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Character/Story FAQ by Saiyan-D

Updated: 04/03/00

RPG/Strategy - Sega Dreamcast (Import)
Characters list and story faq

By The Saiyan-D

(I really should've gotten off of my ass and written this last november, but 
hell, I'm lazy)

-----------------THE MAIN CHARACTERS------------------

TAJI ASGAROV - A young boy whom was chosen as ruler of Salem through a ritual 
involving the 2 magic swords he carries.   Taji seeks only to become a great and 
good ruler and goes out into the world when told of an ancient legend.

NEI LEE SUN - Leggy china girl and somewhat melancholy ruler of Chin.  When she 
sees the young Taji leading Salem on a war with the world, she suspects someone 
is using him for reasons unknown.

MASARIVA - Scantly clad pedafiles dream and half beast.  The ex-slave sought 
only freedom, but in a ritual similar to Taji, became queen on Fenraw.  Goes out 
into the world in search of food (yes, that's it).

RUMATY MARF - Basically Joan of Arc.  She rulea Misla and goes out in search of 
the mysterious angel that she envisioned when she was younger.

SARYUNE DEL VIDERN - Probably the coolest story of the main 5 (too bad he looks 
like a villain from some bishoujyo comic).  He's an arrogant bastard and ruler 
of Vidern.  He goes out into the world seeking only to conquer.  "Heaven and 
light be damned!  Darkness and evil be damned!  Let all know that this world is 

--------------THE OTHER COUNTRIES----------------------

DAGUHT - Garson Del Daguht and his chief general Grahf Zaldos rule the south-
eastern edge of the continent.

VILARD - Bazerard Crawl, rogue general and former right hand  to Saryune of 
Vidern.  His lands are those of the west.

MONS MEG - Clad in little that can be considered clothing (and most of that 
transparent) the temptress Rosa Mons Meg rules the north-east.  Her two main 
generals, a pair of sadistic and cutsie twins quickly become a pain to all 
imposing a hefty tax on the rest of the continent.

----------------IN THE BEGINNING-------------------------

Each character has a brief mini story in which they must accomplish a task in 
order to access the rest of the map.  They are all fairly easy, but a few of 
them can turn out to be really annoying in the end.


The newly crowned Taji with his loyal general Ardam, go out to subdue a castle 
whos nobody rulers think they're greatest of the great.  Along the way, he meets 
Lyn Mao Shin, a sorceress and follower of the teachings of one Rukmahn Yan Shen.  
All that is required is to take a couple of castles.  After the second fight, 
Taji finds an ancient statue whos eyes begin to glow.  A sign, he is told, of an 
ancient legend coming to pass.....


Nei and her flirtatious friend Seran hear of pirates raiding her coasts and go 
out to kick some butt.  But the story turns sappy when it turns out the pirate's 
leader (Ben Ho) is only raiding to feed a bunch of starving kids.  Ben, once 
spared, joins up and the three return happily to her castle (yup, that's it)


Masariva and her muscled axe lady Gradie go out in search of a traitor to their 
country.  After taking a few castles, she quite naively lets the traitor join 
and never (even at the end of the game) ever figures it out.


Rumaty and her trusty aid Isarel must rid her land of zealous rebels.  Again, 
like all of these starter quests, it's just taking a few castles.  However, the 
twist here is that at the end, Rumaty loses and at the cost of Isarel's life and 
a couple of her castles.


Saryune and his trusty aid Bazerard go out to conquer and destroy.  Along the 
way they are joined by a young warror named Ashi.  After taking a castle or two, 
Ashi ignores orders and saves Saryune from a rear sneak attack.  (if you want, 
you can thank her by torturing her--what a bastard. heh heh)  Shortly 
thereafter, Bazerard betrays you and throws you into the dungeon.  Saryune is 
freed by the (and I have no idea why) loyal Ashi who sacrifices her life so he 
can escape.  Saryune starts his full story with only one castle, almost no 
troops and all of your ex-troops hunting you down.  

HINT:  you can lessen the harrasment by Bazerard by "firing" all of the troops 
in Vidern not controlled by Saryune as soon as you start a new game.  That way 
Bazerard has less men to chase you with.

----------------------------------THE FULL MAP (semi walkthrough)---------------

Once the mini quest is over, a new threat will emerge as soon as you conquer 
your next castle.  An messenger illusion will appear from a different source 
depending on which story you play.

SALEM - Garson of Daguht will declare war on you.

CHIN - Taji of Salem will appear and "ask" to fight.

FENRAW - Bazerard appears, sees some kid on the throne and leaves thinking he's 
got the wrong number or something.  (Masariva goes out after him due to insult)

MISLA - Grahf of Daghut appears and threatens her.  Rumaty goes out to put an 
end to his evil and search for her missing seal of Misla (and the "angel")

VIDERN - Bazerard appears and asks him to surrender to his superior worth.

------------------------------OTHER VITAL STORY POINTS--------------------------

>From here on it is just a matter of conquering the continent.  But there are 
certain events that can occur in the name of story.

AFTER YOUR COUNTRY OWNS 20 CASTLES-----------------------------
          SALEM - The wiseman Rukmahn Yan Shen appears and says the 3 holy 
spirits of God are coming (and  apparently this is bad).

          MISLA - Her "angel", a lady named Lutemia Riel appears and also warns 
of the holy 3 (she also tells Rumaty that she isn't an angel but the loon 
doesn't listen).

          CHIN, FENRAW & VIDERN - The holy 3 appear before them and tell them 
that conquering the continent is going against God and that they should stop 

NOTE:  at some point, either Rukmahn, Lutemia or the holy 3 will reappear to say 
some crud.

AFTER YOUR COUNTRY OWNS 30 CASTLES-------------------------------
          By now, also, you should also have explored the statues located at 
ELDYS (inner coast, north west), TAO (central southern inner coast), and the 
city of GIZA (far east). At this point, you should have Uruslaguna (tall warrior 
in a mask with a big sword chained to his back).  Send him to Giza and search.  
An elf named Ratos will appear and challenge him to a duel.  He will tell you to 
return later. 

          NOTE: if this doesn't happen, try searching Giza while your leader is 
occupying the city.  Another event may happen instead.

FINDING THE ORBS------------------------------
          There are 3 orbs hidden across the land.  Some of them can't be found 
until after a certain ammount of time.  Just keep searching your castles/cities 
every now and then.  The orbs will save you having to do a boss fight near the 
end of the game.

RETURNING TO GIZA-------------------------------
          After all but a country or two have been beaten (varies for each), 
return to Giza with your leader.  You will be greeted by Ratos who will take you 
to a city in the clouds.  There you will be told the truth about the holy 3 and 
have to fight in order to prove your strength.
SALEM & FENRAW - the other 4 main characters' countries must be beaten as well 
as Mons Meg.
MISLA, VIDERN & CHIN - the other 4 and Daguht must be gone.

After this point, you will be given a choice of one of 2 people to join.  
(listed in character section)

THE TRUE STORY-------------------------------
          It seems that the holy three, spirits of once great heroes, have been 
tricked.  They think they serve God but infact, it is a devil that has tricked 
the world.  Now they dwell on a hidden isle and await the rebirth of what they 
think to be the holy god Isharaal.   It is now up to you to unite the land and 
gain access to the isle and stop this rebirth.

AFTER CONQUERING EVERYTHING------------------------------
         At this point you have 2 options:  either go to the port city of Valnis 
(inner coast, north east) and fight the spectral forms of the holy 3.  OR if you 
have the 3 orbs, bring all of your generals to TAO (inner coast, south west).

          Either way, a bridge to the isle will appear and it's on the the final 

THE HOLY 3--------------------------
         Arios, Abagul and Urumaru--saints of bravery, wisdom and strength-- 
stand guard to a cocoon which you can't hurt in this fight.  Try to avoid having 
your troops run off and start attacking the cocoon like morons.  After they are 
beaten, the cocoon will hatch and Isharaal will be reborn.

          This fight can be either really easy, or a huge pain in the ass.  He 
teleports and casts a spell that does 50% of everyone's life plus a random 
condition (poison, seal off magic, etc.).  If your levels are around 45 or 
higher, you can luck out and pummel him into the ground before he casts his 
spell twice.

          The final fight can become very easy in one simple step.  Bring 
Uruslaguna.  When you do, the sword on his back will break it's chains and give 
a big speach naming Isharaal as the devil "Divole".  It will also fully heal you 
of whatever damage the holy did and give you regeneration during the final 
fight.  You have to really suck in order to lose now.....

THE END:     There are actually 2 endings for each character, one if you kill 
Isharaal, and one if he kills you.  It's worth losing just to see some of them.

-----------------------------CHARACTER DATA (how to get almost everyone)--------

Note that no one can get every character, some die and some don't even appear.  
But here is how to get the most possible.  Keep in mind some players start with 
some of these as well.  For most characters, it's do or never get them ever so 
save when coming up to each part.

ASHI NAKARUHA - in Toriteri (south west).  Have your leader sit on this city 
after you first take it.  She will appear after a certain ammount of time and 
join (but only in your leader is there,  otherwise she will appear and run off 
for good)

LYN MAO SHIN - in Narlin (north-most, first city on the west continent.  Same as 
Ashi only when she appears she'll ask to pick a hand (top = right, bottom = 
left).  To get her to join choose RIGHT RIGHT LEFT. 

BEN HO - after conquering the central islands, one city will turn rogue and Ben 
will be there. Beat him with your leader and he'll join.

SERAN TEED - search Tolka (far south) with a female character.  NOTE: this is 
also where a staue is.  the combonation to open it is RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT 
RIGHT (top top bottom top top).  What is inside varies (sometimes nothing).  

GRADIE SHINHA - search the city of Itos (north east).  She will challenge who 
ever searched to a fight.  Win ans she'll join.  NOTE: if you've gotten 
Masariva, and use her to search, you won't have to fight.

KATSE CASH - will automatically join a certain amount of time after beating 
Daguht. (you must have control of the city Tilka--north east)

ARDAN KLEIN - search Slynarl (north east near Salem).  He will ask to see your 
strength and sick a priest to attack whoever searched.  Win, and he joins.

URUSLAGUNA - simply beat him in a fight and he'll join.

NEI LEE SUN -  search Taiyan (central islands) sometime after her country is 
beaten (if she's not there, keep trying, she will be)

TAJI ASGAROV - search Eryll (north west) after he is beaten (time thing again)

MASARIVA - search Aluvan (north east). same conditions as other leaders.

SARYUNE DEL VIDERN -  he is still in prison and has amnesia (it's funny to see 
him so happy) in Kadal (inner coast, south west).  Search and he'll join.

TARUI AND ZARICH RADONA - both annoying cuties will join automatically a certain 
ammount of time after you beat Mons Meg.  (you must have control of the city 
Seri-far east)  Keep them together or they'll leave.

ISAREL ABDARK - search or he will eventually show up due to time after Misla is 
beaten (Vilard in Nei's story).  Located in Veltona (central west, border of the 

RYUEN KUTOKU - beat him (or search if the city is no longer under his control) 
at Matoura (far southwest).

GAZEI KUTOKU - bring Ryuen and have him search Balbara (most north eastern city 
there is).  Keep the two brothers together for a cheezy speech.

ROSA MONS MEG - (for Vidern, Chin and Misla) search Vayarid (eastern pyramid) 
after she's beaten.  (time thing again)
                                   - (for Fenraw and Salem) she can be chosen 
after the fight at Giza with Rukmahnand co.

GARSON DEL DAGUHT -  (for Vidern, Chin and Misla) will appear automatically some 
time after beating Daghut.  He will ask if he can go explore the ruins to south 
(the combonation one were you found Seran).  Say yes, and he'll join.  (take him 
to the ruins and he'll give you the combonation if you haven't done it already)
                                            - Not possible for Salem and Fenraw.

GRAHF ZALDOS - (for Chin and Misla) choosable after the GIZA fight.
                                - Not possible for Vidern, Fenraw or Salem.

RUMATY MARF - BEFORE her country is beaten, take your leader to her capital of 
Veiria (north west) ONLY IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST $5000.  If you do, a man will 
offer to sell you the Misla seal. Say yes, then finish off Rumaty's country with 
your leader.

SHARYK 777 - after a certain ammount of time, he will begin intercepting you on 
the road and asking you a riddle.  Make sure LYN MAO SHIN is in the party he 
intercepts and she'll answer the riddle and he'll join.

SALVAN 13 - once you find at least one orb, wait for him to be in command of a 
squad.  Let that squad take an empty castle/city that belongs to you.  He will 
see the orb, kill his team mates and join.

RATOS SEL - choosable after the GIZA fight only Vidern and Fenraw.
                        - not available to Chin, Misla, or Salem.

RAKUMAHN YAN SHEN - choosable after the GIZA fight only by Salem and Chin.
                                                - not available to Vidern, Misla 
or Fenraw.

LUTEMIA RIEL - choosable after the GIZA fight only by Vidern adn Misla.
                              - not available to Chin, Fenraw or Salem.

BAZARARD CRAWL - not available to anyone.  (beat his country with Saryune in 
that squad for a story bonus)

----------------------------------MISCELLANEOUS STUFF---------------------------

I've notice that in the character select screen of a new game, the country names 
of Mons Meg and Daguht are present but not highlighted.  (Villard is not on the 
map)  I don't know if this means they are hidden stories or just usable over the 
net (something I cannot test out).

In a japanese magazine I've seen items listed that aren't available in shops 
which must be found although where I don't know, it may be random or require a 
certain character to search a certain city/castle. (example: in Chin's story, a 
character who searches Vayarid while Nei is present will uncover $10 000)  I do 
not have the desire, nor the lack of life to try every possible combination in 
every story. So I leave it at this.

Other secrets may appear over the net but, again, I can't test this out yet 
(japanese dreamcast in north america--I need to get the chip to play the US web 
browser on my system)

Only use the non-unique characters in the beginning of the game.  Later, when 
you find enough of them, you won't even need the extras.  They're weaker and 
they can be persuaded to defect.

Always keep your leader's level really high.  As all characters who join will 
come with a level similar to theirs.

Keep the last of the countries alive until your leader and best characters reach 
at least level 40.  If you don't there is only 1 or 2 more fights to the end and 
no chance of re-doing them or getting bonus experience.  (although, if you use 
the Uruslaguna trick, you need only be level 35 or so to finish to game).

Well, that's it.  I'm sure there's more, but this isn't a great enough game to 
be worth my time.  I won't bother with all of the copyright crap.  No one cares 
anyway.  I would thank some people, but I did this all myself so.........

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