• How to get the extra moves For Created Wrestler

    First of all, learn Powerbomb and Giant Swing/Giant Spin. Also, you'll need the Brainbuster to Kaiten-suichoku-rakka (Spinning Sheer Drop) Brainbuster combo. It would also be advisable to learn the tie-up F,X stomach punch.

    Build up both the Powerbomb and Giant Swing/Spin to level 50 (have to hit those moves at least 246 times). The Powerbomb will unlock the moves Splash Mountain (in two forms - DFx2, A+B from standing, or as a combo from the tie-up stomach punch) and the Giant Swing/Spin will unlock the Throw Away Giant Swing (from standing HCF [half-circle forward], A+B).

    Combine one of the two Splash Mountains with the Kaiten-suichoku-rakka brainbuster, and that will give you the Build-Up Buster (from standing 360 degrees on the joystick, B).

    Next, delete the Powerbomb, and learn Piledriver. Combine the Piledriver with the Throw Away Giant Swing to get the Build-Up-Driver (from standing, 360 degrees on the joystick, A+B).

    Finally, to acquire the ultimate move in the game, the Giant Gram (from behind opponent, 360 degrees, B), simply combine both the Build-Up Buster and the Build-Up Driver.

    Contributed By: The Hand.

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  • Unlock Secret Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cylops (Chono Masahiro)Beat match No.18 (Misawa/Kobashi vs. Kawada/Taue, reverse stage) in HMM.
    Diablo (Super Brodie)Beat match No.2 (Baba/Tsuruta vs. Hansen/Brodie) in HMM
    Divine Grace (Gracie)Complete match No.9 (Akiyama vs. Omori) in Historic Match Mode
    Giant CrusherBeat Arcade Single mode using The Crusher
    HyperBeat match No.12 (Kobashi vs. Vader) in HMM
    Mangler (Hashimoto Shinya)Beat match No.13 (Baba/Tsuruta vs. Hansen/Brodie, reverse stage) in HMM.
    Ogami Kongo (Shinzaki Jinsei)Beat Arcade Tag mode with Misawa/Ogawa, Kawada/Taue, and Kobashi/Akiyama.
    Sky High Edge (Hayabusa)Having unlocked Ogami Kongo first, beat Arcade Tag mode using ''No Fear'' (Omori/Takayama), and Vader/Williams.
    Spel Tigre Dozmir (Tiger Mask)Beat Arcade Single mode with the five Japanese biggies - Misawa, Kawada, Taue, Kobashi and Akiyama.
    The CrusherBeat Arcade Single mode using created wrestler
    The Killer (Antonio Inoki)Beat all matches in HMM.
    The Master (Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta)eat match No.23 (Akiyama vs. Misawa, reverse stage) in HMM
    Tiger ErechthionBeat match No.8 (Misawa vs. Vader) in HMM
    Young Giant BabaBeat Arcade Single mode using original Giant Baba

    Contributed By: The Hand.

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  • CPU controlled Original Wrestler in training mode

    When you pick your ''teacher'' to wrestle against in CAW mode, simply hold down the LEFT trigger on the controller (the Z button on a joystick) while you press the A button to select your opponent. Press and HOLD both buttons until the blue loading screen appears.

    Once the training match starts, the CPU should be controlling both your character and your opponent.

    Now your moves will still get leveled up and you will still learn new moves even though you aren't controlling your wrestler!!!

    Note: If your wrestler is at a high level, set the CPU difficulty to hard in the options or the match will be over very quickly.

    Contributed By: Kurgan777.

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  • Eliminating the Pause screen menu

    All you do when you pause the game is press x+y. It causes the black menu screen to clear up letting you see the game screen. This will help a lot of folks trying to see what moves they are doing as far as the Create a Wrestler Option goes.

    Contributed By: Jarsfan1997.

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  • Unmask Tigre, Vader or The Master

    For any of these three characters, build up to MAX level, and press X + Y. They'll throw off their masks.

    In the case of The Master (Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta), unmask and you'll be able to do the Poison Mist attack by doing D,F,X.

    Contributed By: The Hand.

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  • Unmask Vader

    To unmask Vader press X + Y during game play when your spirit level is on MAX.

    Contributed By: XPLICIT187.

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