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Reviewed: 05/25/03 | Updated: 05/25/03

Short with interesting girls

Harusame youbi is not a ground breaking date sim. It is actually more of a story game with cute girls. The game is very simplistic with minimal interaction from the environment. Characters are designed nice, however, they are not animated and move similarly to the transitional pictures of the original sentimental graffiti for saturn. This would be nice except there are so few changes that every pose can be seen in the first ten minutes of play.

The actual game is only about two to four hours long. There is some replay value. There are some scenes that can only be accessed by playing a certain sequence of events for a particular girl. There is a small omake gallery where the background music, CG events and pics can be accessed. Missed scenes will show up blank in the gallery.

The music is done nicely. It is not memorable but is pleasant to listen to. There is a very helpful movie option that allows the game to proceed without having to press any buttons. there is also a skip feature that allows you to go through the text faster, but it requires the button to be pressed twice. After awhile my thumb got a little numb.

There are a few main characters. All the characters are diverse and include most of the common stereotypes. Most of the girls have a mysterious background. Part of the story is uncovering past events. There are also a few supporting characters which are abit of annoying but do add to the story.

As for actual game play, after the start of each day you can choose to go to one of five places. these same choices turn up everyday, no new areas will open up. The save/load feature can be accessed instantly. This is great, especially if you choose the wrong place to go for the day, the game can be loaded right away without resetting.

There is a good amount of text. It is not difficult to understand what is going on, but being able to read common words is helpful to understanding the story. The voice acting is excellent and most of the story can be picked up by what the girls are saying. This is not actually a hentai game but seems to have been a dating sim on a programming budget. there are almost no provocative scenes and very repetitive poses. The story was enjoyable, but there clearly was alot missing. Overall the game is good but not outstanding.

Rating: 7

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