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Manual Translation by winnie the poop 2

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/08/04

      G O L E M   N O   M A I G O   M A N U A L   T R A N S L A T I O N

                                 Version 1.0
                             by Martin Dale-Hench

Table of Contents
1. Foreword

2. Manual Translation

3. Conclusion

1. Foreword

I know, I know. It would be more helpful if I made an ACTUAL, full-fledged
FAQ/Walkthrough for Golem no Maigo, maybe I will sometime, but I thought 
the information in the manual could help your understanding of the plot and
the game. The story is basic, but not predictable. Also, you never know...
you might learn a thing or two by reading the manual!

The translations of mine are pretty literal, so the slangs and multiple
meanings might go over me, since I live in America and do not communicate
with the Japan natives. Therefore, please take them lightly, especially the
story section. :) 

Here we go...

2. Manual Translation

Page 3

Good to see you.

Thanks for buying GOLEM NO MAIGO. Before you start the game, read the manual
and the game will be more fun. If you're a fragile (emotionally) person, 
prepare a handkerchief and begin the game.

If you happen to see the King walking around your neighborhood, and he looks
like a lost child, please aid him.

Page 4


Table of Contents ------------------------------- 4

Story ------------------------------------------- 5
How to Start a Game ----------------------------- 5
Rules ------------------------------------------- 6

How to Play ------------------------------------- 9
   Game Screen/Controls ------------------------- 9
   Stage Pick ----------------------------------- 10
   Golem Net ------------------------------------ 12
   Battle Golem --------------------------------- 14

Character Introduction -------------------------- 16
Staff of 'Lost' --------------------------------- 18
Epilogue ---------------------------------------- 19


As the game progresses, it will auto-save. To auto-save, a memory card (VMU-
sold separately) is required. If you don't have a memory card, the progress
will NOT be saved. Also, if this occurs, 'Stage Pick' will be not selectable
(if you don't have a memory card).

*Number of blocks used:
   Auto Save -------------- 3 Blocks
   1 File of Stage Pick --- 2 Blocks

*In the middle of a save, do not cut off the power, insert or remove any
controllers or memory cards.

Page 5

A Golem got his existence from sorcery conjuring the rocks and soil. The
masters of magic has come to an agreement that there would be only one of
them, nothing more. There were two peaceful countries, Pipiria and Mabel.
The kingdom of Pipiria was composed almost entirely by plains, with some
forests at the northern tip of the land. The magic sorcerers lived in that
forest during the peace time. Mabel, south of Pipiria, had an enormous lake.
On the lake, there was a wizard composing wizardry for Mabel, up on a tall
tower. One day, Pipiria was attacked by goblins and the people of Pipiria
lived in uncertainity and fear every day ever since.

Into the Dreamcast console, insert the GOLEM NO MAIGO disc and push the power
button. When you see the title screen, press the start button to move on.

  From the Beginning (Hajimekara) ----- Start the game from the beginning.
  Continue (Tsudukara) ---------------- Continue the game you started
                                          previously. The game will start from
                                          the place the auto-save saved from
  Stage Pick (Sute-ji Pakku) ---------- Create a Stage, or download a Stage
                                          from the Internet.
  Golem Net (Go-lemu Netto) ----------- Connects to the Internet. Will appear
                                          on the homepage, and you can down-
                                          load a Stage.
  Battle Golem (Batoru Go-lemu) ------- A mode of fun competition between 2

Page 6

TO CLEAR (a level):
  1) The King must make to the Goal.
  2) The number of the 'walls' required must agree with the number of walls
     connecting to the red wall.

If both of those objectives are met, you clear the level.

The King walks in a fixed method.

  1. The King will always go straight ahead
  2. If the King hits something, he will turn left
  3. If the King cannot go left, he will instead go to the right
  4. If the left and the right paths is blocked, the King will turn around and
     come back (backwards)

To attain the number of walls required, connect the walls to the red wall.
If there is no post between the wall, they don't count as connected. (So use
the posts!)

Page 7

The walls force the King to walk on a certain path. The pillars will determine
how the walls shall turn/go when it is being pushed. There is an 'ordinary'
pillar (clear) and a 'turning' pillar (blue). Which pillar a wall is connected
will determine its path. If there is no walls connecting to a pillar, that 
pillar will vanish.

AN ORDINARY PILLAR                            A TURN PILLAR
------------------                            -------------
  Push Wall > One Block Ahead                   Push Wall > Turn

Pushing the connecting wall will move         Pushing the wall will cause it
              the wall one space ahead.                               to turn.

-----------------------                       -----------------------------
  Push Wall > 1 Block Ahead                     Push Wall > Turn

Pushing the connecting wall will move         Pushing the wall will cause it
              the wall one space ahead.         to turn toward the Turn Pillar

Page 8


1. If the King faces the door directly, he will wait
2. The King will pass (ignore) the door if it goes by it by his side
3. However, if the King is stopped by a wall by the door, he will wait for a
   while before moving on

When the King is waiting, open up the door and the King will go into the goal.
Of course, if you open the door before the king gets to the spot by the door,
you don't complete the level.

1. When the King dies
2. When the Red Wall is lost
3. When the number of the walls connecting to the red wall is not sufficient
   to exceed the required number

1. When he gets caught between a moving wall and an another one
2. When he is pushed off-screen by a wall
3. When he makes contact with an enemy
4. When he falls into a hole

Page 9

    |Stage Number                                                       |
    |                                                   Seconds until   |
    | Number of       /Number of                        King's Entry    |
    | Connected Walls/ Connected Walls Needed                           |
    |     ^                                                             |
    |    / \                                                            |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |              G A M E   S C R E E N                          |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |     |                                                             |
    |    The number for CONNECTED walls has colors to display your      |
    |      progression/succession:                                      |
    |                                                                   |
    |     Red   : Not Ready to Clear                                    |
    |     Green : Ready to Clear                                        |
    |     Yellow: Perfect!                                              |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |

Analog Pad ---------------- Move Golem
     D-Pad ---------------- Move Golem

  A Button ---------------- Push Wall/Push King's Back
                            *(Select an Item)
  B Button ---------------- *Cancel an Item
  X Button ---------------- *Pick an Item
  Y Button ---------------- Go to Level Select Screen/Pause the game,
                            the King and the Enemy will not move, but
                            the Golem cannot push anything.

     Start ---------------- Pauses the Game/Re-Do/Retire

*Only for Battle Golem.

Page 10

Analog Pad ---------------- Move Cursor in Menu Select
     D-Pad ---------------- Move Cursor in Menu Select

  A Button ---------------- Confirm/Select
  B Button ---------------- Cancel/Quit
  X Button ---------------- Create a Hole/Erase
  Y Button ---------------- Not Used

     Start ---------------- Test

 R Trigger ---------------- Switch Board
 L Trigger ---------------- Menu Board

Switches are useful if you are making a stage. There are 5 switches in all.
When the 5 switches are used, it is set for extinguishation (is that even a
word? forgive me...) . For example, if you see an enemy on a certain floor,
and you lure the enemy onto a switch, the enemy will perish. Therefore, you
can access the floor and beyond without any trouble.

*Soft Reset can be used by 1P or 2P. With the power on, connect the controller
 into its port properly.
*During the middle of the game, press A+B+X+Y and Start stimulateously and the
 game will reset and return to Title Screen.
*The second controller is not included, sold separately.
*When turning on the console, the Start Button and the Triggers must be on
 their neutral positions. If they are moved at that point, the adjustment of
 the positions will screw up, and you will not be able to execute actions
 properly in the game.

Page 11


King (O-sama)
  Select the entrance for the King.

Exit (Deguchi)
  Place the 'Goal' on the stage.

Golem (Go-lemu)
  Pick where the Golem will start.

Enemies (Teki)
  New enemies here. A stage can have up to 16 enemies.

Theme (Te-ma)
  Select the theme for the Stage.

Name (Namae)
  Select a name for your Stage. The name cannot be your name or anything,
  it is composed of single characters and numbers, like a code.

Extent (Hirosa)
  Increase or decrease the extent time(how long before the king enters).

Create (Kettei)
  Connects the walls and places the king on the board.

Storage (Hozon)
  Save your Stage on a memory card here.

Read/Load (Yomidashi)
  Reads your memory card for Stages.

Exit (Yameru)
  Retires from the creation, and leaves the Stage Pick menu.

Page 12


In 'Stage Pick' - 'Make' (Tsukuru), your created stage can be preserved/saved.
In Golem Net, recorded (saved) stages can be used/picked as a stage. For
recorded stages, everybody must confirm for it to be used in battle.

You may save a desired stage into your file (from other users). Those stages
may be used in 'Stage Pick' to be altered or played on.

*This way, you get a lot of fun without having to make it up.

Page 13


To play on Golem net, you must have your Internet connected and a Stage 
recorded, and you will be ready to play.

Unless you registered with Sega, you cannot play on Golem Net. Before going
into the Network, you have to register on your Dream Passport 2. Please refer
to your Dream Passport 2 Guidebook on how to register. To get a 'Dream Pass-
port 2', you may order one from 'Dreamcast Direct'. The cost of that is the 
cost of postage (900 yen).

      Retailer: Dreamcast Direct
      Internet: http://www.d-direct.ne/jp (Open 24/7/365)
         Phone: 03-5352-1502 (Open 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, every day)

      *If you have a orange disk (which is a 'Dream Passport ONE'), you cannot

A Network Server is free to use, so the costs are only the price of using the
internet (phone) and connecting into it. Don't over-use it!

As you connect into the Internet, your User/Identification information will be
referred into memory to 'Login ID' (created in your Dream Passport and will be
issued to Sega). This provides you with the security/protection in the Network

*The aforementioned protection's goal is to prevent outsiders from disclosing
your Login ID.

On how to connect your Telephone Line, please refer/look into your user's 

If you would like a full explanation about the Internet usage, please refer to
Dream Passport 2 guide book.

Page 14

Once upon a time, the King was leaving for a stroll with his two Golem 
embodiments. However, the King and his Golem comrades got lost... As the
King was going to return to his castle, each Golem took sides against each
other. Before long, both Golems had a quarrel over who would take His
Majesty home. The neutral King got all shook up...

Battle Golem is a 2-player competition. There are 2 goals, and you shall
attempt to show the King to your goal.

When your goal is entered (by the King).

1. When the King is crushed by a wall pushed by you
2. When the King is pushed into a hole by you
3. When the Enemy captures the King

1. When the King just happens to fall through a hole. :)
2. When the King just happens to hit an enemy (monster)
3. When the time runs out

Page 15


Create Wall (Kabe Tsukuru)
  The Golem will create a wall in the space front of him.

Break Wall (Kabe Kowasu)
  The Golem will break down the wall front of him.

Golem Dash (Go-lemu Dasshu)
  For a brief period of time, your Golem will be much more quicker

Stone King (O-sama Iwa ni Suru)
  For a brief period of time, the King will be turned into stone.
  During this time, your enemies will not be able to hurt or move him.

King Direct (O-sama Muki Kaeru)
  Your Golem will be able to change the direction the King is going.
  A directing arrow will appear above the King and you can select the
  direction you want the King to go to.

Destroy Enemy (Teki Kesu)
  The enemy that is front (not right next, can be several spaces ahead) will
  be destroyed. However, the Dragon cannot be destroyed.

Page 16


Golem (Go-lemu)
  A being that originated from the nature.
  Basically, this is just a magic-enchanced slab of stone.

King (O-sama)
  The King of Pipiria. Likes to take adventures like the old days.
  Is looking forward to his son's birth. Did he eat some sunny-side-up
  eggs yesterday?

Princess (O-Hime-sama)
  The Princess of Pipiria. Recently, she got kidnapped... or did she?

Butler (Shitsuji)
  The King's helpful, meek 'retainer'. He is needed because of the King's
  frequent trips and adventures. He is worried about Pipiria's future, and
  he hasn't been asleep for a while.

Devil (Maou)
  Recently, he showed up during the world's darkness. Is his aim to capture
  the Princess?

Page 17


Turtle (Kame)
  Walks straight ahead and back slowly.

Knight (Naito)
  Walks about (paces).

Archer (A-cha-)
  Pursues with a bow.

Elephant (Zou)
  Breaks down Walls.

Ghost (Go-suto)
  Able to pass through walls.

Sorcerer (So-sara-)

Shaman (Sha-man)
  Casts lightning magic.

Mandrake (Mandoreiku)
  Get close and...

Necromancer (Zombie) (Nekuromansa-/Zonbi)
  Controls the zombies.

Dragon (Doragon)
  Breathes fire.

Page 18


  Ishikawa Juichi

  Nakamura Daisuke      Ishikawa Juichi

  Murakami Kyoko        Arita Kayo

  Ito Ryotaro           Murakami Kyoko      Arita Kayo

  Kurahashi Kami

  Murakita Yasunori     Shinya Masakazu

Sound Effects
  Kawamura Manabu

Stage Designer
  Shinya Masakazu       Ito Ryotaro

  Ishikawa Juichi       Kurahashi Kami

  Tsutsumi Kentaro      Ishikawa Juichi     Kodaka Fukiko

  Kodaka Fukiko         Tsutsumi Kentaro

  Ishikawa Juichi

  Ito Ryotaro           Imadake Nobuhisa
  Kodaka Fukiko         Mammoto Tomika      Mammoto Kengo

Music (Performing)
  PIA                   Murakita Yasunori
  BAIORIN               Hayashi Katsuari
  CHURO                 Tabata Satoru
  EREKIGITA             Miyashita Hori

Thanks to...
  Shimomura Kagasei     Aizawa Koji         Kitane Noriko
  Abe Kanako            Sakai Shigekazu     Kageyama Yuichi
  Kato Hisato           Yamauchi Takashi

Page 19

This is more like a poem, so translating the very IDEA of its meaning is a bit
daunting for an amateur student such as I. My apologies. However, if you are
a true sensei, your help would be greatly appreciated and I shall credit you.

3. Conclusion

I don't mind having my FAQs posted on other sites, but I don't fancy having
them posted without my knowledge. Just ask me and I will gladly allow you to
do so. my e-mail is hockeyfox@ameritech.net. The following FAQs has my


-Mike Rubida, my Japanese teacher


-Sega for my favorite console
                              ________) _____ __     __) 
                             (, /      (, /  (, /|  /    
                               /___,     /     / | /     
                            ) /      ___/__ ) /  |/      
                           (_/     (__ /   (_/   '

Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2004

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