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Sega Dreamcast's Tantei Shinshi DASH is released on December 21, 2000 by Abel. There is a Limited Edition of the game that come with a booklet and a CD of seiyuu(voice actress/actor)'s comments about their roles the game. For your information, ''Tantei'' means ''Detective'' and ''Shinshi'' means ''Gentleman''.

The extra booklet is called Tantei Shinshi Bible. Inside it are characters' information, a walkthrough of the game until October 6 and clarification of important terms in the game.

The seiyuu's CD contains comments about the game. There are popular seiyuus in the game, Kuwashima Houko (Minto Mitsurugi) and Inoue Kikuko (Jin Ayame). Kuwashiwa Houko's popular roles are Yurika-chan of Nadesico and Suzune-chan of Tokimeki Memorial's Irodori no Rabusongu. Inoue Kikuko's popular roles are Belldandy of Ah! Megami-sama.

The original H PC game is called ''Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi'' by Digianime. It would appear that all the CGs were redrawn for the DC version, so that the girls has new younger looks. I compared the two, and the DC version looks much better than the PC version.

There is another version of the H PC game which came out after the DC version's looks. The game is called ''Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi ~Hardcore~''. It is EXACTLY like the DC version, except it has new CGs and H scenes. I believe, the H scenes in this game are different from the other H PC version. You start getting the ''role-playing'' H scenes after Agyou-sama slept with Minto-chan 5 times after you completed ''Protecting Minto Case''. Be careful, the game requires 1.3 GB of HD space.

Agyou Souma, the protagonist, is the IDLA Class A Detective. IDLA stands for International Detective License Agency. It is a highly respectable agency that evaluates and classifies a detective based on his or her ability, as a detective, from Class A to Class F. There are only 30 Class A detective in the whole world and there are only 2 Class A detective in Japan.

IDLA also collects all kinds of requests and offers them to the detectives to work on it. Its base is located in London. Of course, Souma-kun is the type of person who will most likely will not accept any cases from IDLA.

Ghost Murder Case is a case where Maiko-san ask you to find the murderer of the Class B detective at the Umi no Mieru Oka Koen and missing members of Super Natural Sighting Club. I doubt, anybody can guess what actually happened to those people.

Searching for the Invincible Husband Case is pretty interesting. A woman is looking for a detective to search for her missing husband. Nobody wants to take on her case because the detective agencies cannot verify the existence of her husband. More and more surprises, as the story continues. However, I still wonder why the detective did not check the background of the woman. I mean, that should be the first thing he should do in a situation like this.

Protect Minto Case is where you supposed to provide safe haven for Minto-chan and find the password for the information stored in Minto-chan. She ends up doing all the house chores because you want to keep her busy, so that she will never think about going somewhere without telling you. Of course, you can buy her stuffs, like Pajamas.

Kaionji Murder Case is probably my favourite case. There is a journalist asking you to help find the treasure of Kaionji. When you take on the case, you see all kind of visions. This is a case that I cannot understand what is going on until the end. The story is very mysterious and creepy at the beginning, and then it is very touching. You should be able to complete this case in a day. Take note of what all the people near the Kaionji Residence said. I didn't realize that they actually are giving clues to what is actually going on, especially what that Lolicon Polite Detective said.

Undercover in Outfit Case is where you will be asked to act as an undercover with the purpose of destroying Outfit completely. Actually, you are forced to do it because the Outfit got their hands on Minto-chan. The way the guy act, as an undercover is pretty cool.

Find Ema-ya's True Identity Case is a case where you wants to find out the identity of Ema-ya, a person who has been providing you with information to help you to expose Outfit's criminal activities. You begin the game with this case. You want to find out who this person is and what this person's purpose of helping you is. When you find out, it is one of the most touching scenes in the game. It has been a long time since a game made me feel like this, especially when the detective read the person's letter at the end.

I am very impressed with the stories, as they are very unpredictable, something that I find rare in games nowadays. The story is very adult in nature. No, there are no H scenes. Dreamcast is a ''clean'' system. I am not giving any examples what I mean by adult, as giving them will likely spoil the stories greatly.

Agyou Souma:
He is a Class A detective. He is very good at deducing the situation of the case, even with little bit of information. He doesn't smoke, but he keeps the best cigarette in his pocket and plans to smoke it when he is about to die.

''Gyaku da... Ore inakereba, machi wa heion buji ni natte iru sa.''
[It's the opposite... If I do not exist, this town will become peaceful.]

''Nikushimi wa hito wo sasaeru ga, kanashimi wa hito wo yowasaseru.''
[Hatred provides a person with support, but sadness makes a person weak.]

Minto Mitsurugi:
She is the May-Droid, Maya Android. Maya is the goddess of growth. She is like a child, as she does not know much about the world, even though she has large database of information to rely on when she doesn't know what word like ''Lolicon'' means :P

This is the girl that you will be spending most of your time with in the game. In additional to that, she is like a newborn child, which probably makes this game feel like it is targeting lolicons. In additional to her innocence, she spent all the time at the detective's place doing traditional wife's activities (washing your back, cooking for you). It's like a guy's fantasy coming true :P It's better than those Roommate series where the girls just talk too much.

I am still puzzling about the time when Minto-chan lies on top of the detective. I mean, she supposed to weight 120 kg, after all. ^_^;;

''Sousa chuu desu... Wakarimashita.''
[Searching... Understood.]

''Agyou-sama. Totemo kawaii desu.
[Agyou-sama. You are very cute.]

''Dousureba, Agyou-sama ga shiawase ni narimasu ka...?''
[What can I do to make you happy, Agyou-sama...?]

Ayagi Maiko:
She is a lawyer and the person who gives the first case of the game in the middle of the night. She is very determined to have Souma-kun to work on that Ghost Murder Case. Why? Find out yourself!

''Watashi no henso, mo nakanaka dewa gozaimasen ka?
[My disguise, is also pretty good, right?]

Misaragi Mayumi:
She is the woman who got Souma-kun to be involved in the impossible case. She is looking for her husband, who seems to not exist at all.

''Onegai, watashi no oto wo sagashite hoshii no...''
[Please, I want you to search for my husband...]

Jin Ayame:
She is Souma-kun's ex-wife. She was IDLA class C detective and on her way to be promoted to IDLA class B detective. However, a year ago, she betrayed Souma-kun and ran away with the enemy who they are facing at that time. To Souma-kun, she is the best partner he ever had. In additional to that, her ''quick draw'' ability matches Souma-kun's.

''Isshou ni kurashite ita toki no anata wa, hikari kagayaite ita...''
[When we were still living together, you were shining brightly...]

Muragime Ryouko:
She always appears at places that have few people around and during night time. It would appear that she is observing Souma-kun very closely. She appears to have some dark secret in the past.

''Dare ni demo yasashii hitotte, dare ni mo yasahikunai no yo...''
[The person who is kind to everyone is actually not being kind to anyone at all, you know...]

This is a time-based game and whether most events will occur or not depends on time of the day. There are only a couple multiple-choice questions, so you only have to concentrate on finding the events. If I recall correctly, first choice of the multiple questions will always be the correct answer. Save often and record the events you found, so it will be much simpler when you play Hidden (Ougi) Mode.

You have a time limit of two months to complete the first four cases. The game will be over if you reach November 30. As for the last case, there isn't any time limit.

If the case specifies that you supposed to solve the case within 13 days, you will get a 10%/day bonus if you solve it much faster and get a 10%/day penalty if you solve it too slow. The faster you solve the case, the more bonus you get.

Try to save as much money as you can. You need about 15,000,000 Yen to buy all the Video and CGs to unlock the Ougi Mode and you need about 11,000,000 Yen to buy all the CGs for the Ougi Mode. When you complete everything, you will be informed about what happened at the end (which is pretty obvious, you should already know without them telling you) and that make sure you have the save file ready for the next Tantei Shinshi game.

Of course, there is the Click Mode, where you click on the CG and something will happen depending where you click. It is almost exactly like Doukyuusei II.

The minigame is called ''Minto do issho'' (''Together with Minto''). It is unlocked, after you accept Minto-chan's case. Personally, I am not sure whether there is an ending to this or not. Basically, you have to be nice to her, talk to her, etc. I don't have enough space in my VMU to store the game to keep it running. The game requires 88 Blocks. In additional to that, the Japanese characters are hard to read on the VMU screen.

When you finish buying all the CGs and Videos, you will unlock Ougi Mode (Hidden Mode). If you start the game in Ougi Mode, the story line is exactly the same, but all the girls will be wearing new costumes. You will see Maiko-san in Ninja clothing, Mayumi-san in Swimsuit, Minto-chan in Maid clothing, etc.

Only one BGM that really stands up in the game, and that is the one that is played during emotional scenes, usually romantic scenes. The BGM that is played with Miyuki-chan's seiyuu's and Ayame-san's seiyuu's comments.

In my opinion, the opening movie is very poorly done. The quality is bad and the directing is pretty bad too.

As with almost any related games, it is almost none. You should at least play the game twice, once using the Normal Mode and another time using the Ougi Mode. It is so that you can get all the CGs available in the game. However, any game with great story like this worth playing again in the future. :D

This game is filled with kanjis. So, it is going to be a very tough game to understand. I am having a bit trouble with it myself and therefore, I rely a lot on my dictionary to get me out of tough spots. :D

However, the main story line has voice-over, which really helps a lot. Even the protagonist or Agyou Souma-kun has voice-over.

Personally, I was not planning to buy this game at all because I felt that it is going to be difficult to understand. On a wimp, I bought the game, and very glad that I did.

It has been quite a while, since I have been so impressed by a game's story line. It really keeps me entertained as the story goes. I am looking forward towards Abel's next Tantei Shinshi series game, Mystereet.

As usual, I give a rating based on how much I enjoy a game and I seldom make a review of the games that I hate. I gave this game 10 out of 10 because of the beautiful story line and the CGs are very beautiful too.

Rating: 10

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