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Download Move List by chris.murderm

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/13/02

Fire Pro Wrestling D Download Moves List/FAQ By chris.murder
Version 1.0                                         Modified 03/13/2002

                              substance J

One of the best features in Fire Pro D is the ability to download new
moves from SPIKE. Here's a nice, clean list of the moves and wrestlers
who use them. Fictional moves aren't assigned wrestlers, and I'm only
mentioning wrestlers who either do the exact move or something nearly
identical to it (aka Shubain used as an Air Raid Crash, but not the
Shiranui used as an Acid Drop/Dudley Dog). Consider this a FAQ, of

Filenames are in parentheses, with the last 3 characters representing
the move. Files are listed as FIREPROD.Wxx (the first move is

To download these moves, go to www.gswf.org, a GREAT Fire Pro site!

Blazing Tornado Suplex (.w00) - fictional move
Eiffel de Parachute (.w01) - fictional move
Deady Go Round (.w02) - fictional move
Super Muscle Buster (.w03) - fictional move
Shiranui (.w04) - Naomichi Marifuji (finisher)
Shining Wizard (.w05) - Keiji Mutoh (finisher), Taiyo Kea
The WORM (.w06) - Scotty 2 Hotty (finisher)
Front Neck Lock (.w07) - Jun Akiyama (finisher), countless MMA fighters
Buffalo Sleeper (.w08) - Hiroyoshi Tenzan
The Last Ride (.w09) - The Undertaker (finisher)
6 Strike (.w10) - Koji Kanemoto
Strike 3 (.w11) - fictional move
Brazillian Kick Rush (.w12) - Vanderlei Silva, the Gracies
Ruby Frosion/Ore Ga Taue (.w13) - Akira Taue
Phoenix Kick (.w14) - fictional move
Londart Kangaroo Kick (.w15) - Chaparita ASARI
Side German Suplex (.w16) - Mitsuhara Misawa
High-Speed Dragon Screw (.w17) - Keiji Mutoh, Taiyo Kea
Turbo Drop II (.w18) - Jim Steele (finisher)
Sweet Chin Music (.w19) - Shawn Micheals (finisher), Lance Storm,
Chuck Palumbo (finisher), CIMA, so many more...
Amaze Impact (.w20) - Takeshi Morishima (finisher), Akira Taue (not often)
Repeated Knees to Head (.w21) - Vanderlei Silva (finisher), Mark
Coleman, Kazayuki Fujita, Bas Rutten, various other MMA fighters
Cobra Hold (.w22) - Shinjiro Otani (finisher)
Triple Moonsault (.w23) - Silver King, Super Crazy
Cattle Mutilation (.w24) - Poison Sawada JULIE (finisher)
Top Rope Tiger Driver (.w25) - Mitsuhara Misawa
McEnroe/Lariat to Knee (.w26) - Manabu Nakanishi
Blazing Chop (.w27) - Etsuko Mita (finisher)
Front Headlock Takedown (.w28) - almost any MMA fighter
Running Shining Wizard (.w29) - Keiji Mutoh
Anglelock (.w30) - Kurt Angle (finisher), Ken Shamrock (finisher)
Minoru Special 2 (.w31) - Minoru Tanaka (finisher)
Dead End (.w32) - Tamon Honda (finisher)
Complete Shot (.w33) - Gedo (finisher)
Electric Chair Drop (.w34) - SUWA, Edge, Kanyon
Final Answer? (.w35) - Sanshiro Takagi (finisher)
Reverse Waterwheel Drop (.w36) - Mark Coleman, other powerful MMA fighters
Cycling Yahoo (.w37) - Ryo Saito (finisher)
Skyhigh Chokeslam (.w38) - Vader (finisher), Daioh QUALLT
Shining Black (.w39) - Masahiro Chono
Twist of Fate (.w40) - Matt Hardy (finisher), Jeff Hardy, Lita
Shubain (.w41) - CIMA (finisher), Mike Modest, Mariko Yoshida (finisher)
Kea Rush (.w42) - Taiyo Kea
Scissor Kick (.w43) - Booker T
Hyper Knee Kyuga (.w44) - Mitsyua Nagai (finisher)
Arm Bar/Head Scissors (.w45) - Milano Collection AT (finisher), Antonio
Mounted Diving Knee Strikes (.w46) - Vanderlei Silva, more MMA fighters
Total Elimination (.w47) - The Eliminators, Kintaro Kanemura/Ryuji Yamakawa
Stretch Muffler (.w48) - Manabu Nakanishi
Yokosuka Cutter (.w49) - Susumu Mochizuki (finisher), Samoa Joe
Koji Max Hold (.w50) - Satoshi Kojima (finisher)
Second Rope Bodypress (.w51) - Giant Silva (finisher)
Crazy Cyclone (.w52) - Masayuki Naruse (finisher)
Tarantula (.w53) - Yoshihiro Tajiri (specialty)
Banana Spread (.w54) - Osamu Nishimura (specialty)

Shining Wizard - From substance J: "The move has become as much of an
in-joke as a phenomenon, so tons of people are using it, but not all I
would actually assign it to. Like for example, Hido did one in Big
Japan (with a set of light tubes propped against the guy's head, pretty
freaking cool...), but I'm not sure if I'd really give it to him as a
regular move. Taiyo Kea on the other hand, uses it more seriously"

Brazillian Kick Rush - like many of the combination/rush moves in Fire
Pro games, the fighter may not necessarily use that EXACT pattern, but
most MMA fighters don't really have set moves

High-Speed Dragon Screw - Everybody does the move slightly different,
but this was especially made for Mutoh. Kea has been using a few of
Mutoh's moves as his tag team partner.

Amaze Impact - Taue has done the move a few times and has had it in
AJPW videogames, but it's Takeshi Morishima's finisher.

Shubain - used as a more-than-appropriate substitute for the Air Raid
Crash, which involves running before performing the move.

Triple Moonsault - Sure, Super Crazy does it off all turnbuckles instead
of just two, but could it be any more accurate otherwise?

Electric Chair Drop - animated exactly as SUWA does it, but is still a
perfect substitute for Edge and Kanyon's use of the move.

Cattle Mutilation - Many have said Low-Ki has used the move, mainly
basing it on a picture floating around, but in said picture it is Low-Ki who is
the victim of the move, not the performer.

Complete Shot - A decent substitute for the inverted russian leg sweep
that Kanyon and Edge do, but not in any way animated like said move.

McEnroe - This move got very little hype when it came out, but from
everything I know it is done by Manabu Nakanishi. Many use it for the
junior heavyweight leg sweep, but not only does that move usually
involve the other wrestler to be running, but it is not done with the
force of the McEnroe.

Reverse Waterwheel Drop - It could be a substitute for Booker T's
high-angle spine buster, but it doesn't have nearly enough impact for
me to consider it necessary to assign to him.

Blazing Chop - excellent substitute for Ivan Putski's Polish Hammer.

***Thanks to substance J, TheMajesticalOne, and of course Jim Freeman for
getting these moves for us, and Jeff Scott for hosting them on his site!

This document Copyright 2002 Chris Coletti

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