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Synchro Attacks List by Daba Mylord

Updated: 12/03/01

Super Robot Wars Alpha DC (SRWADC)
for Dreamcast
Synchro Attacks Listing
by Daba Myrod (daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net)
Current Update: None


It was a year or so ago when most of us thought Alpha won't make it in the DC... even though
there were shots of Dunbine kicking Ashimar's ass floating on the net that time, most of us
lost hope when no news on the DC console was announced. Now that it has come, with lots of
dramatic changes and new features (not to mention the surprising SRW debut of Sunrise's
G-Breaker). Although Synchro-Attacks were not new to veteran SRW players like myself (those
who own SRW64 in particular), at least it's really good to see millions of SRW players 
enjoying this system since not all of them have an N64. This guide was created to fill in
that gap, since most of the FAQs and guides for the PS version of the game can almost be
applied fully to ADC. So, without further ado, enjoy it and hope you get to play it well!


Again, as mentioned before, this guide can be found currently in my site, SRWGenesis. URL
is http://surf.to/srwgenesis, in GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com, and Neoseeker
http://www.neoseeker.com. That means that other sites that host this guide may be hosting 
illegally or otherwise. Usually, when webmasters want stuff from me, they would always 
write in their sites about them asking permission so they can be easily identified. If 
the disclaimer is not mentioned in the site, that means that they've taken it illegally. 
Report cases like this to me via e-mail on daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net and you will 
be rewarded loyally.

Names and translations are informal. They are translated literally and I applied my usual
western accent in translation. There may be some minor errors since I'm not perfect. Should 
there be any mistakes or there IS an official name, don't hesistate to e-mail me and you'll
be given all the credit in the world. Of course, you may also contact me if there are any
corrections to be done in this guide, including spelling and grammar. Likewise, you'll be
credited for your trouble.

As regards to SRWADC's biggest issue, it's how to work the ADC in the console and the BIG
difference bewtween the pirated and original versions. The pirated one has NO VOICE and 
some have no CG sequences. I myself don't support piracy, so I'm not going to mention more
about it. The only thing I could tell you is that if characters in your game don't have any
voices, it's a pirated one. You'd better get yourself and original by ordering online. I
have managed to see actual gameplay between pirated and original versions (thanx to Raven
who bought it ahead) and I can conclude that there is a BIG difference in gameplay, 
especially in the feel of playing. I would suggest that you buy an original to make sure
Banpresto receives money from you. Okay, some might argue that "why buy the original when
you can buy the fake one when there is no difference except the price". Well, it may be 
right, but think of how many bucks Banpresto has lost already. If they don't receive all the
funding they actually need, then you can't expect to see a future SRW, or at least, see a
BETTER SRW in the future, especially that they actually have to pay the Seiyuus to do the
voices. I hope this is good enough to give you a change of heart. Although I won't force you
to believe my point, all this is for your own conscience to decide.

Plagiarism is a serious crime. To those who are not familliar with the term, it's the act of
copying someone else's work (and that means ANY work) and claiming that it's yours. Imposing
penalties may include imprisonment and perhaps a fine to pay for moral damages caused to the
original author. If you take my work without my consent or giving me credit, the least you
could do is to link back to my site and I'll reconsider. That's just one simple favor I ask
and frankly it's not too dificul to do so. However if you want to take it the easy way and
decided to ask permission, you may e-mail me and ask NICELY and I'll grant you consent. If
you do e-mail me but express it in an unfriendly or uneducated matter, you will be ignored.

Now for stuff regarding reporduction. You are allowed to download this guide provided that 
you swear not to reproduce it yourself for commercial reasons like selling it to people or
publishing it on magazines or game guides. Although I won't stop you from printing it out
ONCE, photocopying it and distributing it even without my consent is still illegal, even if
it's not commercial in nature. In summary... don't reproduce it by any means. Violation of
the afforementioned rules will subject you to criminal prosecution. Don't do anything as 
stupid as this and stay out of trouble for your sake. You've been warned.


Here are the list of Synchro-Attacks that you can possibly use in the game. There are a few
run-downs in the issue on getting the Unison Attack (EVA-01 and EVA-02 doing that big kick
in the "Both Of You, Dance Like You Want To Win" episode in the anime). I myself didn't get
it, but my pal Raven did, and so he's more than happy to tell me the details. Good luck to
you and hope you managed to do all the Synchro-Attacks as specified!

- Units Required: Voltes-V and Combattler-V
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Voltes-V's Tenkuken V-No Jigiri
                     Upgrade Combatter-V's Chodenji Spin
- Description: Combattler-V administers its famous Chodenji Tatsumaki, then as the enemy
               gets paralyzed, Voltes-V slashes him with its Tenkuken V-No Jigiri, followed
               by Combatter-V's Chodenji Spin.

- Units Required: Voltes-V and Combattler-V
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Voltes-V's Chodenji Goma
                     Upgrade Combattler-V's Chodenji Yoyo
- Description: Combattler-V hurls its Chodenji Yoyos, then Voltes-V lashes out its Chodenji
               Strings then grabs the flying Yoyos and throws it at the enemy.

- Units Required: Eagle Figher-A, Bigmoth-A, Land Cougar-A and Land Ryger-A 
                  Note that all 4 units are in Animal mode, which requires 110 morale.
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Eagle Fighter-A's Assault Swoop Attack
                     Upgrade Land Cougar-A and Land Ryger-A's Kamitsuki Gnash Attack
                     Upgrade Bigmoth-A's Tusk Charge Attack
- Description: All 4 Dancougar units zero in, where the enemy is greeted by Land Cougar-A
               and Land Ryger-A's slash and gnash. The enemy, while stunned will then be
               collided and pushed afar by Bigmoth-A's tusks then finally, Eagle Fighter-A
               fries it with its fiery swoop.

- Units Required: All 3 Getta Gate Machines (all 3 planes)
                  Applies to Getta Robo G and Shin Getta Robo Gate Machines as well.
- How to strengthen: Upgrade all 3 Getta Gate Machines' Vulcans
- Description: All 3 Gate Machines dive vertically while spinning in a circular motion.
               While doing so, they continue to shower vulcans on the enemy.

- Units Required: Mazinger-Z and Getta-1/Getta Dragon
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Mazinger-Z's Breast Fire
                     Upgrade Getta-1/Getta Dragon's Getta Beam
- Description: Both Mazinger-Z and Getta-1/Getta Dragon fires their beams simultaneously,
               roasting the enemy in one collosal explosion.

- Units Required: Mazinger-Z/Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger
- How to strenthen: Upgrade Mazinger-Z's Rocket Punch or Mazinkaiser's Turbo Smasher Punch
                    Upgrade Great Mazinger's Atomic Punch
- Description: Both Mazinger-Z/Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger fire their respective Rocket
               Punches and clobber the enemy in a painful blow.

- Units Required: Mazinger-Z/Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger
- How to strenthen: Upgrade Mazinger-Z's Rocket Punch or Mazinkaiser's Turbo Smasher Punch
                    Upgrade Great Mazinger's Mazinger Blade
- Description: Great Mazinger tosses a sword to Mazinger-Z. If using Mazinkaiser, then
               Mazinkaiser draws out the Shoulder Slicer. Both Mazinger units then charge
               and chop the enemy with lethality.

- Units Required: Mazinger-Z/Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Mazinger-Z's Breast Fire
                     Upgrade Mazinkaiser's Fire Blaster
                     Upgrade Great Mazinger's Breast Burn
- Description: Both Mazinger units charge up their chests ("charge up their breasts" sounds
               kinda different don't you think^^) and charcoal-broil the enemy with their
               burnin' breasts (or should I say "chests"?) attacks.

- Units Required: Mazinkaiser, Shin Getta-1 and Great Mazinger
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Mazinkaiser's Fire Blaster 
                     Upgrade Shin Getta-1's Getta Beam
                     Upgrade Great Mazinger's Breast Burn
- Description: This is the ultimate enemy flame-crisper. Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger 
               charge up their (again), chests. Shin Getta-1 charges his Getta Beam, then
               all 3 Super Robots fire their respective signature roasters. The enemy then
               gets ultra-barbequed with an even more cataclysmic explosion.

- Units Required: Dunbine and Billvine
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Dunbine and Billvine's Hyper Aura Giri
- Description: Dunbine and Billvine both unsheath their respective Aura Swords. They both
               charge up and their Aura starts to glow from both their bodies and even more
               on their swords. Afterwards, Dunbine slashes the enemy first, followed by
               Billvine as the enemy gets sliced to pieces. I think which Aura Battler 
               attacks first depends on whom you choose to execute the Synchro-Attack.

- Units Required: EVA-01 and EVA-02
- How to strengthen: Upgrade EVA-01 and EVA-02's charge/punch attacks
- Description: EVA-01 and EVA-02 jump in the air and do their usual thing, kicking the 
               enemy with their feet (one from EVA-01 and another from EVA-02).

- Units Required: Z Gundam, ZZ Gundam and GP-03 Dendrobium
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Z Gundam's Hi-Mega Launcher
                     Upgrade ZZ Gundam's Double Beam Rifle
                     Upgrade GP-03 Dendrobium's Mega Beam Particle Cannon
- Description: Z Gundam readies its Hi-Mega Launcher as it extends its nozzle and charges.
               ZZ Gundam's forehead lights up as the Hi-Mega Cannon generates particle
               charges and GP-03's Particle Cannon collects even more beam particles. Then
               in synchronized timing, all 3 Gundam fire simulatenously to broil the enemy.

- Units Required: Nu-Gundam and Sazabi
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Nu-Gundam's Fin Funnels
                     Upgrade Sazabi's Funnels
- Description: Nu-Gundam launches and unfolds its Fin Fin Funnels while Sazabi fires its own
               funnels from its back. Then all Funnels continously annoy and fire the enemy
               from all ranges in style.

- Units Required: F-91 and F-90 V
- How to strengthen: Upgrade F-91 and F-90 V's VSBRs
- Description: F-91 and F-90 V both reveal their VSBRs from their shoulders as the nozzles
               point out from their waistlines. They then shoot their VSBRs perfectly.

- Units Required: Cyberstar and R-1
- How to strengthen: Upgrade Cyberstar's Akashic Buster
                     Upgrade R-1's T-Link Knuckle
- Description: Cyberstar transforms into Cybird then does the 2nd form of Akashic Buster.
               While Cybird glides in the air coated with flames, R-1 jumps, rides on 
               Cybird and charges its knuckle. In one blow, both units plunge into the 
               unfortunate enemy. R-1 beats the crap out of the enemy by giving one lethal
               punch and Cybird finishes the job by colliding and roasting it together.

There you are, all 15 moves. Although I have not seen some of the moves myself, they were
relayed to me by my ol' pal Raven. In the next update, I'll see to post the morale and EN
requirements of each, since I dunno the facts of the other moves. I'll update them when I
know them all together ok? Watch out for the next update!

1) The MB Boys (http://accessboards.com/messageboard/robotwar.html)- My primary source of 
   info. All of you there no by now how deeply I owe this guide to you. Thanx for all of 
   your help!
2) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- For hosting my guide, of course. That also includes 
   the people in the message board whom have been nice and supportive in my return after a 
   full absence of one year. A million thanx to you guys for your kind attention and 
3) The Raven- A very cool buddy of mine. I thank you for everything, the moves and even the
   game! Without you I couldn't have played the game. Thanx a lot pal!
4) http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/7800/g_guide/gameguide.html- I dunno how to translate
   the site's name officially, but I can assure you that when I made mistakes, this site 
   helped me shed some light. Arigatou Gosaimasu!
5) Banpresto (http://www.banpresto.co.jp)- Without them, SRW would never have been created.
   Demo, arigatou!
6) Banpresto's Hotline Web (http://www.hotline-web.com)- For every new source, there's 
   always a new update. Arigaou!
7) Ingram Brisken (ingram_brisken@srwgenesis.every1.net)- Thanx for helping out in making 
   pages for ADC in my site! I hope to publish them soon!
8) Yurika Misumaru (yurika@srwgensis.every1.net)- Thanx for filling in for me chick!
9) YOU (yes, you, the one reading right now)- This guide is for you to use. Thanx for 
    taking the time to read it!

Of course, to my beloved parents who understood me and gave me the time to write this guide
even in the wee hours in the morning and to may siblings who sacrificed playing Yuri's 
Revenge and CS on the PC just so I could write this guide. Finally, my greatest thanx to 
God Almighty for giving me the strength to write this guide, and for giving me inspiration 
to go on and write more guides to serve me fellowmen. 


This is one humble section dedicated to those whom I have missed or not mentioned in the 
credits. Therefore, sorry for those whom I forgot... please e-mail me so I'll add you ASAP! 
Also, I admit that I have made millions of mistakes in the past (and stupid, selfish ones 
too). So I deeply apologize to all those people online whom I may have offended, whether 
it's by e-mail, by the message board or by any means necessary. I hope to reconcile with 
you guys. I know I may have made mistakes in the past, and I hope you people will find the 
time to forgive me. Of course, I won't expect you guys to do so if you think I'm not worth 
forgiving at all. At least I get to apologize and that works good for me.


This guide is currently 15.30 KB in size, written in Notepad, Courier New font, size 10.
Guide Copyright: Daba Myrod, December 2001.
All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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