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Reviewed: 09/12/01 | Updated: 09/12/01

Finally it's here! What are you waiting for???

I've waited Super Robot Wars Alfa (Supa Robotto Taisen Arufa) for my Dreamcast for a long time...and it's finally there!!!!! Yes, Mazinga Z, Getter Robot, Daitarn 3, Gundam Wing, Zambot, Vultus Five and much more all together to fight!!! And YOU will command all them...

GAMEPLAY (10/10): Surely the most important aspect in a game, in SRW it is at maximum level! Basically it's a turn based strategy game with lot of units all different from each other and with their own attacks and features. You can move your units, and also use special technics that give HP, protect or double an attack power. Units like Getter Robot can separate and also change mode. Mazinga can release release the pilder, and so on. When you use any of your units to attack you can choose one of his weapons. With Mazinga Z, for example, you can use Rocketto Punch, or Breast Fire, just like in the anime!

GRAPHIC (9/10): The battle landscape is in 2D, with vivid colors. The attack scenes are in a superlative 3D graphic with perfectly modelled robots. Yess!!!!

STORY (-/10): I can't say much about the story, because the game is totally in japanese and my knowledge of it is enough to play, but not to understand all sentences! Anyway I know for sure that the plot is complex and funny, and if you have the lucky to understand it, you surely will like it.

REPLAYABILITY (8/10):It's true, once finished the game, you will hardly replay it! But it's also true that you'll take several hours to end it, and the will to see your youth's myths again could be very strong. But after all there's always the karaoke function with the anime theme songs ;)

SOUNDS/MUSIC (10/10):The best of the best! There are very beautiful tracks during the stages and when the attack cinematic starts playing you hear the main theme song of the attacking unit!!!! And pilots talk when firing!!! You'll can hear Koji saying ''Breast Fire'' or Ryoma howling ''Getter Beam!''. Fantastic!!!

OVERALL (10/10): In brief: awesome and very various gameplay; tons of fantastic robot units; marvellous sound fx; very good in-game graphic; an huge number of missions for hours and hours of playing. And there are also Evangelion units ;) In a few words: when you start playing it you don't know when you will finish.

TO RENT OR BUY?: Buy it at any price ;)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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