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Reviewed: 08/26/05

Play, stop, rewind, play again, repeat.


Created and Published by Arc System Works Co., LTD. Released in 2000.

Prismaticallization is a Japanese graphic novel dating sim game. "The action is virgin same repeated", This term which appears in French on the case is actually a decent description of Prismaticallization. In this game you relive the same day over, and over, and over again, that is to say that time loops. Each time the day loops again it plays out slightly different from the previous time. For an example of time looping see the movie Groundhog Day.

Your motive in Prismaticallization is to get one of the five teenage girls to be your girlfriend and, while your at it, to see if you can get the day to stop repeating itself. Getting a girlfriend isn't very difficult as all of the girls seem to be attracted to you. So, since no one can really explain or confirm the existence of loops in time; the real problem is once you have a girlfriend do you attempt to keep her or try for a different girl? Only you can decide that one.

As with most Japanese games, Prismaticallization is entirely in Japanese. The game play is comprised of a good bit of text dialogue with the occasional multiple choice decision to make. After the first day, or rather your first time through the day, a strange transparent crystal will be on the screen. Occasionally when you select a correct decision a bubble will appear in the crystal, an odd reward system of sorts.

The controls are very simple to use and the in game music is fairly relaxing. Oddly enough, there are virtually no sound effects. As for graphics, the background images are actually textured blurred photographs, while the characters are well drawn anime style characters. Clearly the graphics were enhanced from the original PlayStation version. It all looks especially good using a Dreamcast VGA adapter.

Overall this is a pretty decent game and a good example of how a title ported from a 32-bit system can look on the Dreamcast when properly ported. However, If you do not have any knowledge of the Japanese language then I would not suggest buying this game.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Replay Value: 5
Overall Score: 7

Rating: 7

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