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Cloning should be legalized!!

Sega Dreamcast's Never7 ~The End of Infinity~ is released on December 21, 2000 by KID (Kindle Imagine Develop). As to how the name of the game came about, you will find out after you played the game. If I said anything more than that, it will be a BIG spoiler to the game.

As far as I know, the only differences between the PSX version (Infinity) and the Dreamcast version is that the Dreamcast version has the Infinity Cure scenario and of course, the infamous Kid's Append Story Mode.

You played as Makoto-kun, University third year student who never attend his lectures at school. You were required to attend a stay-over seminar at an island with three of your ''classmates'' who you never met before because you never attend the lectures. You don't even know the exact purpose of this seminar stay-over.

Your classmates consists of Yuka-chan (the leader of your seminar group and a drunk. ^_^), Haruka-chan (the quiet, mysterious girl) and Okuhiko-kun (the rich, spoiled male brat). You will meet the Morino sisters who are working at a restaurant/bar: Kurumi-chan (the happy-go-lucky type of girl) and Izumi-san (the mature big sister type of lady). After that, you will meet Saki-chan (aggressive girl) who is living near to where you guys are staying and an old friend of Yuka-san.

The game started with the death of a girl with a small bell on her hand on April 6. You cannot see who is that girl. After the bell dropped, you found yourself on the bed in a very unfamiliar room. It's April 1. You started to think of the death of the girl as a dream. A girl who you just met the day before came rushing into your room asking you what is going on. It would appear that she had a bad dream, as well.

As the story progressed, it would appear that sometimes you are able to tell what is going to happen next. Why? And when you found the exact same small bell that you had seen in your ''dream'', you began to suspect that the ''dream'' might not be a dream after all, and it might even be a ''premonition'' of what is going to happen in the future. Among the five girls that you met, one of them is probably going to die on April 6.

As you learned about the girls and the mysteries surrounding you, you will be surprised, shocked and touched by the amazing story of Never7.

To show you how amazing the story is, I will used a very short example. A girl was sketching the bird clock on the wall of the room. The bird clock has two birds and it is the kind where only on twelve o'clock, the two birds will meet for about 24 seconds. The girl wanted to sketch a sketch where the right bird stopped the hand of the clock at 12 o'clock and the left bird leaned on the right bird.

A boy came in and said this painting will not worked and said that the girl is narrow-minded. He took the sketchbook from her and erased her sketchings. Then, he sketched a broken bird clock and the two birds flying out of the windows. He told the girl:

If you want to stop time, it is okay to destroy time.
If you want to escape time, it is okay to flap your wings.
If you stay tied down, you will not be free.
If you want to be free, you must not be afraid.

At the end, he left the room just like that. Don't worry, this is not a spoiler... At least, I don't think it is. :P Even though it is an important part of one of the girl's story, you shouldn't be able to relate this part to the game, unless you played until that part. ^_^

Actually, there are two parts in this game. However, if I tell you any more than that, it will be a big spoiler to the story. Anyway, this is a novel-type game, so basically, you just read and make decision, read and make decision, repeat.

After you got all the normal endings (Izumi-san's ending is not required, I THINK), you will unlock a new scenario (Infinity Cure Scenario) that is not in the PSX version of the game. Personally, I really like the way Izumi-san's story started, but I was a bit disappointed at how the story ends. Of course, after that, you will see a epilogue, where everybody is on the way home from the island on the boat. It's very funny. After that, there is the ending song, which is very nice.

If you cannot get enough of Never7, Kid has this Append Story Mode where you can download new scenarios from Official Never7 Fan Website. However, most of the new scenarios are written by fans and all these scenarios do not have voice-over. The same Never7 scenario files are also found in Yume no Tsubasa and Memories Off 2nd.

The length of the game is very long, as it is probably one of the longest games that I had ever played. The game graphic is quite beautiful, though it is not exceptional. The BGM is very well-done too, as it set up the mood of each scene.

After playing Memories Off Complete (MOC), I played through Yuka-san's scenario once and discovered several things that is related to MOC.

For example, the cat key holder that Yuka-san bought for herself is called ''Nin Nin Neko Pyon'' which is the name of that pregnant cat in MOC, and the young girl that you will meet in the game is called ''Yue-chan'', which is the name of the main female character in MOC. In additional to that, Izumi-san's former highschool is Sumisora Gakuen, which is the school where the MOC characters attended.

The level of Japanese used in this game is quite high, as the story played around with the Japanese words. Personally, when I first played the game about a year ago, I had trouble following Izumi-san's story when she made reference to a scientific law. *.*

And for those who just wanted to buy the game for graphics, I will not recommend you doing so, as the graphics is not exceptionally well-done.

Never7 ~The End of Infinity~ is probably one of the best Ren'ai (love) digital novel-type games that I had ever played. It is also one of the most unique and most complex games that I had ever played, as it incorporated genetics, psychology, etc.

Never7 is my first Kid game that I have ever played, and it is the game that made me respect Kid, as a company which can produce Ren'ai novel-type games with great stories. I, currently, had played five Kid games (Never7, Tentama, Close To ~Inori no Oka~, Memories Off 2nd and Memories Off Complete), but Never7 is still my favourite. Probably, the more mature atmosphere of the story is what made it more superior than the other Kid games.

The only problem I had with this game is that just like Minamo-chan in Memories Off Complete, to get Kurumi-chan's ending, you have to choose choice that is out of the ordinary. This waste my time quite a bit trying to find her ending, and I hated that.

As I had said, the stories are just amazing. As you go deeper into the story, you surprised and surprised over again, as you uncovered more secret of the Never7's world. I will give this game a 10.

And for those of you who is wondering why I said what I said in my review topic, you have to play the game. THEN, you can pretty much tell why I said that. ^_^ For your information, it has nothing to do with that story that Izumi-san will tell you about. ^_^

Rating: 10

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