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FAQ/Walkthrough by hooi

Version: 0.02 | Updated: 05/18/01

                       Roommate Novel ~Satou Yuka~ 
                         Game Guide Version 0.02
                     Chia-Hooi Lim(hooi@iastate.edu)
Sega Dreamcast's Roommate Novel ~Satou Yuka~ is released on June 29, 2000 
by Datam Polystar. Roommate Novel is part of Datam Polystar's Roommate 
Project. It's great to hear that Roommate series is here in Dreamcast.

  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
  1. Updates
  2. Controls
  3. Characters introduction
  4. Opening Song
  5. Story (Introduction Only)
  6. Getting all the endings
  7. Getting all the CGs
  8. Ending Translations
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
 10. References

  1. U P D A T E S
May.18, 2001: (Ver.0.02) - Finished the "Control" Section, "Opening" Song
                           Section, "Character Introduction" Section and
                           "Story (Introduction Only)" Section". Add
                           more stuffs and correct some info for the  
                           "Getting all the CGs" Section and 
                           "Getting all the endings" section.
Jan. 6, 2001: (Ver.0.01) - I started this game guide. Finished most part
                           of "Getting all the endings".Finish partly of 
                           "Getting all the CGs". I wanted to add that
                           I will probably slowly take my time to
                           finish this guide. 

  2. C O N T R O L S
  Left Shoulder Button  - To look at the graphic without the text.
  Right Shoulder Button - Stop the voice. 
                        - You only can use this, after you saw the ending.
                        - To fast forward, press this button and A Button.
  A Button              - OK Button (To get on with the story.)
  B Button              - CANCEL Button
                        - Can only be pressed, when you are asked to.
  Y Button              - Read the previous conversations. (History Mode)
  START Button          - Get the menu of four choices. 
      SAVE   - Save game.
      LOAD   - Load game.
      OPTION - Change Option
           SOUND           : STEREO or MONO
           VOICE VOLUME    : Low --> High
           BGM VOLUME      : Low --> High
           VIBRATION       : ON or OFF (Need Puru Puru Pack)
           RED INTENSITY   : 0% --> 100%
           GREEN INTENSITY : 0% --> 100%
           BLUE INTENSITY  : 0% --> 100%
           RETURN  - return to the Menu.
      RETURN - Return the game.

  3. C H A R A C T E R S   I N T R O D U C T I O N
All the information is translated from the booklet that comes with the
CD. They contain spoilers, so beware!!

Character 1 : Sato Yuka
Birthdate   : June 20
Height      : 158 cm
Three Sizes : 88 (B), 57(W), 85(H)
Description : She is the protagonist's distant relative. She lives with
              both her parents in Tokyo and is a second year student
              at a very distinguished University. She came to the 
              protagonist's home to heal the pain of her lost love.
              She is a big sister type of person. The only housework that
              she can do is cleaning up. She cannot do any other housework,
              especially cooking.

Character 2 : Hiiragi Aya
Birthdate   : August 8
Height      : 154 cm
Three Sizes : 81 (B), 55(W), 83(H)
Description : She is the protagonist's childhood friend and goes to the
              same highschool as the protagonist. The daughter of town's 
              popular bread shop (San Fan). Her family consists of five
              people, both her parents, a little brother, a little sister
              and herself. She is pretty good at doing housework and pretty
              good at cooking. She appears to have some suggestive love
              interest in the protagonist.

Character 3 : Sawaki Tatsuya
Birthdate   : February 14
Height      : 173 cm
Description : He is the protagonist's childhood friend and goes to the 
              same highschool as the protagonist. He is the son of the
              owner of the chain store outside the prefecture. He is
              living together with his uncle, aunt, both his parents
              and his little brother. He has his heart set to take 
              over the chain store. He is in Soccer Club, Athletes
              Club, Basketball Club, Guitar Club and Brass Band Club.
              And so, in a way, he is like a Super Boy.

  4. O P E N I N G   S O N G
  Kumo wa takaku, kaze ni nori,
  Ano machi e nagareteku,
  Sora wo utsusu, mizu no iro,
  Kake dashita natsu michi,
  Itsu no hi ka, onaji keshiki wo,
  Naze? Anata to mite ta, ki ga suru.
  Natsu no himawari,mabushii sono hi wa,
  Eien ni tsuzuku kigashita,
  Hito wa setsunai omoi wo oboete,
  Dakedo mata koi wo shiteru,
  Natsu sugite demo.

  5. S T O R Y ( I N T R O D U C T I O N   O N L Y)
July 20, the first day of summer holiday. Both of your parents are in 
Bangkok (For people who don't know where is Bangkok, Bangkok is the
Capital of Thailand). Your father was transfer there in Spring, and 
your mother went to visit him in Thailand. You are happy that your
mother is not with you because she will treat you like child asking
you to study. So, this is the first day of your freedom.

Then, there is a doorbell. You start to think who it is. Could it be
newspaper delivery? Or milk delivery? Oh, right! From today onwards,
Aya-chan will start bring you dinner. Aya-chan is your childhood
friend, lived in the neighbourhood. You have been with her in 
elementary, middle and high school. She is like a little sister to you.
She worried about you living alone for the summer that she promised
to bring dinner to your house. She is a kind and really good girl.
She is pretty popular in highschool too. It seems that she received
love letters from underclassmen.

The bell rings for the second time. This time you run to the door, as
you thought it is not good to let her wait any longer. However, you
are surprised to find a beautiful girl, when you open the door. She
greet you. You asked her who she is. She remind you that she is 
Sato Yuka and a relative of yours, while scolding you that you should
at least remember your relative. She also remind you that you met
her in your great-grandfather's funeral. You don't remember her, but
start to remember a couple of your cousins. Then, you remember a girl
who suddenly push you down the slide. You were scared at that time to
go down the slide, and she is the one that push you down the slide. She
asked you not to forget such a bad thing. However, she is relief that 
you remember her. She had walked quite far from the station. And when
she got lost, she asked a handsome guy the way to this house. Then, 
she ask you whether you got empty room. You say you got. She asks you
to let her stay. Here, you got the first set of choices. Choose choice
'A', it is not really good to let her stay in your house because your
parents are not there. She says that your mother told her that she
can come any time long time ago. You say that it already been quite 
some time ago. She asks her whether you are the type of guy who lose
control and attack a girl. You quickly deny it. She says that then 
it is only and that she won't attack you, so you don't have to worry.
Then, she bend down and beg you. (A CG). You noticed her breast and
start to give in.

You lead her to her new room, and leave her luggage in the room. Choice,
you ask her why she come to the countryside. She said that the plan for
a trip suddenly got cancelled, and she wants to go to some place. Then,
she remembers what your mother said and come here. She feels glad that
your parents are not there because if they are there, she probably can
only stay for about 3 days or so. So, she is probably going to stay 
for the rest of the summer.

Then, there is the doorbell again. You go and see who it is, and saw 
that it is Aya-chan bringing dinner for you. Aya-chan realizes there 
is a nice smell. You tell her it is probably from Yuka-san, a distant
relative of yours. In addition to that, you also tell her that Yuka-san
is going to stay over for the rest of summer. Then, she say that she
doesn't need to bring food to you anymore because Yuka-san probably
can cook for you and she run away. Here is another set of choices, as
you wonder why she said and did that. Choices are not important.

You came back to the living room. She ask you about Aya-chan. After 
that, she ask you whether the dinner is ready. You told her that she
is the one who is going to be staying over, so she should be the one 
to cook. She tell you that she doesn't know how to cook. You are 
surprise. So, at the end, it is decided that you do the cooking and
cleaning up after dinner, while she do the housekeeping. You don't know
how to cook well and Aya-chan did bring you some dinner. 

And so, the hot summer begins...

  6. G E T T I N G   A L L   T H E   E N D I N G S
There is 11 endings total. 7 of them are Yuka-chan's and the other 4 is
Aya-chan. One of Yuka-san's endings is the worst ending, where she will
go back to Tokyo halfway in the game. To get that, you must have made
some very bad choices. For example, laughing at her when she is 
scared watching the show. :D 

First, I would like to point out the only really important choices in 
the game and how to answer those choices to get each endings. Of course,
you must AVOID making choices that leads you to the worst ending. 

To get the best endings, you have to have either blue shiori or red shiori 
for your save game. To get a shiori, you have to finish the game once with
good/best endings. Finishing good/best endings for Yuka-san will earn you
a blue shiori and finishing good/best endings for Aya-chan will earn you
a red shiori.

  Decision Points:
  1. August  9 - Asking yourself who you really loves.
       A. Yuka
       B. Aya
  2. August 14 - At school, Tatsuya asked you who you loves.
       A. Yuka
       B. Aya
       C. Wakaranai (I don't know) 
  3. August 26 - Yuka-san asked you to go to Temple Festival with her.
       A. O K suru. (Agree to go with her)
       B. Doushiyoukana. (I wonder what I should I do.)
       C. Yamedoku. (Do not agree to go with her)
  4. August 26 - Yuka-san said she would like to see this fireworks again
                 next year. And your reply...
       A. Rainen mo, isshouni miyou (Let watch it together again next year.)
       B. Tokyo de mo habiki taikai wa aru daro? (There is Fireworks Festival
          in Tokyo, right?)
       C. Rainen koso, kare wo tsuretekitara? (How about bringing your boyfriend
          here too next year? :D)

  Conditions for each Endings:
    + Best Ending (Require "blue shiori"):
        1. A (Yuka)
        2. A (Yuka)
        3. A (O K suru.)
        4. A (Rainen mo, isshouni miyou)

    + Good Ending (Don't have "blue shiori"):
        1. A (Yuka)
        2. A (Yuka)
        3. A (O K suru.)
        4. A (Rainen mo, isshouni miyou)

    + Ending 3:
        1. A (Yuka)
        2. A (Yuka)
        3. A (O K suru.)
        4. B (Tokyou de mo habiki taikai wa aru daro?)

    + Ending 4:
        1. A (Yuka)
        2. A (Yuka)
        3. A (O K suru.)
        4. C (Rainen koso, kare wo tsuretekitara?)

    + Ending 5:
        1. A (Yuka)
        2. A (Yuka)
        3. B (Doushiyoukana)

    + Ending 6:
        1. A (Yuka)            
        2. A (Yuka)
        3. C (Yamedoku.)
        1. A (Yuka)
        2. B (Aya) or C (Wakaranai) 
    + Ending 7: (Worst Endings) --NOT COMPLETE LIST--
        July 22:
           A. Tadano osanajimi (Just a childhood friend)
           B. Tadano messhi- (Just my food) -->[Worst Ending]
           C. U-n, dounandarou. (Hmmm, I wonder what.)
        July 24:
           A. Kangaekata ga furui hito dattan desu ne. (He must be
              very traditional type of person.)
           B. Onna kirai dattan desu ne. (He must have hate women.)
           C. Doresu ga nigate dattan desu ne. (Your dress must look really
              bad.) -->[Worst Ending] 
        July 29:
           A. Daijoubu, kitto rippana seitori ni naru. (It will be fine, it 
              will become one fine bird when it grows up.)
           B. Doushite boku mo sasouttekurenakattano? (Why didn't you asked
              me to go with you?) -->[Worst Ending]
           C. Moshikashite tonpi no eza ni... (It might become the food 
              of tonpi...)
        August 3:
           A. Shouganai kara ishouni miru. (There is no other choice, so
              I will watch it with you.)
           B. Kowai kara jitai suru. (I am afraid of those movies, so I will
           C. Waratte nigeru. (Get away from there, while laughing)-->[Worst 
        August :
           A. Sonna koto wa nai. (That's not true.)
           B. Mou, doudemoii. (I don't care about it.) -->[Worst Ending]
           C. Soukamoshirenai. (That might be true.)
       (Will find more of the choices that lead you this ending later on)    
  Decision Points:
  1. July   26 - Aya-chan is making sure that you remembered her birthday.
       A. Aya no tanjoubi ga itsu ga kiku (Ask her when is her birthday.)
       B. Tanjoubi ni nani ga hoshii ga kiku (Ask her what she wants for
          her birthday.)
       C. Waraute komakasu. (Laughing to try to avoid the topics).
  2. August  8 -  
       A. Doriaezu, ometetou wo iu (First of all, I say "Happy Birthday 
          to her")
       B. Mori no hana demo tsumande watasu. (Pick up some forest flower
          to give it to her.
       C. Bakkureru. (Ignore her birthday.)
  3. August  9 - Asking yourself who you really loves.
       A. Yuka
       B. Aya
  4. August 14 - At school, Tatsuya asked you who you loves.
       A. Yuka
       B. Aya
       C. I don't know 
  5. August 23 - Money to buy Aya-chan's Birthday Present. You either 
                 remember you got some money when you help Tatsuya at 
                 his family's shop or say you don't have the money.
       A. Souieba, okane wo mottetanda (Come to think of it, I have the 
       B. Demo, sonna okane nai shinaa (But, I cannot do it because I
          don't have that kind of money.)
  6. August 24 - Giving Aya-chan her birthday present. Yuka-san stop you
                 and saw the present. She likes it and want to have it.
       A. Ageru (Give it to her)
       B. Agenai (Do not give it to her)
       C. Agerarenai (I cannot give it to her)
          - This choice only show up, if you are using "Red Shiori". 
            Choosing this choice, you will tell Yuka-san that you are
            giving the present to Aya-chan and unlock the "Best Ending"
            for Aya-chan.
  7. August 25 - Aya-chan asking you to go to the Temple Festival with her.
       A. Iku. (I will go.)
       B. Ikanai. (I don't want to go.)
       C. Wakaranai. (I am not sure.)
  8. August 27 - Meet Aya-chan at the train station, after Yuka-san left.
                 She will then asked you to go home with her.
       A. Gomen, ima, hitori ni naritainda. (Sorry, currently, I want to
          be alone.)
       B. Yuka wo tomete kure reba yokatta noni. (You should have stopped
       C. Isshou ni kaerou (Let's go home together.)

  Conditions for each Endings:
    + Best Ending (Require "red shiori"):
        1. A (Aya no tanjoubi ga itsu ga kiku) 
           or B (Tanjoubi ni nani ga hoshii ga kiku)
        2. A (Doriaezu, ometetou wo iu) 
           or B (Mori no hana demo tsumande watasu.)
        3. B (Aya)
        4. B (Aya)
        5. A (Souieba, okane wo mottetanda)
        6. C (Agerarenai)
        7. A (Iku) 
           or C (Wakaranai)
        8. C (Isshou ni kaerou)

    + Good Ending:
        1. A (Aya no tanjoubi ga itsu ga kiku) 
           or B (Tanjoubi ni nani ga hoshii ga kiku)
        2. A (Doriaezu, ometetou wo iu) 
           or B (Mori no hana demo tsumande watasu.)
        3. B (Aya)
        4. B (Aya)
        5. A (Souieba, okane wo mottetanda)
        6. B (Agenai)
        7. A (Iku) 
           or C (Wakaranai)
        8. C (Isshou ni kaerou)

     + Ending 3:
        1. A (Aya no tanjoubi ga itsu ga kiku) 
           or B (Tanjoubi ni nani ga hoshii ga kiku)
        2. A (Doriaezu, ometetou wo iu) 
           or B (Mori no hana demo tsumande watasu.)
        3. B (Aya)
        4. B (Aya)
        5. A (Souieba, okane wo mottetanda)
        6. B (Agenai)
        7. A (Iku) 
           or C (Wakaranai)
        8. B (Yuka wo tomete kure reba yokatta noni.)
        1. A (Aya no tanjoubi ga itsu ga kiku) 
           or B (Tanjoubi ni nani ga hoshii ga kiku)
        2. A (Doriaezu, ometetou wo iu) 
           or B (Mori no hana demo tsumande watasu.)
        3. B (Aya)
        4. B (Aya)
        5. A (Souieba, okane wo mottetanda)
        6. A (Ageru)
        7. A (Iku)
        8. C (Isshou ni kaerou)

     + Ending 4:
        1. C (Waraute komakasu)
        2. B (Mori no hana demo tsumande watasu.)
        2. C (Bakkureru)
        3. B (Aya)

  7. G E T T I N G   A L L   T H E   C G S
July   20 - A. Yappari mazui node kotowaru. 
July   22 - C. Nozokitaikedo, gamansuru (unlock a CG on July 26)
July   23 - A. Aya to pu-ru ni iku yakusoku datta hazu.
          - A. Aya no mizugi wo jikkuri miru.
July   27 - A. OK
August  3 - A. Shouganai kara ishouni miru. 
August  8 - B. Tatsuya no Tanjoubi or C. Yuka no Tanjoubi (CGs on
            August 9 will be unlocked. You also can unlock this event,
            if you choose C. Waratte Komakasu on July 26).
August 18 - A. Yousu wo mini iku
August 21 - C. Kisushite hoshii (Aya-chan's scenario.)
August 24 - A. Ookiina inu no nuigurumi. 8800 Yen (Aya-chan's scenario. 
            This will unlock a CG event on August 26.)

  8. E N D I N G   T R A N S L A T I O N S

  9. F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
 Q - What the difference between the original Roommate Ryoko series 
     with Roommate Novel?
 A - If you have played Sega Saturn's Roommate Ryoko, you will notice 
     the major difference between Roommate Novel and Roommate Ryoko is 
     that Roommate Novel does not based on internal clock, which means 
     that it is much easier to see all Roommate Novel's events. 

 Q - Do I need to understand Japanese in order to play the game?
 A - You need to understand Japanese to UNDERSTAND the game, otherwise 
     I don't see any other appeals to the game. 

 Q - Can I played this game on my American console?
 A - No, you cannot unless you used a Interact DC Gameshark or installed
     a modchip your console. You also get a Japanese or Asian console to
     play the game. 

 10. R E F E R E N C E S  
+ Dengeki Dreamcast Vol. 38 (July 21, 2000)
                         G A M E   O V E R      

Copyright 2001 Chia-Hooi Lim. I used my time and efforts to create this 
faq. So, please DO NOT use or post it for your website or anywhere. If 
you got any questions or feedback, please send e-mail to hooi@iastate.edu. 

"Roommate Novel" and "Roommate Ryoko" are trademarks of Datam Polystar.

The latest version of this file will always be at :
http://www.public.iastate.edu/~hooi/roommate (not available yet)

There should be only TWO copies of this file available on the internet,
they should be at:

If they are at anywhere else, please drop me an e-mail at 

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