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Secrets FAQ by ruyeyama

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/31/00

Pop'n Music 3 Append Disc (Konami, Music Rhythm Game, DCast)
Secrets FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
V1.0  5/31/00

Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama best com)*

* Instances of the letter "y", the "at" symbol, and all periods have been
  removed (replaced with spaces) from the above e-mail address in order to
  prevent unscrupulous UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) bot processes
  from adding to the amount of e-mail I already get...

The latest version of this file can be found at:
  Welcome to Club Pop'n - with DJ ruyeyama

Document formatting, organization, and wording Copyright 2000 by Richard 

Permission granted by author to duplicate (unaltered) this document in its 
entirety for NON-PROFIT purposes only.  All other rights reserved.  Author 
reserves the right to rescind specific or general permission, if he sees a 
reason (such as loophole abuse) to do so.  Unauthorized duplication of 
this document is a violation of all applicable national and international 

This document is protected by International Copyright Law.  It is a 
criminal act to use this document in any way that makes you (and/or your 
company) money; you MAY NOT sell this document, host this document on a 
website with an ad banner and/or membership fee, give this document away 
as a "purchase bonus", and/or use this document in any other manner which 
profits (financially) you (and/or your company) either directly or 
indirectly.  If you are unsure as to whether you can use this document, or 
if you wish to apply for specific rights not granted to you by the above, 
send a polite, detailed, and clearly phrased inquiry to me at the e-mail 
address listed above.

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) has been granted permission to host this 

Pop'n Music 3 is Copyright 1998, 2000 by Konami, Co., Ltd.  "Konami", 
"pop'n music", and "BEMANI" are trademarks of Konami, Co., Ltd.  All 
rights reserved.

Table of Contents:

0. Document History
I. Basic Stuff
   1. What is this document?
   2. What does "Append Disc" mean?
   3. What's new/different in Pop'n3 (compared to Pop'n2)?
   4. Terminology and notation?
II. Songs and Characters
   1. How do I free up the hidden songs?
      A. Codes
      B. Conditions
      C. Time release
   2. Can I play Hyper songs in Normal, Excite, and Party modes?
   3. Is there anything special in Hyper mode?
      A. Secret Course
      B. BGM Course variation
   4. Do you have a complete song list?
   5. Say, are the songs listed in a different order in Free, Training and
      Records Modes?
   6. Do you have a complete character list?
III. Miscellany
   1. Do you know of any other codes?
      A. Pop-kun speed
      B. Abort song
      C. Training Mode in-game song Speed
      D. Soft reset
   2. What can you tell me about the end credits sequence?
   3. How is score calculated?
   4. Is there a screensaver?
IV. Thanks and Stuff

0. Document History

V1.0: 5/31/00
      Launch version
 (2/10/00: DCast Pop'n Music 3 Append Disc now on sale)
 (2/10/00: PSX Pop'n Music 3 Append Disc now on sale)

I. Basic Stuff

I.1  What is this document?

     This document is an English language informational resource for Pop'n 
Music 3 Append Disc (which I shall hereafter refer to as Pop'n3, for 
brevity's sake), a music rhythm game (available in Japan) by Konami.  
Pop'n Music is a part of Konami's immensely popular "BEMANI" series of 
     In this document, I'll be covering codes and secrets and other such 
information which may be of interest to Pop'n3 fans.  This is a Secrets 
FAQ, and not a strategy guide, btw, so I won't be including game 
strategies, or note patterns, or anything like that in this document...
     This document was written for the DCast version of Pop'n3, but I'm 
pretty sure that most of the basic secrets information contained herein 
(for example, the song release conditions) will probably apply to the PSX 
version of the game as well... (note: if you do find any discrepancies 
between the DCast and PSX version, feel free to let me know by e-mailing 
me at the address listed near the top of this document)

     Pop'n Music 3 Append Disc basic info:
        1 Disc (T-9591M)
        1-4 Players
        Works with: Arcade stick, VMU (7 blocks), PuruPuru Pack,
                    Pop'n Controller.

     Pop'n Music 2 (Key Disc) basic info:
        1 Disc (T-9590M)
        1-4 Players
        Works with: Arcade stick, VMU (6 blocks), PuruPuru Pack,
                    Pop'n Controller.

I.2  What does "Append Disc" mean?

     An Append Disc is a disc that cannot be run on its own, and instead 
must be loaded through use of another disc (a Key Disc).  In other words, 
you have to load the Key Disc first, then select a special load option (in 
that game), to be able to play the Append Disc.  In the case of Pop'n3, 
the Key Disc is Pop'n Music 2, so if you don't have Pop'n2, you can't run 
Pop'n3.  On the plus side, though, Append Discs are usually cheaper than 
the average game (Pop'n3 retails for only 2800 (y)en!), so... =)
     Note: Pop'n3 is not an add-on to Pop'n2, but is rather a complete and 
separate game.  The use of Pop'n2 as a Key Disc is probably just to load 
the game engine, etc.

I.3  What's new/different in Pop'n3 (compared to Pop'n2)?

     New stat: COMBO.  Your Combo number is one less than the number of 
consecutive Greats you've done.  The game will keep track of your Max 
Combo (listed under your score), which will be displayed as a fourth Stat 
on the summary screen, after you finish the song.
     New mode: HYPER.  Hyper mode is sort of like Survival Mode from 
Pop'n2, except that the Hyper courses are only 3 songs long... and made up 
entirely of Hyper versions of songs!  Like Survival, Bads will cause your 
gauge to go down (one notch at a time), and Goods and Greats will keep 
your gauge where it is.  Unlike Survival, though, if your gauge hits zero, 
your game doesn't immediately end, but rather, you'll have a couple 
seconds to try to build your gauge up (Greats can raise your gauge only 
during this time), so you can keep playing.  Also, after finishing a song, 
you'll actually get a minor gauge increase before your next song!
     New songs and characters.  Also, some (but not all, of course) 
returning songs and characters from Pop'n 2. (see character and song lists 
later in this document for complete lists)
     Different announcer voice.
     No Marathon or Survival Mode.
     There are some other new things as well, but those are the major 

I.4  Terminology and notation?

     Yep.  Just so there's no confusion about things, here's some 
terminology and notation and stuff which I may make use of in this 

     Controller info:
     For the most part, it will be assumed in this document that you are 
playing Pop'n3 with a Pop'n Controller.  If you do not have a Pop'n 
Controller, I would *strongly* suggest (if you're a fan of the Pop'n Music 
series, that is) that you get one; the game is definitely a lot easier, 
and imho a lot more fun when playing with a Pop'n Controller.  =)  Also 
note that some of the codes covered in this document might not work with 
the standard DCast controller, if the DCast "A" button defaults to a 
necessary key...
     The two standard ways of referring to the Pop'n controller keys are 
by letters, and by numbers:
          B   D   F   H          2   4   6   8
        A   C   E   G   I      1   3   5   7   9
     The letter notation is the "official" designation (i.e. it's printed 
on the controller), but the number notation is probably slightly more 
intuitive to use (even numbers on top, odd numbers on bottom); I've 
actually seen the number notation used on parts of the Konami website.  =)

     Song difficulty ratings:
     The difficulty scale is 23 notches wide, with 5 green, 6 yellow, 6 
orange, and 6 red notches.  The two standard ways of referring to song 
difficulty ratings are by relative (how many notches into a particular 
color the rating is) and absolute (how many notches total the rating 
spans) numbers.  Here are the equivalents:
        G-1 - G-5      1 - 5
        Y-1 - Y-6      6 - 11
        O-1 - O-6     12 - 17
        R-1 - R-6     18 - 23

     Song genre abbreviations:
     The game will sometimes refer to "J-Rhythm & Blues" as "J-R&B",
"J-Rhythm & Blues 2" as "J-R&B 2", and "Guitar Pop" as "G-Pop", so if you
see any of those abbreviations in the game (or this document), that's what
they stand for.

II. Songs and Characters

II.1  How do I free up the hidden songs?

     There are five hidden songs in Pop'n3 (Positive, Boys, Lovely, 
Jungle, and Prelude), which can be made playable via specific codes, 
conditions, or in-song time release.

II.1.A  Codes

     At the Main Menu (i.e. where you select Arcade Mode, Free Mode,
     Training Mode, etc.), input one of the following codes:

        Positive   A B C D F F G G H H I A A.
        Boys       F H F H H F H H F H H F C.
        Lovely     C F H F F I F B F H F.
        Jungle     G F C G C H D A B B B A G.
        Prelude    A B C I F D H G A C I F D H G.

     Or, if you prefer numerical designations:
        Positive   1 2 3 4 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 1 1.
        Boys       6 8 6 8 8 6 8 8 6 8 8 6 3.
        Lovely     3 6 8 6 6 9 6 2 6 8 6.
        Jungle     7 6 3 7 3 8 4 1 2 2 2 1 7.
        Prelude    1 2 3 9 6 4 8 7 1 3 9 6 4 8 7.

     If you do this right, you'll hear a tone&laugh (same as when you
     select a Hyper version of a song), and a small, blinking, colored
     star will appear above the title, as follows (locations listed below
     are approximate):
        Positive   green    above first "p" in "pop'n music"
        Boys       purple   above "m"
        Lovely     blue     above "o"
        Jungle     orange   above "c"
        Prelude    red      above "i"
     So if you did all five codes, the colors would line up, from left to
     right, as follows: green, blue, purple, red, orange.

     Once you have a star (or stars) showing, select Arcade Mode (if you
     select something else, and then come back, the code will no longer be
     active) and play Normal, Excite, or Party mode, and the appropriate
     song (or songs) will be playable.

     - Note that these codes are *temporary* codes, and so will only
       remain active for one game.  Songs will become permanently
       playable, however, according to the time release conditions,
       listed below.

II.1.B  Conditions

     In Arcade Mode, during a Normal, Excite, or Party mode game, if you
     fulfill specific conditions, a hidden song will become playable (just
     for that game), as follows:

     Positive - For Stage 1, defeat a male opponent with a female
        character, or a female opponent with a male character, and
        Positive will be playable on Stage 2.
     Boys - Play as a male character, then defeat male opponents for both
        Stages 1 and 2, and Boys will be playable on Stage 3.
     Lovely - For Stage 1, pass Guitar Pop with at least 80% Greats, then
        for Stage 2, pass Lounge (no special requirements; just pass the
        song), and Lovely will be playable on Stage 3.
     Jungle - Pass both Stages 1 and 2 with a Max Combo of at least 100
        (it doesn't matter which songs you choose, so pick whichever ones
        are easiest for you to get 100-Combos on), and Jungle will be
        playable on Stage 3.
     Prelude - Earn a high score of at least 85000 for Avantgarde (you can
        do this in Arcade or Free Mode).  Anytime after this (i.e. you
        don't have to do the following immediately after), play Normal,
        Excite, or Party mode, and pass any song for Stage 1.  Then for
        Stage 2, pass Classic 3 with a score of at least 90000, and a Max
        Combo of at least 40, and Prelude will be playable on Stage 3.

     - Fulfillment of an above set of in-game conditions will release the
       appropriate song just for that game (i.e. temporarily).  Songs will
       become permanently playable, however, according to the time release
       conditions, listed below.
     - Continues don't matter for the above conditions, so if you realize
       you're not going to fulfill a particular condition, you can always
       Abort your song (hold the START button down for a second or two),
       Continue, and try again.  Unless you have a really nice high score
       going that you don't want to lose by Continuing, of course... =)

II.1.C  Time release

     Time release appears to be based upon the amount of in-song time (as
     opposed to in-game time) that has been logged, so simply leaving the
     game idle for six hours or so probably won't time release a thing;
     you'll have to actually play the game.  =)  I think only songs in
     Normal, Excite, and Party mode games (in Arcade Mode) will count
     towards the time release totals.  As far as I know, there is no way
     to check your current in-game time logged (besides calculating it
     yourself, from the "Play" data for each song in the Chart section of
     Records Mode, and approximate song times, etc., that is...).  Anyway,
     here are what seem to be the totals needed to release each of the
     hidden songs: (hrs:min)

        Positive   2:00
        Boys       2:30
        Lovely     3:00
        Jungle     3:30
        Prelude    6:00

     - Once a song has been time released, it will be permanently
     - For approximate song times, see the "complete song list" section of
       this document.  The most efficient way of logging time, of course,
       is simply to play the longest song in the game (Live) over and over
       and over, by failing and continuing, failing and continuing...  Of
       course, imho, actually playing the game is probably more fun (and
       less tedious)...  =)
     - The most time-efficient (longest) set of songs appears to be:
       Guitar Pop, Live, Dreamy.  Logging about 5'34" per game played,
       this set of songs should time release all five hidden songs by the
       time your 65th game is complete.  Of course, since each game takes
       at least 6 or 7 minutes to play, your actual total in-game time
       will probably be closer to 7 or 7.5 hours than 6 hours...

II.2  Can I play Hyper songs in Normal, Excite, and Party modes?

     You sure can.  =)
     After all Normal (i.e. non-Beginner and non-Hyper) songs (including 
the hidden songs) have been completed (whether passed or failed doesn't 
matter (i.e. just make it to the end of the song)) at least once, if you 
hold the START button down during song select, certain song choices will 
display Hyper songs (easily distinguishable by a pulsating rainbow effect 
(song genre and opponent name)) instead of the normal selection, as 

(Note: Holding the START button down will also enable the Hyper selections 
in Free and Training Modes...)

   Normal Song (opponent)           HYPER SONG (opponent)
   ----------------------           ---------------------
   Guitar Pop (Rie-chan)            POPS (Rie-chan)
   Magicalgirl (Megumi)             ANIME HERO (Shollkee)
   Kangtong (LingLing)
   Rockabilly (Jennifer)
   Cute (Anzu)                      CUTE (Anzu)
   Akiba (Shollkee)                 J-TEKNO (Shollkee)
   ----------------------           ---------------------
   Mondo (Cyber)
   Heartful (Candy)                 ENKA (Ice)
   Celt (Poet)                      CLASSIC (Hamanov)
   Jazzy (Charly)                   SPY (Charly)
   Groove Rock (Pepper)
   Classic 3 (Hamanov)              CLASSIC 3 (Hamanov)
   *Positive (Sunny)
   New Folk (Flower)
   Live (Aya)                       AFRICA (Aya)
   Lounge (Ice)                     NEO ACO (Ice)
   J-Rhythm & Blues (tourmaline)
   ----------------------           ---------------------
   *Lovely (Sanae-chan)
   Soundtrack (P-1&P-2)             CLASSIC 2 (Hamanov)
   New-commer (Kate)                J-POP (Aya)
   Powerfolk (Ash)
   J-Rhythm & Blues 2 (tourmaline)
   *Jungle (Bamboo?)
   Dancepop (Rave Girl)             DANCE (Judy)
   Dreamy (Boy)                     TECHNO'80 (Boy)
   Super Pop (Captain Super Pop)    URBAN POP (Aya)
   *Boys (Hikaru)
   *Prelude (Edward)                PRELUDE (Edward)
   Sexy Girls (May-Fa)              SEXY GIRLS (May-Fa)
   J-Garage Pop (Kelly)             J-GARAGE POP (Kelly)
   Avantgarde (Edward)              AVANTGARDE (Edward)

II.3  Is there anything special in Hyper mode?

     The normal lineup of Hyper Courses is as follows:

       Course         Songs
         Vocal          J-POP    ANIME HERO  ENKA
         Cutie Pop      POPS     URBAN POP   NEO ACO
         Electric       J-TEKNO  DANCE       TECHNO'80
         BGM            CLASSIC  CLASSIC 2   AFRICA
         Pop'n1         J-TEKNO  ANIME HERO  SPY

     There is, however, a hidden sixth course (Secret), as well as a 
variation on the BGM Course...

II.3.A  Secret Course

     From any selection on the Hyper Course select screen, input the
     following code:

        Dx3, Fx5, Dx2, Fx7, Dx3, Fx4.

     (i.e. move the Course select left three times, right five times, left
     two times, etc...)  If you do this right, you'll end up on a course
     called "Secret", which will have been inserted into the lineup
     between Pop'n1 and Vocal.  The Secret Course consists of: J-GARAGE

     The above is a temporary code, and so will last only for one game
     (i.e. you will have to do the code anew, each time you want to play
     the Secret Course).

II.3.B  BGM Course variation

     (Note: This information has not been tested)

     If, after finishing the first two songs (CLASSIC and CLASSIC 2) of
     the BGM Course, your Gauge is still at least 2/3 full, then instead
     of AFRICA, you'll get to play AVANTGARDE instead.

     Note: I don't know if the condition applies to your gauge before or
     after your gauge bonus... but I would hope it's after.  ^^;

II.4  Do you have a complete song list?

     Yep.  Here are some nice, organized charts for you:

  (notes: songs listed by genre; songs are listed below in the order they
   are listed in Arcade Mode; hidden songs marked by *; Beginner songs in
   full lowercase; Hyper songs in FULL CAPS; approximate length of song
   based upon span from first Pop-kun (or character, if no Pop-kuns are
   visible) movement to screen fade (i.e. the full length of time during
   which inputs are accepted).)

  (note on difficulty ratings: note that difficulty ratings for Beginner
   and Hyper songs are not necessarily indicative of their actual (or even
   relative) difficulty, since the Beginner difficulty ratings are the
   same (in spite of the songs being easier) as their Normal counterparts,
   and all Hyper songs are given a difficulty rating of R-6 (23), in spite
   of the fact that some Hyper songs are a *lot* easier than others...)

   Song genre       difficulty  approx.time  notes  opponent

   Beginner songs:
   guitar pop          Y-5  (10)   1'37"   201    Rie-chan
   new-commer          R-1  (18)   1'39"   127    Kate
   celt                Y-6  (11)   1'35"   178    Poet
   kangtong            O-1  (12)   1'35"   215    LingLing
   groove rock         O-4  (15)   1'32"   111    Pepper

   magicalgirl         Y-4   (9)   1'31"   186    Megumi
   powerfolk           R-6  (23)   1'38"   136    Ash
   j-rhythm & blues 2  O-2  (13)   1'28"   105    tourmaline
   dreamy              O-3  (14)   1'50"   137    Boy
   sexy girls          R-4  (21)   1'33"   133    May-Fa

   Normal songs:
   Guitar Pop          Y-5  (10)   1'37"   201    Rie-chan
   Magicalgirl         Y-4   (9)   1'31"   186    Megumi
   Kangtong            O-1  (12)   1'35"   262    LingLing
   Rockabilly          O-1  (12)   1'32"   199    Jennifer
   Cute                G-5   (5)   1'27"   144    Anzu
   Akiba               O-1  (12)   1'35"   181    Shollkee

   Mondo               O-2  (13)   1'33"   182    Cyber
   Heartful            O-3  (14)   1'37"   147    Candy
   Celt                Y-6  (11)   1'35"   239    Poet
   Jazzy               O-5  (16)   1'36"   256    Charly
   Groove Rock         O-4  (15)   1'32"   197    Pepper
   Classic 3           O-6  (17)   1'35"   151    Hamanov
   *Positive            R-5  (22)   1'36"   197    Sunny
   New Folk            O-4  (15)   1'35"   261    Flower
   Live                Y-6  (11)   2'07"   238    Aya
   Lounge              O-3  (14)   1'30"   161    Ice
   J-Rhythm & Blues    O-2  (13)   1'41"   230    tourmaline

   *Lovely              O-4  (15)   1'33"   199    Sanae-chan
   Soundtrack          R-4  (21)   1'34"   270    P-1&P-2
   New-commer          R-1  (18)   1'39"   236    Kate
   Powerfolk           R-6  (23)   1'38"   363    Ash
   J-Rhythm & Blues 2  O-2  (13)   1'28"   159    tourmaline
   *Jungle              R-6  (23)   1'36"   343    Bamboo?
   Dancepop            O-5  (16)   1'38"   296    Rave Girl
   Dreamy              O-3  (14)   1'50"   242    Boy
   Super Pop           R-2  (19)   1'43"   360    Captain Super Pop
   *Boys                R-4  (21)   1'44"   295    Hikaru
   *Prelude             R-3  (20)   1'36"   214    Edward
   Sexy Girls          R-4  (21)   1'33"   230    May-Fa
   J-Garage Pop        O-6  (17)   1'45"   274    Kelly
   Avantgarde          R-6  (23)   1'30"   187    Edward

   Hyper songs:
   POPS                R-6  (23)   1'23"   189    Rie-chan
   ANIME HERO          R-6  (23)   1'34"   325    Shollkee
   CUTE                R-6  (23)   1'27"   287    Anzu
   J-TEKNO             R-6  (23)   1'28"   175    Shollkee

   ENKA                R-6  (23)   1'38"   277    Ice
   CLASSIC             R-6  (23)   1'58"   425    Hamanov
   SPY                 R-6  (23)   1'30"   350    Charly
   CLASSIC 3           R-6  (23)   1'35"   286    Hamanov
   AFRICA              R-6  (23)   1'52"   414    Aya
   NEO ACO             R-6  (23)   1'28"   348    Ice

   CLASSIC 2           R-6  (23)   1'32"   358    Hamanov
   J-POP               R-6  (23)   1'53"   323    Aya
   DANCE               R-6  (23)   1'24"   224    Judy
   TECHNO'80           R-6  (23)   1'54"   295    Boy
   URBAN POP           R-6  (23)   1'36"   338    Aya
   *PRELUDE             R-6  (23)   1'36"   338    Edward
   SEXY GIRLS          R-6  (23)   1'33"   295    May-Fa
   J-GARAGE POP        R-6  (23)   1'45"   385    Kelly
   AVANTGARDE          R-6  (23)   1'30"   401    Edward

II.5  Say, are the songs listed in a different order in Free, Training and
      Records Modes?

     Yes, they sure are.  And no, I don't know why.

     Here is the song order in Free Mode:

        Beginner       Normal/Excite/Party
        --------       -------------------
        guitar pop     Lovely        Kangtong      Prelude        J-R&B
        magicalgirl    G-Pop         Jungle        Positive
        new-commer     Soundtrack    Dancepop      Sexy Girls
        powerfolk      Mondo         Jazzy         New Folk
        j-r&b 2        Magicalgirl   Groove Rock   J-Garage Pop
        celt           New-commer    Dreamy        Cute
        kangtong       Heartful      Super Pop     Akiba
        groove rock    Power Folk    Rockabilly    Avantgarde
        dreamy         J-R&B 2       Boys          Live
        sexy girls     Celt          Classic 3     Lounge

        AFRICA       TECHNO'80
        J-POP        URBAN POP
        POPS         CLASSIC 2
        J-TEKNO      J-GARAGE POP
        DANCE        AVANTGARDE
        NEO ACO

     The song order in Training Mode bears some similarities:

        Lovely        Dreamy         J-R&B         J-TEKNO
        G-Pop         Super Pop      g-pop         DANCE
        Soundtrack    Rockabilly     magicalgirl   ANIME HERO
        Mondo         Boys           new-commer    SPY
        Magicalgirl   Classic 3      powerfolk     ENKA
        New-commer    Prelude        j-r&b 2       NEO ACO
        Heartful      Positive       celt          TECHNO'80
        Power Folk    Sexy Girls     kangtong      SEXY GIRLS
        J-R&B 2       New Folk       sexy girls    URBAN POP
        Celt          J-Garage Pop   groove rock   CLASSIC 2
        Kangtong      Cute           dreamy        J-GARAGE POP
        Jungle        Akibe          AFRICA        AVANTGARDE
        Dancepop      Avantgarde     CLASSIC       CUTE
        Jazzy         Live           J-POP         CLASSIC 3
        Groove Rock   Lounge         POPS          PRELUDE

     Note: Basically, the above is: 1) Normal songs in Free Mode order; 2) 
Beginner songs in Free Mode order, except with "sexy girls" being moved 
between "kangtong" and "groove rock"; 3) Hyper songs in Free Mode order; 

     And here's the song order in the Chart section of Records Mode:
     (N=Normal, B=Beginner, H=Hyper)

        Lovely       N        Dreamy        N B        J-R&B       N
        G-Pop        N B      Super Pop     N          Africa          H
        Soundtrack   N        Rockabilly    N          Classic         H
        Mondo        N        Boys          N          J-Pop           H
        Magicalgirl  N B      Classic 3     N   H      Pops            H
        New-commer   N B      Prelude       N   H      J-Tekno         H
        Heartful     N        Positive      N          Dance           H
        Powerfolk    N B      Sexy Girls    N B H      Anime Hero      H
        J-R&B 2      N B      New Folk      N          Spy             H
        Celt         N B      J-Garage Pop  N   H      Enka            H
        Kangtong     N B      Cute          N   H      Neo Aco         H
        Jungle       N        Akiba         N          Techno'80       H
        Dancepop     N        Avantgarde    N   H      Urban Pop       H
        Jazzy        N        Live          N          Classic 2       H
        Groove Rock  N B      Lounge        N

II.6  Do you have a complete character list?

     Here you go:
     (notes: characters are listed below in the order they are listed on 
the character select screen; characters not initially available are marked 
with a * (to release a character as playable, simply face that character 
as an opponent (it doesn't matter if you pass or fail the song); m=male, 

       Mimi        f      Judy          f      Boy                m
       Nyami       f      Kate          f      Anzu                 f
       Mary        f      LingLing      f      Flower             m
       the King  m        Megumi        f      Kelly                f
       Shollkee  m        Poet          f      Edward             m
       Charly    m        Rie-chan      f      Jennifer             f
       Ash       m        Sanae-chan    f     *Hikaru             m
       Aya         f      Rave Girl     f      Pepper             m
      *Bamboo?   m        P-1&P-2     m       *Sunny                f
       Candy       f      tourmaline    f      Captain Super Pop  m
       Cyber     m        May-Fa        f
       Ice       m        Hamanov     m

III. Miscellany

III.1  Do you know of any other codes?


III.1.A  Pop-kun speed

     In Arcade or Free Mode, at the mode/character select screen, hold the
     START button down to select (use the Blue buttons (D and F)) between
     NORMAL, QUICK, and TURBO pop-kun speeds.

     imho notes: I find that TURBO is a little too much on the fast side
     for normal play, but QUICK is actually playable... and may even be
     advantageous for timing purposes.  Due to the fact that the pop-kuns
     are moving faster, they will be spaced out further, making it easier
     to distinguish timing patterns (as well as the individual timing
     points).  And this can potentially make it easier to properly time
     such things as slow sections of a song, or clusters of tightly-packed

III.1.B  Abort song

     During a song (Arcade, Free, or Training Mode), if you hold the START
     button down for a second or two, you can Abort (i.e. automatically
     fail, regardless of the status of your gauge) the song.  This will
     take you directly to the summary screen, then the "Continue?" prompt
     (Arcade) or menu (Free).  In Training Mode, Aborting a song will take
     you directly to the Training options menu.

     Notes: An Aborted song does not count as completed, and so will not
     count towards any conditions that require song completion.  The Abort
     code actually works on the Beginner mode pre-game instructional demo,
     so if you're playing Beginner mode, and don't feel like waiting, just
     Abort the demo!  ^^

III.1.C  Training Mode in-game song Speed

     In Training Mode, you can actually change your song's Speed setting
     *during* the song, simply by using the analog control on the standard
     DCast controller.  Up is faster (up to standard speed), and down is

III.1.D  Soft reset

     On the standard DCast controller, the standard 5-button reset (hold
     A+B+X+Y, then press START) will bring you back to the main title
     screen (the one that says "PRESS START BUTTON").  On the Pop'n
     Controller, a 10-button reset (hold A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I, then press
     START) will do the same.  From the main title screen, if you input
     the reset command again, you'll exit the game and go to the main
     Dreamcast menu.

III.2  What can you tell me about the end credits sequence?

     In Arcade Mode, if you complete an Excite, Party, or Hyper mode game, 
you'll be treated to an end credits sequence.  For Excite and Party modes, 
this basically the same as the Pop'n2 end credits sequence (gameplay 
field, "Theme of staff roll - special mix -", character showcase, and 
upward-scrolling credits), except with the Pop'n3 characters (and credits) 
instead.  For Hyper mode, you'll instead be treated to a special "winter" 
version of "Give Me Your Pain" (Candy Pop, from Pop'n2), some light snow, 
and snapshots of some of the characters during the (upward-scrolling) end 
     After all Normal (i.e. non-Beginner and non-Hyper) songs have been 
completed (whether passed or failed) at least once, the Excite and Party 
mode credits sequence will become the same as the Hyper mode one ("winter" 
version of "Give Me Your Pain", etc.).

     For those who are interested, here are the character pairings in the 
normal credits:
        the King            Mary
        Ash                 Bamboo?
        Candy               Cyber
        Ice                 Charly
        Kate                LingLing
        Megumi              Poet
        Rie-chan            Sanae-chan
        Rave Girl           P-1&P-2
        tourmaline          May-Fa
        Hamanov             Boy
        Anzu                Flower
        Kelly               Edward
        Jennifer            Hikaru
        Pepper              Sunny
        Captain Super Pop   Shollkee
        Aya                 Judy
        Nyami               Mimi
     Initially, only the King, Mary, Nyami, and Mimi will be shown.  The 
other characters can be uncovered by playing against that character in all 
(which in most cases is just one) of his/her Normal songs.  The one 
exception to this is Judy, who has no Normal song.  Judy can be uncovered 
by playing against her in Hyper mode (i.e. play Electric Course, and get 
past J-TEKNO; you don't have to defeat DANCE to uncover Judy in the 
standard credits sequence).

     And for those who are interested, here is the snapshot order for the 
special credits:
        1. Shollkee
        2. Rie-chan
        3. the King
        4. Mary
        5. Ice
        6. LingLing
        7. Ash
        8. Kate
        9. Hamanov
       10. P-1&P-2
       11. Cyber
       12. Nyami & Mimi
       13. Anzu
       14. Kelly
       15. Captain Super Pop
       16. Judy
       17. Group photo: Nyami, Mary, the King, and Mimi

III.3  How is score calculated?

     The technical explanation:
     For n = total # of notes in a song, the value of a single Great, 
Good, or Bad is as follows:
        Great = 100,000/n
        Good = 20,000/n
        Bad = 0
     Thus, total score is calculated as follows (A = total # of Greats 
earned, C = total # of Goods earned):
        Total score = A(100,000/n) + C(20,000/n)
     Scores are always rounded down.

     The more colloquial explanation:
     For any song, if you get all Greats, you will earn the maximum score 
of 100,000 points for that song.  If you get all Goods, you will earn only 
20,000 points.  And if you get all Bads, you're obviously not trying.  =)
     Since the maximum score obtainable for any song is 100,000 points, 
the value of each Great/Good will vary from song to song, according to how 
many notes that song has (if you're interested, the "complete song list" 
section of this document does list the total number of notes for each 
song).  The more notes a song has, the less each Great/Good will be worth.
     Within a song, however, a Great or Good will always be worth the same 
amount (you'll probably see an apparent variance of 1 point occasionally, 
but this is actually a result of the accumulated decimal values adding up, 
as opposed to the Great or Good actually changing value).  Additionally, 
within a song, a Great will always be worth five times as much as a Good.
     So how is score calculated?  Take 100,000, divide it by the number of 
notes in the song, then multiply that by the total number of Greats you 
earned; this is the number of points you've earned from Greats.  Now take 
20,000, divide it by the number of notes in the song, then multiply that 
by the total number of Goods you earned; this is the number of points 
you've earned from Goods.  Add these two numbers together, and you should 
(after rounding the number down to the base integer) have your total 

III.4  Is there a screensaver?

     Why, yes, there is.  More than one, actually.
     After 5 minutes of idle time (no inputs, and no reading from the 
disc), the standard DCast screensaver (screen darkening) will kick in.  At 
20 minutes of idle time, one of four game-specific screensavers will start 
(one will be chosen randomly).  About every 3 minutes thereafter, the 
current game-specific screensaver will end, and a new one (or the same one 
again, if the same one is (randomly) chosen) will start.  (side note: CD 
spin stop activation time is 1 hour (60 minutes) of idle time.)
     The four game-specific screensavers are all pop-kun screensavers, and 
thus, I've designated them as follows: snow-pop, bounce-pop, lob-pop, and 

     snow-pop - Pop-kuns will drift gently down the screen, like snow.
       There are multiple (at least 4 or 5, I think) layers of "snow"
       (Pop-kuns that are farther away will appear to be smaller, and will
       drift down more slowly).  Nearing the end of this screensaver, the
       snow will start to thin, then eventually stop completely, allowing
       the next screensaver to start.  (Note: Sometimes, after the snow
       has cleared, a giant pink pop-kun will fall (quickly) down the
       screen before the next screensaver starts)
     bounce-pop - 2 pop-kuns of each color (yes, even red) will bounce
       diagonally around the screen, leaving temporary echo trails as they
     lob-pop - Pop-kuns will be lobbed upward, from below the screen, then
       bounce (on the bottom of the screen, and the left and right edges)
       a bit (kind of like a soccer ball, or something), before eventually
       disappearing.  (Note: If you've seen the card bounce sequence at
       the end of the standard Win95 Solitaire game, it's sort of like
       that, except with pop-kuns)
     radial-pop - Pop-kuns will be tossed out radially, from the center of
       the screen, in a counter-clockwise rotating pattern.  So if you
       imagine an extremely fast baseball pitching (or tennis ball
       serving) machine at the center of the screen, sitting on a
       counter-clockwise rotating platform... that's sort of what it's
       like.  =)

     Leaving the game in attract mode (cycling through the title screen 
and demos) will not cause screensavers to activate (the game reads from 
the disc every once in a while during attract mode).  Leaving the game at 
a select screen or menu (I've tested the Mode select and song select 
screens) should work just fine, though.  =)

IV. Thanks and Stuff

Thanks to:
   The Dreamcast secrets site at
      (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Dice/6400/urawaza.html), for
      the hidden song in-game conditions, and the Pop-kun speed setting
   Shuukan Dreamcast Magazine
      (2000, Vol.8, 3/10), for the hidden song codes, the Secret Hyper
      Course code, and the BGM Hyper Course variation info...
   The Konami webpages
      (http://www.konami.co.jp/), for confirming the Secret Hyper Course
      code, and the Lovely and Jungle codes.

ruyeyama dedicates this Secrets FAQ to the people who love music and game.



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