wrestler.  The higher the number, the greater their skills 
are, but it does not necessarily mean that they will be able to 
consistently defeat others with lower statistics.  Different wrestlers 
have different strengths and weaknesses, and anyone can win a match 
with the right strategy and execution.

The short term following the number denotes the wrestler's CRITICAL 
type-the types of moves a wrestler can KO their opponent with.  Just 
because a move is not marked does not mean that it can not CRITICAL an 
opponent, also a CRITICAL is an imprecise thing to get.  Just because a 
move falls within the wrestler's CRITICAL type, it does not mean that 
it will CRITICAL please contact me if you find any mistakes with these. 

A "!" following a move states that it can CRITICAL.  
A !! indicates a favorite CRITICAL move of the author.  

CRITICAL Types; (N)-None, (F)-Finisher-not all finishers CRITICAL, and 
top rope moves rarely ever do so, even if noted to do so, (T)-
Technical-Pins and quick moves that do not KO an opponent, but rather 
make for an easy pin, (P)-Power-A favorite type of many fans, moves 
such as powerbombs and piledrivers are in this category, (Sub)-
Submission-Submission holds will instantly make an opponent give up 
with this one, and often will break a limb as well (rolling sell 
animation)  (Str)-Strike-Punches, kicks and certain other striking 
moves can CRITICAL, including grapple variations,  (Sup)-Suplex-many 
throwing moves and judo type moves, not to mention many suplex types 
all CRITICAL with this type 

Note-Move names are mainly named off of either memory or off of the 
move name FAQ, some may be explained further if needed for 
clarification.  The names are intended to satisfy the largest audience 
possible, so both Puro vets and American fans new to the game will 
understand what the guide refers to. Some moves will be referred to by 
their gimmick names.  In the 1.5 update and since, I added descriptions 
to as many moves as possible, to make this guide relevant in the 
future, when some of the popular American move names might not be as 
common.  Some moves have better substitutes which are available as 
downloads, and some of those will be indicated.  Please contact me if 
you feel that the names can be improved, or if there are 
inconsistencies aside from gimmick names.  L and R stand for directions 
as no favorite moves use the triggers for execution.  

2. Wrestler Organizations
(All organizations are in their default FPD order listed from left to 
right starting with NJPW, if you see any errors in the short 
descriptions or want me to add something, please let me know.)

 New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)
Number of Wrestlers-39(27 Heavyweights, 12 Jr. Heavy Division)
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-162(163 Heavy, 162 Jr. Heavy)
{NJPW was founded by Antonio Inoki back in the early '70s, following 
his departure from the original major Japanese promotion, the JWA.  His 
claim that wrestling is the strongest martial art has been the basis of 
the NJPW style through the years.  New Japan Strong Style has evolved 
over time, from a technical style in the '70s to a power wrestling 
style emphasizing fighting spirit during Riki Chosyu's years in charge, 
to a controversial semi shoot style recently, and finally back to a 
pure wrestling style today.  New Japan is considered the leader in 
Japan, and their huge roster in Fire Pro D is one result.}

(Antonio Inoki) (H) 283 (Sub)
*1-B-Back Brain Kick (Enzuigiri)
2-X-Straight Head Punch (Knuckle Arrow)
2-B-Octapus Hold (Manjigatame) !
3-X+A-Mysterious Choke Sleeper (Sleeper Twist Neckbreaker) !
7-A-Armbreaker Lock !

Riki Chosyu (H) 214 (F)
*8-A-Sanrigatame (Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter) !
2-U+A-Vertical Suplex
3-L/R+B-Side Backdrop Suplex

Tatsumi "Dragon " Fujinami (H) 229 (T)
*13-A-Sleeper Hold to Dragon Sleeper
2-D+X-Dragon Screw
2-L/R+B-Ground Abdominal Stretch Pin !
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin
6-A-Dragon Sleeper

Masahiro Chono (H) 197 (F)
*8-A-STF (Stepover Toehold Facelock) !!
11-A-Yakuza (Kenka/Front) Kick (Shining Black Download)
4-B-Diving Shoulder Block
7-A-Butterfly Lock
9-A-Deathlock STF

(Keiji Mutoh) (H) 192 (F)
*5-A-High Speed Moonsault !
2-D+X-Dragon Screw (Mutoh Version Download)
8-A-Figure Four Leglock

Kensuke Sasaki (H) 184 (F)
*2-X+A-Northern Lights Driver (Northern Lights Bomb) !
13-X-Back Ipponai (Backside Arm Throw)
6-A-Stranglehold Gamma

Manabu Nakanishi (H) 195 (F)
*2-U+B-Argentine Backbreaker (Torture Rack) !
2-U+A-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex
2-D+A-Waterwheel Drop (Over the Shoulder Falling Drop)
3-L/R+B-German Suplex Pin

Yuji Nagata (H) 159 (F)
*8-A-Nagata Lock I (Side Reverse Figure Four Leglock) !
2-U+A-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex
2-L/R+B-Exploder Suplex (Known as T-bone Suplex in US)
3-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Pin
7-A-Nagata Lock II (Crossface)

Hiroyoshi Tenzan (H) 171 (N)
*5-X-Diving Headbutt
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
13-A-Mountain Bomb (Semi Fireman Carry Drop)
5-A-Diving Moonsault
2-A-Mongolian Chop

Satoshi Kojima (H) 168 (F)
*11-A-Lariat !
13-A-Ryden Bomb (Sitout Spinebuster Pin)
5-X-Diving Elbow Drop
2-X+A Koji Cutter (Diamond Cutter)
7-A-Armbreaker Lock (Koji MAX Hold Download)

Shiro Koshinaka (H) 165 (F)
*2-D+B-Koshinaka Powerbomb Pin !
11-A-Hip Attack
4-X+A-Diving Hip Attack
2-X+A-Powerbomb Bridge Pin

(Kazuo Yamazaki) (H) 166 (Str)
*2-D+B-Kazuo Rush (Rapid Kick Combo) !
11-A-Spin Wheel Kick
3-X+A-Double German Suplex Pin
8-A-Knee Lock
9-A-Ankle Lock

(Animal Hamaguchi) (H) 132 (N)
*12-B-Running Elbow Drop
11-A-Neckbreaker Drop
2-U+B-Samoan Drop
6-B-Elbow Drop

Takayuki Iizuka (H) 147 (F)
*7-A-Rear Naked Choke !
13-A-Uranage (Sambo/Back Throw Suplex)
2-L/R+B-Exploder Suplex
2-D+B-Blizzard Suplex (Exploder Suplex Pin)
3-B-Scissored Sleeper

Osamu Kido (H) 141 (T)
*16-A-Kido Clutch (Side Fireman Carry Cradle Pin) !
13-A-Reverse Armbar (Wakigatame)
2-L/R+B-Reverse Armbar
2-X+A-Kido Clutch !
6-A-Crooked Headscissors

Kengo Kimura (H) 134 (N)
*11-A-Inazuma (Lightning) Leg Lariat
2-A-Body Punch Combo
2-D+B-Jumping Piledriver
2-X+A-Powerbomb Pin
8-A-Triangle Deathlock

Junji Hirata (H) 143 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Machine Suplex (Hammerlock Suplex Pin) !
5-A-Diving Headbutt
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb

Yutaka Yoshie (H) 123 (F)
*-9-A-Reverse Figure Four Leglock !
2-L/R+B-Canadian Hammer (Gutwrench Facebuster/Dominator)
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb
7-B-Choke Sleeper

Tatsutoshi Gotoh (H) 145 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Jigoku (Hell) Backdrop Suplex !
11-A-Leaping Lariat
2-L/R+B-Side Backdrop Suplex
3-U/D+B-Side Backdrop Suplex
3-X+A-German Suplex Pin

"Mr. Muga" Osamu Nishimura (H) 128 (F)
*2-U+B-Northern Lights Suplex !
4-B-Diving Dropkick
2-B-Abdominal Stretch
3-L/R+B-German Suplex Pin

Tadao Yatsuda (H) 100 (F)
*2-X+A-Tiger Driver (Double Arm Sitdown Powerbomb Pin) !
18-B-Corner Splash
2-D+A-Double Arm Suplex
10-L/R+B-Sumo Slap Combo

Hiro Saito (H) 145 (N)
*5-A-Diving Senton Drop
2-L/R+B-Skewer (Face-first) DDT
3-X+A-Snap German Suplex Pin
6-B-Senton Drop
12-B-Senton Drop

Michiyoshi Ohara (H) 143 (F)
*2-U+B-Chokeslam !
11-A-Neckbreaker Drop
13-A-Mountain Bomb
5-X-Diving Elbow Drop
12-B-Elbow Drop

AKIRA (H) 140 (F)
*5-A-Musasabi Press (Diving Splash) !
2-U+B-Fisherman Suplex
3-U/D+B-Dragon Suplex Pin
3-X+A-Double German Suplex Pin

Scott "Flash" Norton (H) 178 (P)
*2-D+B-Snap Powerbomb Whip !
4-X+A-Diving Shoulder Block
2-U+B-Jackhammer (Hanging Vertical Suplex to Powerslam Pin)
2-X+A-Chokeslam !

Don Frye (H) 147 (F)
*2-X+A-Straight Impact Haymaker !
1-Dir+B-Hook Punch
2-D+A-Body Punch Combo
2-L/R+B-Boxer Punch Combo
6-B-Mounted Punch Combo

Super J (H) 121 (N)
*4-X+A-Diving Lariat
18-B-Corner Splash
2-D+B Powerbomb Whip
3-U/D+B Inverted DDT

(Kotetsu Yamamoto) (J) 124 (N)
*5-A-Diving Headbutt
5-X+A-Diving Splash
2-B-Canadian Backbreaker (Over One Shoulder Rack Hold)
3-X+A-German Suplex Pin

(Tiger Mask) (J) 233 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Tiger Suplex Pin (Double Arm Hook Suplex Pin) !
1-Dir+B-Jump Spinning Back Kick (Leaping Solebutt)
19-B-Space Flying Tiger Attack (Cartwheel Running Plancha)
5-X+A-Diving Moonsault
3-X+A-High Angle German Suplex Pin

(Dynamite Kid) (J) 199 (F)
*5-A-Flying Swan Dive Headbutt !
2-U+A-Snap Suplex
2-X+A-Jumping Tombstone Piledriver
6-B-Falling Headbutt

Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger (J) 174 (F)
*2-U+B-Hanging Brainbuster !!
11-A-Shotei (Palm Strike)
2-L/R+B-Triple Shotei Combo
2-D+B-Running Lyger Bomb (Running Head Drop Powerbomb)
10-U+B-Super Brainbuster

(Kuniaki Kobayashi) (J) 145 (F)
*2-U+B-Fisherman Suplex !
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
13-X-Thrust Kick
13-A-Spin Kick
3-B-Scissored Sleeper

El Samurai (J) 173 (F)
*3-U/D+B-Elevated Inverted DDT !
2-D+B-Kneeling Powerbomb Pin
3-A-Inverted DDT
10-L/R+B-Tornado Inverted DDT
10-D+B-Super Inverted DDT

Koji Kanemoto (J) 145 (F)
*3-X+A-Tiger Suplex Pin !
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
13-X-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex
5-X-Rolling Senton Drop
5-A-Diving Moonsault

Shinjiro Ohtani (J) 172 (F)
*3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin !
17-B-Wheel Kick
4-X+A-Diving Tornado DDT
2-X+A-Spiral Bomb
3-U/D+B-Release Dragon Suplex

Tatsuhito Takawia (J) 136 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Death Valley Driver (Also called Death Valley Bomb) !
2-D+B-Mochizuki Bomb (Triple Powerbomb Pin)
2-X+A-Fire Thunder Driver (Shoulder Carry Sitdown Piledriver)

Kendo Ka Shin (J) 178 (F)
*2-D+B-Takedown Cross Armbar !
1-X+A-Handshake Cross Armbar !!
3-X+A-Flipover Armbar !
7-A-Cross Armbar (Jujigatame) !
10-U+B-Super Armbar !

Shinya Makabe (J) 92 (F)
*3-U/D+B-High Angle German Suplex Pin !
2-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex
3-L/R+B-Double German Suplex Pin
3-X+A-Triple German Suplex Pin

(Black Tiger) (J) 170 (F)
*2-D+B-Inverted Piledriver (Sitdown Tombstone Piledriver) !
2-U+B-Forward Slam Suplex
3-U/D+B-Inverted Brainbuster
16-A-Back Groin Kick
 All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW)
Number of Wrestlers-18
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-174
{Another federation created in the same era as NJPW, All Japan was 
founded by Shohei Baba.  Their style has also changed through the 
years, as the original King's Road style used a great deal of 
intelligent psychology and hard strikes, but became less about that 
later on. With the death of Baba, and the departure of Mitsuharu Misawa 
and all but two members of the roster, All Japan went through its 
toughest phase.  AJPW had several changes following the release of FPD, 
including the defection of Keiji Mutoh from NJPW who became the owner 
of All Japan.}  

(Shohei "Giant" Baba) (H) 203 (F)
*11-A-Neckbreaker Drop !
1-X+A-32 Ton Dropkick
13-A-16 Ton Big Boot
2-U+B-Jumping Chop To Head
2-L/R+B-Russian Leg Sweep

(Jumbo Tsuruta) (H) 280 (Sup)
*3-L/R+B-Original Backdrop Suplex !
11-X-Running Knee Attack
2-U+A-Double Arm Suplex
2-L/R+B-Original Backdrop Suplex !
3-U/D+B-Backdrop Pin

Genichiro Tenryu (H) 181 (F)
*2-D+B-Powerbomb Pin !
1-X-Jab Punch
5-X-Diving Elbow Drop
2-A-Grapple Back Brain Kick
2-X+A-Northern Lights Driver

Toshiaki Kawada (H) 231 (Str)
*1-B-Back Brain Kick !!
2-B-Stretch Plum (Arm/Leg Hook w/ Facelock)
2-D+B-Kawada Powerbomb Pin
3-U/D+B-Backdrop Driver
6-A-Stretch Plum

Hiroshi Hase (H) 169 (F)
*2-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex !
8-B-Giant Swing

Masahito Kakihara (H/J) 111 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Kaki Cutter (STO) !
2-U+B-Knee/Palm Strikes/Kick Combo
16-A-Heel Hold
8-A-Heel Hold

(Dory Funk Jr.) (H) 204 (F)
*8-A-Spinning Toelock !
2-X-European Uppercut
2-A-Headlock Punch
2-D+A-Double Arm Delay Suplex
9-A-Indian Deathlock

(Stan Hansen) (H) 188 (F)
*11-A-Western Lariat !!
1-B-Football Charge
2-L/R+B-Head Hold Lariat
2-D+B-Powerbomb Whip
3-X+A-Back Brain Lariat

(Bruiser Brody) (H) 224 (F)
*12-B-King Kong Knee Drop !
11-X-Big Boot
5-A-Diving Leg Drop
2-U+X-Scoop Slam
6-B-Leg Drop

Dr. Death Steve Williams (H) 184 (F)
*3-U/D+B-Homicide Backdrop Suplex !!
2-L/R+B-Falling Front Powerslam Pin
2-D+B-Dr. Bomb (Sitdown Gutwrench Bomb)
10-D+B-Oklahoma Stampede (Running Corner Smash Slam)

(Terry Gordy) (H) 164 (F)
*2-D+B-Powerbomb Pin !
18-B-Corner Lariat

(Gary Albright) (H) 171 (Sup)
*3-L/R+B-Release Full Nelson Suplex !!
3-U/D+B-German Suplex !
3-X+A-Double German Suplex !
9-B-Pickup German Suplex !
15-B-Pickup German Suplex !

(Johnny Ace) (H) 150 (F)
*2-D+B-Johnny Spike (Elevated DDT) !
13-A-Mexican Ace Crusher (Toss To Ace Crusher)
4-B-Diving Lariat
2-U+B-Ace Crusher (Inverted Bulldog Drop)
3-X+A-Cobra Clutch Suplex

Mike Barton (H) 134 (N)
*1-Dir+B-Hook Punch (Golden Left Download)
1-X-Jab Punch
2-X-Body Punch
2-B-Straight Impact Haymaker
2-X+A-Tenzan Tombstone Piledriver (Scoop Tombstone Driver)

Taiyo Kea (H) 136 (N)
*2-X+A-Hawaiian Smasher (TKO/Fireman Carry to Cutter)
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
11-A-Running DDT
2-L/R+A-Hashimoto Three Kick Combo (Kea Rush Download) 
2-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex

Jim Steele (H) 100 (F)
*2-D+B-Powerbomb Whip ! (Turbo Drop II Download)
13-X-Tilt A Whirl Slam
5-A-Diving Splash
4-X+A-Diving Shoulder Block
2-U+B-Running Powerslam (Oklahoma Slam)

Johnny Smith (H) 130 (F)
*2-L/R+B-British Fall (Scoop to Inverted DDT) !
4-X+A-Diving Dropkick
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb
3-B-Crossface Chickenwing
3-L/R+B-High Angle German Suplex Pin

Masanobu Fuchi (H/J) 166 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Backdrop Suplex !
1-B-Low Dropkick
1-X+A-Back Brain Kick
3-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Pin
10-D+B-Stun Gun (Forward Drop To Ropes)

 Pro Wrestling NOAH
Number of Wrestlers-16
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-152
{An offshoot of All Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH came about when Mitsuharu 
Misawa took all but two members of the AJPW roster following a dispute 
with the AJPW president, and started his own federation.  NOAH is now 
the number two wrestling organization in Japan and is known for having 
some incredibly brutal matches, as well as some questionable booking at 

Mitsuharu Misawa (H) 241 (Str)
*2-D+B-Tiger Driver
1-B-Rolling Elbow !
2-L/R+B-Tiger Driver '91 (Sheer Drop Tiger Driver Pin)
2-X+A-Emerald Flowsion (Cradle Side Head Drop)
3-U/D+B-Tiger Suplex Pin

Kenta Kobashi (H) 209 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Burning Lariat (Head Hold Lariat) !!
5-A-Diving Moonsault
3-U/D+B-Half Nelson Suplex
10-U+B-Burning Hammer (Inverted Sheer Drop DVD)

Jun Akiyama (H) 200 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Exploder Suplex !!
11-A-Running Knee Attack
2-B-Roll Through DDT To Neck Lock (Facelock Download)
2-U+B-Exploder Suplex '98 (Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex)
2-X+A-Blue Thunder Bomb (Back Suplex Sitdown Powerbomb)

Akira Taue (H) 149 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Nodowa Otoshi (Chokeslam) (I Am Taue Download) !
11-X-Dynamic Kick (Running Side Kick)
4-X+A-Diving Dynamic Kick
2-X+A-Dynamic (Sitdown) Powerbomb
10-D+B-Super Chokeslam

Takao Omori (H) 148 (F)
*11-A-Axe Bomber (Hogan Style Lariat) !
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
5-A-Diving Double Knee Drop
3-U/D+B-Full Nelson Slam
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin

Yoshihiro Takayama (H) 132 (F)
*2-X+A-Dynamite Knee Strike Combo !!
2-B-Canadian Backbreaker
3-L/R+B-Everest (High Angle) German Suplex Pin
7-A-Cross Armbar
12-B-Leg Drop

Tamon Honda (H) 131 (F)
*3-X+A-German Suplex (Dead End Download) !
5-X-Diving Headbutt
2-B-Front Headbutt Combo
3-L/R+B-High Angle German Suplex Pin
9-A-Tamon's Shooter (STF)

Jun Izumida (H) 118 (N)
*5-X-Meteorite (Diving) Headbutt
1-B-Front Step Kick
2-D+X-Dragon Screw
2-B-Front Headbutt Combo

Masao Inoue (H) 125 (F)
*2-B-Argentine Backbreaker !
11-A-Falling Lariat
2-X-Eye Rake
2-D+B-Fallaway Slam Pin
3-L/R+B-Million Dollar Buster (Cobra Clutch Leg Sweep)

Daisuke Ikeda (H/J) 130 (N)
*11-A-Dai-Chan Bomber (Lariat)
1-Dir+B-Sobat (Turning Back Spin Kick)
4-B-Diving Dai-Chan Bomber (Diving Lariat)
2-D+A-Knee Combo
2-X+A-Muscle Buster (Hanging Double Leg Cradle Drop) 

Kentaro Shiga (H) 101 (F)
*10-L/R+B-Tornado DDT !
13-A-Reverse Armbar
4-Diving Dropkick
6-A-Cross Armbar
??-None given

Takeshi Rikoh (H) 128 (F)
*11-A-Power Lariat !
1-X+A-Football Charge
10-L/R+B-Sumo Slap Combo

Big Van Vader (H) 187 (P)
*2-D+B-Vader Powerbomb !!
1-B-Vader Hammer (Clubbing Strikes)
5-A-Diving Big Van Crush (Diving Splash)
3-X+A-Reverse Powerbomb !!
12-B-Big Van Crush (Running Splash Pin)

Yoshinari Ogawa (H/J) 194 (T)
*3-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Pin
2-L/R+B-Shake Jab Combo
3-U/D+B-Backdrop Driver
8-A-Jacknife Pin !

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (H/J) 124 (F)
*2-D+B-Fireball Bomb (Blue Thunder Bomb) !
11-A-Zero-sen Kick (Leaping Calf Kick)
5-X+A-Flying Swan Dive Headbutt
2-L/R+B-Fisherman Suplex
3-X+A-Triple German Suplex Pin

Yoshinobu Kanemaru (H/J) 120 (F)
*5-A-Diving Moonsault !
2-B-Kanemaru (Kido) Clutch
16-Back Groin Kick
10-U+B-Reverse Hurricanrana
10-L/R+B-Hollywood Star Press (Split Leg Moonsault)

 Frontier Martial arts Wrestling (FMW)
Number of Wrestlers-12
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-137
{A groundbreaking hardcore/garbage organization, founded by Atsushi 
Onita, FMW set the path for groups like ECW and the eventual "Attitude" 
era in the WWF.  FMW, now defunct today was known for having some of 
the most outrageous storylines ever in wrestling, especially with the 
infamous Team No Respect, but also was known for some brutal wrestling 
action as well.}

Hiromichi "Kodo" Fuyuki (H) 168 (N)
*11-A-Samson Lariat
2-X+A-Muscle Buster
3-B-Fuyuki Special (Arm/Leg Hook w/ Facelock)
16-A-Rolling Cradle
10-L/R+B-Super Inverted DDT

Hayabusa (H/J) 164 (F)
*5-A-Firebird (450) Splash !
5-X+A-Phoenix (Stardust) Press (Flipping Corkscrew Moonsault)
2-B-Sheer Drop Falcon Arrow
2-D+B-Emerald Flowsion 
2-X+A-H Edge (Turning Rock Bottom)

Mr. Gannosuke (H) 123 (F) 
*2-U+B-Fire Thunder Driver !
2-L/R+B-Northern Lights Suplex
2-X+A-Air Raid Crash (Rear Piledriver)
16-A-Kido Clutch
6-A-Full Nelson Camel Clutch

Masato Tanaka (H) 156 (F)
*10-U+B-Diamond Dust (2nd Rope Forward Flip to Stunner)!
1-B-Roaring (Rolling) Elbow
4-X+A-Diving Tornado DDT
2-D+A-Death Valley Driver
10-L/R+B-Tornado DDT

Jado (H) 145 (F)
*2-B-Crossface of Jado !
2-D+B-Powerbomb Whip
7-A-Crossface of Jado
10-L/R+B-Super Powerbomb Pin

Tetsuhiro Kuroda (H) 145 (F)
*11-A-Dynamite (Hooking) Clothesline !
2-U+B-Diamond Cutter
2-X+A-Elevated DDT
10-U+B-Avelanche Diamond Cutter 

Kintaro Kanemura (H) 129 (F)
*2-U+B-Thunder Fire Powerbomb Pin (High Angle Kneel Bomb)!
5-X+A-Blast Yama Special (Diving Senton Drop)
2-A-Low Blow
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb
3-X-Low Blow

Hisakatsu Ohya (H) 110 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Snap Backdrop Driver !
1-X+A-Back Brain Kick
2-L/R+B-Side Backdrop Suplex
3-U/D+B-Octapus Hold

GOEMON (H/J) 118 (F)
*2-X+A-Double Arm Facebuster (Pedigree) !
1-B-Green Mist
2-L/R+B-Exploder Suplex
2-D+B-Small Package Pin
7-A-Camel Clutch

Mammoth Sasaki (H) 118 (F)
*2-X+A-Mammoth Buster (Spinning Fireman Carry Bomb) !
1-B-Football Charge
2-B-Two Arm Choke Bomb
2-U+B-Strong Chokeslam
2-L/R+B-Dangan Bomb (Back Suplex to Powerbomb)

Gedo (H/J) 156 (F)
*9-A-Gedo Clutch (Camel Clutch Cradle Pin) !
1-Dir+B-Thrust Kick
5-A-Pump Frog Splash
2-B-Five Punch Combo
16-A-Back Groin Kick

Ricky Fuji (J) 109 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Kamakaze (Rolling Fireman Carry) !
1-Dir+B-Thrust Kick
2-B-Tiger Driver
2-U+B-Spinning Brainbuster
2-D+B-Double Arm DDT

 Michinoku Pro (M-Pro)
Number of Wrestlers-5
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-168
{One of the first and most famous predominantly junior heavyweight 
federations in Japan, and founded by The Great Sasuke, Michinoku Pro 
has been home to many top wrestlers who left to found their own groups.  
Note: Michinoku Pro was not named after TAKA Michinoku, but rather the 
region in Japan.}
Jinsei Shinzaki (H/J) 173 (F)
*7-A-Goku Raku Gatame (Cross Arm Camel Clutch) !
2-D+X-Dragon Screw
2-B-Back Flip Kick
2-L/R+B-Cross Powerbomb
2-D+B-Praying Powerbomb Pin

Gran Hamada (J) 202 (T)
*2-U+B-Hurricanrana !
13-A-Hurricanrana !
4-X+A-Diving Tornado DDT
10-U+B-Super Hama-Chan Cutter (Avalanche Diamond Cutter)

Great Sasuke (J) 173 (F)
*2-D+B-Sasuke Thunder Fire Powerbomb Pin !
19-B-Sasuke Special (Cartwheel to Flipping Plancha Attack)
20-B-Asai Moonsault (La Quebrada)
5-X-Swanton Bomb
21-X-Springboard Moonsault

Tiger Mask IV (J) 180 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Tiger Suplex Pin !
1-B-Overhand Punch
2-L/R+B-Stepover Cross Armbar
3-X+A-Millenium (Chickenwing) Suplex
25-B-Stranglehold Alpha

(Curry Man) (J) 114 (F)
*2-X+A-Spicy Drop (Inverted Fireman Carry Pancake) !
4-A-Diving Moonsault
2-B-Curry Cradle (Kido Clutch)
3-U/D+B-Inverted DDT
10-L/R+B-Split Leg Moonsault

 Toryumon: Ultimo Dragon Gym
Number of Wrestlers-6
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-122
{Ultimo Dragon's international wrestling organization is host to some 
of the fastest and most talented junior heavyweight competitors in the 
world, as well as some of the most unique factions of all time.}

(Ultimo Dragon) (J) 154 (F)
*6-A-Dragon Sleeper !
20-B-Asai Moonsault
5-A-Cancun Tornado (Corkscrew Moonsault)
3-U/D+B-Aztec Suplex (Crossarm Suplex Pin)
7-A-Magistral Pin

CIMA (J) 139 (F)
*5-A-MAD Splash (Pump Frog Splash) !
19-B-Flipping Plancha
2-L/R+B-Michinoku Driver II (Sitdown Scoop Slam Pin)
10-U+B-Iconoclasm (Inverted Cross Flipping Slam)
10-D+B-Crossarm Iconoclasm

Magnum Tokyo (J) 124 (F)
*5-A-Adult Video (Shooting) Star Press !
2-D+B-Viagra Driver (Pumphandle Michinoku Driver II)
3-X+A-Crossarm Suplex Pin
9-A-Magistral Pin
10-U+B-Gyrating Frankensteiner

SUWA (J) 100 (F)
*2-X+A-Triple F (Double Arm Facebuster) !
2-U+B-Black Tiger Bomb (Sitdown Cross Powerbomb)
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb
3-X+A-Jet Pool (Sitdown Reverse Powerbomb)
10-D+B-Super Cross Powerbomb

Sumo "Dandy" Fuji (H/J) 102 (F)
*2-X+A-Power Chokeslam !
11-A-Falling Lariat
3-A-Side Walk Slam
10-U+B-Super Chokeslam
10-L/R+B-Sumo Slap Combo

Dragon Kid (J) 111 (F)
*4-X+A-Dragonrana (450 Leap to Hurricanrana Pin) !
18-B-Dragon Ray (Jump Over Back Hurricanrana)
20-B-Asai Moonsault
17-B-Springboard Hurricanrana
21-X-Springboard Moonsault

 Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJPW)
Number of Wrestlers-5
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-136
{Another hardcore/garbage organization, Big Japan has had many bloody 
confrontations in its history, and still occasionally runs shows at the 
time this was written.}

Shadow WX (H) 146 (F)
*6-A-WX Lock (Full Nelson Camel Clutch) !
1-X+A-Big Fire
5-X-Diving Leg Drop
2-L/R+B-Fireman Carry To Diamond Cutter
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb

Ryuji Yamakawa (H) 126 (F)
*2-X+A-Reverse Tiger Driver(Double Arm Sitdown Facebuster) !
19-B-Somersault Senton
 4-X+A-Wheel Kick
10-L/R+B-Tornado DDT

Tomoaki Honma (H) 123 (N)
*5-A-Diving Headbutt
2-L/R+B-Rolling Elbow Combo
2-X+A-Fire Thunder Driver
10-U+B-Hurricanrana To Outside
10-L/R+B-Shalimarti (Diamond Dust)

Abdullah The Butcher (H) 176 (N)
*12-B-Sudanese Meat Cleaver Pin (Running Elbow Drop Pin)
2-X-Throat Thrust
2-D+A-Kneel Throat Thrust
3-L/R+B-Fork Attack
??-None Given

Mens Teogh (J) 108 (F)
*2-D+B-Miracle Ecstasy (Chokeslam Powerbomb Pin) !
5-A-Diving Elbow Drop
2-U+B-Shake Jab Combo
3-U/D+B-Full Nelson Slam
7-A-Teogh Lock (Double Arm Neck Lock)

 Osaka Pro
Number of Wrestlers-2
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-125
{Founded after owner Super Delfin left Michinoku Pro due to a feud with 
their star, Great Sasuke, Osaka Pro has a more light hearted atmosphere 
than many pro wrestling federations, but does not fail to deliver the 
action either, despite the small roster it has in Fire Pro D.}

Super Delfin (J) 136 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Osaka Cutter (Inverted Brainbuster Lift into Stunner) !!
1-X+A-Uppercut Shotei
2-X+A-Elevated DDT
7-A-Kabajo '01 (Camel Clutch)
10-L/R+B-Delfin Tornado DDT

Takehiro Murahama (H/J) 114 (F)
*2-X+A-Mahha Punch Rush (Fast Punch Combo) !
1-Dir+B-Kaga Hyakumangoku Uppercut (Uppercut Shotei)
11-X-Spin Wheel Kick
2-U+B-Takedown Cross Armbar

 Freelance Wrestlers
Number of Wrestlers-23
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-152
{A large mix of fighters who were either in transit between contracts, 
part of a federation too small or new to be considered for separate 
recognition in Fire Pro D, semi retired without having been in a 
organization to be put in, or just preferred not to stay in one place 
at the time of the game's release)  

(The Great Kabuki) (H) 132 (N)
*1-X+A-Green Mist
1-Dir+B-Thrust Kick
11-A-Falling Lariat
5-X+A-Diving Elbow Drop
2-D+X-Punch To Face

Shinya Hashimoto (H) 175 (F)
*2-U+B-Dangerous DDT (Sheer Drop Brainbuster) !!  
1-Dir+B-Overhand Chop
2-B-Overhand Chop Combo
2-D+B-Jumping DDT
6-A-Triangle Choke

Nobuhiko Takada (H) 173 (Str)
*7-A-Cross Armbar
1-X-Low Kick
1-Dir+B-Spin Roundhouse !
2-U+B-Low To High Kick Combo !
3-U/D+B-Side Backdrop Suplex

Yoshiaki Fujiwara (H) 186 (Sub)
*13-A-Fujiwara (Reverse) Armbar !!
2-U+B-Side Headbutt Combo
2-L/R+B-Fujiwara (Reverse) Armbar !!
16-A-Fujiwara (Reverse) Armbar !!
22-A-Back Stretch Armbar !

Atsushi Onita (H) 159 (F)
*2-X+A-Thunder Fire Powerbomb Pin !
1-Dir+B-Side Headbutt
2-L/R+B-Jumping DDT
2-D+B-Tiger Driver

Yoji Anjoh (H) 162 (Str)
*8-A-Reverse Figure Four Leglock
2-L/R+A-Head Hold Kicks
2-X+A-Four Kick Combo !
3-B-Knees To Back

Tarzan Goto (H) 144 (F)
*2-D+B-Elevated Facebuster !
2-D+X-Hip Toss
2-B-Front Headbutt Combo

Mr. Pogo (H) 107 (F)
*1-X+A-Big Fire !!
2-L/R+B-Fork Attack
3-U/D+B-Fork Attack
6-A-Mounted Choke
6-B-Sickle Attack

Mitsuya Nagai (H) 148 (Str)
11-A-Spin Wheel Kick !
2-D+A-Knee Combo
2-L/R+B-Low To High Kick Combo !
2-D+B-Powerbomb Whip
8-A-Heel Hold

Naoki Sano (H/J) 129 (F)
*3-X+A-Tiger Suplex Pin !
1-Dir+B-Jump Spinning Back Kick
3-U/D+B-Dragon Suplex Pin
10-D+B-Super Backdrop Suplex

"Mr. Danger" Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (H) 115 (F)
*2-D+B-Crossarm Thunder Fire Powerbomb Pin !
4-X+A-Wheel Kick
2-D+X-Axe Kick
2-L/R+B-Guillotine Crusher
2-X+A-Knee To Axe Kick Combo

Hollywood Hulk Hogan (H) 219 (F)
*12-B-Atomic Leg Drop !!
11-X-Running Knee Attack
11-A-Axe Bomber
5-X+A-Diving Leg Drop
2-L/R+B-Running Powerslam

(Road Warrior Hawk) (H) 204 (N)
*4-X+A-Diving Lariat
11-A-Leaping Lariat
5-A-Diving Fistdrop
2-U+A-Press Slam

(Road Warrior Animal) (H) 196 (F)
*13-A-Powerslam !
13-X-Press Slam
2-L/R+B-Falling Front Powerslam Pin
2-X+A-Running Powerslam
10-L/R+B-Shoulder Thrusts

(Tiger Jeet Singh) (H) 174 (N)
*6-A-Mounted Choke
2-B-Head Biting
2-U+B-Blatant Choke
2-L/R+B-Fork Attack
3-U/D+B-Fork Attack

Sabu (H/J) 144 (F)
*5-A-Diving Moonsault !
19-B-Somersault Senton
3-U/D+B-Reverse Hurricanrana
10-D+B-Split Leg Moonsault

Rob Van Dam (H/J) 142 (F)
*10-D+B-Split Leg Moonsault !
13-A-Spin Kick
5-A-Frog Splash (5-Star Frog Splash in Fire Pro Z for PS2)
5-X+A-450 Splash
2-U+B-Jumping Chop To Head

Dick Togo (J) 147 (N)
*5-A-Senton Drop
2-U+B-Fisherman Buster
2-X+A-Double Arm Facebuster

Minoru Tanaka (H/J) 171 (Sub)
*2-X+A-Minoru Special (Stepover Cross Armbar) !
1-X+A-Heel Hold !
13-A-Takedown Cross Armbar !
2-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex
3-X+A-Release Dragon Suplex

Masaki Mochizuki (J) 134 (F)
21-X-Triangle Enzuigiri (Springboard Back Brain Kick) !
2-U+B-Twister (Spinning Brainbuster)
2-X+A-Fisherman Suplex
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin
7-A-Armbreaker Lock

Masao Orihara (J) 128 (F)
10-D+B-Spider German Suplex (Super Drop German Suplex) !
5-X+A-Diving Moonsault
2-D+B-Michinoku Driver II
3-L/R+B-German Suplex Pin
6-A-Stretch Plum

Gran Naniwa (J) 113 (F)
*2-U+B-Sitdown Miracle Ecstasy (Choke Powerbomb Pin) !
2-B-Superbomb (Spinning Sitdown Gutwrench Powerbomb)
2-X+A-Emerald Flowsion
10-D+B-Hurricanrana To Outside

Minoru Fujita (J) 87 (F)
*9-A-Reverse Viper Hold !
4-B-Diving Dropkick
2-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex
3-A-Inverted DDT
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin  

 World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
Number of Wrestlers-22
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-154
{Originally called the World Wide Wrestling Federation, the WWF has had 
many changes over the years.  The Fire Pro D version depicts the WWF at 
the height of its popularity, before the buyout of most of the WCW 
wrestlers and the name change to WWE.  The WWF was known at the time, 
as it is today, to focus mainly on outrageous storylines over in ring 
action, but even then, the roster contained many of the most talented 
wrestlers in the world.}

(Andre The Giant) (H) 165 (P)
*12-B-Running Elbow Drop Pin
2-A-Lifting Chokehold
2-U+B-Argentine Backbreaker
2-D+B-Falling Front Powerslam !
2-X+A-Tombstone Piledriver

Stone Cold Steve Austin (H) 210 (F)
*2-X+A-Stone Cold Stunner (Inverted Falling Neckbreaker) !!
1-B-Hook Punch
11-A-Thesz Press Pin
2-D+A-Swinging Neckbreaker
2-U+B-Five Punch Combo

The Undertaker (H) 188 (F)
*2-D+B-Powerbomb Pin (Last Ride Download) !
11-X-Leaping Lariat
2-U+B-Power Chokeslam
6-A-Mounted Choke
10-U+B-Walk The Top Rope

The Rock (H) 193 (F)
*-2-X+A-Rock Bottom (Single Arm Fall Forward Side Drop) !
11-A-Jump Swinging DDT
13-A-Front Spinebuster
2-D+B-Skewer DDT
12-B-The Peoples' Elbow (Set up with Right Taunt at head and run at the 
ropes for full version)

Triple H (H) 160 (F)
*2-X+A-Pedigree (Double Arm Facebuster) !
11-A-Running Knee Attack
2-A-Low Blow
2-L/R+A-Knee To Face
2-D+A-Shoulder Neckbreaker

("HBK" Shawn Michaels) (H) 196 (F)
*1-B-Thrust Kick (Sweet Chin Music Download)!
4-X+A-Diving Lariat
2-X+A-Small Package Pin
3-U/D+B-Victory Roll Pin
10-D+B-Super Backdrop Suplex

(Mick Foley) 163 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Mandible Claw (!)
5-A-Hipbuster (Diving) Elbow Drop
6-A-Mounted Choke
??-None given

Kane (H) 190 (F)
*2-U+B-Power Chokeslam !
13-X-Big Boot
4-X+A-Diving Lariat
2-X-Throat Thrust
2-D+B-Jump Tombstone Piledriver

(The Big Show) (H) 175 (F)
*2-U+B-Showstopper Chokeslam !
1-B-Big Boot
13-X-Side Walk Slam
10-U+B-Super Chokeslam

Chris Benoit (H/J) 172 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Crippler Crossface !
5-X-Flying Swan Dive Headbutt
2-X+A-Powerbomb Whip
3-U/D+B-Triple German Suplex Pin
7-A-Crippler Crossface

"Y2J" Chris Jericho (H/J) 162 (F)
*8-A-Walls Of Jericho (Elevated Boston Crab) !
5-A-Diving Moonsault
4-X+A-Diving Moonsault
2-D+B-Triple Powerbomb Whip
21-A-Lionsault (Springboard Moonsault)

Kurt Angle (H) 146 (F)
*2-X+A-Olympic (Angle) Slam (Spinning Shoulder Carry Slam) !
13-A-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex 
2-U+B-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex
3-L/R+B-Release German Suplex
10-U+B-Super Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex

Rikishi (H) 171 (F)
*2-X+A-Rikishi Driver (Fire Thunder Driver with Taunt) !
1-B-Thrust Kick
18-B-Hip Attack
2-L/R+B-Side Belly To Belly Suplex
10-D+B-Banzai Drop

Billy Gunn (H) 129 (F)
*2-X+A-Fameasser (Guillotine Crusher) !
2-U+A-Front Press Drop
2-B-Five Punch Combo

Eddy Guerrero (H/J) 155 (F)
*5-A-Frog Splash !
4-X+A-Diving Tornado DDT
2-X+A-Shoulder Neckbreaker
10-L/R+B-Tornado DDT

X-Pac (H) 143 (F)
*2-X+A-X-Factor (Sitdown Front Facebuster) !
1-B-Back Spin Roundhouse
11-X-Spin Wheel Kick
11-A-Leaping Lariat

Dean Malenko (H/J) 146 (N)
*8-A-Texas Cloverleaf
11-A-Leaping Calf Kick
2-L/R+B-Northern Lights Suplex
2-D+B-Tiger Driver
2-X+A-Tiger Driver Whip

("British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith) (H) 144 (F)
*2-L/R+B-Running Powerslam !
5-X+A-Diving Elbow Drop
2-B-Canadian Backbreaker
2-X+A-Falling Front Powerslam Pin

Road Dogg (H) 113 (F)
*2-X+A-Stretch Armstrong (Pumphandle Drop) !
1-X-Shake Jab
2-U+B-Shake Rattle And Roll (Road Dogg Punch Combo)
2-L/R+B-Low Blow
12-B-Knee Drop

Tazz (H) 150 (F)
*2-X+A-Tazzplex Exploder !
2-U+A-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex
3-X+A-Scissored Sleeper
7-A-Tazzmission (Kata Hajime)
10-U+B-Super Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex

Chyna (H/J) 92 (F)
*2-D+A-Low Blow !!
18-B-Cartwheel Back Elbow
2-L/R+B-Skewer DDT
3-X+A-Inverted DDT
16-A-Back Groin Kick

Vince McMahon (H) 14 (F)
*2-X+A-Stunner !

TAKA Michinoku (H/J) 148 (F)
*2-U+B-Michinoku Driver II !
19-B-Springboard Moonsault Plancha
17-B-Springboard Dropkick
3-X+A-Michinoku Driver Beta (Inverted Brainbuster to M.D. II)

Sho Funaki (H/J) 116 (F)
*11-A-Rolling Knee Lock !
1-X+A-Low Dropkick
20-B-Springboard Plancha
2-B-Reverse Armbar
10-L/R+B-Tornado DDT

 World Championship Wrestling (WCW)
Number of Wrestlers-18
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-170
{Having been formed from the ashes of the original NWA, WCW was one of 
the most popular federations in the U.S. before its demise, and drew 
many fans in when it stole many of the WWF's top stars and featured 
mainstream personalities and athletes in some of its events.  Despite 
that, WCW was also known for having some of the best wrestlers in the 
world and for allowing them to have great matches that the competition 
sometimes did not offer.}

("Nature Boy" Ric Flair) (H) 214 (F)
*8-A-Figure Four Leglock !
2-U+B-Long Hanging Vertical Suplex
2-X+A-Jumping Piledriver
3-A-Knee Breaker
9-B-Knee Strike To Leg

Bill Goldberg (H) 207 (F)
*2-X+A-Jackhammer !
2-L/R+B-Five Punch Combo
2-D+B-Pumphandle Drop

(Terry Funk) (H) 202 (N)
*2-U+B-Texas Jab Combo
13-A-Knuckle Arrow
5-A-Diving Moonsault
2-B-Front Headbutt Combo
8-A-Spinning Toelock

Sting (H) 156 (F)
*8-A-Scorpion Deathlock !
18-B-Stinger Splash (Leaping Corner Splash)
2-D+B-Jumping DDT
3-U/D+B-Scorpion Deathdrop (Inverted DDT)

Rick Steiner (H) 193 (Sup)
4-X+A-Diving Lariat
3-L/R+B-Throw German Suplex !
10-D+B-Turnbuckle Slam

Scott Steiner (H) 175 (F)
*13-A-Original Frankensteiner !!
2-U+B-Steiner Screwdriver (Hanging Suplex Drop to Piledriver)
3-L/R+B-Release German Suplex
3-X+A-Reverse Hurricanrana
7-A-Steiner Recliner (Camel Clutch)

(Bret "The Hitman" Hart) (H) 191 (N)
2-B-Small Package
2-L/R+B-Russian Leg Sweep
2-D+B-Jumping Piledriver
2-X+A-Low Blow

Macho Man Randy Savage (H) 150 (N)
*5-X-Diving Elbow Drop Pin
11-A-Neckbreaker Drop
13-X-Knuckle Arrow
6-B-Knee Drop
7-B-Knee Drop

Kevin Nash (H) 188 (P)
*2-D+B-Powerbomb Whip !
1-B-Big Boot
13-A-Big Boot
2-L/R+B-Five Punch Combo
6-B-Leg Drop

Diamond Dallas Page (H) 164 (F)
*2-U+B-Diamond Cutter (Inverted Bulldog Facebuster) !!
2-D+A-Swinging Neckbreaker
2-B-Spin Punch Combo
16-A-Ace Crusher
??-None given

(Scott Hall) (H) 148 (F)
*2-X+A-Outsiders Edge (Cross Powerbomb) !
2-L/R+B-Spin Punch Combo
2-B-Fallaway Slam
10-D+B-Super Outsiders Edge (Super Cross Powerbomb)

The Great Muta (H) 195 (F)
*5-A-High Speed Moonsault !
1-X+A-Green Mist
2-U+B-Fork Attack
3-B-Fork Attack
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin

(Sid Vicious) (H) 161 (P)
*2-X+A-Powerbomb Whip !
13-X-Big Boot
13-A-Chokeslam !
2-U+B-Power Chokeslam !
3-X+A-Cobra Clutch Leg Sweep

Jeff Jarrett (H) 146 (F)
*2-X+A-The Stroke (Reverse Russian Leg Sweep) !
13-A-Sleeper Hold
2-L/R+B-Swinging Neckbreaker
2-D+B-Low Blow
8-A-Figure Four Leglock

Booker T (H) 152 (F)
*2-X+A-Bookend (Rock Bottom, Actual version in Fire Pro Z) !
1-X+A-Back Spin Roundhouse
5-X-Diving Leg Drop 
4-B-Harlem Heatseeker (Diving Dropkick)
2-D+B-Guillotine Crusher (Scissors Kick Download)

Bam Bam Bigelow (H) 145 (F)
*2-D+B-Greetings From Asbury Park (Fire Thunder Driver) !
1-X+A-Back Brain Kick
5-A-Diving Headbutt
5-X+A-Diving Moonsault
12-B-Flipping Senton

Mike Awesome (H) 154 (F)
*2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb !
5-A-Frog Splash
2-L/R+B-Awesome Bomb (Running Shoulder Carry Powerbomb)
10-D+B-Super Sitdown Powerbomb

Kaz Hayashi (H/J) 121 (N)
*19-B-Kaz Special (Diving Back Brain Kick)
4-X+A-Diving Hurricanrana
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin
7-A-Magistral Pin

 Triple A (AAA)
Number of Wrestlers-5
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-167
{One of the most popular Mexican organizations, Triple A has had many 
of Lucha Libre's top stars in its possession.}

(Mil Mascaras) (H/J) 188 (N)
*11-A-Leaping Cross Chop
11-X-Thesz Press Pin
4-X+A-Diving Cross Body Pin
3-U/D+X-Double Arm Stretch
9-A-Mexican Surfboard

(Dos Caras) (H/J) 178 (N)
*4-X+A-Diving Cross Body Pin
11-X-Leaping Cross Chop
2-X+A-Sitdown Powerbomb
8-A-Triangle Deathlock
23-B-Powerbomb To Outside

El Hijo Del Santo (J) 146 (F)
*7-A-Camel Clutch !
1-X+A-Rolling Cradle
11-X-Spinning Headscissors
19-B-Suicide Dive
5-A-Diving Splash

Negro Casas (J) 177 (T)
*9-A-Magistral Pin !
19-B-Suicide Dive
5-A-Diving Senton
3-X+A-Cross Arm Suplex Pin
12-B-Running Senton

Dr. Wagner Jr. (J) 146 (F)
*2-X+A-Wagner Driver (Michinoku Driver II) !
5-X+A-Diving Splash
2-L/R+B-Arm Wrench To Hammerlock and Neck Lock
7-A-Magistral Pin
10-D+B-Super Cross Powerbomb

 Fighting Network RINGS
Number of Wrestlers-7
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-183
{One of the groups founded out of the dissolution of the UWF 
federation, RINGS was another shoot-style pro wrestling group formed by 
shoot style innovator Akira Maeda, and was known for matches involving 
brilliant mat wrestling.}

(Akira Maeda) (H) 208 (Str)
*2-D+B-Capture Suplex
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick !
9-A-Ankle Lock
22-A-Front Headlock
15-A-Choke Sleeper

Kiyoshi Tamura (H/J) 193 (Sub)
*8-A-Side Headlock !
1-Dir+B-Roundhouse Kick
11-X-Shoot Tackle
2-D+B-Takedown Cross Armbar !
9-A-Rear Naked Choke !

Yoshihisa Yamamoto (H) 180 (Sub)
*2-B-Front Headlock !
2-D+B- Roll Through DDT To Neck Lock !
2-X+A-Rolling Side Leg Lock !
22-A-Front Headlock !
15-A-Choke Sleeper !

Tsuyoshi Kosaka (H) 195 (Sub)
*25-B-Stranglehold Alpha !
2-U+B-Takedown Cross Armbar !
2-D+B-Roll Through DDT To Neck Lock !
7-A-Scissored Sleeper !
15-A-Cross Armbar !

Bitsadze Tariel (H) 146 (Str)
*2-D+B-Punch To Knee Strike Combo !
2-X-Straight Punch
2-D+A-Axe Kick
2-L/R+B-Straight Punch Combo !
2-X+A-Knee To Axe Kick Combo !

Volk Han (H) 203 (Sub)
*2-X+A-Lunging Leg Lock !!
1-B-Neck Hold And Hammerlock !
3-A-Commando Elbow (Downward Elbow Strike to Throat)
3-U/D+B-Rolling Cross Armbar !
9-A-Reverse STF !

Hans Nyman (H) 154 (Str)
*1-X+A-Roundhouse Kick !
1-X-Low Kick
2-U+B-Knee Combo 
2-L/R+B-Low To High Kick Combo !
2-D+B-Kick And Knee Combo !

Number of Wrestlers-4
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-178
{An organization which has had both actual fights under shoot style 
wrestling rules, and shoot style pro wrestling matches as well.  
Pancrase was formed with the ideals of the ancient Greek sport of 
Pancratium in mind, hence the name Pancrase.}

(Masakatsu Funaki) (H/J) 202 (Sub)
*15-A-Rear Naked Choke !
2-L/R+B-Knee/Palm/Kick Combo
14-X-Mounted Punches
14-A-Front Choke Sleeper !
14-B-Toe Lock

Yuki Kondo (H/J) 196 (Sub)
*14-B-Toe Lock !
2-A-Palm Strike Combo
2-D+B-Knee Strikes To Jumping Knee
14-X-Mounted Punches
22-A-Front Headlock !

Yoshinobu Takahashi (H/J) 187 (Str)
*1-B-Upper Shotei !
1-Dir+B-Hook Punch !
2-L/R+B-Knee/Palm/Kick Combo !
9-A-Boston Crab
14-X-Mounted Headbutt Combo

Semmy Schilt (H) 126 (Str)
*1-B-Hook Punch !
2-U+X-Knee Strike
2-B-Front Headlock
2-L/R+B-Punch/Knee/Palm Combo !
6-A-Side Headlock

Number of Wrestlers-4
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-151
{A now defunct league formed from Yoshiaki Fujiwara's Fujiwaragumi 
group. Battlearts emphasized hard strikes and vicious suplexes within a 
shoot-style atmosphere}

Alexander Otsuka (H/J) 201 (Sup)
*3-L/R+B-Release Dragon Suplex !
2-X+A-Tenzan Tombstone Piledriver
3-U/D+B-Release Tiger Suplex !
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin !
8-A-Texas Cloverleaf

Yuki Ishikawa (H/J) 165 (F)
*2-X+A-Octapus Stretch !
1-X+A-Back Brain Kick
2-B-Abdominal Stretch
3-X+A-Sleeper Hold
9-A-Reverse STF

Mohammad Yone (H) 140 (F)
*2-X+A-Muscle Buster !!
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
5-A-Diving Leg Drop
2-D+B-Pumphandle Bomb Pin

Ikuto Hidaka (H/J) 99 (F)
*11-A-Shawn Capture (Rolling Heel Hold) !!
1-X+A-Low Dropkick
20-B-Asai Moonsault
4-B-Diving Tornado DDT
10-D+B-Super Inverted DDT

 Gruesome Fighters (Mixed Martial Arts)
Number of Wrestlers-18
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-180
{A group consisting of mixed martial arts competitors from Pride 
Fighting Championship, Ultimate Fighting Championship, K-1 kickboxing 
and others.  Some of these fighters, such as Naoya Ogawa and Kazunari 
Murakami now compete regularly in pro wrestling organizations, Zero-One 
and New Japan, respectively.} 

Kazushi Sakuraba (H/J) 242 (Sub)
*16-A-Rolling Arm Lock !
2-D+X-Shoot Tackle
6-A-Arm Lock !
25-B-Pulling Armbar !
15-B-Cross Armbar !

Naoya Ogawa (H) 148 (F)
*2-D+B-Space Tornado Ogawa (STO) !!
2-L/R+A-Headlock Throw
2-L/R+B-Falling Front Powerslam
3-B-Choke Sleeper
15-A-Rear Naked Choke

Kazuyuki Fujita (H) 198 (F)
*14-A-Side Headlock !
13-A-Original Frankensteiner
2-X+A-Vertical Fisherman Brainbuster
6-A-Side Headlock
22-A-Knee Strikes To Ribs

Masaake Satake (H) 118 (Str)
*2-X+A-Low Kick To Knee Strike Combo !
1-Dir+B-Middle Side Kick !
1-X+A-Roundhouse Kick !
2-U+B-Low To High Kick Combo !
2-D+B-Knee Combo

Enson Inoue (H/J) 164 (Str)
*14-X-Mounted Punches !
2-L/R+B-Boxer Punch Combo !
6-A-Mounted Punches !
14-A-Cross Armbar
15-A-Rear Naked Choke

Rumino Saito (H/J) 159 (Sub)
*14-B-Heel Hold !
13-A-Takedown Cross Armbar !
2-U+B-Takedown Cross Armbar !
14-A-Cross Armbar !
15-A-Choke Sleeper !

Kazunari Murakami (H) 143 (Str)
*15-B-Cross Armbar
2-L/R+X-Headlock Throw
2-U+B-Low To High Kick Combo !
2-X+A-STO (Forwards Leg Sweep Slam)
15-A-Rear Naked Choke

(Roland Bock) (H) 203 (Sup)
*2-D+B-Double Arm Suplex !
2-U+B-Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex
2-L/R+B-Original German Suplex !
3-U/D+B-German Suplex !
3-L/R+B-Original German Suplex !

(Alexsandr Karelin) (H) 238 (Sup)
*22-A-Karelin Lift (Russian Neck Drop) !!
2-X+A-Karelin Lift !!
7-A-Karelin Lift !!
7-B-Karelin Lift !!
15-A-Karelin Lift !!

Rickson Gracie (H) 253 (Sub)
*15-A-Choke Sleeper !
2-D+B-Roll Through DDT To Neck Lock !
3-B-Choke Sleeper !
14-X-Mounted Punches
14-B-Cross Armbar !

Royce Gracie (H/J) 221 (Sub)
*15-A-Rear Naked Choke !
2-U+B-Front Headlock !
3-B-Choke Sleeper !
7-A-Rear Naked Choke !
14-X-Mounted Punches

Igor Vovchanchyn (H) 228 (Str)
*1-X+A-Russian Hook !!
2-D+B-Boxer Punch Combo !
2-X+A-Russian Punch Combo !
14-X-Mounted Punches !
22-X-Headlock Face Punches

Mark Kerr (H) 195 (F)
*14-A-Forearm Choke !
11-X-Shoot Tackle
2-B-Front Headlock
14-X-Mounted Punches
25-B-Guillotine Choke

Ken Shamrock (H) 152 (F)
*9-A-Ankle Lock !
1-Dir+B-Hook Punch
2-U+A-Side Belly To Belly Suplex Throw
2-L/R+B-Boxer Punch Combo
2-D+B-Northern Lights Suplex

Peter Aerts (H) 152 (Str)
*2-X+A-Power Roundhouse Kick (Str)
1-X-Jab Punch
1-B-Roundhouse Kick !
1-X+A-Jab/Middle Kick
2-U+B-Kick/Knees/Kick Combo !

Ernesto Hoost (H) 149 (Str)
*1-X+A-Punches To Strong Low Kick Combo !
1-A-Low Kick
1-B-Roundhouse Kick !
2-U+B-Low To High Kick Combo !
2-L/R+B-Kick/Knees/Kick Combo !

Mike Bernardo (H) 148 (Str)
*2-X+A-Boxer Punch Combo !
1-X-Jab Punch
1-B-Hook Punch !
2-U+A-Straight Punch
2-U+B-Punches To Knee Strike Combo !

(Andy Hug) (H/J) 121 (Str)
*1-X+A-Axe Kick !
1-A-Low Front Kick
2-D+A-Spin Kick
2-B-Punches To Knee Strike Combo !
2-U+B-Knee To Axe Kick Combo !

 Joshi (Womens) Puroresu
Number of Wrestlers-11
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-104
{A number of women wrestlers from several groups in Japan, people 
unfamiliar with Japanese women wrestling will be surprised with the 
viciousness of their moves, many of which would terrify their 
counterparts in the U.S.}

(Bull Nakano) (H/J) 139 (F)
*5-X-Diving Leg Drop !
5-A-Somersault Leg Drop
2-U+B-Bull's Poseidon (Air Raid Crash/Rear Piledriver)
2-D+B-Thunder Fire Powerbomb Pin

Lioness Asuka (H/J) 107 (F)
*3-X+A-Tower Hacker Bomb (Inverted DVD to Powerbomb) !
1-B-Spin Wheel Kick
2-L/R+B-Blue Thunder Bomb
2-D+B-Michinoku Driver II
10-U+B-Super Sitdown Powerbomb

Chigusa Nagayo (H/J) 116 (F)
*2-U+B-Running Shoulder Carry Powerbomb !
1-X+A-Spin Wheel Kick
2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb
2-X+A-Death Valley Driver
3-B-Scissored Sleeper

Shinobu Kandori (H/J) 123 (Sub)
*2-B-Reverse Armbar !
2-A-Side Headbutt
2-D+B-Tiger Driver
3-U/D+B-Cobra Clutch !
7-B-Hooking Armbar !

Akira Hokuto (H/J) 124 (F)
*2-D+B-Northern Lights Driver !
4-X+A-Senton Attack
2-U+B-Fisherman Buster
2-X+A-Sitdown Gutwrench Bomb
3-X+A-Dragon Suplex Pin 

Aja Kong (H/J) 88 (F)
*1-X+A-Spin Backfist !
5-X+A-Diving Splash
3-U/D+B-Side Backdrop Suplex
10-U+B-Super Mountain Bomb

Kyoko Inoue (H/J) 98 (F)
*2-D+B-Sitdown Powerbomb !
11-A-Falling Lariat
2-B-Head Hold Lariat
2-U+B-Inverted Death Valley Driver (Yamamoto Special '78)
21-A-Springboard Elbow Drop

Manami Toyota (H/J) 109 (F)
*3-X+A-Japanese Ocean Suplex (Shoulder Crossarm Suplex Pin)!
11-X-Front Dropkick
5-A-Diving Moonsault
3-U/D+B-Backdrop Suplex Pin
21-X-Springboard Dropkick

Dynamite Kansai (H/J) 82 (F)
*2-D+B-Black Tiger Bomb !
2-X+A-Cross Powerbomb
3-U/D+B-Side Backdrop Suplex
6-A-Iron Claw
10-D+B-Super Cross Powerbomb 

Yumiko Hotta (H/J) 68 (F)
*2-D+B-Pyramid Driver (Sitdown Cross Arm Powerbomb) !
2-U+B-Crossarm Thunder Fire Powerbomb Pin
2-L/R+B-Tiger Driver
10-D+B-Super German Suplex

Takako Inoue (H/J) 85 (F)
*4-X+A-Diving Knee Strike !
1-X+A-Spin Backfist
3-X+A-Backdrop Suplex Pin
28-B-Diving Chokeslam

 Legendary Wrestlers
Number of Wrestlers-3
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-242
{Three of the most dominant wrestlers in modern professional wrestling 
history, these three can wipe the mat with almost anyone in the game.  
Gotch was one of the best technicians of all time,  considered almost 
invincible in his prime, and is still a great influence on many modern 
stars in Japan.  Thesz was also an incredible technician, and held 
titles and defended them even when he was over 60 years old.  Rikidozan 
was considered the founder of Japanese wrestling, starting the JWA, 
before dying at the age of 39 when he was stabbed by a gangster in a 
minor dispute.}

Karl Gotch (H) 244 (Sub)
*3-L/R+B-Original German Suplex
2-D+B-Gotch (Cradle) Piledriver
6-A-Crooked Headscissors !
9-A-Bow And Arrow Lock !
9-B-Heel Hold !

Lou Thesz (H) 241 (F)
*3-L/R+B-Original Backdrop Suplex !!
11-A-Thesz Press Pin
2-X+A-Original Powerbomb

(Rikidozan) (H) 242 (Str)
*1-B-Overhand Chop !!
2-D+A-Jumping Chop To Head
2-B-Chop Combo !
2-U+B-Front Headbutt Combo !
10-U+B-Corner Chop Combo

3. Credits + Some great links
1. The GameFaqs Fire Pro boards---introducing me to the phenomenon that 
is Fire Pro
2. Bill Wood, Pink Spider, Kkorn34713, Frank James Chan, Viper Mask, 
GokuKenshiro, Orochi Geese, and all the other great FPD contributors---
creating guides, giving me information and advice that helped me figure 
out the translations and identities for the wrestlers and moves, and 
continuing to improve the Fire Pro experience, check out their guides 
to truly become a Fire Pro master!
3. Spike---creating the best wrestling game series ever, period.
4. www.gswf.org ---for providing the edit points and being a general 
Fire Pro D authority on about anything
5. www.puroresufan.com ---for being the best up to date authority for 
English Puroresu fans, and really piquing my interest in Japanese 
wrestling, has a great board for wrestling discussion and international 
wrestling news
6. www.puroresu.com ---for being the best English source available on 
the history of the wonderful world of Puroresu, a must see for any fan 
of pro wrestling the way it used to be.
7.Jujigatame Puroresu (http://geocities.com/jpuroresu) ---great 
profiles, got lots of move names from here, a good place to go if you 
just want to learn the basic facts about the Puro stars in FPD.  
8. www.quebrada.net ---Excellent site with a great set of summaries of 
old school Puro, plus a great Puro Dictionary that can help you learn 
basic Japanese terms.
9. http://www.angelfire.com/freak/jblackhart/moves.html ---This is the 
site for Jason Blackheart's download moves that he hacked from Fire Pro 
Z for the PS2-I have not been able to download any of them yet, but I 
recommend this site to anyone who can do so.
10. http://fpwd2k.gswf.org/Frontpage.html ---Rock n' Roll's excellent 
site that walks you through graphical representations of the menus and 
has great edit packs to boot.  Must see for beginners new to FPD, and 
vets looking for edit packs.
11. http://og-fpd.freeservers.com ---Orochi Geese's excellent site with 
its own exclusive FAQ's, edit packs, his own personal fed(OG-FPD), and 
other goodness.

If any of these links fail to work, please inform me, and if 
applicable, send me a working link to the site.  If you feel you have 
been left off the list, want to contribute or see a site that should be 
included, please let me know ASAP!

4. Coming Soon(or whenever I get around to it)
v2.0-Offense/Defense styles, special skill listing, a total revision, 
splitting off the Finisher/Favorites FAQ into a bare bones guide, and 
changing this into a short character guide with more info including 
profiles for everybody, short summaries of the positives and negatives 
for each character, and other notable moves. 

*New Counter Moves FAQ* charting special counters for each defensive 
style-this one will take a while, ask for this on the FPD board if you 
want it.

5. Other Stuff
A.)	Timeline and Update Information:
Added to v1.7-Slight format change, added edit points information to 
organizations and to Other Stuff, added CRITICAL poll information 
Added to v1.6-Format change, table of contents added, more small fixes
Added to v1.5-Lots of move names and small fixes
Added to v1.4-Added League Summaries, added more move descriptions and 
fixed others, fixed yet more stupid errors
Added to v1.3-Added Critical Types and Moves, Added hidden character 
information, revised move names and added extra descriptors to some 
moves, fixed small errors 
Added to v1.2-Added Total Skill Points to all wrestlers.
Added to v1.1-Revision check to document, small and numerous errors 
fixed, Added Johnny Ace who was left out due to stupidity.
(Dates not given, due to the fact that updates seemed to all take 
several parts and submissions, fixing small, stupid errors and what 

B.) Edit Point Information:

Total Number of Wrestlers-214
Average Edit Points per Wrestler-150 (Calculated by averaging the 
averages for each league)

Top Ten Wrestlers(in edit points)
1.	Antonio Inoki(281)
2.	Jumbo Tsuruta(280)
3.	Rickson Gracie(253)
4.	Karl Gotch(244)
5.	Kazushi Sakuraba(242)*tie
5.	Rikidozan(242)*tie
6.	Mitsuharu Misawa(241)**tie
7.	Lou Thesz(241)**tie
8.	Alexsandr Karelin(238)
9.	Tiger Mask(233)
10.	Toshiaki Kawada(231)

C.) CRITICAL Information:

Top Ten CRITICAL Monsters(Taken from a poll on the FPD board at 
Wrestling top 10
1.-Big Van Vader(The undisputed Master of the CRITICAL)
2.-Kenta Kobashi
3.-Stan Hansen
4.-Hulk Hogan
5-Tatsumi Fujinami(Tech)
6.-Ric Flair
7.-Dr. Death Steve Williams
8.-Brusier Brody
9.-Mitsuharu Misawa
10.-Yoshinari Ogawa(Tech)

Shoot top 10
1.-Don Frye
2.-Naoya Ogawa
3.-Rickson Gracie
4.-Royce Gracie
5.-Alexsandr Karelin
6.-Masakatsu Funaki
7.-Semmy Schilt
8.-Yuki Kondo
9.-Volk Han
10.-Bitsadze Tariel

Top CRITICAL Recipients (Basically a number of favorite punching bags, 
includes some edits)
Orochi Geese:
1) X-Pac
2) HHH
3) Kevin Nash
4) Scott Hall
5) Vince McMahon

1) Vince McMahon
2) Shawn Michaels
3) Jeff hardy
4) X-Pac
5)any wrestler who can wrestle, but doesn't because he's in the 

The Author's Preferred CRITICAL Test Dummies:
1) Mr. McMahon(I can not remember how many 4 on 1s I've had against 
2) Cripple H(Sometimes as McMahon's tag partner vs. Vader, Kobashi, 
Hansen, and Dr. Death)
3) Road Dogg(Can't stand Mr. Shakylegs)
4)Billy Gunn(I perhaps hate him worse than Road Dogg)
5) Nashole/Kevin Nash(Leg Submissions with Flair, need I say more)

Hopefully this guide will enlighten both curious wrestling fans who 
have never even seen a match of Fire Pro, new owners who are in the 
process of renaming the wrestlers and leagues(hint, this guide is 
accurate and works great for this purpose if you can not download a 
rename file, or just want to double check), or even seasoned vets who 
have problems with remembering everything about every one of the 200+ 
people in the game, not to mention their own edits.  I hope that you, 
the reader will get the same degree of satisfaction out of this guide 
as I still do revising it constantly, referring to it as a reference 
guide, and just reading it for enjoyment.  If you wish to print this 
off, I recommend a size eight, Times New Roman font, it is readable and 
compact enough to be useful.(And do cut out anything aside from the 
essential information, or you might find that you are out of paper 
before it is halfway done!) 

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  Please contact me 
if you wish to use this guide on your own site, I encourage you to do 
so, but only with permission.

If anyone wishes to contact me with feedback on this FAQ please post on 
the Fire Pro D board at GameFaqs(www.gamefaqs.com) or E-mail at 

Copyright 2003-2004 Nicholas Miller

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