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The stage has been moved to the flower capital of Paris, and new maidens "Paris Combat Revue / Flower Troupe" have arrived! Cirque du Soleil has the most history and authority in the circus world. Ogami Paris Combat Revue joins the party!!

Spring, Taisho 15th year. In Paris, the flower capital of modern civilization and art, a European exposition was held, and it looked like peace itself. However, there is an ominous black shadow creeping into this beautiful city...

After the battle with the Black Demon Society that shook the imperial capital, Ichiro Ogami, who was recognized for his achievements, was ordered to study abroad in France. Ogami left the Imperial Capital, and waiting for him in France, a far-off land, was the position of commander of the newly established "Paris Combat Revue / Flower Troupe" in the flower capital of Paris.

A Parisian monster who begins to move in the darkness of Paris at the same time as the arrival of Ogami. And five new maidens who confront the monsters. "Paris Combat Revue / Flower Troupe" is born here! Now, the curtain of a new battle is drawn!

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