We've Added the Ultimate Feature to Real Time Strategy... Star Trek®

It's time to leave the vastness of space behind and play out your destiny in the biggest land battle this universe has ever known. In Star Trek: New Worlds, you'll experience this classic universe like never before -- on land in full 3D.

> An advanced 3D engine takes you right into the action on the planet's surface with a fully rotatable and zoomable landscape
> Command a vast fleet of powerful combat vehicles and colony units
> Construct your colonies from a variety of structures including The Hydroponics Lab, Photon Artillery Launchers, and many more
> Choose to play as an officer of the Federation, as an honorable Klingon Warrior, or as a Centurion of the Romulan Star Empire, and develop or destroy the frontier in over 42 unique missions
> Each crewmember has a unique name and visual identity and will evolve and grow with each new experience making them one of your most valuable resources of all
> Encounter 3 new races from the quadrant's past
> Explore. Exploit. Expand and Extinguish natural resources to develop your colony
> Experience intense multiplayer combat for up to 3 players

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