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Episode 1 Translation Guide by Kayama

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/18/01

Sakura Taisen 3 ~ Pari wa Moeteiru ka ~ Translation - Episode 1
Translation 2001 By Kayama <jpstern@lynx.neu.edu>.
ver. 1.02   Last updated 2001.04.18

This is a translation of episode 1 of Sakura Taisen 3 ~ Pari wa Moeteiru
Ka ~ ("Sakura Wars 3 ~ Is Paris Burning? ~") and contains some Japanese
text in S-JIS encoding.  It is best viewed in a monospace (uniform
character width) font.

  Permission granted by author to duplicate (unaltered) this document in
  its entirety for non-profit purposes only.  All other rights reserved.

This translation may be found at the following locations:

<http://pages.cthome.net/Kayama/> - primary location

# Disclaimer                                         #
This work is not authorized by SEGA, RED, or any other company.  I do not 
profess to be fluent in Japanese.  I do not guarantee a 100% accurate
translation.  All Sakura Taisen games are copyright Sega, Red, and/or
Overworks and all other copyrighted works are trademarks of their
respective companies.

| Update Info:                                                           |

  Ver 1.02 - 2001.04.18
  - Added additional explanation of information dialog during battles.
  - Fixed a few other minor inconsistencies.
  Ver 1.01 - 2001.04.18
  - Corrected what the acronym 'LIPS' stands for.
  Ver 1.0  - 2001.04.18
| - Completed the translation.                                           |

== Getting Started =======================================================

This section of the faq is dedicated to helping those with insufficient
Japanese knowledge get started with the game.  If you have already figured
all this out, feel free to skip to the next section.

-- Supported hardware ----------------------------------------------------

Sakura Taisen 3 ~ Pari wa Moeteiru Ka ~ is a Japanese Dreamcast game, and
as such is intended for use on Japanese or Asian Sega Dreamcast consoles.
There _are_ means of playing Japanese Dreamcast games on Dreamcast
consoles from other territories; however, such information is beyond the
scope of this faq, and I will not respond to any requests (via e-mail or
otherwise) for such information.

Additionally, Sakura Taisen 3 includes support for various Dreamcast
peripherals.  The game makes full use of the VMU's LCD screen during play,
so it is advisable (if not necessary) to use a VMU with an LCD screen (as
opposed to many third party VMUs or certain Sega brand models which do not
have a screen) in the first slot of the first controller.  Also, the game 
requires the Dreamcast's analog pad be used.  What's more Sakura Taisen 3
supports the Puru-Puru/Jump Pack and also appears to directly support the
Dreamcast VGA Box (i.e., no tricks involving switching between VGA and TV
mode are needed).

-- System file maintenance -----------------------------------------------

When you first start up the game and press the start button, a screen will
appear asking you to select the Visual Memory Unit (hereafter referred to
as "VMU") containing the main system file you will use during play.  If a
highlighted VMU does not contain a Sakura Wars 3 system file, you will see
the following message on the right side of the screen:


If you press either the 'A' or 'Y' button on such a highlighted VMU, the
game will then ask you if you wish to create a system file.  At this point,
it will be useful to point out two important Japanese words which you
should be able to recognize easily while playing Sakura Wars 3:

  はい   ('hai') - 'Yes'
  いいえ ('iie') - 'No'

Anyway, select 'yes' if you wish to create a new system file.  Once it is
done, the dialog box on screen will tell you not to remove that VMU during
game play, followed by another message informing you that it is possible
to combine data from Sakura Wars or Sakura Wars 2 with that system file.

Otherwise, if a system file already exists on the currently highlighted
VMU, you will see its timestamp, along with the faces of any characters
with whom you have already finished the game on the right side of the

If you press either the 'A' or 'Y' button on such a highlighted VMU, the
following menu will appear:

ゲームの開始                   Start game
システムファイルのコピー       Copy system file
システムファイルの削除         Delete system file
サクラ大戦のデータを合体       Combine with Sakura Wars data
サクラ大戦2のデータを合体     Combine with Sakura Wars 2 data
キャンセル                     Cancel

The 'copy' and 'delete' menu items should be self-explanatory, and each,
when selected, will cause a dialog to pop up asking for confirmation.
When either of the data combination menu items are selected, you will then
prompted to select the VMU containing the data for Sakura Wars or Sakura
Wars 2 that will be used to combine with your originally selected VMU's
Sakura Wars 3 system file.  Once you have selected such a VMU, you will
once again be prompted for confirmation before combining the data.
Choosing 'cancel' will deselect the current VMU and allow you to select
another.  Choosing 'start game' will, obviously, begin play with the
currently selected VMU's system file in use.

Note that it is possible to start play without a system file in use, but
any general data (e.g., which characters you've finished the game with,
mini-games you've found, etc.) will not be saved.  To do so, simply
press either 'B' or 'X' without having any VMU selected.  You will then
be prompted if you wish to start the game without using a system file.
Note that it _will_ still be possible to save your progress during game
play (provided you have sufficient VMU space).

-- Main game menu --------------------------------------------------------

Once you have chosen a system file (or opted to play without one), a
screen will appear with the words "les Chattes Noires" ("the Black Cats")
along with the following menu:

第1話からはじめる    Start from episode one
前回の続きから        Continue from where you left off
戦闘を再開する        Resume a battle
オプション            Option
巴里の優雅な一日      An elegant day in Paris

Certain menu items may be grayed out (i.e., unselectable).  'Start from
episode one' is self-explanatory.  'Continue from where you left off'
allows you to load a game saved at an 'eyecatch' (pre-set points during
the game at which you can save your progress).  'Resume a battle' allows
you to continue from where you saved your game during a battle.  'An
elegant day in Paris' is essentially a "bonus area" in which you can view
previously seen movies, play mini-games you have found during game play,
and the like.

Selecting the 'option' menu item brings up a screen with two headings at
the top: 'Environment settings' (環境決定) and 'System selection'
(システム選択).  The 'Environment settings' are as follows:

カーソル速度   「遅い/普通/速い」    Cursor speed [ Slow / Normal / Fast ]
サウンド       「ステレオ/モノラル」 Sound           [ Stereo / Monaural ]
VM呼び出し音 「ON/OFF」       VM alert sounds          [ ON / OFF ]
音声           「ON/OFF」       Voice                    [ ON / OFF ]
ぷるぷるぱっく 「有効/無効」         Puru-Puru Pack  [ Active / Inactive ]

These should once again be pretty self-explanatory.  'VM alert sounds'
refers to those sounds made by the VMU during game play; these can be
toggled on or off.  'Voice' refers to speech spoken by characters in the

The 'System selection' menu items are 'System file selection'
(システムファイルの選択) and 'Sakura 1 & 2 data combination'
(サクラ1?2のデータを合体).  Both are discussed in the 'System file
maintenance' section of this faq, above.  Regardless of the heading, the
option screen always has the menu option 'return' (戻る) which takes you
back to the game's main menu.

Selecting 'continue from where you left off' brings up a screen with a list 
of VM slots on the left and a list of files for the currently selected VMU 
on the right.  The last menu item on the left, 'return' (戻る), takes you 
back to the  eyecatch.  Saved game slots for a particular VMU are numbered 
on the right.  -NONFILE- indicates that there is no saved game in a 
particular slot; otherwise the current episode of the saved game is listed, 
along with the amount of time currently spent on that saved game.  Selecting
a saved game slot will bring up a new dialog box displaying the name and
number of the current episode, play time, and a picture of the character
with whom you are most in favor.  Additionally, the following menu will be 

続きを始める  Start from where you left off
削除する      Delete
キャンセル    Cancel

Choosing either 'start from where you left off' or 'delete' will bring up a 
dialog box asking you to confirm that operation.  Be careful and make sure 
you have selected the right file and the right menu option.  'Cancel' 
obviously does just that.

-- Conventions used in this faq ------------------------------------------

One of the objectives of Sakura Taisen, apart from saving the world from
plunging into chaos and destruction, is to deepen your relationship with
the members of the Paris Floral Assault Squad.  This is accomplished by 
talking with characters and responding to them in ways that increase their
opinion and trust of you.  During the game, positive and negative changes
in a character's mood are indicated by corresponding chimes; in this faq,
such changes are represented by a plus sign (+) and a minus sign (-)
respectively at the beginning of the line of dialog at which one occurs.

Such changes in mood most frequently occur as a result of your response
to an onscreen prompt with several choices you can make during a
conversation.  The system is called LIPS, which stands for "Live &
Interactive Picture System" (a registered trademark of Red).  For each such
prompt that comes up during the course of this translation, I have first
listed each of the possible options, followed by the translation of the
outcome of one or more of those options.

Additionally, new to Sakura Taisen 3 is the "Analog" LIPS, in which the line
Ogami says is decided for him, but you must choose how much emotion with
which he speaks by positioning the bar in the prompt window.  I have handled
this as best I can, describing the approximate location in the window in 
which the bar is positioned followed by the outcome.

Finally, I have included footnotes at the end of the translation which
correspond to certain lines that are numbered in curly braces.

== Episode 1 Preview Translation =========================================
Erica: Furansu wa hana no miyako, Pari.
	France's Flower Capital, Paris.

	Sawayaka na kaze no fuku kisetsu niwa......
	During the season when refreshing breezes blow......

	Watashi-tachi wa kakegae no nai hito to deatta.
	We met someone who become precious to us.

	"Sakura Taisen Surii: Pari wa moeteiru ka."
	"Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning?"

	Ai no mihata no moto ni......
	Beneath the flag of love......

Glycine: Erica!  Sono otoko ga sou da.	
	Erica!  That man is the one.

== Opening Theme Translation =============================================
Mihata no Moto ni (Beneath the Flag)

作詞?広井王子  Lyrics: Hiroi Ouji
作曲?田中公平  Composer: Tanaka Kouhei
編曲?根岸貴幸  Arrangement: Negishi Takayuki

唄?                                Vocals:
日高のり子(エリカ・フォンティーヌ)  Hidaka Noriko (Erica Fontaine)
島津冴子(グリシーヌ・ブルーメール)  Shimazu Saeko (Glycine Bleumer)
小桜エツ子(コクリコ)                Kozakura Etsuko (Coquelicot)
井上喜久子(ロベリア・カルリーニ)    Inoue Kikuko (Lobelia Carlini)
鷹森淑乃(北大路花火)                Takamori Yoshino (Kitaoji Hanabi)

立ていざ立ち上がれ  涙拭き          Tate iza tachiagare  Namida fuki
茨(いばら)の道さえ  付き進む        Ibara no michi sae  Tsukisusumu

我が友を守り  我が道を往く          Waga tomo wo mamori  Waga michi wo yuku
愛の御旗のもとに集う  乙女たち      Ai no mihata no moto ni tsudou  Otome-tachi

ああ  マロニエに  歌を口ずさみ      Aa  Maronie ni  Uta wo kuchizusami
花の都に  咲く勇姿                  Hana no miyako ni  Saku yuushi
あああ  素晴らしい  巴里華撃団      Aaa  Subarashii  Pari Kagekidan
夢と希望と明日と正義を讃える        Yume to kibou to asu to seigi wo tataeru
夢と希望と明日と正義を讃える        Yume to kibou to asu to seigi wo tataeru

Stand, yes stand up  Wipe your tears away
Proceed through even  The path of thorns

Protecting one's friends  Walking one's path
The maidens  Gathering beneath the flag of love

Ahh  Sing lightly  To the Marronnier
The blooming gallant figures  In the flower capital
Ahhh  How magnificent  The Paris Floral Assault Squad
Extolling dreams and hope and tomorrow and justice
Extolling dreams and hope and tomorrow and justice

== Episode 1 Translation =================================================

Voice: Inishie no jouheki wa toriharawareta.
	The ramparts of old have been torn down.

	Norowareshi ichizoku yo...
	Accursed clan...

	Ima koso, fukkatsu no toki.
	Right now is the time of resurrection.

	Kega sareta kono daichi wa towanaru reikon no chikara wo motte...
	This wounded earth, bearing the strength of eternal souls...

	Mu ni kaese!
	Return it all to nothing!

Episode One
The Flower Capital of Europe
- Hello, Paris -

Ogami: It's been one month since I left Teito{1}......  so it'll be May now
here in Paris.

	My first duty after having become Lieutenant of the Imperial Navy is
a special study abroad in Paris......

	All right!  I'll go to the Japanese Embassy to fill out the 
registration for my arrival at my new post.

	(So this is the Japanese Embassy.  Hm, what's that?  It's the
resident officer, Ambassador Sakomizu......)

	Ambassador!  Please wait, Ambassador Sakomizu.

Ambassador Sakomizu: ......Ahh, forgive me.  Who might you be?  I'm in a
hurry, you see.

Ogami: As for myself......

== LIPS 1.1 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I'm Imperial Navy Lieutenant Ogami Ichiro! --
-- Option 2 - I'm Ogami Ichiro, the ticket-clipper! --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - I'm Imperial Navy Lieutenant Ogami Ichiro! --
Ogami: I'm Imperial Navy Lieutenant Ogami Ichiro.  I have arrived just now
as a special overseas student.

	I would like to submit my registration for my arrival at my new post
at the Japanese Embassy, so I humbly request for your assistance with the

Sakomizu: So you're Ogami, from the Navy.  I've heard the story from
Lieutenant General Yoneda.  It seems you put on quite a show back in Teito.

-- Option 2 - I'm Ogami Ichiro, the ticket-clipper! --
Ogami: I'm Ogami Ichiro, the ticket-clipper!  I've clipped admission tickets
at the Great Imperial Theatre!!

Sakomizu: I- I understand that you're a ticket-clipper, but what business
might you have with me?  If you don't have any......

	Ogami......  Hm, are you Ogami Ichiro?  The Imperial Navy Lieutenant?

	I see, I see, so you're Ogami!  I've heard the story from Lieutenant
General Yoneda.  It seems you put on quite a show back in Teito.

Ogami: Y- yes, sir!  I'm Imperial Navy Lieutenant Ogami Ichiro.  I've just 
now arrived.

	I would like to submit my registration for my arrival at my new post
at the Japanese Embassy, so I humbly request for your assistance with the

== LIPS 1.1 End ==

Sakomizu: I'm Sakomizu Norimichi; I'll be your superior.  I'll be counting on
you from here on.

	Sorry about this after you've just gotten here, but I have a meeting
right now.  Could we talk about your new post registration afterwards?

Ogami: Understood.  Well then, I'll be waiting for your return in the
Japanese Embassy.

Sakomizu: Ha ha ha, there's no need for that.  I'll give you this.  It's a
special invitation card to the European Exposition.

	Take the day to observe, and enjoy this Paris, which has been heralded
as the flower capital of Europe.

	You can come to the Embassy after that.  We'll take care of the
registration for your arrival at your new post then.

Ogami: So that person's Ambassador Sakomizu, who'll be my superior......  He
seems like a level-headed person.

	Now then......  The grounds for the European Exposition seem to be
close by, so I guess I'll go for a little bit.

* * * * *

	So this is the European Exposition......  It certainly is bustling
enough to be called the flower capital.

	Heh, over there's an exhibit of steam automobiles of the future, 
huh......  I think I'll go take a look for a bit.

* * *

Ogami: Wh- what!?!  It's gone out of control!?  At this rate, I'll get hit!

== LIPS 1.2 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Jump out of the way. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Jump out of the way. --
Ogami: K-!  Let me make it in time!

-- Time Over --
Ogami: Wh- what should I do!?  At this rate I'll be in big trouble!

	N- no good!  In this case, I've got no choice but to jump out of the
== LIPS 1.2 End ==

Ogami: Oi!  Daijoubu ka?
	Hey!  Are you all right?

Man: K- kyuu ni kuruma ga......
	A- all of a sudden the car......

Ogami: Sou da, isha wo......!
	That's right, I have to get a doctor......!

	Oi!  Mattero, ima......
	Hey!  Stay right there, I'm......

Girl: Matte kudasai!
	Please wait!

Ogami: Kore wa......
	This is......

Girl: Mou daijoubu!
	It's all right now!

	There, it's all right now.  God has caused a miracle.

-- If you chose option 1 in LIPS 1.2 --
Girl: Thanks to you getting out of the way so quickly, this man seems to
have gotten by with only a few light injuries.

-- If time ran out in LIPS 1.2 --
Girl: If you had been a little slower in getting out of the way, you would
have been hurt too.

Girl: Ah, about causing a miracle and healing his injuries...... please
keep that a secret, okay?

Ogami: R- right......  Y- you......

Girl: Yes.  Is something the matter?

== LIPS 1.3 Start ==
-- Option 1 - What's that power of yours? --
-- Option 2 - I'd like to know more about you. --
-- Option 3 - Those are pretty showy clothes...... --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - What's that power of yours? --
Ogami: What's that power of yours?  What in the world is that that you used
to heal that driver's injuries!?

Girl: It's thanks to God that his injuries were healed.

	Now, you offer thanks to God too......  Lord, thank you so much.

Ogami: R- right......  Thank you so much......

Girl+: Yes, it's good of you to be so honest.  I'll give you a full hundred

-- Time Over --
Ogami: ......

Girl: I- is something the matter?  Are you hurt?

Ogami: N- no...... it's nothing.  I was just a little startled by that
power of yours.

Girl: It's thanks to God that his injuries were healed.

Ogami: R- right......

== LIPS 1.3 End ==

Girl: Ah, that's right.  My name's Erica Fontaine.

	Despite how I may look, I'm a nun.{2}  So, what's your name?

Ogami: Ah- right......  My name's Ogami Ichiro.  I've come from Japan to
study abroad.

Erica: Eh!?  You're a Japanese person!?!  I've got something I've always
wanted to ask!

	Eh...... Is it that time already!?  And here I still had so much I
wanted to talk about......

	I'll have to excuse myself for today.  Next time we meet, please be
sure to tell me about Japan, okay?

Ogami: ......She seemed to be a rather vivacious girl.

	Look out, Erica!  There's a signboard in front of you!!

Erica: Heh!?

	Owowowow......  Ahh, I hit my head......

Ogami: A- are you all right, Erica?

Erica: Heheheh......  I'm always like this.  Because I'm clumsy......

	Um......  Could I...... ask you one thing about Japan, after all?

Ogami: Ah, yeah...... sure.

Erica: Um, um!  Don't Japanese people have a thing called a 'chonmage'{3}
on their heads?

Ogami: Heh......?  Eh, well.....

== LIPS 1.4 Start ==
-- Option 1 - We don't have chonmage anymore. --
-- Option 2 (after waiting) - You need a license to have a chonmage. --
-- Option 3 - I cut it off today. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - We don't have chonmage anymore. --
Ogami: We don't have chonmage anymore.  We did in the past, but now there
aren't any people who have one.

Erica: Ehh, is that so......?  I had heard that Japanese people had

	......I may have told a lie to everyone at the monastery......

Ogami: B- but sumo and the like have chonmage even now, so it wouldn't be a

Erica: Eh!  Is that so!?  Heheheheh......  Thank goodness.

-- Option 2 (after waiting) - You need a license to have a chonmage. --
Ogami: You need a license to have a chonmage.  I don't have one yet so I 
can't have a chonmage.

Erica: Is that true!?  If you have a license, anyone can have a chonmage!?

Ogami: Uh, yeah......  I think so, probably......

Erica: Uh- um......  Could you tell me how to get that license?

Ogami: I- I'll look it up for next time......  Ha- hahaha......

== LIPS 1.4 End ==

Erica: I want to hear so much more about Japan.  That's right!  Mr. Ogami,
I want you to have this!!

Ogami: What's this flyer?  'Theatre Chattes Noires'?

Erica: I dance on this theatre's stage.  Please be sure to come and visit!!

Ogami: You dance?  Aren't you a nun......?

Erica: Ah!?  I really have to go!

	As for healing those injuries with a miracle of God...... it really
has to be a secret, okay?

	Well then, I'll be waiting for you at Chattes Noires!!

Ogami: 'Chonmage'......  She really seems to have a misunderstanding about

Erica: Oww!

Ogami: Ah...... not again......  Is she all right......?  Erica.

	Ah, she seems to be all right......  Now then...... I guess I'll look
around the European Exposition until nightfall.

* * * * *

Ogami: It's Ogami Ichiro - I've just now returned.  Is Ambassador Sakomizu
there?  I've come to submit the registration for my arrival at my new post.

Sakomizu: Hey, Ogami.  I've been waiting for you.

	That's right, the registration for your arrival at your new post.
Now then, just press your seal onto these documents.

Ogami: Yes, sir.  Now then...... should this do it?

Sakomizu: Okay, then as of today I acknowledge the arrival of Imperial Navy
Lieutenant Ogami Ichiro at his new post at the Japanese Embassy.

	From here on I order you to assume an attitude befitting personnel of
the Japanese Embassy in your duties!

Ogami: Yes, sir, understood!

Sakomizu: All right!  I've already arranged your apartment for you too.  So,
tonight will be your first night in Paris.

	For your welcome party, I'm going to show you to an extraordinary 
place!  Now then, come along with me.

	This is 'Chattes Noires.'  It's a place loved above all others by the
performers and the cultured who gather in Paris.

Ogami: (Chattes Noires?  Is that the place I believe Erica said she dances 

Sakomizu: Ogami, come, let's go!  I'm sure you'll like it.

* * *

Young woman A: Oatsumari no shinshi shukujo no minasama!
	Ladies and gentlemen gathered here tonight!

Young woman B: Koyoi no Shanowaru jiman no shootaimu wo otanoshimi kudasai!
	Please enjoy our showtime that Chattes Noires prides itself on tonight!

Ogami: Subarashii desu ne!
	It's magnificent!

	Are wa...... Erica-kun da!
	That's...... Erica!

	Yappari doji nanda.
	She really is clumsy, after all.

Woman: Bonsoir, Monsieur Sakomizu.  Are you enjoying yourself tonight?

Sakomizu: Bonsoir......  Erica's a little more down-to-earth than usual 

	Now then, I'll introduce you to Ogami too.  This is Madame Grand Mere,
this establishment's owner.

Grand Mere: Hmhm, pleased to meet you.  ......So, who is this boy?

Sakomizu: Him?  He's just been put to work at the embassy......

Ogami: Imperial Navy Lieutenant Ogami Ichiro.  ......And I'm not a boy.

Grand Mere: My, my, what a scary face.  Well, don't worry about it.  It's
only my mouth that's offensive.

	By the way, Monsieur Ogami.  How did you find the revue here?  Did you
like it?

== LIPS 1.5 Start ==
-- Option 1 - That's just what I'd expect of a Parisian performance. --
-- Option 2 - I prefer the performances in Teito. --
-- Option 3 - Is it always so disorganized? --
-- Option 1 - That's just what I'd expect of a Parisian performance. --
Ogami: That's just what I'd expect of a Parisian performance.  That's the
first dance revue I've ever seen in its native place.

Grand Mere+: That's what I thought.  After all, Paris is the home of 
paradise.  Paris truly is best for a good show.

== LIPS 1.5 End ==

Sakomizu: That reminds me, Ogami.  Wasn't there a performing troupe called
the 'Imperial Drama Group' in Japan, too?

Grand Mere: The 'Imperial Drama Group'......  What's that?  Is it something
like what we have here?

Ogami: Yes.  It's a performing troupe that performs at the Great Imperial
Theatre in Ginza, in the imperial capital Tokyo.  There I......

== LIPS 1.6 Start ==
-- Option 1 - was a ticket-clipper. --
-- Option 2 - was captain of a secret corps. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - was a ticket-clipper. --
Ogami: ......had a part-time job as a ticket-clipper.

Grand Mere: Hohoh...... A ticket-clipper, eh.
== LIPS 1.6 End ==

Grand Mere: Ahh, Monsieur Ogami.  If you'd like to see the inside of this
establishment, you should ask these two secretaries here.

	Well then, I must be going.  Paris nights are long, so enjoy them as
much as you can...... boy.

Ogami: I said I'm not a boy......

Young woman A: Pleased to meet you, Monsieur.  I'm Mell Raison.  Please call
me Mell.

	As we're open for business, there are rooms into which entry is
forbidden, but otherwise you may go about freely.

Young woman B: ......Monsieur Ogami!  Nice to meet you.  I'm Ci Caprice.

	Wah - it's a real samurai......

	Ah, that's right.  I sell bromides{4} at the gift shop.

Ogami: Nice to meet you, I'm Ogami Ichiro.  Mell and Ci, I look forward to
seeing you from here on.{5}

Ci: Well then, I'll be waiting for you, so please make sure you come to the
gift shop, okay?

Mell: Now then, please excuse us.  Enjoy yourself at your leisure.

Sakomizu: My, Ogami.  You sure are popular with the ladies.

Ogami: Please don't tease me.  Mell and Ci, huh...... they're both charming

Erica: Everyone!  Are you having fun today?

Ogami: Am- Ambassador Sakomizu, what's starting now?

Sakomizu: Ahh, it's the usual thing.  When this happens, you yell, "I'm
having fun."

	Since the line is already decided for you, all you have to do is choose
how loud you want to be.  It'll make her happiest to yell in a loud voice.

	Since you absolutely have to give a response, if you don't hurry your
feelings at that moment will be reflected in your voice.

== Analog LIPS 1.1 Start ==
-- I'm having fun. --
-- Bar all the way at the top --
Ogami: I'm having fun!!  Tonight's the best!!

Erica+: Thank you for saying it loud!  Erica's very happy!
== Analog LIPS 1.1 End ==

Erica: Please have as much fun as you want today!  Bye-bye!

Ogami: Erica......  So she really has been a dancer here.

Sakomizu: Hm, you know Erica?  I wonder if she isn't in the dressing 
room......  You should go see.

	Let's see......  How about in the lobby in 30 minutes...... would that
be all right for you?

== LIPS 1.7 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Yes, sir, understood. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Yes, sir, understood. --
Ogami: Yes, sir, understood.  In the lobby in 30 minutes.

Sakomizu: Mm.  That's my Ogami.  Having you respond quickly - that puts me at
== LIPS 1.7 End ==

Sakomizu: Well then, take a look around.  I'll be spending a little more time

** Free Movement 1.1 Start **
~~ Locations covered in free movement 1.1 ~~
 - Left-side hallway, on the way to the dressing room
 - Gift shop (売店)
 - Dressing room (楽屋)
 - Kitchen (厨房)
 - Secretarial office (秘書室)
 - Second floor audience seating (二階客席)
 - Backstage (舞台裏)
 - Lobby (ロビー) (17:30, end free movement)

~~ In the left-side hallway, on the way to the dressing room (楽屋) Start ~~
Ci: Mr. Ogami, please wait!

Ogami: Hm......?

	Hey, Ci.  Is there some business you have with me......?

Ci: Won't you come to the gift shop?  We're selling lots of nice things!

Ogami: The gift shop, huh......  Let's see......

== Untimed LIPS 1.1 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Well then, shall we go right away? --
-- Option 2 - I'll stop by later. --
-- Option 1 - Well then, shall we go right away? --
Ogami: Well then, shall we go right away?

Ci: Eheh, oh good.  Well then, I'll lead the way!

* * *

Ci: We've arrived.  This is the gift shop.

{Go to ~~ At the gift shop (売店) ~~}
== Untimed LIPS 1.1 End ==
~~ In the left-side hallway, on the way to the dressing room (楽屋) End ~~

~~ At the gift shop (売店) Start ~~
Ci: I'm always working here as the gift shop salesgirl.

	That's right - if it's all right with you, won't you take a look at 
what we've got?

Ogami: Heh - What kind of things are you selling?

Ci: Let's see - Well, we've got bromides of all the dancers and things like

Ogami: (Heh......  That sure reminds me of the Great Imperial Theatre in

== Gift shop menu Start ==
-- Option 1 - Buy a bromide. --
-- Option 2 - Talk with Ci. --
-- Option 3 - Leave. --
-- Option 1 - Buy a bromide. --
Ogami: In that case, perhaps I'll get a bromide?

Ci: Wah, you're going to buy one?  Thank you so much.

	Please choose from over here.  We've only got Erica's bromide just yet,

== Bromide selection Start ==
-- Look at Erica's bromide --
Ci: That's Erica's bromide.

-- Get Erica's bromide --
Ci: Okay.  Erica's bromide, right?

	That'll be 50 francs.  Thank you for your purchase.
== Bromide selection End ==

-- Option 2 - Talk with Ci. --
- Talking with Ci #1 -
Ogami: (......Okay, I'll try asking Ci something......)

	Ci, can I ask you something?

Ci: Sure.  What is it?

== LIPS 1.8 Start ==
-- Option 1 - How's work at the gift shop? --
-- Option 2 - Do you always talk like that?{6} --
-- Option 3 - Do you have a boyfriend? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - How's work at the gift shop? --
Ogami: How's work at the gift shop?

Ci: Work at the gift shop......?  Well, let's see......

+	I get to talk with the customers, so it's lots of fun.

	I get to meet all different kinds of people, so...... I might be able
to meet the person I'm destined to be with.  Kyah!

Ogami: Hahaha...... That's true.  I hope you meet them.
== LIPS 1.8 End ==

- Talking with Ci #2 -
Ci: Mr. Ogami, this is your first time at Chattes Noires, isn't it.  What do
you think?

Ogami: Let's see......  I think it's a fun place with a lot of activity.

Ci: That's right!  I love fun things with lots of activity.

Ogami: I see......

- Talking with Ci #3 (and all consecutive times) -
Ci: Mr. Ogami, have you looked around Chattes Noires enough already?

Ogami: No...... I think I'd like to look around a little longer.

Ci: I see.  Please enjoy yourself.

-- Option 3 - Leave. --
Ogami: Well, I'll come again.

Ci: Okay, see you.  Please come visit again.
== Gift shop menu End ==
~~ At the gift shop (売店) End ~~

~~ At the dressing room (楽屋) Start ~~
Dancer: Excuse me, sir......  I'm sorry, but we would like the public to
avoid entering the dressing room......

Erica: Ah, that person's with me!  Mr. Ogami, please feel free to come 

Ogami: Hey, Erica.  I saw your revue.

Erica: Heheheh......  That was a rather embarrassing sight you saw, huh.

	Um...... Mr. Ogami, if you have the time, could we talk for a bit?

Ogami: (That's right......  I'm not in any hurry......)

== Click-LIPS 1.1 Start ==
-- Look at Erica's clothes --
Erica: That's right, Mr. Ogami!  What do you think of these clothes?

Ogami: Hmm, let's see......

== LIPS 1.9 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I think they look good on you. --
-- Option 2 - I think they don't look good on you. --
-- Option 3 - I prefer your cat outfit. --
-- Option 1 - I think they look good on you. --
Ogami: I think they look good on you - the red color is perfect for someone
as lively as you, Erica.

Erica+: Thank you!  I have pride in these monastery clothes.

	Ah, now that you mention it, Mr. Ogami, your clothes are red too.  We
match, don't we!

Ogami: Hahaha......  I suppose that certainly is true.
== LIPS 1.9 End ==

-- Talk to Erica #1 --
Erica: I'm so impressed that you've come to Chattes Noires, Mr. Ogami!!

Ogami: Is that so?  I'd been thinking I'd like to talk with you too.

Erica: Is that true!?  Why, I was so foolish for worrying!

Ogami: Worrying?  Why?

Erica: Since I asked you so suddenly about chonmage...... I thought you might
have thought I was strange......

== LIPS 1.10 Start ==
-- Option 1 - That's not true. --
-- Option 2 - Is there anything else you'd like to know? --
-- Option 3 (after waiting) - Just a little bit strange. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - Is there anything else you'd like to know? --
Ogami: Is there anything else you'd like to know?  If it's something I know,
I'll tell you anything.

Erica: Really!?  Then, then......

	Recently, I received this cloth called a 'fundoshi,' but no one seems
to know what it's used for......

	What is it?  This 'fundoshi.'

Ogami: Well......  Fundoshi...... are...... men's...... underwear.

Erica: Is that so!?  Next time, please try it on and show me!  It's a 

Ogami: Ah...... Well...... Hahahahaha......
== LIPS 1.10 End ==

-- Look at Erica's necklace --
Ogami: ......By the way, you're a nun, aren't you, Erica?

Erica: Yes, though I'm still an apprentice......  Even if it's only for a
day, I want to become a wonderful nun soon.

Ogami: I see......  I'll be cheering you on.  Good luck.

Erica: Yes!  Thank you so much!

-- Talk to Erica #2 --
Erica: That's right!  Mr. Ogami, please tell me something about yourself,

Ogami: Sure, all right.  You already know my name, so, let's see......

== LIPS 1.11 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Tell her about your work in Japan. --
-- Option 2 - Tell her your three sizes. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Tell her about your work in Japan. --
Ogami: In that case, I'll tell you about my work in Japan.  It'll get a
little long, though......

Erica: Then, make it short, please!

Ogami: O- okay......  Then, in short......

	I've been working as a ticket-clipper, clipping customers' tickets at
a theatre called the Great Imperial Theatre.

	But the truth is...... I'm a Navy Lieutenant, and......

Erica+: I see!  I now know Mr. Ogami's secrets!

Ogami: Eeh, over already......?  And it was just getting good, too......
== LIPS 1.11 End ==

-- Talk to Erica #3 --
Ogami: If you're a nun, how come you're a dancer at Chattes Noires?

Erica: For me, making everyone happy makes me the happiest.

	When I'm a nun, I can help people in trouble......

	And when I'm a dancer, I can lift the spirits of the tired people.

Ogami: I see......  The people from the church didn't say anything to you?

Erica: No, nothing especially.  They cheered me on, saying, "Do whatever you

	Mr. Ogami, no matter what the job is, being able to work for the sake
of other people is a precious thing.

Ogami: That's true.  Erica, I'll cheer you on.

Erica+: Thank you so much.  I'll work my hardest from here on as well!

-- Talk to Erica #4 --
Erica: Ah, I have to be going now.

	Well, Mr. Ogami, let's meet again sometime!

Ogami: Y- yeah, see you......  Ah, she's already gone, huh.

	Now then, I guess I should go too......

{Go to Click-LIPS 1.1 End}

-- Leave --
Erica: Ah......  You're leaving already?

== Untimed LIPS 1.2 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Yeah, I should be going now. --
-- Option 2 - No, let's talk a little longer. --
-- Option 2 - No, let's talk a little longer. --
Ogami: No, let's talk a little longer.  There's still time.

Erica: Yes, let's do so!  I've got so much I want to ask you!!
== Untimed LIPS 1.2 End ==
== Click-LIPS 1.1 End ==
~~ At the dressing room (楽屋) End ~~

~~ At the kitchen (厨房) Start ~~
Ogami: So this is the kitchen, huh......  Heh, it's quite large.

Erica: Ahh, Mr. Ogami!  Thank goodness, I believed you would come!

Ogami: Um, Erica......  What are you talking about......?

Erica: I dropped a dessert crepe that I was going to bring out to a customer!

	The cooks have all gone somewhere, too...... so I'm in a bit of a fix.

Ogami: So...... Erica, what do you want me to do about it......?

Erica: The crepe itself is already baked, so all we need to do is add the

	I wonder what sort of crepe it was......  The ingredients are over
there, so please make it right.

	If you can't, I'll take it halfway done anyway.  Now, let's do our 

== Timed LIPS 1.1 Start ==
Ogami: A dessert crepe, huh......  How do you suppose we should make it?

	There're bananas...... stawberries...... and raw ham......  In that

== Timed LIPS 1.1.1 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Put bananas in it. --
-- Option 2 - Put strawberries in it. --
-- Option 3 - Put raw ham in it. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - Put strawberries in it. --
Ogami: Let's see......  I guess I'll try putting strawberries in it.

Erica: That's right!  Strawberries.  I love them too.  Now then, what should
we do about the sauce?
== Timed LIPS 1.1.1 End ==

Erica: It looks like we've got...... chocolate...... honey...... and brandy.

Ogami: Sauce, huh......  What would go with it......?

== Timed LIPS 1.1.2 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Add chocolate. --
-- Option 2 - Add honey. --
-- Option 3 - Add brandy. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Add chocolate. --
Ogami: All right, chocolate it is.  Let's pour it all over......  That looks
about right.

Erica: Yes, with crepes, you've got to have chocolate!
== Timed LIPS 1.1.2 End ==

Erica: Now, next, please choose a topping!

	We've got almonds...... marshmallows...... and cheese, so which should
we go with?

Ogami: A topping, huh......  What should we do?

== Timed LIPS 1.1.3 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Put almonds on top. --
-- Option 2 - Put marshmallows on top. --
-- Option 3 - Put cheese on top. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Put almonds on top. --
Ogami: Okay, let's put almonds on top.  Their sweetness and chewiness should
make it enjoyable.

Erica: That's true!  Once you start eating almonds, you won't stop!
== Timed LIPS 1.1.3 End ==

Erica: Okay, time for the finishing touches!  Don't get careless all the way
through to the end!

	Whipped cream and ice cream.  Ah, there's tomato, too.  What should we
do, Mr. Ogami?

Ogami: Now, the finishing touches, huh......  What should I do?

== Timed LIPS 1.1.4 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Add whipped cream. --
-- Option 2 - Add ice cream. --
-- Option 3 - Add tomato. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Add whipped cream. --
Ogami: Let's add this whipped cream......  There, it's complete.
== Timed LIPS 1.1.4 End ==
== Timed LIPS 1.1 End ==

{The following is based on the above choices.}
Erica: Ahh, I'm glad we managed to make a strawberry cream crepe.

	Well, there's other stuff in there too, but...... if we don't worry
about it it'll be fine.

Ogami: Hahaha...... Now, you'd better take it quickly - the customer's

Erica: That's right!  Well, I'm off.  Thank you so much!!

Ogami: That was quite a bit of work.  Now then...... I guess I'll go
someplace else.
~~ At the kitchen (厨房) End ~~

~~ At the secretarial office (秘書室) Start ~~
Ogami: (Ah, that's Mell.  Which means this must be secretarial office......)

Mell: Ah......  Sir.  Do you have some business with the secretarial office?

Ogami: No, I'm just observing Chattes Noires.  I was wondering if I could
speak with you for a moment.

Mell: I see.  If it's only for a moment......

== LIPS 1.12 Start ==
-- Option 1 - What sort of work are you doing? --
-- Option 2 - What sort of person is Grand Mere? --
-- Option 3 - Do you have a boyfriend? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - What sort of person is Grand Mere? --
Ogami: Grand Mere......  The owner of your place - what sort of person is 

Mell: Let's see......  She's a very respectable person.

	She was formerly a dancer, famous throughout France, but right now
she's manager of this establishment.

Ogami: I see......
== LIPS 1.12 End ==

Mell: If you've no other business, I have work to attend to, so......

Ogami: Ahh, I see......  In that case, I'll go elsewhere to observe.
~~ At the secretarial office (秘書室) End ~~

~~ At the second floor seating (二階客席へ) Start ~~
Ogami: From here you can see the Chattes Noires stage quite well......

	......Hm?  Someone's coming this way.

Young woman: ......I wonder if I should go onstage as well......

Ogami: ......What an attractive person.  Though her outward appearance seemed
fair, I suppose even that sort of person comes here to watch too.

	Now then...... I guess I'll go look somewhere else.
~~ At the second floor seating (二階客席へ) End ~~

~~ Backstage (舞台裏) Start ~~
Ci: Ahh, it's Mr. Ogami.  What are you doing?

Ogami: Hey, Ci.  I'm just having a look around Chattes Noires.

Ci: I see.  However, we're in the middle of a revue right now, so you
mustn't go onstage.

	Erica and the others are so lucky......  I'd like to go onstage and
perform a revue too......

Ogami: (So Ci wants to put on a revue too, huh......)

== LIPS 1.13 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I'm sure you'll be able to someday. --
-- Option 2 - Chairmanship is an important job too. --
-- Option 3 - I'd like to go up there too...... --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - I'm sure you'll be able to someday. --
Ogami: I'm sure you'll be able to someday.  You're certainly charming enough,

Ci+: Really!?!  A samurai wouldn't tell mere flattery, would he.

	All right!!  Starting today, I'll work real hard to become a singing
and dancing secretary!
== LIPS 1.13 End ==

Dancer: Now, let's get ready for the next performance.  Miss Ci, you help 
clean up too.

Ci: Kyah, oh no!  I'm sorry, I'll be right there.

Ogami: Ah, I'm sorry for intruding.  Well then, see you later.

Ci: Yes, see you.  Please be sure to come visit the gift shop, too!!

Ogami: ......Now then, I guess I'll go look someplace else.
~~ Backstage (舞台裏) End ~~

~~ At the lobby (ロビー) at 19:30 (End free movement) ~~
Ogami: Ambassador Sakomizu hasn't come yet......  Perhaps I was a little too

Sakomizu: Ahh, sorry, Ogami.  It seems I've kept you waiting.

+	Still, it seems you're punctual, too.  You really are reliable.

	Well then, Ogami.  Have you enjoyed yourself enough?  Shall we be
going then?

Ci: Ahh!  Please wait a second!!

Ogami: Hm......?  Ci?

Ci: The owner told us to give this to you, Mr. Ogami!

Mell: It's a music box we sell at Chattes Noires.  As a memento, for coming
to Paris.

Ogami: Ah, thanks.  It looks so expensive......  Is it really all right?

Ci: Of course!  In return...... please come back again sometime!!

Mell: Now then......  We'll be awaiting your return.

Sakomizu: You've even received a souvenir......  Good for you, Ogami.  Now
then, shall we go?

* * *

Sakomizu: Ah!  Ogami.  Keep Chattes Noires here well in mind.

	Because from here on, you'll be spending some time here.

Ogami: Chattes Noires, huh......

Sakomizu: Now then, I'll lead you to your apartment.  Come, follow me.

Ogami: Ah, yes, sir.  If you please.

Sakomizu: There, we've arrived.  This is your apartment.

Ogami: (So this is my apartment, huh......  It's a rather nice place)

Sakomizu: And here's the key to your room.  Your luggage sent from Teito has
already been moved there.

	Get some rest and prepare yourself for the work to come.

	Tomorrow you should come sometime after noon to the Embassy.  Now 
then, if you'll excuse me.

Ogami: Y- yes, sir.  Thank you very much for today.

	So this is the place I'll be living at starting today......

	It's just like Ambassador Sakomizu said.  I never thought it'd be this
neatly arranged......

	The view from the window is nice too.  I can see all over the city of

	A lot of things have happened today......

	I arrived in Paris, and I went to the European Exposition......  And,
Chattes Noires......

	That was an interesting place...... though I was surprised that Erica
was really working there......

	Now that I think about it...... it's been a whole month since I left
Teito......  I wonder how things are in Teito.

	So many things have happened......  Becoming captain of the Imperial
Floral Assault Squad and meeting everyone in the Flower Division......

== Untimed LIPS 1.3 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Remember things about Teito. --
-- Option 2 - Remember things about the Flower Division. --
-- Option 3 - I'm tired so I'll get some sleep for today. --
-- Option 1 - Remember things about Teito. --
Ogami: That's right......  When I became captain of the Imperial Floral 
Assault Squad......

	It was the spring of Taisho 12......{7}  I had been so instructed by 
Count Hanakoji just after having graduated from military academy.

	And...... I had transferred to the Imperial Floral Assault Squad's home
base, the Great Imperial Theatre in Ginza......

	At this Great Imperial Theatre here I met Sakura and the others - the
six members of the Imperial Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division.

	Whenever something went wrong in Teito, the performing Imperial Drama
Group would change into the Imperial Floral Assault Squad that defends

	The Imperial Floral Assault Squad......  This...... was the beginning
of a long battle......

	The Hive of Blackness commanded by Tenkai.  Intent on government
overthrow, they tried to cast Teito into disorder......

	However, we infiltrated the hideout of the Hive of Blackness and put a
stop to Tenkai's final ambition.

	After that......  I journeyed off to South America for overseas

	Remembering it like this, a lot of things sure did happen......

	After my year of overseas training in South America, I took on a new
duty once again as the captain of the Imperial Floral Assault Squad......

	I'm a little sleepy, but perhaps I'll reminisce a little more about
what's happened in Teito......

== Untimed LIPS 1.3.1 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Reminisce a little more. --
-- Option 2 - Remember something else. --
-- Option 1 - Reminisce a little more. --
Ogami: After finishing my overseas training in South America, I received an
urgent call from Commander Yoneda......

	Not just myself, but new members formerly from the Star Division were
transferred to the Flower Division......

	The Star Division......  An elite squad formed as a test case for the
Imperial Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division......

	And the new enemy that appeared in Teito, the Black Demon
Associaton...... and the group of five led by Oni-ou......

	Learning of the movements of the Black Demon Association, Lieutenant
General Yoneda summoned me back to the Imperial Floral Assault Group......
to defend Teito......

	Yes, we will not lose.  As long as we have justice we will never lose.

	After defending the peace of Teito once again, I was called down by
Lieutenant General Yoneda, and he told me of my study abroad in France......

	I left on a journey......  Sent off by everyone in the Flower Division,
I came to Paris......

	......So many things have happened.  Is Teito still at peace even now?

	I'm sure Sakura and the others are continuing to defend the peace of
== Untimed LIPS 1.3.1 End ==

-- Option 2 - Remember things about the Flower Division. --
Ogami: That's right......  I haven't seen anyone in the Flower Division for
a month now......

	I wonder how they're doing.  I wonder if they're well......

	Sakura......  At first she kept making mistakes, but I'm sure she's
level-headed now.

	Sumire......  Are you still able to defend the throne of the Imperial
Drama Group's top star?

	Maria......  Even if I'm not in Teito, if Maria's there I can be at

	Kanna......  When it comes to openheartedness and eating a lot, she
surpasses me as number one in the Flower Division.

	Iris......  She's at the high point of her growth.  I can't wait until
we next meet.

	Kohran......  She was always blowing me up, but she sure made some
incredible inventions......

	Orihime......  I'm sure she isn't saying "Japanese men are the worst!"

	Reni......  She sure kept quiet when we first met......

	The two years I spent at the Imperial Theatre, having become captain of
the Imperial Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division...... I met a lot of
different people.

	Lieutenant General Yoneda...... and Kaede......  Perhaps I'll reminisce
a little longer......

== Untimed LIPS 1.3.2 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Reminisce a little more. --
-- Option 2 - Remember something else. --
-- Option 1 - Reminisce a little more. --
Ogami: The Great Imperial Theatre was like a home for me......

	Lieutenant General Yoneda......  Commander General of the Imperial
Floral Assault Squad and general manager of the Imperial Drama Group.

	Ayame......  I will not fail to protect the world you protected in
exchange for your own life.

	Kaede......  The sadness of being left behind......  I feel as though 
I know it too.

	Kasumi, Yuri, and Tsubaki.  Are they all well?

	Kayama......  A friend of mine from the military academy - but who'd
have thought he'd be captain of the Moon Division......

	The members of the Rose Division......  Hmm, it's painful just
remembering them......

	Having become captain of the Flower Division, I was able to meet a lot
of different people.

	What are they all doing now?  Are they enjoying themselves in a
peaceful Teito, I wonder......
== Untimed LIPS 1.3.2 End ==
== Untimed LIPS 1.3 End ==

Ogami: Yawn......  I get the feeling I'll be having good dreams......

* * * * *

???: Uussasasa......!  Usah usah usah ussassassassaa......!!{9}

	I, the great Ciseaux, will cut, cut, cut the city of Paris to 

	Uusassa......!!  I hate the happy voices of humans!

	I'll kick around those humans who're enjoying themselves so much!!

	I'll cut them, I'll cut them with a SNIP, I'll cut the humans!  Usah 
usah usaasassa......!{11}

	Uussasasa......!  Usah usah usah ussassassassaa......!!

== Eyecatch 1.1 ==

-- Eyecatches ------------------------------------------------------------
Those of you who have played previous Sakura Taisen games should be
familiar with the concept of eyecatches as they relate to Sakura Taisen
and can probably skip this section.  For those of you who are not
familiar with them, eyecatches are the primary means of saving progress
in the game.  An 'eyecatch,' as it is called, originally refers to an
image displayed on screen during television programs just before and
after a commercial break to inform the viewer when the show is back
on.  As time went on, eyecatches evolved, especially in the case of
Japanese animation, into a sort of fan service; often they would vary
from one episode to the next for the same show, so they were a thing to
look forward too even if the commercials weren't.  Additionally, they
began to be used in direct-to-video animation, where there weren't any
commercials during the program, to break up a long show at certain plot
points.  Such is the case of Sakura Taisen game series, where the
eyecatch has the additional function of allowing the player to save
game progress at preset points in the story.

In the case of Sakura Taisen 3, at an eyecatch, the following menu

セーブする       Save game
隊員の状況       Squad member status
オプション       Option
タイトルに戻る   Return to title
ゲームを再開     Continue game

Most of these should be largely self-explanatory.  'Continue game' does
just that, while 'return to title' takes you back to the title screen.
Selecting 'option' brings you to an option screen identical to the one
described at the beginning of this faq, with the exception of a lack of
system file selection.  Since 'squad member status' is not yet
available it will not be covered until later.

Selecting 'save game' brings up a screen similar to the 'continue from where
you left off' screen mentioned at the beginning of this faq.  However, when
you select a saved game slot, the following menu will be visible instead:

セーブする    Save
削除する      Delete
キャンセル    Cancel

Once again, choosing either 'save' or 'delete' will bring up a dialog box 
asking you to confirm that operation.  Be careful and make sure you have 
selected the right file and the right menu option.  'Cancel' obviously does 
just that.

-- Translation, cont. ----------------------------------------------------

Ogami: Yawn......  The bed was a little hard, but I sure slept well......

	Today I'm supposed to go to the embassy sometime after noon.  I wonder 
what I should do until then......

	For now, I should get something in my stomach.  I believe ther was a
cafe nearby.

	Mmm, it sure smells good.  I guess I'll try here.

	Um, excuse me.  I'd like to order.

Waiter: ............

Ogami: ......Maybe he couldn't hear me?  Excuse me!  I'd like to make an

	......Is he intentionally ignoring me?  What should I do......?

Erica: Ow!!

Ogami: E- Erica......  She's bumping into signs even here.

	That's it - if I ask her, maybe I'll be able to have my order taken.

== Analog LIPS 1.2 Start ==
-- Erica! --
-- Bar slightly above the text in the box --
Ogami: Erica!!

Erica: Y- yes!!  I- I'm sorry!

== Analog LIPS 1.2 End ==

Ogami: Uh- um...... Erica?

Erica+: You're...... Mr. Ogami!?  You remembered me!

Ogami: W- well, of...... course.

Erica: What are you doing sitting at an empty table?  Could it be some
kind of Japanese ritual?

Ogami: No...... that's not it.  They won't take my order...... and I'm

	Huh......?  This time it wasn't me......?

Erica: ......Excuse me.  That was me....... just now.

	Heheheh......  I'll order something too!  Excuse me!  I'd like to

	I'll have pain au chocolat{12} and hot chocolate!  What about you, Mr.

Ogami: Well, then......  I'll have the same thing that person's eating over

Waiter: Very well.  A croissant and coffee, then.  I'll bring it right away.

Ogami: Thanks to you ordering for me, I can finally get breakfast.

Erica: The people of Paris are a little hard to please...... so they may
be cold to people from other countries.

	But, please don't misunderstand.  There are a lot of people who are 
shy and just pretending to be cold.

Ogami: ......I see.  Is that how it is.  I'll keep it in mind.

Waiter: Sorry to keep you waiting.  Enjoy.

Erica: Ah, that's right, Mr. Ogami.  There's something I've been thinking
that was strange for a long time now.

	What does 'croissant' mean?  Do you know?

== LIPS 1.14 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I wonder if it doesn't mean 'crescent'...... --
-- Option 2 - I wonder if it doesn't mean 'horn'...... --
-- Option 3 - I wonder if it doesn't mean 'Croi-san'...... --
-- Option 1 - I wonder if it doesn't mean 'crescent'...... --
Ogami: I wonder if it doesn't mean 'crescent'......  They look quite

Erica: I think that's wrong!  That this should be 'crescent'......  God
wouldn't allow it!!

Ogami: Eeh!?!  Telling me he wouldn't allow it......
== LIPS 1.14 End ==

Erica: Now then, let's eat!  Wah, this looks so tasty!!

	It's so good!

Ogami: tte sore, ore no koohii......
	That's my coffee......

Erica: Sumimasen!  Atashi tanonde kimasu!
	I'm sorry!  I'll go ask for another one!

Ogami: Erica!

Erica: Atashi-tara mata yatchatta......
	I've done it again......

Young woman: Nani wo shiteiru?  Erica.
	What are you doing, Erica?

	Erica?  Who is that man?

Erica: He's Ogami Ichiro.  Let's see......  He's apparently come from Japan.

Young woman: Hm, a Japanese, huh......  You seem to be an acquaintance of
Erica's, so I'll at least give you my name.

	I am Glycine Bluemer.  A proud noble with the blood of Normandy.

Ogami: Ah, as for myself, I'm Ogami Ichiro......  I'm staying under the care
of the Japanese Embassy.

Glycine: And...... what have you come to France for?  Sightseeing?

== LIPS 1.15 Start ==
-- Option 1 - To defend the city of Paris. --
-- Option 2 - To study abroad as a Navy Lieutenant. --
-- Option 3 - To meet girls from Paris. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - To study abroad as a Navy Lieutenant. --
Ogami: I'm studying abroad as a Navy Lieutenant.  I've come to France to

Glycine: Studying abroad?  A mere Japanese thinks he can learn of the
culture of France?

	Well, there's no need for you to exert yourself.  No matter how hard
you try to fathom it, it'll be impossible.
== LIPS 1.15 End ==

Erica: See, Glycine's got that you-know-what, right?  That's why, when it
comes to Japan......

Glycine: Erica!  Don't say anything that needs not be said.

	......Ogami Ichiro or whatever, I don't care if you look around the
city of Paris, but don't do anything to make a fool of yourself.

Ogami: ......Wh- who was that person?

Erica: Glycine?  She's something like a senior to me, and sometimes she can
be a little scary......

Glycine: ......Erica, did you call me?  I had the feeling I could hear my

Erica: I- it's nothing!  Ahahahahaha!!

Glycine: I see......  And by the way...... 'croissant' means 'crescent.' 
Remember that.

-- If you chose option 1 in LIPS 1.14 Start --
Erica: Oh, my......  It's just as you said, Mr. Ogami.

+	That's impressive!  You sure didn't come all the way to France to study
bread just for show.

Ogami: N......no, Erica.  I came for a Naval study abroad, not to study
-- If you chose option 1 in LIPS 1.14 End --

Erica: Looks we made a mess of breakfast.  I guess I'll order once more.

	Excuse me, I'd like to order!!

Waiter: ............

Erica: Umm......  Could it be - you're angry?

Waiter: ............

Erica: Ahh, I'm sorry!!

	Haah, whew......  Thanks to me, even you've been driven out of there

	I've got it!  To make up for it, please let me be your guide around

	Mr. Ogami, having come to this city, you don't know right from left
from up from down, right!?!

Ogami: Ah......yes, you're right.  In that case, if you would.

Erica: I understand!  Please leave it to Erica.

Ci: Ah, Miss Erica, Mr. Ogami, perfect!

Ogami: Ci?  What's the matter, that you've worked up such a sweat?

Ci: Please help me, Mr. Ogami.  Napoleon's run away.

Erica: Napoleon?  The cat that's always in Grand Mere's lap?

Ci: That's right.  I think he's around this area.  Could you help me look?

== Untimed LIPS 1.4 Start ==
-- Option 1 - All right, I understand. --
-- Option 2 - Hm?  What's that over there...... --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - All right, I understand. --
Ogami: All right, I understand.  So, how should we look for him?

Ci: If you walk around the city, I think you'll find something in places
where Napoleon looks like he might be.

	If you stop there and look, I'm sure Napoleon will be there.

Ogami: Okay, I understand.  If I find something while moving from place to
place, I'll try stopping by.

Ci: I'll look around over there.  I'm counting on you.
== Untimed LIPS 1.4 End ==

** Free Movement 1.2 Start **
~~ Locations covered in free movement 1.2 ~~
 - Bleumer mansion entrance (ブルーメール邸玄関) (Glycine Event)
 - TERUTORU{13} Plaza (テルトル広場) (Grand Mere Event)
 - The marketplace (市場)
 - The bridge by the water (水辺の橋)
 - The restaurant (レストラン) (Glycine Event)
 - The library (図書館)
 - The flower shop (花屋) (Ci Event)
 - The cemetery (墓地)
 - The church (教会)
 - Erica's room (エリカの部屋)
 - The bar (バー)
 - The circus (サーカス)
 - The park (公園)

~~ At the Bleumer mansion entrance (ブルーメール邸玄関) (Glycine Event)
Start ~~
Erica: Ah, it's Glycine.  What are you doing?

Glycine: It's nothing...... Napoleon's just come up to me......

Erica: Ah, you're right.  Come here, it's Erica.

Napoleon: Meow.

Glycine: Ah......

Erica: Thank goodness we've found him.  Mr. Ogami, you were paying attention
to your surroundings even while walking around the city.

Glycine: I'm sorry, Erica......  Could you let me hold Napoleon?

Erica: Heh?  Sure.  There, here you are.

Napoleon: Meow.

Glycine: Haah......

Ci+: Ah, is this where he was?  Thank goodness......  Thank you very much.

	Well then, I'll take Napoleon and go back to Chattes Noires.

Glycine: Ah......

	......Napoleon sure is cute.  I'd like to try raising a cat someday

Erica: Heh, I never knew.  So you like cats, Glycine.

Glycine: Yes, well......  When I was a child, I often picked up kittens when
my father wasn't looking.

	Now then...... I must excuse myself.  Erica...... you do understand, I
trust.  Don't say anything that needs not be said.

Erica: Yes, Glycine.  Now then...... shall we get going as well?
~~ At the Bleumer mansion entrance (ブルーメール邸玄関) (Glycine Event) End ~~

~~ At the TERUTORU Plaza (テルトル広場) (Grand Mere Event) Start ~~
Ogami: Huh?  Isn't that Grand Mere over there?

Erica: You're right!  Hey, Grand Mere!

Grand Mere: Erica, huh......  How unladylike with such a loud voice.  Oh,
you're with her too, Monsieur?

	So you're already out on a date with Erica.  Though when we met 
yesterday, I thought you were more straitlaced.

Ogami: Eeh......!?  Y- you're mistaken, this is......

Grand Mere: This Paris here is a city where everyone can fall in love.  You
seem to have become rather Parisian yourself, haven't you.

	So?  What have you gotten to like most about Erica?

== LIPS 1.16 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Her clumsy side. --
-- Option 2 - Her gentle side. --
-- Option 3 (after waiting) - I'm just having her show me around. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - Her gentle side. --
Ogami: Her gentle side.  She's showing me around the city after I've just
come to Paris, for one thing......

Erica+: I- is that so......?  You're making me blush a little.  Eheheh......

Grand Mere+: You've got good eyes on you, Monsieur.  With this girl, if you
polish her, she'll shine...... almost as much as myself.
== LIPS 1.16 End ==

Grand Mere: Now then, I suppose we should get rid of any intrusions.  Erica,
you take care of Monsieur.  ......In various ways.

Erica: Yes, ma'am!  Understood!!  Please leave it to me!

Ogami: "Various ways," she says......  What is she talking about?

Erica: Now then, I'll show you someplace else.  Where should we go next!?!
~~ At the TERUTORU Plaza (テルトル広場) (Grand Mere Event) End ~~

~~ At the marketplace (市場) Start ~~
Erica: This is the marketplace.  You can buy fresh vegetables and meat for a
low price here.

Ci: Ahh!  Erica, you're out on a date!!  You're so lucky!

Mell: Good afternoon, Miss Erica.  Are you shopping together?

Erica: Heheheh, does it look like a date?  I'm just showing Mr. Ogami around
town though.

	So, Mell and Ci, what have you come here to buy?  Might it be...... 
something tasty?

Ci: No, it's a curtain for the stage.  During yesterday's revue, it broke.

Ogami: When you say yesterday's revue...... do you mean...... Erica's dance?

Mell: Yes......  When we closed the curtain in such a hurry, it seems it got
caught on a nail......

Erica: I'm sorry......  It's my fault, huh......

Ogami: Erica......

== LIPS 1.17 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Everyone makes mistakes. --
-- Option 2 - Be careful next time. --
-- Option 3 - Maybe you should quit being a dancer? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Everyone makes mistakes. --
Ogami: Everyone makes mistakes.  It isn't like you to get depressed over one 

Erica+: You're right!!  Even God has said that failure is the mother of

Ci+: That's right!  And there are people who come to see Erica's mistakes.

Erica: Ehh!?  I- is that true?
== LIPS 1.17 End ==

Erica: Mell, Ci......  I may mess up again, but I'll be counting on you.

Mell: Yes, of course.  We'll be counting on you, too.

Ci: That's right.  It's not like you to worry about mistakes, Erica.

Ogami: Good for you, Erica.  Do your best from here on, too.

Erica: Yes!!  For now, I'll do my best showing you around!

	Come, we're going over here next!  Mell, Ci, we're off!
~~ At the marketplace (市場) End ~~

~~ At the bridge by the water (水辺の橋) Start ~~
Ogami: This is a nice place.  Is this the Seine River?

Erica: No, this river is a canal that connects to the Seine River.

	Unlike near the Seine River, where there're so many people, this is a
quiet place.

Ogami: Heh, it certainly is a place with nice atmosphere.

Erica: Mr. Ogami......  I love it.{14}

	How do you feel...... Mr. Ogami?

Ogami: Eh......!?  W- well......

== LIPS 1.18 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I...... like it too. --
-- Option 2 - I'm sorry, I...... --
-- Option 3 - You're joking...... right? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - I...... like it too. --
Ogami: I...... like it too.  But Erica, well......

Erica: Kya, I'm so happy!  Mr. Ogami has come to understand what is so great
about Paris too!

	I had been curious.  So Mr. Ogami, the Japanese, will come to like
Paris too!

Ogami: (So she had been talking about Paris......  I'm glad I didn't say
anything strange......)
== LIPS 1.18 End ==

Erica: Now then......  Shall we get going!?  There are still plenty of places
I'd like you to see!!

Ogami: You're right......  In that case, lead the way.

Erica: Okay!  Please leave it to me!
~~ At the bridge by the water (水辺の橋) End ~~

~~ At the restaurant (レストラン) (Glycine Event) Start ~~
Ogami: There in the restaurant......  Isn't that the young woman from before?

Erica: Ah, you're right.  It's Glycine.

Glycine: Erica, huh......  I had the feeling I could hear my name - is there
something you need?

Erica: Eh!?  Glycine!  No, it's nothing.  Ahahahahaha......

Glycine: I see...... then fine.  By the way, what are you two doing wandering
around here?

Erica: Well you see, Mr. Ogami says he's just arrived in Paris, so I'm
showing him around.

Glycine: Hoh......  So, Japanese......  What are your impressions of this
gorgeous city of Paris?

== LIPS 1.19 Start ==
-- Option 1 - It's just what one would expect of the capital of the arts, 
Paris. --
-- Option 2 - It's a city with a lot of pretty young women. --
-- Option 3 - I prefer Teito. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - It's just what one would expect of the capital of the arts, 
Paris. --
Ogami: It's just what one would expect of the capital of the arts, Paris.
I'm impressed.

Glycine+: Hmhm......  So it seems even a mere Japanese can understand the
magnificence of Paris.

	Paris is full of historical buildings.  If one wished, one might say 
the city itself is a museum.
== LIPS 1.19 End ==

Glycine: Erica, your friends are a mirror that reflect yourself......  If
you are going to accompany someone, you should think hard about it first.

	And you, Japanese......  Don't make idle talk while walking through the
city.  It's embarrassing.

Ogami: Have I...... done something to offend her, I wonder......?

Erica: Glycine's always like that, so don't worry about it.

	Now then, let's go someplace else.  There are more interesting places
than this one.
~~ At the restaurant (レストラン) (Glycine Event) End ~~

~~ At the library (図書館) Start ~~
Erica: This is the library.  There are lots of books here, and it's perfect
for taking a midday nap.

Ogami: Erica......  I don't think the library is the place to be taking a

Glycine: That's correct......  Do wish to be thrown out by the library staff

Erica: G- Glycine!?  What are you doing in a place like this!?!

Glycine: Nothing special.  The need simply arose to look up something about

	Perfect - you, Japanese, there.  Answer my question.

	A visitor is coming from Japan...... and I was wondering whether it
would be appropriate to serve French cooking.

Ogami: (Appropriate for someone Japanese, huh......  Let's see......  If it
were me......)

== LIPS 1.20 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Real French cooking would be good. --
-- Option 2 - If it were me, I'd prefer Japanese food. --
-- Option 3 - What's important are the feelings of the person entertaining. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Real French cooking would be good. --
Ogami: Real French cooking would be good.  It's not often that you can eat
French cooking in Japan, after all.

Glycine+: Certainly, cooking of the court of France has been praised as art.
The capital of cuisine, Paris......  I see.

	I'll take this man's opinions into consideration.  Erica, sorry to
== LIPS 1.20 End ==

Erica: Just for eating together, nobles have their own worries, don't

Ogami: You're right.  With a noble's pride and position, it must be tough.

Erica: I'm satisfied just with pudding myself, though.

	Well, be that as it may, shall we go someplace else?
~~ At the library (図書館) End ~~

~~ At the flower shop (花屋) (Ci Event) Start ~~
Erica: This is the flower shop.  Chattes Noires buys all of its flowers here.

Ci: Miss Erica and Mr. Ogami.  We seem to run into each other often.

Mell: Good afternoon, Miss Erica.  Are you buying something at the flower
shop this time?

Erica: No, that's not it.  I'm just showing him around again.

Ogami: Mell, Ci, good afternoon.  Have you come to buy flowers?

Ci: Yes!  We were told by the owner to come get flowers.

Mell: ......Do you have some business here too, Mr. Ogami?

Ci: Ahh, you've come here to give flowers to Erica!  How lucky!

== LIPS 1.21 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Yeah, actually, you're right. --
-- Option 2 - I'm just having her show me around. --
-- Option 3 - Hahaha, now I'll have a flower in each hand. --
-- Option 3 - Hahaha, now I'll have a flower in each hand. --
Ogami: Hahaha, now I'll have a flower in each hand.{15}

Ci+: That's right, that's right!  There aren't too many girls this cute even
in Paris!!
== LIPS 1.21 End ==

Mell: Ci, our work is finished.  Let's get going.

Ci: Okay, I'll be right there!  Miss Erica, Mr. Ogami, have fun!  Bye-bye!!

Ogami: Ah, right......  Well then, you two, see you later.

Erica: Mr. Ogami, shall we go too?
~~ At the flower shop (花屋) (Ci Event) End ~~

~~ At the cemetery (墓地) Start ~~
Ogami: These are tombstones, huh......  They're quite different from Japanese

Erica: Ah......  It looks like someone's visiting a grave......

Ogami: Erica, shall we go?  It wouldn't be right to disturb......

Erica: You're right......  I'll show you someplace else.
~~ At the cemetery (墓地) End ~~

~~ At the church (教会) Start ~~
Erica: This...... is the church where I'm staying.

	Ah!?  I see someone in trouble!!

	Excuse me, Mr. Ogami.  Do you mind if I go help?

Ogami: Just what you'd expect of a nun......  She sure seems passionate about
her duty to help people.

Priest: Um......  Excuse me, but did you say "nun" just now?

Ogami: Yes......  I did, but......

Priest: My name...... is Rune Leno.  I'm a priest at this church.

Ogami: Ah, I'm Ogami Ichiro.  I've come from Japan to study abroad.  So,
is something the matter?

Leno: The truth is, right now...... I'm looking for a nun named Erica......

Ogami: If you're looking for Erica, she just went off to help someone in

Leno: M- might she have been...... enthused about it?

Ogami: Yes, she was very enthusiastic.

Leno: Is- is that so......?  God...... please help us......

Ogami: What was that about?  I wonder if something's happened with 

Erica: Sorry to keep you waiting!!  Erica has just helped someone in trouble!

Ogami: That's good.  Ah, a priest from the church was just looking for you.

Erica: Oh, is that so?  When I've finished showing you around, I'll go and
~~ At the church (教会) End ~~

~~ At Erica's room (エリカの部屋) Start ~~
Ogami: So your room is behind the church, huh.

Erica: Yes, that's right.  So I can always be next to God.

	Mr. Ogami, you're tired, aren't you?  Would you like to take a little
rest in my room?

Ogami: You're right......  If I won't be a bother, then please.

Erica: I don't mind a bit.  Please, come on in!!

Ogami: (Erica's room, huh.  I'm sure...... it'll be impressive.)

Erica: This is my room.  It's simple, but I like it.

Ogami: S- simple, you say......  There's nothing here.

== Click-LIPS 1.2 Start ==
-- Look at the window --
Ogami: Nice weather......  The light coming in from the window is dazzling.

Erica: That's true.  It's the perfect weather for walking around the city of

-- Look at the bed #1 --
Ogami: (So this is the bed Erica sleeps in......)

-- Look at the bed #2 --
Erica: I've just remembered thanks to the bed!!  Mr. Ogami, do you believe in

Ogami: Heh?  What do you mean, all of a sudden?

Erica: Sometimes...... when I wake up, my head and my feet are the opposite
place, and sometimes I've fallen onto the floor.

	I think...... this could be an angel playing tricks on me...... but
what do you think, Mr. Ogami?

== LIPS 1.22 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Your sleeping posture's just bad. --
-- Option 2 - I think so too. --
-- Option 3 - Angel playing tricks on you? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 3 - Angel playing tricks on you? --
Ogami: Angel playing tricks on you?  What does that mean?

Erica: In the morning, I've sometimes fallen out of bed, or have my pillow 
under my feet, right?

	That's because when you can't play with an angel come to visit at 
night, they play tricks on you.

	I'm a nun, so sometimes angels come to visit and play tricks on me.

Ogami: Heh, so having a bad sleeping posture is because of angels.
== LIPS 1.22 End ==

-- Look at the books --
Ogami: What are these books here?

Erica: They're diaries.  I love writing in my diary!

	Ah, that's right!  Mr. Ogami, you can read my diary.

Ogami: Eh!?  Are you really sure?

-- Pick up diary --
Ogami: In that case......  I'll read it.  Let's see......  May 1st......

Ogami: "Breakfast: French bread and cheese
	Lunch: Ham salad and pudding
	Dinner: Pot-au-feu{16} - it was delicious"

	What is this?  It's more like a menu then a diary.

Erica: Heh!?  Diaries are for writing down what happens every day, right?  Am
I mistaken?

Ogami: No......  Well......  It's just as you say.

Erica+: Of course!  I've been writing since I was a child, so I've got about
ten years worth!!

Ogami: A menu for ten years worth of meals......  That by itself is amazing.

-- Look at the painting on the left wall --
Ogami: Erica, what painting is this?

Erica: This painting?  That's a painting I received from my mother when I was
a child.

	It depicts a scene of God appearing as a bird coming to the woman
seeking salvation.

	Say, Mr. Ogami......  Why do you suppose God appeared in the form of a

== LIPS 1.23 Start ==
-- Option 1 - So as not to frighten the woman. --
-- Option 2 - To wrap the woman up in his wings. --
-- Option 3 - To be able to fly away and escape. --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - To wrap the woman up in his wings. --
Ogami: Let's see......  Perhaps to wrap the woman up in his wings.

Erica+: You think so too, Mr. Ogami?  I too...... had been thinking the
same thing.

	With great...... gentle wings, he was trying to envelop the woman
and grant her peace.

	I wonder if my mother didn't want to teach me to have a great and
gentle heart.

Ogami: Erica......  I think you of all people will be able to have one.

Erica: Thank you very much.  I'll do my best!

-- Leave --
Ogami: Shall we be going already?  Could you show me around someplace else?

Erica: Sure!  In that case, where shall we go next?
== LIPS 1.23 End ==
== Click-LIPS 1.2 End ==
~~ At Erica's room (エリカの部屋) End ~~

~~ At the bar (バー) Start ~~
Ogami: This place...... looks like a back-alley bar.

Erica: You're right.  It looks like they're not open during the daytime,

Woman: Move!!  You're in the way!!

Erica: Kyah!!

Ogami: Are you all right, Erica!?!  Are you hurt!?

	Wait right there!!  You're just going to run into her and not

Erica: M- Mr. Ogami......  I'm fine, so......

Ogami: This looks like a dangerous place.  Let's leave this place right away.
~~ At the bar (バー) End ~~

~~ At the circus (サーカス) Start ~~
Erica: This is the Cirque de Europe.  It's a really famous circus in Europe.

Child: Good afternoon!  If you've got the time, come see the circus!!

Ogami: Hm?  Ahh, good afternoon.  You're with the circus?  We'll take a look
some other time.

Erica: Ah, you're bowing again.  Japanese people really do bow, don't they.

Ogami: Is it that odd, I wonder?  In Japan, whenever you greet someone, you
always bow, though.

Erica: In Paris, whenever you greet someone, it's customary to shake hands,
after all.

	That's it, Mr. Ogami.  Would you like to practice shaking hands?

Ogami: You've got a point......  I'll probably be greeting a lot of different
people from here on, after all.

Erica: Now then, please shake my hand, and put a feeling of deep affection
into it.

Ogami: (How much strength should I shake with?)

== Analog LIPS 1.3 Start ==
-- Bar in the middle of the window --
Ogami: (I guess I'll put a feeling of deep affection for Erica into it......
and just shake hands normally)

	Erica, good afternoon.

Erica: Yes, good afternoon.  Let's see...... 70 points.  Well done.

Ogami: Hahaha......  Shaking hands with you as if we've just met is kind of
== Analog LIPS 1.3 End ==

Ogami: Erica, thanks.  I'll make sure to shake hands when I greet someone
from now on.

Erica: I see.  Now you're a Parisian just like everyone else, Mr. Ogami.

	Now then, you're now able to greet someone, so shall we go somewhere
~~ At the circus (サーカス) End ~~

~~ At the park (公園) Start ~~
Erica: ......This is the park, isn't it.  During the day children are often 
playing here.

	Ah, it's Mr. Jean.  Mr. Jean!

Jean: Ohh, it's Erica, isn't it.  You don't need to wave your hand so much -
I know it's you.

	......Hm?  Who's this sickly looking guy here?

Erica: It's Mr. Ogami, come from Japan!  I'm showing him around Paris.

Jean: Hoh, so you're Ogami......  Lift up both of your arms for a second.

Ogami: Huh?  Okay......  Like this?

Jean: I see.  So you're a little shorter than the men in Paris......

	So, how are you feeling?  You're not tired from the long journey?

== LIPS 1.24 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I'm just fine. --
-- Option 2 - I've got a hangover. --
-- Option 3 (after waiting) - Please stop touching me so much. --
-- Time Over --
Ogami: I'm just fine.  ......Why are you asking such a thing?

Jean: It's good enough if you're healthy.  If you worry about the small 
things, you can't enjoy life.
== LIPS 1.24 End ==

Jean: Well, it's fine, I pretty much know now.  Sorry about that, you can
stop now.

Ogami: ......What was that?

Erica: Who knows......?  Anyway, shall we go too?
~~ At the park (公園) End ~~

~~ At 13:00 (Free movement end) ~~
Erica: Ah, it's the church bell......  I have to go.

Ogami: ......What's the matter?

Erica: I have something to attend to at the monastery afterwards.  So......
I have to go now.

	Mr. Ogami, you have something you need to attend to too, right?  In
that case, I'll walk you back to the TERUTORU Plaza.

Ogami: I see......  In that case, if you would.

* * *

Erica: What do you think of this city?  It's rather easy to live in, isn't 

Ogami: The cafe's right nearby too, so it's a pretty nice place.

Erica: Ah......  Rain.......

Ogami: This way, Erica.  Over there we should be able to get out of the rain.

Erica: I wonder if the rain...... won't stop soon......

Ogami: What's the matter, Erica?  You've gotten so solemn all of a

Erica: ............

Ogami: Erica......?

Erica: When I see the rain...... I'm reminded of the day I first entered the

	Ever since I was a child, miracles would happen all around me......

	People's illnesses would be healed, water would spring forth over
barren land......

	At first, everyone was pleased by it.

	But...... as the miracles continued, the townspeople started to think
ill of me...... and so I decided to enter the monastery......

Ogami: So that's why you told me to keep what happened at the exposition a

Erica: Mr. Ogami......  You must think...... I'm strange, too.

== LIPS 1.25 Start ==
-- Option 1 - No, I think it's wonderful. --
-- Option 2 - That power was given to you by God. --
-- Option 3 - Certainly, it may be strange...... --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - No, I think it's wonderful. --
Ogami: No, I think it's wonderful.  There's no need for you to worry about 

Erica: Eh......  Wonderful......

+	Mr. Ogami......  Thank you very much......
== LIPS 1.25 End ==

Ogami: Erica, listen to me......  In Japan, where I was, there were girls
like you.

	Girls with strange powers.  But they turned to face their fates and
worked their hardest for the sake of peace.

Erica: Eh......!?  Do you think I can become like those people?

Ogami: That's true......  I think you can.

Erica: ......Thank you very much!  Now I think I'll be able to fight too!!

Ogami: "Fight"......?  Erica, what do you mean, "fight?"

Erica: Yaaaaahh!!

	Ahh, that startled me......

	Eh!?  Kyaaaaaaah!!

Ogami: Ow!!

Erica: Ah, I- I'm sorry!!  I've...... not again......

Ogami: No, I'm fine.  More importantly, it looks like the rain's stopped.

Erica: You're right......  Heheheh......  I love the smell after a rain.

	Ah!  I'd forgotten I have work to do at the monastery!  Please excuse

Ogami: Erica!  In front of you!!

Erica: Heh!?

	Owowowow......  W- well then......  This time for real, please excuse

Ogami: Erica......  If you're always going to run into things, you shouldn't

	Now then...... I guess I'll go to the Embassy.

* * *

Ogami: Ogami Ichiro has just now arrived.

Sakomizu: Hey, Ogami, what do you think of the city of Paris?  It's a rather
pleasant city, isn't it?

	And now then, you've got work already......  Well, take a look at the
letter of invitation.

Ogami: ......This is?

Sakomizu: It's an invitation to a ball being held by the sovereign 
Countess of Lilac, at 15 o'clock today.

	I have to go to a sudden meeting, so I want you to attend there as 
acting Ambassador.

Ogami: A ball?  Speaking for myself, I'm no good with those sorts of

	What's more, I've never met the sovereign Countess of Lilac......

Sakomizu: It'll be fine, it'll be fine - you've already been made an
acquaintance with the Countess of Lilac.

Ogami: H- huh......?

Sakomizu: Now then, I have to leave already, so you get ready too.  What's
your response?

Ogami: Yes, sir!  I, Ogami Ichiro, at 15 o'clock today, will attend the ball
held by the Countess of Lilac!

	(Tohoho......  A ball......  But who in the world is the Countess of

* * * * *

Ogami: So these are the grounds for the ball, huh - they certainly are

Man: Hm......?  I don't recognize your face.  I'm with the police, and I'd
like to have you come with me for a moment.

Ogami: Eeh!?  A- as for myself, I'm here as a representative for Ambassador

Grand Mere: Inspector, you sure are passionate about your work.  That man's
not anyone suspicious - he's my guest.

	Welcome, Monsieur Ogami.  I'm so happy to have you come to my party.

Ogami: Y- you're the Countess of Lilac......!?  N- not Grand Mere?

Grand Mere: That's right, Monsieur.  Women can take on any number of faces.

	Ah, that's right, I'll introduce you.  This is Inspector Evian, who'll
be handling the security for this party.

Evian: Oh, no, no, I apologize.  I'm Evian of the Paris city police.

Ogami: How do you do, Inspector Evian.  I'm Ogami Ichiro from the Japanese
Embassy.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Grand Mere: Yes, yes, that's enough with the greetings.  Mell, Ci.  Entertain

Mell: Oui, Madame.  Monsieur Ogami, please, this way.

Ci: We've got cold drinks prepared for you, so please, please, come.

Mell: Will wine do?  We have mineral water too......

Ogami: Ah, forgive me.  In that case, I'll take wine.

	(Hah......  I'm not quite sure what's going on anymore......)

	Hm......  Is that person - !?  I met her today at the cafe......  I'm
certain it was......

== LIPS 1.26 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Glycine --
-- Option 2 - Glycilque --
-- Option 3 - Merci --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Glycine --
Ogami: I'm certain it was Glycine......  Why's she here......?
== LIPS 1.26 End ==

Mell: You've met Lady Glycine?

Ci: Lady Glycine is the daughter of the Bleumer family, with the blood of
Normandy nobility.

Ogami: But I get the feeling she's kind of glaring over this way......

Man: That's obviously because you're so rare!  You yellow oriental ape.

	Well, this is a dignified social gathering where upper class people 
like us meet, after all.

	She is glaring at you to tell you that this is not a place for crude
animals such as yourself to come.

Ogami: What did you say......?

Man: Oh, how rude of me.  Now then, ape, is there something you wish to say,
I wonder?

== LIPS 1.27 Start ==
-- Option 1 --
-- Time Over --
-- Time Over --
Ogami: K-......  Causing a disturbance here would only make trouble for the
Countess of Lilac and Ambassador Sakomizu.

Ci+: Monsieur...... Samurai......
== LIPS 1.27 End ==

Man: My oh my oh my, what's the matter?  Now the yellow ape has turned red.

Ogami: K-......

Man: Ohh, Lady Glycine is coming this way.

	It appears the daughter of the proud and noble Bleumer family finds
your very existence unpleasant.

Glycine: You people are the eyesores!!  Begone at once!

Man: Heh!?

Glycine: Begone!  Never show your face again!!

Man: Hee!

Glycine: Monsieur Ogami!  You, too, are you.  Why do you not fight when

	Do you have a reason!?  A reason not to fight even when your honor is

== LIPS 1.28 Start ==
-- Option 1 - I didn't want to cause a scene. --
-- Option 2 - He isn't worth the effort. --
-- Option 3 - I'm simply no good in a fight...... --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - He isn't worth the effort. --
Ogami: He isn't worth the effort.  I don't want to involve myself in
something trivial.

Glycine+: Hmhm......  You have a point there......
== LIPS 1.28 End ==

Glycine: However...... do not forget that people live through their honor.

	The way you are now, there is no chance of victory in the battle that
must come!!

Ogami: The battle that must come......?

	An explosion!?  What's happened!?

Ciseaux: You're annoying, so annoying!!  You're so noisy I can't stand it!!

Ogami: Wh- what is that man!?  A rabbit?  No, maybe not!?

Ciseaux: As long as this great Ciseaux's eyes are red, I won't allow humans
to do as they please!  I'm going to punish you!!

Glycine: Wait!  You rabbit there!!

Ciseaux: Ussassah!  There's a fool here to challenge the great Ciseaux!  I'm

Glycine: Judgment!!

Ciseaux: That's my line!  I'll cut you in two with these shears!!

Ogami: Look out!!

== Analog LIPS 1.4 Start ==
-- Lunge at Ciseaux --
-- Bar at the top of the window --
Ogami: Leave it to me!!

Ciseaux: Guhah......!!  T- to think he would come at me headfirst......  I'm

Ogami: Owowowow......  G- Glycine, are you all right......?

Glycine: Of course!  With an attack such as that there's no way to
counter lightly!

+	Still, you've shown me your true spirit.
== Analog LIPS 1.4 End ==

Ogami: Be careful, Glycine!!  Don't let your guard down!

Glycine: The fiend......  He's not bad!!  At this rate, even if we both must
go down......

Ogami: Calm down!!  What can you do with just one axe!?  Look closely at your

Ciseaux: K-......!  Wh- who is it!?  Who fired that!?!

Erica: Mr. Rabbit there!!  I won't let you do as you please!

Ogami: E- Erica!?  Why are you here!?

Erica: I'll explain later!  Right now we have to evacuate everyone!

Glycine: Erica......  This man is the one.

Erica: Eh!?  A- are you serious?  The person coming from Japan is Mr. Ogami?

Glycine: I've just heard from Grand Mere myself, but...... it's certain.

Erica: If we know that, then let's return to base here for now......

Ogami: What?  What are you saying!?

Ciseaux: I'll cut the three of you all together with a CHOP and a SNIP!!

Evian: Aim for that rabbit!  Fire!!

Ogami: The police squad's come here!?  K-......  If only I had the Koubu

Erica: We do have them!  If it's the Koubu...... if it's the psycheon{17} 
armor you want...... we have them!!

Ogami: What!?  You've got psycheon armor!?!

Glycine: Come with us!  Ogami Ichiro!!

* * *

Ogami: Th- this is Chattes Noires......  You have psycheon armor here?

Erica: Enough already, quickly!!  Don't get excited!!  Please hurry!!

Glycine: I'm going on ahead!  Join me later!!

Erica: Now, you too, Mr. Ogami!  Please follow me!

* * *

Glycine: You're late!  All members have already gathered!!

Erica: Mr. Ogami, were you able to get changed properly?

Ogami: Y- you two......  What are those outfits!?

Sakomizu: It seems the time has come to make everything clear.

Ogami: Ambassador Sakomizu?  Why is the Ambassador here!?

Sakomizu: Ogami...... or rather, Lieutenant Ogami.  You haven't come to Paris
merely to study abroad.

	You have been transferred here to Paris as the captain of the newly
formed Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division!

Ogami: Paris Floral Assault Squad......?

Sakomizu: Yes, and the Commander General of the Paris Floral Assault
Squad is......

Grand Mere: Welcome, Monsieur Ogami.  The Paris Floral Assault Squad welcomes

Ogami: C- Countess Lilac!  Could it be, you're......  Then, the squad
members are-!?

Grand Mere: Yes, the squad members are these two.  Erica Fontaine and
Glycine Bleumer.

Erica: It's not that I had been keeping it a secret from you.  I didn't know
that you were the captain coming from Japan, Mr. Ogami......

Glycine: ......My regards.

Grand Mere: Now then......  Monsieur, your face looks like you got a lot you
want to ask me - am I right?

	I'll take questions until the report comes from Mell and the others.

== Untimed LIPS 1.5 Start ==
-- Option 1 - What is the Paris Floral Assault Squad? --
-- Option 2 - What in the world is this Chattes Noires? --
-- Option 3 - Explanations can come later.  Make preparations to move out!
-- Option 1 - What is the Paris Floral Assault Squad? --
Ogami: What is the Paris Floral Assault Squad?  I'd like an explanation,

Grand Mere: Hmm......  Let's see.  I guess I'll start with the reason for 
the establishment of the Paris Floral Assault Squad.

	The importance of municipal spiritual defense has already been proven
though the three wars in Teito.

	This is not a problem for Teito alone - the potential for a threat of
spiritual nature exists in any major city in every country in the world.

Sakomizu: Presently, major cities throughout the world have begun
strengthening their spiritual defensive tactics using the Imperial Floral 
Assault Squad as a model.

	What we've established as the forerunner to this is the European 
Municipal Defense Project.  And......

	What we've formed as the key which will act as the very pivot of
that...... is this Paris Floral Assault Squad!!

	An actual working squad to oppose any spiritual threat with psycheon
armor......  That is the Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division.

	You are its captain.  And that means Erica and Glycine are its

-- Option 2 - What in the world is this Chattes Noires? --
Ogami: What in the world is this Chattes Noires?  Why is there a control room
beneath it?

Grand Mere: Hmhm, I'm sure even you would be surprised, Monsieur.

	This Chattes Noires itself is the general headquarters for the Paris
Floral Assault Squad!

	In order to defend the city, the correct path is to establish a
defensive base within the city, right?  Am I wrong?

	What's more, a theatre is the perfect for hiding a secret corps, isn't

	We have everything from a hangar for the psycheon armor to a bullet
train for transportation in the basement.  You won't find such equipment
anywhere else.

	The theatre Chattes Noires.  It means this place will be the foremost 
line of Paris defense.
== Untimed LIPS 1.5 End ==

Grand Mere: Now, then, shall we go elsewhere?  To the Koubu hangar, perhaps.

* * *

Jean: I'll toss anyone who wastes time into the Seine River!!  You there!
Get working already!

Grand Mere: Hmhmhm......  Such spirit, Squad Leader Jean.  Each time I look
at you I feel I could fall in love.

Jean: Owner......  I thought I told you this place is off limits when we're
preparing to move out.

Grand Mere: ......How cold.  I've brought you the Flower Division Captain

	Monsieur Ogami, this is Mechanic Squad Leader Jean, who looks after the
psycheon armor.

~~ If you met Jean earlier in the park Start ~~
Ogami: Y- you're-!?  The one who was touching me earlier......

Jean: Yeah, that was so I could adjust the cockpit of your Koubu-F.  Thanks
to that, it's perfect.
~~ If you met Jean earlier in the park End ~~

Grand Mere: Sorry to be so sudden, but I want you to show us the Koubu-F you
pride yourself on so much.

Jean: I've just finished making adjustments.  I'll show you my greatest work.
It's this way, follow me.

	This is the psycheon armor the captain'll be piloting, the Koubu-F.

Ogami: I- incredible......  So this is my Koubu!

Jean: It's the result of the combined technology of our Chattes Noires
Mechanic Squad and the engineers at Kanzaki Heavy Industries.

	As per the instructions of Monsieur Yoneda from Teito, we've even
prepared longswords for Koubu-F use.

Grand Mere: This is the machine the Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower
Division, prides itself on.  Do you like it?

Ogami: Y- yes, ma'am!  Of course!!

Jean: And come over here.  I'll show you my other adorable child too.

Ogami: I- is this...... an underground train!?

Jean: Yeah, its name is 'Eclair.'  We use this to send you guys anywhere in

Ogami: If we've got the Koubu-F and the Eclair, then even that 

Mell: Owner!  The enemy beast-man has made a move!  Please return to the
battle plan control room!

Grand Mere: Now then, time to get to work!  Monsieur, I trust you're ready!
Let's go!!

* * *

Ci: The enemy is gaining total control over the police squad!  They're
currently advancing along the Champs Elysees in the direction of the 
Arc de Triomphe.

Grand Mere: Now then, Monsieur......  What's your judgment for this 

== Untimed LIPS 1.6 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Destroy all of the enemy steam beasts! --
-- Option 2 - Attack Ciseaux at once! --
-- Option 1 - Destroy all of the enemy steam beasts! --
Ogami: First, we destroy all of the enemy steam beasts!  After that, we crush

Grand Mere: Nice reply.  Monsieur Ogami, I leave the rest to you!
== Untimed LIPS 1.6 End ==

Ogami: Okay, Erica, are you ready?

Erica: Yes!  I'm ready whenever you are!  Let's go with a bang!!{19}

Ogami: Let's go, Glycine - don't let your guard down!

Glycine: I, Glycine, am always prepared!  There is no need for you to worry!!

Erica: Mr. Ogami!  Please give the order to move out!!

== LIPS 1.29 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division, move out! --
-- Option 2 - Prepare for the flower-viewing! --
-- Option 1 - Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division, move out! --
Ogami: Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division, move out!

Erica+: Understood!!
== LIPS 1.29 End ==

* * * * *

Erica: Aatto ikenai......

* * *

Jean: Tsumikomi isoge!  Udauda shiteru yatsu wa Seenu-gawa ni tatakkomu ze!
	Hurry up with the loading!  Anybody who wastes time, I'll toss into the
Seine River!

* * *

Mell: Tenka made, ato juugo-byou made.
	Fifteen seconds until ignition.

Jean: Seibi wa owatta no ka?
	Have you finished with the adjustments?

Mechanic: Kanryou shimashita!
	It's complete!

Jean: Saishuu kakunin isoge!
	Hurry up with the final confirmation!

Ci: Souin!  Taihi shite kudasai!
	All personnel!  Please evacuate the area!

Jean: Udauda shiteru'n janai!
	Stop wasting time!

Mell: San......

Ci: Ni......

Mell & Ci: Ichi......!

Grand Mere: Hasshin!!

* * *

Mell: Attention, Attention.  This train will not be stopping at this station.

== Eyecatch 1.2 ==

-- Eyecatches cont. ------------------------------------------------------
As promised, here I will explain the 'squad member status' (隊員の状況)
menu option of the eyecatch menu.  Choosing this option will bring up a
screen showing the squad members, along with Ogami at the bottom.  The
other squad members are numbered according to the order in which you are
in their favor; put another way, whoever is in the number 1 slot at the
end of the game will be the one whose ending you get.  Additionally, you
will see a short blurb next to each character describing their general
drive and ambition at the moment.  Examples of such are 「やる気十分!」
which translates to something like "ambition 100%!" or 「やる気まぁまぁ」
which means something like "ambition so-so."  For Ogami, however, you
will see a description of what type of captain you are (for example, right
now it should say 新入り隊長 or "newbie captain").  Later on this may
change to say things like 「パワフル隊長」 or "powerful captain."  On the
right half of the screen, you can see what type (タイプ) of captain Ogami
is - right now this should say 「通常型」 or "normal type" - along with
medals you've earned.  Subsequently, if the current eyecatch immediately
precedes a battle, pressing the 'A' button will toggle between showing
the qualitative description of squad members described above and a more
quantitative one.  Next to each member is a series of bonus attributes
which boost the character in battle.  These attributes are as follows:

  攻 - Attack   防 - Defense   移 - Movement

The amounts for these attributes vary depending on how well Ogami has
influenced the squad members during the previous part of the episode and
how well they trust him.  Finally, in the lower right part of the screen
is listed Ogami's special technique (必殺攻撃) which varies depending on
what type of captain he is.  Initially it is "Rouko-Mekkyaku Toukou Ken'ei"
(狼虎滅却  刀光剣影 - "Wolf and Tiger Destruction  Sword Light Sword

-- Translation cont. -----------------------------------------------------
Evian: I- Impossible!?  Are you telling me that we're shooting this much
and it's having no effect whatsoever?

	K-......!  Retreat, retreat!!

Steam Beast Pawn

Ciseaux: Uusassah......!  Things are looking good now!

	Now then, where shall I cut next?

Voice: That's as far as you go!

Ciseaux: What......!?

Erica and Glycine: Paris Floral Assault Squad, go forth!!

Ogami: Who are you!?  Why would a rabbit attack people!?

Erica: Mr. Rabbit, I know you can't really be a bad rabbit!!

Ciseaux: Usaahh!!  Stop saying rabbit, rabbit!  Call me the great Ciseaux!!

Glycine: Rabbits do not need names!  That is as far as your evil deeds go!!

Ciseaux: You're still saying it!  Pawns, get them!  Destroy those guys!!

Ogami: Our objective is to destroy the enemy steam beasts!  Everyone, let's

Erica and Glycine: Understood!!

Erica: Mr. Ogami!  This is your first time piloting a 'Koubu-F,' right!?

	Do you know how to work it?  If you like, I can teach you......

== Untimed LIPS 1.7 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Yeah, could you teach me? --
-- Option 2 - No, I'm fine. --
-- Option 1 - Yeah, could you teach me? --
Ogami: If it's all right with me, could you teach me?  They seem to be a lot
different from the Koubu in Teito.

Erica: Yes, sir!  Please leave it to me!

	To move or attack with the Koubu-F, you use 'action points.'  They're
displayed in the gauge at the bottom.

	Let's see......  Looking at your gauge, your current number of action
points are......

	{some number} points altogether.  You can make whatever actions you
like until these 'action points' are gone.

	Now then, I'll explain what sort of actions you can make using 'action

	First, I'll perform movement.  This is the basis for everything, so
please learn it well.

	In order to move the Koubu-F, you use the 'control lever' in your 

	By moving the directional lever in the direction you wish to move, you
can move freely.

	However, as you perform movement, your 'action points' will steadily

	When all your 'movement points' are gone you will be unable to perform
other actions.

	Please be take care to watch your remaining 'action points!'

Glycine: Erica...... what are you doing?  This your chance to attack!

Erica: Yes, that's right.  All right, I'm going for it!

	If you line up the 'attack cursor' with an enemy you can attack, your
attack range will appear.

	If you push the 'attack button' at this time, you can attack the 
enemies within your attack range!

	If you continue to hold down the 'attack button,' you can perform a
powerful multiple-hit attack, but......

	each time you attack, your 'attack points' will decrease by one.

	Please decide on the number of hits for your multiple-hit attack while
watching your remaining 'attack points,' okay?

	Since my attack points are all gone from moving and then attacking, my
turn is over.

Glycine: Hmph, so it's my turn......  I'll show you how the Bleumer Family

	We have a 'powerful attack' called a 'special attack'{20} that we can 
use when our spirit{21} level is at maximum.

	When the level of your spirit is at maximum, your 'special attack'
becomes possible when you push the 'activate'{22} button!

	If you 'activate' by accident, you can return to your normal attack by
pressing the 'cancel'{23} button.

	After that, it's the same as for a normal attack......  By pushing the
attack button you release your special attack!!

	The special attack is a powerful attack, but when you use it, your
spirit level becomes zero.

	However, when you perform 'build up'{24} or receive damage from the
enemy, your spirit level will rise, so......

	you should use it without hesitation whenever you think, "This is it!"

	Hm, the next enemy is far away......  I still have 'action points'
remaining, but I think I will end my turn.

	K-!  To think that I should receive an attack......  I let my guard

Erica: Glycine, are you all right!?  I'll heal you right now!

	For special actions like 'recover,' 'build up,' and 'defend,' you will
need a greater number of action points.

	'Defend' costs two points of your action point gauge......

	'Build up' costs three points of your action point gauge......

	And......  To 'recover,' it will require six points of your action
point gauge!

	Special actions use a lot of action points, so please take care when
deciding to use them.

	......If you've learned this much your Koubu-F handling should be
pretty much perfect.

Ogami: I see, I understand.  Now I think I can work it!  Thanks, Erica!!

Erica: From here on, please give us your orders!  Now then, let's do our 

-- Option 2 - No, I'm fine. --
Ogami: No, I'm fine.  I think I can manage to work it.

Erica: That's our Mr. Ogami!  Now then, let's do our best with a bang!!{19}
== Untimed LIPS 1.7 End ==

== Battle ================================================================
Battle has changed somewhat from the previous Sakura Taisen games.  Gone
is the grid-based point-and-click battle system.  While it retains the same
turn-based strategy, battle now incorporates direct movement and allows for
several different actions per turn.  It is probably easiest to learn the
battle system simply by diving right into it; however, you can refer to the
following information for reference and clarification.

During each Flower Division member's turn, you will see their action point
gauge at the bottom, along with a blue bar indicating how much more damage
the unit can take and a red bar showing the current level of spirit in that
member (indicating when a special attack can be performed) in the lower 
right, and a kanji (character of Chinese origin used in the Japanese writing 
system) in the lower left corner indicating the currently active battle
strategy (see below).

-- Actions ---------------------------------------------------------------
移動 Movement - Performed with analog joystick
攻撃 Attack   - Performed with the 'A' button
防御 Defend   - Performed with the 'X' button
回復 Recover  - Performed with the 'Y' button
発動 Activate - Performed with the 'B' button
解除 Cancel   - Performed with the 'B' button
ため Build up - Performed with the 'B' button

-- Movement (移動) --
Movement is performed simply by pressing the analog stick in the direction
you wish to go.  Your remaining action points determine your radius of
possible movement; you can move freely within that radius as much as you
please.  It is also possible to move up and down to higher or lower levels
in a particular area.

-- Attack (攻撃) --
Attacking is performed in the following manner.  First, you should notice
a small hovering icon in front of the currently active unit.  If, through
movement, you are able to hover this icon over an enemy unit, your range
of attack will become visible, and pressing 'A' will carry out the attack.
As Erica explained above, you can carry out a multiple-hit attack on the 
currently targetted enemy/ies by continuing to hold down the button.  You 
can do so for up to five consecutive hits, but each hit will cost an 
additional point from your action point gauge.

Occasionally, if another Flower Division member is in range of the same
enemy/ies you have targetted, that member may join in your attack during
the third hit of a multiple-hit attack for added damage, at which point
the multiple-hit attack ends.

If you have previously performed 'activation' in the same turn (i.e., the
'A' icon in the lower right is flashing), your attack range will probably
be different, and you will be able to perform that character's special
attack in the same manner as a regular attack for lots of damage.  This
only costs one action point but brings your spirit level to zero.

Additionally, if you are particularly in favor with a given Flower Division
member, you can perform a combination attack (合体) with her by first
'activating' with the 'B' button, then standing directly next to her unit 
and attacking some enemy within the range of the combination attack.
Combination attacks generally perform the same results with each member.
They have a large range and do massive damage, usually destroying all 
non-boss enemies in the blast radius.  However, they require both Ogami and
the other member to have a full spirit meter.  These also cost only one
action point.

-- Defend (防御) --
Defending, if available, is performed by pressing the 'X' button.
Defending significantly decreases all damage received until that unit's
next turn.  Action point unit costs for the different battle strategies
(see below) are as follows:
  風 Wind     - Not available
  林 Forest   - 2 points
  火 Fire     - 4 points
  山 Mountain - 1 point

-- Recover (回復) --
Recovery, if available, is performed by pressing the 'Y' button and will 
repair one or more damaged units.  This has changed a bit from the previous
Sakura Taisen games.  Whenever it is performed, the unit who performs it
along with any units immediately next to it is repaired.  You will know
if a unit will be repaired when the 'recover' action is performed when
its endurance and spirit bars appear over them onscreen.  Additionally, this
action can be performed as many times per battle as desired.  Action point 
unit costs for the different battle strategies (see below) are as follows:
  風 Wind     - 4 points
  林 Forest   - 6 points
  火 Fire     - Not available
  山 Mountain - 3 points

-- Activate (発動) and Cancel (解除) --
These commands are both performed with the 'B' button.  They effectively
toggle between using special and regular attacks and are only available when
the current unit's spirit level is at max.  'Activating' allows special
attacks to be usable and causes the 'A' button icon in the lower right, next
to the spirit level meter, to flash repeatedly.  Pressing the 'B' button
again will then cancel, returning the unit to regular attack mode and causing
the 'A' button icon to stop flashing.  Neither of these actions cost any
action points.

-- Build up (ため) --
When the current unit's spirit level meter is not max, pressing the 'B'
button will perform the 'build up' action and cause the unit's spirit
level to rise.  Action point unit costs for the different battle strategies
(see below) are as follows:
  風 Wind     - 2 points
  林 Forest   - 3 points
  火 Fire     - 1 point
  山 Mountain - Not available

-- The start button menu -------------------------------------------------
The start button menu appears whenever you press 'start' or when you have
exhausted all your available action points.  The available options are as

もどる Return
修了   End turn
情報   Information
通信   Communications

環境   Environment

The following menu options are available only during Ogami's turn:
かばう Cover
隊長   Captain

-- Return (もどる) --
This command returns the unit to the last place it performed an action
other than movement or activate/cancel and restores the amount of action
points up to how many were available after performing that action.

-- End turn (修了) --
Self-explanatory.  Ends the current unit's turn.

-- Information (情報) --
This allows you to hover an icon over any unit on the map and see
information about it, which is displayed in the following manner:

情報 Information

  Picture        搭乗者 Pilot          防 Defending
    of           機体名 Unit name
                 耐久   Endurance     Current / Max
Unit's turn #    気合   Spirit        Current / 100

                 操者 Pilot   甲冑 Armor   信頼 Trust   合計 Total
攻撃 Attack           a     +      b     +     c      =     d
防御 Defense          e     +      f     +     g      =     h
移動 Movement         i     +      j     +     k      =     l

必殺 Special attack

'Defending' indicates whether or not the unit is currently defending.  If
it is darkened, the unit is not; if it is brightly lit, the unit is; if it
is flashing repeatedly, that unit is being covered by Ogami's unit (see
below).  The 'unit's turn #' indicates when that unit's turn will be
relative to the currently active unit.

The total of the values for 'attack,' 'defense,' and 'movement' are the 
unit's effective stats.  Stats listed under 'pilot' are obviously those 
stats provided by the pilot; those under 'armor' are stats intrinsic to the
machine being piloted; and those stats under 'trust' are additional bonuses
attained throughout the episode by influencing that character's mood.  These
last numbers match those listed in the 'squad member status' screen in the
previous eyecatch.

-- Communications (通信) --
Gives you an overview of the current map and mission objective.

-- Cover (かばう) --
Available only during Ogami's turn.  This allows you to select a Flower
Division member to protect from any attack.  Selecting Ogami effectively
deactivates the 'cover' command.  When a member unit being covered by
Ogami's is attacked, Ogami's unit will appear in its place and nullify the
damage.  If both Ogami's and the covered unit are in the same enemy
attack range, neither unit will receive damage.  This can only be performed
up to three times per battle.  Additionally, depending on the character, 
this can provide a boost to her mood.

-- Captain (隊長) --
Available only during Ogami's turn.  This allows you to change your
current battle strategy.  This effectively determines the cost of the
various actions and may make some unavailable, as follows:

Battle strategy      Defend        Recover       Build up
風 Wind              Unavailable   4 points      2 points
林 Forest            2 points      6 points      3 points
火 Fire              4 points      Unavailable   1 point
山 Mountain          1 point       3 points      Unavailable

-- Environment (環境) --
Selecting 'environment' brings up a submenu with two items: 'option'
(オプション) and 'suspend battle' (戦闘中断).  'Option' brings up the same 
option menu described in the beginning of the faq, albeit without the option 
of changing the system file.  'Suspend battle' allows you to save your 
progress in battle and stop playing.  Note that this requires a hefty 71 
blocks of memory.  For information on saving, see 'Eyecatches' above.

-- Camera manipulation ---------------------------------------------------
Pressing up and down on the digital directional pad allows you to toggle
between three different camera views: near, far, and overhead.  The
overhead camera additionally lets you see the movement range, normal attack
range, and special attack range for any unit on the map using the 'A', 'X',
and 'Y' buttons respectively.  Pressing left or right on the digital pad
will switch between units.

-- Additional information during battle ----------------------------------
Occasionally, when a member is attacked by the enemy, it is possible that
another Flower Division member in attacking range will interrupt the
attack, preventing the original Flower Division member targeted from
receiving damage; however, the enemy will not receive damage either.

== Translation, cont. ====================================================
== Battle Start ==

~~ After all units have had one turn Start ~~
Glycine: That impressive handiwork......  I can't quite believe this is
your first time piloting the Koubu-F......

Erica: You're amazing, Mr. Ogami!  Is this really your first time?

== LIPS 1.29 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Yeah, it's my first time. --
-- Option 2 - I don't get the feeling this is my first time either. --
-- Option 3 - Japanese men aren't too bad either, are they? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 2 - I don't get the feeling this is my first time either. --
Ogami: I don't get the feeling this is my first time either.  Why do you
suppose that is......?

Glycine: The method of operation may be similar to that of the Japanese

Erica: Now that you mention it, there are Koubu in Japan too, right?  I'd
like to go see them someday!

Glycine: Certainly......  I would like to challenge them to see which is

Ogami: Th- this has gotten to be rather dangerous talk......
== LIPS 1.29 End ==
~~ After all units have had one turn End ~~

~~ At the beginning of Erica's third turn Start ~~
Erica: Mr. Ogami......  I'm sorry.

Ogami: Eh......?  What do you mean, all of a sudden, Erica?

Erica: About keeping it a secret from you...... about the Paris Floral 
Assault Squad, and about us.......

== LIPS 1.30 Start ==
-- Option 1 - It's a secret squad, so it's only natural. --
-- Option 2 - You really hurt me. --
-- Option 3 - Is there anything else you're hiding? --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - It's a secret squad, so it's only natural. --
Ogami: It's a secret squad, so it's only natural.  If you didn't have that
much precaution, it'd make me uneasy instead.

Erica+: Th- thank you so much!  I'm so glad Mr. Ogami is such a nice Captain!

Ogami: Hahaha.  Let's continue to be cautious from here on, okay?

Erica: Yes, sir!  I'll keep quiet about that and this and the other thing 
too!  Now then!

Ogami: E- Erica!?  Just how much are you hiding?
== LIPS 1.30 End ==
~~ At the beginning of Erica's third turn End ~~

~~ After all enemy steam beasts have been destroyed ~~
Ogami: Okay, now all the enemies have been defeated!  Let's corner Ciseaux!

Erica and Glycine: Understood!!

* * *

Ciseaux: U- usaah!  Damn you, Paris Floral Assault Squad!  I won't forgive

Ogami: We've taken care of the small fry......  Ciseaux, all that's left is

Man: What's with this rabbit?  He shows off so much, yet he's totally weak,
isn't he!

	Now, now, you rabbit there.  You mustn't play tricks on people.  I, 
the great Daniel, shall give you your punishment......

Ciseaux: Paris Floral Assault Squad, this is the end!!  Come out!  Steam
Beast 'Prelude'!!

Erica: That's dangerous, stay back!

Rabbit-Model Steam Beast Prelude

Daniel: U-uwaahh!  Wh- wh...... what!?!  Th- this isn't supposed to happen!

	Pa- Paris Floral Assault Squad!  I'll let you protect me!  I'll let you
protect me, so help me!!

Erica: Mr. Ogami!  That noble......

== LIPS 1.31 Start ==
-- Option 1 - Rescue the noble! --
-- Time Over --
-- Option 1 - Rescue the noble! --
Ogami: Kuhhh!

Daniel: And here I went and let you protect me, you dolt!  Thanks to you,
I skinned the palms of my hands!!

Ogami: ......This place is dangerous.  Get to a safe place quickly!

Daniel: D- don't order me around!!  Know your limits, you useless-!
== LIPS 1.31 End ==

Ogami: ......It looks all right now.  Okay, everyone, let's go!

Glycine: Wait!  What do you think you're doing......!?

	You are a Japanese.......  You've just come to Paris - what reason
do you have to defend the people of Paris......?

	Furthermore, after having someone speak to you however he pleases after
having mocked you that much, why do you not become angry!?

	As a Japanese, as a man, have you no pride!?!

Ogami: Be it Japan, or Paris...... such things make no difference!

Glycine: What......!?

Ogami: Fighting to protect the happiness of all people, to protect 
peace......  That is my pride!

Erica+: Mr. Ogami......

Glycine+: Hoh......

Ciseaux: Eei, how impudent!  In that case, I'll cut your 'pride' or whatever
to ribbons!

Ogami: Our objective is the destruction of that huge steam beast!  Let's go,

Glycine and Erica: Understood!!

~~ Boss battle start ~~

~~ At the beginning of one of Erica's turns, if other units have been damaged Start ~~
Erica: Oh my - everyone's Koubu have received quite a bit of damage.

	If the Koubu's endurance level reaches zero, that member won't be able
to fight anymore, so......

	At dangerous times, please recover your endurance level with 'recover'
or my 'special attack!'

Ogami: Okay, I got it.  Thanks, Erica.

Erica: Please do your best, Mr. Ogami!
~~ At the beginning of one of Erica's turns, if other units have been damaged End ~~

~~ After destroying one of Ciseaux's "Jump units" Start ~~
Ciseaux: Usaa!!  My leg's jump unit!

	Now I can't jump as I please!!
~~ After destroying one of Ciseaux's "Jump units" End ~~

~~ After defeating Ciseaux ~~
Ciseaux: U- ussaa......  To think that the great Ci- Ciseaux should be beat 
by mere humans!

	I can't accept it!!

Erica: It's over......

Ogami: Yeah......  Both of you, Erica and Glycine, did really well for your
first battle.

Erica: Yes!  Thank you very much, Mr. Ogami!

Glycine: It's nothing worthy of praise; it's the obvious outcome.

Ogami: By the way, in the Japanese Imperial Floral Assault Squad, after every
victory in battle, we always did the same thing without fail.

	I'll show you an example right now, so you two follow along with me.

Erica: Y- yes, sir!

Ogami: All right, here we go......

	Victory pose!!

Glycine: Wh- what?  What's that supposd to be......?

Erica: Mr. Ogami......  What's happened?

Ogami: Y- you two, do it too......

* * * * *

Erica: So, Mr. Ogami, you were the captain of our Paris Floral Assault Squad.

Ogami: To think that you would be a member of the Paris Floral Assault 
Squad, Erica.  I had no idea.

Erica: Ah, Glycine.  How about it - would you like to talk with us?

Glycine: ......I will pass.  I have something I must do.  So long.

Erica: She may look cold, but deep down she's a good person.  And she's
strong in battle......

	......She's far better than I'll ever be.

Ogami: That's not true.  Erica, you're wonderful in your own way.

Erica: Mr. Ogami......

Ogami: What's the matter, Erica?

Erica: It's nothing......  Uh- um......

Ogami: Ohh!

Erica: It's so lovely......

Glycine: ............

Erica: Um...... Mr. Ogami.  When these fireworks end......

	Could you tell me about the Flower Division in Tokyo?

	I want to know so much more about you, Mr. Ogami.

Ogami: Yeah, sure.  Of course, it may be a little long.

Erica: Understood!  Captain!!

== Preview of next episode ==

Coquelicot: Minasan, konnichi wa!
	Everyone, hello!

	Majikaru enjeru Kokuriko no yume no majikku shoo ga hajimaru yo!
	Magical angel Coquelicot's magic show of dreams is about to begin!

	Jikai, Sakura Taisen 3:
	Next time, on Sakura Wars 3:

	"Kawaii Tejinashi."
	"Lovely Magician."

	Ai no mihata no moto ni.
	Beneath the flag of love.

	Dakara, boku wa warau n da.
	And so, I smile.

== Eyecatch 1.3 ==

== Translation Notes =====================================================
{1} 'Teito' is literally 'the Imperial Capital' and refers to Tokyo, the
'Imperial' capital of Japan.

{2} Literally, a 'sister.'  In this case, however, it would refer to a
'nun' (perhaps considered slang?).

{3} A 'chonmage'  is a hairstyle in which the hair on top of the head is
braided into a 'topknot.'

{4} A bromide is a chemical compound of an ion of the halogen bromine with
a more electropositive element or radical, e.g. silver.  Silver bromide 
(AgBr) is a highly photogenic material used in photographic film, which 
perhaps explains the origin of the use of the word 'bromide' to refer to
these collector's items that resemble oversized trading cards.

{5} Mell and Ci's names are of course puns.  Most noticeable is the fact
that their first names combined together (more or less) form 'merci,' which
is of course French for 'thank you.'  Additionally, their last (family) 
names, Raison ('reason,' in English) and Caprice (c.f. English 'capricious'),
reflect their respective complementary personalities.

{6} Ci's Japanese is marked by slightly elongated vowels at the end of her
sentences, which don't translate well into written English, where such
phonetic quirks would be more likely misinterpreted as typographical errors.
Additionally, Ci is prone to spontaneous outbursts of capricious (pun
intended?) "hyu-hyu"'s.

{7} 'Taisho' is the name of the current 'era' in the Japanese calendar, in
which years are given relative to the first year of the reigning emperor
(in this case, Taisho).  Taisho 12 corresponds to the year 1923 by the
western calendar.  It may be noteworthy to point out that the 'Taisho' in
the world of Sakura Taisen is written with a different first character (it
has an extra stroke at the bottom) than the one used to write the 'Taisho'
era of Japan's history.

{8} As those familiar with the previous games will know, Sakura Taisen is 
replete with puns.  The 'Imperial Drama Group' and the 'Imperial Floral
Assault Squad' are both pronounced the same way in Japanese, but written
differently (帝国歌劇団 and 帝国華撃団, respectively).

{9} The "laughter" here is a pun.  Since the villain here is lagomorphic
in nature, it is only fitting that his laugh sounds like 'usa,' an
abbreviated form of the word 'usagi,' which means 'rabbit.'

{10} Ciseaux tends to attach 'pyon' to the end of most of his sentences.
'Pyon' (usually doubled) is onomatopoeia representing the sound of
something bouncing up and down (e.g., a rabbit).  'Boing' would
probably suffice as an English analogue.  As it really didn't seem to
work in the English, I grudgingly left it out in the translation.
Hopefully you can hear it when he speaks.  Additionally, the name
'Ciseaux' is just a guess; romanization is generally a painful process
when it comes to words, particularly names of fictional characters,
written in katakana.  'Ciseaux' literally means 'scissors' in French, so I 
chose it to romanize his name as the pronunciation is close and it fits his 

{11} The 'SNIP' here unfairly replaces another bunny pun here; the original 
onomatopoeia was 'RABItto' which of course sounds very close to the English 
word 'rabbit.'

{12} 'Pain au chocolat,' literally 'bread with chocolate,' is a French
pastry apparently served often at French cafes.

{13} This is a straight romanization of the katakana.  I don't know what
the proper romanization should be.

{14} The problem here is that the Japanese for 'I like/love (something)'
does not necessarily need a direct object, and therefore can be ambiguous,
as is the case here.  Thus, Ogami is confused into thinking that Erica is
declaring her affection for him here.  Unfortunately, in English, such
ambiguity results in awkwardness.

{15} A common expression in Japanese, 'a flower in each hand' refers to
having beautiful women on either side of oneself.

{16} Pot-au-feu, literally "pot on the fire," is a French boiled dinner of 
meat and vegetables.

{17} 'Psycheons' (or perhaps 'psyons,' if you prefer) are described as
fundamental particles, not altogether unlike electrons or protons, of
spiritual energy.  This energy is what powers the psycheon armor (i.e.,
the Koubu).  The word I constructed here is a sort of translation of 
the original word 'ryoushi' (霊子) into English using Greek word roots that 
correspond to the characters used.  (c.f. 'denshi' (電子) = 'electron,'
'youshi' (陽子) = 'proton.')

{18} This is a rather crude translation with which I'm none too pleased.

{19} Originally "BASHIItto" (バシーっと), I'm not sure how this should best
be translated, but I have a feeling "with a bang" isn't it.

{20} Literally 'certain-kill attack' (必殺攻撃), this is a commonly used term 
to mean 'special attack.'

{21} 'Kiai' (気合) more or less means 'fighting spirit.'  Perhaps 'guts'
might be another possible translation.

{22} 'Hatsudou' (発動) is defined as 'invoke' or 'put into operation.'
Neither these nor 'activate' really seem like an adequate translation here.

{23} 'Kaijo' (解除) is translated as 'cancel' or 'release.'

{24} 'Build up' is a rough translation of 'tame' (ため).


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